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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  November 4, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> this is 7 news at noon. >> christa: today a body of a woman found near the train tracks in bridgewater. and authorities say that this woman's body was badly burned. >> jadiann: right now police are still on the scene searching for clues. nicole oliverio has more on this breaking news story. nicole? >> reporter: investigators are walking the train tracks near where the woman's body was found. they are also talking to people who live in the neighborhood, trying to figure out how she ended up here and who put her there. a woman's body found burned
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bridgewater. police found the woman after someone called 911, about a suspicious car in the neighborhood. >> we don't have any evidence at this point, that the crime happened there. other than the fact that the burning definitely happened there. forecast as it pertains to when the individual was killed, we don't have that information as of yet. >> reporter: the woman's body was found 50 yards from the road. along the middle-boro-lake view commuter tracks. around midnight, neighbors started to smell something bad and heard a commotion in the woods. >> we do not believe at this point, there is any danger to people in the community. however, this investigation has just begun. right now, the district attorney's office says they don't know who the woman is or if she was from bridgewater. her hands were tide behind her back. her hands were somehow tied to her feet. >> this is obviously a very concerning incident for this community. i will say that all of our investigative resources are being devoted to determining who the perpetrator or perpetrators of this crime
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are. >> reporter: police are also looking for anyone who may have information, who may have heard anything or have home surveillance in that neighborhood. to give them a call. nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> right now breaking news out of illinois. authorities say a police officer found dead actually took his own life. this just coming into the newsroom. that officer originally radioed for help saying he was chasing three suspects. his death happened back in september. >> christa: investigators reveal shobing details that the officer had been embezzling money for years. cheryl fiandaca has the breaking details. cheryl? >> reporter: christa, investigators say lieutenant charles gliniewicz actually killed himself. his body was discovered back in september and sparked a massive manhunt for his killers. now officials are saying that after a review, the evidence points to a carefully-staged suicide. they say gliniewicz had been committing crimes for years and had been stealing money
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program to help kids. he forged official documents, they say, and used thousands of dollars of embezzled money for personal purchase, mortgage payments and travel. officials call it the ultimate betrayal. . >> gliniewicz committed the ultimate betrayal. to the citizens he served and the entire law enforcement community. the facts of his actions prove he behaved for years in a manner completely contrary to >> reporter: police say that he staged his decht to make it appear a homicide. and that he had experience staging deaths because he used to do it for police training. police did not arrest anyone for his death. police say this investigation is continuing. i'm cheryl fiandaca, 7 news. >> christa: sky 7 hd over a fire in quince request that broke out at a bying not too long ago. you see the smoke coming from the roof. fire crews are still on the scene right now. >> jadiann: now we turn to the weather.
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we are getting a splash of summer. to kick off this november. and it looks like we will talk about how long we can enjoy this. >> jeremy: fantastic for the mostly sunny skies at this time. temperatures in the upper 50's around the coastline. because of the sea breeze, the eight miles per hour continues through the afternoon. so with that southeast wind, i don't think we will see the 70's this afternoon. but even right now, 59 is above normal. farther inland, the numbers are in the middle 60's. norwood, 65. nashua, 64. is air is dry. all sorts of sunshine for the afternoon. a fantastic fall day. with temps between 61-66. the city later on today, 62. merrimack valley, metro-west, 495 belt, temps in the mid-60's. tomorrow, morning clouds. a little fog tomorrow morning. and then warmer tomorrow afternoon. especially friday. in fact, near record warmth on friday. we will talk more about that in a few minutes.
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>> christa: the teen charged with killing his teacher inside danvers high school called to court. this was phillip chism's first appearance in a courtroom since his trial was put on hold. that was three weeks ago when his competency was called into question. right now, let's go to salem with 7's victoria warren. what did the judge have to say about that today? >> reporter: well, christa, judge ruled phillip chism mentally competent. and the details of that competency evaluation, they are sealed. now there are a lot of questions about what this delay could do when it comes to picking a fair and impartial jury. no hearing, no discussion, and no objections. the judge ruled phillip chism is confident... competent to continue standing trial. accused of murdering his math teacher colleen ritzer. >> the court finds that mr. chism has the ability to consult with his attorney with a reasonable degree of understanding.
