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tv   Today  NBC  October 31, 2015 2:07am-3:00am EDT

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from nbc news, this is a halloween edition of "today", with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. [ snoring ] >> oh, good grief, wake up! wake up! what are you guys doing sleeping? you've got a show to do.
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you've got to do the chat. i don't care if your characters can't speak. you signed a contract with nbc universal corporation. and it is to provide irreverent, newsworthy content, figure it out, rats! >> oh, oh! oh, oh! oh!
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[ laughter ] >> oh, oh, oh, oh. don't think about it just move your body listen to the music oh, oh, oh, go ahead anyone can do it >> oh, oh.
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you got the most i don't know about you but i feel better when i'm dancin' >> oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, . [ typing noises ] [ engine noise ] >> oh! oh!
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take a look at me! world war i ace, flying ace, and your little friend over there, baron! you really can't! yes, now wait a minute, i've been hit. i've been hit, i'm going down, down, down! oh! >> oh! oh, oh, oh! >> is it over! is it over! oh, my gosh! >> come on over, reeg. jerry, i lost my straw! have a slurp. >> what have you got? >> some of my stuff.
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regis, we're so happy you're with us. you're a perfect red baron. >> red baron. i don't know what happened. >> nice propeller by the way. >> that's what she said. come here. come here, >> can i sit on that? >> i think you can. let's see. >> no, let him stand there. it's all right. we're going to show you how this whole thing came together this morning. anybody else want to join us? >> okay. i'm going to place a microphone in here. take a look. >> i'm sorry. big news. >> it started off, i've got to get this nose off. i can't breathe. >> all right. >> there, we made our, that was the best part by far.
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>> can i put this up? is it bad form? >> hoda can't breathe. five hours in this outfit and hoda can't breathe. >> i'm going to put it up like this. how's that? is it okay? >> anybody else want to come up and help regis? >> i love how these things come together. >> this has been a lot of fun. >> you know what, and you wonder why we drink. i'm thirsty, too. is my straw around? thanks, thanks, kath. we want to thank [ laughter ] regis, would you like a sip? >> a sip when i come back. >> we've been back, sadly. >> we want to say a couple of thank yous, first. >> why? >> our friends at the "peanuts"
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movie. >> it's come out november 6. here's a sneak peek. >> ah, ah, ah, ah. [ laughter ] >> we're drinking out of a straw that fell on the floor. okay, look, every now and then tv history is made. this is not it. however, reeg, earlier today, you and kath made tv history. >> really? >> you two visited your old stomping grounds. remember that? >> wait till you see this. >> wake up, wake up, we're late.
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you got to go. >> oh, no, no, horror, hey, wake up, wake up. >> reeg, we must have fallen asleep after rehearsing for the halloween show all night. and now we're late. >> we had a horrible dream. we dreamt it was 2015 and everything was so different. >> i had the same dream. it was a nightmare! >> oh, my gosh! >> yay! >> and it was! >> was that you guys now? >> that's us now. we went over to wabc where we've done the show for 15 years. >> 1992. >> with the shoulder pads. >> you guys together in the old studio. >> it brought back a lot of memories. [ laughter ] >> kelly dropped by. michael always has a gasill zillion things to do. but gillman is still there. he had his ponytail in as if it
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i said, what are you, hamilton? he looked like he was going to play alexander hamilton in the broadway show. >> we have costumes over here, a costume costume palooza. some of the kids are especially amazing. >> so we're going to pick out who's the most spooktacular. we're going to commercial. have you heard of glozelle green? >> ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ah from the neighborhood here? look at them all... ...'judgie'. see? you are looking good! using bounce dryer sheets your clothes have fewer wrinkles, and static cling... ...ain't bringing you down. oh! and look, it's that
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45 million people have looked at her videos, and she has 4 million subscribers to her youtube page. >> how does she do it, glow zel. >> she's a social influencer. >> influencer. >> influenza. >> she sat down with president obama. okay. she got to interview president obama, not us. she called michelle his first wife. first wife, take a look. >> well, she is. >> green lipstick. your first wife, >> my first? you know something i don't? >> oh, oh, for the first lady and the first children. >> and the first children. >> she's right, though, right?
