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tv   Today  NBC  November 4, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EST

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and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it's time. welcome to "today." it's wednesday morning, november 4th, 2015. i'm willie along with al,
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a little bit because it's taking me back to high school. ace of bass. is that you? >> that was me. i was in l.a. at pharmacy walking through walgreens and the song comes on and i'm like shaziam, and i remember this song. >> i like where you get your inspiration, the pharmacy. >> can you give me another ace of bass song? because i can. "all that she wants." all that she wants is another baby >> keep singing, it willie. >> you were like officially grown and working. >> i was grown and working in 19725 so, you know, i missed a whole generation. >> willie was in high school and we were in college. there you go. >> by the way, it's going to be in the 70s today and tomorrow and friday, and friday the rockefeller center christmas tree comes in. cuttingit down today. can you believe it. it's christmas and we're in the 70s. >> seeing people yesterday, i mean, people like sunbathing, crazy. >> i know. it's happening.
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>> always impressive when the meteorologist is blown away by the weather that you forecast. >> i love it. >> the weather man. >> do we blame el nino for this or give them cred senior citizen. >> i think there is some part of el nino. i won't say this is all el nino. >> we like el nino. >> whatever you want to the call it, we love it. >> perfect. >> that's nice. arkansas, the video? >> unbelievable. >> a small single-engine plane that was forced to make an emergency landing. oil. the engine shuts down, and they deploy a parachute, an airplane that comes with a parachute, has to be a small plane to carry that weight and the pilot the former walmart ceo bill simon and two passengers leaving arkansas on the way to texas. had a sudden trop in oil pressure and a chute comes out and a bystander starts filming it. what am i looking tat plane falling from the sky doing it slowly thanks to the parachute so it hits the ground, hates
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the pilot and the passengers suffering only minor injuries, taken to the hospital thanks to that parachute. >> can you imagine you're -- you're the truck driver, the owner of that truck, and you're filling out your insurance claim. what was the cause of the accident? >> a plane. >> i was hit by a plane. >> i was hit by a plane. >> and suffered only a minor injury. >> i can't imagine being the pilot and the passenger on that plane and it's like a slow >> wow. >> just knowing, and where are we going to land? >> yeah. >> i was reading about this plane and it's designed exactly for this. has special shock absorbers when it hits the ground. the seats are actually design that had if it hits the ground they are shock absorbers and it has to be a small plane. >> i think it adds $8,000 to the cost -- >> 8 or 80? >> we reported 8,000 earlier. >> whatever it is, it's worth it. >> still, you have to add on, definitely worth it. >> if you want a small plane of your own you would want to
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invest in the that. amazing technology. >> it's been three days now, and we've not had a story based on a study, so -- >> we haven't. >> we have one. this is according -- a study -- can you bring this stuff out. a study in the u.s. national library of medicine >> thank you >> and cliffy, thank you very much. >> who knew that there was the u.s. library of national medicine and university of michigan asked 500 people to rate a list of the most addictive foods. all right. >> number one pizza. >> number two, chocolate. >> thank god. >> number three chips, and then you go into cookies, ice cream, french fries, that would be mine. cheeseburger, non-diet soda. >> what's this with the cucumbers? >> i love cucumbers. >> i hate vegetables. >> it's last on the list. >> but it's on the list. >> the cucumber, i totally get. >> i love a cucumber. cucumber.
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>> cold and crispy, so refreshing. >> i put salt on it the cuke per. >> sometimes i don't take the time to slice it, take the cucumber. >> and bite, it me, too, that's so weird. >> unless it's a pickle i don't want to the know abo >> i also like cucumber in water and put it in and i like the crunch of it. >> i'm more of a salty food. >> it's not on the list, mine is chunky peanut butter. >> do you grab the peanut butter from upstairs in chunky peanut butter. get it out of cupboard and don't bother with anything else. right in. >> all right. >> another song from your youth. >> here's another one that will take you back down memory lane.
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"ironic" alanis morrisette. >> talk about ear worm. you'll have this song stuck in your head. before, how did you -- where were you in the '90s? you were working. but in a strange version. it was an all clucking version jimmy fallon clucking, wearing chicken costumes. here to give you the tul set there. >> the reason why this makes sense, you know the songs that you like but you don't know the lyrics, you can just break into a cluck. >> no need for a chicken suit.
