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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  November 2, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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hour big football game. we'll have the latest on his condition right now. spray paint scribbled on the walls of mosque. trick-or-treat scare. children coming up with cough syrup and another found a needle in their candy. good morning, everyone. i'm jadiann thompson. i'm christa delcamp. jeremy, what a look ahead, this week looks great. 57 in town right now. plymouth at 55. bedford 54. temps across the area into the 50s across southern new england. a lot of clouds metro boston. they've been moving south during
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the morning hours. and that will continue to be the trend as we shove them away even along the south coast and the cape. we've got flick those out over the next few hours. high pressure is with us. a nice day. partly to mostly sunny skies. mild one. normal should reach mid 50s. we've already done that this morning. in the afternoon low-to-mid 60s. the city around 64. framingham 63. we will flirt with 70 tomorrow. we'll talk more about that in about 15 minutes let's go to stop story and student athlete in the hospital after he was stabbed in everett just trying to help out somebody else. it happened hours after the teen also helped his team win a big game in the state play-offs. victoria warren live with more on what happened. vicki? >> good morning. at last check this student was listed in critical condition.
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his coach telling us all this after the big win. 16-year-old marvin bedna stepped up to nil in as quarterback bringing the big win. the coach put faith in me. i did what they asked me to do. when he stepped help someone in need. he was coming home walking on broadway. and somebody yelled for help. his coach said he ended up getting attacked instead. he was doing trying to help somebody, somebody was being attacked. he went to their aid and he ended up getting stabbed. he rushed to the hospital needing multiple surgeries. his teammates coach and school all in shock, the junior's described as a great kid and excellent student. very soft spoken. gentlemen, yes, sir, no, sir. that's what brought us to end zone. the same team hopes the strength that he showed on the
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my present thoughts are with him. he will make full recovery. >> everrit police are investigating exactly what happened. so far there's no word of any arrest. victoria warren 7news "today in new england." happening in burlington. police on alert after mosque vandalized with spray paint. now we are learning this isn't the first time this mosque has been targeted. let's go out live to jennifer eagan and she has more on what happened. jen? >> no arrest in this case yet according to burlington police even though the vandals were pretty bold. they spray painted u.s.a. all over the side of the mosque. and in view of the camera. they weren't afraid of being caught. they run to burlington islamic center on lexington. they spray paint u.s.a. all over
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eggs were thrown at the building. this was -- the two covered the building on early morning hours sunday. a member found the graffiti and damage. >> they heard the noise. when they went out they ran away in this mosque a target before in 2013 their signs tagged with u.s.a.. there's concern they'd are stepping up their action. the islamic centers president said they are not angry. this is a place of prayer. >> people do these things. it happens everywhere. we coour part and notify job. >> there is fear. what would they do next. the car you saw in that surveillance video was a ford crowned victoria. suspect spent about 20 minutes before taking off. live in burlington. jennifer eagan,7news "today in
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new england." trick-or-treat trouble. parents want answer after they come home with cough irrup instead of candy and they found a needle. nicole oliverio has more. >> reporter: it wasn't a trick or a treat. but it wasn't candy either. someone left out samples of children's cough syrup. >> medicine a bad idea. that's really probably not a good idea. it also want malicious. he said he had a lapse in judgment. he wasn't trying to hurt anyone and thises not a criminal act. don't advise leaving anyone to take. in chickapee they found either a pin or suing needle in piece of candy handed out near e street.
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and in auburn a brief scare after a child told police she found a razor blade under need the wrapper of candy bar. police say that story was not true. it's been determined now after interviewing the 11-year-old who originally reported it to her mother she made the entire thing up and it was just a hoax. neither the person who gave out the cough syrup will be in trouble by police. also this morning students midway high headed back to class today after class made died in the car crash over the weekend. 17-year-old maddie lamson died friday after her car hit a tree in franklin. police are still investigating the cause of the crash. we know grief counselors melt with student and staff members at the school over the weekend. new details a possible sign of the missing cargo ship el faro. after coming into contact with hurricane joaquin.
