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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  November 13, 2015 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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family. john than? >> anchor: foley was murdered 2014. today. he says jihady john is really a bit layer in isis and he says this probably doesn't do much to stop the terrorist. give me a break. jihady john is nothing. you know? . >> anchor: the world knows 27 27-year-old mohamed amwazi as jihady john of a vicious isis killer beheading innocent hostages in front a video camera camera. now news at the pentagon targeted jihady john yesterday with a drone strike in syria. we are still assessing the results of this strike. the terrorist associated with him needs to know this. your days are numbered. you will be defeated. >> anchor: sources say high was driving with another militant when a missile hit his vehicle. the hostages nicknamed him jihad jihady general and call his four
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man terrorist cell the beatles because of their british accent. the british prime minister says target eing him was the right thing to do . we have been working with the united states literally around the clock to track him down. this was a combined effort and the contribution of both our countries was essential . >> anchor: in august of 2014, jihady john appeared in this video with journalist james foley, a new hampshire native. foley was apparently john's first victim. his dad remembers foley's passion for justice, for helping people in need. he says this drone strike is small comfort . you don't think it's a deterrent . hell no. you know? he was a low level operative and when we talk about it, the more we glorify it, the more stature, positivitiy we give to these guys. foley says, yeah, it's a step. he does call this positive news, but he says his son might be alive today if the obama administration had done more
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before the fact, before his son died to try to save him and other hostages. live in rochester, new hampshire i'm jonathan hall, 7 news. new york state prisoner david sweat pleading guilty to three felony charges related to his escape from prison. sweat, a convicted murderer and another prisoner sparked a three week man hunt this past have you youer. sweat has been held in solitary confinement since being recaptured. he and fellow prisoner richard matt escaped from the clinton correctional facility in june. matt was shot and killed by officers. and a former taylor at that prison is also behind bars. joyce mitchell is now serving a 7 year sentence for her part in helping the two prisoners escape escape. >> anchor: 7 news now turning to the weather. we don't need those umbrellas any more but it's a blustery day out there. it looks like we could be in for a windy weekend as well. let's head over to pete bouchard bouchard. pete, could be windy all weekend. >> reporter: just saturday. saturday breezy and then sunday will back it off quit a bit. so, yeah, it's windy out there right now with the winds we have
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some clouds and we've also popped up a few showers. very brief downpours but you can pick them out right now in hudson, mass and out near the quabbin too coming into paxton and looks like it will push through spencer as well. just exthing boston, wetting the ground and that's it. rainbows out there though. we've had reports of them so that sun just making a low appearance underneath the clouds and enough to get us those rainbows. our temperature 53 right now in boston, 51 in bedford and 54 in norwood. our cooler air has been shuffl shuffling in all day of we did make the upper 50's to near signaturesity degrees and a piece of this is broken off. the cold air not bitter but cold colder up through sudbury and back into buffalo so that will be coming our way. later tonight and especially tomorrow. 50's turn to 40's then eventually by morning upper 30's 30's. nothing terribly cold but we struggle tomorrow. i know it doesn't sound all that bad first thing in the morning but we're not going to make 50 in many spots. in fact i don't think we will at all. a lot of us staying in the 40's with that windment all right, we'll check the sunday forecast coming up.
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>> anchor: a mother and her boyfriend appearing before a new hampshire judge today charginged in connection with the death of her daughter. police say the teen died of a drug overdose and her mom is to blame. 7's dan hausle live in rochester with the very latest. dan? >> reporter: well, the court papers say this teen-age girl took the drugs that killed her, but the prosecutor says the adults in this case deserve to be charged because they either provided the drugs or stood by while she was able to take them. they say that these adults didn't do what they were supposed to do, to protect the child in their care. jasmine rude appears by video link at her arraignment on charges including reckless conduct connected to her daughter's drug overdose. her mother's boyfriend and a friend are also charged in connection with the teen's death death. eve was found dead at the riviera motel where she lived with her mother and ross. court papers say they bought heroin and came back to the riviera where ross was trying to calm down eave because she was upset.
