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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  November 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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entire territory of france . >> porter: darkness fall on the city of light. its terror in paris. >> anchor: live in paris right now where dawn is about to break and we'll got anew look at the tragic aftermath of the attack that have shaken that city and the world. they are wigging up after a dead deadly night. more than 150 people report low killed by terrorists . the attackers killed as well but all of perhaps remains under a state of emergency. those explosions sent people scrambling in fear attackers spraying gun shots into crowds of people. >> anchor: has thats are youing for their lives after watt teams swarm in on a concert hall where attackers were holding them cab cabtive. more than 100 of them did not make it out. >> anchor: are in attack centered on a stadium packed with fans including the president of france. egg plowings outside could be
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soccer teal take on germany . >> anchor: from that stadium to the heart breaking scene at the concert hall we are night team coverage of the breaking news in paris. we'll begin with ryan schulteis with details on how the attack unfolded . in paris police say all of the attackers are believed to be dead coronated attack played out all over the city on a busy friday night now more than 150 people are dead and many more injured. >> anchor: paris under attack, gunfire eare thing across the city. tame suicide bombers attacker in a stadium during a soccer match . more than 100 people were taken hostage at a theater where the men band eagle of death not metal were performing. attack. a man would was inside says it escape. a huge panic and the terrorists started to shoot at
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it was a blood bath. they shot at us and they re reloaded again several times. multiple times. it's actually what i escaped because they reloaded . >> anchor: police stormed that theater and killed killed two of the terror its. inside police found more than 1 100 hostages dead. there was also a shoot out the a restaurant where at least 11 people died and at the stadium the president of france waving a match between france and knee had to be rushed away. when a suicide bomber attacked outside, fans held on lock down. french police in military swarm the streets, some seen carrying away the injured heartbreaking scenes all over the city. an american journalist describes what he saw . i sea gathering of people immediately in front of me and my first thought is it's i minor police activity, no big dell. started to notice something was amiss when a saw police officers holding guns shall hunched behind vans like a skin out of a
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it was just as it occurred and there were police cars and a couple of fire fighters then there were dozens and police are hiding behind advance and word spread there is a shooter on the loose in the neighborhood. that's when i split. that's when i got out of there. i saw a gentleman maybe about 30 years old what to well wrapped around his hand, bleeding . >> anchor: president obama offering support . this is an attack not just on paris, it's an attack not just on the people of france but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share. we stand prepared and ready to provide whatever assistance that the government and people of france need to respond. once again paris police say tonight all of the aers are believed to be dead as investigators now try to figure out who is behind it. in the newsroom, ryan schulteis, 7 news . >> anchor: these stories coming from the people who made it out of the paris concert hall after at the orist stormed in are
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stories we turn it over to tim caputo. >> reporter: it was a sold out show. hundreds of people packed into the venue when attackers got inside. they first randomly shot into the crowd then executed hostages one at a time. those who went to the show at the popular concert hall say it was packed inside. maybe 1,000 people there to see the california rock band eagles of death metal. this is a picture of the stage before the attack. witnesses say near the end of the show two gunmen entered from the back of the theater . >> anchor: the band eagle of death metal was playing for almost an hour and suddenly we heard gun shots coming behind us us. jewel nan pierce who was at the show was standing near the stage. he says the man opened fire on the huge crowd. they were holding assault rives, ak 47. i'm sure about it. they were firing randomly into the crowd . >> anchor: a brother of one of
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immediately stopped playing. it was a flash, so they heard first, saw second and immediately bowled backwards to the backstage area. pierce says most people got down on the floor but terrorists stood at the back of the concert hall and started shooting at them . they were not moving. they were just standing at the back of the scene, the back of the crowd and they were just shooting on the floor because everybody was on the floor. pierce said he waited until the gunman reloaded and ran until he . it's when i found an exit that i saw a body of a young girl that was shot twice in the leg. she wasablying very badly and i back and we ran . >> anchor: those who didn't make it out were either kill or held hostage by the gunmen. police say the attackers search the theater for anyone hiding
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and executed hostages one by one of when police stormed the concert hall the attackers blew themselves up with suicide vests vests. police say at least 100 people died inside that concert hall. >> anchor: this season uwas less than half a mile from the charlie when do magazine offices offices. two brothers stormed that office and killed 12 people. live in the newsroom, tim caputo 7 news night team . >> anchor: we've been telling you at the time of one of the attack france was facing germany in a soccer match and could you hear over the crowds the explosion rocked the stadium. safety. the night team as dan hausle joins us live in our control room with a local what happened inside the stadium. >> reporter: well, right there in the crowd was the president of france of he and the crowd hearing firsthand the blast that were art of this multi pronged attack. fans running in a panic leaving a stayed crumb that was rocked by a terror explosion.
