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tv   Today  NBC  November 9, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. good morning. breaking news. two americans killed, four wounded at a military training center in jordan. we'll have a live report from the pentagon. fighting back. ben carson defends himself against criticism that he fabricate the stories in his pest and lied about being offered a scholarship to west point. and as republicans prepare to debate again tomorrow night, we'll talk to the head of the what happened? a parking lot in mississippi caves in swallowing up 15 cars. authorities still trying to collapse.
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>> roque are! roker! >> after a hectic opening weekend filled with surprises. >> yeah, it's leaking. >> al's getting set to tackle 13 states in the next 24 hours, four of them in the next few hours making this the wildest rokerthon day of them all today, monday, november 9th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, welcome to "today" on a monday morning. we start week with a very busy news day. >> yeah. we've got breaking news just in. a report attack on americans at a military facility in jordan. nbc's jim mick chefs klaszewski is learning about this. >> reporter: investigators are scrambling to investigate the reports out of jordan that two
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along with some jordanian forces when a jordanian military officer or police officer of some kind reportedly opened fire, went on a shooting spree at a u.s. training facility there in jordan. the reports are still very sketchy. we've seen these kinds of reports before in iraq and afghanistan where friendly forces have turned their fire on americans. it's unclear whether the americans were the target, according to officials, because palestinians were also killed. the investigation is still under way. >> we'll keep in touch with you this morning as we learn more. let's turn now to the presidential race. ben carson is facing intense new scrutiny on the campaign trail as republican presidential candidates get ready for tomorrow night's debate we'll talk exclusively with the chairman. rnc in a moment, but first let's bring in nbc national correspondent peter alexander. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning to you. we're in milwaukee ahead of tomorrow night's republican debate, an ben carson has come
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discrepancies in his life story. it's a compelling and powerful life story that he's parlayed into a successful presidential campaign, but this morning carson insists that he's not being vetted but is being targeted by the news media. ben carson's political future may depend on how well he weathers questions about his past. >> it's not particularly getting under my skin. obviously it's helping me. >> reporter: carson raising a stunning $3.5 million in one week as scrutiny grows over a claim to scholarship offer to west point and violent youths and acts protecting white classmates during a 1968 race riot. carson consistently dismissing his creditics. >> you're asking me about something that occurred 50 years ago and you expect me to have the details on it. forget about it. it's not going to happen. >> reporter: one british newspapers revealing an inside like at carson's maryland home complete with paintings of carson, one over the fireplace
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the home, like a museum, with awards, certificates and personal memorabilia. carson's chief competitor donald trump isn't letting up, sooerks egging in on carson's description of his path violence as pathological. >> if you have a pathological disease, that's a problem. it's a serious statement when you say you have a pathological disease because as i understand it you can't really cure it. >> reporter: trump's latest show-stopper, leading "saturday night live" to its best ratings in three years despite mixed reviews. one latino group protesting trump's appearance promising comedian larry david will get its payout even though he heckled trump as a joke. >> trump's a racist! >> it's larry david. what are you doing, larry? >> i heard if i yelled that they would give me $5,000. [ applause ] >> the as a businessman, i can fully respect that. >> reporter: also under fire, marco rubio is trying to put to
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rest lingering questions about his finances, releasing two new years of charge card statements that show a pattern of overlapping personal and legislative spending. >> reporter: trump admits he considered becoming president h.w. bush's running mate back in 1988, but he insists it was not his idea. the potential bush/trump ticket was first revealed in a new biography about bush's life. the book claims trump asked a bush aide to vet him, that the 41st president said that was a strange and unbelievable idea. trump says it was the other way around and that the former aide said trump would make a great vice president. matt? >> peter alexander, thanks very much. reince priebus is the chairman of the republican national commit e. mr. priebus, good to see you, good morning. >> good morning, matt. >> let's talk about ben carson.
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when someone runs for president and has no political experience and no record in public office to run on and they decide to run on the elements of an interesting and inspiring life story, are specific and pointed questions about element of that life story appropriate? >> well, look, i would imagine some questions are appropriate, but i do believe that this is a totally crazy obsession over incredible details from 30 and 40 years ago, whether it be this issue or some of these other issues highlighted earlier in the segment among other candidates. the fact is, you know, we kind of wish the media would just be obsessed or half obsessed with hillary clinton's lies of many years and -- >> except that dr. carson -- >> four people died in benghazi and e-mails and everything tells. >> dr. carson says he's being targeted and not vetted and if he says he's being vetted more
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including barack obama who faced years of birther questions and hillary clinton who you just mentioned who has faced decades of questions about her marriage, her personal life, her e-mails, 11 hours in a chair in front of ago. is he being more severely vetted than anyone else? >> yeah, but the difference is that the media is actually, you know -- they do have an actual vendetta or at least an agenda against some of these candidates. in regard to hillary clinton, the media sort of, yeah, they cover it, but they cover it with a laugh and a wink and a nod and isn't it horrible that she had to sit in a chair for 11 hours. i mean, that's the tone of the coverage of hillary clinton. it's a tone of this is silly, let's move on, whereas with the republicans it's, hey, can you believe that, you know, 40 years ago this happened or that, hey, you know, this credit card over here, i mean, those are things that might be interesting for, you know, a question, but not an obsession. i would say that hillary clinton
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people ought to be obsessed with. >> let's be clear here. if ben carson has woven stories like the west point story into the fabric of his interesting and inspiring life story, doesn't it make it fair game for questions? >> sure, and people asked the question and he answered it. so, i mean, you know, i think, okay, asked and answered, and i think people need to move on to the next question. i'm not saying that questions aren't appropriate. of course, people can ask questions, but i think you get to a place where all the questions have been asked. >> real, real quickly. i know you wrote a letter to the chairman of nbc news following the last debate on cnbc. there were a lot of questions and a lot of criticism about the tone of that debate, and you suspended ties with this network for future debates. i also know you've spoken to the chairman of nbc news, andy lack. are you making progress in terms of renewing ties with this network on future debates? >> well, look, i mean, here's the issue.
