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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  October 30, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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talking. >> anchor: we begin tonight with breaking news out of new hampshire where manchester list have lawned an investigation into the death of an infant. police have been at this home serving for any evidence they may be connected to the child's death . >> anchor: right now officials say they do not suspect any foul play. we begin live in manchester with 7's byron barnett. he is on the scene with more on this breaking news story for us, byron? >> reporter: well no, one is calling this a crime at this point but it's obviously a terrible tragedy as you said. police say there appears to be no foul play at this time but police are involved in the very active investigation into the death of a baby girl. there are a couple police officers behind this apartment and you can see right in front of the apartment the police tape there, this is where the investigation is taking place. now manchester police say they responded to an apartment here on kim ball street in manchester new hampshire for a deceased female infant at 10:45 this morning. when police got there they say they made contact with a 30 30-year-old woman who lives in
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police say emergency responders also arrived and checked on the dead child. many detectives responded and met with the medical examiner here. we're told they will be executing a search warrant to conduct a very thorough investigation. now police say that again they emphasize there appears to be no foul play at this particular time but they say they are taking the death of this infant very seriously condugging a thorough investigation. police are still on the scene here now. again, they are not calling it a crime but it is clearly a very tragic situation. that's the latest live from manchester, new hampshire. i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> anchor: also there is some breaking fuse now in the fight against isis. the united states is ramping up involvement in syria. troops are being deployed to that region. the escalation announced by the obama administration today pointing to a dramatic shift in the mission . >> anchor: ryan schulteis here with the very latest on this for us. ryan? >> anchor: the obamaization is confitching the plan to send up to 50 u.s. special forces to
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syria to help local fighters there it's a plan that has many people up in arms. u.s. special force will be begin operations on the ground in syria joining local forces to fight isis. this is a reversal of policy by president obama who up to now insisted no u.s. troops would go into syria . the decision the president made is to spend fewer than 50 special ops forces to syria to offer training, advice and assistance . >> anchor: growing isis strength and images of massive refugee process prompted the change. just last week in iraq a u.s. special force unit could be seen going through an isis prison with kurdish rebels rescuing 70 prisoners but one american was kill of the policy shift means more troops sent to iraq in addition to warplanes sent to turkey. critics say this won't be enough. in my experience it takes a lot more than they are talking about and it will take a lot more time to do these kinds of things for special forces operators than anybody anticipated.
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this will not change conditions on the ground . isil is not going to be intimidated by this move. they are all in for their agenda. >> anchor: the u.s. joined russia and iran to work toward a transition of power in syria . we agree these elections must be administered under u.n. supervision. the four year civil war left 250 000 dead and forced about half the country's population from their homes. and president obama says that despite this latest development the u.s. will not be pulled into a ground war. 7 news . >> anchor: also on 7 a providence man charged in a break down beating. prosecutors say he brutally attacked an elderly couple with a baseball bat after they ran out of gas. this isn't thers time this man is accused of attacking someone. jonathan hall live for us in providence with the very latest. >> reporter: good evening. police here call this a despicable crime with no apparent motive. they say the guy they have under
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steal anything and apparently did not even know who he was hitting. >> reporter: prosecutors say 25-year-old attacked his elly baseball bat. in court he head him the serious foley charges he faces. judge i will ask for you to . >> reporter: when he didn't answer attorneys ask he be held to doctors can evaluate his mental state. police say he knocked his 70 70-year-old woman unconscious and police say her husband was lying near an intersection too hurt to speak . what would make any man do that? this is something that is, it's just despicable . >> anchor: the crime seems un unpro vogued. it's shaken the city. there was no answer in the apartment nor at the victim's home a few hundred dread yards away. police say there is no indication the young man knew the elderly couple. the 72-year-old guy had run out of gas on this street, right in
