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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  November 15, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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cream and twsugars, please? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. >> 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> now at 6:00: breaking news. sources are telling 7 news that an investigation is under way on an american airlines flight from washington, d.c. to boston. it is a very active investigation right now. . >> obviously,. cheryl fiandaca will be bringing us the latest as soon as that information comes in. and right now, we are following breaking news on the terror in paris. a french defense officials says two isis targets have been destroyed in a massive series of air strikes in syria. i understand we do now have cheryl. >> she will update us on the situation. this is a flight from d.c. to boston. correct? >> that's right.
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from d.c. to boston. american airlines flight 2124. it was headed from reagan national to boston. sources say two men were taken off the flight after a passenger reported to crew members that the pair appeared to be acting suspicious. police responded. all the passengers were taken off the plane. it is plane is an airbus 319. bomb-sniffing dogs were brought in to sweep the aircraft. the dogs did not find anything suspicious. the two men have been questioned and have been released. at this time, it appears that that flight is reboarding. and is scheduled to land in boston at around 7:45. again, this is what sources are reporting to us. that american airlines flight 2124 from d.c. to boston, two men were taken off the plane after passengers thought the two were acting suspicious. the police swept the aircraft with bomb-sniffing dogs. nothing was found. the two men were questioned and released.
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boston. >> thank you so much for the update. we will stay on top of that story. we have crews at logan airport. >> back to break news on the terror in paris. a french official says two isis targets have been destroyed in a massive series of air strikes in syria. the defense ministry says the attacks are centered on the capital of the islamic state group. >> also breaking: one suspect after the reported attacks is still on the run. police released this photo of him. he is very dangerous, they say. he is believed to be directly involved in friday's deadly massacre. police say they were closing in on the suspect on saturday when he was stopped in a car at the belgium border. >> after being questioned at the border, he was released. now officials are looking for him. tonight tensions in paris and all across france remain high. now, here is the latest. police rushing to the scene after a scare at a growing memorial in paris. mourners scrambling for their lives after people thought they heard gunfire. instead, it turned out to be fireworks. >> the tragedy continues to
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worsen. the death toll is now up to 132. that is according to a french news agency. at least 352 others were injured. many of them very seriously. >> one of survivors seriously injured is is a man with ties to massachusetts. he was shot in the lung and remains in a medically induced coma. we are waiting to hear from his father as he waits for information from overseas. >> 7 news has team coverage of the terror in paris. let's head over to the control room for the breaking details tonight. >> well, just days after the attacks in paris, france now going on the offensive. striking back against isis. . >> officials in france say fighter jets launched their biggest raid in syria to date. targeting an isis stronghold two days after the group claimed coordinated attacks in paris that killed about 130 people. the raid included at least ten fighter jets dropping 20 bombs. and the operation was carried out in coordination with u.s. forces.
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meanwhile, there was panic breaking out in the streets of paris sunday evening. at a memorial. one of the sites of friday's attacks. mourners were lighting candles and laying flowers. dozens of people began running after someone claimed to hear gunshots. according to french authorities, the panic ended quickly. police have cleared the memorial. a firecracker was sailed to have sparked the fear. the city remains tense. investigations into recent attacks continue. this comes as french police have issued a want notice of a photo of a man suspected in the attacks. the 26-year-old man was born in brussels. the suspect represented a black volkswagen forecast. it was used in the attack on friday night. french authorities are warning people that this suspect is dangerous. >> right now, a father on martha's vineyard is waiting on word from paris. after his son was shot during the terror attacks. he worked for the music
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company putting on the show at that concert hall. it was the site of the hostage siege. tonight his dad is speaking out about the attacks and how his son continues to fugt for his life. >> his son has finally come in paris. >> my son has been very lucky. a lot of people have been much worse off. >> he lives on the vineyard. paris. he produced the concert featuring the eagles of death metal on friday night at the bataclan when the terrorists opened fire. arno had left the concert hall to get a drink. >> people started to run out of the hall, out of concert hall and trying to hide in the cafe. so there was a bit of chaos going on. and when he was in the cafe, he hadn't even realized he was shot. and then that's where... you was in a lot of pain. >> he was rushed to the his dad back here in massachusetts could not get
