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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  November 13, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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getting these reports coming in. first we were hearing and this is one of the incidents the shootout at the restaurant where there were fatalities there . >> anchor: it long like they are carrying a victim there sorry to interrupt of we just saw if i'm looking. sorry. i'm waving ms nbc. i have too many monitors with different networks. live shot we have is just been fixed on this ambulance but i just saw on a feed that ms nbc has it looked like a fire fighter or sell of them carrying a victim. whether that victim was injured or deceased we don't know but the situation is so sad and so term and the web of terror has been cast from that area of paris across the world because tonight. the french does late in back bay evening protected and the embassy you can imagine around the world are probably on high
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has been cast out of this . >> anchor: on that note though, u.s. national security officials just saying that we have no credible or specific threats against the united states as this situation continues to unfold of clearly though a lot of people are on edge. whether or not there is something specific against something happening on our streets here in boston. >> anchor: we have again profess joseph whipple who is a terrorism expert so we've been get new information and unfortunately have been repeat repeating ourselves appear trying to keep people up to date but professor, you can just give us your thoughts on what you are learning and what you are watching and give us your professional opinion on what's going on here? i think my professional opinion is this is a coordinated at the orist attack. you know, there is some question obviously the french don't want to get ahead of themselves and
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really know and understand that but this sees to be a sophisticated coordinated attack with a political motive behind it and that is opposition to french participation in the war against terrorive in the middle east . >> anchor: but why do you think it's paris, france tonight and not budapest, hungary or somewhere in switzerland, zurich zurich. why paris tonight, do you think? you think terrorists probably have great every capability in a large city like france. secondly, france has been one of the leaders of the fight against for or every in the middle east. they commit aircraft and training troops in that arso i think that a major reason.
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support network in france than they would in a country like switzerland or hungary. >> anchor: within europe itself you have very poor supporters where it's easy to go between country to country in transfer goods as well? yeah, that's true. borders these days, i go to europe every summer and it's massachusetts and rhode island. there is no issue. the problem is more getting into europe than being able to cross borders within europe. >> anchor: are you familiar, so you travel often, are you familiar with paris and in particular the sporting stadium where this is occurring? no, i'm not. i mean, i have seen it on the video. i mean it's obviously a very modern stadium, it seems like it's heavily populated area of the city where most of the people of the attacks are taking place.
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cities like paris have has an infinite number of places to attack . >> anchor: what is the order or the direction given to people in that city in particular that neighborhood right now. we're so focused on unfortunately the number of people who have been killed or injured and of course the hostages but for people who live in and around this area, what are they doing right now? are they being told to stay inside. are there searches going on? what do you suspect? my strong suspicion is that they are following police direction, the police are very well trained in france and people are very responsive to the police. so they are doing what the police tell them. i think they are probably certainly in these areas getting off the streets and so i think there is probably very strong and very effective police direction at this time. >> anchor: you were talking about how police, the people of
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paris and of france have been responsive, especially in the wake of what happened back in january. what kind of changes were made in terms of security and in terms of safety procedures thereafter that? well, i know that the laws were introduced into the french assembly. i'm not aware of those laws were passed. but essentially . >> anchor: professor sorry to interrupt you but i just want to help our viewers understand what they are seeing to the left of the screen. we saw fire fighters carrying another victim. unfortunately we're seeing people brought out from whatever scene this is and they are not on stretchers, they are not on flat paneled surfaces, they are being picked up by their clothes and taken away. are you seeing any of this? yeah, ambassador will youly youly. crime. that's all i can say. >> anchor: sorry again for that interruns, professor . that's all right. i know there were bills introduc
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deputies in france to give the police more authority regarding surveillance of possible terrorist us at the of they usually goes into monitoring communications and so on. passed. state. they can do a lot. they are a very unitary state. they have a lot of authority. i presume they will be even more . >> anchor: professor since these are coordinated attacks what seems to be coordinated attack, what happens overall when this happens? do they start shutting down blocks? is there immediate action? their immediate action to resolve situations that they have they will off a lot of
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police in the coming days, weeks and months. slowly but surely the city will return to a sense of normalcy. as normal as we can be in this age of at the orive when we simply cannot be 100% safe. that goes for us, it goes for the french, it goes for a lot of countries . >> anchor: it is a shame and ridiculous to say the least. but you are right. professor r joseph whipple our terrorism expert. we'll talk to you again soon. if have you been watching our coverage here something that struck me, that struck me and it's heart breaking is we've seen, i have seen at least two people being carried by fire fighters there in paris not on the stretchers or flat boards that they would normally transport a victim to a waiting ambulance or triage area but resting them by their clothes. whether that means that these people are deceased or whether it means that frankly they don't have enough medical resources
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correct way, it look like they are just in desperate times right there. and it appears based on the staging and the way that the police and fire fighters are working that again this is still an active situation with very dangerous possibly heavily armed terrorists trying to make their mark if you will on this tragic evening . >> anchor: absolutely. now we want to take you to video from inside the stadium when that explosion happened. if you listen closely we'll try to keep an ear out for the moment that explosion happened. >> anchor: there are reports of two explosions during the france germany soccer game. president francois was there rushed away. you can see them in the middle of play when that explosion happened. you can imagine tens of
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thousands people cheering loudly in that moment and then you hear that and you can imagine the chaos that happens and right now we're tagging a live picture, this is a live picture. this is video from earlier in the evening in the after math of that, of people gathering around and hugging their loved ones making sure that people around them are safe. it has to be a very terrifying scene for them. >> anchor: president obama will be speaking in about six minutes about the situation. we'll bring that to you live, i presume that will be from white house. when that happens we will dip into that. as americans and as bostonians we are so sensitive to this and i think we are seeing images when you hear that blast go off, when you see images like this to me it, i have these like flashbacks of the finish line and of watertown. it's so similar.