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he had called his wife to bring him some fuel. these documents show he was arrested in june for striking three people. he was out on bail but now he has violated the terms of his release. there is a school just up the road from the crime scene. families walk this street all . >> reporter: are you glad this guy is locked up? i would think so, yeah. maybe for his own benefit too, you know? >> anchor: he is held without bail for now pending that mental evaluation. as for this elderly couple, at last check the man was in critical condition. the woman in serious condition. live in providence, rhode island jonathan hall, 7 news. >> anchor: the patriots are on top of the nfl. the team is the first to record 7 wins and no losses after a re resounding win against the fins. this one went even close . >> anchor: that's right. the patriots nation fired up right now because the last time
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had an undefeated season. trey daerr here with more for us us. >> reporter: it may be time to start thinking about 16 and 0. patriots dominating the dom fins on thursday night. tom brady at 38 years old without question the most impressive quarterback in all of football and his supporting cast is proing it may be the best he has ever had. the patriots wasting no time establishing their dominant scoring on game's opening drive and never looking back beating the dolphins handily on three days rest . >> anchor: we had a really, you know, good week. it was intense week, tough week mentally but they really, really push themselves, a lot of preparation was good and they played hard tonight. players quick to return the praise . >> reporter: a lot of that credit goes to coaches, honestly honestly. we had a short week, own a few days of practice and guys went out there and executed and just bought into what the coaches
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were saying . once again, it is tom brady leading the charge throwing four more touchdowns including one to deion lewis returning to the lineup after sitting out the jets game with an abdominal injury . he is so quick. it would be a motherical for anybody to touch him, you know, are or less tackle him so he is just a dynamic player for us . i am just excited to be back out there missing last week tow get back out there with my guys and try to help the best way i can . >> reporter: patriots dethence in weak form sacking ryan tanneh tannehill and picking him off twice. picked off, an interception at the 43. our defense player was unreal tonight. how many sacks, intersessions, they were setting up field position for the offense and we struggled a little bit but but we picked it up and did question we had to do. >> reporter: rob grokowski on track for 16 touchdowns if it happens that will be one shy of his career high mark of 17 back
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in 2011. randy moss holds patriots in nfl sing el season record for tough downs with 23. live in the newsroom, trey daerr 7 news . >> anchor: robert kraft taking jabs during last night's game but not of the patriot's opponent. the patriots handled dolphins but kraft target eed the coat. minneapolis remembered as team who tipped the nfl about under inflated footballs causing the deflategate controversy. at halftime the pats held a ceremony honoring former linebacker willie mcginnes and then kraft snuck in a little comment there. he said there is nothing more satisfying than sad the indianapolis colts with a loss. something the patriots did 16 times and willie mcginn es's career . >> anchor: we are learning that the new hampshire prep school grad sentenced to a rear in jail for sexually assaulting a classmate regeneraled a string of plea deals. those deals would have meant far less time behind bars for owen l labrie. sex offender. most recent deal offered the 20
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he remains free on bail pending his appeal. also ton, the mother of his victim is opening up about her daughter's ordeal and christa delcamp has more on her emotional interview with nbc news. it's been excruciating for her but she just wanted to do what was right. >> reporter: for the first time we're hearing the mother of the victim of a sexual assault at the prestigious prep school in new hampshire. owen labrie has been sentenced to one year in jail for sexually assaulting the then 15-year-old freshman as part of an annual tradition known as senior salute. her experience was ex extomorrowly limited with young men and certainly zero with an 18-year-old man. i know she regrets going . >> reporter: the victim's family telling nbc's natalie morales they thought the prep school was a dream come true . we were an expat family
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sorry. we just thought we had found it. he was accepted to harvard hoping to study at the difficult inity school and a friend says it's his faith that has kept him going . he has never even through this whole process once spoken to me about the fact that he thinks his life is ruined or over. he is going to go on to do great things . the victim's mother said her daughter wanted her to read a staple on her behalf . going through the legal process i now understand why victims feel as if they can't speak up, yet cannot see how i would have lived day to day life without telling the truth. >> reporter: a jury did clear him of the most serious charge of rape, but he will still have to register as a sex offender. right now he is free on bail as he plans his appeal. in the newsroom, christa delcamp 7 news. >> anchor: the dcf employee whose work involving bella bond was cited in an independent report is being examined by the agency.