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they captured images on the bottom of the ocean resting upright and in one piece. now remote operated submarines will die down 15,000 and try to find the ship's data recorder. the family of the 33 crews members onboard have mixed feeling. my head wants answer. my heart wants hope. it's struggling to find that balance. it's just a nightmare. several of the families have filed lawsuits claiming the ship had a history of problems. the ship's owner hasn't commented on the lawsuits? now to developing story. investigators trying to figure out what caused a russian plane to break up midair kiling all passengers onboard. now we learn details leading up to the disaster. kris anderson live in the control room with more. the latest developments just skram in this morning. terrorism cannot be ruled out. the plane crashed 23 minutes after taking off on way to saint
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the tail was found three miles away from where the cockpits found. debris was so scattered that investigator have determined that plane broke up midair. recovered. they are in good shape. russia began flying bodies of those passengers, back to the country this morning. the heartbreaking task. all 224 onboard the plane died. the crews incapacitated and didn't make distress called before the crash. investigator say they are ruling nothing out at this point. one of the things that you can't rule out at this time is whether or not there was an explosive device of some sort on the aircraft. isis group said they are responsible for downing the plane. officials are dismissing that claim as false at this point. the plane passed inspection in ireland just six months ago. that's the latest live in the control room. kris anderson, 7news "today in new england." >> remembering actor and politician fred thompson.
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on "law and order" and also had an extensive political career. he died of a recurrent of limpoma and was 73 years old. still ahead on "today in new england." the royals take their throne in new york. the g.o.p. putting his foot down. hear what the candidates are demanding out of the next debate. mix of clouds and sunshine. nice mild day, forecast for the week coming up next. also we want you to decide who did it better. coming up head to the circus with not one but two olympians. work crews out of town. we talk about beverly 128 northbound. starting in peabody all the way up to 1-5 in beverly. big time delay. that's the turnpike you look at now. that's no picnic all the way downtown. turnpike barely moving. expressway crawling along.
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there's a look at route 93. it had a tough day. rich kirkland, 7news "today in
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>> new this morning kansas city championship. the royals meet the mets four games to one. game five ended very early this morning if you watched it you probably pretty tired today. kc one 7-2 in 12 inning. the royaled entered the ninth trailing by two. then they tied it before winning in the 12th. catcher sal dor perez. the royal of course celebrated the win inside visiting clubhouse. johnnie gomes on the roster. you remember that guy. he helped the sox win the 2013 world series and now second championship goggles and all.
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while the team parties in new york the fan celebrated in kansas city. street. you see the crowds here. this is the royals second world series championship. the team also won its first title back in 1985. i'm feeling bad for the mets fans this weekend. it's bad enough you stay up that late to watch, you know and then it will be tough the next day then you get -- >> i remember seeing the shots of their faces when the royals said they won the game. there's always two sides to every story. we have to remember them today. >> we can talk about this. although 1986 for me is still hurts. it does. i got to let it go. but you know 2004 took care of that as did 2013 and '07. mild and dry. mostly sunny skies now. most of the week is bright. i do think thursday, friday a lot of clouds. may be some sprinkle.
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that's your only real storm this week which is threat of sprinkles later this week. temps right now off to good start. city at 57. bedford, 54. fitchburg, 54. high pressure helping to shove some clouds that have kind of snuck into southern new england. it's from a storm system well to our south. but the blue h will win the fight. and so that storm will get the treatment and shove out to see. will have high pressure tomorrow. en into wednesday as well. what happens with high drifting east of boston that will set up a bit of cooling effect along the coastline. but still even with that cooling effect occurring wednesday afternoon for boston temps will be normal. middle and upper 50s. this batch of cloudiness down here midweek i think eventually that sneaks into new england thursday and friday with a few sprinkles possible late in the day. for today partly to mostly sunny skies. mild temps between 60 and 65.
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at l woro 64. drakette around 62. southern new hampshire at 69. fitchburg at 60. looking good. lots of sunshine. very little in the way of wind which is always key when you try to rake the keys. for tonight mostly clear and cool. most towns into the 40s. boston that will be your number closer to 50. norwood, air. fitchburg upper 30. briefly tomorrow morning. temp will take off quickly. nice warm day tomorrow. temps tomorrow in the upper 60s. today, again, lower 60s. skies. 60s. city around 68 tomorrow afternoon. bedford at 67 and nashua 66. here's why jet stream will look like this, this week. again the jet stream kind of that fence between you and your neighbor. one side of the fence it's warm.
