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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  October 30, 2015 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> anchor: we are following breaking knew at 4:30. police in an apartment complex in manchester, new hampshire where they are investigating the death of an infant. police are serving the home but play. byron barnett joins us now live on the phone from that area with the latest breaking details. byron, what you can tell us? as you say no one is calling this a crime at this time but it's obviously a clearly a terrible tragedy. police say there appears to be no foul play at this time, but they are involved in a very active investigation into the death of a baby girl. while manchester police say they responded to a kim ball street apartment here in manchester, new hampshire where a deceased
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we're here now just with police crime scene tape in front of that apartment. a couple of police officers are at the back of the apartment right now. now when police got there they say they made can't with the 30 30-year-old woman this morning who lives in the apartment. police say emergency responders also arrived and checked on dead child. detectives responded and met with the medical examiner and were told that they will be executing a search warrant and will be condugging a thorough investigation. again, the police say there appears to be no foul play at this time. but they are clearly taking the death of this infant girl very seriously as they investigate this tragic situation. that's the latest live from manchester, new hampshire, i'm byron barnett, 7 news. when this story beck we app. updates by following us on face . >> anchor: new at 4:30 a ly is arrested in yarmouth on drug charges. noel, lisa and michael johnson are all accused of dealing heroin. list say the arrest came after a second drug raid in their home
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in just the past week. investigators say they found heroin, plastic baggies and scales during their search . also today, a crash in charlestown sends two people to the hospital. it happened just before 1:30 this morning at the intersection of rutherford avenue and chelsea street. the two people were hurt and they are pecks petted to be okay okay. two people injured in an overt crash at jamaica plain. you can see the bumper area of one of the cars smashed in there there. both people were taken to the hospital with what we're told are not life-threatening injuries . a level three sex offender off the streets accused of a violent attack inside of a home in andover. police say the suspect tied up a young girl during a home invasion and now the girl's father is speaking out. tim caputo reports from andover with more on this break in the case. . >> reporter: three months after a terrifying home invasion where a 16-year-old girl was duct taped to a chair investigators made an arrest. andover police charged peter bar bardzik with kidnapping and several other crimes. dealists told the victim's
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they called and scheduled a time to meet with us yesterday and by the tone of things it felt as if it was good news coming. >> reporter: steve also learned the man in his home alone with his daughter is a level three sex offender convicted of rape in 1980. for that father that detail of his longtime criminal history is particularly disturbing . there were a lot of things that i didn't really understand about why he didn't run off when he had the money and maybe it's a little clearer now and so thankful that high wife and son got home when they did . police say in late july he walked into this home in the middle of the afternoon, the 16 16-year-old was the only one inside. he allegedly taped her to a chair and stole cash. he took off when the girl's per and brother came home. investigators say he broke into a second home around the block that same day. a month layer police released these pictures of the suspect captured on nearby surveillance cameras. months passed and he worried the case had gone cold but said he
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was relieved when police knocked on his door . i hope my kids feel more comfortable now. i'm not sure but i hope so . >> reporter: tim caputo, 7 news . >> reporter: . >> anchor: students back in class after a sickness scare. students evalk wayed over fears of carbon monoxide poisoning. five students were sent to the hospital. officials spent the day cleaning the school very thoroughly ohly. they say some students with suffering from nausea, vomitting and diarrhea. parents say they are confident . >> anchor: a teen-ager in oregon has been diagnosed with the plague. doctors believe the girl became infected when a flee bit her during a hunting trip. she is being treated with antibiotics and is recover nag hospital now. this is the 16th case of plague reported in the united states this year. and former nba and really tv star lamar odom is on the road to recovery according to "people" magazine. he remains hospitalized but is no longer in the intensive care unit. he is still receiving dialysis
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but is slowly improving after recent strokes. the 35-year-old was found un unconscious at a brothel in las vegas earlier this month. we're following more news here today. an american airlines flight from los angeles to philadelphia had to be diverted because of an unruly passenger. police say the passenger is not under arrest but is getting mental health care after refus refusing to take his seat. witnesses say he also made comments about the government and the september 11 attacks. it was a midair scare for passengers on board an american airlines flight headed from la to philadelphia on thursday. in this video mz a passenger can be seen being removed from the plane after his behavior forced the crew to make an emergency landing in phoenix. shortly after takeoff, passengers say the man walked to first-class where he stood at attention in military style refusing to take his seat. he was angry, swearing and talking about the government was after him and he is mad at the . >> reporter: police say the passenger was also making comment about the september 11 .
