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tv   Today  NBC  November 9, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EST

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this morning on "today's take," antonio banderas brings real life drama to the big screen in "the 33." and the then wwe superstar john cena pulls his weight again as our special co-host and emmy and grammy winner cynthia nixon is here. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbcnous, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron ham live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on monday morning, november 9, 2015 and as you look at the beautiful christmas tree lit up here in rockefeller center in a couple
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of we be. nice job out on the plaza. i'm willie and tamron and wwe cena is here. >> love it because you're here and not just because of the great music you pick. redding. doesn't sing a bad song. >> you should deejay in addition to every else. >> i do an occasional wedding. >> do you really? >> oh, yeah, yeah. >> that would be amazing. i might get married. >> cena is up there. >> and i did tell john and willie in the break and i watched "trainwreck" again this weekend. >> and you are still asking where are his clothes? >> and i'm blushing a little bit. >> you're blushing. >> and i love your friend. she's amazing. >> i'm the one wearing a towel. >> yes, i know and when i realize you were coming it's
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seeing that scene. >> it's awkward. >> but it's acting. >> natalie is out on assignment and al at rokerthon 2 trying to set a new world record with weathercasts in all 50 states one week. so far so good. looks so good in the hat. >> the beard and the hat match this year, like the coloring. >> oh, my gosh. >> yes. completely by accident. completely by ly ly by accident. >> it's cute. >> had a lot of stuff going on. people think this one is a slam dunk but it's not. yesterday, we were driving to montana from -- from cured lane, idaho. it was sunday and it was sunday and trying to pump the air in and had the fix flat in a can. that didn't work.
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were able to actually get that in so that worked out pretty well. you can see the tire pressure and we were also supposed to fly into lake tahoe, they had snow squalls, and we ended up flying into reno, nevada instead. so that was kind of crazy. right now we're at the four corners doing monster monday, 13 states in one day. we're in the four corners, so look down here. okay. i'm in four corners, utah. i'm in four corners, colorado. i'm in four corners, new mexico and i'm in four corners arizona. four states, baby! four states. just like that. >> and they all have the same temperature. all the same temperatures as you pointed out earlier today. >> actually -- arizona. it's 23 degrees in utah. it's 24 in colorado and it's 26 in new mexico.
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>> that's the way it works. >> takes your neck of the woods to a whole new level. >> we watched that video. look like you were in the car on the ipad while sean was fixing the tire. >> no, no, i was outside. i was supervision, and if you note in my periscope you'll not only see that. you'll also see -- you'll also see matt greenefield. >> stop doing this. >> you've got to see matt. matt could be a plumber. let's just say that. >> owe mooned everyone. >> i was checking what the leak was and we saw what your leak was. >> oh, oh. >> okay. that's a knockout punch. that's a knockout punch. >> fight's over. >> oh, mr. roker. we'll go back to you in a second and get that weather from you at four corners. >> so cool. >> isn't it. >> i think dylan is actually doing the weather. >> that's great. she's the best. >> we read the notes for the show.
