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tv   Today  NBC  November 4, 2015 2:07am-3:00am EST

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from nbc news, this is "today", with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it's a special booze day tuesday november third. thanks to the sweet sounds of
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cherry, cherry, cherry baby sherrie, sherry baby >> come on, james! >>. won't you come out tonight >> yes, and sherry was a tramp. and she went out that night! >> wow. what a way to open a show. >> the winning musical is celebrating -- >> they grew up with that. >> and these guys weren't born when that was popular. >> and neither was gee ah da. >> tony-winning musical is celebrating ten years on broadway. >> guess who's here?
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>> the real frankie valli. >> we've mentioned james brolin is here with us. we're going to ask him about his new movie and his wife barbra streisand. >> apparently, she's grad to have have you out working and out of house. >> and gi apartment d ichlt giada has a new turkey recipe. >> we have a show of hands, something's weird going on over there. all the hands. all righty. we hear that jimmy kimmel had a little fun at our expense last night. >> get in line. >> we think we can take it, but we haven't seen it yet, so let's see what he has to say. >> maybe the funniest thing that
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kathie lee and hoda dressed as woodstock and peanuts. it's very quiet. but soak it all in. >> ah, ah, ah, ah! >> oh! oh! oh! [ laughter ] >> okay. insanity? [ applause ] you got the straw. hi, my name is hoda. my rock bottom came when i was dressed as snoopy and drank wine out of a dog's bowl. >> the highlight of her life, are you kidding, jimmy! you try being in,000 outfits for four hours.
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hyperventilating. snout. >> mine was glued onto my face. >> we had to rip yours off. >> nobody cares what we do for our art. >> adele has made music history. >> good for her. >> her song "hello", has been downloaded, which means somebody paid for it, 1.11 million copies in a week. so it's not how many times it was watched on youtube. it was how many times somebody downloaded it. it's a pay. $1.29 cha-ching. >> no other artist has ever achieved that. there are lots of views. the previous record was this one
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>> why has adele done so well? she appeals to all generations. >> a lot of people listen to youtube. these are people who actually pay for it. >> the thing is, too, everything from adele seems authentic. it's not like she got together with a committee and said what should we do next and how should we create mystery? she doesn't have that whole thing of getting some kind of a -- >> is it something we said? >> we're not quite sure what's going on over there. the jersey boys left. there's a lot of heat in this kitchen. >> we're having a cooking conversation. i told him it's turkey. >> you guys were talking so loud, we couldn't hear each other. >> anyway, we're happy for her.
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her career to debut at number one. >> we're going to quiz you on your chat in just a minute. >> we're excited. she's going to be doing a special here at nbc. >> it's going to be an awesome special at radio city. psy is going to release a new video. it was watched 2.4 billion times, gangnam style. >> i'd just gotten over it and now you're showing it to me again. >> didn't you love it though? >> hated it, hated it. >> nobody hated "gangnam style." >> hated it. >> taylor swift, nobody's having a telethon for her. >> it is christmas time and here's how we know. kathie lee's cds are getting dusted off.
