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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  November 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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>> we have to figure out why this is going on. >> after senseless attacks. new details on an elaborate plot. behind the terror in paris. 7 news at 11 starts right now. >> right now the unimaginable act of terror. and remembering the victims of the terror attack that cast a dark shadow over the city of light. >> and promising justice for the victims of the terrible attack. >> and for the second time this year more than 120 people were killed. hundreds more injured after multiple attacks that shook the city. one of the victims a college student studying abroad for the semester. and a pianist paying respects
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breaking out his keyboard and playing a powerful rendition of "imagine" by john lennon. >> from the moment the attacks happened people all over the world have been searching for answers. tonight we have team coverage of the terror in paris to boston overseas. we start with the latest. >> the first suicide bomber lived in france until at least 2012. the french president saying they will lead the attack and they will be ruthless. new video of the shoot out between police and terrorists calling it an act of war after a night of mass killings. not seen in paris since world war ii. bodies on the streets. terror in the air. isis claiming it and warning of more attacks. it started with millions on tv and the explosion heard across
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that started. >> we are not stopping and they were holding and refueling the guns. >> the national stadium targeted by 3 suicide bombers. to bars and restaurants where dozens died. 19 in one alone. to the concert hall where 89 were killed. it took less than 30 minutes. after the first explosion the at soccer stadium the french president was evacuated and as fans left they sang the french national anthem. one suicide bomber tried to get through with a ticket but was stopped and then blew himself up. then outside the concert hall where the deadliest of the attacks took place, 89 were killed, you can see people running from the theatre and hanging out of windows trying to get away. dozens escaped onto the roof and were rescued. the mother of 2, theresa, hid under a dead body for nearly an hour. >> >> i was next to a guy that got
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shot in the head and fell on me and i was covered under his body. >> then you pr epretended - - pretended to be dead? >> yes. >> and you were covered in blood? >> yes. >> friends and family called her mimi, naomi studying design in paris. >> this is really happening and there is nothing i can do to bring her back. >> the french president declared 3 days of national mourning and put national security at its highest level. brandon, 7 news night team. >> the startling claim fueling fears in paris tonight. isis says there were 8 gunmen and the french government says only 7 are dead. now they' re doing whatever they can to track down what may be the last terrorist. 24 hours after the attacks multiple arrests and search warrants executed today. >> and these operations are
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>> in the hours after the massacre, the french looking for clues and reviewing their intelligence. we now know they had a security file on one of the killers. a former french prosecutor says they have been overwhelmed with people traveling to and from syria. >> [ speaking french ] >> and another arrested in august for planning a similar attack. innocencinger bc news learned a car in germany was loaded with explosives. >> it' s awful and i' m afraid it' s going to happen again and it could well happen in other countries including the united states. >> yesterday it was paris for a second time. the concert hall that was the site of the hostage massacre is less than a half mile from the office of charlie ebdo. 12 died in the attack at the newspaper office in january. parisians shocked today. >> we just didn' t think this could happen twice. >> a french prosecutor said 7
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attackers were dead. they all wore vests with explosives. but isis says there was an 8th attacker who was still on the run. a u.s. counter terrorism official told nbc news it could take days or weeks before the identities and crucially the affiliations of the attackers can be traced. >> tonight we' re learning some of the names of the victims. noami gonzalez was killed in an attack at a parisian restaurant. she was majoring in design at cal state long beach. she worked hard to carry out her dream of studying in abroad. and a concert worker was killed at the concert hall. and another was killed at the concert hall and his co- workers describing him as a wonderful personality around the office.
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>> the terror attacks in paris hitting close to home. police stepping up security at major event including the td garden where the bruins play the red wings tonight. still security forces on high alert though no threats had been made. live at the garden with more. >> yeah, dan, the first thing fans noticed is the french flag illuminating this building. immediately they thought about their own safety. >> we stand with france. >> even in an ice rink at the nhl game an ocean away, prayers are with paris and thoughts on stadium security. >> i see a lot of police and a lot of safety measures. >> sources tell 7 news that boston police are increasing >> i' m pretty confident that being in the u.s. they' re
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>> while law enforcement says there are no specific threats they' re also keeping updated on intelligence and following a heightened safety plan. >> i think it is probably safer now than any other time so no stress at all. >> bill fenter showed up hours before his flight to france. a move airlines recommend. they say departure and arrival delays are likely because of stepped up border security. these pictures on twitter show long lines at charles dugal bound passenger stood among them. >> it was very chaotic. the airport was crazy. i stood in line for about 4 hours. out. >> as people try to live life as usual, it' s clear there is a new normal now. your surroundings. front, back, side, side, make sure everything is safe to go. >> and tomorrow the nfl has several football games planned.