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earlier the stadium was packed with fans waving a soccer match between france and germany when a blast could be heard coming from outside the venue. so loud it could be heard inside over the noise of the crowd. the game went on, people and players not realizing what police soon confirmed that at least one explosion took place at a restaurant near the stadium stadium. a local foreclose saying at least three people were dead at the scene. inside the game went on but french president and the foreign minister looking on were evacuat evacuated. the french president rushed to an emergency meeting with french officials. soon after, the president spoke to his nation. what the terrorists want is to make us afraid to seize us with fear. and it is something to be afraid of. but faced with this fear, there is a nation that defends itself and mobilizes itself in which ones again will be able to
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overcome the terrorists . >> anchor: back at the stayed stayedall fans were in lock done eventually evacuated section by section. fans waiting on the field for their turn to leave calling on their cell phones to find out what was going on. many were confused and uncertain huddling to the. finally, allowed to leave the fans rushed for the exits. and while many of those exiting fans learned what was happening all around the french capitol there are reports that crowds broke into song singing the french national anthem. live in the control room, dan hausle, 7 news night team . >> anchor: it's hard to imagine the terror felt by people waying the streets of paris after the attacks. many just trying to get to a safe place. a local college student who studying abroad is safe tonight. she talked to me on face time while hungered down in her hotel room. we didn't know what to do or where to go . >> anchor: studying abroad boston university student carly missed the bombs an bullets by just minute . and is we took the next
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the places where the shooting was . >> reporter: considerly, her sister and friend were returning to the hotel after a day at the . a lot of sobbing people. >> anchor: then the restaurant where at the orist opened fire . we saw a lot of bad ease. most of them were covered already in white sheets, but was all of the tables were turned over. . chairs were everywhere. . >> anchor: soon realizing paris was under siege they rushed to the nearest cava to call their parents leing them know they were okay . it looked like, i don't through. it was just overturned. it was like ambulances still stillshowing up, army officials, policemen . >> anchor: then by order of military and police, they locked themselves in their hotel room. i think we got really scared when we realized that
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they did not have anyone in custody. >> anchor: carly is studying abroad in spain but was in paris for her sister and friend for a weekend trip . >> anchor: the president of france shutting down the nation nation's borders, but at logan tonight people coming back from france were shocked to find out what had unfolded while they were in the skies. kimberly bookman is live at leg an with the latest from them. kimberly? yeah, that's right. you know argue flight from paris to boston takes about 7 and a half hours. passengers that we talk to say when they left france everything was fine. when they got here to boston a very different story. bullet and boards at boston's logan airport showed no sign of trouble in paris. passengers like curry college student nicole harris who was studying abroad in france checked in and we're told their lights were a go . i'm nervous. my mom is nervous. she wants to book me a different flight . >> anchor: having faith the airlines wouldn't flow if it wasn't safe nicol kept her seat. even after the french president closed borders and her friends in europe told her to stay put . they are like don't come back.
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like the bore des are closed. please don't get on that plane. lose money than lose your life. please be safe. doesn't come . >> anchor: the well-being of every person getting on a flight at logan clearly the top priority for massport friday night. a very obvious increase in state police officers were monitoring intelligence and we're told implemented a multi layered security plan . i'm glad that he is in the plane right now . >> anchor: for this wife standing with her three children anxiously awaiting the arrival of her husband from france, somehow knowing he was in the air and not on the streets of paris brought comfort. and when he finally gets home to massachusetts, over weaponing joy. but most getting off those french flights here in boston had no idea what they left behind. there were no announce on board their planes, no instant information at their fingertips . nobody knew what was going on until we switched our phones and everybody started getting the messages. it's really worrisome. we didn't know what was going on and the people there were freak freaking on the playen when we landed . it's scary.