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cnbc. abc's the parent organization. >> nbc. >> my belief -- >> nbc, sorry. nbc is the parent organization. my belief is that there has to be some consequences for what we saw a couple weeks ago in denver. you know, people did something that -- that we didn't obviously -- wasn't promise the. it wasn't expected, and there has to be consequences, and so, yeah, did i have a good conversation with andy lack, and by the way, we'll be talking to the candidates about the future of that debate, but we're looking forward to the debate this week, and i think it's going to be a much better debate, and i think it's going to be a good time to put that cnbc debate behind us. >> reince priebus, the chairman of the rnc. always good to see you. thank you for your time. >> and to the white house, president obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will try to mend their fractured relationship, the first time they will meet face
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to face since the israeli leader launched a fierce battlens the iran nuclear deal. >> that meeting comes amid disturbing photo showing a palestinian woman attacking a security guard in the west bank. the guard was chicking the woman's i.d. when she pulled out a knife and lunged at him. the israeli military said the guard suffered minor injuries and was able to shoot and injure that woman, the latest incident in a wave of violence in that region where 11 regions and more than 70 palestinians have died in the past two months. it's shocking video. >> it is indeed, and nowed to the crash of that russian passenger plane. this morning officials are growing more confident that it was a bomb that took down the jet. nbc's chief global correspondent bill neely is on the story again for us this morning. bill, good evening, where does the investigation stand? savannah. egypt seems to be denying this morning that this was an inside job, but it's feeling under such pressure to find the cause of this crash that it's hitting back, describing one report that
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investigators are 90% sure this was a bomb as an outright lie. it says there's an intelligence and media war against it, and it is denying allegations of lax security here at airport from where the plane took off. egyptian officials say cctv footage of baggage handlers and security the day the plane took off shows nothing unusual. security was more than excellent, they say, and no worker is under suspicion. they denied reports of equipment failure and workers not being searched properly. but this airport official clearly wasn't used to being thoroughly searched. no, he says, i don't take off my shoes when i come through here. fine. then i won't go in. the suspicion that a worker put a bomb in the cargo hold has sent some wares through world airlines. >> it is as a result of what
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it's another game-changer for the industry. >> reporter: israel won't confirm reports that its intelligence heard isis fighters boasting about taking down the plane. one egyptian investigator told the reuters news agency they are 90% sure it was a bomb, based on the final noise in the cockpit. investigators are now searching sand from the site for evidence of explosive residue. the fbi has agreed to help, asked by the russians. >> i hope it's a wake-up call to putin and i hope to some extent it's a wake-up call to us. >> russia still waiting for definitive proof of what cause the its worst airline disaster. and the world may have to wait a long time. egypt is leading this investigation, and it's in no hurry at the moment to confirm any theory. matt, savannah. >> all right. bill neely in cairo, thank you. here at home an investigation is under way into a tragic accident just outside
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at least four people killed, 14 others injured when a truck collided with a church van. tamron is here with more on that storey. >> those images are just stirring. what a sad story, guys. officials had still trying to piece together what happened there. first responders saying this is one of the most difficult crash scenes they have ever handled. a horrifying scene sunday after a pickup truck collided with a church van, killing 4 and injuring 14 others about 16 miles northeast of washington, d.c. >> 1200 block of children. multiple vehicle accident. one was fully involved. at least two priority 4s and nine priority 1s at this point in time. >> reporter: fire officials investigating the scene overnight in hyattsville, maryland, believe the pickup truck may have rear ended a passenger vehicle before losing control and crossing into oncoming traffic. the van then hit the truck, setting the truck on fire. >> first we thought it was a house on fire because the flames were about the height of that
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say they tried to help safety victims by pulling them out of the van, some desperately using their own water to help put out the fire. >> somebody just came out of their house with a hose and they were trying to spray down the car. >> authorities say six children and eight adults were transported to area hospitals. four adult and four children were in critical condition. >> any time you deal with children and fatalities and serious injuries, it does affect firefighters, medics and police officers. >> fire officials said adults in the van were mostly in their 20s and 30s. children ranged in age from 4 to 10 years old. >> tamron, thank you. keep us posted. officials in texas are on edge this morning after a district judge was shot in her driveway in what police believe was a targeted attack. the shooter still on the loose this morning. nbc's janet shamlian has the story from austin. janet, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you.
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julie kasorik has previously received threats over cases in which she was a presiding judge and this morning officials are poring over hundred of her cases hoping it will provide some clue life. new urgency this morning as austin police step up their manhunt searching this upscale austin neighborhood, looking for whomever took four shots at the district judge in the driveway of her home. >> four gunshots, very quick succession, and there wasn't any spacing, just bang, bang, bang, bang. >> reporter: was it a targeted attack? authorities are combing through hundreds of cases presided over by the judge trying to identify who might want her dead. other judges are shaken. >> the has been a greater awareness, let me put it that way when everybody is paying better attention. >> 17 now party to gunshot wound with engine ten. >> reporter: she was returning home from a high school football game according to the "austin
7:16 am
american darby statesman" newspaper. a bag of trash or garbage can had been placed in front of her security gate in front of her driveway requiring the driver of the car to stop to remove it. it was at that time, sourced said, that cocurek was shold. >> the per caller, the assailant has left but do not know where they are. >> reporter: it was a close call. law enforcement officials say the judge was wounded in the upper body and face area but by shrapnel and glass, not a direct hit from a bullet. her injuries are said to be serious but not life-threatening. >> will not be transported. >> reporter: kusorek hears more than 1,000 felony cases a year. colleagues say she's rational, reasonable and fair. >> if you thought about someone being very upset with the judge, not the type of judge you would think. >> reporter: officials have released no description of the suspect and have been very tight-lipped about this investigation. meanwhile, here in austin today, a heightened sense of concern over security among the judicial community.
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matt and savannah, back to you. >> can imagine a lot of frayed nerves, janet. thank you. take a look at the scene in mississippi where they cars were spal ode in an ihop parking lot. 600 feet long before the ground opened up. they heard several loud booms. >> thankfully nobody was injured. engineers will be at scene causing the collapse and the ihop had just opened last week. well, it is day four of al's record setting rokerthon 2 marathon of the we will call this -- a monster monday. >> it has a ring to it because al has a very long day ahead of them. >> i'm doing great. we've got so many people who have come here and how are we going to get the 13 states in one day on monster monday. i'll show you at least at start. we get a head start because
7:18 am
utah, colorado, new mexico, arizona. the four corners, and we're going to show you what we've brought together. it's going to be huge! but in the meantime, let's show you what else is going on today. we've got a big storm that's getting it self together. it's going to be bringing rain up out of the gulf along the southeastern atlantic coast and pushing up towards the northeast during the day today. look for flash flood watches and flash flood warnings from florida all the way to the carolinas for a flooding threat. we're going to watch this system push on up and coastal low develops and flash flooding possible and airport delays from washington all the way on up into new york, anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of rain, possibly up to 5 inches by virginia. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next making christmas wishes come true from wherever you are. and having dreams delivered to
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for some of us, that's all in a day's work. shop the way you live. love the way you shop. and experience more wonder every day. walmart. >> jeremy: good monday morn, everyone. we have a cool start but a bright start with a lot of sunshine that. sunshine warming us up. great store down through the carolinas and down through the deep south will bring us some rain beginning tomorrow afternoon. most of it tomorrow afternoon down south of the mass pike. 57 to 62 this afternoon. a mild finish to the day. rain arriving tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours from south to north. rain overnight into wednesday. a half an inch to an inch of rain. ay! >> that's your latest weather. guys, coming up, we're going to give you a recap of how we've gotten here coming up in the next half hour.
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>> just checked off four states just like that. >> in seconds. >> that's cool. >> well done, bud. >> we're going to see you in a little while. just ahead, controversy on a major college campus. schools demanding the school's president be fired. members of the football team on strike, refusing to play or practice until that happens. we're there live. and a dangerous trend. people taking photos on active train tracks. would you be able to hear a train coming before it's too late? we've got an eye-opening "rossen reports" experiment, but, first, this is "today" on nbc. i owe about $68,000. i owe $44,000 in student loans. my plan, the new college compact, says you should not have to borrow money to pay tuition if you go to a public college or university.