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>> fallon takes it to the next level. >> and the weird thing is jimmy fell after that. >> oh, no. >> only kidding. >> did that a couple years with blake shelton "hey, ho." >> that's true. i'm one of those people who make up the words to the songs and they are like mom, that's not how it goes and in my mind that's not how it goes. >> and people say what did you just say and you know you're wrong. >> the strange video, to some even stranger video. you know those inflatable things that go like this, the crazy guy on the side of the highway trying to get you into the car dealership. >> sure, sure. >> one woman decided to dress up as an incredible tube at halloween and got her friend and videoed it. take a look. >> oh, man. that's kind of an interpretive dance. >> there's -- there's a shot where it gets a little bit closer?
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>> you want to end the video, and this has you mesmerized. >> there's something about it that is very funny. >> i thought the video might be a little closer. >> yeah. >> so that we got more of the effect. >> when you watch it on your computer it is close to that effect. >> because you can move closer. this is how you have to do it, go right up like that. >> do your weather like this, al. just do this. >> i just love that, jimmy fallon and al morrisette. al is like cut the video, we've seen enough. >> i love the wiggly guy. >> girl. >> when you drive by a car dealership. >> i get. >> you know. >> that was a giant one and when they are smaller there's one moment when you go is that a guy out there. >> it's never a guy. >> no. no. >> really. >> it's all inflatable thing, the wind. >> a good way to frighten someone though like have a guy in it. >> we'll get natalie on that, prank time. >> don't you rope me into something. up. >> rokerthon.
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bag. >> i am. >> i didn't know that. >> what's your secret to keeping it to one bag for 50 states? >> i'm a guy. seven shirts, seven pair of underwear and three pair of pants, jurnds wear. >> i've got layers. >> more than packing, 50 states. >> 50 states, one week, boom. >> you take off tomorrow. >> i take off tomorrow. live at newark airport, take off on hawaii airlines out, direct flight, and then we will then proceed to go across this great country. we want people to come join us. >> wait a minute, whoa, what was that in a car? >> a goat. >> that was a goat? >> you didn't see the little man and the goat. you didn't seat promo? >> traveling shooting stories working. >> little man with the goat. there he is, and darryl is a farmer. >> so that -- >> and there's little man. >> friendly goat. >> little man is actually my doppelganger. >> his name is little man. >> lil man. >> i've been crunching numbers
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states in seven days. how do you get to all of them? >> you'll see. using all sorts of conveyances including a famous meat mobile. >> oscar mayer wiener. >> itd remains to be seen. it remains to be seen. oh, hey, there's dylan dreyer. hello, nice to see you. dylan will be up in just a moment. meantime, we've had snow throughout the rockies but look what's going on again in texas, poor friends in texas. flash flood watches right through friday. that's crazy from del rio to dallas. got risk of strong storms thursday tomorrow from austin, dallas, all the way to paducah, miles per hour. here we go, front pushing in all this warm moist air and cooler air behind it. see the snow there. flood watches dallas to del rio, rainfall rates one 1 to 2 inches per hour and rain goes from little rock to austin and look
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from 2 to 3 inches. some locally could see up to 5 inches of rain from austin to little rock. that's what's going on around the country. >> good morning, mostly sunny skies, not quite as warm as yesterday. but still, we're doing all right. middle 60s, and the normal high is 56. boston this afternoon, 62, and framingham, 64. a mix of clouds and sunshine tomorrow. i think we reach the low 70s on friday. near-record warmth on friday. clouds on saturday, but dry, sunday, mostly sunny skies, cold on sunday, highs in the 50s sunday afternoon. >> and that's your laflt weather. >> thank you. >> did you guys like the movie "beaches," bette midler. coming up next some people are calling this "beaches" for a new generation. called "miss you already"
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if you're planning on going out this weekend to see the movie "miss you already" see some tissues. >> tony colette and drew barrymore play best friend after sharing laugh and tears after getting life-altering news. >> that's right about the tissues. you need those 100% and i sat down with the two talented stars who became great friends in real life after shooting this film in london. >> this is not my 40th. >> i had no knowledge of this party. he did it all on his own. >> i pound it to be so funny and witty and heart wrenchingly moving and in a way it chose me. like i had no option. sometimes i read something and it's like oh, i've got to do it and it was very much the case with this. >> just like your mother. >> that is the worst thing you have ever said to me.