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they were although alarming in nature it gave the indication that this person may have been suffering from some type of mental illness. chip yeats said he and two other passengers subdued the man until he jumped how of his seat again. this time, talking to passengers in coach. the passengers joined by three flight attendants finally managed to corral the man fast ending him tightly into his seat. we didn't have to drop him on the floor or anything like that. he saw the kind of overwhelming force of all of these guys closing in on him. he said okay and sat down . police have not named the passenger but say he was removed from the plane the a phoenix airport and transported to a psychiatric facility for evaluation. american airlines says that plane was refueled and allowed to continue on to philadelphia. a polish court has rejected a u.s. request to extradite film maker manned plans key. he fled the u.s. in 1977 after pleading guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old girl in california. he was 43 at the time. he has avoid voided arrest and extradition since then u.s.
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return for decades. prosecutors may decide to appeal today's ruling until then he now 82 is working on a film in poland. and the whole of the whale watching boat that capsized off the coast of canada has been lifted out of the water for the first time since a large wave tipped it over. five bodies were recovered short shortly after the boat capsized but the search for a sixth . >> anchor: also on 7 a st. louis football fan receives a ticket surprise by mistake. he was sent hundreds of its for a game in september. them. he said he knew it was a mistake right away . there was about 300 of them so my wife pulled out her cell phone and is like that's over $ $25,000. >> anchor: she said he will give the tickets back and hope hopefully karma comes around again and they see that and give him some free tickets . >> anchor: it always pays to do the right thing. a coach controversy. the game plan making this morning after being put on leave for praying after games.
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>> anchor: plus a popular drugstore chain could be in big trouble. why experts say some medication could have an unwanted side effect . >> anchor: reaction today to the prep school sex assault sentencing. the mother of the victim speaking out against owen labrie. >> anchor: a school bus attack caught on camera. the driver charged after this video surfaces. that story coming up new at 5:00 5:00. we'll be right back. back.. >> reporter: networking events can be fun but can also be intimidating . >> reporter: we have techniques to avoid the cringe factor .
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>> anchor: an assistant high school football coach in washington state has been sidelined for praying with players after the game. the distribute says it violates distribute policy and has put
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the cope on paid leave while it tries to resolve the situation . >> anchor: now coach is getting some support from parents and kind of an unusual group. >> anchor: never before have been there so many people sitting in stands a high school football game. and never before have there been so manical as and news crews from across western pass washington and across the country. here not to cover the game, instead they are here to talk to the coach whose been sidelined by the school distribute. joe kennedy was put on paid leave wednesday because of his decision to keep praying after each game despite the distribute distribute's orders to stop . i am willing to take this as far as it goes to defend the rights of the constitution. until the end. if it comes back one way or another, i fought the good fight. >> anchor: the larger an unusual crowd almost every exits pressed support i'm few seemed frustrated the attention is taking away from the players on their senior night . it should have never came
