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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  November 16, 2015 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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control room with more. brandon? >> reporter: today isis posted another video threat on-line saying it will attack america at its strong hold, washington. the head i aye says we need to be vigilant but there is no credible threat here in the u.s. this is the man who french authorities say is the mastermind behind the deadly attacks in paris, a 27-year-old from belgium who has previous ties to terrorist activities and is believed to be in syria. today the hunt continues for other polices, two small explosions were heard in brussels as dozens of mats being and healthy araed officials sealed off the area. >> anchor: isil is the face of evil. our goal as i have said many times is to degrade and ultimately destroy this barbaric terrorist organization. >> anchor: france is quickly striking back awave of french warplanes targeting isis strong holds in syria including massive
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the plane included at least ten fighter jets dropping 20 bombs and it was carried out in coordination with u.s. forces. this all comes just two days after the group responsible for the attacks in paris that killed about 130 people. >> anchor: it's hell. it's a nightmare. people were hidden under dead bodies. >> anchor: in paris panic break out the a memorial of the one of the sites of friday's terror attacks. dozens of people began running after someone claimed to hear gun shots. police fanned out with guns in their hands. it turned out to be a false alarm as the noise was just a firecracker. this comes as french police put a face to one of the polices on the loose issuing a wanted notice with a photo of the notice is for a 26-year-old man born in belgium. a police official says he is the within that rented a black volkswagen later found with three guns and emmy magazines inside. french authorities have now identified most of the 7 attack attackers bodies at least three were french. and these new images have emerg
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this is the moment when the dead deadly massacre began. a band is performing then sudden suddenly gunfire is heard. by the time police stormed the hall, three terrorists had` killed 89 people and an attack that intelligence agencies had no idea was being planned . >> anchor: there were no specific mentions of this particular attack that would give us a sense of something that we need, that we could provide french authorities for example or act on ourselves. >> anchor: now some have suggested that the u.s. put large numbers of u.s. troops on the ground and attack isis that way. president obama though said that will not work and terrorists would only resurface later. in the control room, brandon gunnoe, 7 news governors and politics as cross the u.s. speaking out after the terror in paris. many are telling the federal government to send refugees somewhere else.
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political uproar. >> reporter: in the wake of the deadly terror attack in paris more then a half dozen u.s. governors say syrian refugees are no longer welcome in their states. i am now requesting that the president and the federal government crease sending refugees from syria to north carolina. >> reporter: debate over the refugee issue has intensified following reports a syrian passport was found near the body of one of the men who carried out the paris attack. he apparently entered europe through griese as of a wave of . you think about 9/11 it, could be here and any time and >> reporter: the obama administration set a goal of admitting thousands of rev from . to bring to america tens of thousands of syrian muslims is nothing short of lunacy. >> reporter: republican presidential contender are .
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ability to vet these people and by doing so we are putting america at risk. >> reporter: speaking today in turkey the president stood by his initial plan provided the immigrants are subject to " "rigorous screening and security checks." the values we're fighting against isil for are precisely that we don't discriminate against people because of their faith. we don't kill people because they are different than us. that's what separates us from them. >> reporter: although there seems to be a growinging number who want to keep refugees separate from us. jay gray, nbc news. >> anchor: be sure to stay with 7 news for the latest on the terror in paris. we'll bring you updates on-line, on air and on your smart phone mobile app . >> anchor: now to a store ooh you saw first on 7 a plane head headed to boston running into trouble on the tarmac after passengers complained about two other passengers acting suspiciously. officials evacuated the american
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it was still at dc's reagan airport. police dogs search the plane but rouse. passengers say they were . we were totally happy because we knew the flight was safe. so they checked it from top to bottom and i know the pilot . >> anchor: police questioned students at the university of demonstration after they say a hateful message was discovered on campus. the event this afternoon was organized after someone wrote killed paris on a muslim student student's name tag which hangs on the door of his dom that. student says he has been overwhelmed with support . it seemed like all of them that. they treat me like him. i feel like upset because i didn't do anything. this is not my fault. >> anchor: me met with the school's dean and students that lived on his doral on sunday he said whoever wrote the message shouldn't be kicked out of . >> anchor: a dartmouth student is making alarming allegations
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against a brown university campus police officer after a heated confrontation over the weekend. the student says the officer slammed him against a wall, threw him to the ground and then handcuffed him after he went into a building. police told him not to go into it over the weekend. no charge have been filed. the officer is on administrative duey pending an investigation. police inians stone, rhode island are searching for a person of interest after a dead deadly house fire there. the fire killed 32-year-old alice collins and her unborn baby friday night. witnesses say they saw a man running from the home shortly after those flames break out. investigators are treating the fire as a possible homicide. right now, police are waiting on the results of an autopsy . >> anchor: also on 7, a security scare after a man from georgia says he accidentally boarded a flight to chicago with a loaded handgun in his carry on backpack. he says he didn't realize he had the weapon until they were midair. now the security scare is revealing new crack in the screening system. they will take toothpaste, make me take off my belt buckle
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and shoes. how did my gun go through. through.. >> anchor: blake is a retired truck driver. he says he wasn't trying to test security or make a name for himself. it was just an honest mistake . put my backpack up on the thing it. goes through the scanner. no problems, no issues . >> anchor: alfred didn't figure out he had a gun in his carry on bag until after he made it all the way to chicago and started to unpack . i said it's loaded and i just dropped the bag out of it so i had a loaded 380 semiautomatic in my backpack . >> anchor: that's when alfred was in a real dilemma. he didn't know if he should tell everyone what happened or just keep quiet . because i knew i got it there the wrong way and i wanted to get home . he unloaded the gun this time put it in a checked bag. once he was back in atlanta, that's when he knew he had to come forward. i just want to do the right thing. i don't want to get in trouble and i doesn't want to get anybody in trouble.
