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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  November 13, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> we have breaking news this morning. the face of isis facing the u.s. now they hope to confirm that jihady john the dead. a teen dead after drug overdose. why her boyfriend said the mother is responsible. >> umass soccer player under controversy after tweets were former star. good morning, everyone. tgif. i'm jadiann thompson.
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after a day of cold it's so good to see the sun. a little bit of sunshine mixed with wind. is wind is back as well. the temperature were unable to budge last couple of day. we're into the low-to-mid 50s. look at nantucket closing in on 60 degrees. it's very windy through the cape and island and elsewhere as well. winds generally 10, 20-mile-an-hour sustained wind quite gusty as well. cloudless. there's a chance that we could see some of these spot shower alls this afternoon. we'll run through that time line and show you the weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes get you to breaking news. u.s. airstrike. syria targeting the isis terrorist known as jihady john. he's appeared in several videos, of course released by isis. he believed to have been behind several beheading including james fellow. >> james foley had been captured
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by terrorist. his family hadn't heard from him in two years when a video surfaced online that appeared to show his murder. u.s. officials believe the man who killed him is dead. >> this masked man become known as jihady john. the mysterious figure appeared in gruesome video in august of 2014. it showed the beheading of james fellow a journalist from new hampshire who had been captured in syria almost two years earlier. in the following months u.s. journalist and british and american aid worker a japanese journalist and another of other hostages were murdered in similar videos. we continue to strike the next of your people. >> western officials eventually identified as mohamed amawazi. british citizen believe to be born in kuwait. they believe he is now dead. u.s. officials are clear they
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drone strike against the vehicle he was in, in syria, isis capital self-declared capital but they are not 100% sure. they are looking for confirmation. isis has long been known in the west for propaganda video it distributed online. iteming of jihady john emerged from some of them. thursday night the pentagon announced that u.s. forces had targeted with an airstrike what a senior u.s. official described as mission survllance. the military knew it was amawazi when they fired on him. >> britain prime minister praised the strike. >> he was intent on murdering more people. this was an act of self-defense. it was the right thing to do. i want to thank the united states. the united kindom has no better friend or ally. >> but again right now british and u.s. officials are working to confirm that amawazi was killed in the strike.
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live in rochester, new hampshire this morning. en fer eagan, 7 news "today in new england." more breaking news as fwhel the fight against isis. in control of the town of sinjar after taking it away from isis. witnesses say the fighter raised the kurdish flag and fired off shots in air to celebrate. happening today in new hampshire mother set to face a judge after police say she provided her daughter with a lethal dose of drugs. now the teenager's boyfriend speak edge out about her death. nicole oliverio is live with the interview you will see on just one station. good morning. >> the boyfriend tells us there wasn't much they would speak ability when talking about mother or home life. girlfriend's death. a new hampshire teenager died from a drug overdose. now the young girl's boyfriend said the people who should have protected her are the ones i >> i think the mother and the boyfriend introduced her.
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they got her hooked on it. >> emergency crews called to rochester motel where the teen waslying. 17-year-old was unresponsive. she accidently overdosed on the powerful prescription drug fetenol. including the girl's mother, boyfriend and the mother's friend. police say mother and boyfriend where there in the room when the teen died. it's just unfortunate it occurred with a parent that is on seen at the time. how could they raise their daughter in that kind of environment. how could they provide that to her. friends and classmate created a memorial. she wanted to travel the world. he blames her mother for taking that dream away from her. eve the most selfless person you ever met. she was just the nicest girl you could have ever met. >> and they will be arraigned in
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court at 11:30. live in rochester, new hampshire, nicole oliverio, 7 news "today in new england." the jury in phillips chism's murder trial expected to seated later today. he's accused of killing high ago. monday. he's accused of raping and killing 24-year-old colleen ritzer in bathroom in 2013. police found her body in the woods near the school. an ex police officer sentenceded to 21 days in jail for 2009 assault on teenager that you are looking at. former officer mark richardson pleading guilty to slamming the 19-year-old head first into the concrete wall. while in custody the teenager posted this video on you tube in in 2014 it went viral and set off federal investigation. richardson and another officer were fired for their abbion. now this morning on just one station a women speaks about the
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loss of her cousin after his body was discovereden a beach in plymouth just 18 years old. he was discovered thursday. he lived in mansfield and hadn't been seen since october 17th. the cause of death is unclear. family members were playing he would be found alive. when the detective call me and say we have news for you. i was running and i say, well, hopefully they found him. he's fine. he was a good guy. very nice boy. everybody is sad right now. >> police say they do not suspect foul play in this case. he would have turned 19 years old coming up this sunday. more news today three player on u mast boston soccer team face discipline. accused of sending troubling tweet former mls star.
