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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  November 3, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the car and which she was travelling. >> that impact caused the car to flip. ryan schulteis is here with more on the breaking story. >> reporter: the mother was seriously hurt but police say she should be okay. the driver of the car was also injure and police say it was an accident caused by a different car. police say the driver of a mazda was trying to switch lanes when it hit a saab, that is the car the pregnant woman was in. the saab flipped landing object its roof. the pregnant woman was in the passenger seat. she was' thrown out of the vehicle on to the street. new video just in showing the moment of impact the car schieffering off the pole -- sheering off the pole. we're working on getting the video in that shows the moment of impact right. there police are investigating but that pregnant woman should be okay. in the newsroom, ryan schulteis, 7 news. >> adam: also breaking three young teenagers in lowell accused of shooting at people with a b.b.gun and you can see here it looks pretty much exact lie like a real hand gun. police say they took aim at the homeless.
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>> kim: head out to steve coop we are. >> reporter: investigators tell us this was frightening at so many levels and tonight one of the victims is speaking out. >> today they came with pellet guns and unloaded a bunch of clips on us. >> reporter: this man who asked us not to identify him isne of three homeless three neuf jewels -- >> you said you were hurt. >> they were unloading clips an one came to the top and hit me in the back of the leg. you know. i mean it didn't go through my pants. >> reporter: it happened under this railroad bridge near fletcher and dutton streets. the victim says he called police when the unprovoked attack escalated. >> you are going to seriously further someone. they hit somebody in the head with rocks and everything. they got me in the back of the head the other day. >> reporter: the teens took off when police arrived. one hurling rocks at police
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before the 14-year-old and two 12-year-olds were taken into custody. investigators showing us the gun and a .40 caliber police are armed with on the left. >> if you pull that out on the wrong person and threaten them and they have problem. if you do it on a police officer, and think they're go, it's going to be an issue for everybody. >> reporter: all three kids appeared before a judge in juvenile court. the kids didn't have school because of elections in the city. as for the three victims, they were treated for minor injuries. live in lowell tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> >> kim: the man involved in a police standoff in canton has died. the man stabbed his brother and then threatened officers. a swat team moved in and closed down the neighborhood. they got into the house, the man was injured himself. vitors telling us the man
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has died. >> adam: a first look at video of a convenience store in worcester getting robbed: here it is, it happened on sunday night. a group of men entered the night wearing masks. the robbers stole cash and cigarettes and get away. police don't have suspects at this time. 7 news turns to your forecast. and you don't need me to say it. beautiful fall day but it doesn't feel like the start of november as we look at a sunset there. wow. just beautiful out there. those red skies. feels more like september out there, doesn't it? we're getting a look at a week of very above average temperatures. and it might be hard to find any complaint with the this forecast, pete. >> maybe a few more clouds later this week but that is the only thing that we're really worried about. now, temperatures today in the lower 70s. it really surged thanks to the sunshine and the warmer atmosphere, too. we still can do it. we still got it as they say.
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73 millis. wrentham and low 70s to pepperell, too. when it lingers this late it makes it extra special, too, now that the sun has set. these temperatures will be falling over the next few hours. don't hold to these numbers until like 9:00 or 10:00 but the bubble of warmth goes to montreal back into southern ontario. thunder bay, too, and this is really going to hold here for the next 7-10 days, there will be cooldowns brief. we'll tap into some of this cool air but it's not as cold as we could bed on even when the cold does come down it's not a pattern shift which is what you need to get rid of this warmth here. so a bit cooler tomorrow. a little bit of a setback with sea breezes that is the only dent in the warm spell, then we go back to the warm air thursday and friday. more clouds arrive, too, a chilly weekend forecast. the exception to the norm here. a lot more on that ahead. >> transit officials want to
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put safety first on the commuter rail. so they will be adding new tools including one to prevent derailments. it's going to cost about $450 million. elizabeth norieka has details on the plan. >> reporter: officials say the technology will automatically slow trains, this is the technology that could have prevented the amtrak derailment in philly people. the project has a lefty price tag and the governor said there may be fare increases for some. the project are kost an estimated $451 million and will be paid for in part with a loan through the federal government. it could mean week shutdowns on some commuter rail lines starting on march 2018 and continue to 2018. officials expect installation to be complete in 2020. >> i won't be at all surprised if it's where we end up as we head down this road. [inaudible] but again in the is a public conversation. we've never had a public
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conversation about the inner workings of the mbta before. this is too bad but i'm glad we're having it now. >> reporter: the cost to maintain the technology will be high. around there are $12 million a year. again raising fares is an option that is now on the table. elizabeth norieka, 7 news. >> the u.s. government will fine air bag maker takata $70 million for the recall that affected more than 30 million vehicles in america. takata admits it knew the air bags were defective but failed to recall them in a timely manner. the national highway traffic safety administration has the authority to add more to the financial penalty. 19 million vehicles have been affected. at least eight people have died in the deaths blamed on defective air bags and 100 the problem. >> adam: investigators are searching for clue ons how a russian passenger plane crashed in egypt on saturday.
