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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  October 30, 2015 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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the child's death but they say i don't believe it's foul play here . >> anchor: let's head to byron barnett live on the phone for us at this story with more on what we can learn right now, byron. what do you know? >> reporter: no one is calling this a crime. it obviously, clearly a very terrible tragedy. police say there apores to be no foul play at this time but they are involved in an investigation into a death of a baby girl. now, this is at an apartment on kimball street in man chef everybody new hampshire. things have quieted down. there aren't any police around right now, but there is police tape across the front of the door of the apartment where the investigation is under way. i can see that there is somebody inside the house now. now manchester police say they responded to this apartment on kimball street where a deceased female infant around 10:45 this morning when police came through think made can't with a 30 30-year-old woman who lived in the apartment. police say emergency responders
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also arrived and checked on the dead child. but detectives responded, met with the medical examer in, were told that they at some point they would be executing a search warrant to condistrict attorney a thorough investigation. again, police say there appears to be no foul play at this time, but police are clearly taking the death of this infant girl very seriously as they investigate this tragic situation. so that's the latest live here in manchester, new hampshire. i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> anchor: also breaking, a big announcement from the white house in a dramatic shift in policy. officials announcing there will be u.s. troops on the ground in syria to help in the fight against isis. the troops are not expected to be in combat . >> anchor: senior white house officials say those troops will help in a limited way. adam william live for us in the newsroom with breaking detail. adam? >> reporter: senior administration officials say less than 50 u.s. special operations forces will be deployed to kurdish controlled territory in northern syria. now, those troops will help syrian rebels who are fighting isis right now. but the american sold yes, sir
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are not expected to serve on the front lines. at least as of right now. the u.s. has tried to recruit and train rebels in syria but with little success. president obama has resisted a u.s. military presence on the ground there, but the white house says the move could help get this situation under control control. the president does expect that they can have an impact in intensifying our strategy for building the capacity of local forces inside of syria to take in the fight on the ground to ice ilin their own country. that has been the core element of the military component of the strategy in the beginning, build building capacity of local . >> reporter: so this move comes after more than a year of the u.s. bombing targets in syria without stopping isis. in our newsroom, adam william, 7 news . >> anchor: thank you, adam. when the store ebroke we went out an alert on our 7 news app. you can also get breaking news updates by following us on facebook and twitter. >> anchor: new at four clock a plymouth man facing a judge today for trespassing at a cohasset school.
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list say a school resource officer soed the 31-year-old entering that school during the school day just walking through empty classrooms . >> anchor: it turns out he a aformer employee and allegedly used his old uniform to get inside. 7's steve cooper live for news cohasset with what happened in court. steve? >> anchor: as you can imagine a lot parents here today hearing sole of these detail pretty upset and concerned about how this person could have entered this elementary school here in cohasset earlier this week. now investigators say security cameras caught the suspect coming and going from the school school. it was surprising to hear that. >> anchor: parents in cohasset still baffled after this man is arrested by cohasset police and charged with entering the deer hill elementary school on thursday walking through empty classrooms while school was in session. it's very awilling. we do not want to think that strangers are roaming the school with children in there. >> reporter: the 31-year-old pleads not guilty to quincy district court to a trespassing
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after prosecutors say he poseds a contractor claiming he was there to check the heating system. now authorities believe he may have been there stealing money from pocketbooks. all in total, your honor, there was a total of three larceny reports taken from the school all involving pocketbooks. >> anchor: the superintendent of schools calls the entry into the building a lapse in security and has already made changes. we have to kind of put another layer into our security when visitors are in the school and maybe sure everybody, we know who everybody is and why they are there . >> anchor: outside the courthouse his attorney tells us all his client is charged with is trespassing and nothing else. they were talking about a lot of things and the fact is he hasn't been charged. at this pint, he has been charg charged with trespass and he will defend the charge of trespassing. so binsfield is being held on $750,000 cash bail. now investigators here are try trying to see if he tried this rise in any other surrounding community. deives here working with
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detectives in other communities and they aren't ruling out the possibility that more charges may be on the way here. live in cohasset, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: sky 7 hd over 128 south in waltham where a large accident slowed down traffic this afternoon. state police say four cars were involved in this crash and that there were some injuries. they haven't said how serious they are. all lanes have since reopened . >> anchor: the new england patriots keeping their un undefeated record in fact. the defending champs beating the dolphins in foxboro. the team is 7 and 0 for just the second time in team history. they are showing no signs of slowing down and patriots nation is fired up. nicole oliverio has more from gillette. >> reporter: if tom brady is trying to send a message to the league it's being heard loud and clear. the pats qb having another near perfect night, another game where he threw 4 td passes and no intersessions in new england england's win over miami including this score to gronk .