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trial was abruptly halted in the middle of jury selection. after the defendant's attorney said he was seen lying on the floor repeatedly banging his head on the floor. the judge ordered chism committed for 20 days. prosecutors suspected chism was putting on a show to manipulate the courts. that prompted defense attorneys to once again, ask for a change of venue. >> these comments that are reported are gratuitous and inflammatory materials. >> reporter: prosecutors shot back, saying news of chism's mental competency would more help it. >> the vast majority of the reporting focused on the defendant's alleged symptoms. the alleged conduct. and if anything, was favorable to what the commonwealth anticipates the case will be. >> reporter: they are trying to work out how to seat a jury originally supposed to end before thanksgiving. now it may extend all all the the plan right now is to bring 16 jurors who have already
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questioning. and then start questioning an additional 70 or so jurors on friday. the judge says a best-case scenario, opening statements could be made as early as the end of next week. live in salem, victoria warren, 7 news. >> jadiann: in more news today: a fourth arrest has been made in a marshfield murder. a south boston man heads to court in connection to the murder of robert mckenna. mckenna's house was broken into back in september. he tried run from the suspect, he went through a large window, cutting himself and bleeing to death. this newest suspect is facing murder and burglary charges. a tense fire breaks out at a home in lowell. completely engulfed in flames. this happened just before midnight. fire crews say the house was >> christa: the department of children and families is joining the investigation into sandwich. unresponsive at a home yesterday morning. there were no obvious signs of
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trauma or injury. the office of the medical examiner will now determine the baby's exact cause of death. >> jadiann: a toddler is waking up in the hospital after being attacked by a dog in fall river. fast woman saw the dog bite the 18-month-old's ear off inside an apartment on tuesday. the woman's boyfriend eventually managed to get the dog to release the little girl. >> the dog had the baby in his mouth. it was awful. the ear was severed. >> jadiann: the toddler is expected to recover. she may have permanent damage to her ear. the dog is at animal control. the family does not plan to bring it back to the apartment. >> christa: g.o.p. front-runner donald trump has now officially entered the new hampshire primary race. let's head up to the granite state right now with nick emmons. you have more on what this means for the presidential candidate today? >> reporter: yeah. that ice right.
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he is officially putting his name in the running for the primary here in new hampshire. obviously, first in the nation here in new hampshire when it comes to the primary voting. donald trump came here. he left five minutes ago with a large team. and in typical trump fashion, he did things big here. walking around, greeing everybody. this larger-than-life candidate at this moment, with many supporters out here. chanting his name. wanting to take pictures with him. you can see him signing the documents here in the statehouse here in concord, new hampshire. and trump talked to the media. he talked to the people. he wanted to meet as many people as he could fbs. in his brief trip here. an hour and a half in total. here is something he had to say. >> you know, time only one that is not taking money. you do know. that excuse me do. you know that i'm the only one not taking money? i'm the only one. i'm the only one! (cheers and applause) i a gree with. that i am the only one.
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okay? i had... everybody is forming a super pac for trump. we have sent everybody, a couple of weeks ago, letters, we don't want their money. >> reporter: all right. donald trump the first g.o.p. candidate to officially file paperwork here in new hampshire. martin o'malley on the democratic side actually beat him to it by an hour. he was here earlier this morning, filing his paymerwork. one thing about donald trump, it was a bit controversial. regarding a tweet that was sent out on his account. he apparently retweeted something and there was a picture with a collage and in that collage, it appeared to show jeb bush's face next to a swastika. and his press secretary addressing what happened there, saying... i'm quoting here. "this was retweeted by mr. trump. he did not see the accompanying image and the retweet has since been deleted." that is the quote from his
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donald trump, again, leaving here ten minutes ago in large fashion. from right here in concord, new hampshire. that is the latest from from outside the statehouse, nick emmons, 7 news. >> jadiann: things are tightening up there in new hampshire. according to a new poll. donald trump still leads among republicans. ben carson is within two points. meanwhile, marco rubio has jumped from 2% back in september to 11% now. john kasich and chris christie round out the top five. >> christa: a new national poll shows trump in a virtual tie with carson. so we have the quinnipiac poll that has trump with 24% to carson's 23%. marco rubio has moved into the third spot with 14% followed by ted cruz and jeb bush who have 4%. >> jadiann: hillary clinton enjoys a fert canable lead over bernie sanders nationwide. she has 5% to his 35%. however, in head-to-head matchups, clinton loses hypothetical races with carson,