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refinance student debt. and i don't believe the federal government should be making a profit off of lending to young people who are borrowing to be able to get their education. we have got to make college affordable. i'm hillary clinton and i
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warm. warmer. warmer. yes. wherever the journey takes you, carry american express gold. it' s more than a card. it' s the gear that gets it done. >> this is 7news now. >> jadiann: good morning. it's 7:tech. we have chris lambert in this
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morning. >> reporter: the sky full of sunshine. 43 degrees in boston. mid to upper 20s in boston. a cool start to the day, but with all of that sunshine, we'll warm up nicely as we bet into the afternoon, in fact, high temperatures topping off close to 60 degrees this afternoon. afternoon. becoming more widespread overnight. >> jadiann: thanks so much. two officers are expected to be okay after they were dragged bay vehicle following a traffic stop in mattapan. it happened on blue hill avenue now last night. according to police, when the officers leaned in to talk with the driver, the man hit the gas, dragging them several hundred feet. state police are investigating whether speed was a factor in a crash that killed man and a woman. their truck plunged into the charles river saturday night. police say the driver ran a red light and then sideswiped another car before breaking through the barrier and landing in the water. we'll be back in 25 minutes with another update, everyone. hope you're having a great start to your monday. we'll see you in a few minutes. andrew: the one thing about soccer
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that i like the most is when i put my uniform on, the age just leaves me. the ages leave all of us. we simply become kids again. i think all of us play for that very reason. it makes us the child we once were. the years just glide away, and i'm back to where i was. who used to be down in me, and i get to be that person all over again. my name is andrew, and bluecross blueshield has me. [sfx:] all candidates' voices talking over one another my dad carried mail on his
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back. they called him "john the mailman" and they loved him because he looked out for everyone in those neighborhoods. i learned something from my father, do your best to look out for other people. we turned ohio around and we created jobs and cut taxes and balanced our budgets. john kasich's for us. new day for america is responsible for the content of
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37:30 now. it's monday, the 9th day of november, 2015. day four of rokerthon 2. we told you al would take america by storm and here is the proof, a huge crowd has turned out to celebrate with al at the four corners. we are efficient. seconds. >> al has promised all those people a ride on his snazzy jet. >> exactly. >> going to talk about that in a little while. now here are some. stories making headlines this morning. the pentagon is now investigating reports of a deadly attack at a training facility in jordan. a gunman allegedly opened fire,
7:31 am
killing at least three people, including two american soldiers. >> president obama and israeli prime minister netanyahu are trying to put their public clash over the iran nuclear deal behind them meeting at white house today. this is their first face-to-face in more than a year. engineers are being brought in to figure out what caused a large section of an ihop parking lot in mississippi to collapse over the weekend, swallowing 15 cars. no injuries were reported. want to begin this half hour with a campus controversy that's making headlines all across the country. the university of missouri's governing board is holding an emergency meeting this morning to address growing calls for the school's president to resign. a group of students, including dozens of football players, are upset at the way racially charged incidents are being handled on campus, and those players say they won't play gone. nbc's jacob rascon has that jacob, good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning. it started with a small group of students who wanted their
7:32 am
president to listen to their concerns, and now everyone from the football team to dozens of faculty to lawmakers from both parties say president tim wolf has to go. is! >> reporter: while the mizzou tigers lost this weekend, they are fighting a much larger battle off the field. the team standing with many of their fellow students, faculty, even lawmakers from both parties, demanding university president tim wolfe resign or be fired. the tigers head coach tweeting this photo of the team and coaching staff with the caption we are united. we are behind our players. a tipping point in a movement vowing to protest, walk out and in one student's case not eat until wolfe is gone. the anger stems from alleged acts of racism on campus in recent months and what many say is wolfe's woeful inadequate response.
7:33 am
black students, including the student body president, say they have faced repeated shouts of the "n" word, and last month a swastika smeared in human feces on a dorm building wall. when the group concerned student 1950 named after the year black students were first admitted to the university called on the president for action, they say he appeared apathetic. >> what do you think. >> reporter: and another confrontation over the weekend. >> it's because you don't believe that you have the equal opportunity for success. >> you don't believe me. >> reporter: my apology is long overtwo, president wrote wolfe today. my reaction seemed like i did not care but that was my incontinuation. he said the only change planned is a previously planned diversity strategy set to begin next april. >> we're tired of statements. we're tired of, you know, the pr team's writing on behalf our leaders. we want real change.
7:34 am
>> reporter:raduate student jonathan butler's response is the most dramatic. now in his eighth day without food, an individual and a university seemingly at their breaking point. many students and faculty have organized a walkout beginning later this morning. that emergency meeting was a board of curators begins at 10:00 a.m., and the next saturday. if there's no resolution by then and the football team backs out, the university could lose $1 million. guys, back to you. >> that's a big story. jacob rascon, pretty extraordinary. >> let's check in with al once again taking america by storm with rokerthon 2. hey, al. >> rokerthon on "today" is powered by netjets. travel without compromise with the worldwide leader in private aviation. >> hey, guys, so we are now in utah officially.
7:35 am
i love it, and so we've got members of the youth nation here and we've got the byu a capella group. exciting group. in fact, it's freezing out here. it's about 28 degrees. let's give you your utah forecast and show you what we've got as far as utah is concerned. okay, so we fly the rokerthon jet into utah, boom. look at that. 53 degrees in cedar city for a high. the four corners 62. vernon 50 and salt lake city will see a temperature of 57 degrees for a high. looking at unsettled weather in the west. we'll be watching a big storm system coming in. already brought a foot of snow to parts of california. this is going to bring heavy mountain snows from the sierras into the rockies and some strong tomorrows possible tuesday night, hail, damaging winds, can't rule out an isolated tornado, and as we move on into wednesday, look at this. i mean, we've got enhanced rusk of tornadoes from missouri to
7:36 am
we're going to be watching this 24 hours. that's what's going on around the everyone. we have a cool start but a sunshine that. sunshine warming us up. great store down through the carolinas and down through the deep south will bring us some afternoon. most of it tomorrow afternoon down south of the mass pike. 57 to 62 this afternoon. a mild finish to the day. rain arriving tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours from south to north. rain overnight into wednesday. a half an inch to an inch of rain. gusty wind wednesday >> okay. so we've officially done the forecast for utah, so we're going to plant the rokerthon flag and give it to these young men. there you go, guys. thank you so much. and we started off on friday in hawaii. start we were in alaska and yesterday we started to rock 'n'
7:37 am
roll, baby. we've got a big, big crowd here. >> day three of rokerthon began at 5:30 a.m. pacific time with falls. then it was across the border to wind swept city beach in cord lane, idaho and on to montana where things got a little dicy. hey, hey, hey. coming down over the pass one thing we didn't prepare for happened. hopefully we'll get our tire fix. a flat tire 80 miles from our next stop in mize [ laughter ] couldn't stop rokerthon. we tried to save our tie, our schedule and our dignity. >> yeah, it's leaking. >> reporter: tire was a goner, but the owners of schober's garage in st. reasonable ies saved the day. finally got to missoula and it was still surf's up. water temperature 40 degrees. wow. just outside of missoula we met up with our secret weapon, air rokerthon and the netjets team.