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the report found the worker copied and pasted years old reports in 2012 and 2013 while preparing a case on bella's mother who was accused of child neglect of the reports then led dcf to close bella's case. the gil'sed about he was found on deer island earlier this year year. governor baker said that employee could be disciplined. >> anchor: also wild weather causing limbs in texas. sheriff's deputies rushing to the rescue there when two school buses got stuck in flash-flood flash-flooding. the officer's first rescued four special needs and two adults. men about an hour later the same thing happened to another bus. everyone though was okay. and the rushing water taking some pumpkins for a ride. there you go. floating pumpkins. dozens of them from a business washed down the middle of a road after a bridge gave out there. flooding was so bad in this area you can see the waves were rush rushing there all along the street. whether some tornados touchdown
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this is texas in one area strong winds brought a full sized trailer on to the roof of a three story hotel. the entire front of the school just destroyed as what you are seeing right here. crews are out working to restore power, clean up all of the debris. no injuries though have been reported. now we take a look at the race for the white house. republicans are telling nbc that the network is done hosting the party's presidential debates. the republican national committee chair sent a letter to nbc fuse saying the rnc is " "suspending the partnership with nbc news for the republican primary debate at the university of houston on february 26, 2016 2016." in response, nbc news released a statement saying in part this is a disappointing development, however, along with our debate broadcast partners at telemundo we'll work in good faith to resolve this matter with the republican party . >> anchor: still to come on this friday, a bus ride home takes a really scary turn when the driver goes after a special needs student. what happened when other kids
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at 5:30 a plymouth man accused in a classroom crime. what he was caught doing at a school in cohasset . >> anchor: plus, a police officer poses for a photo with a manholing one of these? it looks a lot like a weapon but we'll tell you what he was actually holding. >> anchor: then in just one hour, remembering mayor menino. boston's longest serving mayor died one year ago. how the city is keeping his memory alive today if we are staying on to of breaking news. an infant dies at an apartment bulling in new hampshire and an investigation under way right now. we'll continue to get you the latest information as we continue here this evening. the was strong that day. it was just pulling me out. pulling he out. i started going back to the boat boat. i didn't know that the propeller was on. they threw out a rope to me. i grabbed on to get on the boat and the ropened up going into the propeller and pulling me in .
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>> anchor: welcome back, a to his arrest. he was caught on camera allegedly assaulting a special needs child. children on the bus tried to get the driver to stop and ended . >> anchor: adriver is now facing seer crow charges ab abparents are just outraged. >> anchor: this is oh shot by a
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student on a cool bus in iowa. police say it shows the bus driver assaulting a 15-year-old special needs child. he then unleashes his rage on other kids, the video ends with him apparently taunting the special needs child. hit me again . >> anchor: the student was on the bus and saw the whole thing . he grabbed his jack and threw him on the ground. he like he was worthless . >> anchor: moments later most of the kids governor got off the bus when he saw a deputy nearby and reported the incident . we just got off the bus maybe five to six people stayed on the bus. we just all ran out and just yelled at him and he said the f word to everybody, just because he didn't care. >> reporter: this was the school bus driver? he just cussed at us. he didn't care. he was soulless . >> reporter: he was denying that he assaulted the student. the video says otherwise . the video would give an end an assault did occur . >> reporter: he was charged with childen darer. darer.. parents at the middle school say they are shocked .
