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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 11, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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test test test test test te sttonight, the crash horror caught on camera. the moment of a jet careened into an apartment building exploding. among the dead are seven people from one company. what happened in the terrifying final blizzard and tornado warnings, a wild mix of weather threatening 60 million people. some taking shelter as a ferocious storm barrels across the country. nbc news exclusive, an unarmed man died while restrained in police custody, tasered over and over again by three police officers and we have the trail of video. and the biggest shopping spree ever. bigger than black friday and cyber
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a billion dollars in 8 minutes. why so many people are boyning in to -- joining in to spoil themselves. "nightly news" begins right now. good evening. we start with the moment of impact. surveillance video has emerged capturing the fatal catch of a business jet into an akron, ohio, apartment complex, killing nine people. on the tape, the plane appearing as a dark flash just behind the trees. then in the upper left corner of the screen, exploding into a fire ball. the tape, a critical clue for investors trying to understand why the jet went down. tonight we know more about the victims and about the conditions the pilots were facing. nbc's john yang is in details. >> reporter: in akron, ohio, today, officials sorted through the charred wreckage of
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business jet killing all nine on board. surveillance video captured the moment. behind the trees, the plane slammed into an apartment building, bursting into a cloud of spoke. today the ntsb zeroed in on one possible cause. >> weather, in fact, is one of the key areas that we'll be carefully. >> the jet was approaching akron, fulton airport shortly before 3:00 p.m. it was foggy an misting. the ceiling 400 feet and visibility just 1.5 miles was barely above the faa landing mandated conditions. moments after emerging from the clouds, it hitting the building. >> an airplane just crashed into a house in front of me. >> it has limited landing guidance as joe weather by who used the field regularly. >> you get down to the minimums, and you see the runway or you don't. >> reporter: witnesses said the pilot appeared to be trying to gain altitude. today we learned the left wing hit the ground before the
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building and um an embankment. before sunrise this morning, the last hopes were dashed. her sister diane smoot was on board. smoot and six colleagues work for a property management firm in boca raton, florida. the identity of the others and the two pilots still not released. monday night, smoot had texted her sister the grueling two-day itinerary as they visit properties across the midwest. >> they wanted to get her more exposure and things like that and the team. >> reporter: the victims remains were recovered today by some of the same forensic archeologists who recovered the remains from 9/11 flight 93 in shanksville, pennsylvania. officials say it will take days to identify the dead. lester. >> john yang in akron tonight. thank you. another deadly explosion caught on video. keep an eye on the upper part of your screen.
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one person was killed. 15 others were hurt. pulled from the two-family home. investigators are trying to determine if it was a gas line tonight tens of millions of people are taking shelter from a huge storm churning across the country. triggering both blizzard warnings and tornado warnings. a wild mix as this powerful system slides from west to east. reported tornados already today and a dangerous night ahead. stephanie gosk is in the storm zone. >> reporter: a dangerous triple threat tonight. blizzard conditions, tornado warnings. >> the storms are moving fast. >> reporter: and powerful tropical storm force wind gusts are bearing down on much of the country. reports of several tornados already. as tens of millions are in the storm's vicious path. >> watch out for the west winds coming out of here across iowa this evening. i think gusts up to 60 are possible. >> reporter: winds so fierce, moving at highway speeds. more than 50 miles per hour. toppling this
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iowa. nbc's casey hunt forced to take shelter outside of des moines while on the campaign trail. started sounding and we had to take shelter firehouse. >> the same system is moving east quickly and now the system will trigger severe storms and possible tornados from the midwest to texas overnight. >> reporter: in colorado, blinding snow caused cars to veer off highways. >> we saw one vehicle flip. bad it. was very slick. i was actually getting conditions. >> reporter: hundreds of flight delays and international runways. from texas to north dakota, violent winds reducing visibility to nearly zero in several cities. >> it is freezing rain and sleet is pretty bad. fast. >> reporter: residences in several storms tear through
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the midwest. the wind and rain are picking up here in st. louis. missouri is bracing for the thrust of this storm over the next few hours. large swaths of the state are under tornado and severe thunderstorm watches. it is going to be a tough night here, lester. >> stephanie gosk, thank you. tensions over race have turned to fear at the university of at a school already revolt. many students are now afraid to go to class over threats that were made after student-led protests forced out the college president and chancellor. our jacob rascon has more from the increasingly empty-looking campus. >> reporter: a cloud of confusion and fear university of missouri. after police arrested 19-year-old hunter park on a charge of making terrorist allegedly posting on the social media site yik yak, i'm going to stand my ground tomorrow and shoot everybody -- every