7:38 am
taking america by storm. then we jumped west to portland, oregon and the chinese garden. >> welcome you to the city of poured land. >> reporter: and a sewing but warm greeting. what's your name in. >> delaney. >> i love that name. los angeles dropping back to -- running behind. hungry in sacramento. mr. roker, can you do an interview. >> another surprise. >> nat mo, a little in and out burger. does it get any better? as sun was beginning to set, weather changed our plans. we were supposed to go to lake tahoe. there was a snow squall and we couldn't get there. had to divert, now in reno, nevada. got to wyoming we were late and tired. but energized by a huge crowd. >> roker! roker! >> that nobody saw coming. we've got a goat. >> roker! roker! roker!
7:39 am
there's a goat, guys. we had a heck of a day yesterday, and we've got 13 states today. monster monday. get ready. we're coming to you. >> al, i notice you're kind of dragging this monday. >> where is your energy? >> we've got a goat. got another goat! >> you're going to have to start explaining that. >> yes. well, we had -- in our commercial we've got a goat in the commercial. >> right. >> so every place we've had a goat, and i know there were questions about the plumber's crack when we were trying -- when we were trying to change the tire, it belongs to matt greenefield, one of our producers. >> oh, no. >> i could have gone all of rokerthon without knowing that. >> won't go the rest his life without us mentioning it now over and over. >> thank you, al. >> show it again. >> oh, my gosh.
7:40 am
>> all right, al. start." coming. does the newest "star wars" teaser reveal a big secret about one of our favorite characters? >> we'll find out. and up next on "rossen reports" a new danger on the tracks. >> hi, good morning. jeff rossen. the newer trend of people taking selfies even professional photographs on the train tracks. so far this year hundreds of out here so do you think you'd be able to hear a big train coming and jump out of way before it hits you? experiment coming up. how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event.
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7:44 am
rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. >> we are back at 7 :44. this morning on "rossen reports" a dangerous trend. >> this morning jeff rossen is here with a powerful and personal experiment. >> reporter: good morning to you. i talk about dangerous behavior all the time and i stand here and call people out when they are wrong. well, this morning something a little different. i am calling myself out. just a couple of weeks ago i was doing a story about a different unrelated topic involving my kids. i showed this picture. we're going to call it up right here of my kids right here on the "today" show. there is that photo. my kids love trains so i often took them down to the train tracks to take photos. well, just minutes after the story aired i was bombarded by e-mails, tweets and facebook messages telling me how dangerous it is, how could i, people die this way. to be honest. i never thought about it. always thought that i would see
7:45 am
a train coming. i mean, it is a train after all, but, still, i looked into it and boy was i wrong. this morning a game-changer for you and for me. you're watching an emergency in progress. they are recording on the tracks and suddenly notice a train. they run for safety, but it's too late. this woman is killed. just weeks ago 16-year-old john was hit and killed, taking these photos with his girlfriend for a school project. >> was too late before they realized the train was coming. >> but this may be the most haunting photo of all. two sisters and their best friend taking selfies on the tracks. what they can't see or hear is that train in the background speeding toward them. just three seconds later all the girls were hit and killed. >> this is absolutely a
7:46 am
preventable phenomenon and loss. my girls did not have to lose their life. >> reporter: it's one of the latest trends in photography. people taking selfies, wedding photos, even graduation pictures on active tracks. the photos posted all over social media and what most don't know it's illegal and dangerous. this year alone 291 injured, another 343 killed, trespassing on the tracks. off. >> trains are very loud so people think they are very loud and the truth is they are if an engineer sees someone on the tracks, even if they apply an emergency brake it takes a mile or more for them to stop. >> reporter: so do you think you could hear a train coming? csx railroad giving us special access to the tracks. in fact, there are csx workers just off camera here to keep us safe. there's actually a freight train on its way coming down the track all the way in the distance.
7:47 am
i'm not sure if you can see the headlines or not. i'm going to stand here with my back to the train not paying attention like so much do when we're on the tracks taking selfies. we'll see how close this train gets before i actually hear it. would i have time to jump out of the way. okay. here comes the train. i don't hear anything at all. it's getting closer and closer and still not a peep. i hear it right now and here it is, look at, that basically right on top of me. they are pretty quiet for as big as they are. boy, that is an amazing example to prove that you just don't have time to jump out of the way. watch again from a different angle this. camera is just inches from the track. you can't hear a thing and keep listening.
7:48 am
our camera do you hear it. >> and this train is only going 25 miles per hour. some trains get up to 70, 80, even 90. >> the bottom line as you've seen here today you're not necessarily going to see or hear the train coming miles away. stay off the tracks. it's illegal. it's dangerous and it's deadly. >> reporter: was shocked when i was standing there and doing it. it's an important lesson for us all. train engineers say they see this all the time. they don't know what to do because they can't stop in time. officials say put it this way. you wouldn't stand in the middle of a highway and take a photo. don't do it on the train tracks. >> no room for error. >> i'm really surprised at that. interesting, jeff. >> i was surprised and all the energy and noise is in the back of the train, not the front. >> makes sense. >> thank you, jeff. coming up, the fun times, the feuds, the vacations, what your kids will remember most about you. dylan? >> and, guys, you won't believe the icon who is joining our no
7:49 am
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7:56 am
the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics,
7:57 am
[ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. >> this is 7 news now. everyone. saugus. we have a check of our forecast with chris. there. >> chris: sunshine, a little solar glare. 47 in boston. up to 42 now in norwood after being down in the low to mid-20s earlier this morning. there we go, a blank map on the satellite and radar showing a lot of sunshine and very little rain. however, we get to the south of us, there is rain down through the carolinas. east coast tomorrow. close to 60 this afternoon. rain arriving later tomorrow. more widespread at night into wednesday morning.
7:58 am
>> jadiann: thanks so much. police in tewksbury are searching for man they say robbed a mobil gas station last night. according to the lowell sun, the man was waving a knife at employees. if you have any information, you're asked to contact the tewksbury police department. and the patriots improve to 8-0 washington. the pats are hoping running back dion lewis isn't done for the season with a knee injury. he had an m.r.i. results are expected today. there is concern the 25-year-old
7:59 am
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it's 8:00 on "today" and coming up hidden in plain sight. what every parent should know about the ghost apps used by students in one high school shocking sexting scandal. plus, coffee cup controversy. why the new red cups have some customers accusing starbucks of waging a war against christmas. and monsters and men. >> no, you do what he asked. no one will remember monster. >> daniel radcliffe and james mcavoy team up for a new twist on the legendary story of
8:01 am
november 9th, 2015. >> we're 50 in the city. >> celebrating my daughter's 16th birthday! >> hey, y'all, we're from alabama alabama. >> boise state. >> ohio state university. [ cheers and applause ] >> we're back now. 8:00 on a monday morning. it's the 9th day of november, 2015. we have got an enormous crowd out on the plaza. >> we do. >> on a chilly morning here in the northeast. >> it is awesome. great to have have everybody. starting to feel a little bit
8:02 am
al's rokerthon 2 adventure is in full swing. he began his day at the four-corner stop in the southwest. al, good morning again. >> good morning, guys. the four corners, you see it on the map where four states intersect so right now i'm al row, reporting from utah where it's 31 degrees. i'm al roker reporting from colorado where it's 31 degrees. i'm al roker reporting from new mexico where it's 31 degrees, and i'm al roker reporting from arizona where it's 31 degrees. yeah! four states. monster monday. boom! >> al, which is more invigorating and thrilling, what you just did or this moment from 2007 during the ends of the earth show? >> that's when you were in the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere within two seconds of each other.
