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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  October 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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responded to a report of a deceased infant just before 11:00 this morning when they got there, police say they made contact with a 30-year-old woman who lives in the apartment. having children myself, i can only imagine how devastated she must be . police say emergency responders also arrive and checked on the dead child. several detectives responded and met with the medical examiner. police say they will be executing a search warrant to conduct a thorough investigation investigation. neighbors say emergency crews also went through the building checking for carbon monoxide fumes . >> reporter: did you ever hear any problems down there, hear the been ecrying or anything? i never heard anything. they are very, very quiet. i would highly doubt there is any foul play. they are very nice people. it's not that i used to have long conversations with them or anything but whenever i see them they were smiling, they were a happy couple. >> reporter: police are on the scene right now inside the apartment here on kim ball street in manchester, new
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emphasizing that there is no sign of foul play at this time. again, they are taking the death of this baby girl very seriously seriously. that's the latest live from manchester, new hampshire. i'm byron barnett, 7 news. when the store ebreak we sent out an alert on our 7 news app. you can also get breaking news updates by following us on face become an on twitter. >> anchor: 7 news now turning to a woman following this man down new berry street then confronting him. she claims a serious privacy problem is going on and that he took inappropriate videos of her her. we're not identifying the woman and she says same thing happened to another lady. dan hausle is live in boston now with her story. dan? it takes all kinds here on newbury street but this woman says this guy went way too far. she is giving a lot of praise for calling out what she says was a creep with a camera. sorry, i am i magazine you uncomfortable? you don't like being filmed .
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was secretly filming women below the waist on newbury street . that's just disgusting . it's creepy . >> reporter: the woman said when she saw the man targeting gil as young as 12 years old she decided to jump out and turn her felon's calm aon him . is that what you telling me me? you don't like being filmed without permission? because that's what you have been doing. you have footage of me on that camera in this video vigilante is getting lots of praise for what she did on-line and on if you bury street from men and women . she should have called him on it . good for her for sticking up for herself . i'm glad she posted it and like put him out there because someone needs to recognize him and avoid, make sure they avoid him . on the video the man denies doing anything wrong. hee his accuser did call boston police. they agree what she says he was doing is distasteful but they say it's not illegal. is this a wedding ring?
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i can't wait to put this on the isn't net . >> reporter: the woman said he is at least recognized and shamed and a lot of people are cheering her on . internet is now the weapon that we have to expose behaviors that we don't find appropriate. so let's see where the conversation take us. >> reporter: i did reach the woman that posted that video. she didn't want to talk on camera but look at one things she said when she posted that video on-line. he said let's focus on not just this one guy but behavior because he is not the only creep out there. this digital age we live in is a battle zone. many people we talk to here on newbury street agreed with her. in boston, dan hausle, 7 news. this is something that is, you know, it's just despicable what's happened to these elderly people . >> anchor: a man will have a
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beating of a couple in their 70 70's in this area and investigators are arrested a suspect after finding a husband an wife in bad same in the middle the street. jonathan hall live for us in providence, rhode island where new information came out in court just today. jonathan? we have been looking through court paperwork. imagine you run out of gas right on your own street and you end up getting a vicious beating. these people were beaten about the head, face and the body as well and they say the man involved is in custody and he is going to face some very serious charges. . police say they have taken a dangerous guy off the tree i'm man who allegedly attacked elderly neighbors for no apparent reason . you are doing a psychiatric evaluation of him right now . i would like to join it . find out what's wrong with him . yeah. had to be something. you don't just do that. >> anchor: 25-year-old viden
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charges serious felonies for allegedly attacking a couple in their 70's. he didn't respond to the judge . do you understand each and all of these charges? >> anchor: his lawyer wonders about his mental state. can i ask to approach in . >> reporter: police say they responded to this intersection and found a man and his wife ly . happened about 10:00 p.m. wednesday night. a 72-year-old man ran out of he lives. he called his wife for help. she arrived in the state claims she burst out of his send floor apartment and attacked the couple with a metal object likely an aluminum baseball bat . the female was unconscious. . she had been out on bail after being charmed in june with attacking three other people. . are you glad this guy is locked up? i would think so, yeah. >> reporter: he is hell without bail for now until that finished.