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she does, however, beat trump. >> christa: more voice your choice coverage now. some political upsets in tuesday's elections. two of boston's longest serving city councilors oufsed by newcomers. let's go to kris anderson with a look at the results. >> reporter: a shake-up today. andrea campbell won handily. the 33-year-old defeated incumbent charles yancey with 61% of the vote to his 39%. he, of course, served on the council for nearly as long as campbell has been alive. pretty amazing. campbell celebrating at her headquarters in dorchester last night. she thanked yancey for his years of service in her victory speech. the cowens-elect says this race shows people are focused on the future. not the past. >> i hope it inspires them to step into the places they want to step into. to serve communities they want to serve. and to go for it. to simply go for it. because when you take a leap
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up. >> reporter: there was another upset in the at-large race in which four of the five candidates on the ballot won. incumbent stephen murphy who has been on the council since 1997 lost his seat. anisa george came on top and will replace him in that seat. also, fall river has its youngest mayor now. the 23-year-old beat out his fellow democrats by 600 votes his first order of business is working to change the negative image of fall river. 18-year-old, another youngster may have made history in brockton as the youngest councilor there. the recent high school graduate received 58% of the vote. now studying political science at bridgewater state, he says he believes people wanted
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shake things up in brockton. kris anderson, 7 news today in new england. >> jadiann: new details on a crash-lanning in arkansas. >> christa: what would you pay hill? one spot is going for half a million dollars. afternoon. nice mild afternoon. midweek forecast coming up
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>> jadiann: hey, good afternoon, everyone. some people are enjoying lunch outside, hopefully. >> christa: there you go, j.r. the tv is pa say passay, i guess. >> jeremy: 59. sunny skies. dew point, 45. southeast wind, eight miles per hour. a bit of a sea breeze. we are not talking 70's today
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for boston. they are coming back on friday. in town, 59. worcester, 61. fitchburg, 65. hyannis, 62. with mostly sunny skies. the air is dry and snappy and clean. thanks to high pressure. now, yesterday, the high was over here. so we had a northwest wind in boston. but now with the high east of us, the southeast wind allows for a sea breeze to develop. that is going to be the case for the afternoon. you know, again, even the cooler coast will still finish numbers above normal this time of year. and then tomorrow, high pressure moves to our south. that will set up a southerly breeze. with the southerly breeze comes a little more moisture. tomorrow morning will start fog. we will see developing sunshine during the day. it is a warm day tomorrow. temps tomorrow, close to 70. we will hold on to the warm theme on friday. with a lot of clouds. despite all sorts of clouds, maybe even a sprinkle early friday morning, temps on friday will easily make it to the lower 70's. a lot of sunshine. again, the normal high for
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boston, 56. this afternoon, around 62. marblehead, 61. framingham, at 64. you compare this to a year ago this week. november got off to a cold start. in fact, even some reports of snow last november on the second. from a storm pulling away from new england. different this go-round. completely different pattern. with temperatures in the 60's and 70's. again, this afternoon, the city right around 52. tonight, clear early. with clouds and fog developing well after midnight. lows, 45-50. tomorrow, we will start with clouds and some patchy fog. then i think we will see that sunshine come through the clouds probably around 10:00, 11:00 tomorrow morning. not as bright tomorrow as where we are today. but still with even limited sunshine in the afternoon, the numbers reach the upper 60's. and then on friday, record warmth. the city record for boston is 73. we will get there. worcester, your record is 70 degrees. it will be close. upper 60's. here is why it is so warm this year versus last year. almost the exact opposite. you had a ridge of high
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pressure off to our west. it was cool across the northeast. this year, that jet stream way off to our northwest. we are talking warm conditions. the numbers will back off a little bit on sunday. that is a cool day. i'll grant you that. on sunday. lots of sun. despite the sun, temperatures only near 50. including the patriots game. taking on the redskins. then we work into next week. monday and tuesday. upper 50's to around 60 coming at us. >> jadiann: all right. still ahead, some pricey parking. see how much you will have to shell out for a single parking
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>> jadiann: well, the former c.e.o. of wal-mart and two other people are, luckily, okay today. >> christa: that is after the plane that they were in made a crash-landing in arkansas. the plane crashed in fayetteville on tuesday. this video, you see the plane descending there with the emergency parachute deployed to help slow the landing. suffered minor injuries. the plane had a severe loss of oil pressure which forced him to make that landing. >> we heard a big clap. sound like something just like, fell. we looked up. there was a plane that was, like, free-falling for a second. then popped a parachute. >> we were so shocked. we didn't know what to think. you know, like you said, you don't see that every day.