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to this . >> reporter: in the fourth quarter came the arrival of the satanic temple of seattle who wanted their beliefs welcomed as well . we just want to meet the students that invited us out here and show we support them in doing that but we'll leave peace peaceably as they want us to . >> reporter: they left before the end of game and before coach kennedy need down from his seat in the front of the bleachers, bowed his head and prayed. >> reporter: kennedy and lawyers say his rights are being violated. they plan to take legal action against the school district . >> anchor: coming up a rough night for justin bieber. why he walked off stage after his concert started. >> reporter: a quiet and cool halloween forecast. we'll take it. plus a warmup next week. the forecast is coming up next. >> anchor: rescue crews on the scene of a building collapse in north after it comes crashing down killing at least one person person. >> anchor: following breaking news. a dramatic shift of policy from the white house. officials sending u.s. special
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help in the fight against isis. we'll have the latest on this 5:00.. >> reporter: we've seen what they can do on the ice at td garden but how about when circus is in town? . . we'll do our best to bring gold medal efforts to the greatest show on earth . >> reporter: check it out
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>> anchor: astronaut scott kelly has made history yesterday yesterday was his 1216 executive day in space which was longest longestmission ever by an american astronaut. a russian astronaut spent 400 straight days in the early 90's will kelly is dead to return in march after spending a whole year in outer space and he says that it's hard when you are up
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there because it's a great assignment but everything that you love he says is down on planet earth . >> anchor: do you think he gets to celebrate halloween tomorrow? >> anchor: we can watch twitter maybe . >> reporter: astronaut ice cream is the best. that's like the one thing you get from the museum gift shop is the astronaut ice cream. fantastic. trick-or-treating up there always red sox like things move in slow motion. how about this. we do have the sun with us at this point but as we get into the next workweek we have to remember sun setting an hour earlier 4:38 as we end daylight saving time overnight saturday into sunday. we'll talk more about that. current temperatures very close to where we should be for this time of year but it might have felt chilly today when you compare it to yesterday. we did have highs well into the 70's yesterday and then things made a change up. we also still have a chilly breeze coming out of the west and northwest, about 15 to even 20 miles per hour and it's usher ushering in the cooler air as
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you can see from the northwest. so through the weekend while things stay quiet and mostly dry we will feel the chill saturday and sunday. just a few fair weather clouds out there for tonight and into tomorrow we keep more sunshine than cloud cover. it isn't until sunday that the clouds start to increase over the area. so here is a pattern set up right now. storm track staying well to the north of us. high pressure again ushering in that cooler air around the topside from the northwest but then as it slides off to our east we get this return flow out of the south. that will start to boost those temperatures but it takes a little while for the warmup to settle in for next week. storm system well to our norton sunday could bring us a few pop sprinkles on sunday but i don't even have a drop in my 7 day forecast because it looks like most of us if not all should stay dry into sunday. about a 20 to 30% chance those strips else. overnight tonight mostly clear, it will be chilly in the cold every suburban spots getting down to the freezing mark or just below and then tomorrow for
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halloween, we stay dry but we also will be cool. so i think here is the trick. instead of hiding the costume with the coat, you pack the layers on underneath the costume then you just ok like a puffy princess rather then a princess or a cool kid and a crown. that's what my mom used to do. mostly cloudy for the trick-or-treating forecast we're talking mid to upper 40's and the salem forecast looking good for tomorrow as well. i think in the afternoon. you really enjoy it with those temperatures in the low to mid 50's. now again daylight savings time ends as we go to bed saturday night into sunday we fall back an hour but we do gain an hour of sleep. it's just different with the way the day looks. sun rise for tomorrow, 7: 16 but into sunday, 6: 17 and the sunset on sunday right around 4 4:30. so some big changes in store for us this weekend and into next week as well. but more because of the temperatures taking a rise with the temperatures into the mid to upper 60's.