8:03 am
it was -- i mean, that was -- i was changing -- actually changing seasons, and here state. exhilarating. tingling right now. >> we are, too. >> if you slow it down can be in all four states at the same time. >> you don't want to see that. >> we've already seen enough of that acle today on your weathercast. thanks, al. we'll get your forecast coming up. first tamron is in for natalie this morning who is on assignment and hats top stories tamron. good morning, everyone. the middle east. a spokesman for jordan's government says two americans and a south african have been killed during an attack at a police training center outside the capital of amman. two other americans were wounded. americans and other foreign personnel at the facility train iraqi police officers. police say the gunman was a member of the jordanian police force. he was either killed by return
8:04 am
a funeral is being held today for a 6-year-old boy who was shot and killed during a police chase in louisiana. the officer is accused of shooting him are due in court on murder charges. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in marksville, louisiana. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: tamron, good morning, and the two officers are expected here in court later this morning for a bail hearing. body camera footage from the incident has not been released publicly, but state police investigators are calling it extremely disturbing. this morning friends and family are preparing to lay 6-year-old jeremy madres to rest. mourners gathered late sunday in hattiesburg, mississippi, to pair their respect. >> can see angels just the way he would glance off into nowhere and start laughing and giggling. >> reporter: he and his father had kristian recently moved to louisiana. on tuesday night he was buckled into the front seat of his father's suv when he was shot
8:05 am
his dad remains hospitalized in serious condition. nbc news has learned from witnesses he had an argument with his girlfriend outside this bar leading someone to call 911 though it's still not clear why the officers opened fire. two of the officers involved in the incident derrick stafford and norris greenhouse, jr., now face charges of second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder. they have not cooperated with investigators. they haven't talked to you yet? >> those two have not, but we'll point. i believe we will, and if not, then they will have it in court. >> reporter: stafford worked full time for the marksville police department, but that night was working a side job for the city marshal's office. greenhouse was a part-time officer and a deputy officer for a nearby city. the primary role of the officers was to serve arrest warrants. arrest warrants. >> reporter: in a written statement, louisiana law
8:06 am
empowered his officers to write tickets and preserve the peace. greenhouse is also the son of a local prosecutor whose office has recused itself from the case. greenhouse and stafford are both named in at least one pending civil lawsuit involving excessive force, and in court documents they argue the subject was resisting arrest. tamron. >> all right. gabe, thank you very much. with the next primetime debate one day away, leading republican candidates are confronting tough questions about their past. ben carson is dismissing claims he lied about getting a scholarship to west point and fabricated stories about his youth the. he points to the $3.5 million he's raised in just one week as evidence that he's still running strong. and marco rubio is trying to put to rest questions about his finances releasing two more years of credit card statements from his time as a florida legislator. and you would expect a certain amount of action when you go diving in a shark cave, if you're brave enough but the daredevil who captured this video off of south africa said
8:07 am
close to the razor sharp teeth. swear words deleted out. this shark lunged at a piece of bait putting its snout into the cave and this was part of the diver's honeymoon trip. nothing says i love you like getting eaten. >> that had to hurt that shark. that's a hard cage. i'm all for the newlywed couple also. >> taking an unexpected angle there. >> we both paused. >> like oh, okay. >> tamron, thank you. now to some new questions tied to a massive sexting scandal at a high school out in colorado. >> a lot of people asking how did this go on for so long? this morning a possible answer, and this could be hidden on your kid's phone. nbc's kristen dahlgren is here to explain. >> reporter: i don't know but guys, but i'm like a lot of people i had never heard of the ghost or vault apps before this but i bet after seeing this story a lot patients will be checking their kids' phone.
8:08 am
colorado's canyon high school were accused of trading nude and explicit photos like baseball cards. >> it got to the point of maybe a little bit of a contest to see who could collect the most. >> reporter: many wondered how so many parents couldn't have known. the answer may lie behind this calculator. >> i did a search for hidden apps and it brought up this calculator app. >> reporter: it works like any other calculator until you put in your secret code, revealing hidden pictures. >> ghost apps, hidden apps, they are everywhere ant kids know about them. >> reporter: but many parents don't. >> the apps are specifically designed to hide things from parent, educators and grown-ups. >> reporter: in 12 a mac afee teen behavior internet study found over 70% of teams have hidden online activity from their parents. >> this one father in particular, he wept so hard and thought he was a failure because he just could not believe his 12-year-old daughter would be sending out inappropriate naked pictures of herself.
8:09 am
>> reporter: it's not just colorado. last week there were sexting scandals in pennsylvania, ohio and tennessee. >> there isn't a school in the united states probably at this point that hasn't had at some point dealt with the issue of sexting. >> reporter: so what can parents do? experts say check out any any apps, especially those that have accessed the phone's camera. look for redundancy like two calculateors on the phone or use parental controls so you have control over what's downloaded. but perhaps more than anything start a conversation. >> the big message here for kids, if you think something may disappear online but it doesn't. it's permanent, and it can come back to haunt you. >> obviously talking is key. it's going to be hard for us to stay ahead of technology, but if your kids understand the consequences it may make a difference. in colorado there could be huge ralphiecations. those teens could face child pornography charges which would mean, guys, that they would be registered sex offenders for the rest of their lives.
8:10 am
>> hugely eye-opening to think that there are apps to think it might look like the calculator app and something inokaynous or something like this. >> my karen are starting to dislike this show because you go home every day and say let me see your phone. learn something new every day. it's unbelievable. coming up a new trailer for the new "star wars" movie and what it may reveal about a popular character. and did princess diana's former lover try to sell the letters she wrote to him? >> dylan. >> we'll talk to daniel
8:11 am
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all right. we're back now. 8:14, it's a great time to start trending today. >> this is trending everywhere today. let me just ask you. does this cup offend you? >> not in the slightest. >> the fact that there's no coffee in it oefnz me. >> it's starbucks new holiday cup and it's causing quite the stir. it's got the red which is a festive holiday thing but it is different. starbucks has removed what it calls symbols of the season like in past years you see orments and snow flakes, those kinds of things. the late design is much more minimalist, and that has ignited an uproar on social media. some people are accusing starbucks of declaring a war on christmas. the #merrychristmas hash tag. scar bucks says the blake
8:16 am
add in their own design. >> when i'm looking for coffee, it could have pictures of me naked on it, i just need a cup of coffee. >> what do you any? >> i never would have assumed. >> red and green and associate it with holidays. >> holidays. >> i guess the snow flakes and stuff were kind of just generic. not like they are using religious symbols and aren't. >> we're just throwing it in the trash anyway. >> hopefully you're recycling. >> that's a whole other conversation. >> reasonable for valentine's day if it works. >> exactly. what do you remember most about your parents? "time" magazine compiled a list of the things your children will always remember about you. let's take a look at some of them on the list. the times you made them feel safe, when you gave them your undivided attention. your words of praise and criticism. the way you interacted with your spouse and your family traditions. what do you think about that? >> i think it's nice, really nice. >> such a sweet list.