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we started recording. >> christa: the driver is also okay today. of the pick-up truck. >> christa: up next, paying the price for parking in the city. the single spot in a beacon hill garage that-- i don't know-- likely costs more than buying a home in some places. >> jadiann: some prayers are answered. s a jesus statue returned to the new england store it was
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for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... are you having?! p on thousands more items. pwhich makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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>> jadiann: a stolen statue of jesus is back at a shop in connecticut.
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the owners noticed it was missinging last week. they found this statue where it belonged with a fresh coat of paint on sunday. that happens to be all saints day also. >> christa: we have this story about parking in boston. we don't need to tell you, it is really hard to find. right now, there is a spot you might be interested in. for sale on beacon hill. exciting. right? well, hold on. it may cost you more than a home. kimberly bookman has the details. >> reporter: to park the car on beacon hill is really going to cost ya. space number 236 in this garage run by a valet recently listed for a whopping $650,000. >> that's a lot of money. well, can you live in it? >> reporter: the answer is. no this is a condominium for cars. really. the owner not only pays for the 171-square-foot space but a $250 condo fee plus taxes. >> i left my checkbook right
12:24 pm
let me go get it. that sounds good to me. >> reporter: a realtor says if this space sells for or close to the asking price, it will be the priciest parking spot ever in boston history. two times more expensive than single-family home in massachusetts. >> it is more expensive than half the condominiums on the market in boston right now. >> reporter: more money by square foot than the most right now. the millennium tower penthouse. >> i'm speechless. that is outrageous. right? there is not much parking. especially on beacon hill. i wouldn't pay it myself. >> reporter: instead, he will stick to his bike. there may be that perfect buyer who will, in fact, find value in this piece of property. likely, very few, though. >> it is up to you. off place to live or park. >> christa: j.v. going to scoop that up before the next mayor snowstorm.
12:25 pm
checkbook there. >> christa: he is paying cash, he says. all right. here is a guy who probably could write a check for. that tom brady. and he does it again. we have details on the his latest achievement coming up. >> jeremy: doing his thing. sunshine for the afternoon. forecast up next. >> jadiann: we are following breaking news out of bridgewater. a burned body discovered near the train tracks there. an investigation under way right now. >> christa: a bizarre twist to a massive manhunt in illinois. been killed in the line of duty.
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>> christa: we have breaking news first here at 12:30. a burned body found near train tracks in bridgewater.
12:27 pm
a man discovered this body just before midnight. >> jadiann: right now police are still on the scene. nicole oliverio live for us in bridgewater with the very latest for us. >> reporter: woman's body found burned and bound near the train tracks in bridgewater. >> we don't have any evidence at this point that the crime happened there other than the fact that the burning definitely happened there. but as it pertains to when the individual was killed, we don't have that information as of yet. >> reporter: the woman's body was found 50 yards from the road. along the middle-boro. >> lakeville commuter line tracks. neighbors tell us around midnight, they started to smell something bad and heard a commotion in the woods. >> we do believe, at this point, that there is any danger to people in the community. however, this investigation has just begun. right now the district attorney's office says they don't know who the woman is or if she is from bridgewater. her hands were tied behind her back and her hands were somehow then tied to her feet. >> this is obviously a very
12:28 pm
concerning incident for this community. investigative resources are being devoted to determining who the perpetrator or perpetrators of this crime are. >> reporter: police are urging anyone who lives in the neighborhood who may have heard anything or have video surveillance, to give them a call. >> jadiann: breaking news in illinois. authorities say an illinois after he was chasing three unidentified suspects actually took his own life. it happened back in september. >> christa: investigators say he was embezzling money from a police program for 7 years. forecast let's go to 7's cheryl fiandaca. >> reporter: lieutenant charles gliniewicz actually killed himself. now officials are saying that after review, the evidence now points to a carefully-staged suicide. they say gliniewicz had been committing crimes for years and had been stealing money
12:29 pm
program to help kids. they also say he forged official documents and used thousands of dollars of embezzled money for personal purchases, mortgage payments, and travel. officials call it the ultimate betrayal. >> gliniewicz committed the ultimate betrayal. to the citizens he served and the entire law enforcement community. the facts of his actions prove he behaved for years in a manner completely contrary to the image he portrayed. >> reporter: they say he staged his death to make it appear as a homicide. and he had experience staging mock deaths. he used to do it for police training. nobody was ever arrested for gliniewicz' death. i'm cheryl fiandaca, 7 news. >> christa: now turning to the weather. we are getting a little splash of summer to kick off november. looks like it may be here to stay for a little while, jeremy. >> jeremy: that is correct. 59 in the city at this time. a sea breeze. beverly at 60 degrees. fitchburg, 65. jacksonville ree, 65.