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scale wise seems much larger unfortunately but still we're humans and when you hear a blast like that and you see a soccer game stop and people fall to the ground and when you see people hugging and comforting each other and when you see police officers here trying to put their heads together and figure out what's going on and you can only imagine what they have seen and what they have heard as this tragic night has gone on, it just it's heartbreaking and also infuriating that like the profess said you live in an age where you just don't feel safe and you have to consider anything and everything potentially harmful. it's unfortunate. it really is . >> anchor: absolutely terror is terror whether it's on the streets of france, whether it's on the streets of boston. now we want to go to 7's ryan schulteis. he has been keeping a very close eye on the latest developments. ryan, what do you know right now now? >> anchor: we just got this into the newsroom president obama will speak from the white house about these attacks at 5: 45 tonight which is about five minutes from now.
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we are standing by for that. we already heard from david cameron tweeting out i am shocked by events in paris tonight. our thoughts and prayers are with the french people. do whatever we can to help. that from uk prime minister david cameron and president obama is getting ready to brief the nation here at 5:45. we'll take that live as he talks about this night of violence going on in paris right now. it's about 11:40 p.m. in paris, almost midnight this paris and the situation is still unfolding right now. many shootings, explosions across the area. the numbers are all over the place burt we do know that diseases of people are dead at this hour according to french police and we continue to learn more about this hostage situation going on at a theater more than 100 people were hostage, held hostage inside the theater. there were some developments going on with that. we're monitoring feeds out of paris as they talk about that hostage situation. we've seen some reports that the hostages, sorry, the captors are exchanging gunfire with the
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get that done right now. the president will seek here in just about four or five minutes . >> anchor: that is some new and dramatic information about the cap it is and hostage situation exchanging gunfire with police. i hate to think about how this could end with the 100 innocent people being held by crazy people. just to be put at frank i won't minutes words there. let's get to our colleague kimberly book hahn standing by in the newsroom. are you getting new new information kimberly that we haven't reported yesterday? you know as we're waving all these images people at home are trying to make sense of it all and obviously you are very concerned about your own safety. we have information to pass along it example at home. we want you to know president obama has been briefed on the situation in paris as ryan said he will make a statement about security here in the united states. now another thing that we know is that homeland security has also put out a statement saying that there is no threat of security here in the united states so a relief to people at home who are watching these im
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images obviously hearts going out to the people in paris but we know right now that here in the united states we are not seeing any kind of threat. but just as safety precaution the boston police are sending officers over to the french consulate here in boston just again as a safety measure for extra security and just to show that they are there for the people who are at the consulate at this boy. again, no threats here in the united states, no threats here in massachusetts or in boston but obviously all of these imans very disturbing so we wanted our viewers at home to know that there are precautions in place anding taken at this point. adam? >> anchor: kimberly, more disturbing information, ryan schulteis came up to the desk and informed us that there are reports of yet another shooting at a mall in paris. >> reporter: that brings the number up even more . >> anchor: that means at least a bar, there is outside the sports stadium, there is a restaurant, there is mcdonald's,
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and now at a mall. this is you think about a mall now i don't know how late they stay open there in parisp it's late. we're approaching midnight now reports of a shooting at a mall, another place where a lot of people gather and hang out. who knows what numbers will stack up here. there is a serious situation going on in paris right now. there are terrorists who have taken control of a heavily populated area of that city and by control i mean that there are hostage takers who are exchang exchanging gunfire with police, there is now a shooting the a mall. there have been sophisticated and coordinated bombings in that city it's just getting worse and worse. i don't know what we're seeing. that could be every. bear with us as we look at live images these are coming to us from local stations out in paris paris.