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any information. >> well, the first thing we did was, you know, a simple thing. call a cell phone. and he wasn't answering. we got a little anxious about that. and then it took us about two hours to find out from a friend that he had been wounded. but nobody knew where he was. and as you can imagine, there was... it was total chaos over there. i mean, they were picking up the wounded and just dispatching to different hospitals. we didn't know where he was. >> he is going to paris this week to be with his son. the only risk now is an infection. otherwise, he should make a full recovery. >> mourners in boston showing their support and sending a powerful message after those senseless acts of terror rocked france. kris anderson joining us now in boston with more. >> nancy, that message was loud and clear. ironically, enough, with a moment of silence. hundreds of people here on
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boston common in unison. bowing their heads to remember the victims of friday's tragic attacks in paris. boston, of course, a city that knows all too well about dealing with tragedy. >> a message of prayer and a message of hope for the people of france. during mass this morning at the cathedral of the holy cross. >> we express our sincere condolences for the family and friends of all who lost their lives. all who were wounded. to the people of paris and to all of france. >> in a city that knows all too well about pain and tragedy, the people of boston coming together this sunday to show solidarity with paris. >> people, you know, around the world came together, united as one. you know, we are all boston. and in the midst of this tragedy in paris, we are all paris. >> i would like to ask you for a minute of silence. >> the governor, mayor, and consulate general and the hundreds of people who gather in the common for this moment of silence. many of them carrying french
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flags and holding flowers. the gathering also provide an opportunity for those from france now living in boston to continue to heal. >> being together, you know, many people gathered together to show support. that feels nice. it really helps. >> for me, being together with the people i know, the people that suffer like me, to have some comfort, you know? it is like a giant big hug. >> the large crowds that walked across the common to the bronze plaque of the french soldier where a make-shift memorial of candles and flowers was set up. the governor and mayor reminding everyone that boston and the state of massachusetts will always be there for france. >> i can promise you speaking for the commonwealth of massachusetts, that we stand with france. as we always will. vive la france. >> we will stand with the people of france and paris. the governor mentioned it. we are there if they need our
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>> the mayor says he plans to reach out to mayor of paris. once things calm down a bit. obviously, it was a somber mood here. there were tears. there was also song and solidarity. the people breaking out in song singing the french national anthem. here is the make-shift morial here at the statue. you see from boston to paris, we are senning our love. there are flowers. there are candles. things left behind by the people of boston who again, have dealt with tragedy in the past. that is the latest live here at boston common, kris anderson, 7 news. >> governor charlie baker also describing how the state is increasing local security. >> the state police division of field services increased security around the area of the statehouse and key places in boston. the state police and logan airport are monitoring intelligence and have a comprehensive and multi-layered security plan in place. all of our public safety teams are working diligently to keep people safe here in
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the commonwealth. and are coordinating aggressively and constantly with our federal partners. >> mayor walsh shared his thoughts on the recent attacks at a gathering on boston common today. remember the lives lost in paris. >> certainly, the boston police department and boston fire department, e.m.s. were prepared in our city. you never know what's going to happen. we have to make sure that we continue to be prepared. the one thingly say to anyone watching, please, if you see anything out of the ordinary, call 911. don't think anything... you never know. >> the head of the boston police reiterated how important it is for the public to pay attention and to speak up. >> in massachusetts right now, the agent in charge said they don't see any viable threats to the city or the state. that being said, we need the public to be very much on their toes out there. again, if they see something
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hesitate to call their local especially 911. you know? you know, there is copycats out there. i think as we found out after the boston marathon, we all >> the commissioner also commended state and federal departments on their cooperation at this time to ensure everyone's safety. >> tonight, there are travelers who are preparing to head back to paris just days after the attacks. an exchange student says she is nervous to return home just outside of paris. her family is nervous as well. especially because their daughter will travel to paris in two months as an exchange student. others say programs like these will only help promote peace in the world. >> i think that's these kids... confidentable with other cultures. we start a dialogue and
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>> well, the host family's daughter says she is not scared to travel to paris. they add that she will be thinking of all the people who were killed. >> we are learning more about the victims in friday's tragedy. including a young woman with big dreams from california. spending the semester studying abroad. >> those close to the 23-year-old simply called her peopley. her aunt says the student from southern california was in paris fullfying a dream. fascinated with the city, she wanted to learn french. the design major from cal state long beach signed up for a foreign exchange program. >> very much a go-getter. everything she wanted to do she went after it. she found a way to get it done. >> this is really happening. this is happening.
