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tv   Today  NBC  November 5, 2015 2:07am-3:00am EST

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from nbc news, this is "today", with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> i think we know that. here it is wines day wednesday, and that is lady marmalade by patti labelle .
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cooken. >> >> that's a beautiful sight. how blessed are we? >> she's here to cook. i'm here to talk about lung cancer. >> were you on empire, patti? >> yes, and horror story and dancin' with the freakin' stars. >> and clint black is here. black is back. >> he'll be with us. >> and he's been workin' a lot of hits. we're going to talk to him, and he's going to sing for us. >> would you like some words of wisdom? >> after our day yesterday, i am ready. >> here's some words of wisdom. and suddenly you know, it's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings. >> i love that. >> don't you? >> who said it? >> meister eckert. he was born in the 13th century. >> i dated him.
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>> how was it? >> you know. times were different. >> we had a busy, busy day, didn't we, yesterday? >> reminds me what my life used to be like all the time. i'm so glad i don't have to do it anymore. let's revisit. >> first we went to lunch. delicious calamari, et cetera. >> we went to get my stuff and had to go back. >> we went five blocks down and saw the movie "bridge of spies." >> have you seen that? >> steven spielberg, tom hanks, coty had called me and said mom, please promise me that you will go see this movie. he said, frank went to the film school at usc and he's at oxford studying all this stuff, he's a real student of film. and he said mom, i can't wait for you to see it.
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>> you are on the edge of your seat. your heart is lifted some of the time, your heart is broken some of the time. it's got everything. >> nothing blows up, and nobody's wearing tights, know what i'm saying? >> and nobody's doing the nasty. >> it's about true heroism. it's almost like a mr. smith goes to washington, except he goes to berlin. i remember those times. patti, you remember, honey. remember during the cold war, our biggest enemy was the soviet union and we were all afraid about the nuclear arms race and spies. it's just, based on a true story. >> oh, yes. >> so go see "bridge of spies." >> when we were done with that, we took a little break. a little nappy. >> i wish. >> and we went to our favorite things party, which is always a fun vants for us. so we go to this party where all of our advertisers and executives come. we have a couple hundred people
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who come out. jen miller was with us. we're going to talk about all the products on thursday >> thirsty thursday. >> oh, you're right. look at that crazy posse. anyway, and then -- >> we're on our way to t on the way to our favorite things party. >> i don't think we have that picture. >> yes, you do. oh, hoda woman. >> done eye deutsch nie deutsch has a new show called"donnie." crank it up. >> you are the first to know, i am running for president. >> oh, my god, you would make the best president ever! >> not really running for president. i want to create buzz for the show. get a ton of pr. i don't want to run for president. i want to be president. >> no. >> i love this idea. we do a brand thing from the show.
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now i want to help america. >> the united states of america. >> i'm going to outtrump trump. >> i had my doubts. it's very hard to break through. we went over to the rainbow room and watched several episodes. the best one is the one we're on. it's so clever. it's so original. it's very risque, but that's donnie, and it's cutting edge, but it's funny. you find yourself truly laughing out loud. >> for people who don't know him, you will know him after this thing. it premieres tuesday, november 10th at 10:30. >> we wish him such, such success. >> it's a sitcom. >> it's not a reality show. it's loosely scripted. they give you a scenario. okay. now we're going to talk about this. whether we did it he was going to be dating christie brinkley.
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you're getting an age-appropriate person. >> but they're not memorizing lines. it's cool. >> it's improve. . >> we've been telling you that people are rushing christmas a little. starbucks came out with their holiday cups. there was, joanne showed us some video of a neighbor who had put up christmas lights well, apparently in joanne's neighborhood, this woman's not the only one who has christmas lights. more went up and across the street. >> i think that's regis. ring aling >> on facebook, ronna says she's 10th. that's not it. jenny sent us a picture of her tree, but she doesn't decorate until after thanksgiving. there's a bunch of pictures.
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husband, we should dress up in costumes. eat turkey dinner, exchange gifts, stay up till midnight and y new year! get it all done at once. >> you sort of get why the stores rush it. even though you don't want them to, but why everybody else does is interesting. so we've been hearing a lot of rumors, unsubstantiated rumors. >> hoda's upset about them. >> so we've read in places that gwen stefani and blake shelton are dating. we're not sure, but we do have some photographic proof that maybe they are. they were seen -- >> remember they're friends. they are colleagues. >> they were seen at a halloween party this weekend. so what, it could have been anybody. ryan seacrest asked gwen about the relationship. >> on his radio show. >> and here's what she said. >> so blake is also on this
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show. >> is he? who's blake? >> blake shelton. >> oh, the country guy. >> is it true or not true? >> i'm not going to answer that. myself. i think he's hot, don't you? but to be super honest, it is kind of crazy, like we both went through the same thing at the same time. evidence. now, how about this? i was watching very, very closely when matt was voice". they were sitting at a round table. watch how blake looks at gwen when gwen is talking. i think this is proof. let's see t it. look at blake. look at blake. he's gazing and smiling. >> they all are. >> no, not like blake. oh, you're right. >> hoda, you're looking for trouble. they're all looking at her. she's a beautiful woman.
