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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  October 31, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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just talk to me about how easily he w today? >> he won easy. i knew it was going to be the last race. i was ready to ride him hard, like ready hard. you know, don't need to. i rode just normal. just a little bit in the end. other than that, it's amazing. >> congratulations. and tom, victor is keeping it together but he's right on the brink of letting it go. >> i expect a lot are like that, donna. the people in kentucky appreciate good horses, and they are thrilled as victor waves to them and gives them a last look at american pharoah, winner of
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breeders' cup classic. [ cheers and applause ] as the crowd acknowledges the great championship, let's go to kenny wright. >> all right, tom. we're still hearing the crowd echo down here. bob, congratulations. did you know it was going to be such a spectacular finish? >> we were hoping. he was doing so well coming up. you know, victor, doing great.
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i'm just proud of my team, zayat, jimmy barns. we'll never have another one. people came to see this. it's very rare. i had more pressure -- this is for pharoah, i wanted him to go out the champion he is. what a horse. i'll never have a horse like him. >> great job, jimmy barns, ahmed zayat, excuse me, bodey, justin, what a spectacular finish today. what did you think it was going to be like coming in. >> in t hands of the master, bob. we're happy with his career. >> the roar of the crowd a little similar to belmont today. >> unbelievable. once in a lifetime. so in debt. we owe him the whole world. america, my family, everybody.
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what a horse. >> what a horse indeed. what an exclamation point to this career. >> indeed. american pharoah who wears those earplugs maybe can't hear the crowd as well as we do. i think he understands he is one of the greats. payouts are up. let's look at the payoffs here in the classic. american pharoah paying $3.40 and $2.40. a lot of those wins won't be cashed. effinex second and honor code could only manage third, produced a $76 exacta. >> horse racing can be such a sport of not just triumph by heartbreak. so many times you see it set up like this and you don't get the payoff. there's not that fulfilling ending.
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through -- emotionally what's going through the minds of zayat zayats, baffert, espinoza. >> even nonracing fans, i think, will remember this race for a long time, forever, by winning the triple crown and putting a exclamation point on his career by taking the classic. what a great scene here at keeneland. he did it with authority. victor espinoza riding him to the line, a decisive winner and the crowd going crazy just as they had when he won the triple crown. american pharoah is the breeders' cup classic champion. been conditioned perfectly by bob baffert and his wife jill already in tears. the zayats did such a great job of sharing their horse with
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they could only breathe a sigh of relief as he goes out a big-time winner with a big smile from victor espinoza and thanks to superstar colt american pharoah. bob baffert urging the crowd to enjoy it, because it's the final time you'll see american pharoah. a wave to everyone. it has been a wonderful year. good.
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nutritious wheat for the adult you've grown into. and delicious sweet for the kid you'll never outgrow... feed your inner kidult... with frosted mini-wheats great images of victor espinoza and now a live shot as the crowd still abuzz after the
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headed back, no doubt, for some carrots a little later tonight. >> we always want so much more from our athletes, one more. one more home run, one more touchdown pass, one more birdie putt. american pharoah just gave us our one more. >> what a memory. here is our complete order of finish. a tip of the cap to keeneland in lexington for doing such a fine job hosting breeders' cup. it was one to remember as you see the complete order of finish. now for the presentation of the classic trophy. circle. >> it is mayhem in the winners circle following the breeders' cup classic winner american pharoah comes through. obviously some good company in the winners circle.
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presentation with kate upton, actress, model, longines. >> congratulations, you guys. it was such an honor to watch him race. i know win the grand slam and have a course record. here is the trophy. >> ahmed, what was going through your mind when american pharoah in the breeders' cup classic much like he did in the triple crown. >> we want him to go out as a winner. american pharoah is the winner! [ cheers and applause ] so thrilled and grateful and humble. this is for america, this is for the sport. what a brilliant job bob baffert. >> congratulations to the zayat family, first ever grand slam winner. tom. >> all right. thank you very much. as american pharoah heads back to his stall. coming up next except on the
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west coast, local news. "dateline." later "saturday night live" with host amy schumer and musical guess the weekend. thanks to equibase, database. on behalf of our whole team, so long from keeneland where american pharoah cemented his space in race history with the finale. we share the joy with this remarkable horse who showed us how thrilling and fun racing can be. what a great ride he took us on. >> to the finish, american pharoah, victor espinoza. and they are into the stretch in the slot at pimlico. american pharoah has pulled away.