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realize we need to tighten up. >> anchor: so the tsa said the agency is having to figure out if changes need to be made. >> anchor: we're following more news today. a moss income florida gets a disturbing message when a man threatens to kill everyone there there. the phone message was from a man just hours after the attacks in paris. he said he would fire bomb and shoot people at the mosque regardless of their age. the mosque asked for increase in police presence after the threat threat. mosqueliers say peel are tying terrorist attacks to the muslim community now more than ever. this is unfair because what this gentleman did by calling our establishment and calling the other establishment and leav leaving this message this is a terrorist act because you are putting fear into the hearts of people. >> anchor: the f.b.i. is investigating this voice mail threat. it's possible the caller could face federal hate crime charges. >> anchor: kentucky police are have thing a murder mystery involving a 7-year-old girl. gabriella doulan was waving a football game when she disappeared on saturday. police found her body in a creek
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in the woods behind the school just minutes after her mother reported her missing. the girl's death is being investigated as a homicide. >> anchor: three inmates, two of which you see right here on the run after allegedly attacking i guard and escaping from a doe tension center. one inmate was facing murder charges officials say they are now looking into whether any officers at the defense center were involved in their escape. it appears he asked for some toiletries and policy is that the door is not open unless there is two folks there, two supervision officers present and again we're doing a lot of investigation to determine what policies were violated . >> anchor: one of the officers there was julie donaldson. he did have to get several stitches. a tornado causes major damage in california over the weekend. several trees were knocked down and a number of house were heavily damaged. the roof of a church also ripped off. good thing no one was hurt. >> anchor: coming up on 7 news at 4:30 a crowning moment, an annual beauty pageant allowing gifted little gil to show off their true talents .
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>> anchor: all new at 5:00 the drive for nine. the patriots battle back when it matters most. . >> anchor: a serious response to the bomb squad and f.b.i. swarm the harvard campus in cambridge. the details in a live report at
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jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in. it's not about yappin'. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve
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in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the
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>> anchor: a very special ceremony for girls in south florida. a local non-profit crown a queen queen. all contestants putting on their beth complete with smiles. the annual pageant allowing little girls with disabilities to show off talents. robin simmons has more. >> anchor: . it takes a lot of practice in persistence in don't be shy because you are talking to a lot of people . >> reporter: arc broward kicking off its bank interwith
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hula hooping. 20 contestants hitting the stage to showcase their talents. dazzling evening wear and equally dazzling personalities, but it's a pageant unlike most. that's because it's a pageant aimed at empowering and celebrating women with disabilities. just ask billy bender last year year's winner. she took home the crown and this year she will be cheering on her sister. i wanted to get involved with this so i can show to the community that i can fill people people. when you have ative you are like . >> reporter: it was founded by non-profit arc broward organization that provides services to children and adults with a developmental disability. so this pageant allows them to make friends, which is a challenge for them so they make friends with each other and it
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them to do something they don't get to do typically . >> reporter: even though there is a first place winner each contestant take home their very own award. in addition, the interalso has a huge impact on the community. it's a place where families are coming together to learn lessons, to think about their own stations in life and compare it to those of others and also most of all to learn how they can join hands with people with disabilities. >> reporter: robin simmons, 7 . good. a lot of sun line in store but the temperatures much colder tomorrow. that's ahead. >> anchor: coming up the latest from paris. isis as they are on the move. we hit sit down with a homeland security expert with more on how . >> anchor: a developing story out of worcester of military weapons stolen from the armory. federal officials disease . >> anchor: new england star receiver on the sidelines. the latest on julian edelman at
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5:00 . >> anchor: if you see bringing newsor have a story idea we would love to hear from you. give you a call on the tip line.