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and mother-in-law asking me to make sure i'm okay . >> anchor: for these travelers who say charles de gaulle airport was a mere 15 minute car ride from the paris attacks, danger. i had a meeting about four incident are happening. so, yeah, i'm happy to be back in boston. >> anchor: now monnone of the flights from boston to paris or par toys boston were canceled but that hardly means it was business as usual here at logan airport. reporting live, kimberly become becomeman, 7 news . >> anchor: also here at home increased security around the french consulate in boston . people showing up here to pay respects to victims of the attacks under the watchful eye though of added secure the john cuoco is live with more. john? a few people have come by tonight including two women from france. they were the first to leave flowers here behind me at the french consulate. white roses lay in front of the building that houses the french consulate in boston. policed there by these two women women.
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distraught by these terror attacks . worried about like families and friends but also like people in paris . >> anchor: two are here visiting. this ewatch this tragedy unfold from a coffee shop thousands of miles away. kind of difficult to be far from your home country when this kind of events happen. you don't know what the reality is . >> anchor: they were both able to get in touch with their loved ones . >> reporter: i feel better chance since i know my family is okay and my friends too. but it's kind of scary to know that that what is next. my mother like told me that it was crazy . >> anchor: this man also came by to leave flowers and a message as well. written simply on a piece of paper, we are all france . after 9/11 the french reached out to us. we are all americans. and some of us still remember the good will.
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>> anchor: throughout tonight boston list have had a squad here just a precaution. there have been no credible threats. live in boston, john cuoco, 7 news night team . >> anchor: for our closer look at the terror in paris today, we have a terrorism expert joining us . >> anchor: bu profess an to eci ecia officers joseph whipple is here. thank you so much. we appreciate your time. tell us what type of planning and coordination went into an attack like this . well, a lot of planning. it's a pretty sophisticated operation. it took a lot of support and the way of vehicles in the way of weapons in the way of ammunition ammunition. they had to vet the people carrying out the attacks so that no one would whimp out at the very end. they were prepared to be martyrs and heros in their own culture. as for as who did this, i would think it's one of the radical
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al-kaeda or isil so some kind of group like that that engaged in this terrorist attack. >> anchor: i've heard some of the recruitment measures including social media, recruiting people that way and then taking them to encrypted sites that government intelligence agencies cannot track so the follow up question is, how could they do this? the recruiting, the supplies that they would need? all of that stuff? well, they have been very effective on internet recruiting recruiting. that's how essentially they got a lot of people in western europe and some in the united states to actually travel to iraq and syria and become militants and soldiers for isil. they are very, very sophisticated in this regard. the security agencies, the challenge is to find ways to crack into their internet communications and all of their communications. you are never going to be able to catch these people unless you are able to get into their
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>> anchor: profess whipple, you except for your time and are for joeings us tonight. we'll have new more coming your way . >> anchor: more ahead on 7 news including new details on the ewe air strikes that called a major isis terrorist responsible for the death of a local securelist . >> anchor: a live look in north tonight. the freedom tower lit up in blue white and red in honor of france in the victims of tid's terror attacks. we'll be right back. dunkin's new sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up.
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good morning. what can i get for you? a medium hot coffee, cream and two sugars, please? two sugars -- sounds good. just the way you like it. on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. >> anchor: we're back with breaking news right now and this is a live look at the eiffel tower just after 5:00 a.m. in paris. a city weighing up after a night of terror there. more than 150 people are dead after attacks in paris. the president of france has de declaire a state of emergency and at this point, police in paris say all of the attackers .
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states continuing the where on isis. tonight's attacks in paris coming less than 24 hours after the u.s. says it killed the face of isis. joe haddy jonas he is known was the front man in infamous behead beheading videos . >> anchor: one of his victim of course new hampshire native james foley and brandon gunnoe is live right now with reaction from foley's family. brandon? gentlemen haddy john is described as a blood thirsty psycho path but if you think his death makes the parents of his first victim feel any better, you would be wrong. the u.s. military is "reasonably certains" its drone strike in syria target and killed the infamous isis mill tonight known as gee haddy john. journalist james foley from new hampshire is believed to have been his first victim killed in august of 2014. we choose to celebrate jim jim's life. i'm sorry, i, you know, don't feel any solace at all . give me a break. hady john is nothing. you know?
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he is zip. absolutely zip . a u.s. military spokesman said the opportunity to take out mohamed amwazi a kuwaiti born british citizen (ed it self and they took it. it happened thursday in syria as he was driving. he was intent on murdering many more people. self-defense. it was the right thing to do. but foley's parents feel no relief. their son a journalist who went to the middle east to tell the stories of an oppressed people still isn't coming home . it's just a somber time with the bombing in paris and bombing going on, continuing in syria. my fear is that this violence begets more violence. to me, it's just sad. it's not going to end anything. >> anchor: die an foley also said that the u.s. should focus on diplomatic ways to bring more u.s. hostages home. live in rochester, new hampshire hampshire.
