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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  November 10, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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coming ott us first thing nw the rain is having a hard time pushing into the commonwealth. we've seen it through buzzards bay and cape cod for a couple of hours. it gets all of the way, just about to scituate and cohasset but you can see the pockets of dry air holding it down. keeping it out of walpole, foxboro and a couple of sprinkles in attleboro not really established in worcester but that will change tonight as the storm tomorrow morning. it gets right up near nantucket then drives offshore but at the point between 2:00 and 6:00, i think it will be the most intense with rain and wind coming in at us. even after 6:00 you can see it pull air way here at about 9:00 or 10:00 but the window between 6:00 and 9:00 a little tricky with the wind and rain and the puddling. you know typical fall storm system type stuff. what we'd expect for november. not the sunny bright delays. 50 in boston.
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49 bedford. 47 worcester. go through the night tonight, temperatures sic back to the 40s and hold. the rain settles in, winds increase, especially along the coastline. metro west back through the merrimack valley, the suburbs of worcester not a huge wind event. mainly aest couldal storm to coastal locations will be affected most by the wind. >> adam: track the rain as it moves through our area using our radar. find it on and our mobil and tablet apps. >> kim: staying on top of breaking news. protestors taking to the streets in boston. fast-food workers are fighting for what they consider fair wages. they'rey demanding $15 an hour. go to dan hausle on the move with the protestors. so you are walking the streets. how many people and who exactly is demonstrating? >> reporter: the organizers are estimating about 1,000 people were on congress street and this is a group that is demonstrating for a $15
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a lot of unions from around protest. their common cause the $15 minimum wage. and also some other causes but that is the big one they're going for tonight. these are some of the same protestors who janed another demonstration earlier today on huntington avenue. where northeastern university students were protesting for a higher wage for their temporary, their part-time professors. that protest shut down the green line e.line for about 25 minutes this afternoon, and the police let them continue the protest as long as they wanted. protestors stayed there for about 25 minutes. bus services increased in the area. the protestors they tried to help people get around. that demonstration was designed to shut down the traffic. the t. in the area. this protest is not designed to shut down the traffic, but it is having that effect here on congress street.
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again about 1,000 protestors. heading up to park street where they're going to walk up to the statehouse and continue the protest. they're working with boston police who are escorting them and allowing this. so there is a disruption to traffic. but it's seen as inevitable with the protests and the intention is not to shut the city down for a length of time. just the time it takes to marchers to get from faneuil hall up to the statehouse where the protests will continue. live on tremont now headed up to park, dan hausle, 7 news. >> kim: we're following breaking news that is happening in ohio now. a plane has crashed into an apartment building. you see the huge response. this is akron, ohio. the building is on fire. crews are working to contain flames. police do say everyone got out o.k.but the people on the plane died. we don't know how many people were on board but a plane crashed into an
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we're working to get as much information as we can and we'll share it with you when we do. news. good news on the health of carter. doctors say they haven't found any evidence of new cancer growth. president carter was diagnosed with melanoma of the brain in august. he is 90 years old. forms of treatment now. court. police say he was drunk when he slammed into a trunk. the truck flipped killing a man inside. prosecutors say this was no accident. byron barnett is live in attleboro now with the latest tonight. >> reporter: well, police say this was a case of road rage, and they say the suspect admitted he was drunk. michael hynes under arrest after police say he caused the death of 37-year-old jar redd arrone of foxboro in a drunkin road rage crash on
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>> i need to keep his memory alive. he was you a an awesome guy and this man has destroyed my family. >> reporter: the victim's fiance trembled with anguish as the 67-year-old norton man was arraigned for motor vehicle homicide, o. u. i. and other charges. police say hynes intention kale -- intentionally rammed his truck into arrone's truck causing it to flip killing arrone and injuring arrone's friend. thanks to a witness who followed the man police say home. police say he failed several field sobriety tests and later blue a ..19 in a breathalyzer. >> the defendant made a number of statements including to the effect of that guy cut me off. he is an. [bleep] and i smashed into someone. it's not like i killed nip. >> reporter: police say
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possibly o. u. i. offenses. no comment from his distraught damn family. arrone's fiance give her reaction. >> i'm hurt right here. you know what? he is not coming home tonight. he is not going to see his kids. so guess what. he is gone. >> reporter: hynes was ordered hold on $75,000 cash bail and the victim's friend is out of the hospital but still banged up. the story live in attleboro, i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> kim: two men police say planned to attack the world pokemon championships in boston were once again called to court. the two pled not guilty to weapons charges. police arrested them after finding guns and ammunition in their car in august. investigators say they drove to boston from iowa and had posted threats on social media. they're still being held on bail. >> adam: new details on the deadly russian plane crash. russia is extending the ban
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on flights into egypt. officials say it'll last a few months. putin agreed to suspend all flights to the sinai peninsula but there was no time frame announced. all this coming after fears that a bomb brought down a russian airliner. >> kim: we're hours away from the 4th republican debate. candidates gearing up for a showdown in milwaukee. eight candidates will take the main stage, all have something to prove to voters. ryan schulteis with a look at what to expect. >> reporter: we are sure to hear plenty of permanent questions. the pressure is on ben carson show pushing back. >> i simply cannot sit still and watch -- >> reporter: with the republicans in milwaukee carson's friends predict fire from the quiet doctor. >> bring it on, i'm ready to fight. >> reporter: carson is
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>> now, president trump, president trump! >> reporter: trump called the campaign weird. >> if you too i to hit your mother over the head with a hammer your poll numbers go up. i never saw anything like it. >> reporter: trump and carson are tied in natural surveys trailed by rubio. defending his personal finances and jeb bush defending his debate performances. >> it's not about yapping. it's about doing. >> reporter: it's the eight top polling candidates that promise as different tone from the last debate. you want to draw out the differences says the moderator but not by having a fight. party chairman -- >> i think they want to have a sub stancive debate on business and finance and the economy what people in this country and the state want to talk b. the economy. >> reporter: specific economic plans from the top contender would be a change.