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soccer career cut short by head injury when taylor twellman took to twitter to applaud new rule banning header got everyone was cheering for him. several members of the u mast soccer team went on personal attack telling he should quit life. he suffered a series of concussions and on learning of the new rules for youth soccer he tweeted, can't tell you how emotional i am that progress is being made. and i can't wait to see it come to fruition. the umass player shot by that's why soccer doesn't grow in the u.s.a. because of expletives like you. he then tweeted disgusting behavior from player on umass boston soccer team. university came down hard saying three player were responsible for the tweets and the school won't tolerate it. a statement said umass boston applauds taylor for the
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they promise disciplinary action against those three student athlete. victoria warren, 7news "today in new england." now to race for the white house republican candidate donald trump on the campaign trail in iowa yesterday where he gave quite the speech going after rivals. nancy chin here. trump talks for what, an hour and a half? >> about that, pulling no punches daughtering speech in iowa. he went on a rant about his closest rifle ben carson among other things. this was also his first public event with secret service protection. >> i would bomb the [beep] out of them. donald trump giving one of most bizarre speeches in iowa thursday night. talking about his plan to take out isis. i would just bomb those suckers. i and i would blowup the pipes and i would blow every single inch. there would be nothing left and i would take the oil. he included most aggressive
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a 10-minute rant that included accusing him of being liar in comparing him to child molester. >> he said he has path logcal disease. then he defined as disease. so he said he pathological disease. if you are pathological, there's no cure for that, folks. >> at one point trump stepped away from podium and flipped belt buckle up and down to mach carson's story he tried to stab someone but was stopped by a belt buckle. he said it's not possible and challenged the audience to stab him. moments later trump told the crowd he can't understand why anyone supports carson who essentially tied with him for support. >> how stupid are the people of iowa? how stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap. >> and carson's top aid fired back saying trump was bitter and rambling. he said trump carson but resents
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seeing him on the rise. in the newsroom, nancy chen, 7news "today in new england." republican presidential candidate jeb bush and ran paul today. >> tomorrow night the three remaining democrats will meet for their second debate out if iowa also a new poll finds that democratic voter believe hillary clinton is the candidate who can bring real change. according to the "new york times" survey, 62% of voter believe clinton would be effective at casting her agenda and dealing with international crisis compared to 51% for sanders. meantime bernie sander is inspiring college students to protest mounting student loan debt. the student look at philadelphia took part in million student march to rally for free tuition at public universities. here at home ability 50 students from boston school gathered at northeastern campus for demonstration as well. back in june sander said
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republicans would be forced to tack thl issue if the million young people marched on washington. much more to come in this morning on 7news including this one women's uber square. what she said happened after a driver didn't agree with the fair she owed. al roker wrapping up roker-thon. in boston yesterday. >> always makes me laugh, yes. >> we're back with sunshine and also the wind today. also a chance of some showers. look at that forecast, next then as 9:30 hollywood magic returns to the baystate. we'll take you to the scene of ben affleck's latest film. >> back up to friday morning. not a bad ride outside of 128. inside it's not so good. here's the turnpike bumper-to-bumper downtown. 93 quite slow. spot all the way in. and the expressway moving along
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rich the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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>> you heard about roker-thon. al roker spent thursday in boston. you see him there with 7 chief meteorologist pete bushard. their own mini boston tea party. he was there at the museum having a good time. he's been crisscrossing the country since friday of last week to set a record forecasting in all 50 state. he supported local community food banks along the way. you got that with the no shape november. what else can we add to his plate. >> he does it all. >> if you haven't seen the full thing you should go back to face book page and check out the full exchange. it won't be a waste of time. let your imagination run with that. you have pete who is funny
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himself then you have al. oh, my goodness. >> look how nice it is outside bri, today. almost like the sunshine is showing up. what a change from the last couple of day. mostly sunny skies. 54 degrees. but the wind is back as well as that sunshine out of the west-southwest. about 15 to 20 miles per hour at this point. almost as if the thermometer was stuck for the last couple of day. the temps went up a touch and down a touch. now we're five to 7 degrees above where we were 24 hours ago. we'll take it. you can see the clouds are not far off. as you move through the day they will filter through. we will not be cloudless as this day goes on. the storm system that packed a bunch all way to north of us at least a brunt of us underneath this banner here. everything still pinwheeling around it.