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a heat flash was detected at the time of the crash. officials say it could have been a bomb on the plane, fuel tank exploding or the plane crashing on the ground. they're ruling out a theory that a missile brought down the plane. investigators were due to look at the plane's fight recorders, sound uncharacteristic were herd in the cockpit before a crash. isis claimed to have downed the air craft but officials now. russian officials say the investigation won't be quick or easy. >> these investigations, many take weeks, not days because it's a very precise and complicated task and, therefore, no one should jump to any conclusions. >> >> adam: russian state media reporting there is no sign of explosive impact on the bodies of victims. >> kim: voters voicing their choice across the state today and there is one race in boston that could lead to a city council shakeup.
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charles yancey stands to lose the seat he has held more that are than 30 years. this could be the toughest test he has ever had. byron barnett is live in boston with more on this closely watched race. >> reporter: yes, stakes are high here in district 4. roxbury, dorchester, mattapan, charles yancey is said to be the longest serving elected boston official ever in modern history. he is now facing one of his toughest challenges ever. are you weared? >> no, i'm not worried. i'm really at peace. >> reporter: boston city councilor yancey fighting noise already political life. the 66-year-old incumbent trying to come back after he was soundly beaten in september's preliminary election by 33-year-old ivy league layer andrea joy campbell. why are you 32 years are you running an uphill battle? >> i think it's because a lot of folks have just sat back and relaxed.
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going to always be reelected. we didn't do any campaigning before september 8th. that may have been a mistake. >> i feel good. i feel energized. >> reporter: campbell says it's time for new blood. >> i constantly thank council yancey for his years of service. i benefited from them as a constituent but for me it's about mobile identifying the next -- mobilizing the next generation. >> reporter: campbell says she will give constituents more access. my e-mail. most of the residents i tell them i didn't dor knock just for a vote. i want to build a relationship with you. >> reporter: why should voters stick with you after 32 years? >> it's very important to you can trust. >> reporter: for voters it's a clear choice, can i ask you who you voted for? >> andrea? >> reporter: because? >> fresh and new ideas. >> charles. fix it. i think he has done a
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>> reporter: some it's a question of loyalty and experience versus a fresh face and new ideas and in a few hours voters will have the final say. i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> staying with election day coverage, a hotly election for the mayor of waltham. the current mayor is going up thomas stanley. mccarty has been waltham's mayor for the last 12 years, brockton looking for a mayor, a new mayor to elect. the bill carpetter is going up against city council mcmillan. voters had heading to the polls in ohio, people will decide today whether the recreational use of marijuana should be legalized. it follows washington state, oregon, colorado and alaska to be put on the ballot. at 5:30 we'll tell why this race is so important to nick la shay. and why he is making a personal push for it to go
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stay with 7 news for complete coverage. all the local and national elections happening today. get the latest at tablet apps. >> kim: now to the race for the white house. bernie sanders is preparing to visit new hampshire. he will file paperwork on thursday. sander will hold a rally with supporters and a new falling behind hillary clinton in the democratic presidential race. according to a new news wall street journal pole clinton has 62%, sanders is at 32. donald trump released a new book titled "crippled america: how to make america great again." he strongly criticized rivals for rubio and former governor jeb bush. trump is second in the latest poll.
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retired surgeon ben carson leading the race. >> adam: still ahead one wild ride. a suspected car thief leading police on a chaotic chase from the highway to neighborhoods in miami. >> then at 5:30 a close call for a worcester police officer nearly run down when he tried to stop a driver. >> adam: then in just one hour a list posted on line of people connected to the k.k.k.causing trouble for a lowell insurance agency. the owner claims he has no group. >> kim: a headstone found in quincy and where did it come from? >> adam: we're staying on top of breaking news. a pregnant woman seriously injured in a car crash in manchester, new hampshire. you see it there.
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driver of the car injured. both are expected to survive. we'll be right back. >> announcer: tomorrow, she decided to fight the fines. >> wasn't my plate number on the ticket. >> announcer: until frustration took its toll. >> i followed directions on there and got no where. >> announcer: see how we solved her toll ticket troubles tomorrow at 6:00
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>> a teenager choiced down after a long -- chased down after a long police pursuit. officers chasing a white s.u.v. for nearly an hour stop. so he was zipping down the highway zigzagging through neighborhoods. >> kim: rosh lowe live in ride. >> reporter: throughout the year we've covered numerous high-speed police chases down here in south florida. this one was unique for a couple of reasons. first off it lasted more than one hour. and the send reason is that the driver, miami-dade police tells us, is 15 years old. not slowing down. we almost lost control there. >> reporter: what a wild police pursuit that spanned several countyings with twists and turns along the way. >> not wanting to stop. the driver koll sides with a fence there.