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>> yes, i am. >> but you know what it is? you know what today is? wines day wednesday. it's what we call hunk hump day. that. >> yes, we just said it. >> in unison. >> what did we say? >> hump hunk day. >> you can say that on tv? >> she's blushing. >> ready? hunk meaning get you through the week. >> that's what a hump will do you. >> exactomundo. >> i don't want to do it. >> he just got off a virgin america flight, which also makes valerie blush. >> i thought he had a hump in. >> let's hear it for him.
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>> yes, he is a hot guy. are' . >> i like them, don't you? >> you know who we really like? is adele. she's on the cover of rolling stone. look at this picture. doesn't she look beautiful. you know, usually we see her fully made up. hair blown, lots of makeup and all that stuff. this is her kind of stripped-down, and i think she looks great on the cover of "rolling stone." i love that picture. >> and we're going to have a big concert. >> father/son halloween. >> they dressed up like each other for halloween. dad/son costume. which is the real dad and which is the son? let's reveal the answer. >> well that's obvious. >> dad as -- wow. wow. that is pretty incredible. so the real thing on the left,
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that is pretty -- but the dad is -- which one is the dad? >> hoda, the first dad on the left is the real dad. >> and the son or -- the son as the dad is on the right. >> it says that, hoda. >> i'm reading. let me get to it. >> so we have a question. how many times do you think you check your cell phone during the course of the day. even if it's to look at the time. what was it >> somebody's calling you. remember that? >> a new study found the average person looks at his or her phone 85 times a day. >> hmm. funny? i was in the makeup room. >> as we're discussing this. >> for 25 minutes maybe, i counted about 15 checks. so my sister texted me. problem. it buzzed again. >> i don't have a phone, so i
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>> i don't have a cell phone, i don't do phones. >> are you computer illlliterate? >> i'm not illiterate. i just don't want to be bothered. >> what if you want to call someone privately? >> i use their phone and go in the bathroom. >> go in the bathroom. >> it's not even important. >> i heard you in the stall this morning. >> i don't make any calls because i don't have to. >> do you have an iphone? >> i do. >> how often do you check it. >> too often. i'm going to take a break. i really. planning on doing that, putting it aside. >> aren't we? >> no. >> there's a trick. >> two children, and they don't live with you, and they're traveling. >> you're connected that way. >> that's what it's for. otherwise, what a waste of life.
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>> my son, we tweet each other. >> the color that making every woman look thinner? black. >> and find out what patti labelle wants every girl to know.
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actress valerie bertinelli has been acting since childhood, but most recently, the golden globe winning actress starred in the hit sitcom "hot in cleveland". >> these days it's hot in valerie's kitchen where she cooks in "valerie's home cooking." so our "today" food team call with with valerie. >> it starts on saturday. >> the two starts in three. >> yeah, three days. >> are you excited? >> i've never worked harder but had more fun. it's really weird, because i don't like to work hard. but it's really fun. >> cooking is so authentic to you. >> it's what i love to do. >> show us what we're going to make today. >> they're really good. you roast them up wul all of the
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little bit of sugar, and salt. you can munch on them all day. you can put them on salads. i love these things. i'm going to make something a little different for thank thanksgiving and girls night. we're going to make turkey meat loaf. >> we'll help. >> we're going to be handling turkey meat. and if you don't want to wash your hands a million times a day, you can wear gloves. the white turkey meat goes in. >> it might take a while. >> mine ripped. >> we're going to put the turkey meat in after this bread has been soaking for at least ten minutes in milk and then we have pancetta. >> what is that? >> like an italian bacon. >> can we have bacon?