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she said leslie reached into her bra, broke a piece of heroin off and told him give this to her to calm down. he said that et, eave, crushed it up and snorted it with a straw. ross told police see woke up hours later to find eve dead but waited an hour and a half to call 911 while he got rid of needles and at the messages related to his drug dealing . the mother, how can she say she loved her duty are when she did these things? >> anchor: eave's high school boyfriend says he eave's mother and boyfriend for her death . i think the mother introduc introduced her to everything, the mother and boyfriend. they just got her hooked on it and kind of kept her racer in there . a woman who wants to be known as merry says her boyfriend ran another motel where the group lived two years earlier and saw evidence of prostitution and drug use then . i knew there were drugs going on around her and i called the authorities and they never showed up. >> anchor: the prosecutor says charges reflect the belief the
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what they were supposed to do . personally i look at it as she is a 17-year-old girl and her parents are there and everyone has a responsibility to their children. >> reporter: the mother is being held on $10,000 bail. the boyfriend on $50,000 and that friend was actually picked up in massachusetts on a fugitive warrant. she will be brought here to new hampshire to face charges. live in rochester, new hampshire dan hausle, 7 news. >> anchor: we are following more news here today. a woman claiming she was injured in the marathon bombing pleading guilty to defrauding one found boston. she claims she suffered a traumatic brain injury running right into that second blast . >> anchor: however, prosecutors say that simply did is not true. steve cooper has the story. how do you plead? guilty . >> reporter: after she spent two years claiming she suffered a traumatic brain injury at the marathon bomb finish line in 20 2013 joanna lee had a change of heart here in suffolk superior
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pleading guilty to six counts that included defrauding the one fund by filing false claims for her injuries she never suffered at the bombing. next in a, prosecutors say, she left the area before the explosions and was a block and a half away on fairfield street. the defendant was not within five to 15 feet of the second bomb blast that she has consistently clay. she was not blown back by it at all. she did not sustain traumatic brain injury . prosecutors wanted lee sentenced to three years behind bars for receiving nearly $40 $40,000 in assistance but in the end the judge sentenced her it a year behind bars, suspended for three years which means she won't be sent to prison . what do you want to say about the sentence? want to say anything to the victim . >> reporter: lee left the courtroom and declined to apologize to victim's families or surveysp her attorney told us she was the victim and she helped a man who was injured but her false claims were stupid decision. she did a stupid thing of she did a stupid thing. she made a claim for stuff that she didn't need to.
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>> anchor: aside from these suspended sentence lee has been orred by the judge to repay all the money that she received over the past couple of years, perform 300 hours of community service and serve an additional three years of probation. in boston, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: now to the raise for the white house, in a stunning tirade from donald trump, the republican candidate pulling no punches during a speech in iowa last night going after his main rifle ben carson. jay gray has the details. >> reporter: ben carson shacking hands in south carolina this morning while shaking off the latest attack from donald trump. politics of personal distraction, that's what people are sick and tired of . >> reporter: except perhaps the g.o.p. front-runner. targeting the carson during this campaign stop questioning his account of lunching at someone with a hunting knife as a teen, something carson is credit ied with leading him to his christian faith
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an amazingly the bells stay flat and the knife broke. how stupid are the people of iowa? how stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap? >> reporter: he wasn't done there. trump's plan for isis? i bomb the (expletive) out of them . >> reporter: his border plan? a symbol of deportation force to remove more than 11 million un undocumented immigrants, all part. a 95 minute campaign rant last night in iowa. this speech really was off the rails. he just went too far . >> reporter: some analysts say be the break the field has been looking for . you will start seeing people pay again attention to cruise, rubio, bush, they will all come back. >> reporter: those three along with trump are among a dozen republican hope if taking part in the g.o.p. sunshine summit in orlando over the next two days. that while the democratic
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next debate at drake university in des moines this weekend. jay gray, nbc news. >> anchor: republican candidate senator rand paul in new hampshire today filing papers for the primary. he spoke at a israeli outside the capitol building in concord afterwards. senator will also be in portsmouth for a town hall meeting. a secret service agent who worked at the white house now facing some disturbing charges. prosecutors say lee robert moore isn't explicit pictures to an undercover dell rare police officer. moore apparently thought it was a 14-year-old girl. the 37-year-old turned himself in yesterday. the same day a complaint was filed against him. he allegedly sent naked pictures to that detective and continued to talk to her while on duty at the white house. moore remains in custody on fall charges. today was a day for the preliminary hearing and waived the preliminary hearing and the case has been transferred to superior court jurisdiction. i have no further comment . >> anchor: if convicted moore could face up to ten years behind bars . >> anchor: more planes and helicoptersing lit with laser