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here well most of us stay dry there's a slight chance of a pop stray shower today. doesn't stick around long. and it won't amount to much but there's a chance for that. then look what happened in the overnight hours a chance of some snow showers and some snow flurries as you get into the worcester hills. as we get into the overnight hour temperature drop enough there may be snowflakes to fly. we're not talking about anything accumulating. 20% of showers. the big headline for today and also tomorrow you can see the winds 23-mile-an-hour sustained winds in worcester now. almost 30-mile-an-hour sustained winds in nantucket. west-southwest now. and it will continue to do so through today and into tomorrow and that wind direction changes to come out of the northwest tomorrow which will mean it's a chilly blustery wind. cape cod and island for gust. 40-plus could be the case.
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those temperatures drop tomorrow as well. 48 degrees with some blustery winds from the northwest tomorrow. that could mean it feels more like the upper 30s to even 40 degrees. pack on the layers. even though we get the sunshine tomorrow. it's a blustery one reminding us it's november then we get a warm up next week. okay in this is when you definitely have to see a worker at louisiana car wash ends up getting caught in scrubber. starts with the hose jadiann, gets caught then he gets caught. he eventually ends up on the ground like he's cleaning it or something like that. he finally manages to get away and everybody can look at this and find it mildly enter staining giving the fact he was not injured. that's the most important part. what an eventful day on the job for him. apparently he was quoted as saying he didn't need a bath or shower later on that day. in the fine prinlt the hazard of working at the car
9:19 am
wash. we're only having fun with this because he's okay. poor guy. he did look like he was cleaning the floor, though. by the time he's down there they circular thing going. >> that's a story for grandkids. . a chicago women sharing her uber nightmare why she said a driver decided to lock the door and not let her out. scary situation and young boy with rare disorder asking santa for help. hear what he is hoping will be under his christmas tree this ye (ingrid) i take pride in getting things done. but when it came to medicare, i
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welcome back, everyone. a chicago women describing tense moment after uber ride. she said the driver claimed the ride should have cost her more. then locked her in and refused to let her out. >> for ten terrifying minutes gia said she was locked in stranger car. >> first instinct is this is joke let meet out. she requested uber monday to travel from a bank to work. they charged her $5 she said she thought it should cost her more. he locked her in. >> i was getting to point where i was going to kick out the window only when she called the 911 did he let her go. harassment didn't stop there. he followed me up to the shop, got out and started just screaming. she immediately contacted the ride sharing company and posted ability her uber nightmare. she said friend shared similar
9:23 am
up throwing money at her driver just to get away. you just never know. you hear these different types of story. the drivers deactivated and violated company policy. uber called the situation frustrating and unusual but added all drivers are trained and are thoroughly vetted. the experience has been traumatizing and the risk for a ride just isn't worth it. i don't feel comfortable using the company anymore. >> authorities say if you are similar situation ever go ahead and call 911 like she did. and make sure to file a police report. make sure the paper trail was done as well. >> a lot of risk and the technology that we use these days. still ahead a pennsylvania boy's special christmas wish the present he's canning for that will help him get around. >> also coming your way at 9:30 a wrong-way driver caught on camera.
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the christmas wish of a little boy from pennsylvania getting a lot of attention. the 8-year-old suffers from rare genetic disorder and is wheelchair bound. he recently wrote a letter to santa issing for a wheelchair accessible van. then i will be able to push myself gun. and then someone else won't have to push me. well, sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not. the van cost 40,000. they started a go fund me page and reaching out to community to
9:26 am
help make that little boy's christmas wish come true. those things are very expensive. i hope they are able to deliver. all he wants to be self-sufficient. just breaks your heart. i really hope that santa is good to him this year. it's 9:27 and coming up charlie baker is speaking out. hear what our governor has to say after fantasy sports sites were banned in new york state this week. yeah it's what call a cat on window sill today. looks okay. once you get outside you will notice the wind that sticks around for the weekend >> the man known as jihady john. the latest on whether or not he survived.
9:27 am
>> breaking news a terrorist responsible for several beheading know responsible for drone strike. working to confirm if he's dead.