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>> she is his first wife but hopefully his only. >> how did that feel in that moment? >> that moment i could have died. i wanted the floor to just fall through. >> first of all, reeg, what do you think of the green lips? >> i love it. they turn me on! >> what about the cleavage? >> now wait a minute. >> glozell, you're like a youtube sensation. how many followers do you have? >> i have over 7 million. >> 7 million? >> how'd that happen? how is that possible? how does that happen? >> it happens because i don't know what i'm doing, and it's been fun, and i just post things and it goes off. when i was growing up, there was no internet. >> you're just being you. >> exactly. so i just started posting on this thing called youtube and it started taking off. >> what post caught people the
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believe i have a gazillion views. >> my first was my pushup bra to get my man back then the cinnamon challenge. >> what's that? >> you say something to your man, you put something in your mouth. i did that but almost died. >> what, too much cinnamon? >> too much cinnamon. don't do drugs or cinnamon. who knew? who knew? >> you can do that on thanksgiving. >> you see that ring she's waving around? >> that's a beautiful ring. are you taken? >> well, yes, third husband, your rings get better. that's what happens. >> they better. >> you like challenges. you have a challenge for us. >> exactly. >> we're going to step up here. glozell, what are we trying to do? >> i want you to get a straw and take the green candy, and i need you to suck. >> suck? and then what? >> and put it in the next plate. wait, wait.
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are you ready? go! come on, regis. come on. come on. how to suck. come on, regis. all right, you're doing so good. keep going. come on. you can do it, you can do it. oh, my goodness gracious. please hurry up, hurry up. five, four, three, i don't know count. one, two, three. i think regis is winning, regis is winning. >> he can't! >> regis! >> thank you, everybody! >> you win green lipstick. >> i'm so proud of you. put it on!
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thanks for being with be us. >> what happened to you? >> i went down a pole and i'm not a firefighter. >> you're not a pole dancer either. >> she will be at a video convention in new york on saturday. let's do the time warp again, everybody. let's do it. come on. the cast of rocky horror picture show reunites. >> and these people have a ghost of a chance of winning our >> lozell. phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... lozell. lozell. lozell. ozzell. lozell. hahalozell. that you? you don't look a day over jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. you make me feel so young... it's what you do. you make me feel
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ah. >> we are as miserable as we look.
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>> this is not good. the rocky horror picture show is not only celebrating its 40th anniversary, but tomorrow night, hbo will hold the first time midnight screening. >> there's a work in the works starring orange is the new black's cox. >> and she had a chance to meet the original cast. >> that's right. the movie was a flop before it became a cult hit. spanned generations, even mine. so it was a thrill to sit down with barry bostwick, susan sarandon and meat loaf. we managed to have some fun. >> wow. i'll say a word, and you guys tell me the first thing that comes to mind. >> heel. >> painful. >> fishnet. >> i have them on now.
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>> wish i still had them. >> time warp. >> this moment right now. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> rocky horror picture show. >> tim curry. >> tim curry. >> tim curry. >> don't dream it, be it. >> that's the one. >> nice job. time. it's a dream that i'm sitting here with them, by the way. but before we wrapped up i didn't resist asking them about the time warp. >> you learn the time warp? >> absolutely. i've had to do did on occasion. >> and every wedding? >> every so often it rears its head. >> and then. >> keep your hands on your hips.
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that drives you insane >> once more in the key of "m." >> nice job, girl. >> you did a great job. >> i'm so grateful for you guys for -- >> oh, you guys, we have, it's time for our costume palooza. >> i loved all the costumes out there, but i had to go with alice in wonderland! woo! you get a gift certificate. new jersey. >> we wanted your cd. >> different palooza. >> how about cheetahlicious. susan. >> i wonder why he picked you. >> i wonder why. >> and my winner is the family
2:29 am
bird family. kathy, dan and lana. pennsylvania. >> talk about adorable. oh. look at his little face. it's a little girl. >> lana. >> everybody gets a hug. thank you, thank you. >> thank you, cheetahlicious. >> 40th anniversary collector's addition is available on blu-ray. >> have you ever woke up from a nightmare and wonders what it means? >> i'm in one right now. >> we have some rather wise owls right after your local news.