8:17 am
>> what else would you add to the list? other things you think your kids will remember about you. >> i feel like whenever your parents surprise you, do something out the. routine. i remember coming home one day and my dad saying let's go fly a kite, just me and you, and it was so unexpected and i always remember that. >> a bad habit, a parent has a bad habit, smoking or something like that? >> i don't remember that but remember family road trips and my dad always getting lost from the typical dad from "holiday vacation" and thinking about us in the caravan riding about the united states. >> my mom always said take the foot off the gas going into the turn and accelerate at the top of the turn. >> that's something you'll always remember? >> every time i'm driving around. >> nice. >> what about a smell, not about my mom or my dad as much but my grandmother used to wear a certain kind of perfume, and if i'm on the street and i smell one go by with it i'm like hello, grandma, how are you. >> my grandpa with the cigars rolling up the windows, i remember that. by the way, a photo people are
8:18 am
sharing a lot of this morning. this is a farmer that sweeted she lost hundreds of sheep, where are they? well, look closely, there are about 550 of them in that picture. can you see? >> they are wearing the white and gold dress. apparently the sheep. they blend into this field. this is in canada. >> okay. >> and now you can see they are everywhere. >> because we were expecting, looking for white. >> there you go. >> and the goat, did you see the goat in the there, too? >> there's al roker. the farmer says she drove right past them the first time and didn't know where did my sheep go? >> been the hear the baaaa. had to roll down the windows. >> staying in the present, because if you're driving you would never notice anything like that. cool. >> the unlikely duo saving the day at the box office and the new "star wars" trailers sending fans into overdrive. dylan, "pop start." >> hollywood saved from another
8:19 am
miserable weekend by an unlikely dream team, jom and charlie brown. "spectre" topped $ 76 million and charlie brown officially joined the second place at the kids table scoring $45 million and "the martian" finished third with just over $9 million. lindsey von, the olympic skier, is recovering after breaking up a fight. the culprit, her two dogs. the cause, a frisbee and she is doing just fine and instagrammed this photo from her hospital bed over the weekend. ended up getting stitches in her rights thumb and volk joked this was the blade of a jimmy fallon halloween costume and she's okay sunday way back on the slopes. >> spent too much time on operating table lately. >> takes a lot to knock lindsey vonn down. >> nothing will stop her. and finally "star wars." fans on sunday were treated to a
8:20 am
new trailer and some fans are speculating the movie revealed a big secret about han solo. >> i've lived long enough to see the same eyes in different people. i see your eyes. i know your eyes. >> so speculation here is that harrison ford's han solo is the father of ray, the young female avenger. >> seems like it. >> it wasn't sounds like, wasn't at all, but those are a few little clips because everybody is waiting for sight of luke sims-walker and in the late trailer still hasn't been seen yet and everybody wants to know what the deal is. >> with all the clips we'll second. >> i'm such a "star wars" dork. i get the chills watching this. >> you're excited. >> i'm really excited. >> dinnial, thank you. >> let's get a check of the forecast from al as he checks up another state on rokerthon 2.
8:21 am
>> that's right, guys. it is 25 degrees now. just before sunrise. it's dropped a few degrees, so here we go. let's take a look and show you what's happening in new mexico today as we show you on our brand new ipad pro. look at that bad boy. so, we start off in albuquerque and going to be 62 and 39 for a low n.santa fe 57. 31 for a low. carlsbad 76 and 43 for the low, and the four corners, getting up to 62 degrees today with a low of 33 degrees. all right. we are going to try something that has never been done before. we are going to do "america the beautiful" across four states with four bands. we're starting it off with the byu band. hit it. oh, beautiful for spacious skies >> and then the kent state
8:22 am
for purple mountain imagine cities. >> and from the navajo nation in new mexico. above the fruited plains >> and the marching band from arizona. america, america, god shed his grace on thee and crowned thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea >> there you have it. ! this is a great country, ladies and gentlemen. you own the rokerthon flag. >> jeremy: good monday morn, everyone. we have a cool start but a bright start with a lot of sunshine that. sunshine warming us up. great store down through the carolinas and down through the deep south will bring us some rain beginning tomorrow afternoon. most of it tomorrow afternoon down south of the mass pike. 57 to 62 this afternoon.
8:23 am
rain arriving tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours from south to north. rain overnight into wednesday. a half an inch to an inch of rain. gusty wind wednesday >> and that's your latest weather, guys. >> all right, al. thank you so much. there is a new controversy this morning involving the royal family. >> that's right. it's tied to a series of love letters written by princess diana. nbc's keir simmons has that story. keir, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning, guys. james huitt wanted $100,000 or more to secretly sell handwritten notes that princess diana would never have wanted to be made public. coming up, we're going to show you only those letters and cards that have already been published, but we have seen many more, and theyy will jeel just how in love princess diana was with huitt even while still married to prince charles. call it a royal betrayal.
8:24 am
former lover james huitt was reportedly trying to sell letters thee she wrote to him, even valentine's cards, flirtatious and very private. diana signs one kissy kissy and another one written in march 1988 says you have just left, and it all seems very empty here to me, and that includes one bottle of champagne, too. thinking of you, the mess am on a card with a picture of a teddy bear. the notes first published by "the mail" online was sent to a friend of james huitt e-mailing him and further to our telephone conversation i have discussed the position with james this morning. he says i'm sending you a total of 45 items, 9 cards are signed and 27 are not sign the. he says huitt got cold foot and withdrew from the sale. huitt's affair with princess diana reportedly lasted five years, beginning after the birth of prince harry, huitt has said, but the letters even include a note from william and harry.
8:25 am
with huitt while his mother was his lover and this morning adult princes likely feeling let down by a man who was once so close to diana and to them. and huitt was approached first and contacted a lawyer for william and harry and those boys will feel so let down this morning. >> yeah. i can only think of saying ick that that would happen. >> all right. betrayal. >> thank you over to dylan in the original room. >> we're into our no shave campaign where we raise awareness for men's health and the scruff is coming in pretty viewers are sending in their progress using the the #noshavetoday, and now there's some heavyweight competition entering the frame. check this out. the world's greatest muhammad ali himself is officially getting in on the fun tweeting week one of no shave today. whose beard will be the greatest? matt, he gives you the first jab. does that kind of up the ante?
8:26 am
>> first jab, i get it. no question who will have the greatest of everything. it will be ali, dylan, no question. >> i have a feeling of that.
8:27 am
>> this is 7news now. >> jadiann: good morning, everybody. 8:27 is your time. now chris lambert is in for j.r. with your forecast for today. >> chris: good morning, everyone. plenty of sunshine in the braintree split. sunny skies in boston. upper 30s and lower 40s outside the city after starting off this morning into the 20s. cool start, but all of that sunshine holding strong throughout the day. that will warm us up close to 60 this afternoon. we get some rain in the forecast beginning tomorrow afternoon and more widespread tomorrow night into wednesday. >> anchor: chris, thank you. two boston police officers are recovering after they were dragged bay vehicle during a traffic stop in mattapan. it happened on blue hill avenue.