9:28 am
saved a veteran's life on veterans day this story you saw first here on 7. and hollywood comes to the baystate. we'll take you to the set of one of cambridge native latest flicks. welcome back, frn. you know what? i'm really enjoying the bri-ism. i love -- it's friday the 13th. a cat on window sill day. yeah. as long as he's -- the black cat friday the 13th. but one of the day you look at the window and think the sunshine amazing. you want to play. you step outside and feel the winds. they are blasting in. it won't be completely cloudless sky. we're expecting the clouds to move in this afternoon with even a chance of spot shower. but temperatures they have improved from the last couple of day. finally climbing into the 50s. here's the wind, though this is
9:29 am
big deal, this is headline for today and tomorrow. we're pretty blustery. today temperature in the 50 not that bad. tomorrow with temperature in the upper 40. you couple with very windy conditions it will feel like upper 30s so another one of those tomorrow. sunshine makes it look nicer outside. how does the rest of the weekend look. we'll get to extended forecast in a bit. >> get right to breaking news at 9:30. the pentagon said for the u.s. air airstrike in syria. the wanted terrorist has appeared in several brutal videos released by isis. he believed to have been involved in several beheading including james fellow. jennifer eagon has more on the story. jihady john. the figure first appeared in gruesome video made by isis in august of 2014. it showed the beheading of james foley journalist who had been
9:30 am
in the following month u.s. journalist british and american aid worker a japanese journalist and a number of other hostages were murdered in similar videos. the figures spoke english in a british acscent. >> we continue to strike the next of your people. >> western officials eventually identified him as mohamed amazi a british citizen believed to have been born in kuwait. officials believe he is dead. >> u.s. officials are being very clear. they believe they got him with a drone strike against the vehicle he was in, in syria isis capital it's self-declared capital. they are not 100% is sure. they are looking for confirmation. isisy has lone been known for propaganda video it distributed online. the image of jihady john emerged from some of them. thursday night the pentagon announced u.s. forces had targeted him with an airstrike in what a senior u.s. official
9:31 am
surveillance saying the military knew it was amawazi when they fired. britain's prime minister praised the strike. >> he was intent on murdering many more people. so this was an act of self-defense. it was the right thing to do. today i want to thank the united states, the united kingdom that no better friend or alley. >> both british and u.s. official work to confirm he was killed in the attack. in rochester,new hampshire, jennifer eagan 7news "today in new england." chism now 16 is accused of killing high school math teacher calling him inside two years if seated before the end of the day opening statement in the case will begin monday. a new hampshire mother and her boyfriend charged in connection with her daughter's death are set to face a judge. the police say they provided 17-year-old eve from rochester
9:32 am
with the all powerful prescription drug leading her to overdose. a friend of her mther has also been charged with the case. now to story you saw first here. bus driver talking about how few simple word may have saved a local veteran's life on veterans day. the driver had waved down two police officers working a construction detail in dorchester after the passenger apparently held a hatchet to his neck and threatened to kill himself. i was pretty much having fun. i have conversation. he was telling me all the stuff he's been through. the simple words thank you for your service was what it took for him to put the ax down. the judge then ordered the man to undergo a mental health evaluation. new this morning police have
9:33 am
theft of three puppies from donel the police say they are still investigating who was behind the actual break-in. also this morning a correctional facility worker was arrested for allegedly bringing drugs into a new hampshire prison. charles hanson brought in 67,000 worth of drugs for the inmate. the 49-year-olds working at a chef at the facility. he has been released on bail. hanson will be back in court next month. more arrest can be made as they continue their investigation. in a radio interview the lead singer and founding member of great white jack russell said he's now creating a documentary involving the deadly station nightclub fire so many years ago. 100 people died. 200 others were injured when pyrotechnics used during the 2003. it's going to me a chance to apologize and say how i feel about it.