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he is just an amazing player . >> reporter: patriots 7 and 0 for the second time in franchise history . they are greatest team. you can't beat it . their offense is unstoppable . many question whether the off season drama has anything to do with the patriots success so far . you think that helps. i think it helps putt the chip on his shoulder. they don't need it but i think it real relit the fire . this team doesn't care about outside stuff like that. it's never been a thing for them. it's clear it's still weigh weighing on bob kraft who took a shot at the minneapolis colts during a halftime ceremony honoring willie mcginn eslast night. there is nothing nor satisfying than sad the minneapolis colts with a loss, something the patriots did 16 times in willie mcginn es's career. the colts gm tipped off the league about the under deflated footballs which sparked deflategate but the team is talk talking about moving on . i think we got a group that's dialed in right now just to the game plan. i don't look at the records or what's happening.
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just everybody come in to work every day and that's the approach we take and get ready . the patriots big win coming off of a short workweek, so now they will have a couple extra days to get ready and rest for washington next sunday. from gillette, nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> anchor: 7 news now with wild weather in texas. flash-flood wars across the state. rain has fallen at a rate of four inches per hour causing a creek to rise and bridge of people watched as flood waters carried away pumpkins from a nearby business there. officials have closed that bridge to traffic. possible tornados leaving behind damage in several counties in texas. take aing there at this. strong wind brought a full sized tailer on to the roof of a three story hotel there. nearby the entire front of a school is really destroyed. a huge portion of the roof is torn off giving us an inside look at the classrooms. look at that damage. crews are out working to restore power in that area clean up debris. no injuries have been reported. remember ai seeing no being like that here in that area. things are cooling off a bit compare to the very warm temperatures we saw yesterday
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so. what's in store now this big halloween weekend? bri eggers is here with the forecast . nothing spooky or creepy in store for us this weekend. what a difference from just 24 hours ago to the tune of about 10 to 15 degrees but you have to remember those highs into the 70's yesterday very uncommon for this time of year. we're sitting at more seasonable temperatures in the upper 50's to right around 60 degrees but from time to time it may not feel like it with a chilly breeze coming out of the west and northwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour. we'll continue with shallering in that cooler air from the northwest but as you can see nothing really to grab from with this satellite radar imagery. we are in for a dry weekend. mostly clear, chilly temperatures tonight, 33 to 40 for those morning lows into tomorrow. tomorrow halloween forecast looking very dry and cool for us us. 51 to 56 for the temperatures but the bright sunshine making it feel even better but once the sun goes down and the trick or
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cooling off mid to upper 40's is knocking trick-or-treating forecast. but again, dry for us, possibly a few sprinkles on sunday but then we're in for a big warmup next week. more on that in about ten minutes. >> anchor: we're following more news today. city. you can see fire crews clearing through the rubble in this video video. a five story building collapsed while under demolition this morning. police confirmed one person did die, another worker was trapped for three hours, but has since been freed. >> anchor: we are lenning new details by aplane fire in florida. a plane when went up in flames on the runway. the pilot reported a fuel leak. airport officials say the fire never entered the main cabin. more than 20 people were hurt. airport officials say they are trying to find out exactly what happened. they have to be as thorough as possible going through all of the records, going through all of the information, going through the black box that's on the aircraft.