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the 37 year wait is over, american pharoah has won the triple crown! and they are into the stretch. american pharoah has a four length lead. american pharoah comes into his final furlong. he's got a five, a six-length lead. a triple crown winner, breeders' cup winner, the horse of a
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now at 6:00, we are following a developing story. a teen tragedy in franklin late last night.
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crashing her car into a tree. they were trying to pull her from the car. >> but they can't save her in time. >>reporter: that's right. in fact, friends of hers and faculty members were here at the high school from noon to 4:00 while grief counsellors were available. 17-year-old madison died in a car accident last night. it happened at 11:30 last night. nobody else was in the car and no other vehicles were involved. fire fighters arrived within minutes but it was too late. she was an excellent young woman, three team athlete. we're also told that grief counsellors are going to be here at the high school again tomorrow from about 2:00-4:00. the cause of the accident is
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that's the latest live in medway. also developing, fire fighters battling a large fire. this is in fitchburg on granite street. more than 20 people have been displaced. no word on the cause of fire we're learning more about a deadly jet line crash that killed more than 2 hundred passengers. they're hoping to learn more about the moments leading up to the crash. >>reporter: it's the sight many russian families are dreading to see. transferring bodies to morgue after a russian passenger plane crashed earlier this morning. 224 people were aboard the air bus travelling to st. petersburg russia rush. air traffic control said it lost
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20 minutes after it took off. >>man: they're learning that the pilot made a call back to the ground control requesting an emergency landing at the nearest airport airport citing technical issues. the plane fell out of the sky at a dramatic rate. 5/6 thousand feet a minute. >>reporter: the russian airline operating the aircraft said it had a routine check before take off and found no problems. >>man: the initial reports represent the tremendous tragedy and loss and we extend our sympathies to the familys and all those concerns. >>reporter: russian president has ordered an investigation into the crash and declared sunday as an official day of mourning. now turning to the weather, we had a gorgeous fall day today and now it's halloween night. looks like the bridge may be lit
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up orange. a lot of people heading out right now. it's a cool night. >> it is but nothing too chillist to the bone. how about this new picture? team. he's ready for trick or treating tonight. he has the right idea with the sweat shirt, an extra layer not a bad thing out there. mid to upper 40s, just as we thought, 50 degrees in the city of boston right now. luckily calm winds so no extra wind to add goose bumps to this forecast. maybe you've noticed through the day today some of those clouds increasing. this is ahead of very slight chance of sprinkles as we head into tomorrow morning. dry. mostly cloudy for most of us. temperatures shouldn't free fall with those clouds moving in. if you're not a fan of these cooler temperatures, then just wait until you see what's in store once we flip the calendar
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minute. >> we'll see you then. a ten-year-old boy who almost had to miss halloween, forced to stay home because getting around in a wheelchair was too frustrating. his neighbors and loved ones him. but they did not expect the love and support to grow as much as it did. we're live with this heart here >>reporter: imagine being ten years old and not being able to trick or treat. that's the case here. but there's also something special going on to change that. >>woman: oh, my goodness. >>reporter: christmas may be a couple of months away. but on at least this saturday in lowell, halloween became the season of giving >>woman: to our friends, we're very blessed because we're very loved. i think it gives them satisfaction to help us out >>reporter: the ten-year-old
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he uses a motorized wheel whar chair making trick or treating nearly impossible. >>woman: for us, it's hard because of the sidewalks and leaves. >>reporter: a reverse trick or treat was put together for him for halloween night. instead of him going to get treat, people are bringing it to him, in full costume. >>woman: i'm overwhelmed. just brought to tears by this whole thing. people are amazing. >>man: i think it's very nice. >>reporter: now for his family, special. but i think this one might top the list. we're live, john coco, 7 news also on 7, the swat team on a scene of a possible domestic dispute. police say the suspect barricaded him inside home. there's no word on whether anyone was hurt.
