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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  October 29, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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he will not serve any time in a state prison but again the 20-year-old will have to register as a sex offender. police say the incident was part of something students refer to as the senior salute at the prep school. seniors would try to hook up with underclassmen before they graduate. students who took the stand in this trial said that could mean from kissing to having sex. labrie has been released on bail for now pending an appeal of the case. tim caputo, 7 news. >> ryan: also breaking emergency crews called to sullivan middle school in lowell after more than 60 students got sick. the school was evacuated while crews tested for carbon monoxide but the cause of the illness is still a mystery, but investigators think it may have been a fast-moving virus. they plan to vest the ventilation system and to give the school a thorough cleaning then side whether the school will reopen tomorrow. >> kim: also on 7 a man facing a judge after a passenger problem on a united airlines flight. the guy is accused of making
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an explosive threat. boston police removed the man from the flight for what witnesses say they heard him saying during the boarding process. go to steve cooper live at logan with the update. >> reporter: the suspect's attorney told a judge this is basically a story about a person that probably made a poor choice of a word on board of a flight. but it seems that the judge disagreed with all that and everybody is talking about what happened here. especially passengers inside the terminal. the judge said making that choice on a plane is a serious charge. do you want tosy anything about the charges? leaving court after his release dennis campbell had no comment on his arrest for making a bomb threat on board a flight -- >> there was a bomb. >> reporter: he pleads not guilty in east boston district court where prosecutors say he told a flight attendant he had a
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bomb in his carrion luggage. >> he has absolutely no ties to any type of terrorist or -- this is somebody who maybe miss stated a word. >> reporter: but campbell says after jamming his cary on into the overhead he warned the flight attendants the luggage was going to fall out like a bomb. >> in a worst indication scenario he used a word that begins with b. on an airport. that is unfortunate common sense didn't prevail. >> reporter: the judge called the charge serious. passengers say even if campbell was joking there is no place for words like that on a plane. >> there is no room for even joking because everybody takes every threat seriously. >> some people don't know what jokes are and what is appropriate, what is not appropriate. it's a shame. >> reporter: campbell posted the $250 cash bail but he has been ordered to not to leave the state and also to stay away from logan airport and all airports for
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that matter until this case has been resolved. live at logan airport tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> a school was shut down for the day. some people heard an felt a big bang. crews trying to figure out what caused it. brandon gunnoe is live in lexington. any answers tonight? >> reporter: ryan, no, that is the strange part. as far as we know no one knows what caused this big bang or what it was. we do know they brought in engineers to look at the structure of the school, but their finding if any have not been released yet. esta brook elementary school was evacuated after several people heard a big bang. >> she related you know, that it looked like things were in hand and the there was a loud noise in the basement remit it happened after 9:00 this morning. people say it sounded like the big bang game from the basement. somebody pulled the foyer alarm making sure everybody knew something was wrong. >> i heard the fire drill
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and i was surprised. >> reporter: students were evacuate and bussed over to the nearby high school. parents came rushing to pick their kids up. investigators are trying to figure out exactly what caused the bang. >> we've looked at the electrical, at the gas, we've looked at any blasting in the area. we talked to all the various communities next to us to find out if there was any activities. we have a call into the western observary to see if there was seismic migrations. >> i'm thrilled that everyone is safe and everything will be okay hopefully. >> reporter: the school is only two years olds. engineers have been brought in to figure out hopefully exactly what caused this bang. as far as we know classes will resume tomorrow. brandon gunnoe, 7 news. >> kim: police are investigating a stabbing overnight in boston. a person was staned in the next on hanover street. police did arrest a 22-year-old man. they say he knows the person stabbed and that the two were fighting over a woman. the victim was taken to
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>> ryan: new video of a deadly shoot-out in texas has been released. the biker brawl happened last may. police say nine people were killed and 177 more arrested. prosecutors are hoping the newly released video will help them figure out who is to blame for the crime. this was the scene just before the violent shoot-out that killed nine people and ended up in the mass arrest of 177 bikers. a foyt and the shootup erunts between two motorcycle clubs. the reaction tells the story of the horrific scene that unfolds as gunshots explode. members of the club are sitting on the patio and they duck for cover. some grab firearms and other weapons, one biker is seen running through the patio and firing a shot toward the parking lot. dozens of bikers rushed in hiding in bathrooms and the kitchen. john wilson the president of the local club describes the scene that day. >> as a whole incident,
