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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  October 30, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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actually told police they had money taken from here inside the school earlier this week and tonight detectives are trying to link those crimes to the suspect who shouldn't have been in the building in the first place. surprising to hear that . >> reporter: parent clearly concerned after 31-year-old anthony binsfield is arrested by police an charged with entering the deer hill elementary school, walking a loan throughy classrooms while school was in session . it's very awilling. we do not want to think strang strangers are roaming the school with children in there. facing a judge, the plymouth man pleads not guilty to a trespass trespassing charge. prosecutors say he poseds a contract thursday wearing his former employers uniform claiming he was there to check the school's heating system. but police believe he was stealing money from several pocket books before slipping out of the school a short time later later. all in total there was a to toal of three larceny reports taken from the deer school all involving pocket books
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. >> anchor: a frustrated school superintendent says they have already made changes after what he called a lapse in security. we have to kind of put another layer into our security when visitors are in the school and make sure everybody, we know who everybody is and why they are there . >> reporter: buns feel's attorney wanted to remind us his client had only been charged with trespassing and nothing more . they were talking about a lot of things and the fact he hasn't been charged. at this point are he has been charged with trespass and he will defend the chars of trespassing. so bins field is being held on bail tonight and detectives say by the time he returns to court next month, he could very well be facing additional chance chances. live in cohasset tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: new at 5:30 the roof of a building in boston goes up in flames this afternoon. crews quickly got it under control. this is a five story building on tremont street. there are several solar panels on the roof. at least one appeared to be damaged. luckily no, one was hurt.
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malfunctioning solar panel may have sparked that fire. a family is aevery ared thisiar mouth on drug charges. noel, lisa and michael johnson heroin. police say the arrest came after a second drug raid in their home in the past week. investigators say they found heroin, plastic baggies and scales during their search. >> anchor: school back in session after dozens of students became ill at a middle school. crews were on hand overnight to clean up the butting after the school sickness hit from pretty hard. official say it looks like a virus spread very quickly. 7's nick emmons has the story. people were puking, stomach stomaches, dizziness . >> reporter: buses back at sullivan middle school after a sickness scare . i felt very nervous like i thought it was going to like happen to me . student evacuated thursday over fears of carbon monoxide poisoning but the fire department ruled that out . we have ruled out it was a carbon monoxide problem. we're looking the a possible
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virus but we have not pinpointed the problem yet . a doctor from lowell general came to the school to check out dozens of students. five went to the hospital. nausea, rome vomiting, diarrhea, maybe a low grade temperature. it does seem to be more of a viral type syndrome. in today sean dropped off his brother . no concern today at all about what's going on. a little bit. always a worry . >> reporter: confident the problem is passed. did they give you an update on what's going on this morning? they said the cool would be open. that's . no concern about what's happening . nothing at all . >> reporter: we got e-mails and call later in the day letting us know what the plan was and what they had done since kids have been evacuated so feel pretty confident about kids be there today. they were hoping for no school. they are kids . again students back this class today. as for as what that virus could be, they are still looking into it. that's the latest from lowell. nick emon, 7 news . the search for a missing
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could be the human remains of jeff an jeanette navin. they hope the discovery can lead the investigators to the couple. their son kyle is considered a suspect. >> anchor: we're following new details about a plane fire in florida yesterday. two people remain in the hospital after the plane went up in flames on the runway. the faa says the pilot reported a fuel leak before the plane caught fire. airport officials say the flames never entereded main cabin. every passenger was evacuated from the plane and right now one passenger is in serious condition. new details now out of kentucky where a fugitive is killed in a shootout with police ending a nearly week-long manhunt. floyd ray cook was confronted by state troopers and the federal marshall when they exchanged gunfire. police say cook died there at the scene. the 62-year-old was watched for shooting and injuring a police officer in tennessee. then shooting at troopers in kentucky over the weekend. >> anchor: california deputy escapes from police cuss toy on tuesday while handcuff in the