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>> yes, we can have italian bacon. >> do i pour this in? >> that's some egg. >> catsup? >> that's catsup. if you want to play around with it, you can add balsamic catsup. and then some garlic, of course. >> of course. >> and then we have pepper. good girl. >> good girl. >> you go there. so we have some onion, parsley and parmesan cheese right there. so all that gets mixed in together. >> mushy, mushy. >> i'll use my fingers. >> and basically, we get it to look like this. and this goes into the oven -- i love this. it's satisfying. >> we should just let you have some fun over there. >> i will have my way with it. [ laughter ] >> you guys go on, leave me alone. let me have a moment. >> and then when you take it out, like 35 minutes or 40
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a burns of catsup on top of it. sometimes i'll take the catsup bottle and do fun little designs on top. then you put it back in the oven, and then it gets nice and brown. >> you don't need this, do you? >> you're just doing that for the fun. enjoy. >> we're making our veggies right? >> on to the veggies. i've got my pancetta again cooking. >> love it. >> now if you want to make this a vegetarian dish you don't have to put the pancetta in. these have been put in some boiling hot boiling water with a little bit of salt in it. not long. you want to blanch them up and soften them up a bit. and that goes in. >> i love that sound. >> and you get them -- >> why are people afraid of brussels sprouts? they're so good for you. >> they're delicious. >> they're really, really good for you. >> how long would you cook these up in the pan, val?
2:26 am
already been softened, when they get that nice, fun brown crusty part on them. that's yummy chewy part where all the flavor comes in. >> have some. >> you go over there. i'm going to come over here. >> you can't leave the pan. >> you can't? >> no, when something's cooking, i feel like i can't, because i also. >> mm. >> sandwiches the next day. sometimes i'll eat it cold out of the fridge. >> that's delicious. >> you get these and other thanksgiving recipes head to >> and if you can't get enough of valerie, catch her on valerie's home cooking on the food network. >> we've got the recipe of a good time when we miss elvis duran with a game of who knew. >> can i spank you? >> not today. it's not tuesday. >> oh, shoot. all right, after these messages. ro
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you know what? we are ready to play our weekly game of "who knew." and it's all about music. >> and who knows more than elvis duran. >> you're going to know all of these. they're all classic songs. so where's the "city boy" born and raised in journey's 1981 hit "don't stop believin'." >> google it? >> speaking of music, guess who's here.
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it's wines day wednesday, and we're ready to play our weekly trivia game called "who knew." this week it's about lyrics to all-time great hits. kathie lee's across the street ready to hand out $100 to anyone who gets the answers right. to those who don't, you get a signed cd. with me is elvis duran. hi, elvis. >> the music today is awesome. these are all my favorite songs. >> where is the city boy born and raised in journey's 1981 hit "don't stop believen." >> can we listen to clint black. >> clint back lack, where was he raised? south detroit
2:32 am
>> let's go across the street. >> lovely lady who hurt herself in the marathon, but she finished like the woman she is. from michigan. in what song is a man named paul talking with davy who's still in the navy? is it more than a feeling? tiny dancer or piano man? >> c. >> what a great husband. >> piano man it is. still in the navy and probably will be a while >> isn't that a great song? billy joel's first released huge hit. his big signature hit. >> he's in concert by the way, he's still great at the garden. >> he really is. >> lovely people from tampa bay. according to the songs "where some dance to remember, some dance to forget." which song. hotel california?
2:33 am
>> hotel california. >> yes! >> hotel california. >> here it is. some to forget >> people know this music and when they're young. this is from 1 977. >> from san antonio, texas. in what 1980s hit will you find the hits forever's going to start tonight. livin' on a prayer? total eclipse of the heart or take on me. >> i'm going to say b. >> you're right! >> oh, my gosh! >> look at that. >> wow. total eclipse of the heart "forever's going to start tonight >> hey, clint, did you know that one? >> of course. >> you knew that one too?
2:34 am
>> bonnie tyler's biggest hit. it's about vampire love, did you know that? isn't that creepy? back to kathie lee. it's hard to remember the lyrics when there's this weird music going on. empty. >> we're in minneapolis. >> according to aretha franklin in respect which of these is not sweeter than honey? your time, your kisses or my money? >> b, your kisses. [ buzz ] >> yay, you get a cd. >> i hope you have a baby somewhere. >> it's a, your time. ooh >> aretha franklin's number one hit.
2:35 am
>> we have clint black here, patti labelle here, elvis duran. >> patti labelle 's here? when she performs, she kicks her shoes off. >> elvis is being inducted into the radio hall of fame in chicago tomorrow night. and so we are going to be with you on the radio tomorrow morning. >> absolutely. >> congratulations, elvis. >> thank you very much. >> kathie lee's going to come back from across the street. how about music from clint black. and we bet you know the lyrics to her songs, patti labelle . new attitude it's the final countdown! the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more
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you switch to geico.