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>> i'm not doing the weather. >> we knew, we knew. >> yes, you are. >> trying to make it a surprise. >> yeah, yeah. >> the prettier surprise. >> nice work out there. 13 states today, 13 states. going to be a crazy monday. let's talk about "snl" saturday night, a lot of anticipation and a lot of people excited. >> you've doesn't show. >> i heard about it. about what happened on saturday and hosting "snl." first. >> do we have to guess. >> as predicted my mr. trump himself. biggest overnight ratings since early 2012. the ratings up 50% for this season from the other shows this fall because mr. trump was there. >> okay. >> and in the monologue donald was joined by two trump doubles. check it out. >> you think you're this terrific person. you think you're this. you think you're that, bup, bup, ba. you're being very naive and
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quite frankly you're fired. >> they don't have my talent, my money or especially my good looks, but you know what? they are not bad, and we're going to have a lot of fun tonight. >> you're a racist. >> who the hell -- i knew this was going to happen. who is that? >> trump's a racist! [ applause ] >> it's larry david. what are you doing, larry? >> i heard if i yelled that they would give me $5,000. >> that was larry david. >> yes. >> in the opening segment as bernie sanders, came back for the monologue, and there was a group protesting in the city and anybody who yelled that trump is a racist is $5,000. that's how "snl" handled it, and they said they are actually going to give larry david the five grand. >> which he needs, struggling for 5 grand. >> i suspect he will. what's that like to be on "snl"
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>> this slow is really crazy. did a quick in and out piece and everything that has to @o with the show is fantastic. it actually is. very much a parallel to wwe. that performing in front of a on. kind of like what you guys do 10,000. everything changes so fast and everything happens so quick and you get handed something, oh, here you go. go for it and everybody is changing costumes and everything is upside down but it all goes together and i will give it to "saturday night live" they do political satire as good or they kill it. every time an election comes around, every time something is politically involved they have best take on it. they really do a great job. >> i love how you brought me and willie into this wwe show, millions of phones. >> just a little show you do is similar to that. >> i think one of the things that people like the best of the shows if you look across the web what, people were interested in.
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in "snl's" blake parody. you used to call me on the cell phone does he dance like this called me on the cell phone this >> there you go. bling saw the same dance move in 11 or 12 years ago. locks down his feet and gets his butt up and out a little bit. >> that's a lot of analysis. >> it's trump. going to call it the trump. no? >> you've been trumped. >> i'm ending it. thing. >> already been a thing. have you seen the polls. he'll remind that. >> i don't think dancing to that has contributed to that. >> a lot of people who support him believe that even though,
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that there was a little much for a presidential candidate that it brought out a different side him so maybe it will work, i don't know. something else that caught our eye. this gator capture, happened in the great state of texas in sugarland, actually the name of the city, where people were shocked to find a 12-foot long 100 1 88 hundred-pound alligator. this was in a parking lot with the a little towel over him. a professional gator wrangler actually captured the gator. >> wow. >> now been taken to the alligator farm and we show you to pose the question to the great jon cena. what would you do? >> i'm going to take the night off from that one and let godzilla be godzilla and praise him in all his alligator glory. that thing is a monster. >> would you just say no. >> that alligator wrangler. she was quite skilled and brave. borderline insane i would have to say.
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>> first sought video-of-the-gator and saw it him. that's what she does. >> dove right in hon that one. >> as i've been saying all dreyer is here. >> because we knew that. >> i'm here. >> what do you do, the weather or something? >> i don't know what's going on. i looked at a thing or two and it is raining in the southeast where actually some heavier pockets of rain could lead to some isolated flash flooding. just keep in mind the ground is very saturated in this area so we do have flash flood watches in effect because of those heavier pockets of rain that we're expecting off and on throughout the day. this area of low pressure will make its way up the east coast and we'll see some heavy rain through north carolina later today and then it moves through virginia as we go into tomorrow and eventually up into the northeast as we go into tuesday evening. we could see some pockets of heavier rain that could end up with about as much as three inches, especially along the east coast of north carolina. up here doesn't look like much >> good monday morning, everyone.