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come back down to us here using our technology . >> anchor: we're hearing right now that french police there are reports on twitter that french police are asking the public and paris region to stay inside. you hear about all of these different incidents unfolding. there is at the or on the streets no matter, whoever is behind it, no matter who they find is behind it but that weapon french media reporting rifles used in shootings that are ak 47's favored weapons of militants who have attacked weapons abroad there before and all of this seems to be happening around the 10th and 11 11th aridissomont. hundreds of people out enjoying their friday night. this is happening in a concert hall where there was a rock concert going on of i believe it was a calmical band actually that was playing in paris when all of this happened. there was the shootout and the restaurant. there are people at the mall and of course there was the video we saw before of those two
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explosions going off inside the stadium during the soccer game. you just have to imagine the horror that you would feel seeing all of this unfelt on television in your own city and it's as you mentioned adam eerily reminisce act of what we wept through here as bostonians during the marathon bowlings too. >> anchor: just on a much larger scale and this has been going on for over an hour now. you know, my concern is how many more will we see. we're seeing the president here. let's listen to him as he addresses the situation. situation.. i want to mick a few brief comments about the attacks across paris. once again we've seen an outrageous attempt to attack innocent civilians. this is an attack not just on paris, it's an attack not just on the people of france, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share.
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the government and the people of france need to respond. france is our oldest ally. the french people have stood shoulder to shoulder with the united states time and again, we want to be very clear that we stand together with them in the fight against terrorism and extremism. paris itself represents the time progress. those who think that they can terrorize the people of france or the values they stand for are wrong. the american people draw strength from the french people people's commitment to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. we are reminded in this time of tragedy that the bonds of liberty are not only values that the french people care so deeply
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about but they are values that we share. those values are going to endure far beyond any act of terrorism or the hateful vision of those who perpetrated the crimes this evening. we're going to do whatever it takes to work with the french people and with nations around the world to bring these it or orists to justice and to go after any terrorist networks that go after our people. we don't yet know all of the details of what has happened. we have been in can't with french officials to communicate our deepest condolences to the families of those who have been killed, to offer our prayers and thoughts to those who have been wounded. we have offered our full support to them. the situation is still unfolding unfolding. i have chosen not to call the
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because my expectation is that he is very busy at the moment. i actually by coincidence was talking to him earlier today in preparation for the g 20 meeting meeting. but i am confident that i will be in direct communication was him in the next few days and we'll be coordinating in anyways that they i think are helpful in the investigation of what's happened. this is a heart breaking situation. obviously those are us in the united states know what it's like. we have been through these kinds of episodes ourselves. whenever these kind of attacks happened, we've always been able to down on the french people to stand with us. they have been an extraordinary counter terrorism partner and we intend to be there with them in that same fashion. i'm sure in the days ahead we'll learn more about exactly what
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sure we are in communication with the presto provide you accelerate information. i don't want to speculate at this point in term of who was responsible for this. appears there still may be live activity and dangers that are taking place as we speak. and so until we know from french officials that the situation is under control and we have more information about it i don't want to speculate. okay? thank you very much. any change in your plans, sir? >> anchor: a response will state there. the president not wanting to speculate and acknowledging the situation is still active. the danger is still in the face of police officers there and the residents of this part of paris tonight and the live pictures here, one of the many locations indicates a sense of urgency with police running by, police
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listen. that is likely the sound, the constant sound on the streets all across that part of the city tonight as rescuers, police, fire fighters probably calling on anybody they can right now because they don't know how many people they are dealing with but these people are sophisticated and coordinated to have done what they have already done. will they do any more? that's the real fear. that's the burning question tonight as the situation continues and tragedy unfolds more and more. minute by minute . >> anchor: it seems the main scene that's currently developing this second is the hostage situation. 100 people being held hostage right now. i am seeing a tweet from someone cnn saying there is a source who says hostage takers are looking for people who may be hiding. and right now people are shooting at the roof and this is obviously an ongoing situatio. this was a rock band, a metal
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band that was playing at the time from california. they were about to take the stage or just taking stage when all of this started to happen. this hostage situation at least 35 dead in paris overall but you just imagine the who or that enjoying this concert that's about to start and all of a sudden you have people telling you to duck, you hear these horrifying sounds and right now in the streets of paris it just seems all we see are sirens and authorities out and who knows if that is enough to stop the terror from unfolding. >> anchor: if i have to guess' going to say this is not the scene of the active shooting been on at the theater just given how some of the officers are standing around. not everybody is taking cover. if i had to guess seeing am lapses there, they are escorting am...s through here pretty consistency this is one of the scenes either the restaurant