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other side of the fence it's cool. and we will stay on the warm side of that fence for several days. and again that little bit of dip at the coastline wednesday still the temperatures many metro boston wednesday in the upper 50s to around 60. thursday, friday a friday morning that is about it for your storminess this week. now to healthcast this morning. katie trouble for adult. too much television can lead to chronic disease. they discovered 3-4 hours of tv per day were more likely to die from conditions like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. watching too much tv overall sign of physical inactivity health impact. a new survey finds about 3 in 4 children have their own mobile device by the time day are fore.
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the u.s. veil found many use their devices unsupervised. limit screen time for kids especially those under two. i didn't have a cell phone untilist in college. are you kidding me. our toys were different. i have to say as parent sometimes like at restaurant or something. take out that tablet. it's like a dream come true. you have to remember not too much in they say only a couple of hours if not one hour per day. maybe just when you really, really need the help in public. pulled out. much more ahead including a change for the g.o.p. hear why they are shaking things up now for future debates. the puppies need your help. why people are on the lookout
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hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where' s the? right. it' s being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande. life is eating, laughing, loving
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now to the race for the white house. g.o.p. candidates taking a stand after they complained about last week's debate hosted by cnbc. campaign officials got together and demanding that some changes be made. republican campaigns called the last debate. >> it was aed that off the rails. and now they want answered up front. at meeting sunday without the republican party staff agreed to send the network the questionaire next time. what's the format snm who are the moderator. how long will it last. if they don't like the answers some are threatening to boycott.
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that are generating the ratings for them to pay. that's a big bargaining. they push two-hour time limit and opening statements. >> to allow the voters to have an opportunity to see what is behind each of the candidates. >> i want smaller group on the stage. better questions. and let us all be heard from equally. >> ted cruz suggested republican moderators with more substantive questions. >> we're not talking about pussy cat questions. easy questions. we're talking about questions that are relevant to what a republican primary voter is trying to decide. the parties announced they are pulling out of the next nbc debate. nbc said they are trying to work things out >> paul ryan weighing in on a i appearance on "meet the press." i will be completely neutral in the presidential election
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if you ask me can any one of those stage can be better than hillary clinton, yes. he spoke about illegal immigration and doesn't think the president can be trusted on the issue. so he doesn't plan to pursue legislation. the latest on the dog condition after it gets stabbed in the street. indy car may be heading to boston. hear when the office wants to see finalized plans. going to the circus and testing out her skills against two olympics. stick around because we want you
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it's sunday morning which means we torture jadiann thompson. this is fun segment called "who did it better." >> i have to have no pride in these. frankly i was against two gold medalist. not an easy task. you get to decide who did it better. at the first american ice dance team to win olympic gold mayor davis and charlie white know how to put on a performance. but today we're switching out their ice skates for clown shoes as we head to the circus. you're a gold medalist. i am not. i will bring my a game. i think we're all out of our
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and while i tried to be confident i go up against olympic ice dancers. doing okay over there? 5, 6, 7, 8. next up the meteor act. what if i hurt someone? no, i improvise and put in one hand. give him some treats for that. then it's time for the final act. juggling. >> he was bragging about being able to juggle. i was.
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then they brought these out. >> you like my juggling stance. >> yes, intense. one with the juggle school. i don't know what the these are. i'm going to go like one for now. you go slow. then you toss me another one. >> i feel like she will be really good. and i juggle. >> when you can't do something try for something else. >> good job. >> i love that diversion next week. i just want to point out to the viewers/voter it was 2-1. you won extra points for taking on two people. >> mercy vote. >> she wants charity votes, did you hear that. i did think that you were the best. i will say you were the best at the fan dance.
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i'm being completely audience when you did that quirky dance all by yourself. >> it was a lot harder than it looked. all of that. it's fun to watch. thanks so much for watching. please head over and decide who you think did it better. at we'll have the live results coming up tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. it's nearing 9:30 and we have much more news to get to as well. remember the uconn student arrested after demanding mac and cheese. he had the melt down in the cafeteria. he's headed to court. you will find out what the former student will face. >> sunny skies for the day. nice mild day. forecast for the week up next. also more on a tragic story in everett. a football student athlete recovering after he was stabbed
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a stabbing just hours after a big game. now one student athlete is in the hospital. and stabbed in the street. hear what led up to a dog being attacked. plus a blind man wins. a police officer beat him up but the department said that's not the case. welcome, everyone. it's 9:30 on this monday. time to take a break from your halloween candy folks. you just have -- listen to the news. i'm speaking to myself here. already dyeing in at 3:00 a.m. this morning. sometimes you can't help it. >> i can't. my daughter takes inventory on it. it would be busted. i can't. thing. right now boston, 57. bedford at 54. we had clouds overnight tonight around the metro they continue to push south.