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we have a cool start but a bright start with a lot of sunshine warming us up. down to the carolinas, rain here tomorrow afternoon. most of it tomorrow afternoon, down south of the mass pike. 67-62 this afternoon, so a mild finish for the day. and rain arriving tomorrow afternoon with rain on wednesday, gusty winds on wednesday as well on the coastline. >> and guys, i'll be back in another 20 minutes. >> yes. >> 20 minutes to do more weather. >> you can stay here as long as you want. >> you coming back. >> i'm coming back. >> i guess we can do that, too. >> coming up, riveting real life drama that captured the world's attention five years ago, 33 chilean miners trapped underground for more than two months. natalie was there as it all unfoldled covering did and now the big coughing...sniffling... and wishing you could stay in
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. five yea man billion pe w around w as 33 miners were rescued in chile after surviving underground for an astonishing 69 days. >> natalie was there covering it all, spent more than two weeks reporting on the rescue mission which had become one of the greatest survival stories in all time. >> now their story has been made into the movie called "the 33" and natalie sat down with the all-star cast$u of antonio banderas, lou diamond phillips. >> it is an affirmation of life, a huge symbol to the world that our heros, you know, are normal people. they don't wear capes. they don't wear tight. >> antonio banderas played mario spufld have a, super mario, who was known for leading the men below. >> you got to spend time with him on set. what's he like? >> he's a force of nature,
10:16 am
really. he's a man that for good or for bad he learn very early in his life to survive. we don't know how if they didn't arrive it would have been somebody to organize them the way they live. >> you very happy in. >> yeah. out. >> the move was shot in the chile and deep within mines in colombia. >> i've never been so dirty in my whole life and you got in a cold shower with your brush. you're brushing yourselves and at at end of an hour and a half, unclean and then you go to bed and you wake up in the morning and you know the holy shroud, it was right there in the bed, not possible, and still dirty after all that, you know, but what you temporarily. the miners have to go through years. >> this is the face of the rescue mission, politician lawrence goldberg.
10:17 am
a politician to solve the problem, but he starts to understand and in a very human level what they are going through, you know. it's not about the miners down there. it's like my brother, my father, and it becomes so human in that way that this man goes through a real transformation. >> i want you to promise me you do something! >> i can promise you we're going to do everything we did. >> and juliette, it was as much about the stories going on below ground as it was what was happening above ground and camp hope. they were the ones who kept hope alive. >> well, they were the first ones, the women were the first ones to be at gate and yelling. they wouldn't stop shouting and say if this isn't justice we need to know what's going on. >> the men lost weight to play the part but antonio had his own technique. >> every time i would -- i just
10:18 am
and it actually looked very good because actually you have to be 15, 20 seconds at a time, and then you go off. >> speaking of food, lou, you're a foodie, and i know that you like to cook on set. did you do any of the cooking? >> no disrespect, but they are used to feeding truckers and farmers. plain tan for every meal. i felt like "above a blue" saute s tans, boiled plantans and at end of the day i was probably feeding 30, 40 people. miners. >> it belongs to the world and we all followed it when it was happening and the fact that it had a grace resolution was for all the humanity, sort of a big hope in a heart so being there and surrounded by such a cast, it was fantastic.
10:19 am
we had great time together. >> "the 33" opens on friday, and it feels like just yesterday when this all played out. natalie was right there. >> she was there every day covering it. >> phenomenal movie. up next, are some of the over-the-counter flu and cold placebo? i certainly am hoping that's not the case. a surprising new study. plus the right medicines for your children as we approach flu and cold season after how you doing? hey! how are you? where are we watching the game? you'll see. i think my boys have a shot this year. yeah, especially with this new offense we're running... i mean, our running back is a beast. once he hits the hole and breaks through the secondary, oh he's gone. and our linebackers and dbs dish out punishment, and never quit. you didn't expect this did you? no i didn't. the nissan altima. there's a fun side to every drive. nissan. innovation that excites. you know the love you feel for olive garden' s fresh baked breadsticks?