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starbucks released holiday cups. they came out on sunday. >> too soon. >> they're holiday red. our producer meredith stopped by a store called michael's. guess what they were playing? >> christmas music. >> already. and joanne lamarca saw somebody with christmas lights already on their lawn. so we're wondering if it's too early. >> apparently not for everybody. >> what's today? >> she saw those lights even before halloween. >> the day after halloween. november 1st. maybe november 1st is when you here's the question. if you love sports and love the food you go to a sporting event and cheer and scream. there's a new study out that i totally don't agree with. it says loud cheering does not really help your team. >> or impact it. they said they found, positive or negative, basically. >> they found no correlation
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between the decibel level and how well the team does. >> i don't think, if you have said that, you haven't been in the superdome. >> in the giants tunnel. >> in seattle where they break the sound barrier every time they have a game. it doesn't hurt the team's performance. but i don't agree with that. do you? >> no, i don't at all. because i was married to frank who said it makes a huge difference. especially when the quarterback cannot be heard, when his offensive line can't hear the call. it can throw everything off. and everything's going why do the players go like that? because they're on the field and it should always be about the people in the arena, you know? >> i think they always call it like you're another team member. they always thank the fans for that. so we don't agree. >> we don't agree with the university of nebraska lincoln and omaha. we're sure they're nice people. how do you like the queen? >> love her. if you were 88
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about the things you would think about doing. >> can you hear us from there? >> it's the heat emanating from the kitchen. >> we're trying not to laugh, but it's very distracting. very distracting. >> the jersey boys, all right? you're married to barbra streisand. >> we're talking about cooking! >> we're talking about cooking! >> that's where it all starts. >> if you were 89 years old, what would you be doing? if you're queen elizabeth, you're riding sidesaddle. >> no. she's mounted that steed. [ laughter ] >> oh, my gosh. >> it's a fine steed. >> wow. >> but i love that she has her scarf on. >> she says no helmet. and she won't do it. >> somebody tried to get her to wear a helmet. she said i never have, and you don't have to have your hand out like i do. >> there's a new bust of the
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queen. tell us who you think it looks like. a new artist completed this porcelain bust of the queen. everybody thinks it looks like tom hanks. it does. you know what? it does. >> i'd be mortified. >> and by the way, this is a very well-known artist. this is a world renowned artist. he said the queen was bursting out as a flower from a bud. >> maybe it was a -- anyway, confusion on her face. >> they said it was a gesture of reconciliation between china and britain. >> did they say if the queen liked it? >> nobody said so yet. we don't know. >> by the way, you and i are going to go see "bridge of spies" today. >> with tom hanks. >> we've been told we just have to see this movie. >> and later after that, we have a busy day. you and i are hanging out all day long. we're going to finish our show, go eat lunch, go see the movie
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so we're going to be together until -- and then we're going to donnie's party. we're going to be party animals all night long! >> we have to pace ourselves. winning is in the air. you're going to find out if you're one of the five lucky ones. i'm lucky because i get to give it away and spank hodi. >> what is going on? >> now you're just signing a book. hot dish in our kitchen. josh brolin and giada. ah! come on! let's hide in the attic. no. in the basement. why can't we just get in the running car? are you crazy? let's hide behind the chainsaws. smart. yeah. ok. if you're in a horror movie, you make poor decisions. it's what you do. this was a good idea. shhhh. be quiet. i'm being quiet. you're breathing on me! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. head for the cemetery!
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>> and he seems to get better with age. the very, very handsome and sweet james brolin. >> he's known for his dramatic roles but he's funny. >> he plays the patriarch of a quirky family. and when it comes to his son, timing is everything. take a look. >> hey, mom, dad, have you seen my phone? >> oh, no. >> what are you doing? >> we have to do it this way so we can both watch charlie rose. >> move back into your bedroom. don't life in the damn garage. >> and i keep saying to you, mother, that seems to be temporary. and i need this to be permanent. >> i found it. it was under your mother. >> and that mother, of course, is diane weis. >> should i wash it off? they wouldn't use it. >> so they let you play. >> look at how tacky i am. >> we read -- you tell us if
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think of you for, you know, comedy. and you read this, and immediately kind of thought, this is my father, this reminds me of my dad. >> well, mostly, i was laughing. then, as i got into how would i do this, i called, and i said tell me about this guy, you know. and they said i don't know. i just wrote the pilot. and i said no, in order to sell to a network, you have to present them with the ten, the nine following shows, right? i don't know. >> oh, my gosh. >> and i went, oh, boy, let's see. i got to invent this character, you know? and then my manager says to me, who loved the script too. he said i want you to play the most unique character we've ever seen on television. so i went, that's. >> that's saying a lot. >> that's an enabling programming statement, right? >> we don't know what you're saying. >> the fact that somebody says something to you in a way you've never been told before. >> like you just said.