9:34 am
i think i owe it to my fans that lost their lives. to never forget them. >> some victim family member upset the apology didn't come earlier. russell in the mean time said his attorneys told him not to apologize. we're following more news now just days after new york's attorney general banned daily fantasy sports. massachusetts governor charlie baker said he disagreed with that decision. new york's attorney general announcing tuesday that web sites like draft king and fan dual are illegal because regulators say it's a form of gambling. however, governor baker weighed in on the issue thursday. i don't think it's gambling. it's a game of skill. i don't. i have played the free game available to get a sense of how it works. i don't think it's gambling. nast mast attorney general said that she's reviewing the site to seefy violate lawsuit. they will also continue to allow new yorker to play while they
9:35 am
explore all their legal possibilities. the ntsb announced they found a bridge deck of el faro ship. search items are looking for the slip's black box that usually is attached to the bridge. the data recorder box is still missing. it disappeared near the bahamas near hurricane joaquin. 33 people went down with the ship. including three crewmembers with massachusetts. a u.s. secret service agent facing troubling charges today after he allegedly sent on seen messages to someone he thought was a 14-year-old girl. police arresting 37-year-old lee robert moore after the girl he thought was underaged turned out to be undercoffer police officer. they say the agent admitted to sending explicit messages while on duty at the white house. >> new this morning the university of missouri has appointed an interim president. 68-year-old michael middleton will serve as the president of the school until it permanent
9:36 am
replacement is named. he is a recently retired senior administrator and law professor. middleton taking over for tim wolf who resigned monday students led protest against the way the school handled racial complaints on campus. missouri chancellor also announced he would leave his position at the end of next month. he will take a new position at the school starting in january. caught on camera a driver running from police goes the wrong way down a highway in southern california. the car raised past other vehicles. the pair were possibly involved in two other robberies. campbell soup announcing recall of popular spa getty-os. they are voluntarily recalling 355,000 cans of the spaghetti-o's due to potential choking hazard. the recall applies to cans with the date of february 22nd, 2007
9:37 am
stamped on the bottom. mbta revealed the actual new designs for cars on the red, green and orange lines. people voted online and the t announced the winner on tuesday. but the mbta withdrew the designs for the red and the green line cars because of a suspected case of ball olt stepping. the winning designings for the orange line wasn't effected. new green line trolly will be the first to arrive right here in boston by 2017. hollywood magic is here in the baystate. after ben areflect in town working on his new movie set in the 1920's. local turned out to catch a glimpse of the cambridge native. they filmed the car chase scene. us. this so cool. talk about the blast from the past. the courthouse it's been transformed into a bank in the cars. it's the roaring 20s in stage.
9:38 am
the hollywood star is acting and directing a bank robbery scene for his new movie "live by night." as everyone in this old mill town they made it look like a butcher. they put all these things ben afflecks here earlier. club restaurant converted into butcher shop. vintage bikes they are turned to lawrence general store. even the street where this all filmed had to be transformed. helping by taking signs down removing lines that are in the street. live by night based on novel where affleck plays a boston police captain sun who turns to life of crime. i did see them. fans came out not only to see movie making process but also hoped for a star sighting. i was hoping to get a little bit closer. my heart fluttered a little bit.
9:39 am
filming continue only in lawrence but later in boston. how many time do you get to see an actor right across from you. filming will continue then they head to north end. in the control room. nancy chin. 7news "today in new england." >> love it. >> we should go see if we can. we will get canolia. them. i will make you a canoli. >> our time right now is 9:41 and we will take you the local spot for a hardy fall dish. bri eggers with us. she will show us a crisp salad. why they couldn't tell the jets and bills apart in this case of this color confusion. party. we get through thanksgiving first.
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it's the kind of morning least here in governor center where you have the tall building where you may have a wizard of oz moment. it's just swirls around the wind does. it does. it's like this wind tunnel. when you have breezy day, bri, it kind of makes it worse. >> when you are stuck in it you think there's no place like home. i dig that.
9:43 am
we have had a couple of wet days the last three days actually today dry. for now but that might not be the case later this afternoon. i'll explain in a second. the precip totalling.65. an inch below average for the month. more dry weather ahead for the 7 to 10 day with the exception of pop shower this afternoon. we is it won't be cloudless day. the storm system that brought through the cold front last night it's still sort of shooting that energy in our direction and that's why we would see the pop shower later this afternoon. current temperatures climbing through the 50s. and look at nantucket nearing even 60 degrees there. but it doesn't feel like it. those winds are really whipping out of the west-southwest and nantucket 30-mile-an-hour sustained winds even gusty at times. i mean it's down right windy on the island there. 16-mile-an-hour winds in boston currently.
9:44 am
the wind is back it stays with us to and tomorrow as well. it's very gusty and blustery with temperatures cooling tomorrow. here are the pop showers we are talking about moving through time line really tricky to pinpoint exactly where they will pop up. only about 20% chance. some of us will see them most of us won't. and they don't last for long. the snowfall dropping into the berkshires even possibly some flurries in the western hills as we move into the overnight hour. the potential is there but not looking for any accumulation. just a slight chance of pops today. probability of precipitation and then dry through the weekend. and really through next week. now the wind gust time line i mention this really is the headline for today but also tomorrow winds will shift and tomorrow coming out of the northwest rather than the west you see how that happened. another front comes through. we're talking a very chilly wind. wind advisory in effect for cape cod and the island through 7:00 a.m. tomorrow.