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are aiding victims right now saw apart breaking shot of my or six fire fighters carrying a person by their clothes, not on a strep strepper, to awaiting ambulance i think that right now there goes more ambulance, more rescue personnel. i think this is one of the scenes where there are people who are injured. the real tricky for law enforcement is getting to those injured people but also making sure that it's safe to get there there. that it's safe to put their men and women in that position given the fact that multiple bombs have been off given the fact that there are shootings in multiple locations including mcdonald's restaurant, a dining area, a mall. that was the latest we had heard and some other venues where large as of people gather more ambulances. sirens are pervasive across the city tonight as they try to aid all of these poor people, these innocent people who have been
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injured in a sense liz and coordinated attack . >> anchor: right now no group as of yet taking responsibility but more information is coming into our newsroom. right now ryan schulteis has an update for us . >> reporter: you touched on this before but the mayor of paris and french police are asking the public to just stay inside. don't leave home. they think it's just not safe for anyone out in paris at this hour. millions of people in paris there being told to stay inside. you can see by these live pictures and adam as you were talking about the eerie sound of the sirens going around there officers, armed police officers going through the streets of paris right now asking everyone to stay inside throughout the night here as they try to figure out what is going on and try to make sure the situation is taken care of. s we know this hostage situation is as far as we know is still going on right now inside that theater. waving multiple reports there as they try to figure out how that's going to ebb and how we can figure out how people will get out of that situation. once again, the mayor of paris and right now we're listening to
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the french president. let's listen in if we can. and decisions may be taken about arrests throughout the whole of france and territory. the second decision that i have made is closing borders. we have to assure ourselves that no one can enter or commit any act, whatever that may be, the same time that these crimes that have taken place can be stopped. this is a terrible hardship, which is striking us we know where this is coming, who these terrorists are in such difficult times i have thoughts for the victims, for the numerous victims are for the families of the wound and and we have to
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show compassion and solidarity. we also have to show unity and keep our cool. france must be strong and great and the state has to be strong. we also have to call on everyone to be responsible. what at the orists want is to make us afraid to seize us with fear. and it is something to be afraid of, but faced with this fear there is a nation that defends itself and mobilizes itself and which ones again will be able to overcome terrorists. french women and french men, these operations are not over. there are some which are being, the security force are taking place at the moment and particularly in a place in paris paris.
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i am asking here for you to maintain your trust in what the security force the can do to protect the populations from terrorist attacks. long live the republic. long live france. >> anchor: that was french president, the big news coming out of that statement that he just give the press they are closing borders in france. no one in at this point. they are also lipping travel. a statistic of emergency has been declared in france. of course president was among those who were aat the felted very personally by these coordinate adtax that are happen happening in paris right now. he was there at the stadium during the france germany soccer game when these two explosions happened. adam. closing borders in fans. that affects millions of people. >> anchor: you can't blame him. they are a city under attack. they have terrorists in control of their city right now.
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in control of paris and you can't blame him. we still don't know how many, you know, you mention a coordinated attack. the first thought that might go through your head is we have, you know, a dozen crazy people out there who decided to do this but it seems like many more than that. the bombs that were detonated, were they remotely detonated? were they thrown like a grenade? there is a real danger across that city tonight. could there be more? we certainly hope and pray that there are not. but it's been pretty discourag discouraging as we've continued our coverage here that every few minutes or so there is an update or more casualties, more attacks more gunfire, but at least the bombs to this point have sealed to be just when all of this started at the bar and then outside the sporting venue tonight but pretty significant. very significant, unprecedented nancy closing their borders in a state of emergency tonight as
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they deal with this ongoing situation . >> anchor: absolutely. as we come up on the 6:00 hour, if you are just now joining us for 7 news at 6:00 we are following some major developments happening in europe right now. paris under attack, france closing borders, hitting travel, a state of emergency declared. france is also deployed the military on the streets of paris paris. this is a true emergency, true terrorism that is happening right now . >> anchor: police are giving it their all to get control right now. there are multiple agencies out. if they have law enforcement structure like ours, they might even have military members out assisting them of we would expect to see that at any point but what we've seen the constant has been police in riot gear, we've seen a lot of ambulances. appears to be a medical aid vehicle here. more police officers showing up, fire trucks, they have probably got every resource on that pat
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of the city right now aiding to


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