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partly to mostly sunny skies for the day. temps between 60 and 65 this afternoon. this is more like october than november. boston 64 this afternoon. fitchburg at 60. jaffrey 59. new bedford at 63. for tomorrow mostly sunny skies. warm tomorrow high temps tomorrow heading for the upper 60s. in fact most of the week will be warm. jet stream going to look like that and we'll fill out the numbers for you in 15 minutes. let's go to top story at 9:30. high school football player in the hospital after he was stabbed in everett. it happened just hours after they helped him win a big game. victoria warren live with more on what happened. >> good morning at last check the teens in the hospital in critical condition. he was stabbed and all because he jumped in to help someone else.
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leave the team to vick industry. he went in as quarterback a position he doesn't normally play. hours later hits coach said that party. help. and that's when he was attacked. trying to help somebody. somebodies being attacked. he went to their aid. and he ended up getting stabbed. he was coming home walking on broadway and somebody was yelled for help. and he went to help them and they said upon him. he was rushed to the hospital. the coach told us that he was stabbed in the back and had to undergo at least 2 surgeries. again he's last listed in critical condition. everyone here at the school just shocked by this. praying for his recovery, everett police continue their investigation at this point there's no word of any arrest. live in everett. victoria warren.
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7news "today in new england." a mosque in burlington vandalized putting people on edge. two vandal spranted u.s.a. on the walls of the islaming center. they then throw eggs at it. it happened early sunday morning. and we're following more news today. a dog is seriously wounded in brockton after being stabbed. the injured dog is pit bull. witnesses say and another dog were fighting yesterday when the owner of one dog took matters into his own hand. he was trying to get hits dog off the other dog. he started stabbing the neck. both of the dogs were lockjaw. the owner said their dog didn't deserve it. and they are hoping he survives? police hope that microchips can help them find three puppies stolen from kennel. these 10 week old puppy were smashed by thieves who broke
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tracker. if one takes them to the vet they should be able to identify them. officials believe whoever took the animals trying to sell them and that the puppy health could be in danger as well. four people in brooklyn face charge for being involved in shoplifting ring. on their face book page the police department said officers arrested 22-year-old noneford and 28-year-old night at they are renthem premium outlet. >> they are accused of using fraudulent credit cards to purchase merchandise. they found more than 30,000 worth of more xhandize and gift cards inside the suspect's vehicle. we're following more news as well. attorneys for the victim owen bebre may file a lawsuit against a st. paul school in new hampshire. according to union leader one attorney said the so-called
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senior a suite allowed it to take place. it's where older boys seek out younger girl prior to graduating. back in august that he was convicted statutory rape. last week he was sentenced to one year in jail and five years of probation. new this morning mayor marty walsh wants promoter of the plan indy car race in boston to finalize the plans soon. according to the herald mayor coo cent an e-mail saying they had two weeks to reach the necessary agreement it would need to host the labor day weekend race. the race is scheduled to be held in the seaport district. the former uconn student arrested after demanding mac and cheese at student union will appear in court later this week. luke is scheduled to be arraigned november 23rd. he faces breech of peace and trespassing. video from last month showed him pushing an employee at student union after being denied service. the 19-year-old was denied food because he had been drinking. now to federal court ruling in favor of a blind man in
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denver after the police department was found guilty of using excessive force. the 80-year-old man said he was attacked by an officer back in 2012. the court said the officer crossed the line. the department doesn't see it that way. however. moments before a denver police officer slammed his head into greyhound ticket counter. this elder maye man was trying to get the next ride home. he wasn't having home and leave. then all of a sudden he just yelled out you're trespassing and you're going to have to get out of here. security caught police without white's knowledge confused by who was around him he asked to see the officer's badge. >> he said how will you look at my badge if you are blind. i say i just want to touch your badge but he said you are not touching me. instead of saying sir, what seems to be the problem, or how
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they came in ready to rumble. >> police then cuffed white and pushed him forward when white his head head. then confronted by chapman's supervisor. he took this video. without reading miranda right. that's just not good policing. >> the charges of trespassing were. they respect the jury jaie's decision found the officer's action fell within department policy. the fact that he persist in saying they did nothing wrong is nothing short of terrifying. >> nick emmons, 7news "today in new england." chipotle closing all 43 locations in washington and oregon due e-coli outbreak that is expected to grow today. 22 case of e-coli in the two states. officials say as more people
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hear about the outbreak and start experiencing symptoms they will probably go to the hospital as well. that's what they think will make that increase. it's suspected a food item is blame but not sure which one. fresh off visit to the united states pope francis plans a return trip to north america. he will be visiting mexico in february. the pope had originally wanted to go to mexico before coming to the u.s. the timing didn't work out. mexico arch bishop said the mostly catholic nation ready to give the pope a warm welcome. a local football coach is deaf. but that's not holding him back. how he is changing things on and off the field. st. louis rams fan receiving thousands of dollars worth of tickets in the mail. hear what he did with them, coming up. sunshine. temps in the 50s right now. heading for the 60s this afternoon. nice mild week ahead.