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chris christie and mike huckabee will not be there. they didn't have the poll numbers to qualify. >> kim: andy hiller weighs in with his instinct on tonight's debate. changes we can expect and who has the most to lose and gain. russian athletes facing doping charges. a report from the world anti-doping agency in switzerland claims russian athletes cheated in the 2012 london games. the committee is considering stripping the medals from russian athletes who used performance-enhancing drugs. >> adam: president obama is asking the supreme court to rule on his immigration order. it would protect millions of illegal immigrants from being deported but 26 states filed a complaint about the action saying the programs were an overreach of executive power and yesterday a central judge agreed.
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the white house will argue the case before the ugh supreme court. >> if congress is ready to pass comprehensive immigration reform along the lines of what passed the senate and in bipartisan fashion the president would happily rescind his executive organization so that the legislation would be the law of the land. >> adam: president obama said his goal is to fix a broken system. president obama made closing the gab center a key campaign promise but he has not threatened to veto the new bill. >> kim: ratings are coming to boston restaurants. this means customers will be able to see if their favorite spot is making the grade. year. boston will issue a letter grade rating restaurants on clenliness and food safety.
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check on-line whether restaurants have a grade. >> adam: the new look for the mbta's new t. cars has been chosen and we'll show them to you here is. nice and clean and sleek. the designs for the green, orange and red line cars were picked by you. more than 170,000 people voted for the new lines. the new green line trolleys will arrive in 2017 followed by the orange and red line cars. still ahead for you this evening a wild crash caught on camera. see what happens when a woman steals a car then heads for a police officer. >> kim: at 5:30 the search is on for a stabbing suspect. how he got away from police surrounded last night. >> adam: a connecticut teacher is off the job after a violent incident involving a student. >> kim: then in one hour refusing to budge, a new hampshire man desperate water park. >> adam: playing in a post-apocalyptic boston.
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>> adam: the video game with familiar sights that gamers are pretty excited to see. >> kim: keeping a watch on breaking news. protestors marching to statehouse. police are allowing it protesting. we'll follow it and bring you more coming up with us
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>> kim: a police chase in oklahoma comes to a crashing end. tough to watch. we see the moment when a car slams into a police cruiser. you can hear him telling her to stop. the officer is okay. >> adam: police say there was no question about the drives' intention. they say she had her sights set on the officer. christa del camp with the dramatic video. >> reporter: as she drives through the entrance to this elementary school officer matt is in the middle of a high-speed chase. he stops to place down strike strips but the car coming at him is going nearly 50 miles an hour.
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limited. >> stop, stop! >> reporter: the chase comes to an end and somehow he only suffered minor injuries. his chief says with seconds to react he made the right choice as the s.u.v. came at him with force. braking. it was the sound of accelerating. suspect made the turn to the officer in his vehicle and rammed the vehicle. >> reporter: the officer got up, still needing to make an arrest. first officers toiled the driver, staci bunsy to put her hands up. >> put your hands on top of your head. >> reporter: police say after not obeying orders officers used the taser and she fell back into the vehicle. the officer enters through the sunroof and it's a an event that could have been evented. >> she has the full western part of the roadway, two lanes she could have utilized to bypass the officer.