2:23 am
so i started working on all the crazy things about my dad. >> you called your kids and said didn't like. >> i don't have that list yet. they said we're busy trying to refine you, dad. i said when you get this organized, i want to know everything you hate about me, because i want to put it in the show. i want to be honest about it. >> and you also did not want, you said you wanted assurance, you didn't want a laugh track. >> no audience, no laugh track. camouflaged. if it's 13 weeks and you're canceled or 13 years. >> and if it's not authentic, it's no fun. >> yeah. and i've had two pilots that didn't sell, and i didn't like that at all. >> that's not fun. >> do you bring the scripts home, and do you sit with your wife, barbra and --
2:24 am
it's only fun fee ny if it's true. >> that's why the great archie bunkers and the great marry the with children, they were people. we know people like that. >> and i've never done real comedy on film. people always said you're funny, you should do comedy. >> and you've never done. >> you're always hired for what you've done last time. >> and you're doing something with tina fey and amy poehler. >> was that you without your shirt on? >> did i police it? >> look who's coming back. >> it's over, good-bye. >> oh, hug my and try to, no. >> ah. >> look at that. >> isn't that delicious? >> amazing. >> one fork, thanks, giada. >> she was signing her book for me.
2:25 am
>> who invited her? >> i don't know. >> "life in pieces" airs on thursday. >> no, it's moved from thursday to monday now. "big bang theory" first and then us. >> great. have a winner, bud eye dy buddy. last week we number 19 from 100. >> he's been kind to me throughout the years, not as kind as he's been to giada, but you know what i'm saying. thank you for your kindness, and we wish you the best for the show. >> before the beatles, we four seasons.
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all right, we are celebrating a milestone this week, because this friday, the tony-winning musical "jersey boys", is marking its tent year h year. >> in honor of the occasion we have two legends in the house, frankie valli and singer and principal song writer for the four seasons, bob gaudio. >> you did that terrifically. >> that's how we do. >> in unison. >> can you believe it's ten years? is it surreal to think about it? >> we're here to confirm the fact that we want another ten years. >> i don't think that's going to be a problem. you also have tours all over the world. it's amazing. >> when you think about it, back in the '60s when this was all happening, you knew it was going to have legs then, but to think
2:28 am
that here we are in 2015 and young kids know all about you guys. i find that just amazing. >> and the movie that clint eastwood directed as well. >> i think the play did a lot for that as well, and created a new awareness for a lot of young kids who didn't know much about the four seasons. >> such an original sound at the time. tell us about the time you were on the stoop or something. you first heard the magic sound. was it on the stoop? >> i think the du-wop, we'd spend 20 minutes in between our 40 on. and we'd go out on the street and sing. you start hearing things without music and you hear other things. >> you hear the percussion, the street sounds. >> two of you came together. it was a handshake. it seems almost unheard of these days that a handshake seals the deal. >> it is unheard of these days.
2:29 am
>> when somebody's word actually meant something. >> did you know then that you could trust one another and this was -- >> we still don't know that. >> yes, the jury is out. >> we keep checking on each other every week. >> but there's so much success. you really could be on a cruise somewhere in the mediterranean. you could be doing anything else, but you still are on the road half the time. maybe even more than half. end of the week. >> yeah. >> for three days. >> you do like a couple hundred, how many dates? >> i do about 85 to 90 day as year. >> that's a lot of dates. >> what are you doing, bob? >> i follow him up the steps. >> he calls me at the next show. i got there. >> is there one song that you feel like when people stop you on the street, they say oh, frankie, you guys, this is the song for me? is there one above the rest? >> there are several. you know, we've been very, very fortunate for having as many hits as we have had. i think that "can't take my eyes
2:30 am
off of you" is probably one of the most requested songs. >> it's a classic. so many of them are. we're so excited for you guys. congratulations, and we're going to have a performance, right? >> absolutely. >> and then a time-saving dinner if giada can find the time after your local news. >> she's very busy. >> she certainly is.