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back seat of a squad car. in this video you can see the officer after slipping out of his cuffs there reaching through the window to unlock the door, opening the door then crouching by the car before calmly walking away with his hands in his pockets. when he actually reached the ramp there tucker took off running. it took them nearly 15 minutes for deputies to realize he escaped. it's not uncommon for to us double handcuff. it's not unmonfor to us roll a window down so that a suspect can get air. but it is uncommon to not pay attention to that suspect. i suspect and i don't know this but i suspect that he a have been equipped with a handcuff . >> anchor: the manhunt ended when he finally discovered thursday afternoon he was discovered there in a garage. he is back behind bars. he was first arrested last saturday for waving a gown at i group of minors. also caught on calm remarks unruly passenger forces a men to arizona. mr. us say he refused to take his seat shortly after takeoff. they also say he was making
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comments about /1. police were eventually able to subdue him and take him off the plane. they were although alarming in nature it gave the indication that this person may have been suffering from some type of mental illness. >> anchor: officials say the passenger is undergoing mental health evaluation . >> anchor: some phone case controversy in the midwest after a sneaky shot comes to light. a police officer in wisconsin posed for this photo but after the picture was taken the officer realized the man standing next to him had a gun shaped phone case and it was pointing in his correction direction. now the police department is not taking this picture too lightly . people like to visit with the officer, people like photographs with the officers . >> anchor: what was supposed continue a fun photo turned serious thursday night. as they were making their face, their smile, the young man went like this . >> anchor: that fake gun the police chief is holding is the same as the one in the photo. illuminated by the camera's flash and looking very real .
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it even has a trigger. no one in or near the photo was in any real danger. but in the heat of the moment, a simple cell phone case can look very threatening. you don't know that is a cell phone case. you just know that for all your purposes doing a quick scan that could be exactly as it looks to be, something consistent with the imprint of a gun. side by side, the two look virtually the same and that is when the chief wants to turn this unfortunate photo into a teachable moment for this weekend's local halloween event. reminding everyone that look alike weapons are off limits. have you group dynamics in impulsivity when people have been drugging. that sort of perfect storm can create a lot of havoc if people start bringing props or things that could be misunderstood as a weapon. >> anchor: well, the man in that photo apologized to police and evenhanded over the phone case in an effort to help officers in their cars .
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>> anchor: checking news off the satellites the hull of a canadian whale watching boat that capsized last weekend has been pulled out of the water. five bodies were recovered short shortly after the boat capsized. is under way. a boat in the mediterranean packed with 100 refugees hits rough seas as its engines die. the greek coast guard rush to the rescue. the boat drifted for hours before officials could tow that boat to safety. the refugees are among the thousands still risking their lives to cross the mediterranean and reach europe. >> anchor: still ahead on 7, a problem with prayer. a football coach off the job after praying with his team and why the school district says he . a brutal beating in providence. one suspect behind bars accused of attacking an elly couple on the side of the road. we're following breaking news out of new hampshire. an infant found dead in an apartment complex.
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>> anchor: afight of faith for a high school] coach in washington state the assistant has been sidelined for playing with prayers after the gapes. the distribute says it violates their policy . >> anchor: but now their decision and the coach is getting support from an unusual group of activists. never before have there been so many people sitting in the stands at a problemer ton high school football game. and never before have there been so many cameras and news crews from across western washington and across country. here not to cover the game instead they are here to talk to the coach whose been sidelined by the school distribute. joe kennedy as put on paid leave wednesday because of his decision to keep praying after each game despite the distribute distribute's orders to stop. i'm willing to take this as far as it goes to defend the
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rights and constitution, you know, until the end. if it comes back one way or another, i fought the good fight. the larger than unusual crowd at this game, almost everyone expressed support for kennedy am few parents seemed frustrated the controversy is taking attention away from the players . it should is never came to this . >> reporter: in the fourth quarter came the arrival of a group for the satanic temple of seattle who say they showed up at the request of several students and teachers who wanted their beliefs welcomed as well . we wanted to meet the students that invited us out here and show we support them in doing that. . >> reporter: they left before the end of the game and before coach kennedy need down from his seat in the front of the bleachers, bowed his head and prayed. amen! so that coach is very upset. he is pursuing his legal options options. we're told he will be going ahead and my some lawsuits .