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than 90 seconds. it seemed like an hour when you are laying there and people are getting shot around you and bulleting are whizzing by you. >> reporter: both sides blame the other gang for starting the shoot-out. crime scene photos captured the nightmarish scene. hundreds of weapons left over the place. video gaves the detailed may. wake orbs police have defended the mass arrest of the 177 bikers all charged activity. >> you can see by the number of weapons that we've recovered from here today they didn't come here to eat and have a good time with their families. they came here for a reason we think part of the reap was criminal activity. >> reporter: many of the bikers say investigators overreacted by carrying out mass arrests. the vast majority are innocent of the criminal charges. >> they arrested everybody before they determined hovers involved. >> reporter: these are some of the videos investigators are using to piece together what happened
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prosecutors have not charged nip in the shooting deaths of the nine people. >> kim: an alarming assault at an oklahoma high school when a school police officer hits a student in the face. video captured the officer confronting the 16-year-old boy. he didn't have a hall pass. police report says the biocored at the officer and then the officer hit the student twice in the face. both parents and police agree that officer crossed the line. >> i think there are other measures to take besides punching a kid in the eye. >> they have the right to use physical force to protect themselves, protect the public, and this particular case, the force was not appropriate. >> kim: that officer is on administrative leave. he is also been charged with assault and battery. >> reporter: which is police are looking for the people who stole the truck from this showroom. footage shows men breaking
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an f.-150 then drive it through the glass doors: >> makes us nervous. weaver to park pars okay. they say they didn't steal our cars but they took two from the lot blind us so it made us nervous. >> reporter: as far as are working to track down the thieves. >> kim: another thief in action stealing a family's halloween decorations out of their front yard in it being. if you look in the back the guy is loading up this massive minimummian decoration in a truck. he is driving out of the neighborhood. families says they've three surveillance cameras there but the thief still targeted them. now they're going to put up another one and this one the intention will be to record license plates. >> a dinner disaster, in south carolina, when a crowded party comes to a crashing end. a restaurant's outdoor deck fell apart sending more than a dozen diners into the water.
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remains, unanswered, that is exactly what happened? it just gave way. that is what people say they saw and heard when this dock came down during a private dinner party at crosby seafood. >> i know exactly what happened when i looked. i saw the rail go up and i saw people hitting the water. >> gentleman in the band let everybody know the dock collapsed. they were' 10-12 people in the water. >> kim: officials say they took out 20 people in all. still commotion with 120 people in attendance, authorities say they wanted to be sure. >> okay. >> kim: search and rescue spent a couple of hours in the water. all 120 people are accounted for. >> i was thereto until we got everybody pulled out. minor scrapes, scratches. one party that couldn't swim. everybody seemed to get out of the water. >> reporter: as of 8:30 p.m.only 2 guests have reported minor scrapes. >> kim: questions turn to how this happened.
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the dock and boat the dock and the pilings are regularly inspected. >> >> >> >> bickitures from earlier show water enveloping the dock. leaving business owners grateful tonights knowing it could have been much worse. so inspectors will inspect the rest of the dock but they say insurance companies will likely come up with the official cause. >> ryan: still ahead a face-off in the anything's cap top million a police officer getting an unusual challenge. >> a plane goes up in flames just before takeoff. at least 15 people are being treated for injuries. >> ryan: patriots pursuing excellence as they face the dolphins tonight. we're live tonight with the
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>> kim: a danceoff in the nation's capitol this is getting a lot of buzz. the police officer showed up at a park to break up a fight, but diffuses the situation in an unusual way.
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>> rain. the officer issued a challenge, someone started rolling on their camera. dancing is what eleah was born to do. >> it makes me smile. >> reporter: it's where she is has in life. cops, -- >> reporter: she has feared police officers until metropolitan police officer showed up to break up a verbal fight. >> i started to dance. the cop was like i can do better. i was like okay so you want to challenge me? >> reporter: then this happened. [laughter] >> i was shocked. i was like wow. >> she didn't believe a police officer challenged her to a danceoff. she says it's moment she and her friends needed to believe that officers real rethere to help. >> she was like what is your name. i was like oh, yeah we need
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>> ryan: after that was' over they couldn't figure out what was going on. there was a night. no one was declared the winner. everyone went home happy. >> everyone got a trophy. quite a dance. our forecast is looking a lot better and then we head into the weekend. what is the forecast? >> kim: at 6:00 we're following breaking news out of lowell. a mystery illness possibly forces an evacuation at a middle school. >> ryan: also breaking a former new hampshire prep school student convicted of sexually assaultings a classmate is heading to jail. die trails on how long he
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>> ryan: a lot of people are getting ready for halloween. >> kim: since it's throwback thursday we're sharing pictures, see if you can guess who is under this costumes. there is little red riding with her basket.