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>> her mother gets tearful thinking about the dream stolen from her daughter. >> she wanted to have a career. an entire campus heartbroken. her classmates paid tribute, the basketball team held a moment of silence before last night's game. and the cal state long beach web site is dark. except for a single light that still shines. a light for her. >> stadiums and other major venues are stepping up security. they are staying on high alert, keeping spectators safe. including at metlife stadium in new york where the patriots right now are in the middle of a match-up against the giants. stadiums across the country on high alert on football sunday. >> i'll tell you, you can't have enough security. >> following the terrorist attacks in paris on friday, the n.f.l. has increased security and police inside and outside stadiums. the league saying in a statement the safety of our
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teams is our priority. and security at our games is robust. fans say they understand the need for extra precautions. >> there is certain right that is we have that people are trying to take away. and there is a little bit more security that we have to go through. then it is worth it. metlife wasn't the only stadium ramping up security. new regulations were set for washington redskins fans about what can and cannot be carried in clear bags. in philadelphia, counterterrorism vehicles and officers were added, along with extra security. the added measures making fans feel a little bit safer. less than 72 hours after tragedy hit paris. part of which was in a similar setting. >> i feel pretty safe. there is a lot of state troopers everywhere. they have the metal detectors. they search you. s if they do the wand and everything. it makes it safer. >> stadiums have had moments
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before the start of each game. >> right now, it is just after midnight in paris. the eiffel tower right now. right now, officials on the hunt for an eighth suspect. parisians are on edge as they continue to come to grips with the terrorist attack. woman: i'm here to fight h.i.v. and pandemics to come. man: to keep boston harbor safe and clean. man: because this is where robotics is happening. man: to help every student find their true words. woman: here to express myself. woman: here because math is the language of the future. man: to change the world through music. man: here to unlock the adhesion power of the gecko. -man: here for the commonwealth. -woman: and the common good. -man: umass.
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>> the f.b.i. investigating a break-in at the u.s. army reserve armory in worcester. >> the f.b.i. says there is no connection between that break-in and the events in paris. >> we are advised of the matter. we are currently looking into it. we have some resources on scene as well as investigative capability. we will look into it. as we get a better indication as to what actually happened, there is nothing at this point in time that would tie this to, you know, any specific threat or anything else at this point.
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and at this point in time, we are looking into it as a new investigation. >> and tonight, the f.b.i. is still working to determine if anything was taken from the armory. >> and there is more news today. a cool afternoon in the city. less windy than yesterday. that is for sure. >> yeah. absolutely gorgeous sunset out there tonight. >> yup. everyone is talking about that tonight. >> bri, it was stunning. >> yeah. i have some pictures i want to share with you as well. 52 right now in the city of boston. warmer than our highs yesterday. you will notice that wind direction coming out of the southwest. rather than that blustery, gusty day we had yesterday with the winds out of the northwest. beautiful photo sent in by kristen in boston on newbury street. these pictures all around the bay state. just amazing. with the cloud cover out there. the cloud cover keeps the temperatures from plummeting tonight. so we are in for a milder morning. still the kiddoes need that jacket. and maybe even a scarf and hat as they head out tomorrow morning. here is a look at our current temperatures. right around 50 for most spots.
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49 for worcester. 48 for bedford right now. overnight tonight, some clouds start to clear out. they will be gone for tomorrow for bright sunshine. 5-44. as we get closer to the city of boston. into tomorrow, again, another boost in temperatures. this looks to be the mildest day that we have in store for this entire week. dry skies means lots of sunshine. and temperatures that are above average. in the mid-50's to even some upper 50's. as you can see. here is a look at the forecast. a baby roller-coaster with the temperatures throughout this week. a drop in the back-door cold front tuesday and wednesday. a boost for some wet weather at the end of the week. >> coming up next in sports, the bruins enjoying a nice long homestand right now. and doing something they have struggled to do this year. that is hold on to a two-goal
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that is next in sports. the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? the united states has the capability of doing this, national security interest that we do it. and i hope you want that kind of president announcer: right to rise usa is responsible
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>> the bruins settled in for season. they finally put together a an effort on the home ice. last night. the bruins scored three times in the second period. en route to a 3-1 win. a good sign all three goals coming at even strength. the b's did not have to rely on their power play to generate offense. they are now 2-5-1 at the garden this season. lead. earning a fifth straight win against the red wings. >> you get to build on it. >> we were far from being
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we have to make it hard for other teams to come in and play us. you know, tonight i thought was a step in the right direction. >> the patriots visiting the giants and down 20-10 in the third quarter right now. the patriots receiver julian edelman left the game after the first quarter with an ankle injury. eli manning and the giants are taking on the patriots defensive backs. we have the patriots covered tonight on sports xtra. alex corddry will report live from metlife stadium. tim fox and fred smerlas in studio. dan shaughnessy with his take on the pats, red sox and more. that is tonight on sports xtra. following the card naltion and seahawks on sunday night football. >> dolphins visiting the eagles.
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up. the catch, ridiculous. a touchdown off that ricochet. the dolphins take the lead on that play for good. an improbable play of the day. the celtics about to tip off in oklahoma city. kevin current... durant that is sports. >> all right, t building a better bank starts with looking at something old, like this... so capital one built something new - caf\s. where you can unwind with free wi-fi and banking advice, without all the mumbo jumbo. free checking accounts. no minimums, fees or gimmicks. and a top-rated banking app that lets you handle your financial needs... right here. that's banking reimagined.
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>> that is 7 news at 6:00. thank you for joining us. i'm nancy chen. >> we will see you at 10:00 on cw 56. join us back here at 7:00 after sunday night football. woman: i'm here to engineer my future.
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