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it's try day friday. it's a special day anytime we've got our regis with us. >> yes. >> a special halloween edition of "today", along with a woman who gives a hoot when it comes to all creatures great and small. >> veterinarian susan keller and her team perform life-saving surgery on any animal that will fit through her door. >> she brought along some very special owls in honor of halloweeny. >> the one thing we notice about owls are the big eyes. >> they are enormous. if we had eyes the size
2:31 am
our eyes would be as big as oranges. >> oranges? >> they're knock nocturnal, aren't they? >> they are. >> he doesn't look happy to be here. >> they're okay. but they are nocturnal animals. there's a barn owl that actually has a fungus that can get on its feathers -- >> is that what that one is? >> it's beautiful. >> it looks like a monkey face. >> they glow like a fwoes ghost? >> because there's a fungus that gets on their feathers. and the really neat thing about these guys as they use they will as working birds to get rid of row dents out of vineyards. >> you guys like that. >> what kind of an owl is this?
2:32 am
>> no. >> monkeys. about 30. but he's 12. >> we have a barn owl coming in. >> we had the barn owl. what's this one? >> this is the eagle owl. species. he's from eurasia. >> he likes dogs. >> weighs about 7 pounds, is a glorious, glorious creature. >> it is beautiful, right? >> they can turn their hid eading in amaze ing way. >> 260 degrees. it adds to the spookiness of halloween. >> they also make that screech sound that is scary. >> that's the screech owl. >> can you do that? >> in my back yard i can. >> he's doing something. what's he doing?
2:33 am
>> he doesn't like zack. >> he's trying to cool himself off a little. >> is that what's happening? >> i wish that would help for us. >> he needs acupuncture. >> you know what's funny, snoopy right after the show today is going for her second -- his second -- >> we have a couple owls? >> they were supposed to land inside here. >> we have little screech owls. >> look how precious they are. >> eastern screech owls. >> these are babies? >> these guys are about 8 years old. [ making noises ] >> they're like, you're not speaking my language, lady. >> look. >> you can watch animal er saturday nights on nat geowild. >> do you dream of ghosts or being chased? >> i have this recurring
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the entire store! hey, any excuse for a party. and big savings. blinds to go. blinds for life. now it's time for your worst nightmares let rally. whether it's falling or being chased. >> we're talking about those dreams that really freak you out and make you afraid to go to sleep. >> ooh, that's a little over the top. here to decipher the meaning behind those bad dreams is analyst lori lowenberg.
2:38 am
ie lee said that her dream is about a wad of gum. >> it's connected to communication, that what you should say or should not. you have a mouthful of gum, which means you have a mouthful of things to say. >> she says them. >> i think the dream in your case -- i think in your case, you can't open your mouth, it's your sub conscious say, wait, think about it before you let it all out. >> think it through. >> mine is i'm rining, running in slow motion and someone's chasing me and i can't even lift my legs to run. >> that's a common one, that's connected to avoiding something in waking life, trying to avoid a conversation or a confrontation, something you don't want to deal with. when you can't move or you're moving in slow motion, that's your dreaming mind telling you you're not taking enough movement. >> i dream i'm a quarterback at notre dame. >> an all american quarterback.
2:39 am
>> i think that you should go for it. >> yes. we talked to a bunch of people on facebook and things like this. rose asked, about a ghost. i will watch the lock on the door slowly unlock or a piece of furniture will move, or i will feel his presence. i'll look up and something strange happens. what does that mean? >> okay. creepy. ghosts and dreams are connected to something from your past, distant or recent that's still bothering you or haunting you today. what's interesting about her dream is that she watches a lock slowly open. dreams don't just mean something to take away. this is telling her whatever is bothering her, she needs to talk to someone, let it out. >> here's another nightmare, about death. really seeing death of yourself or a loved one.