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recipe for those extra and esyou may still have in the frige. check it out. 7's bri eggers shows us what's cooking in concord. that apple cake, looking forward to that. also we have a fantastic halloween weekend forecast with summarizing temperatures for the first week of november. that's could coming up neck . a special dedication for martin richard. how runners are honoring his memory in new york. >> reporter: another victory for pats on their road to excellence. the pats spreading the praise. i see myself in every one of the students that i have. i know that it's my responsibility to do for them what i would want someone to do for me. helping the community is important to me because i live in this community, so when i'80, 90 years old, looking back, reflecting on my life, i want to be able to say that i did something awesome for somebody, i helped people, you know, i helped change my community, i helped enhance
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is a special honor for kimberly bookman presented her with a distinguished career award today today. bookman was honored for her work in journalive and tv broughting. she was one of three honorees at needham high school this year. she said it's porn not to forget your roots.
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it's not where you start but where you finish and i do believe that gets you through the hard times is remembering that but i also think it's really important to remember where you began. >> anchor: bookman thanked her parents and brother, they were all in the audience cheering her on. she does an amazing job and has so much spirit and i good energy and really good stuff about all of the stories she covers here . she does an amazing job. i have always been impressed with her work. happy for her and a great message to the other skids there there. good news for us as well, frommy on par i guess for the weather right now . exactly. right on par with where we should be for this time of year. no wild weather expected for halloween tomorrow. 57 right now in boston. the sunset just a few minutes ago. so we're savoring this twilight in the evening hours. daylight saving time of course ending this weekend so the sun will be setting around 4:30 for the next couple of few weeks. we'll be burning daylight. we have to plan ahead. current temperatures in the low
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and in the upper 50's as you get into boston point south from there and it is a far cry from where we were at yesterday with our highs well into the 70's, but again very close to where we should be wrapping up the month of october. chilly breeze still out of the west and northwest but that will die down as we get into the overnight hours and into tomorrow. really no, wind to speak of tomorrow but for now it is helping to usher in the cooler air from the north and west. mostly clear skies at this point overnight tonight that's what i expect as well so that will allow for the temperatures to be dropping and as we take a look at those lows for tomorrow morning, you get into the suburbs, below freezing is a good possibility. we will see some frost out there there. 30 in bedford, 32 worcester, 28 in nor booed. always one of the coldest spots on the map and highs tomorrow again very seasonable. mid 50's for most, 51 for worcester, plus you have the bright sunshine for tomorrow and that will add a little bit of a warm feel as you step out in the direct sunlight. so if you have outdoor lance
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tomorrow a okay for anything that you are doing as long as you wear maybe an extra layer. a jacket. high pressure keeping us nice an dry through tomorrow and then as we start to make it out for trick-or-treating you can see those clouds that are starting to push in. this is a long with a warm front so those temperatures starting to get a above the as we get into sunday. but we could also see a spot shower or sprinkle as we make it through the morning hours of sunday before clearing out for sunday afternoon. most of us stay dry on sunday but it's still worth mentions we can't rule out that possibility. now halloween forecast does stay dry for us tomorrow but i in. looks like mid to upper 40's for most and no wind. again, you still want to pack on layers. my suggestion, underneath the costume rather than over it and the salem forecast looking fantastic. you remember these temperatures are taken in the shade so you step out in the direct sunlight and you can bask in that sun sleuth shine and feel five to ten degrees warmer than the temperature reads so i think a fantastic day for salem tomorrow
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and a pattern change for us. we know what the jet stream with a goes down in one location will come up somewhere else and we benefit from this for the first week of november. so seeing those temperatures next week. it doesn't look very typical for the beginning of november, but we'll take it. lots of sunshine, we stay week as well. temperatures topping out in the mid to upper 60's. and take a local thursday. not out of the question to hit 7 70 in some locations. so if you have a few apples left over from apple picking we have a sweet treat for you . speaking of bree, she all over the place. she went to concord and is showing us a delicious dessert in today's what's cooking. we all know that money doesn't grow on freeze but apples do an at 0 throw in concord the pastry chef is paying left over apples into edible gold .