9:45 am
headed to new york for the pat's game. big game sunday. it will be mostly clear but a cool one looks like right around 50 degrees for the bulk of the game. lighter winds on sunday as well. that will make a difference. tomorrow with those highs in the upper 40s, and the winds it will feel more like it's in the upper 30s. so maybe that will have some of us looking for warm up next week. >> you know what i belove about are i she does it all. she crochets. she does the forecast, bakes, cook and now the taste of the season with fall salad we're cooking up. it's a classic combination of apples and squash it's sure to be a hit. bri eggers has more in "what's cooking." autumn leaves, chill in the air, time for some salad? over at bisque in cambridge a fresh green arugula salad. first chef dan starts with an
9:46 am
apple vinagarette. next we add apples, we don't want to crowd our pan. you want to keep it nice anden so you get a nice sear. lower heat a little bit. next step we drizzle in a little bit of honey as a little bit of cherry vinegar. >> vehicles reduce it down by quarter. that's gets poured in. when it's cooled add chopped rosemary. >> finally you finish with a little bit of olive oil. you get that nice mix. now prepare a salad. cult squash into slices around take tout seeds then the oil in a pan. we will add our slices of squash and then you want to start them on low heat so they carmelize. add the butter and time. baste with butter. brown both sides an then place in the oven for three months.
9:47 am
greens, chef dan uses arugala. then we will add a little bit of walnut. then the roasted apple vinagarette and mix. we don't want to bruise the let use. see how beautiful lightly carmelized that is. and add the mixed salad. chef dan topped with chicken, kale and brushetta. a fall salad extra hardity. that's what cooking. i'm bri eggers 7news. you are always torturing us. one of those day when i had salad. >> she does it all. i love it. the squash is perfect this time of year. >> delicious and the roasted apples as well. we've done a few of those dishes with apple. we got them. they are local. i love the tip not to bruise the salad.
9:48 am
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good morning. coming into last night the bruins have 7 wins this season. and only one of those wins have come at the garden. the bees looking to turn things around against the team they haven't beat at home in 17 years. dennis scene his first action this season just 7 week removed from back surgery. bruins blew a two-goal lead in the first. then in the third matthew shane
9:51 am
the game winner off kevin miller turn over. bruins lose 3-2 just one win on garden night this year. >> it's refreshing especially at home. they are supposed to be a lot of playing at home on the road. we seem to collapse. and then we see to take it easy and sit back. team take advantage of that. missing practice all week with illness. we got details. nfl network reporting had virus and not able to eat and feeling week as a result. collin kept away from gillette stadium and his status for the giant game is in doubt. david ortiz losing out on his 7 silver slugger awards. that's sports.
9:52 am
earning vickry in return. buff lee beat the former team in new york jet last night 22-17. both team are r5-and-4 tied for second place in afc east. the will take on the pats in foxboro a week from monday. football fan watching the game say they couldn't tell the teams apart. they were all red or all green. those who are color blind couldn't differentiate. the reports say 13 million americans are color blind. the red-green color blindness the most common type as well. i didn't know that statistic was that high. i love when today show set to music of this game with beginning to look a lot like christmas. they are duking it out. it's 9:54. coming up in "the buzz "". a name change for the hawks. why he may have decided to
9:53 am
and james taylor fan get ready to mark your calendar. when he will make his way back to hub. one more look at the weekend forecast. the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans.
9:54 am
now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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in the buz david hasselhoff changed him name to david hoff. that's the claim. he said he's been wanting to drop the hassel for year. the former baywatch name has used name for year. but also a report. and how sweet it is. james taylor returning to fenway. the grammy winner will perform on august 3rd. jackson brown will be a special guest. tickets go on sale next friday. people will be looking forward to that. we're looking forward to weekend as well. bri, will it be colder than today >> tomorrow is kind of the blustery coldest day on the 7 on 7 forecast.
9:56 am
lit feel like it's in upper 30s with that wind blustery and windy for the next couple of day. good to know. bundle up. thanks for watching. i'm christa delcamp. >> i'm jadia thompson. 7news continues back here at noon. we'll see you then.
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