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trying to rob this count eeven tow they live on the same street street. he may not have even known they. the man is in critical condition the woman in serious condition. live tonight in providence, >> anchor: we'll turn now to weather and show you a live look outside over beautiful boston. city. halloween is looking to be clear and cool too. there is nothing spooky to talk about in the forecast. meteorologist bri eggers joins us now live with the latest. adam, more treats than tricks for us but remember this, just four years ago in 2011 snow snow-tober bringing two to three feet of snow to some areas of new england. nothing like that in store for us this week. we do have mostly clear skies right now overnight tonight and through tomorrow as well. we can't even pick anything out that might seep into our spendingy future for tomorrow so the trick and treat forecast looking fantastic. mostly sunny through the day tomorrow, but it will be cool. so pack on those extra layers, federal reserve y underneath the costume dropping into the mid to upper 40's by the time you head
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we need to get the rest of the weekend's forecast plus talk about a big warmup on the way for us to kick off the point of november. that's coming up in just about ten minutes. there is more news today. the city of boston honoring form former mayor menino today marks the one year anniversary of his death. mayor marty walsh joined city hall staff for a mole of silence this afternoon in menino's memory. it will be lit new green in honor of the former mayor. menino led the city of boston for 20 years. he passed away at the age of 71 just months after retiring from the position he always said he loved . >> anchor: still coming up ear on 7 news at 6:00 this friday he was the youngest victim of the boston marathon bombing. how more than 20 people will honor martin richard and his message down in new york city this weekend. >> anchor: plus the plates bee the dolphins decisively with only three days to prep. trey daerr has that in sports . >> anchor: we're still watching breaking news. police are investigating an infant death in manchester, new hampshire.
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they responded to an apartment building there. officers have been serving for evidence in the child's death. they do not suspect foul play at this hour. we'll be right back. >> reporter: monday . the current was song that day. it was just pulling me out of pulling me out. i just started swimming back to the boat. i didn't know the propeller was on. they threw out a rope to me. i grabbed on to get on the boat and the rope ended up going into the propeller and pulling me in and under . a sheryl fiandacca exclusive interview.
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geico motorcycle,
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>> anchor: a run to remember this week. in honor of the young every victim of the boston marathon bombings. runners will represent a . >> anchor: the group works to promote his message which was no more hurting people and peace. a ran a few half marathons. never ran a marathon before. this one will be the first the . 22 members will be hitting city marathon sunday. many of them are traveling today them. my original plan was not to run a marathon and then i saw that they were looking for runners for this charity. jimmy took a good idea and ranch with it. the foundation was created to honor the 8 yield boy killed from one of the bombs at the 20
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team mr 8 has been part of the past two boston heart . jimmy says he is tackling 26.2 miles to raise money that will spread the by's message of peace by investing in education, athletics and community. 20 weeks of training and more than 60,000 dollars in fund-raising later, the team is getting ready to tow the line. jimmy is excited about says don't expect him to come in first place . there are 50,000 runners running in this marathon. i will be lucky to make 30,000 but all i want to do is finish and make my family as well as march thin richard's family proud. >> anchor: the foundation says you don't have to run a marathon to help out. they hope everyone will spread martin's message on social media using the # no more hurting people. >> anchor: the end of daylight savings time may be a little hard to accept but how bay beginning of november warmup. the forecast is next. in next in 7 sports, the patriots riding high after a dominating performance thursday
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night against miami. tom brady may be more impressive through 7 games than he has ever been his career. he is coming off his best game in 2015. a recap of thursday night is coming up in sports. >> reporter: monday you have seen what they can do on the ice but what about when the circus is in town? >> anchor: it's intense . prepare to be amazed. you can vote on who did it better . i am shockingly uncoordinat uncoordinated .
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p patients getting the chance to trick or treat one day early. luck at these costumes. awesome. the kids dressed up for the halloween event collecting candy from staff an offs all throughout the butting. there is some "star wars", there is super man and super woman, princesses, race car drivers, man, looking good, guys. we just try to make sure these kids don't forget they are children. when halloween comes an, all they want to do is trick or treat, they want to get dressed up. when you have to come here for treatment instead, you know, we want to make sure as soon as they walk through those doors they know we're dressed up for them. they can wear whatever they want want. >> anchor: friends and family also got to take part in trick-or-treating with the kids
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there. >> anchor: if there are any children still waiting to do track or treating it looks like the weather will hopefully be everything is on par. look at that evening out there now. >> anchor: looks like the zakim bridge may have orange on it unless that's a reflection of brake lights. let's talk about the forecast now. . we'll go with that. are those costumes? better off with long sleeves because it will be cool but dry. you won't have to worry about dressing up as a meteorologist with an umbrella. sunday. not guaranteed. we're in for a warmup to kick off the month of november believe it or not. current temperatures pretty typical for this time of year, but much cooler than worry were saying just 24 hours ago with those highs yesterday well into the 70's but that's really a atypical for this time of year. we have a bit of a breeze still with us, about five to even 12 mile-per-hour winds out of the west northwest. but it is helping to usher in some of that cooler air to stick
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nothing like the wild weather that we've seen for some years around this time, hurricane sand sandy in 2012. i showed you a picture earlier from snow-tober in 2011 and halloween nor'easter also known as the perfect storm in 1991. nothing in store for us like that this weekend. mostly clear skies overnight tonight into tomorrow as well. nothing in our future or down the line we're expecting but it will be chilly. no clouds overnight tonight, allow for a love raid rational cooling, the heat escaping from the surface of the earth back up into the atmosphere so cooler suburban spots, down to the freezing mark or just below and then tomorrow for halloween we do stay clear through the day and then the clouds start to shift in kind of eerily as we make it into leak hours for trick or treat. it will be mostly cloudy overnight tonight. those temperatures in the mid to upper 40's but that's a benefit because those temperatures won't free fall tomorrow night as you head out for trick-or-treating. highs tomorrow, mid 50's for most.