2:31 am
we're on james brolin's side. >> booze day tuesday, one of hoda's hoda's happiest days. >> if you don't want to spend hours in the kitchen, the today team wants you to skip the whole bird and go for the breast. >> straight from the pages of her new cookbook. >> giada de laurentiis. >> hey, girls! >> you've had a busy morning. >> oh, my gosh. yes, you know, i was in with the
2:32 am
>> we saw you with that. but you peek aked with james brolin. >> he's a devastating man. and he's so nice. >> what are we making? >> now that i'm thoroughly embarrassed. >> well, you should be. >> usually we use pork to do this, but i thought this was a really nice way to make something a lot faster for thanksgiving. you take a turkey breast, and you open it up. >> you butterflied it. >> which is what i was trying to explain to james when you kept coming back. >> allegedly. >> i wanted to show him! then i use, instead of adding more meat in this, you could do sausage in here if you wanted for the filling, but i'm keeping it clean and light. fennel, apples. year.
2:33 am
and shallots. let's not touch turkey and then eat cooked turkey. >> did matt get sick? >> he didn't get sick, but he heard from people. >> orange zest, fennel seeds. >> that's good to mention so people understand. >> you know he's a germaphobe. he said listen, i didn't even realize it. by the time i'd realized it i'd already done it. >> like so much of life. >> you smoosh it around. >> well, okay. let's just keep going, okay? let's just make turkey here. >> let's talk turkey. what are we doing? >> you take the ingredients, the orange and fennel and salt. >> don't touch it! >> don't touch it! >> i'm not!
2:34 am
a plastic bag and soak it overnight. >> this is for the stuffing. you're going to take rosemary, apples, fennel and shallots and dump it in there. and cook it the day before. i already toasted my bread crumbs in the same pan and we can add more red pepper flakes and fennel seed. if you don't like fennel i would swap it. >> i don't like rosemary. >> don't add it. >> a lot of people like it. i want hoda to be happy. >> she waits to tell me she doesn't like it. >> i want to make hoda happy. >> you want me to add a bunch of cheese in here? [ laughter ] >> so now, we take this, and we dump it in here. use a spoon. it's all cooked really nicely. >> that does smell good. >> it does smell good. rosemary. >> stick it in here. come on, klg. bring it. we got a minute. >> we don't have any sides. mix it all together. >> i tried.
2:35 am
>> okay. and then we just dump it in there. >> don't touch it! >> don't touch it. don't touch it. now i'm going to have to touch it. so you guys will be in charge of cutting the cooked turkey. >> you tie it up and put string on it. >> you can leave all this extra in the bottom, right? >> tie it up like this. you can leave that on the bottom. and you cook it for 40 minutes. >> okay, hoda! >> somebody's ready! [ laughter ] the side. i apologize. i would touch it and help you. but i'm not going to. >> ooh. >> cut my hand off. >> it cooks nicely. >> let me put it on a plate for you. >> get after it. >> of can dribble it with the grave eye gravy. >> what gravy?
2:36 am
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she is one of hollywood's most talented young stars, emmy nominated actress, screenwriter and play write, zoe kazan.
2:39 am
favorite films "it's complicated" and "olive kit ridge". >> now she's starring in "our brand is crisis". she digs up dirt during a political election in bolivia. >> purchases 20 ford explorers, sales prices 35k each. they claimed $40,000 each. that is $135,000 of taxpayer money going into someone's pocket. >> bad boy! you actually are a crook. >> wouldn't it be great if they got shot picking up hookers or something. >> where did you get these receipts? >> zoe's here. and we love her in pajamas with her hair like this. >> he first of all, you're blond. is tht hair color you love?