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. r p
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welcome back, everyone.
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a volcano in mexico erupting again sunday morning. the fire volcano had five explosions nearly a mile into the sky. it had been blanket ink nearby villages with thick coats of ash evacuate. the volcano part of the pacific ring of fire that is. that looks kind of scary. sure does. we're going to talking about our weather right now. and we're in this mild pattern. we're not complaining about it. i know i'm not. i heard you say kind of like october weather if dressing for it. right. exactly. and you know a year ago today it snowed through southeast mass. getting off to warm spot. mild and dry week. no snowflakes. hardly rain either. there may be a couple of sprinkle thursdayening and friday. unlike last week no big rainstorm. temps a this time 50s. city alternate 57. bedford at 54. fitchburg 24. martha's vineyard at 61. more clouds south of the pike
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along the south coast and cape. that's tied to a storm system that is really too far away to bother us. all the storm can do is just throw a couple of patches of clouds our way into southern new england. the storm behind the name there. right there you see the red l the very edge of the storm way down there. we are going to be under the influence of high pressure today and tomorrow. and even wednesday. with partly to mostly sunny skies. as the blue h goes from that location there over to here east of new england. think there's a little bit cooler for coastal areas by wednesday afternoon. but even when we advertise cooler the numbers will still be at or above normal along the coastline. and inland it will be in the 60s for just about the entire week. for today partly to mostly sunville sky. mild temps between 60 and 65. the cool spots will find their way into the upper 30s. through the day tomorrow lots of sunshine.
9:38 am
and warm temps tomorrow yet again above normal. even warmer than today. today plymouth at 63. boston, 64. and then for tomorrow i think the upper 60s in these locations. south shore middle and upper 60s. merrimack valley also the numbers will be in the upper 60s. worcester hills lower skiblth. area of high pressure across the southeast forming the jet stream. where it rides off northwest. it will bump right there. when it looks like that you can plan on warm conditions with the cool weather sloshing around western north north america and unable to get into our part of the world for extended period of time. temperatures this week going to be above normal. there's your normal high at 56. perhaps the only downside is that we continuing to lose daylight. yeah, we flip the clocks back one hour yesterday morning. we have early morning daylight. but as which work through the month of noer sunrise at 6:52 and sunset november 30th 4:15.
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7 on 7 forecast for the end of the week. a lot of cloud. few sprinkles thursdayening friday morning but still mild near 70 those days. local football coach from springfield is changing the way he copes. communicating with his player both on and off the field and that's because he's deaf. and he isn't letting that get in the way of the coaching. tackling caughts to help the young athlete be the very best. >> reporter: craig brid necessarily isn't your average football coach. in fact he is deaf and can read lips but can't have conversations with his players or yell from the sidelines. so craig uses body language to communicate with his team. i tell them you have to put your arm up. move your shoulder. i show them how to move and communicate. he had a lot of practice. i think anyone can do
9:40 am
anything. >> craig has coached his son darren since he was five years old. darren said he's the best coach he knows. for himself and for his teammates. he motivates the kids to keep going and he teaches them the little things that other quarterback coaches may not do. william watson said his son has improved dramatically since he worked with craig. >> i think it's great. you can achieve anything. there's no problem with the communications. you know if you want to learn or you want to hearing thises you will hear them. after all football is all about understanding movement not words. many of the player say coach craig way of communicating on the field works just fine for them. . >> fantastic that he's come up with his own unique system. that's what you do. >> so next in sports the celtics taking on the spurs. but could boston young talent pull out a win.