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winning music legend who's sold over 50 million records over 52 years. >> now she's using that powerful voice to talk about lung cancer, a cause that is very personal to patti. >> she catapulted into the spot lot as lead singer of the trio that became to be known as labelle. it was a funky mix of funk and soul. with vocals beyond compare, patti decided to go solo, and her star continued to rise on the strength of tunes like these. i got a new attitude got to bring it up now somebody loves you baby >> but singing wasn't her only calling. patti had roles in many tv shows, including her own sitcom
2:39 am
request do in "dancing with the stars." but off stage she endured incredible loss. two sisters died from lung cancer in their early 40s. so in the memory of her loved ones, she is using her celebrity, speaking out in order to fight this deadly disease. >> i don't think many people know about this. and patti labelle is a paid spokesperson for the american lung association to raise awareness about the disease. i'm happy to have you here. >> i'm happy to be here, but not happy happy because i've lost so many family members to lung cancer, and this is the lung cancer color, turquoise. and i am the spokesperson for the american lung association, lung initiative. it's like lung cancer is the number one killer of women.
2:40 am
>> women, yeah. >> more so than breast, colon, pancreatic cancer aloin. and one woman buys every minute in the u.s. of lung cancer. >> to have lost two of your sisters. >> my sister barbara was diagnosed with cancer, say, in the beginning of a year. and before the year was over, she died. >> had she been a smoker? >> my sisters were both smokers, but you don't get it because of smoking. you can get it second hand or third hand smoking. you request get it from inhaling ribs when you cook them on the grill. my daunt ghter-in-law's grand mother died in afghanistan from baking bread and smelling the fumes. we have no, it's like nothing happening with lung cancer. nobody is speaking on t and i, as a celebrity, it's a shame
2:41 am
about something as important. but i'm patty, i patti. you know, breast cancer awareness is october, and their color is pink. you can call me on my cell that i don't have. >> that you don't have. >> but i am so involved in lung cancer initiative, trying to bring awareness to this illness. that's the number one cancer killer of ladies. >> that's unbelievable. >> i think that's news to an awful lot -- >> it was news to me. so i'm here to speak. >> you went through a time that you felt guilty that the lord hadn't taken you, too. >> i lost one sister to quo colon cancer, two to lung cancer, i have diabetes. but i'm here to speak at 71. my sisters died in their early
2:42 am
40s, all of them. >> we're so happy to see you. >> patti, thank you for coming to see us. >> just go to >> yes, baby. >> for every drop that falls a flower grows you ask me to sing every time i hear a newborn baby cry or touch a leaf or see the sky then i know why we believe patti! [ applause ] >> lung cancer initiative. >> clint black coming up right
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the citi concert series on "today", is proudly presented to you by citi. >> hey, hey. the wait is over after ten years, one of the biggest est gest stars in country music is back. >> he didn't go anywhere. he's been touring the country and writing music. >> and he's out with a new album called "on purpose." >> what was the reason for the ten-year wait? >> i was doing other things but i was being courted by record companies and it was never right. so it was my excuse. but once you get a deadline -- >> you got to do it. >> the song you're going to sing for us is "better and worse."
2:46 am
>> it's a smart-alecky thing. people say how you doing? and you say i've been better, but i've been worse. >> here he is. clint black. i've been better. i've been worse. i've been blessed and i've been cursed. ain't dead last and ain't dead first not everything's going to go my way i've been better i've been worse i'm on purpose and unrehearsed my way push to hard lean to far thinking i can have it all
2:47 am
i end up in the middle all worse i can do without the doctor, but i need my nurse mysteady, but it's unrehearsed not everything's going to go my way and i push to hard lean to far thinking i can have it all and i stumble just a little and i end up in the middle banging my head against a brand-new wall i've been better i've been worse got a ying yang i ain't the center of the universe not everything's going to go my way i text with the best, but i can't converse i got a little money, but it's
2:48 am
not everything's going to go my way >> woo-hoo! >> money's in her purse! that was the best line of all. >> thank you. >> from clint black to the hottest trends in black. lilianne yeah has your looks for less after this.
2:49 am
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all right. what woman out there doesn't own that perfect little black dress. >> or lbd as hoda likes to call it. >> and how trusty are those black pants that make you feel slimmer than you really are. >> liliana is here to help you kick it up a notch. >> and they're all looks for less. >> clint black looks fantastic in all black i have to point out. >> he knows it! >> but everybody feels great in black. come on over, hang with us. >> yeah, hang with us. >> you're showing how to do almost all black. >> but you have to get the black hat, because it makes your head
2:52 am
>> let's start with texture. what we do here is mix leather and feathers who would have thought those two look so good together. these pieces from jc penney for under $50. another way to update your black is with velvet. it's perfect for the holiday season. these little joggers are only $20. off the shoulder. that's called the cold shoulder for the season. and let's talk about lace. >> what am i doing? >> now i know what to wear. >> you're eye candy. just drink it in. >> so everybody has lace. don't do lace on lace, but do lace on texture. here this shirt is from forever 21. and last but not least, the little black dress. this one is only $30. >> that's cute. >> a little mesh perfect for the holiday party. >> where can everybody find your >> first of all, i'm going to shorten my hem.
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