8:28 am
officers leaned in to talk with the driver, the man hit the gas, dragging them several hundred feet. the driver was later arrested. state police investigating whether speed was a factor in a crash that killed a man and woman who crashed into the charles river on saturday night. police say the driver ran a red light and then sideswiped another car before breaking through the barrier and landing in the water. the patriots stay perfect on the season, improving to 8-0 with a blowout win against washington. the pats are hoping running back dion lewis isn't done for the season with a knee injury. he had an m.r.i. and results are expected a bit latter on today. don't forget. we're back for your latest headlines and your forecast at 9:00 a.m. hope to see you then. if not have a gre day. on average, women need to work an extra two hours each day, to earn the same paycheck as their male coworkers. join the fight for equal pay.
8:29 am
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8:30 now. it's monday morning, 9th of november, 2015, and we are making progress. skafltding is up. that's the rockefeller center christmas tree. very soon the lights will go on it. all five miles of l.e.d. lights, i might add, and by the way we have the honor of the hosting the like thing ceremony on deese
8:31 am
2nd. so hope you tune in. >> always fun and chilly. savannah sits inside and drinks wine while we do all the work. >> and eat sushi. >> coming up we'll talk to james radcliffe and james mcavoy about their new movie, but, first, daniel, there's a woman with a sign that he is her birthday and you're here hero. >> isn't that nice. >> that is so sweet. >> that's a good birthday. >> that's amazing. >> anybody else. >> selfies. >> we always love it when daniel is here. by the way, we've got some exciting news. we are launching today's food club, some weekly newsletters and recipes and special offers and more. it will be the place to get the late and tastiest on all things food. >> and folks are signing up now on the plaza. they are each getting one of these "today" food club spatulas courtesy of get it right.
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there they are. nine now for a chance to win a trip it the table at studio 1a and the ultimate giveaway from our friends. >> really cool. >> for more go to, and we'll set operate the launch in a moment with a peanut butter sauce. >> what's that? >> i thought you were excited by the brown peanut butter pie. >> something to do with ohio state. >> but first al is well into day four at rokerthon 2 spending time at four corners and right now he's riding into colorado in style. >> that's right. i'm telling you. this is rodney and what's the name of your ranch in. >> canyon trio ranch? >> what kind of horses are these in. >> hurcherons. >> it is beautiful. >> the sun is coming up and it's a spectacular morning. let's show you what's happening as far as colorado. come on in here, big boy. ray, come on in so i can show you the colorado weather.
8:33 am
here we go. flying in right now in the four corners. drive 62 getting down to 33 degrees. 49 in aspen. a high of 54 in herm is a. pueblo, colorado 69 and a hey today of 62 in pueblo, and i give you, sir, a rokerthon flag for you to wave proudly at your ranch. that's what's going on around the country. >> jeremy: good monday morn, everyone. we have a cool start but a bright start with a lot of sunshine that. sunshine warming us up. great store down through the carolinas and down through the deep south will bring us some rain beginning tomorrow afternoon. most of it tomorrow afternoon down south of the mass pike. 57 to 62 this afternoon. a mild finish to the day. rain arriving tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours from south to north. rain overnight into wednesday. a half an inch to an inch of rain.
8:34 am
gusty wind wednesday >> that's your latest weather. let's ride off into the sunrise. here we go. got to see y'all later. yeah! yeah! >> what a pretty shot. all right, al. way to leave in style. we are here this morning with daniel radcliffe and james mcavoy, stores of the new movie "victor frankenstein," a thrilling twist on the legendry story this time told from the perspective of dr. frankenstein's apprentice igor. take a look. >> we can still get out of this, victor, but you must stop this experiment. >> he has sent. >> you don't be ridiculous. he'll stop at nothing, and the you don't know what he's capable of. >> i don't care. >> what? >> that means nothing to me. i'll turn the tide of human existens here tonight and this world which has spurned me will forever remember my name. >> daniel and james, good morning.
8:35 am
>> now we can solve the controversy once and for all. it's frankenstein or frankenstein? >> frankenstein. >> very much frankenstein. >> exactly. >> and haven't you always wondered what about igor? >> i hope so. >> let me get a little bit of a back story. >> what about igor? >> yeah. i mean, igor, this is the twist that's in this as we're telling it more from his her spective and somebody who really lives this abject life and dr. frankenstein saves me from him and takes me into his world of, you know, bodies and science and all that crazy frankenstein stuff. >> looking really weird. >> exactly. >> and it's a real disgusting stuff happens in this movie. >> yeah, the leftly discutting grossout star. >> if you're making zombies which exactly what frankenstein is it's going to get messy, isn't it? >> and there was the whole matter of curing igor of his hunchback.
8:36 am
didn't look pleasant. >> involved of lots of pus in my mouth. >> i shouldn't have asked. >> james get rid of my hunch bark in the most gross and loving kind. >> why i end up with pus in my mouth. >> why i have to see it the first tuesday of every month and it will honestly make a lot of sense. >> what's fun about this movie. there's some gross gory kind of horror movie stuff, if that's what you want. >> yeah. >> but you guys have a really fun relationship. kind of a bromance the whole igor and frankenstein thing. >> him and i are similar and like to get funny when we can. nine times out of ten it's not that funny. one time you get something fun and it's nice if you can make others laugh unexpectedly when they thought you were coming to be thrilled or chilled, and we do that, and it's an adventure as much as a scary store. >> james you're like the
8:37 am
energizer bunny in this role. >> yeah, well, he's mad. the original mad scientist. shelley wrote a guy who created that role and went for that energy and satisfied what to expect from the crazy doctor and give them something else as well. >> igor has time to shine and igor wasn't even in the original book. >> this is my time to shine. eagle wasn't in the book. he's another character that appears in the film and some people have notions about what to think igor is. >> a long way from the mel brooks movie i love. >> i'm definitely not as good as him.
8:38 am
him and going to mail this -- >> and he also said it's igor's time to shine. >> as i was putting on sparkly makeup. >> i think the people can see why the movie is so much fun. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> "victor frankenstein" hits theaters november 25th. coming up, how you can join
8:39 am
we are back at 8:40, and we're calling all foodies for the launch of something we're very excited about, the "today" food club. finally there's a place where food and ingenuity come together. a community made up of cooks and eaters alike, a home where you can stay connected with a weekly newsletter and share your favorite recipes and meals. the "today" food club, an online forum created with you in mind.