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two important studies to tell you about this morning that could affect your health, and one suggests a potential link between vegetable oil and cancer, and the other finds that many over-the-counter medications may not really work. >> so we called in our trusted nbc medical contributor dr. natalie azar to help us sort this out. natalie, good morning. >> nice to see you guys, good morning. >> let's launch into this new study. vegetable oils and a possible link to cancer. go behind the headlines. what's going on here. >> basically what i want to say from the outset this is not necessarily new news. i can't say that it's completely meritless, but what i want to say is this. just because something can cause a chemical reaction meaning that if you heat up vegetable oil that is sunflower or corn oil at real, really high temperatures it can release or turn into a potentially toxic substance which is called an aldehyde and going from that chemical reaction and saying that this has an increased risk of cancer or heart disease or dementia is way too much of a leap so from the study that was reported we're certainly not making any
10:23 am
statements of that sort. you can use vegetable oil. moderation. the study also went on to say to perhaps use lard for cooking and things like that, things we don't necessarily recommend because of the saturated fat >> okay. about this cold and cough medicine, what do -- i found this very interesting. >> yeah. i don't know if you guys use this stuff, but i certainly pseudoephedrine which is the active compound in medicines like sudafed and add ville cold and sinus are incredibly effective as treating nasal congestion. >> i use both of those. >> exactly. in 2005 pseudoephedrine containing things like pseudoephedrine cold and sinus, for example, were placed behind the counter. you could no longer reach and grab them without giving your name and information. the reason is that people can actually make methamphetamine out of pseudoephedrine, so the issue here was that so what was used or has been used in its place more regularly is this
10:24 am
thing fouled phenylf-for instance, things in dimetapp and brands like this and the study looked at 500 people, put them on placebo or the phenyleffrin and found it was no better than the placebo so the issue is should fda be keeping phenylf-for instance on the market for nasal congestion well. you can still go and get these things, go to the pharmacist. give your name and i.d. >> it is a process but can you still get the products with pseudoephedrine. >> they want to make sure people aren't abusing it for that process. >> people wonder about herbal over the counter. >> right. also something especially as parent you want to be very much aware of, that the american academy of pediatrics does not recommend over-the-counter cough and cold remedies for children under the age of four. >> okay. >> so what does that mean? >> it means all those like, you know, things to help people help
10:25 am
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up
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in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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taking a look at headlines, engineers are at a mississippi ihop restaurant this morning where the ground caved in in the park pag lot swallowing 15 vehicles. it happened near meridian neither alabama border. the massive hole is 50 feet wide and 600 feet long. witnesses say they heard several loud booms, and the power was knocked out before the ground opened up. thankfully in all of that no one was injured. the ihope had just opened, by the way, last week. a high school sexting scandal in colorado is raising a red flag for parents and schools around the country. officials in canyon city, colorado are investigating whether 100 or more students
10:31 am
photos themselves. they were also sexting scandals in ohio, pennsylvania and ten see. experts warn young people often disguise secret files using an app that looks like a calculator on their smartphone. parent should be wary of any new apps that access the phone's camera. and volkswagen will offer cash to u.s. owners of deisel cars as part of an effort to restore goodwill in the wake of the emissions cheating scandal. reports say owners will get a $500 debtit card to spend anywhere they choose and possibly up to $750 to spend at volkswagen dealers. the automaker faces lawsuits from owners seeking compensation for the lower resale value of their cars that were equipped with illegal software. and it took james bond to shake up what's been a lackluster weekend box office. the latest 007 spy drama "spectre" raked in an estimated $73 million debuting in the top spot. charlie brown and his friends in
10:32 am
million in their first weekend and matt damon's "the martian" descended into third place. it's been around. let's check in now with dylan keeping in place for al roker. >> hey, dylan. keeping an eye on the tropics. a new tropical storm. this is kate and it's not really going to be much of a threat to land, but it is still out there, nonetheless. it will pass through the bahamas, just a tropical storm right now with winds at about 40 miles per hour. it's moving northwest at 15, but eventually it's going to take that turn with a cold front moving through the eastern part of the united states. that's going to help steer it back out to sea, so even bermuda doesn't look like it's going to see many of the impacts from this storm system so that will race out to sea. no issue and still wanted to point out tropical storm kate for you. elsewhere across the country we're looking at a rainy day across the southeast. pockets of heavier rain and also flash flood watches through parts of the carolinas. in the middle of the country it looks fantastic. 50s and 60s. the northeast is nice but we do