9:41 am
we'll let you know. you may have seen this, weekend. now that officiating crew has
9:42 am
jeb bush was a very strong governor, probably the strongest governor in the history of the state of florida. he was a young guy and i think there were some folks in the legislature that thought they might be able to run over him. that didn't happen. one tax cut wasn't enough- he had to do more. it wasn't enough to have 15,000 kids with school choice in florida, he wanted to have 100,000 kids. if he didn't like a project, it was going to be vetoed. it didn't matter if you were a republican. it didn't matter if you were his best friend. he said: 'this is where we're going, this is how we're going to reform state government...' every politician comes in talking about making change,
9:43 am
not much change. but governor bush made a lot of changes. he got the nickname veto corleone. if he saw something in the budget that he thought violated his conservative principles, you could guarantee it was gonna get whacked. he vetoed a bunch of my stuff and i was the senate president. the message to washington, d.c., is 'get ready...' because there will be change. nright to rise usa is responsible
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>> the denver broncos are undefeated after handing the packer the first loss of the season. the broncos running back counted for three scores. denver won it. a colleaguate football officiating crew has been suspended for missing a call in the wild returns upset duke. officials with the acc said the replay official was wrong in not declaring miami player down during the game when he kick off return. the return included 8 laterals. according to rules even though three play shows the player was down the results of the game can't be overturned. a st. louis rams fan getting unexpected delivery in the mail. brandon bartomheimer received an envelope from the football team. inside hundreds of tickets to a december rams home game.
9:45 am
ticket. there were about 300. my wife pulled out her cell over 25,000. let's get everybody and go to game. instead of bringing 300 people to game. he returned the tickets to the team. >> good monday moring to you all. -- okay we'll get to that in a minute. hopefully after the break we can get to tre. lots of sports to talk about here. let's go to buzz. one pop star getting in the holiday spirit. find out who is decking the halls. off "the view" here. why some people want that top an. i want to be labeled a human who
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back to the buzz in halloween may in some part of the world. christmas lights they are already going up. what is it 50 some days to go. you are good with the calendar. every once in a while i am. this is in london. there's some light in london and then australian singer switched on the lights here. and on oxford street it's the earliest light in this section of london that have ever been turned on for the holiday. skipping right past thanksgiving there. abc standing by the view cohost after thousand signed a petition demand i think she be fired. as of this morning this had 128,000 signatures. petitioner said they are tired of the ignorance on the show. they also note she's not a positive roll model for african-american. abc said she had all the quality that make her a great addition to the panel.
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nba star lebron james covering prince's purple rain. decked out in the billowing blouse and velvet jacket and his team halloween party. he's teammate shared an instagram photo. he has the boots too. although he's a little bitted taller. just a little. movie hitting theater this morning falling short for big name celebrity. bradley cooper brought in 5 million dollars and sandra bullocks our brand is crisis made over $3 million marking the worst film debut in her career. martian held on to top spot bringing in 11 million. the brady bunch enjoying a rare sending off from football. lack at this. gazelle and her kids get in, in then worthy family time. her son and daughter sit cross legged under the sunset. i guess the family that owns
9:49 am
that's such a good thing to do for your kids. that's great. show them how to destress. i love that idea. i heard the schools on the west coast do a loft practicing as mindfulness with their students? meditation and yoga. we should do that before the newscast. right here. let's go. >> i will fall back asleep if we sit there and check out the sky. i got to keep it moving. 50s to around 60 now. the city at 60 degrees. plymouth 57. those were some beautiful clouds, though. by the way. high pressure is with us today. it's shofing out the clouds that we have in our sky. pushing them away from new england. so you have a nice fall day. the temps today and tomorrow anden into wednesday behaving more like october than november with number heading toward the 60s the city 60 to skooifr. tomorrow middle and upper 60s now wednesday a little bit cooler at the coastline. city of boston probably around 58. even that is going to be bo
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normal. i don't really have cold weather this forecast until sunday. that's brief. it is going to warm up next week. too. enjoy your day everybody. thanks for watching. i'm christa delcamp. i'm jadiann thompson.
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