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and answered by other members alongside chefs and "today's" food experts. simplify cooking and shopping with our five-day meal and inguideient planner, interact with game planners and have a chance to enter sweepstakes and offers. you can end up on "today" cooking alongside natalie and al. foodies, get inspired and take a seat at our table. going to be a lot of fun. to sign up head to brandy maloy is here to celebrate the lunch. dessert recipe way outside things giving but fwoot to see you. >> this is something very different. part-time people get tired of a pumpkin pie and we're minnesota viking as a peanut butter pie. >> we need something for our eggs, brownies, chocolate,
8:41 am
flour, vanilla paste and for our frosting just cheam cheese, peanut butter cups, powdered sugar and a little bit of heavy cream. >> what do we make the first? >> first we make the brownie bottom. here i have chocolate and melted butter, put this into the microwave for 90 seconds. you if will add the sugar i'll add the yegs. >> yes? and we are using vanilla extract. as long as it's pure vanilla extraffic. you get the vanilla bean which i think is lovely and delicious. we'll get to mixed until it's nice and smooth. >> just reaching for some of the cracked oreos here. >> that's what i love about this recipes because can you put add-ins in it. let me add this flour and what makes this brownie bottom tie so good is we'll incorporate chocolate sandwich cookies, but you can really add whatever you want into the brownie batter. >> now.
8:42 am
>> yeah. put that in there. but anything that you like in your brownies, nuts, peanut butter cookies, a little bit of salt from pretzels or even chocolate, i mean, you can really be creative because this is all about decadence. >> you'll pop that into a buttered pan. >> right. so i have my brownie patter and we'll put it into an oven that's been prehe hadding 350 degrees for five minutes or until the center is nice and fudgy. >> it will come out looking like that but we've got to make our finish. >> make the filling. in the mixer i add cream cheese and peanut butter and make sure that the peanut butter is room temperature. >> blends easier. >> makes everything nice and smooth and we'll slowly incorporate the powdered sugar and the reason you want to slowly incorporate that is so that it's nice and smooth and luscious and silky. >> this is a heart attack
8:43 am
waiting to happen. matt, go ahead and grab the brownie bottom. >> i'll slowly whisk in the whipped toning. >> fold this in. >> wipe cream into the peanut butter mixture. >> keep folding and give it a mix and all of this is going right on top. this is a lot. >> and once you put this on top of the brownie you are going to garnish it with -- >> with peanut butter cups. i mean, look. so here's the thing. take a look at this. >> i know. >> i know you're laughing, but honestly, this is the dessert that makes everyone go wild because check it out. you've got that fungy y fudgy chocolate i brownie bottom and the silky smooth peanut butter filling. >> it's delicious. it's really good. brandy, thank you. >> you love it. >> and you have peanut butter it's so good. i'm going to try. for all of our ultimate thanksgiving recipes head to and, again, you're right. don't forget to sign up for the
8:44 am
new "today" food club while you're there. up next, a live performance from british sensation james bay, but first this is "today" on nbc. i owe about $68,000. i owe $44,000 in student loans. my plan, the new college compact, says you should not have to borrow money to pay tuition if you go to a public college or university. and you ought to be able to refinance student debt. and i don't believe the federal government should be making a profit off of lending to young people who are borrowing to be able to get their education. we have got to make college affordable. i'm hillary clinton and i
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break out star james bay took the uk by star with his disability album "chaos and the calm." the biggest album release of the year there. now, he has set his sights on the u.s. with a headlining tour kicking off in philadelphia on friday and james bay is with us by now. good morning. good to see you. >> good to be here. thanks for having me. >> looking at your tour dates starting in filly. >> yes. >> and you really are hitting a lot of places in america. this really isn't the coast. going to try to see the whole coast. >> for as many places you put on a tour. going to a lot of great places. there's always more which is the great thing and exciting thing
8:47 am
about coming to america and touring here so, yeah. there's a lot of places -- i haven't sort of played in or played a headline show in yet so i'm really excited. >> you're going to my hometown of tucson, arizona, which i noticed and appreciated. among your fans keith richard and ronny woods of the rolling stone. that's got to be a pinch yourself thing. >> big time. when i first sort of ran into those guys and we met, it was like an awards thing a while back, and, i mean, i really had to hold it together, and just put a picture up there of, you know, after there, like just a couple of weeks after i was chatting with ronny and it kind fell out of my mouth would you like to join us on stage at some point and he was into it and he did, and he came up on stage. again, i really had to sort of live in the moment and not think too much about it because it was a dream thing. >> you had to hard work. >> the song you're about to sing for us for let it go. you're brave in the era of "frozen" to have a song called "let it go."
8:48 am
>> i went like it. the movie came out and, i don't know, i -- i had let it go. >> james, go ahead and play for us. thank you. >> thank you. from walking home and talking loads to seeing shows in evening clothes with you from nervous touch and getting drunk to staying up and waking up with you but now we're sleeping at the edge holding something we don't need all this delusion in our heads is gonna bring us to our knees
8:49 am
so come on let it go just let it be why don't you be you and i'll be me everything's that's broke leave it to the breeze why don't you be you and i'll be me and i'll be me from throwing clothes across the floor slamming doors at you for why are we doing it, doing it,
8:50 am
i used to recognize myself it's funny how reflections change y when we ear becoming something else i think it's time to walk away so come on let it go just let it be why don't you be you and i'll be me everything that's broke leave it to the breeze why don't you be you and i'll be me and i'll be me trying to push put your hand inside of mine when we know it just don't belong
8:51 am
could make you right, no who trying to push this problem under the hill when it's just too heavy to hold i think now's the time to let it slide so come on let it go just let it be why don't you be you and i'll be me everything that's broke leave it to the breeze why don't you be you and i'll be me and i'll be me >> james bay, heading out on tour in the u.s. thank you so much. coming up next, local media
8:52 am
his resume. but, first, this is "today" on nbc. >> thank you very much. thank you.
8:53 am
all right. we're back at 8:55. john cena is out and will help out in our next hour. >> hello. >> also joined by ad exec, best selling author and tv personality donny deutsch out with a new usa network show loosely based on his real life
8:54 am
called "donny." donny, good morning. >> how you doing, bud. womanizer. i don't have a question here. >> that's the character you played, donny exclamation point. >> i pay a hyper idiotic version of myself which is not much of a stretch, as we know, and i play a talk show host like a dr. phil who on the show i give advice and off the show i'm doing a hypocrite idiot doing all the things i tell people not to do and surrounded by powerful women and i'm butt of the joke and women always rule which is the way it is in real life. >> when does the action come in. >> look, you guys have met a lot of people, have sat on this couch and wonderful on the air. >> you're shirtless. >> whoa! >> no frontal nudity. >> that's a lot of skin, donny. >> well, you know, it's stuff. it's very, very, very, very funny. >> so period because i looked at that thing and i thought it was
8:55 am
my god, he's ripped, this guy. >> not funny. i'm the buffoon on the show work very hard for. >> you going to keep him around? >> i'm going to make my wwe -- butt of a joke? that's a bold move. >> you know, it's just funny. that's what life is about. we can make fun of ourselves. that's what it's all about. you know, why not. >> yeah. >> good luck with it, and he writes it. very talented. premiers tomorrow night at 10:30, 9:30 central on usa. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms. acela. take off. here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it
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this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing. we're following breaking news overseas out of jordan where two americans have been shot and killed at police
8:57 am
and also breaking out of new york city one person killed after a shooting near the busy penn station in downtown manhattan. we'll have the latest on that. and safety in the spotlight why boston mayor marty walsh is getting ready to ban replica guns the patriot's win big again. all eyes are on one player. chilly start this morning. temperatures warming up thanks to the sunshine. how much warmer it will get
8:58 am
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