10:33 am
>> good monday morning, everyone. we have a cool start but a bright start with a lot of sunshine warming us up. rain down to the carolinas, rain here tomorrow afternoon. most of it tomorrow afternoon, down south of the mass pike. 57-62 this afternoon, so a mild finish for the day. and rain arriving tomorrow on wednesday, gusty winds on
10:34 am
coastline. many amazing things about this film. josh monn is a first-time filmmaker and so powerful and so individual. never seen anything like it, and it is in large part autobuying figural and my mom died of cancer and his mom as well in the calendar year that we made the film. you know, when you have a terminal illness, you know, the kind of the two-dimensional depictions of that are like the cancer is all that's happening. >> right. >> you know what i mean, and
10:35 am
is you see this mother and son who love each other very much and have a very complicated relationship and all that stuff just doesn't miraculously go away because she's dying. >> i would imagine someone pointing this out with a personal connection and get a chance to go home with your three kids and life and it's like hug time. >> a very hectic. we shot it for 18 days in new york city and then they went to mexican for the mexican shoot, but, yeah, it was -- it was such a whirlwind we just basically didn't see much of our families for three weeks. went home and went to sleep. >> you're used to being busy. you do everything. >> i'm directing a play in previews at the new group. mario camtone, my "sex in the city" alum. >> and guest starring in "the >> when do you sleep? >> sometimes i sleep. >> do you have time to relax and
10:36 am
>> i just spent a very busy year so i've got my eye on december. i'm just heading for that, but it's -- you know, good problems to v.these are projects i'm so excited about. >> when you go into a role like the one you play in "james white," is it a difficult place for you to go? do you take the experience of watching your mother and do you take your own experience? >> i have to say it was pretty cathartic because it was so fresh. >> mm-hmm. >> and i think my mother had certain things in common with the character that i play. upper west side, bohemian, got her child into the arts because that was her passion so i was actually able to wear not my jewelry. it just made me feel very close >> oh, gosh. >> so interesting your fan base, we, of course, still love miranda from "sex in the city" and also appreciate your growth and the variety of things you've chosen to do, and i think that speaks to who you are as a person but also an an actress,
10:37 am
as willie pointed out, allowing this vulnerable part your life character. >> it's so -- as an actor it's one of the privileges right. you have things that are painful or confusing in your life and you get a chance to sort of explore that on stage or on screen and our filmmaker said i make things in my own life that i don't understand and trying to come to grips with them intellectually and certainly emotionally, that's one of the through my art. >> an amazing movie and a great performance and the a lot of oscar voters i suspect will be watching this very closely. congratulations. >> congratulations. >> "james white" opens on friday. up next, if you're planning a holiday vacation and looking at hotel photos online, what you see isn't always what you get. won't believe what we found in a new "rossen reports" live. rossen is here with us right believe me, i put this hair through a lot, every day. that's why i need total repair. l'oreal's total repair 5 shampoo system with ceramide fights 5 signs of damage. weak, dry, dull, rough hair - and split ends... no way!
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give extra. get extra. hi hey thank you, i feel good. it all starts with eating right. that's why i eat amaz!n prunes they're delicious and help keep my body in balance. i love these. sunsweet amaz!n prunes, the feel good fruit. we're kicking off a new series "ross ren report live"
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with "today" national correspondent jeff rossen tackling consumers problems and getting answers. >> today we're talking about hotel websites that lure you in with the gorgeous photos. >> can you trusted them? jeff here with the critical information before your book and it's live. >> anything can happen. i could get up and walk away. time. >> sure. >> you stay in hotels all the time, too, and this is a busy travel season and how do we book go on to the website and if you're anything like me you look at those photos that they put up so we actually have some side by sides. a great site called and what they do is send investigators to the actual investigators to the hotel to go to the exact spot where they took a photo in many cases and put them up side by side to see how accurate they are. great examples here today. we want to start in italy because we all want to go to italy. beautiful plush room. >> plush chairs and a desk.