10:16 am
>> toni wrote drew a handwritten letter asking her to sign on as her best friend. >> i mean, when you think about like the fantasy of a best friend, don't you think of drew barrymore? >> i know. i think we all want crew as our best friend. >> thank you. >> the she's so grounded. >> nicest compliment i've ever gotten. i think i think i turned just like crimson. >> you did. >> i never blush. >> i had just had my daughter frankie, my second daughter, and i thought, you know what? i want for them to see this one day. >> you hope that they grow up to that have kind of friendship that you guys had in the movie? >> i'm like a spouse, like your relationship with children. a woman-to-woman friendship is a place where you're most self. you laugh together and nurture each other and you're at most ease with each other so, god, yes, do i hope for all women, including my daughters, that they get to partake in life's
10:17 am
friendship. >> and a friendship blossomed on and off the screen. >> at end of the movie we couldn't bear to say good-bye so we called our families and grabbed a train to paris. >> this movie about two best friends tackles life's highs and lows like a cancer diagnosis. >> well, i mean, how much cancer can you have. you've had all your checkups? >> well, i've been busy. >> how much did you think of your kids as you're making this movie? >> one particular scene where my character has to basically say good-bye to her daughter. >> i looked at you and i made you a promise. i promised that no matter what happened i was always going to look after you. >> i mean, it's hard to even talk about. i couldn't even read it. i would get to the point -- oh, god. >> i'm looking this way. >> this was a year ago. what's happening? >> and this is by the way exactly what our director would
10:18 am
come in and scream at us. stop crying. >> and become moved and she would go no, no, no, these women are strong. one. >> okay. >> definitely cry and i smiled a lot. what do you hope people take away from watching this? >> we've had the pleasure of encountering some people who have said i cried my eyes out but i ran out and i called my best friend or i called someone i loved because i needed to tell them that i loved them, and it is a celebration of life. >> there are tears but you do smile a lot in this movie. >> willie and al -- >> i'm holding al's hand already. >> i'm in. >> we're there. >> right after "spectre." >> nationwide this friday. >> oh, come on. >> you can tell they are like good friends, guys. >> they are so bro it's ridiculous.
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daily supplement that's clinically shown to help keep me fuller, longer. benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do. regina king has appeared in some of hollywood's biggest movies from her role as a football wife in "jerry maguire" and starring opposite sandra bullock in "miss congeniality 2" and most recently our girl, regina, picked up an emmy for her work on "american crime." >> now she's starring in a new series joining cast for season two of hbo's "the leftovers." regina, good morning. so good to see you. >> good morning. so good to be here. >> congratulations on the emmy. >> that's terrific. >> thank you, pretty exciting. >> what do you remember of the night?
10:23 am
just my friends, my family. i went home in between parties and everybody is screaming at home, and it's been -- it's been fun, and i remember that i had to get up and go to work the next day. >> they make you go to work the next day in. >> get on the plane to go to work because i was in from austin. >> did you fly with your emmy? >> no, no. >> i did not. >> i planned to bring the emmy to my mom and grandmother in >> yes. >> hardware. season one of "the leftovers," catch us up. what's the premise of the show? >> so four, well, six ago from the date of the season two of "the leftovers," a great disappearance happened where i think it's like an eighth of the world's population just inexplicably disappeared, and it was a book, and the first season basically was the book from beginning to end, and now in the
10:24 am
after this town in mapleton where this one city where no one disappeared. everywhere else in the world no one disappeared but in the town that i live in, erica murphy lives in, no one has disappeared so what does that mean? >> i know. >> so good. >> when you get the scripts, are you like looking ahead and seeing if your character is -- >> it's like crack, you can't wait for the script. >> we all understand that. >> people love that show. >> yeah, they did. >> such a good show. >> because it's shrouded in mystery, and i think people like to -- you know, we're all a bit of a conspiracy theorist, whether you want to admit it or not, you have a bit of that in you, so i think people really think going on? i've been a big fan, go back to "22," "boys in the hood" and the boy gets home from prison and they cut you off at barbecue table. >> black willie and i want to ask you about "american crime," john ridley, a guy we both know wrote that show.
10:25 am
that's another awesome show that you're on >> you know, i think for me i just have always been attracted to shows that are ensemble pieces and just really provocative. it's no surprise if you look at "southland," "american crime" and "the leftovers," those shows make you think. >> and you're perfect in all of those roles. talk about "southland" and load it up and watch it now and realize what a great show and great performance >> and "jerry maguire" coming up on 209th anniversary. >> i cannot believe that. i was pregnant with my son when i audition the for "jerry maguire". >> you look as good today, still on fire acting the way you should. >> thank you so much. >> when the weather starts turning cooler and the air is nice and crisp, i know that fall has finally arrived. and with it, all the flavors of the season. fall is all about bringing people together around delicious food. and each recipe brings as
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low prices on everything you need to make every meal more memorable.