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brandon gunnoe, 7 news time team. thank you. the name teal will continue to follow the latest out of paris . >> anchor: the sun just beginning to rise over that city after a night filled with terror and fear. more than 150 people killed including the five at the oh suspects will we'll be right
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>> anchor: 5 for a high in boston today, we were close to 6 60 on the north shore and down through norwood too and those at the are done of a dry weekend forecast coming up, gusty winds tomorrow going to be tough to rake those leaves so postpone it to sunday. i'm not voting for that. i'm just, you know, putting it out there. temperatures now in the upper 40's. mid for ease though metrowest will start off in the 30's upper 30's tomorrow so the temperatures really don't slide a whole lot tonight. the cold continues to pour in so really affects tomorrow's high temperatures. winds still did youing over 20 miles per hour and close to 40 out on nantucket. cooler air moving in indeed. how about the showers. they are fading how. they are trying to sneak into the merrimac valley. we have sprinkle through taunton and raynham right now. high temperatures tomorrow 48 boston, 48 framingham.
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upper 40's down through cape cod cod. let's check out those showers or shows sprinkles i should say. we see them up to topsfield now and even down through haverhill. almost a steady rain through parts of southern new hampshire from brookline all the way up to about wind happen. our temperatures in the morning upper 30's the this is how it plays out. climb, climb and then they just fall. they don't reach very far into the 40's really. with the wind chill factor going tomorrow. it will feel like almost mid 30's an upper 30's. by the way by tomorrow night if you are stepping out it will be in the 30's by 9:00 or 10:00 easy. that's how cold this air mass is is. there are wind gusts tomorrow. 30, 35 miles per hour, not out of the question. generally though in the 20 to 25 mile-per-hour range for much of the day then they back off into the evening. sunday though we push the numbers back up into the 50's. it will be seasonable. that's where we should be for the time of year. saturday is actually below normal. the first below normal day of the entire month of november.
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it took a while it get here but we've been way before normal all this month. degrees before normal too so that one day on saturday is really not going to average you to bring numbers down all that much. passing sprinkle, clearing and colder tonight. 37 to 42. tomorrow windy and colder. mostly sunny skies, 44 to 49. a 7 on 7 forecast has net week warming up. a little bit of a stutter step in the warmup on tuesday. it gets a little cooler thanks to the wind turning out of the north a little back door front. that swings back through on wednesday so it will be a slow climb through the 50's until we get to the ladder half of the week then we move it into the 60's and stay there warm spell coming up that could mean some rain for us but november has been averaging way above formal and that trend seems to be continuing. have a great weekend.
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president aing kim brook from san diego one of the top relievers in baseball. 27 years old with 225 career saves. he finished 2015 with 39 saves and a 258 era. the sox give four minor leaguers in return. show down with the giants taking a turn for the worst friday. collins, vollmer and jackson all officially ruled out today. friday's injury report also listing sheared, mason coleman and martin as questionable. julian edelman is probable still dealing with knee injury and harmon also listed as probable. celtics hosting the hawks tonight green closing the game on a 10-0 run. crowder knocking down the three from isaiah thomas that puts it out of reach of he is one of five celtics in double figures. boston handing atlanta its first road loss of the year 106-93. a frozen four rematch bu and
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into your life.
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>> anchor: some new detail in the parisian terror attacks. prosecutors say a total of 8 extremists are dead after the attacks there in paris. 7 of them died in suicide bomb bombings. you are looking at north right now. that was the freedom tower and fran's colors those attacks left more than 150 people dead. france is under a state of
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emergency. the country's borders remain closed tonight. been, in this country cities showing signs of solidarity and support for france you saw the freedom tower in new york city and colors there . >> anchor: # pray for france is trending now as people from around the world are showing their support. >> anchor: their support and prayers long reaching after a horrific evening there in paris where the sun is just coming up and again they will see in broad full coverage in the morning that's our tile for ton. >> anchor: i'm christa delcamp. the latest at 0 clock i absolutely love my new york apartment, but the rent is outrageous. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage belongings should they get damaged, [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery. hey. lo mein, szechwan chicken, chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune
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