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black person i see. adding don't go to campus tomorrow and we will kill you. some students started packing their bags. >> i think people are terrified. i honestly think people are thinking of of another ferguson. >> reporter: adding to the hysteria, a black student heard ridiculing black students. online the story took on a life of its own. rumors that the kkk had descended on campus. but the rumors proved false. president apologized for unknowingly spreading misinformation. many professors canceled class. police out in force as worried parents called students to rush home. >> come on. >> it is super crazy. the thought of a peaceful protest and now there is all of this backlash. >> i can't believe here. >> reporter: the to get back to a regular schedule but even the starbucks was closed. >> it is like a ghost town. >> reporter: this area of campus would normally be packed at
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this time of day but many have decided it is not worth the risk. still many students tried to go on with their lives. >> i think a lot of it was blown out of proportion. >> reporter: in new york at ithaca college, hundreds staged a rally, calling on their down. evidence the missouri movement may be spreading. and tonight many students who packed up their bags and left are now returning to the university, hoping their movement hasn't lost its momentum. lester. >> jacob, thank you. more than 13 million people tuned in to watch the 2016 republican candidates face-off in last night's main debate. and they saw indicate candidates with a very different vision for the party and for the country. and they are all battling to lead. here is hallie jackson. >> reporter: in a race defined by personalities, gop candidates are fresh off a debate dominated
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by policy instead. [ overlapping speakers ] >> reporter: firing moments on fox business network revealing dramatic divisions in the republican party, about immigration, foreign policy and tax reform. issues at the core of what it means to be conservative. >> what happened after the debate ended last night was a real fight for the hearts and souls of republican primary voters around issues that used to unite our party and now divide a lot of republican primary voters. >> reporter: on zrgs, john kasich and jeb bush taking aim at trump plan to deport an estimated 11 million immigrants. >> they are doing high fives in the clinton hear this. >> reporter: hillary clinton piling on as trump points to precedent. deportations in the 50s under eisenhower, an operation witha name now so offensive it is considered a slur. katy tur. >> they are were dropping off people in
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were shipped off on cargo trips. how would your plan be different. >> very humanly done. >> how? >> it is a whole management thing. it is called good management. >> reporter: on foreign policy, marco rubio's hawkish stance a stark contrast to rand paul. >> how is it conservative to add a trillion dollars in military expenditures. >> we can't have an economy if we are not safe. >> and on taxes, ben carson getting rid of tax breaks for charity donations. his donations on the other hand, rolling in. >> reporter: carson said he raised a million dollars since the debate and the campaign of marco rubio opening his south carolina headquarters tonight said he has seen a record surge in donations. jeb bush, meanwhile, coming off what many consider his best debate performance is picking up support on this veterans day from bob dole, the nominee two decades ago who lost to a clinton. lester. >> hallie jackson. thank you.
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since allegations of widespread doping among russian athletes surfaced this week, putin addressed accusations that his country encouraged athletes to cheat. with a friday deadline looming with possible suspensions for the 2016 rio games, putin himself has promised investigation. reports. >> reporter: vladimir putin welcoming the world to sochi for last year's winter olympics where russia won 33 medals, more country. but today in sochi, he was scrambling to contain a doping scandal that could bar russian athletes from next year's olympics. >> we have identified violations. >> reporter: accused of state-sponsored doping of the athletes at sochi and the 2012 london games, russia was at first defiant. acknowledged that russia has a problem. called the most open
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and professional cooperation with international anti-doping structures thx week's damming report said agents of putin's security service, the former kgb, were present in a lab where athletes samples were tested. report said russian athletic officials going back to 2012 were guilty of deceit, corruption, collusion and zoying test results an sack tajjing the games. medals may now be withdrawn and reallocated, including to some americans. how the alleged cheating was allowed remains unanswered. police are investigating allegations against international athletic officials and president putin warned ominously tonight, doping is not just a russian problem. keir simmons, nbc news, london. still ahead here tonight, new outrage over police who shot their tasers at a man 20 times, each jolt packing 50,000 volts.