12:30 pm
high pressure with us for the afternoon. mostly sunny skies. a nice warm afternoon. not quite as warm as yesterday. because of that sea breeze. even with the sea breeze, the city will still reach the low 60's. normal high is 56. marblehead, 61. down along the south shore, out on the cape, temperatures near 60. metro-west and out towards the worcester hills, temps this afternoon running in the mid-50's. as we look towards tomorrow, morning clouds and some fog. then we will see developing sunshine tomorrow afternoon. upper 6's to around 70. friday, mostly cloudy skies. temperatures on friday approach record highs. record is 73. >> christa: all right. thank you. happening today: the teen charged with killing his teacher inside danvers high school is called to court. this is phillip chism's first appearance in a courtroom since his trial was put on hold. and 7's victoria warren has the latest on what the judge ruled. >> reporter: no hearing. no discussion. and no objection.
12:31 pm
standing trial, accused of murdering his danvers high school math teacher colleen ritzer. >> the court finds that mr. chism has consulled with his attorney with a reasonable degree of rationale understanding. >> reporter: the trial was abruptly halted in the middle of jury selection after the defendant's attorney said the defendant was seen lying on the floor banging his head. the judge ordered chism committed for 20 days. prosecutors suspect that chism was putting o'en a show to manipulate the court. the reporting of those comments prompting defense attorneys to once again, ask for a change of venue. >> these comments that are reported are gratuitous and inflammatory material. >> reporter: prosecutors shot back, saying the news of the mental competency would more likely hurt their case than help it. >> the vast majority of the reporting focused on the defendant's alleged symptoms,
12:32 pm
and if anything, was favorable to what they think the defense will be. >> reporter: the plan right mow is to bring back 16 jurors tomorrow for further questioning. and then bring back dozens of jurors on friday. they are hoping to have opening arguments as early as the end of next week. in salem, 7 news. >> jadiann: three young people in lowell gunning for trouble. they shot at homeless people with a b.b. gun, police say. you see the be. g. gun on the right. it looks eerily similar to the real thing on the left. the 14 and 12-year-olds hurled rocks at the homeless people. >> they are seriously going to hurt somebody. >> jadiann: three people were
12:33 pm
they are expected to be okay. canton. the man who barricaded himself died. police say he stabbed his brother and threatened officers. the swat team moved in and closed down the area. they got into the house, but the man had already hurt himself. >> christa: a group of men are entering a store wearing masks. one of the men threatens the clerk with the knife. >> jadiann: an emergency delivery afterthis wild new hampshire. the pregnant woman in the car had to go and get an emergency c-section last night. >> christa: she was trapped in the vehicle last night after the car. more on how the mom and baby are doing today. >> reporter: it happened in seconds. >> she remembered everything.
12:34 pm
and you know, the car landing soup side-down. ... upside-down. >> reporter: brittany bowden, 7 months pregnant was trapped inside the car. her husband dennis had been thrown from the car. -he was thrown out. he crawled over to her. there were two cars racing. one sped ahead while the other tried to wedge between their saab on the left and a minivan on the right. witnesses say it sent the saab on to the sidewalk. >> there was a saab in the left lane. a minivan in the right lane. the car flipped. went through the fence. >> reporter: the baby boy due on christmas was delivered by c-section. to have all three alive and well is a wonderful gift, grandpa says. >> we are just thanking the stars.