2:40 am
nightmare reported through my site, the dream and death dreams feel so real. they're actually about something ending or changing. it's about letting go. so if it's your own death, ask going through? what is ending in your life? if it's your child, that's a common one. it's end of that phase. maybe they've reached a milestone. >> what about the death of someone else. >> ask yourself, is your relationship with that person changing? what's the change? >> what's your dream? >> i dream about fish in an aquarium that i have forgotten about for years. >> in an aquarium! >> they're dead. >> what does that mean? >> that's about something i've neglected for a long time. >> yeah, your fish! >> here we go from patrick. i had a nightmare, and i call it
2:41 am
a clown appeared to me and was laughing in my mother's voice. >> oh, my gosh. >> figure that one out. >> wow, okay, so clowns in dreams, i've found that people have recurring clown nightmares usually have anxiety. they take things way too hard. they can't laugh things off like they should. >> sometimes clowns are creepy. >> that's true. and so this clown speaking in his mother's voice worries me. but it could be, okay, is there an issue with your mother that you need to talk about? if not, it could be a message that the mother's voice is about him needing to nurture and take care of himself. >> what about drowning? >> we get that when we're feeling overwhelmed. we've got so much on our plate we can't keep our head above water so to speak. >> they dream about that. >> yes. >> all right. thank you. that was interesting and
2:42 am
>> what should i dream about to make me feel better? w fee fia vergara? >> what about sophia ew ofia vergara.
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all right, so are you intimidated by the idea of using makeup to create a halloween costume? >> like this? you can find things online to help you do it at home. >> and joining us, depah.
2:46 am
your own house? >> this is a fishnet stocking that's going to help us make scales. i'm going to take an eye shadow and blend it onto the face like this. >> before this you cut the eyes out, right? >> right. make her comfortable. i'm taking it from the forehead all the way down and mixing up these aqua shades. >> doing shimmery greens. >> exactly. that makes up a little bit of silver, love these. everyone, use whatever eye shadow you have at home that you feel like makes that aqua look that you're going for. and then. >> do it right there at the temple area. are you ready? >> don't touch it! >> oh, my gosh. >> by the way. >> good! fantastic! that's a great idea. that was so smart. >> okay. i liky! excellent.
2:47 am
>> what is vanessa doing? we're going to a masquerade ball. i'm using a piece of lace that you have at home and creating this design right here, so we're going to have her old this. >> take any piece of lace? all i did, make it like black lipstick, like an eyeliner and blot, blot, blot, blot. >> look at this. >> and then whatever shape the lace has, it will imprint onto your skin. >> take it away, straight-away. >> oh, my gosh! >> isn't that cool? >> very good. >> if you want to get fancy with it, add some glitter, that's up to you. >> that takes second. >> this one's going to be very difficult. >> what's regis going to be? >> i can't wait to be the scary guy. i'm going to put my teeth in right now, okay? >> you can't have halloween, obviously, without blood.
2:48 am
>> we're done. we don't even need -- >> i knew him like that before he had laminates. >> i once took a bite out of her like this. >> this is the blood we made like a crystal light substance, taking a water bottle cap. >> just a little teeny bit of water. >> and keep it concentrated. >> coagulating. >> and does this stuff stain? because he has plans for this evening. >> it will stain, but it is washable. but it will, it will >> will it dirty my teeth? >> they're fake teeth. you'll be good. >> so what we're going to have you do. >> good luck with this. >> what you can do, actually is put it in your mouth, but i'm going to do it for you. >> with your fake teeth. >> ready? i'm going to blot it on. look at that. >> ah-oh.
2:49 am
[ growling ] >> ooh! it's creepy. >> he also has ginning vie tis. >> that is creepy. >> not as creepy as you two! >> that's it, what do you think? >> this is good. >> for more funny dees, go to klg and and you can go to facebook and like "today" style. >> we'll have more on "today", on nbc.
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all right, you still have time to carve your pumpkins. here are some pretty cool designs. >> have you kaufred your pumpkin yet? there's beatles. >> oh, yeah. look at them. >> how about the man on the moon? ooh. >> that's regis. >> by chicago artist, edward cabral. >> that's awesome. in louisville, kentucky. it looks like new york, new york. it takes three additional hours to carve. >> that was awesome. was this fun? >> how much fun did you have? >> not really. are' you're absolutely right. >> we want to thank louie for helping us with this costume. >> that's going to do it for us for this try day friday. >> i really appreciate it. >> can we go out with halloween spanky music or no?
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>> who's going
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