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they say they planned to have more police in and outside the stadium. kimberly bookman, 7 news night team. >> and adding to the moving tribute growing since last night sending a powerful message at the french consulate and that' s where we find john cocoa joining us now live with more. >> there have been tributes all over the city starting here at the french consulate spreading throughout boston. >> for france. >> from peru to bu. >> tonight we gather in peace in solitary force. >> boston showing its support for france from afar. >> the day we' re thinking about so much the paris the city. >> and a sheer coincidence on paris street where a prayer for peace was held. >> because we have just so much sadness going o. >> and the plan to stop violence in the city and taking
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>> we' ll make sure to honour tonight. >> and people left flowers and messages of solidarity at the building that houses the french consulate in boston including boston marathon bomber with the french flag flying from the back of the pickup truck. >> and we appreciate it. >> and the gestures connecting with this man and his family that moved to boston last february from france. >> and today it' s my second country. >> it' s horrible. >> the only question now, with these most recent attacks, what' s next? >> it' s completely different now. >> you can see across the street people are out in front of the memorial. it continues to grow and shows
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no signs of slowing down. john cocoa, 7 news night team. >> up next from the night team. democrats taking the stage for round 2 with a twist. >> organisations like isis are barbaric, ruthless, violent. >> this country will rid our planet of this barbarous organisation called isis.
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>> the race for the white house continuing with the second democratic debate. the candidates beginning with the moment of silence for the victims of yesterday' s terror attacks in paris. the tragic events no doubt having an effect, a major
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claiming responsibility for the attacks. >> we need to have a resolve that will bring the world together and root out the ideology that motivates organisations like a barbaric and ruthless and violent jihadist terrorist group. >> >> they say isis steps from the war and something i strongly opposed has unraveled. the region completely led to the highs of al- qaeda and into there. >> and then it' s part of the international coalition to fight isis.
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emotion from candidate martin o' malley. >> and i want tod add one other thing, john, and it' s important for everyone on the stage. i was in burlington, iowa, and the mom of a service member of ours who served two duties in iraq said governor o' malley, please when you' re with your other candidates and colleagues on stage please don' t use the terms boots on the ground. please don' t use the term boots on the ground. my son is not a pair of boots on the ground. >> the candidates also touched including the minimum wage, wall street and gun control. the polls show the former secretary of state opening up a big lead over bernie sanders. >> and we' re joined live with this instant. >> paris changed everything.
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debate into the look at the war on terror. it was a showcase for hillary clinton and this debate was a slam dunk for clinton. at a time when national security experience is suddenly at a premium, she' s the democrats' gold standard. bernie sanders and martin o' malley weren' t really losers but when it came to foreign policy they were more as supporting actors than potential presidents. neither challenged clinton' s views very aggressively but big challenges will come from the republican party and that' s why this debate was also a win for the republicans. paris will trigger a full- throated debate over clinton' s role in foreign policy and president obama' s and they are both vulnerable. the last thing this nation needs is another issue that devised us, but that is exactly what paris presents. will it be full speed ahead or lead from behind? we' re going to have to choose.
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sort of a similar story into tomorrow. current temperatures into the 30s. 38 for boston. 32 for worcester. clear skies and lighter winds and both part of the recipe for radiational cooling and that heat from the surface escaping back into the atmosphere so those temperatures drop back a little more overnight tonight. the highs today really struggling to the 50 mark and then it is going to the air coming in out of the northwest. denitely cooler air for sure. but then moving into tomorrow we start to push in the milder air from the west and southwest and thal take our highs into the 50s. plus bright sunshine to start the day tomorrow. we won' t be completely cloudless as the day goes o. partly cloudy skies and stand in the sunshine and easily feel 5- 10 warmer. clear overnight tonight and
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that light breeze out of the west/northwest and into in the air 49- 55 for the highs. s really close to where we should be for this time of the year. the first half of number is spoiling us and the throughout this week we' re back into the 50s with the exception of tuesday and wednesday. mid to upper 40s it looks like for most of us with the back door cold front and drive for the week to the end of the week could be beneficial rain. we take every drop we can get.
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[ copier whirring ] [ beeps ] [ classical music plays ] hmm. the new turbodown jacket: tested tough in
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>> super bowl 46 rematch and quarterbacks for new york and brady throwing to the healthy ron gronkowski this time around and manning to odele beckham jr. >> not a big guy but he plays big. >> he plays like a giant. >> he' s a stud. i believe he' s tough and he can do it all. >> and that is a player that can do it all, too. he'
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>> julian is a beast. for his size he' s like his quickness and ability to form into the unbelievable player he >> tom kaufman regrets the giants failing to sign him in 2013. gain. >> i remember i' m focusing on we' re preparing for for the new york giants and here to talk about the past. s lavel. after starting the season on the bump list, he' better. >> i' m getting back and trying to come out of 3 to 4 plays and going out of the whole series m close. >> that' s going to wrap it up 8- 5- four giants. the live report tomorrow night
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and trey, we send it back over to you. >> thank you, alex. tomorrow on sports xtra we have the patriots and the giants coming from here as well as met life stadium and joining the all pros and tim fox in studio and the boston globe in studio and his take on all things boston sports and that' s tomorrow night on sports xtra. the bruins in the midst of the longest homestand of the year trying to turn things around at the garden tonight after the original rival dropping 4 of the last 5. bruins honoring the victims before the game and the huge second period for boston and speed up the wing and getting the shot off and knocking home the rebound and 1- 0 bruins up front and this time coming up
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out and that 3- 1 winner. they never won as many consecutive games as the 22 straight hey they have today. senior day in cambridge and harvard taking on penn and the hole to start and 21- 6. 2nd quarter and going to the is shelton mosely and break. different story and quakers hitting the end zone twice and penn knocking off the ranks of the unbeaten snapping the 22 game winning streak and in the biggest little game in america hamhurst knocking off williams college and jets finishing the s sports.
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