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we'll see you at 5:00. >> reporter: thanks very much taking a look on route 1 northbound not so spooky on the southbound side. the northbound ride in for a little bit of a rough go up toward the lynnfield area and heading for the lynn feel tunnel and around 128. but some good news thrown in there too. no accident or breakdowns on that side of the highway unless you can tell traffic coming right toward us on route 1 southbound also flying right along. making your way right now over toward a ride on the lower deck and her deck of route 93. 93 northbound moving on the upper deck a bit slowly and it stays heavy into the medford area also making your way toward 128. southbound heading for downtown moving a long pretty well at this point. the ride on the mass pike westbound has been tight right here out past exit 17 but once you are out past the area of 128 and through the natick area it does start to open up a bit heading for route 495. i'm joe staple ton, 7 news . >> reporter: . >> anchor: medicine sold at a major drugstore chain could have an unexpected side effect . >> anchor: it's the homeopathic treatment and it has no age
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restrictions for purchase but experts say it contains as much alcohol as whiskey. right on its packaging cvs's homeopathic constipation relief says it's safe and not habit forming . i brought it to a local chemist . >> reporter: she days she uses her mastery of chem tree on you tube as the ski babe debunking what she calls medicinal myths with science. as for the claim of a non-habit forming laxative . there was 20% alcohol listed as an inactive ingredient ingredient. this is 20% alcohol by volume which means that it's 40 proof. >> anchor: 40 proof by standards for proving lick yet sold over the count remember no age requirement. teen-agers are able to buy it without any questions asked. and here is why she says that's a problem . it's really just alcohol and water. >> anchor: to prove it she recorded herself opening and drinking six new bottles of the
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each has one fluid ounce of liquid. she rinsed her mouth with a diet coke, waited close to a half hour and gave herself a . . >> anchor: a 1.1 is what she said she tested. tested.. 08 is the legal limit to be considered drunk. as far as the concitiation operation relief. there was no laxative effect whatsoever. >> reporter: some cvs linked her to the company's own facebook page demanding a response. and an e-mail the pharmacy chain writes "homeopathic products are regulated by the f.d.a. the alcohol content in this type of product is not unusual and our products should only be used as directed. " it doesn't do what it claims to do and it got me drunk. >> reporter: she said alcohol abuse is habit forming and children can buy it legally should be alarming. she says claims that say this bottle can or will produce a laxative effect based on its ingredients are what turns her stomach . i want people to be a
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little more discerning when they go to pick up a medication because you might end up with something with no medicine and a lot of alcohol in it. experts are ing consumers check with a doctor before checking with any types of medicine . adele proving she is not going anywhere. jadiann thompson thrilled with that. why you may soon see a whole lot
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. >> anchor: the biebs is topping buzz. it all happened at a concert in norway last night . >> anchor: fans let-down after the singer just gets up and leaves. guys, yo, listen to me. are you listening? never mind. ' done. not doing the show. >> anchor: he got angry at fans in the front row that kept try trying to reach out and touch him while he was cleaning you spilled water. he only performed one song before taking off. he apologized blaming a lack of sleep and hectic week and note on intragram he wrote in no way did i mean to come across mean but chose to especially the show as the people in the front row would not listen. i don't always hand ethings the right way but i'm human ad adworking on getting better at not responding, not reacting of the day before bieber walked out of a radio interview in spain after a dj asked for his help in
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making a viral video. bieber was promoting his new album and late area poll jewsed to his fans on twitter for feeling a little sick but never addressed the incident directly. >> anchor: nbr is giving adele her own . adele live this new york city. it will show the nation her first concert in the u.s. since 2011. she will be taking center stage at the historic radio city music hall. her new album "25" will be available on twitter. there is that note. i love herring her hit that note note. the nbc special will air on december 14 and ryan and i will be sinking along . >> anchor: non-stop. "star wars" is dominating the halloween costume craze this year. consumers have made twice as many on-line searches for "star wars" related costumes this halloween than last year's most popular costumes. guess what they were in frozen characters . >> anchor: that song too was pretty good. it's fun . >> anchor: it's cheap too. it's fun and inexpensive. adam wants to know. it's a rubber ducky . >> anchor: very creative .
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>> anchor: because i have a bright yellow raincoat. >> anchor: works out great . >> anchor: much more to come in the next 90 minutes. 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> anchor: breaking news. an investigation under way into the death of an infant in new hampshire. police now combing for clues as they try to figure out what happened to the little girl. >> anchor: also breaking tonight, a dramatic shift in the fight against isis. the white house putting u.s. troops on the ground in syria. >> anchor: an elderly couple brutally beaten after their car broke down. what we've learned about the man accused in the unprovoked attack attack. >> anchor: students grab their cameras to capture a school bus assault at the hands of their driver. huh they tried to stop him. >> anchor: it won't rain on our halloween parade. dry for the trick or treeing forecast and a warmup next week . >> anchor: plus domination against the dolphins. the patriots roll to 7 and 0 but it was bob kraft's halftime play that has a lot of people talking
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