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gas leak. it happened on magnus avenue this morning. a contractor ruptured a gas line. the leak is now fixed parents demanding answers after a 7-year-old was hand cuffed. he was put in hand cuffs to prevent him from hitting other children. the boy was not released for several hours because the officer did not have a key. the boy's mother said the punishment was extreme. >>woman: i was told when he walked in if my son didn't sit down he's going to get hand cuffed. >> police say the officer will now be undergoing more training on how to interact with children. wild weather with texas after people are cleaning up after severe weather hit the area this morning. in this trailer park, possible tornado flipped campers upside down. strong storms flooded roads and
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neighborhoods. there are no reports of any injuries at this time that run away military blimp is on the move again tonight. the helicopter removed the blimp earlier today. quite a task, you have to imagine, being deflated and all. the blimp got stuck wednesday. it knocked out power to tens of thousands of customers. the army is taking claims for damages democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders in new hampshire saying there's a long way to go with police brutality. >>man: like any other public official, when a police officer breaks the law, that officer must be held accountable. >> well, sanders did say a majority of police officers in the country are honest, hard workers, especially under
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and on the gop side, donald trump spoke in virginia about federal affairs. he spoke to active service members promising to create a modern and lower cost va. >>man: we're going to take care anybody. our country is going to hell. we're run by stupid people. we are. >> well, trump pledged that if elected president, veterans will be able to use their id cards to get immediate care at any provider that accepts medicare. who are you going to call any time of the year? this is a group of ghost busters spreading smiles, capturing hearts, not ghosts in maine. some patriots players have a
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woman: i'm here to fight h.i.v. and pandemics to come. man: to keep boston harbor safe and clean. robotics is happening. man: to help every student find their true words. woman: here to express myself. woman: here because math is the language of the future. man: to change the world through music. man: here to unlock the adhesion power of the gecko. -woman: and the common good. -man: umass.
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imagine dressing up as your favorite childhood icons for halloween? one year does it year round all for a good cause. >> a group of guys from maine go around as ghost busters but instead of ghost, they're capturing hearts. >>man: i saw the movie when i was about six or seven. >>reporter: they are more than just fans. they're the state of maine's ghost busters. they're not the first of their kind. >>man: there is at least one franchise like us in every state and at least one franchise in every continent in the world. i met these guys at a movie screening of ghost busters.
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they had gear, i had gear and that was it. >>reporter: these ghost busters may not actually capture ghosts but they certainly capture hearts. they can be requested to appear at events but they accept no payment. >>man: since they're not paying us, they make a donation in our name to any charity. >>reporter: the ghost busters are still a hit. >>man: it's mind blowing that the amount of people that will run across the street to see you or jump lanes in the mall to come over and say hi. >>man: we hear "who you going to call" more times in a day than they say it in the movie. >>reporter: it's a time consuming hobby that's driven by shear passion. >>man: we can do this every day with no problem. but to give back and change someone's life for the better, it's a different feeling than you get any where else. >> the hobby requires a lot of dedication and organizing and helping their community makes it
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>> they definitely have the costumes nailed down. >> imagine seeing the movies and see those guys coming, it looks legit. >> they look like the real thing and a lot of ghosts heading out too. absolutely, even hopefully with an extra layer on top. those ghost buster costumes look like they were warm enough. nothing too spooky in the forecast. we'll talk about a november warm up next coming up next, the celtics with a disappointing outcome. reflecting back on friday night. it's safe to call 2015 nightmare
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