10:43 am
>> wine over there will you'll like, tamron. good stuff over there. >> but. >> let's go to the real photo of the room. >> what? >> looks like willie's bedroom. >> mm-hmm. >> nothing there. >> not terrible. >> i know. >> but the deal is it's not terrible, but it's clear deception because it looks so like roomy and you've got all the furniture to entertain. >> window treatments. >> okay. so the next one. we want to take you to the dominican republic because what we do on vacation, love to eat buffet. photo of the buffet. >> look at the ham. >> the guys slicing the meat and serving you and the beautiful couple, of course, which just happen to be there. really looks like. look, we don't know if this was taken after lunch, but this certainly is not what it is in the photo. happiness in the photo. >> would you be happy with that? >> no, no. >> that's a side by side. >> especially if i was going expecting that.
10:44 am
>> that's horrible. >> do you like the beach. >> yeah, i do. >> do you like the beach? >> with a body like think can't like the beach that much. only so much you can like the beach. if we looked like we would like the beach. james camp taking you to james camp take a look at this beach photo. >> beautiful. >> jam a aican me crazy. >> beautiful turquoise water. >> take a look at picture from that's what that beach actually looks like. >> well, i -- i don't like that blue thing there. >> not just that, what about the cement wall. barely any beach there. >> but the wall could have been behind the person who took the photograph. >> exactly. >> they took it there, but it's about the perspective, about context. >> all right. >> it was really probably taken there. >> and on a sunny day. >> there's nobody in that photo. >> very isolated in the brochure. >> people there how are you going to get a spot on that
10:45 am
beach? >> okay. >> you need rom to, you know, do your thing. finally we want to take you to the dominican republic. >> okay. >> this one -- now, this is one those situations where the photo is actually pretty accurate of the location, take a look. >> that's beautiful. >> you will notice in marketing photos and you should always be aware of that, never show people, never show what it looks like with people. watch what oyster went there when there's actually people there. >> that's a petry dish. >> looks kind fun, i don't know. >> people having a good time. >> can't get a seat around the bar. >> that's a lot of people squeezed into that small space. >> that's a lot of people. >> what do we do in. >> be skeptical of carefully cropped photos. photos really cropped, show a corner of the room, show a corner of the pool, you want to be aware of that. also, ask about what you don't see. if there are photos of the bathroom, or, you know, like when you go on a hotel website, showing you the bathroom, the lounge, you want to look for that, not just single feltos
10:46 am
every once in a while and the best idea is to not just trust the hotel and resort websites, go to and trip adviser and consumers all the time go on these trips and take their own photos and you can look at consumer reviews as well. >> rats, we're out time. come back live because i wanted to know how do you fight back as a consumer if the pictures don't match. >> switch room and many times complain to the manager, they may even give you a refund. >> do your homework and it will be all right. >> thank you, jeff. that was awesome. >> we're still live and easy appetizersur guests will gobble
10:47 am
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10:51 am
>> almost. >> we've got to cook. >> here's great deviled eggs, mayonnaise, mustard, hot sauce, eggs, organic is great, bacon you love it, chives, salt, capers, paprika, lemon juice. pop them in boiling hot water. needs to be coming to a boil. >> okay. >> tamron, your face right now is killing me. >> already boiling. >> the water -- >> you put it in boiling water. >> boiling water. >> six minutes. once it's done with six minutes, turn it off and let it sit and drink a beer, have a glass of wine, eat a piece of cake, cheese ball, whatever you do. when you're done scoop them out, six and six, tamron. thumbs up. >> ice bath. >> so you don't salt the water. >> ice bath. >> my god. i feel like oprah. there's so many questions here. i'm only one guy. shock it and the shell comes off really easy. roll it and check this out. you're going to love me, put it back in the water and see how
10:52 am
>> so easy. >> now we cut them in half. cut them in half this way so they are like super sexy. the ones that tamron is eating. >> eat deviled eggs and tell me they are not best you've ever had and the best you've eaten in your life.
10:53 am
we've got to thank our man john cena.
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