2:40 am
until i ran out of colors. the rest of it is a little help. >> more like the eyebrows. >> that's right. >> how much fun was it working with sandra bullock? we had her on last week. >> and anthony mackie. it's such a fun cast. >> anthony and i did a play together five years ago where we played girlfriend and boyfriend. so for six months i was in a dressing room right next to anthony. >> really? you were on location. you were shooting in colombia? that was puerto rico. new orleans. >> all the latin-american countries in there. we were shooting in puerto rico for two weeks. they shot a week in bolivia. nothing looks like bolivia, apparently. >> you weren't there for those. >> no, i got to see the slide show like everyone else. and then we shot mostly in new orleans. oh, my god. who could not love new orleans. >> she spent seven years there. >> i gained five pounds in the
2:41 am
first two days. like that's a baseline. >> did you get friendly with sandra bullock while you were there? >> sandy's one of the nicest, she's just the kindest person. >> i doubt there's anything that's worked with her that doesn't just love her. >> she makes everyone feel like they're her old friend from high school. can you say anything to her. >> she puts on no airs at all. >> not at all. she's such a good mom. she had her kid on set all the time. >> we love him. >> he's so cute. and anthony has his kids downfinally got married. >> and you've had a boyfriend for a while, right? >> eight years. >> eight years? >> he's a serious actor, right? >> he's a serious actor. >> he's a brit, right? >> no, he's an actor who is sitting at home right now, probably in his boxers, watching the recaps from last night's
2:42 am
sports games, you know. >> he's a real guy. >> but he's just finished doing a mini series called "war and peace", for the bbc. >> he had this movie out this summer. >> which character? >> he played the young brian wilson. >> wow. wait a minute. that's your boyfriend? >> yes. >> paul dano? >> yes. >> we're happy to see you. wow. "our brand is crisis" is in theatering now. they're going to have you dancing around your house or wherever you are. >> the jersey boys.
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the citi concert series on "today", is proudly presented to
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you by citi. >> get ready to get on your feet, because you're about to be treated by a performance by the one and only jersey boys. >> we're celebrating ten years of the broadway show with two legends, frankie vali and bob gaudio. plus the cast members. >> the jersey boys! take it away! mm put your lovin' hand out, baby i'm beggin' beggin', beggin' you, put your
2:47 am
beggin', beggin' you put your lovin' hand out, baby ridin' higher when i was king you walked away you wanted me there i need you to understand that i'm tryin' so hard to be your man the kind of man you want in the end only then can i begin to live again beggin', beggin' you put your lovin' hand out, baby beggin', beggin' you put your lovin' hand out, baby an empty shell i live to be the shadow of my life is
2:48 am
a broken man without a goal don't even stand a devil's chance with my soul beggin', beggin' beggin' you to put your lovin' hand out baby i'm tryin' hard to hold my own though i just can't make it all alone i'm holdin' on. i can't fall back now that big black screen is a shade of black beggin', beggin' you baby beggin', beggin' you put your lovin' hand out, baby
2:49 am
>> ooh! oh, what a night why'd it take so long to see the light it seemed so wrong but now it seems so right sweet surrender, what a night i felt a rush like a rolling bolt of thunder swingin' my head around and takin' my body under oh, what a night oh, what a night oh, what a night oh, what a night oh, what a night >>woo!
2:50 am
>> thank you, ladies for joining in. thank you. >> you can see jersey boys on broadway! >> we are taking our fans for one last spin before we give it away. beggin', beggin' you put your lovin' hand out, baby hink about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? he has that dry scratchy thing going on. guess what? it works on his cough too. cough! guess what? it works on his cough too. what? stop! don't pull me! spoiler alert! she doesn't make it! only mucinex dm relieves both wet and dry coughs for 12 hours with two medicines in one pill. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. we try to live healthy. but many of us there are nutrients that can help support our metabolism. take new one a day healthy metabolism support multivitamin with chromium to help use carbs from food and b-vitamins to help convert food to fuel. one a day. we're all familiar with this,
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before we say good-bye, we're going to make five lucky viewers very happy. >> this prize is a dyson. >> it doubles as a fan for year-round use.
2:54 am
ultra violet light insuring that it's pure. donna dorable is here to help us pick out names. >> melinda gerald, frank fort, indiana. >> sharon yancy from east point, michigan. >> kathy calynnquinn from indiana. >> and sarah hill from santa clarita, california. >> renee swenson from grand forks forks, north dakota. >> make sure if you want to enter, you've got to go to klg and and hit connect. >> patti labelle will be with us tomorrow. >> and valerie bertinelli. >> and a performance by clint black. >> yes, yes. >> and who knew with elvis durant. it's banky y 's spanky tuesday.
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asunl the position.
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