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>> it is' all over it. >> you can see the teenaged driver swerve here around an ambulance. he is weaving between cars. here he hits a car -- >> there is a collision we saw debris fall off of the red vehicles. >> along the way, he exits the highway tries to turn around again in the grass and you will see the vehicle there go through the intersection there, the wrong way. >> reporter: we have him going through neighborhoods blowing through red lights. >> at times he was going on the wrong side of the road. here is a glimpse into what police dispatch was saying. >> might have been a white chevy ta hoe. >> reporter: from southwest miami-dade up the turnpike over to i-95, the southern broward county, her he gets on i-95 and goes the wrong way. he is pulling u. turns to get the caps off his back. -- cops off his back.
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people telling him slow down. >> it's crazy. that is all i can say. you never know what is going on. that is amazing. >> thank god the school is not over. the school was offer and they have a lot of kids went from the schools is over. it can be anything can be happening. >> reporter: we had several different agencies involved following this car. the driver won't give up. he jumps the median and blows his tire. even then he continues. eventually he is boxed in nearly northwest 183rd street and 38th avenue. the ride is over. it ended in miami gardens with a suspect in cuffs. okay. so this 15-year-old identified as allen moss is facing numerous charge, grand theft auto, fleeing and alluding and of course the charge of driving
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he is only 15 years old. live tonight for new miami, rosh low, 7 news. >> next at 5:30, swept away bir -- by fierce flooding in texas. he is talking terrifying moments. >> forecast is looking mild for the rest of the work week. we'll take a look at that. >> who are you going to call goat buster. the photo that hat a lot of people laughing? we'll show you more and tell you what happened. stay right there.
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get out of the past. get fios. >> a goat on the loose, it went down on wrest street. the police were able to find the goat. the goat found them. police say the animal walked up to the cruiser, licked the drivers' side window, no word on exactly how the goat got loose. it didn't lick the window. it is got up on its back two legs. [laughter.] >> kim: must have been food in the car or something. it was a funny looking picture. >> adam: i had a goat once named annie. she was' . >> kim: how original. >> adam: she went crazy when we're out of sight like a dog .
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personality. the. >> that looked like a deer there for a second. >> a cow, something. >> not a big fan of goats. one grabbed my hair when i was a kid, freaked me out. don't like goats. temperature of 73 for a high. my uncle was fast enough to pull the -- i used to have a lot of hair. anyway 72 in the north 71 bedford. 74 norwood for a high. beautiful day. and our temperatures in the upper 60s some upper 50s now already starting to come out on cape cod and we'll see it cool off quickly. dew points are high enough to where it's not a rapid drop, but certainly fall to the 30s last night we had a few places that did get a hard frost and a freeze where we fell to the low 30s. clouds across northern new england. not as warm as cross northern maine but pretty clouds coming off the coast of maine then clear sky from toronto to boston. we're in good grace, tomorrow we'll see a lot of
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sunshine. maybe a few fair h weather clouds, high temperatures tomorrow rockport to marblehead in the upper 50s to near 60 but low 60s and mid 70s from epping down to lowell, waltham. it's cooler, we're not as warm as today but we'll see that once again by the time we roll into friday. 60 duxbury. 60 sandwich and brockton about 6 open degrees, not a lot of cold air to tap into. when we get a surge it's to bring us back to normal. that will happen this weekend as a chunk of the koll air breaks off from manitoba and northern ontario and comes down to new england. you can see that reflected in the temperature trend. normal high temperature would be 56. we come down from friday's high of 72 back to the 50s by saturday. with a brisk breeze, our winds will be ramping up between thursday and friday. to bring in the near record heat by friday. our chance for showers not
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passing on thursday and most likely thursday night a little batch of shower activity goes through and mostly clear,34-49. big changes in temperature, then a bit cooler tomorrow. 59-65. mostly sunny sky. not as bright thursday with a few more clouds and the chance for a late-shower, mostly overnight. 69 close to 70 already. then low 70s on friday. record to break in boston is 73. we'll be very close if not breaking it. then much colder by almost 20 years by sunday of this weekend. see you at 5:30. >> also ahead on 7 news, a frat house in connecticut under fire for who they won't let in to a party. >> adam: new at 6:00 tonight -- >> ended up going into the prop pellor pulling me in and under. >> a boating accident in the harbor nearly cost her her life. her story an inspiration to others and she is sharing it
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>> adam: starting to get busy around here. there is another hour of 7 news. >> kim: i'm kim khazei, 7 news at 5:30 starts now. >> elizabeth: now breaking news in manchester, new hampshire. a pregnant woman seriously injured in a frightening collision." a close call in worcester. a police officer allegedly run down by a teenager who refused to stop his car. >> elizabeth: then a grandfather arrested after leaving his 5-year-old granddour alone in an arizona desert with a ed load -- loaded gun. >> reporter: caught on camera. a man in texas swept away by
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a deadly storm.
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