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checking on the communications of what happened. right now one passenger is in serious condition. officials are assessing the damage of the army blimp that broke loose in maryland earlier this week. the remaining section that came to rest at a pennsylvania right there will be remanufactured over the weekend of the hull of the has been stuck since wednesday. u.s. armsy officials say helicopters will pull it from the trees saturday and military trucks will haul it away. businesses near are facing a couple of thousand dollars in damage from that . it will be a pain just to get it done. it's not something we had planned. we go from there . we've lost a lot of business because we don't have our fryer or our grill. it shored out something when the blimp glue over and took everything out. not only did the run away blimp tear through the roof tops of businesses, it took down . following a developing story from the campaign trail. the republican national committee is suspending its participation in a february
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telemundo. this comes after complaints of g.o.p. presidential campaigns about this week's cnbc debate and this weekend the republican candidates are planning to meet to discuss their frustrations with the primary debate process. chris pillone has more on what candidates want changed. the debate over the debate continues for the g.o.p. nbc news has confirmed that some of the campaigns are planning to meet sunday without the republican national committee present to discuss their dissatisfaction with the debate process so far. and specifically, their criticism of cnbc's wednesday night debate. ahead of the meeting our nc chair in a letter to nbc news chairman andy lack declared the rnc as "suspending the partnership with nbc news for the republican primary debate at the university of houston on february 26, 2016." in response, nbc news released a statement saying in part "this is a disappointing development. however, along with our debate broadcast partners at tele
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monday oh we will work in good faith to resolve this matter with the republican party." . republicans are annoyed the rnc, republican national committee, didn't negotiate well in terms of getting good moderators in some of the debates had these moments where the moderators. having said that, i don't think debates haver ised the republican candidate badly. this week's debate wasn't bad at all for senators ted cruz and marco rubio. both campaigns say they raised 1 million each since then. for jeb bush different dilemma . i can fix it . >> reporter: a promise to supporters, word is he is privately reassuring nervous donors who wonder if the former florida slim down campaign operation and listless debate performances can be turned around before its too late . it's going fine. having lots of fun . >> reporter: bush insists has campaign is far from over. chris pillone, nbc news, new york . >> anchor: ahead on 7 news a
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boy seeking out after swimming in dangerous waters. what he is saying after he was attacked about a in hawaii . >> anchor: a coach sideline. what he did after a high school football game that got him suspended . >> anchor: a terrifying a take caught on camera. a school bus driver now facing charges after what he did in thisth havio. that's all coming up on 7 news. we'll be right back. >> reporter: we've seen with what charlie white and davis can garden. town? prepare to be amazed. we'll do our best to bring gold medal efforts to the greatest . >>reporter: check it out
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very strong governor, probably the strongest governor in the history he was a young guy and i think there were some folks in the legislature that thought they might be able to run over him. that didn't happen. one tax cut wasn't enough- he had to do more. it wasn't enough to have 15,000 kids with school choice in florida, he wanted to have 100,000 kids. if he didn't like a project, it was going to be vetoed. it didn't matter if you were a republican. it didn't matter if you were his best friend. he said: 'this is where we're going, this is how we're going to reform state government...' every politician comes in talking about making change, and generally there's not much change. but governor bush made a lot of changes. he got the nickname veto corleone. if he saw something in the budget
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that he thought violated his conservative principles, you could guarantee it was he vetoed a bunch of my stuff and i was the senate president. the message to washington, d.c., is 'get ready...' because there will be change. nright to rise usa is responsible
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>> anchor: for us time we're hearing from the young boy who survived the shark attack in hawaii. t latest on the sore ease of attacks on hawaii's waters there. >> anchor: he was attack tacked not earlier this week. video surfaced the whole moment captured there on camera. a body boarder with a go pr pro captured at take from a difference tans. raymond sinese bobbing in the waves when a shark appears to boy under. i was on the boogie board then it popped out of nowhere . >> reporter: from his hospital in hawaii the fourth grader
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one bite. it they jumped on it and grabbed me. i kicked it with this leg and kicked them in the nose. and then i didn't panic after that. >> reporter: body surfing in warm waters raymond was serious seriously injured bitten on the right leg and thigh on the crowded beach. first responders rushed him to the hospital. his mother there among the witnesses. he was ready strong. i was hysterical. he wasn't. he was telling me mom, i'm going to be okay. >> reporter: with warning now signs dotting beach raymond is in no rush to get back in the water but it brave ten-year-old is already back on his feet. that incident is the 7th report reported shack shark attack in hawaii this year. >> anchor: coming up northbound on 7 news a spooky treat as halloween comes early for some very special kids. all my candy is gone because i ate it all. it is dry for the trick-or-treating forecast for tomorrow but cool. we're still in for a big warmup next week. details coming up in the forecast.
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>> reporter: then a break in the case of a teen tied up in andover. more on the suspect's troubling past . >> anchor: then at give:00 a brutal beating in rhode island. a suspect behind bars after an elderly couple was attacked on the side of the road. plus latest on the sex assault sentencing of a prep school student in new hampshire. the mother of the victim speaking out against owen labrie labrie.