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as in congress, he stood up
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for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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taking a look at headlines. e coli outbreak has sicken at least 37 people in oregon and washington state. scientists have identified the specific microorganism. food from those restaurants is now being tested. officials think the bacteria may have come from the lettuce tomatoes or fresh produce. breast-feeding may reduce women's risk of one cancer. a fifth of all breast cancers in
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most common younger women. researchers found that those who breast-fed were 0% likely li ly than those didn't breast-fed. worrying in moderation can actually be good for you. since it may help you cope with a bad outcome or a good one. the study looked at 230 law students waiting for the results of their bar exam. a moderate amount of anxiety helps people focus at their best. the "wall street journal" is reporting that students who attend to be liberal arts colleges do not earn as much money as those who go to leading research universities. at least not early in their careers. the paper looked at earnings ten years after the students enrolled and it found for about half of the top liberal arts graduates the median salary was below $50,000. almost all of the graduates from the top research universities topped that amount, about a third them by more than $20,000.
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an australian woman learned the hard way that it's probably not a good idea to share her brush with fortune on social media. here's what she posted. this picture on facebook, she's posing with a winning horse race ticket worth $825. here's what happened. apparently someone stole the barcode information and somehow used it to claim the prize. so police are still trying to track down the very unfaithful facebook friend. let's get a check of the weather right now from mr. roker. hey, al. >> guys, thanks so much. well, tomorrow the sunshine is going to continue in the northeast. great lakes, midwest, but we've got more rain moving into the rockies. whoa, talk about rain. it's raining dogs and birds in here. it's snoopy and his pal woodstock from the "peanuts" movie. that's going to leave a mark. you okay, bud? here's what's happening in your >> reporter: good morning. mostly sunny skies. not quite as
10:32 am
>> good morning, mostly sunny skies, not quite as warm as yesterday. but still, we're doing all right. middle 60s, and the normal high is 56. boston this afternoon, 62, and framingham, 64. a mix of clouds and sunshine tomorrow, and close to 70 tomorrow. i think we reach the low 70s on friday. near-record warmth on friday. clouds on saturday, but dry, sunday, mostly sunny skies, cold
10:33 am
sunday afternoon. nightmare realm. excellent, very good. i thought it was great. really admired you guys for jumping in like that. >> that's how much we love snoopy. >> we tried. >> you actually understand had access to charles schultz's studio. >> yeah. >> access people don't get. >> it's crazy because, you know, they are up in santa rosa and the museum is up there which you should see, go see it. when we were
10:34 am
working on the scripts with the gang we were working in charles schultz's office, and i'm such a "peanuts" fan. >> in his home. >> and i said can i sit behind the desk because i just wanted to see what he saw every day. it was really amazing. >> must have inspired you to sit in that seat. >> i have been a fan of "peanut "peanuts" since i was 5 years old. my old show "freaks and geeks" is really about "peanuts." my version of peanuts. completely ripped off is that it is. >> confession. >> who is your favorite character? >> well, i -- charlie brown, the one we all relate to, because he's the indomitable spirit of mankind because he takes the blows and he kind of wakes up optimistic and the next morning he, you know, kind of recovers and faces the day again and it's a good lesson for all of us. >> but we relate to the charlie brown and natalie may agree, all of your female characters i relate to in some way and you're the reason that i've been embarrassed on many airplanes laughing out loud watching -- watching "five" cracking up and people are saying really, a
10:35 am
little too much. >> when you hear somebody laughing, always kind of like walk to the bathroom and wonder what they are watching and "the pawnbroker" is the on. you monster. why are you laughing at that? >> you just wrapped up "ghostbusters." >> yes. >> editing now. >> yeah. >> i got to interview the four ladies, and the camaraderie with them is just unbelievable. >> they are unbelievable. i mean, the chemistry on that screen, i'm just working right now and finished the first pass of the cut, and they are so good because they love each other. i mean, first of all, melissa and kristen are like best friends, and actually kate and leslie are really close friends and it just jumps off the screen. it's so funny. >> cannot wait for that. >> i know you can't give away anything al did, and we know he stealer? >> oh, it's al, come on, what do you think? do i have to answer that question, really? i admire about you, you are one
10:36 am
of the most impeccably dressed men i've ever met. >> thank you, sir. >> three-piece suit. >> the boutonniere, the pocket square and the lining, you don't have the walking stick with you. when did this develop? >> i collect weird affectations that men have thrown away many years ago. yeah, i'm into walking sticks, i don't know why, you know what. as a director, it's really -- i'm the captain of the ship, i'd be worried if the captain of the ship was wearing sweatpants and a baseball cap. >> there you go. >> how long does it take you to get this look that you style yourself? >> oh, an hour. okay, like i'll get back to the "ghostbusters" in a second. >> when you come back for "ghostbusters" will you have a monocle? >> a cape and a top hat. >> thank you so much. >> capes are making a comeback. >> that's right. the "peanuts" movie opens this friday. she can sing, dance and act and wait until you can see what else she can do.