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pills can be a pain. can i get my aleve back? for my pain, i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap. we're back now with an exclusive nbc investigation. into how a man lost his life in police custody. several officers in south boston, virginia, tased him up
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to 20 times while he was on the ground and while he was restrained in the back of a police car. and now two and a half years later, as our tom costello reports, we've uncovered the videos that shed new light on the final moments. >> reporter: it started at a motel complex in halifax county, virginia, where police found 46-year-old linwood lambert, unarmed and hallucinating but cooperative. >> we are not locking you up. but we're going to take you to the hospital. >> they took him to a local e.r. for treatment but video shows lambert kicking out the police car window. then charging the hospital entrance where officers tased him repeatedly as he lay on the ground. officers never took
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lambert inside for treatment. instead, they bound his legs and tased him again after restraining him back in a police car. even taze carries 50,000 volts. arri is the chief legal correspondent and led the investigation. >> the taser company logs for the officers showed they diz charged tasers 20 times in half an hour. we don't know exactly how many hit lambert. >> reporter: but the time he arrived at the jail he was unresponsive. medics took him back to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. now his younger sister is suing police for up to $25 million. >> they paid him no mind. he was not a citizen to them. and then they tied his legs up. where was he going. >> reporter: the police department denies all of the claims saying the taser use was appropriate and necessary because lambert damaged property and was a danger. >> it just hurts me to watch officers do that.
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>> reporter: former atf agent and analysis jim cavanaugh. >> over all, i would say it is excessive force through excessive use of the taser on a prisoner who is in a dire medical condition and is restrained already. and it is very disturbing. >> reporter: the autopsy listed the cause of his death as acute cocaine intoxication. now two and a half years after lambert died in police custody, we just uncovered the surveillance video. tomorrow there is a hearing on the lawsuit in federal court. as the local prosecutor said the criminal investigation remains open. nbc news, washington. and we're back moment. maria. there are thousands of ways system.
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something so special only comes around, you know, once in a blue moon. it sold today for $48.5 million at sothebys in switzerland. it is about to weigh down some rich private collector's hand. but that price has nothing compared to this spending spree. $14.3 billion in sales clocked by a chinese e-commerce site in one wild day. the company is called alibaba. chinese version of amazon. it is partnering with famous hollywood fames and nbc's olivia sterns reports, it is convincing a whole lot of singles to shower themselves with gifts. >> good evening to the great people of i want to take a all of you out there to wish you a happy >> reporter: from kevin stacy appearing on chinese tvs a his on stage with the alibaba founder, stars kicking off the biggest shopping day
6:53 pm
on the planet. >> it is a virtual orgy of consumerism. for man 500 million chinese shoppers. >> reporter: singles day, a valentine's day for singles people. dreamed up by alibaba. the largest e-commerce company in the world shipping 12 million packages every day, four times as many as amazon. american companies are using the megaseller too. apple, disney, coskco and fisher price and nike all have goods on alibaba today. >> how many of these will you sell on alibaba? >> anywhere between 15 to 25 at a time. >> flamingo furniture saw alibaba taking off and decided to use it instead of amazon. business is booming. >> we have added 10% to our bottom line. >> reporter: analysts say this is just the beginning. >> within a year or two, you're going to see this become a major shopping event in the united states. >> reporter: and that could be a game-changer for
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president obama on this veterans day laying a wreath at the tomb of unknowns at arlington national cemetery. part of the moving tributes across the country. including one in a small illinois town where kevin tibbles takes us tonight as part of a series america's correspondent. he found the next generation seeking to serve, honoring those who came before. >> reporter: too young to know the reality of war. >> this is for people who gave their lives to help our country. >> reporter: but old enough to honor those who served. >> we appreciate the this is our way to show it to them. >> reporter: the 770 members of the walk eagan high school program assures spit and polish is the order of the day. because this is the day they march in remembrance down jen he issee street in
6:58 pm
their home town. joined by those who have known combat out of tremendous respect. >> this is for the guys that didn't make it. >> reporter: and while the ranks of the living from distant conflicts diminish, those who remain carry the memory forward. >> when i put this uniform on, it is reflecting putting on the uniform when i was in korea. i just feel it. i feel like i'm -- i belong. >> reporter: that honor and tradition passed down. today's ceremony ended on a personal moment. 91-year-old rudy white was stationed in italy in world war ii. today his family honored his service with a plaque in veteran's scare. >> so many memories. >> reporter: memories and gratitude in hundreds of american towns just like this one. kevin tibbles, nbc news, walk eagan, illinois.
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if you want america's correspondent to tell your story in your city or town, let us know on our facebook page. and we send our salute and thanks to all of those who serve as we end on this wednesday night. thank you for being with us. i'm lester holt, for


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