12:35 pm
all three survived. >> christa: we have a developing story out of south sudan. a russian-made cargo plane crashed, killing several people. a spokeswoman there says there are survivors, including a crew member and a child. the plane crashed on the banks of the nile river shortly after taking offer. no word yet on exactly why it crashed. it was reportedly overloaded at the time. and was meant to carry just 12 people. >> jadiann: new clues emerge in the crash of a russian passenger plane over egypt. a russian news agency reporting no traces of explosive residue were found on the bodies of the victims. if true, this would support the theory that the plane failure rather than a bomb. >> reporter: they are getting closer. investigators now focusing on a few small sections of the plane. no traces of a bomb, no evidence of explosives found soer fa. according to reports on russian media.
12:36 pm
the heat flash detected from the plane by a u.s. satellite proves there was an explosion that split the plane in midair. the evidence now pointing towards some catastrophic event that made a fuel tank explode. or a bomb. >> whether it's mechanical or intentional, that has yet to be determined. >> reporter: all the bodies recovered are now in russia being identified. the state news agency says those in the back of the plane suffered injuries consistent with an explosion. the tail was found three miles from the rest of the plane. they are now expecting aer are repair job on the tail that was damaged hitting the ground 14 years ago. the terror group isis is active in egypt. and claims it downed the plane. the truth will likely emerge from the two flight recorders. investigators analyzing these now but making nothing public. isis today has repeated its claim, saying "we downed the plane. we don't have to tell you how we did it." nbc news has authenticated
12:37 pm
that comes from a recognized isis source. if it was a bomb, there will be evidence. exclosive residue. a timing device. fragments, for example: of a circuit board like were found in december, 1988, when pan am 103 exploded over lockerbie, scotland. no such evidence has been found so far. spare a thought this morning for the families of those onboard who still have no idea how on thert happened. back to you. >> christa: still ahead, a former bruins player looking like a superstar. details coming your way next. >> jeremy: warm pattern rolls on. 60's today. heading back into the 7's
12:38 pm
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vaccination may not protect everyone. so, if you hopped around ask your doctor or pharmacist about fluzone high-dose. fluzone high-dose vaccine. >> christa: all right. we have some breaking news california. police say that five people have been stabbed on a university campus in central california. this is the university of california. they say the suspect has been shot and killed by police. a university spokeswoman, we understand, says two of the victims were taken by helicopter to hospitals for treatment. she says that the other three victims were treated locally. we don't have any word on their conditions, unfortunately. they also say the school
12:41 pm
remains in lockdown mode. and classes have been canceled for the day. once again, this is the california. the university of california campus. we will be following this in the day ahead. >> now 7 weather with meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> jeremy: mild pattern rolls on. again, this is going to be the case even into next week. sunday does look like a chilly day. in terms of, you know, overall cold patterns setting up, no. we will hold on to the warm temps. near record warment ment on friday. for boston. that will be 73. we will make a run at it. i think we will get there. this afternoon, i don't think we hit 70's today with the sea the city. 59 in town. bedford, 62. norwood, 65. fitchburg at 65. place. all sorts of sunshine throughout the afternoon. now, yesterday, the high was over across new yo state. and that prevented the sea breeze from forming. now with the high out to our east. it is actually encouraging the sea breeze.
12:42 pm
coastal areas, a little bit cooler than yesterday. but again, even low 60's is above normal for this time of year. high pressure moves to our south overnight tonight. southerly flow sets up. tomorrow morning, we will start with some clouds and fog. this time of year, that sun is not as strong as it is in july and august. it will take a little time to get rid of the clouds and fog tomorrow morning. but it will happen. i think by certainly, 10:00 or 11:00-in-the-and into the afternoon, a mix of clouds and sunshine. warm day tomorrow. near 70. much of the same on friday. a lot of clouds on friday. there could be a couple of showers overnight tomorrow night. and some sprinkles very early friday morning. essentially, friday, despite having a lot of clouds around, it is a dry day. increasing humidity as well. dew points a nonfactor today. you would usually find those a nonfactor in november. on friday, you start to notice, ooh, it is kind of humid out here. mugginess in the air. not midsummer humidity. certainly, you will notice it.