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the way she is going to have her first halloween with her cute little girl. cute as a pumpkin. >> ryan: a lot of those, i have seen many, 3 or 4 already. >> kim: first baby and a girl. >> ryan: look who this is? who is the little clown, it's brandon gunnoe. i didn't see that was a bow tie there. >> kim: very cute. how about this? a tiny papa smurf all smiles holding a candy bucket. that is jennifer egan. rocking that fake beard. the eyes. fast. thinking about my own babies and their costumes and . up? year. >> ryan: no. >> kim: pete, are you
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dressing up? i said i was going to be a french maid. french made or a kitty cat. >> i went as captain kirk, i don't make a very good captain kirk but i tried. blue hill at 60 miles an hour for the winds gusts this morning at the height of the downpours, man it was crazy around 5:00, 6:00 am. rockport gusting to 52. yarmouth at 41 and boston only about 39 miles an hour but that was' good enough for us. we got a good drink of water. rainfall amounts over 2 inches in many spots. duxbury and lowell came in at about and inch and a half. our high temperature today, wasn't it nice? maybe one last time getting to the 70. i won't say this is the last. i didn't last time either but these days are numbered. we may still sneak up to 70 degrees, it can happen even in november. believe it or not. our temperatures today mid 70's low 70s down through
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the upper 60s on cape cod. creme still at 70 degrees, lawrence, boston and down into providence, 71 degrees, wind are gusting to near 30 but the highest wind gusts in the highest elevations that is worcester at the airport. so it's breezy, but it's not bad this evening. i think it's not a sharp drop-off but a steady one as we go through 8:00, 9:00 and to 11:00 rass we fall back to the lower 50s late in the game late at night. our overnight lows will fall back to the 40s, too, so it's a steady fall. more cool air waiting in the wings. tomorrow we start off in the 40s and get back to the mid and upper 50s, not a. >> jump but a beautiful day, in terms of sunshine, this is a grand day. highs in the mid and upper 50s and the salem forecast is a stand in for just about every where. 57 and 55 degrees,
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6:00 saturday night, eerie sky with high clouds then when the moon appears around 9:00 it should be an extra special treat. mostly cloudy. 48-44 degrees. not frigid. but certainly chilly. by the way we're turning the clocks back on halloween night. and november 1st, that sunday, that sunset ouch, 4:38. next week no matter. never you mind november. temperatures in the mid and upper 60s perhaps. overnight lows in the 40s see you at 6:00. >> >> tray tray and jadiann thompson have the break time. it's time for this week's -- >> welcome to fantasy finger. the pants didn't get a whole lot of time to win. a game tonight could be a tougher matchup. >> there is no doubt about that.
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the former head coach fired two weeks ago, enter dan campbell. a much more aggressive team. much better coach, much more intensity. especially on defense. got to love the dolphins front. could be tough to get a running game going -- >> i think i have him. take will ma'amor miller, he could have been one of the best runs backs. >> he was phenomenal he had 38 points but there is better bets for the miami phones. they're pretty good in the passing game. landry awesome in face as we saw one week ago, he is giving the pats problems. if you have landry start him. >> we're mid-way through the season. i can't believe it. is there nip out there who we're overlooking? >> the tight end was jimmy, he played in new orleans, now the guy who replaced him is willy sneed. that should put up better numbers than graham has. he does only have one touchdown but it could be a safe bet.
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if you have him start him. >> that set with your line-up. >> coming up at 6:00 we're following breaking news, 60 students in lowell suddenly get sick at school. the search for answers happening right now. >> kim: also breaking a former student at a prestigious prep school in new hampshire sentenced in a sexual assault case. >> ryan: patriots could move to 7-0 difference jeb bush in new hampshire trying to bounce back after a tough debate. those stories and much more straight ahead on 7 news at
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>> topping the buzz, talking about phil collins. >> ryan: making a come back, rolling stone says he is working on a new sola album and even a comeback tour. he called it quits because he wanted to spend more time with his family. he will be rereleasing his old solo albums which will come out in january. >> le bron james will be launching a show called "the wall." the show will air on nbc. game shows are usually fun. >> ryan: another 30 minutes of 7 news ahead. >> kim: 7 news at 6:00
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starts right now. >> announcer: breaking news, the former student at a prestigious prep school sentenced for sexually assaulting a younger classmate. we're live with the judge's decision, also breaking a mystery illness in lowell. leaving 60 students suddenly sick. >> people were puking, stomachs, dizziness. >> announcer: how school officials are working to stop the sickness from spreading. jeb bush, doing damage control in new hampshire. >> no hit in your self-confidence? >> no, how he is trying to recover in tonight's hill erinite consistent. a big night for the patriot the team looking to move to 7-0 as the dolphins come to foxboro. 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> kim: we begin with breaking news. owen labrie sentenced to a year in jail in a sexual assault case involving a younger student.
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the judge handing down the punishment late this afternoon. >> ryan: the trial exposing a practice at st. pawl's school in which graduating students try to have sex with under classman. jonathan hall has more on the sentence. >> reporter: good evening. this case got big attention nationwide. owen labrie could have done 11 years in state prison. this is a statutory rape case. as it turned out not forcible rape. the judges decided he will do a year in county jail. there are a whole range of opinions about how much time is too much time in the new hampshire prep school rape trial. 20-year-old labrie learns his fate. >> year at -- [inaudible] >> reporter: judge larry smuckler declines to send him to state prison. he will spend a year in the county jail. >> i think the sentence is very fair. what i'm most pleased with is that he is serving a time
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stand commied.
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