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today we are making a carmelized apple. it's also will known as an apple brown butter cake . so don't let the fancy name intimidate you . the first thing we're going to do is get the butter on the stove. that does take a few minutes to brown. we'll wash our apples. peel them and dies them up. you want about two cups. you can really use it most varieties that you like. i wouldn't suggest red delicious. you would sit local . whenever possible . >> reporter: now add the flavor of fall with some sugar . i love your sugar shovel . and cinnamon and a pinch of salt . next, melt some butter in a saute pan. then we'll get the apples in the pan . oh yeah. listen to that sizzle. cook the apples on medium heat until they are soft but don't overcook. when they are done, set them aside to cool. don't leave any of that in the pan . now on to the cake batter. start by combining the dry ingredients.
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almond meal, granulated sugar, confectioner's sugar, flour, baking powder and salt . we're going to whisk these to the . add about half of your egg whites and whisk. then the most fragrant part. if you smell it you will see it smells nutty and toasty . carmelly. we'll add our syrup . >> reporter: in goes the remaining butter and egg whites, whisking until well mixed . cake batter into the pan . next top your cake battle with the sin sugar apples. bake at 350 for about 20 minutes minutes. we'll trim the ems. then you want to decide how many portions . bigger the bars are the more they are worth . now we have our bar shape . fancy up your financesier and enjoy . you can the color amber in it. it is very gold . that's what's cooking. i am bri eggers, 7 news. good evening, everybody. coming up next we are following breaking news in manchester, new
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an infant found dead at an apartment complex on kendall street if you know that area. police are serving for clues in the kyle's death right now. we've live with the latest developments. also a man will have mental health evaluation after a brutal beating in this area. leaving an elly couple seriously there is new information that came out in court today. we'll pass that along. plus, a group of dedicated people will remember the youngest victim of the boston marathon bombings. what they have planned for this weekend in new york city. it involves a lot of training and a lot offest. those stories and much more straight ahead on 7 news at 0 clock.
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>> anchor: adele is topping buzz she recently released her new song hello. >> anchor: the network scheduled adele her own special for when she sings in new york. adele live in new york city. we'll show the nation her first concert in the u.s. since 2011. she will take center stage at radio center music hall and does she have the voice for it. the special airs on december 14 . >> anchor: that was just this time for halloween. the fist fifth season of the supernatural hit grim premiers ton. last season shockingly ended with a title character nick losing his longtime time girlfriend but grim fans should expect even more surprises this season as the lot thickens and gets even a bit darker . you think that's bad enough enough? the second season finale picks up things get even worse
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. >> anchor: this season includes the impending birth of nick's son carried by his sworn enemy of we have a jam packed night on 7 nbc all kicking off with updat updatable followed by truth be told, the season premiere of grim and an all new "dateline" at ten oh an get caught up on all the day's news on 7 news at 11:00 . >> anchor: be sure to join us at 11:00 and 10:00. there is another 30 minutes of 7 now ahead. i'm jadiann thompson . >> anchor: news at 6:00 starts right now. >> anchor: breaking news, a disturbing discovery at an apartment in manchester, new hampshire. now police searching for clues. a woman walk ago newbury street said she turned the tail on this man after she claims he took in inappropriate videos of her . >> reporter: co-asset list arresting a man entering anment contractor. . >> anchor: dry conditions, cool temperatures for the halloween
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forecast and a big warmup in store for next week. >> reporter: remembering youngest vic i of the boston marathon bombings. how more than 20 people will honor martin richard this weekend. 7 news at 6:00 starts now . >> anchor: breaking news first at 6:00 tonight, police search searching for answers right now after an infant is found dead in new hampshire. so far investigators do not suspect foul play . >> anchor: that's right. the girl was found at an apartment complex today. let get straight out to the latest with byron barnett live in manchester for us right now. byron? >> reporter: well, police are not calling this a crime but clearly it is a tragedy. neighbors say this baby was only about a month old and police are now looking for answers. police on the scene at an apartment in manchester, new hampshire where they say they found a dead bib egirl. it's really such a tragedy. they are such nice people. they never have problems with anyone and i used to see her pregnant down there all the time. >> anchor: police say they
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responded to a report of a
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