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>> anchor: testimony less could be in turkey trouble this thanksgiving . >> anchor: a major outbreak earlier this year has caused a turkey shotage in the country. officials say 7 million turkeys have been lost this year after an outbreak of avian flu in april. this has caused a major decline in turkey produce. the national turkey federation said people are not at risk for the flu because most of the turkeys were frozen before it break out . >> anchor: when the turkey comes from the farm it's taken to be packaged, it's ready, sealed up and it is then instant instantly flush frozen down to zero degrees. >> anchor: so experts are predicting turkey prices might jump as much as 20% this thanksgiving because of that out outbreak. not good news there. i can't believe thanksgiving is next week. >> anchor: i was going it say
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you might have to go what to-fur to-furkey. >> anchor: no . >> anchor: i just wanted to say it because it's fun. i don't know, i prefer the traditional white meat kind . >> anchor: what about you, have you had the tofurkey? >> reporter: nor the turducken turducken. if you walk through the newsroom we have tom turkeys around here. dew point about 14. try the chicken, right? winds out of the northwest about 15 miles per hour. so our temperatures now cooling off, melrose now 55 degrees. wayland at 53. 55 in dedham and randolph about 55 degrees. water temperature down to 52 now now. we're in the low 50's already and these temperatures have been falling steadily now that the sun is going down of we're shaving off two or three degrees indicative of the cooler air mass moving in is dry and it's really, really pretty cold down near the surface of this high pressure that's moving in. west bridgewater now down to 57 degrees. mind you, these temperatures were close to 60 degrees so we brought it all the way up, now
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there is a shot of cool air copping down that seeps down through maine and almost like a back door front. there is a little of with a of cold air that goes with it. notice when you talk about cold across the prim at the of canada and what is tundra here, arctic tundra, subarctic really near churchill, those terms are very mild, we will see a slap of cold come down later week though across the prairies and eventually get to us too in modified form. high pressure in control, cold start in the morning, our temperatures fall quickly as we go down into the 20's and even in boston about 35 or 36 then we bounce back tomorrow but the re recovery and the boomerang here are not really all that impressive pushing us back those mid and upper 40's and that's it for tomorrow's high temperatures temperatures. our winds light out of the north north. then we get in on wednesday and this cloudiness seems to hold back for now. there might be cloudiness that arrives late in the day and overnight on wednesday but wednesday itself is looking pretty bright so far.
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thursday is the day we get into the showers but ironically our temperatures climb. normal high temperature here it is calibrate yourself, 351 degrees so tomorrow closer to normal. a little bit below. then tuesday right around normal and then wednesday and thursday way above normal once again. i'm going to harp on this. i'm called the drought guy in some circle. people have actually called me that in public. i am going to keep talking about it because we still are in a drought technically. all of our nine inches, almost nine inches below normal for the year in boston and worcester almost 8. this does go back to the beginning of the year. if you track it all the way back all those months we did have a couple above normal months. june was above normal. we did not make a dent and the drought monitor too has this in moderate drought now on the 495 belt all the way to the sea coast of the new hampshire, southern maine and all the way back down into connecticut. most of connecticut right now in moderate drought so this is significant as we head into the cold season. speaking of cold, clear and cold tonight, 24 to 35 and tomorrow bright sunshine, love the looks of that day, 46 to 50 degrees
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that is 7 on 7 forecast has some showers by thursday afternoon. most of that should ask dad el by friday and if anything there may be a predawn shower then it's out of here. 58, 56 on saturday then moderat moderating a little bit next week but we do have another shot of cool air that lasts a day on sunday. see you at 5:00. >> anchor: we got a look right now route 1 northbound our second problem of the evening here. this one is up by the lynnfield tunnel each have a two car crash over in the break down lane each have that earlier accident we were talking about on route 1 northbound, route 6 0. that one is gone but here is our back up unfortunately as you make your way back here along route 1 ray tough go all the way back toward the lynn fellows parkway in saugus, almost back into the chelsea area actually. delays too making your way on the pike eastbound. this is eastbound traffic. those headlights by bu and heading for the pru tunnel a delay as well. after that spot the ted williams logan. westbound has been about a 45 minute ride leaving downtown
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boston and heading out toward route 128. we had our delays there and making your way right new along right here in downtown boston, 93 northbound this is slow. that's leaving the camera area making your way up into medford, eventually out toward 128 has been averaging about a 45 minute ride to do that. 93 southbound not moving all that badly making your way down toward the o'neill tunnel. i'm joe stain ton, 7 news. >> anchor: topping the buzz, view are preparing for the proe proemere of a new show chicago medicine . >> anchor: so it's a spinoff series from chicago pd in chicago fire. the cast actually filmed their pilot episode in the middle of the chicago fire episode. executive entrepreneur dick wolf said they want to focus on medical drama being accelerate. my nightmare is walking in and there are calls from 300 doctors saying do you know what you did last night? this is completely wrong . >> anchor: chicago fire and pd people get hurt and where do they go? they come to chicago medicine. so the seamlessness and i think that's what the audience are really attracted to . >> anchor: you can after the
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tomorrow here on 7 nbc. i want you to all enjoy the new line guard. >> anchor: the lion king coming back in a big way. the latest sequel the lion guard return of the roar will air on disney junior this weekend but it doesn't stop there. the new movie will be followed by a tv series that will premiere next year . >> anchor: so simba's kids? >> anchor: i never have seen that so that's a good one. >> anchor: we'll talk about that one later. james bond remains at the of the box off it. brought in $35 million this weekend. meanwhile, the peanuts movie million . >> anchor: i think the last disney movie i saw was family. i had took aen out because i was sad. i was a little kid. but that's the last disney movie i have seen . actually.
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