12:43 pm
a lot of sunshine. the city around 62 this afternoon. norwood, at 65. north of town, low to mid-60's. new hampshire say coast, near 60. cape ann, in the uper 50's. worcester hills, fitchburg around 64. on the cape and the islands, chatham, 59. provincetown at 59. for tonight, clear skies this evening. clouds and some fog developing after midnight tonight. southeasterly and then eventually, a southwesterly breeze develops. 45-50. tomorrow morning clouds. afternoon sun. warm tomorrow. upper 60's to around 70. friday, there is your record at 73 in boston. we will tie it. and worcester, your record is 70. it will be close. sunday is the brighter of the two weekend days. that is the chilly day. you notice monday and tuesday,
12:44 pm
upper 50's to around 60. >> jadiann: chris kelly is expected to be out six to eight months. adding insult to injury, former bruins tyler seguin put on a show against his old team. boston. that changed last night. he recorded a hat trick. scoring a goal in each period. dallas won the game 5-3. after the game, players were frustrated with the result. they are understandably concerned about kelly. >> i say that many times. when you lose a key player like. that you know, everyone is feeling the hole, i guess, and stepping up. it is no different this time. we are certainly going to miss him. >> jadiann: the b's hit the road now for the next three games. boston face it is washington capitals tomorrow night. >> christa: tom brady was named afc east offensive player of the year. after his four-touchdown
12:45 pm
it is his 25th player of the week honors. so far, it's been a banner season for brady. he has had 20 touchdowns and one interception. so doing pretty well there. >> jadiann: coming up, a model signing off. why she is saying good-bye to social media. and more than a half million
12:46 pm
the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics,
12:47 pm
[ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. >> christa: one teenager wants people to know that the life depicted in pictures isn't all that it seems. >> jadiann: she says behind her display of perfection, there is loneliness. kim khazei has the story. >> reporter: social media validation. it is about the number of likes you get when posting something. like an image or video. for 18-year-old athena, it became an obsession.
12:48 pm
>> i had the dream life. i had half a million people interested in me on social media. on insta gram, sorry. i had over 100,000 views on you tube and i made it. i'm signed with one of the biggest agencies in australia. i want to tell you that having it all on social media means absolutely nothing to your real life. >> reporter: the teenager reveals how contrived in a you tube confession. >> everything i did was for views. for likes. >> reporter: to her more than half a million followers on instagram, o'neal revealed the truth. the touched-up enhanced photos of her social media life are far from real. she writes "spray-tan, barely any clothes. i was 15. this is what i thought was inspiring." on this image "i had acne here. this is a lot of make-up." and here, "not real life. took over one hundred poses
12:49 pm
trying to make my stomach look good. would have hardly eaten that day. would have yelled at my little sister to keep taking them until i was somewhat proud of this." i was paid $400 to post this dress. >> social media is now a business. if you don't think it is a business, you are diluting yourself. >> reporter: she claimed her fixation was prompted by insecurity, not confidence. >> everything i did in a day was to be that perfect person on-line. >> reporter: the teenage confession received a lot of support on twitter. kara wrote, "i never paid attention to athena o'neal. i really admire her bravery and honfy fches... honesty now." a few are skeptical. amy wrote, "i feel like in ten years, she is going to watch that back and perhaps she wished she hadn't posted that video." o'neal followed by posting this image. confidence is not "they will
12:50 pm
like me." confidence is "i'll be fine if they don't." >> jeremy: sunshine for the afternoon.
12:51 pm
>> christa: breaking news in california. there has been a stabbing at the university of california campus south of sacramento. the person, the suspect has been shot and killed by police. not a lot of information available about that person. however, we do know that the stabbing victims were sent to local hospitals. two of them air-lifted for treatment as well. right now, classes are canceled for the day.
12:52 pm
only, a big story on the west coast. we will have more of this first at 4:00. >> jadiann: yeah, that's right. at this time we do one last check of the weather. >> jeremy: boston, at 58. norwood, 6. worcester, 63 for the afternoon. mostly sunny skies. not as warm as yesterday. but still the numbers above normal. and they are very warm tomorrow. near 70. low 70 on friday. saturday, 6's. sunday, 50's. >> christa: have a great afternoon, everybody. thank you so much for sharing some time with us today. >> jadiann: i'm jadiann thompson. be safe. enjoy the sunshine.
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