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so a cool one for us but again high pressure keeping things dry so just soak up that sunshine tomorrow. won't feel all that bad. then here come the clouds as we move into sunday. storm system is well too our north so we're not all that concerned with it but it could bring us some spot showers and sunday morning. again, most of us stay dry but there is a possibility for that. now we know what the jet stream what goes down or up in one location has to balance out on the other half of the country so west benefit from that as we work into next week those temperatures are on a steady rise as we get into next week and they stick with us. we could even make it up to 70 degrees as we get into the end sunshine. above normal for this time of . >> reporter: it may be time to start thinking about 16 and 0, patriots dominating the dolphins on thursday night.
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without question the most impressive quarterback in football and his supports cast is proving it may be the best brady has ever had. good-bye gronk! touchdown patriots! >> reporter: patriots waving no time establishing their dominance scoring on the game's opening drive and never looking back. beating the dolphins handily on just three days rest . we had a really, know, good week. it was intense week. a tough week mentally. but they really pushed themselves, i thought the preparation was good and they played hard tonight . players quick to return the praise. a lot of that credit guess to coaches honestly. we had a short week. we only had a few days of practice. you know, guys just went out there and executed and just bought into what the coaches were stay saying . once again it's tom brady leading charge throwing four more touchdowns, including one to deion lewis turning to the
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jets game with an abdominal injury . he is so quick in space. it may be a miracle for anybody to touch him. h or less tackle him. he is just a do i familiaric player for us . i am just excited continue back out there. missing last week. i was eager to get back out there with my guys and help the best way i can . patriots defense also in peak form thursday night sacking ryan five times and picking him off twice. the throw to the other side picked off. interception by harmon at the 43. our defense had an interception in field position for the offense and we struggled a little bit and sometimes in offense but we picked it up. it was just a great team win. >> reporter: pro football talk backing the claims reporting the locker room was indeed swept for bugs but jets did not make the request. after taking care of business in
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over the legally sixers, the celtics face a much different test tonight against the raptors team that's finished atop the atlantic division in each of the last two years. repeat performance from the bench will go a long way this helping the celtics prove they are for real second unit out outscoring the starter 67 to 45 wednesday night against philadelphia. the game high 27 of those 67 thomas. the celtics six man taking a team high 19 shots. a trend expected to continue all year long. that's my job. i won't be shy when i got a job to do out there and coach has confidence in me, my players and teammates have confidence in me and they tell me to continue to be aggressive. isaiah came and control the tempo for the most part. guys police department off one another very well with joan awe as they four and everything
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worked out. >> anchor: payton north carolina tied at three in second quarter. tar hills quarterback nearly dragged down by the face mask but she shakes off the defender, fires a strike down feel to ryan switzer for a 71 yard touchdown. williams long range hookup good for our play of the day. the bruins look to stay un undefeated on the road tonight kicking off a two day swing through florida with a game that's sports. >> anchor: thanks so much.
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>> reporter: ahead on nbc "nightly news". american boots on the ground p syria. the white house orders a continuing especially of special operations troops to syria. our richarden gel with what's behind it. we're tracking dangerous weather in parts of texas. tornados and now severe flooding flooding. al rocker will join me with the latest and the accuser's mother in the new england prep school rape trial breaks her silence to us when we see you tonight. >> anchor: all right. c>thank you, everyone shall for joining us. i'm jadiann thompson in for kim khazei tonight. we hope you have a terrific friday. we're on cw 56 at 10:00 and
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