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pointer attacks. the faa says more than 20 air crafts were struck by lasers on wednesday then on thursday pilots on a southwest airlines flight and a corporate jet also reported laser strikes near dallas. news helicopters across the country have also been targeted upsetting many pilots. i look back at it from over my right shoulder and it hit directly in my face, causing a discomfort in my eyes and what we call flash blindness similar to having flashbulbs go off in your eyes and have you little . >> anchor: the faa says there have been more than 5,000 reports of laser strikes on air crafts through mid object of this year. >> anchor: also on 7, three layers on the umass boston soccer team is now facing some discipline. umass boston there accused of sending some troubling sweets to a former mls star. victoria warren explains . >> reporter: a soccer career cut short by head injuries when taylor twellman who used to play for the u.s. national team and
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to twitter to applaud new rules banning headers in youth soccer. not everyone was cheering for him. in fact, several mess of the umass soccer team when on a personal attack telling twellman he should quit life. as a soccer player, twellman suffered a series of concussions and on learning of the new rules for youth soccer, he tweeted " "can't tell you how emotional i am that progress is being made and i can't wait to see it come to fruition." the umass players shot back tweeting that's why soccer doesn't grow in the u.s.a.? because of expletives like you. twellman tweeted disgusting behavior by the room boston men men's soccer teague # amateurs. the university came down hard saying three players were responsible for hateful tweets and the school won't tolerate it it. a statement says umass boston applauds taylor for the important work he is doing to raise awareness of head injuries in soccer. >> reporter: university officials promised disciplinary action against those three student athletes.
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from umass boston, victoria warren, 7 news. close encounter for a connecticut couple as they open up about their shark scare while on the honeymoon . >> anchor: a convenience store becomes a drive through. crews racing to the rescue after an suv comes crashing right in a crowded business . and new on 7 news at 5:00, it's a case of color confusion. why some didn't like the nfl's new color rush jerseys in last night's bills dolphins game. the real reason why some fans were left emby what they saw on
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[sfx:] all candidates' voices talking over one another my dad carried mail on his back. they called him "john the mailman" and they loved him because he looked out for everyone in those neighborhoods. i learned something from my father, do your best to look out for other people. we turned ohio around and we created jobs and cut taxes and balanced our budgets. john kasich's for us. new day for america is responsible for the content of
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>> anchor: a credible keg couple getting up close and% national with an aggressive shark. take a look at that. mouth open in attack mode. that shark really made a beeline for their cage. this all happened during a diving session while they were on their honey moon in south africa . >> anchor: now they are sharing their account of this jaw dropping encounter here. adam william has their story. >> anchor: lots of newlyweds enjoyed looking at their honeymoon videos. the reillies especially enjoyed this one . it all happened just so fast. the shark just came out of nowhere out of the murky waters . >> anchor: his bride already had seen enough sharks and was back on ship out of the cage . i was right behind it like looking over the rail when i saw the shark come and slam into the cage. i didn't know it went inside
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i just thought, well, he will be happy about that footage . >> anchor: some people who have seen the video are blasting the shark cage company for endangering the animal . >> anchor: that shark came at the bait really fast and didn't really have much time to do anything else but pull the bait . >> anchor: and pull they did right where spencer would have been holding on if he wasn't holding his camera. a long with the viral video their story is on-line, all over the world. it's kind of funny to see all of the different articles out. there it's like extreme diver like narrowly escapes death and funny reading all of those things. it didn't seem that dangerous or crazy when it was happening. >> anchor: i am adam william, 7 news. >> anchor: coming up on 7 news, a patriots star flying high. rob grokowski setting up for adventure in the air. >> anchor: nancy, our forecast is quiet one for the weekend. temperatures slowly recover. they start cold. details are ahead . >> anchor: at 4:30 two little
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the lead singer not band laying during the tragic rhode island nightclub fire offering up an apology more than a decade in the making . >> anchor: all new at 5:00 going on offense. the owner of a boston based company now taking the new york attorney general to court. >> anchor: plus, the patriots with a giant task at hand. how they are preparing for this weekend's matchup against a
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jeb bush: we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible
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>> anchor: we're following breaking news going on now in paris. adam williams is here with more . >> reporter: reports of extreme violence happening in the city right now of paris. right now we're getting word that there are perhaps two incidents, whether they are the same or connected or not it's all being sorted out right now but basically what we are understanding is there has been an explosion at a bar in paris, keep in mind that six hours time difference so it's just after 10:00 in paris right now on a friday night.