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know one that works with special needs kids should ever treat a kid like that. kids shun be treated like that regardless. it made me sick because i have nieces and nephews that are special education children and i can't imagine anybody laying a hand on those special kinds of kids. >> anchor: that bus driver is now on administrative leave. school officials say he passed all background checks and training and never had any problems like this before. coming up next at 5:30, a football coach in washington state sidelined for praying with his team. and it's reigniting the debate over religion in schools. >> anchor: nothing okay spooky in the halloween forecast. really normal through the weekend. then we get a warmup to kick off the month of november. the forecast is coming up next . >> anchor: how is this for a halloween scare? a run away jacko plan terrible barring into a busy intersection intersection. what is that? >> reporter: monday, we've
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seen what charlie white and merrill davis can do on the ice but what about when the circus is in town? that's intense . . we'll do our best to bring our gold medal efforts to the greatest show on earth . you can vote on who did it better. >> reporter: check it out monday morning at 6:00 a.m. does this $20 family eight pieces of original recipe chicken? [ding] potatoes and gravy? yes. real colonel sanders? yes... [buzzing]
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>> anchor: at bu smashing pumpkins today. that red sox like fun, doesn't it? university ifics department held its annual pumpkin drop. students getting a lesson on halloween twist. boom. pumpkins with filled with colorful substances so the splat was a little more impressive. many gathered to watch the action there. and cheer them on too. >> anchor: pretty cool. and get this. in arizona this giant inflatable jacko plan terrible was on a role causing a lot of concern for drivers and everybody else. the run away pumpkin came barrel barreling down the street bouncing its way through some busy intersections. nobody was injured fully and the great pumpkin escape but it did damage some street lights. apparently it broke free from a nearby display. >> reporter: nothing too spooky for tomorrow but does this picture take you back. this was posted by kenny today on twitter reminding us of snow
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toner that happened in 2011. really, wild weather is not all that uncommon for this time of the year in 2012 hurricane sandy snow-tober we saw a pick you turf that in central and northern new england and also the perfect storm in 1991. so we'll take the quiet weather through this weekend, current temperatures right on par with where we should be for this time of year. mid 50's to the upper 50's, 52 right now in worcester. 57 in boston. but it is quite different from ago. about 10 to 15 degrees but yesterday was kind of an anomaly with those temperatures well into the 70's. wind direction coming out of the northwest, it is a chilly breeze out there still. about 10 to 15 mile-per-hour winds. but it is ushering in that cooler air from the northwest that will be settling in with us for the remainder of the weekend weekend. high pressure helping to give us that northwesterly flow of cooler air but as it slides off to our east we do get that
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return flow from the south. storm system passing well to our norton sunday, could pop a few sprinkle early in the day on sunday, but really it's no tricks here. more treats for the entire weekend. i think most of us stay dry with this. just going to bring the clouds in for us. mostly clear overnight tonight. but it is chilly, coldest suburban spots getting down just below the freezing mark. closer to the upper 30's in boston and then tomorrow for halloween we stay clear for the day. now remember those cool temperatures, they are taking in the shade so you step out in the direct sunlight which will have plenty of tomorrow and it will feel five to ten degrees warmer. trick or treat forecast looking fantastic. clouds start to move in, but we will stay dry. mid to upper 40's for most and then we can't forget as we go to bed on saturday into sunday the end of daylight savings time we do fall back an hour at 2:00 a.m. on sunday and this changes things for us big-time. we go from the sunset around 5 5:30 tonight to actually seeing
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the sunset around 4:30 into sunday. so we're burning daylight. now how about this? more good news aside from just saturday into sunday. we do get a boost in terms for the entire pattern of next week. so look at how those temperatures climb and put it into perspective for you normal high in the upper 50's. we could make it into the upper 60's for several days next week. beginning of november but we'll take it. lots of sunshine as well. see you in a bit. bit.. >> anchor: still ahead a man wrapping about 9/11 lying to a landing in las vegas ass vegas . >> anchor: new at 6:00 running for martin richard. we'll talk about people lacing up for the 26.2 mile run in new york city. all in honor of the youngest
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>> anchor: tgif! if you are just getting home and want to get cow up there is another hour of 7 news ahead. >> anchor: 7 news at 5:30 starts right now. >> anchor: stranger danger in cohasset. a local man arrested after sneak sneaking his way into an elementary school . >> anchor: a man in custody escapes in flip-flops with officers just several feet away. the bizarre scene caught on camera. >> anchor: a spiritual battle in washington state. a high school football coach off the job after praying with his team. >> anchor: a dry, but cool halloween forecast and a warmup in store for next week. >> anchor: first here at 5:30 a man accused of a classroom crime going before a judge. police say the man lied about working for a heating repair company, then made his way around a school in cohasset . >> anchor: right now he is charged with trespassing but could face more charges as the investigation continues. 7's steve cooper live for us there with the very latest.
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