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>> reporter: in a jail the woman's arrest says she had suicidal thoughts and is suspected of driving under the influence. the officer is out of the hospital. amazingly with just a few scratches and he is expected to return to work this week. in the newsroom i'm christa del camp, 7 news. >> adam: gisele getting candid opening up about the troubles in her marriage with tom brady. what kept them together and what almost sent her rubbing. >> pete: the wind is also increasing. the storm system slowly pulls away on veterans day. >> kim: then at 5:30 it's going to show you more, more than 1,000 feet down a mountain and recorded. lives to tell about it. >> adam: straight down there. tomorrow 7 news will be saluting you are our veterans. send us your pictures about your veterans in our family. tweet us with the @vets on
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e-mail us and we'll show your pictures on air and have a gallery on
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>> announcer: now 7 weather with chief meteorologist pete bouchard. >> pete: 50 in the city right now. the temperatures sinking a little bit. not like they got very far today. the water temperature 53 degrees. so with our wind off the
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water tomorrow, no, our temperatures are not going to be 53 but 49-50. a little colder through lickington and wayland. those might be close to the highs for tomorrow. the high, 48 right now in boston, 49 lowell. then out through sterling and auburn we're in the upper 40s. the rain has yet to settle in. we have seen a couple of showers through wareham and up to plymouth and duxbury but the stead yet rain has been on cape cod. come. this first wave is just settling in. paving wait for more rain. it's sacrificing itself because there a lot of dry air in place and a lot is fading out. reenforcements will be spawned intoer this low pressure and fed up from a long island and connecticut, too. this also is what we're watching because as the storm pulls ebb, this little band of rain will translate east too along the pike. so it's going to hang on to
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the morning commute for tomorrow. plan on that, ponding, you know, that thing, wheel spray. back into that mode and the sky will be a little dark. it will be very november-like, almost like early winter in fact with very little sunlight and bright in the sky. cape cod. the steadiest but again light showers out through worcester and we find them back into sturbridge and also running down 495, just right on the 495 belt really southern end beyond the pike south of the pike, but tonight all that swarms up to southern new hampshire. even though we're spared a dry day today up into sorb new hampshire, we'll not be for tomorrow. it'll hang on there at least until morning and eastern mass until late morning. then taper off to sprinkles, i'm not seeing a complete shutdown as in we go completely dry until, like, 5:00 or 6:00 tomorrow night. tomorrow evening. i think with the storm pulling away, and the
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north-northeast, we'll have lingering bouts of drizzle through the afternoon to make it extra special with the high temperature right in the upper 40's, low pressure departs tomorrow but a lot of leftover moisture and even some cloud cover remaining across southern new england, tomorrow and some on thursday, too. how much rain? close to an inch in many spots. very good dose of rain coming our way. wind at advisory is up on cape ann and cape cod and the island. wind northeast then turning north-northeast so we'll watch out for a little splashover during the high tide because we do have the new moon cycle. tomorrow? starting off in the 40s not getting very far. we might be able to squeak out some low 50s. the water temperature is a little warmer down through cape cod bay and the temperatures rise by friday close to 60 degrees. so the this little bump in the road is that. low pressure system keeps it rainy and raw and once it
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lot of cold air behind it. increasing wind. wind whipping tomorrow morning and turning north-northeast and diminishing in the afternoon. rain tapers to drizzle late. weekend is looking good. seasonable. see you at 5:30. >> kim: gisele bundchen opening up about her marriage to tom brady starting with the very beginning of their relationship. she says learning that brady's former girl friend was pregnant was definitely tough to take. >> he was one of those moments of do i just run away or do i -- and i think now eight years later, i couldn't have asked for a sweeter, bonus child. >> kim: she also talked about struggling through the deflate-gate controversy with brady saying i think we have been through a few if you have times together. moy father said the quality of your life depends on the
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she took a big step retiring from the runway after 20 years of modelling, she is now. >> adam: president obama again. he becomes the first u.s. president to be on the front cover of a gay magazine. he posed for the cover of "out" magazine. it named him the ally of the year for his public stance in support of gay marriage. still ahead on 7 this tuesday spectacular sights in the sky. what caused these clouds over south after -- africa. >> adam: protestors are fighting for $15 an hour, what they say is a more realistic livable wage.
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about people who work in fast-food restaurants. they're on their way to the statehouse, we'll continue to keep you updated on their
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who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. won election and praise as in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change!
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father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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>> adam: great being with us on this tuesday, there is another hour of 7 news. i'm adam williams consistent i'm kim khazei. 7 news at 5:30 starts right now. >> ryan: the swat team swarms a boston apartment building but the suspect inside makes a great ease scape limits what a connecticut teacher did that left the student on the floor and him without a job. >> ryan: video after violent arrest going viral. 7 news is onsets a the city of lawrence is transformed for a new ben affleck movie. >> announcer: 7 news at 5:30 starts now. >> ryan: first here at 5:30 fast food workers taking to t boston. they're demanding a minimum
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