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you would assume there are people out at bars right now. as far as that incident, no reports right now of injuries or death but then there is another incident reports of a shootout that happened at a restaurant interest in paris and in that case there are reports of deaths deaths. how many unknown. either way, scary information to report right now and paris, france. an explosion at a bar, unknown injuries or deaths and then also a shootout at a restaurant reports of deaths. we're working to get more information from international soon as we learn more information or get any images we'll be sure to pass it along. at our breaking news des, adam william, 7 news. >> anchor: cooling it off this evening as we go back into the lower 50's. 53 in hull right now. 52 waltham. about 53 in melrose. our temperature in the lower 50's up through boxford back through lowell right now and out through metrowest for about 15 in auburn and up are 40's and
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any 40's from royalston to sterling right now. so cooling down, yeah, a gusty wind going still. out through the cape, our temperatures in the middle 50's and upper fifties. now tomorrow completely different ball game as we go back into the upper 40's, a little below normal for this time of year. that wind will be gusting out of the west northwest too so really not a let up. it will still be breezy all night tonight and then tomorrow our gusts should be between 20 and 30 miles per hour coming out of the west northwest. here you go as we go through morning hours. up to 31 miles per hour in boston and beverly, again, not much of a let up until we get into the evening hours things will calm down a little bit. it will set us up for a cold saturday night and early on sunday too. this is colder air coming in. these showers fading out of we did see a couple of them run down the pike and down route 2 too also and it looked like those faded out and they are doing just that as the sunsets now. they were reasonably helped out by the sun and a little bit of
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got us to high, a high 50's and near 60 degrees. now tomorrow sunshine to greet us, that wind with us and looks like we might see clouds trying to sink down across northern new england and maybe leaving us by sunday afternoon. if i had to pick a day that was brighter, i would say saturday, even though the winds will be a factor here and will feel cold. 47 degrees, 54 on sunday, more seasonable but a few more clouds in the afternoon. both days are dry, not seeing any pop up showers or anything like that. we're not brewing any storms as we go into early next week. evening shower otherwise clear clearing and colder about 37 to 42 with a wind west northwest at 14 to 20. that won't aalthough the skepticism to drop all that much tonight. tomorrow it will keep them down. 44 to 49. windy and colder, mostly sunny skies, west northwest, and there is your 7 on 7 forecast. so today was that 60 degree day but next two not so and next week, well, it tries to warm up on monday but there is a back door front coming in so tuesday we stumble a little bit then we
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resume the warmup and don't worry, we'll be right in those 60's late next week. we get a major warmup coming our way. see you with more at 4:30 . >> anchor: looking forward to that. thank you, pete. time now for 7 fast track traffic of here is joe staple ton with the check of the roads. how are we doing, joe? >> reporter: take a look at 1 128 southbound doing fine getting by route 9 in the wellesley area but after this so the we're really gentlemaning up getting rid a serious crash on 1 128 southbound down by east street on the dedham westwood down line so watch out for that delay. looking at a long ride in that spot but right here though moving along pretty well near the route 9 and mass pike area. getting a look at route 93, the expressway not moving so well. southbound with those brake avenue the southbound rides have been clocked at about a 54 minute commute from boston right now into braintree. northbound tight going from this area here which is around mass avenue up past this area right along route 93 northbound up by community college in charlestown but route 1 northbound up by the lynn fellows parkway and in the
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of a delay there as well as you get by that section of roadway and again up by 128. i'm joe staple ton, 7 news . >> anchor: pats tight end rob grokowski and uncle paul starring new ad for jet blue. in the ad he tries to convince his uncle who areal pilot to let him fly the plane. you are my uncle and you are the chief pilot? it's a no-brainer. you know i can't let that happen. what am i supposed to do. >> anchor: there are the dance moves right there. jet blue anowing this is the final airline of the patriots and a dancing gronk. >> anchor: gronk always has the right moves. next on 7 news, the cleveland browns in need of some help this year. we'll interdouse you to the man that says he can help turn the team around. >> anchor: plus, a startling statisticivic. the dramatic rise in the cases of autism and doctors think they may have the reason why . >> anchor: coming up at 5:00 jihady john targeted.
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in syria targeting the face of isis and a man behind some american beheadings. >> anchor: a rochester, new hampshire another called to court as she faces charges in connection with the death of her own daughter.
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