10:37 am
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10:42 am
so there you have it. justin bieber is opening up about his famous ex-girlfriend selena gomez. in an interview with "access hole wood" justin admits a lot of his new album was inspired by their three-year relationship and the break-up still has an effect on him. take a listen. >> it was really you have to. i don't know if i'm still over it yet. i think i'm definitely like in another place and i think we've definitely went our separate ways and i love her and i want her to be awesome but there's things that remind me of her. >> okay. that makes me so sad. on monday justin released another track and music video from the album. this one called "i'll show you." 9 belieber will be able to hear all 13 songs when "purpose" drops on november 13. mash the calendar. and we know j. lo is a triple threat, actress, singer, dancer, well, take a look at what else jennifer lopez can do.
10:43 am
earlier this week j. lo's besty leah rimini out promoting the new book, and they documented the process on their instagram account. >> take a look. >> here's my girl making some puerto rican food for everybody. just a normal puerto rican girl at home cooking a meal. what are you making us? yay. >> is that chanel j. lo is wearing. cooking in designer. she's our keep. maybe we can get jennifer lopez to come by our kitchen, a few floor. come on, j. lo. 50 days until christmas and we're counting. we'll help you check some things off the gift list with the top get ready aft look at you, saving money on your medicare part d prescriptions. at walgreens, we call that "carpe med diem." that's almost latin for
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10:48 am
and invites kids to give them a try. senior life-style editor is here with the ones that came out on top. >> good morning, jessica. test everything. >> in parents magazine, important that the kids like to play with the toys, frustration and these are all winners. >> let's start here. >> really interesting. >> three weeks old successfully can't get over how teeny she is. oh, my gosh, how precious. >> really cool activity center called the robo playland. it's got moving parts and you can dangle toys for her to watch and track with her eyes. >> really just about a little bit of movement. >> keeping them calm and happy. >> once they start crawling. i like this, one of the toys that can fold up very small and hide it under a couch and take
10:49 am
it out and kids can crawle crawl through and keeps them active and busy especially in the winter when they can't get outside. like an instant playground in your living room. >> this is a little train. >> feeling protective of his train because he loves it so much. >> you want this? >> no. >> okay. sorry. >> you want mommy? you want mom? >> let's go -- let's go get mommy. >> no. >> he wants his train. >> right here. >> this is the ultimate alphabet train. a whole bunch of features. >> it's yours. you can take it. it's yours, okay. >> look. you get the letter set and -- it teaches them, an educational toy. >> a little toy phone and teaching us he's not happy right now. let's move on over here to hulk. hulk is awesome. craziest remote control. >> like a 4-year-old boy.
10:50 am
>> or a girl who loves the remote control. really wild. >> the this is sort of a combination of like yo-yo play and like a car track. >> look at that. >> you send them all around the track. >> magnet and just works down the side. >> works with magnets and can you set up blockades for them to zip around. >> and do a little cooking. >> the most popular characters right now. >> hi. >> i love the vet center because you can take care of your stuffed animal patch and take care of the little doggie it comes with and may with your friends as they are demonstrating. one the great toys to play with your play date. >> look at gorgeous girls. turn around so your mommies and grandma, say hi to the camera. >> this is working out great. popular.
10:51 am
nobody listens. >> another hugely popular show right now so this has been a big spectacular gift for fans. >> now getting into some of the older kids. >> crazy things. want to see the rollerblades. these are ice skates that the also convert to rollerblades. >> get out. >> you switch them out pretty easy. >> come on out. >> the you just have to remember to switch them out. >> very neat, you guys. >> got a skater right here. >> when we tested these we couldn't get them off the girl and smack a ball one my favorite toys of the year, so addictive for adults and kids and easy indoor play, outdoor play. >> dinosaurs still big. >> kind of a spectacular remote control this year, for ages 82 and up. he chases his ball. >> oh, cool. >> use it with an app on the phone and if you pet his little head it makes him happy, he'll
10:52 am
>> and really quickly got a service dog. >> american girls, the line has really expanded to have so much more this year including the service dog which i think is super sweet. >> great the. they think of everything, don't they? >> yes. >> jessica, thanks so much. and kids, thanks for being with us. appreciate it. we're back in a moment.
10:53 am
>> hello, everybody. >> what a show we've got coming up. >> what do you have? >> all lined up out thereto. >> valerie bertinelli, patti elvis. >> he's alive. >> he's alive.
10:54 am
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