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people want change, they want reform, they want to see something done, but just carping about it and
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whining about it and making speeches about it doesn't get it done. nobody has shaken up the system more than i have. i've always been unorthodox in but you know what? i know how to get it done. responsible for the content of
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>> anchor: patient at dana farber getting a chance to trick or treat a day early. the kids got dressed up for the holiday event. they were super heroes, princesses and of course even more . we just try to make sure these kids don't forget they are children and when halloween comes around, all they want to do is trick or treat, they want to get dressed up and when you have to come here for treatment instead, you know, we want to make sure as soon as they walk through those doors they know
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we're dressed up for them. want. >> anchor: friends and family trick-or-treating all over dana farber. my facebook feed is all of these kids dressed up. i love this time of year. it isn't it fun? then adults get to play kids too. bree, it feels like this for the weather too absolutely. dry but cool, favorite part video i have to say is the fact that those kids were collecting their candy in the pillow cases. that's the right idea because then you can bring it home and sleep on it at my. we will be cool for tomorrow but still dry. that's the good news. a few sprinkles possible but not guaranteed for sunday and a warm warmup on the way for next week. so really all good news across the board. how much about this picture? nice of kenny to send this into us four years ago. this is what some areas around the state look like. it was an inch of snow for boston and more than a foot as you moved into parts west of boston. so incredible.
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forecast but it is quite different from our temperatures yesterday to the tune of 10 to 15 degrees. but yesterday was kind of out of the normal so for today, much closer to normal right around 60 for mote of our highs around can youly in the upper 50's in most locations. city, a chilly breeze coming out of the west and northwest between ten and about 15 miles per hour and you could get gusts in there up to 20 to 25. that wind ushering in some of that colder air from the north and the west and it will continue to do so through this weekend. but as you can see, from sat rad we aren't expecting any showers to swing through within the next 24 hours. just the clouds to increase as we make it out for trick-or-treating tomorrow. now lows overnight and into tomorrow quite chilly for us with that cooler air source. we're looking at freezing or suburbs. outside of boston then closer to the city in the mid to upper 30 30's and highs tomorrow again very typical for this time of year, but because it's so
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will feel the chill. low 50's to those mid 50's. 54 for a high in boston. halloween forecast, we know that as the sun goes down those temperatures do start to drop. so i would say we're looking at the mid to upper 40's for the trick-or-treating heading out the door. right this is our set up. high pressure is helping to usher in that colder air around the topside of it but as it slides offshore, we get this return flow out of the south. clouds are increasing as the storm passes well to our north but it could push through a few morning. drying out for the afternoon. so daylight savings time ends overnight saturday into sunday. this is something we need to plan for, we do fall back an hour so the good news is an extra hour of sleep but it also means that the sunset now coming around 4:38 during 5:00 hour. some changes in store for us as we make it through this weekend but also changes in temperature as we move through next week mid
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to upper 60's and even 70 degrees possible for thursday. we'll see you at 4:30. >> anchor: sounds great. thank you. time now for fast track traffic. he is joe staple ton with a check of the roads for us . thank you. talking a look at route 3 northbound from up above right here by route 6 2 in bedford a couple cars involved in a crash and this is what is causing that backup on route 3 northbound purring things right back toward route 128. 93 northbound leaving the city, moving pretty slowly here as well as you make your way across the zakim bridge the traffic coming toward us is a long route 93 southbound. we certainly have pockets of traffic after this spot but right now on the zakim bridge it's movving a long quite well. storrow drive the up and down ramps to the left hand side of the roadway sluggish volume there as well. pike eastbound coming up toward the pru tunnel that's there on the left hand side. slow moving in that spot and again over by the ted williams tunnel and making your way southbound on the wake, some company by morsy boulevard then a crash down by the braintree split of route 3 and 128.
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joe staple ton, 7 news . a very special honor for one of our own here on 7. kimberly bookman's former high school presented her with a distinguished career award today today. he was honored for her work in journalism and tv ing. she was one of three honorees at needham high this year. in her speech she said it's always important not to forget your roots . it's not where you start but where you finish and do i believe that gets you through the hard times is remembering that but i also think it's really important to remember where you began. congratulations to remember remember. bookman thanked her parent and her brother for her success. they were all in the audience of course cheering her on. >> anchor: that's awesome. she always does such a great job for us. net on 7 news, a dangerous diagnosis for a teen-ager in oregon. what doctors now say is responsible for her illness . a passenger problem on a flight bound for philadelphia. how this man managed to ground a plane . >> anchor: coming up at 5:00, for just a second time ever the pats are, what's that? 7 and 0. more on the game that sends
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look at this here. the scary scene that had people running for safety out west. oh my gosh. look at that . to believe . remember we'll show it to
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