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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  November 17, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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e right? you don't open the door at 38,000 feet. >> reporter: passengers close to the woman describe a wild scene as half a dozen flight attendants battle to restrain the woman in her seat. using seatbelts and plastic handcuffs. >> at first, i thought she was having a panic attack. then maybe a seizure, that's how uncontrollable, it took about 6 stew ward deses, to epcould her down. >> half a dozen state troopers met the plane on the tarmac at logan, marched on board and took the woman off the plane in handcuffs while the rest of the passengers looked on. by that time, they say the woman was calm. >> 6 police officers boarded the flight, necessity proceeded to a back of the plane where the lady was obviously restrained in seatbelts and things. and they cuffed her and basically marched her off the plane. >> reporter: and she kept her head down. >> yeah. yeah. >> passengers credited the crew with managing a tough situation well.
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>> got her calm, got her back in her seat an we flew in. >> state police tell us the woman is a 32-year-old polish woman. she is held right now, they say she'll be in court in east boston facing a charge of interfering with a flight crew. we're live at logan airport, 7 news. >> we're following breaking news overseas a soccer stadium in germany evacuated. police saying there were concrete plans to cause an explosion at that stadium. some top leaders were in the crowd and were seen leaving after the soccerer game between germany and netherlands were cancelled. was also evacuated. from the air and on the ground, the push to defeat isis is intensifying. the defense minister of france says 10 fighter jets carrying out new air strikes on islamic state target unless syria. targets. today officials confirming for the first time, a bomb was likely responsible for the death
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of more than 200 people aboard that russian charter jet that crashed in sinai peninsula. french officials say they are looking for a second fugitive directly involved -- salah abdeslam, whose brother was munch the attackers. the second fugitive, officials say, has not been identified. >> the manhunt continues for several ises believed behind the attacks. brandon. >> reporter: right now, investigators say they have found a cell phone believed to have belonged to one of the attackers, it contains a message sent before the attacks that in effect said, okay, we're intense raids, new air strikes, france fighting back against isis as police search for these two men, believed to be behind the paris attacks, the ring leader abdelhamid abaaoud, and his partner salah abdeslam.
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ferocious in its barberrism, that i believe we all of us are going to ban together and ultimately we're going to prevail. >> secretary of state john kerry meeting with france's president today, formulating a plan to strike isis and other terrorist groups at their core. >> i'm convinced that over the course of the next week's, dooesh daesh will feel even greater pressure. they're feeling it in week's. >> used by salah abdeslam hotel rooms investigators finding syringes, tubes and other materials used for explosives. french police also looking for clues in a rental car used by salah abdeslam found today in russia has joined france with air strikes as well. after confirming it was an isis bomb that brought down the
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as france copies with unspeakable tragedy. >> i'm confident over the next days, paris, which knows how to rebound, will do so. >> reporter: and secretary of state kerry says france's president will visit the white house next week to discuss how the u.s. can increase its efforts to help catch those responsible. in the control room, brandon gun know, 7 news. >> taking you live right now to boston and a show of support. in city hall plaza. and you see the colors there, blue, white and red. mayor marty walsh, city employees all coming out to honor the lives lost in the paris terror attacks. you can county on 7 news for the latest in paris. we will continue to bring you updates online on air and on your smartphone mobile app. >> following more breaking news, sox shrugger david ortiz is headed for retirement. according to reports out today,
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big papi getting ready to say good-bye to baseball. our sports director, joe, standing by with details. >> the face of the franchise for the last 13 years, helped bring boston first world series since 1918 and won two more rings with the red sox for good measure. david ortiz is a boston icon on and tomorrow on his 40th birthday he will announce the 2016 season will be his last. fox sports ken rosenthal says big papi will retire at the end of the year. he's already a member of 500 club and we know all about his post season resume, 17 career for. it will be a debate when he land on the hall of fame ballot. they will weigh is his intangibles, against his pd usage. but that is way down the road right now. as far as next season is concerned. it's only fitting that court ease's final game will come at
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time party for his fair well at fenway on sunday october 2nd against the jays. reporting live in the newsroom, joe am more seen know. 7 news. >> i continues our coverage now live at fenway. >> he's been the face of the franchise the last decade easily the most popular player on the red sox, really no surprise that fans would love ortiz to stick around for more than just one year. >> swing and a drive, deep right, way back sheffield, it's gone, the red sox have won it! >> reporter: most red sox fans aren't ready to see ortiz go. >> i don't like it. i think he has a couple more years in him. he's still young, i think he can still play the game. >> he's been around forever. i don't know. he's still so good. >> reporter: court ease hit 71 home runs last season.
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powerful presence at the plate. a staple in the club house since coming to boston in 2003. ortiz entering his 20th season in the big leagues. he turns 40 tomorrow. and appears to be ready to walk away from the game. >> i think it's time. he's getting old, time for a newer -- >> reporter: already among the all time red sox greats. >> he's -- the man has played for yearso under what he could've made somewhere else. he's a tribute. you know, he's a legend. going to miss him. >> >> reporter: fans kind of agree with joe mentioned earlier on the fence of whether or not he'll be elected to the hall of fame. all fans would like the red sox honor him down the line, maybe retire his number, maybe even adding a statue outside of the ballpark here. tim caput toe 7 news. >> breaking at 5 online gaming,
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yorkers from placing bets on that site. >> reporter: stopping new yorkers to place bets around 3 o'clock this afternoon. but the company says it's a temporary move. new york of attorney general filed papers to stop fan dual and boston's draft kings from operating. he says the sites are illegal gambling. those sites asked a judge to block the attorney general efforts while the legal case was pending but that request was denied. no word on whether draft kings will follow fan dual's lead. court. liz beth noreika 7 news. >> a juror sent home in the philip chism trial today. the teenager on trial for murdering his math teacher courtroom. chism's lawyer says he was mumbling amount shaking and about to explode. steve cooper live at salem district corporate with what the judge said and how the response
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expert, a psychiatrist, once again to evaluate philip chism, all of this happening during the morning recess when the defendant decided he wasn't going to come back into the courtroom. tonight, new questions about the teen's excess competency. >> she was somewhat of a math geek, as she would tell you. >> peggie ritzer on the stand, telling how she was a math teacher at dance verse high, before she was murdered by her student. colleen's mother testifying how when she didn't come home from school, she started to wonder if colleen was in a car accident. thought may have happened was maybe she was in a car accident or something. >> not long after they saw evidence, including the recycling barrel, he wheeled her out of the school with, before
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and covering her body with leaves. chism refused to return to the holding cell and return to the court room. >> was lying on the floor. mumbling with his eyes closed. >> >>. >> the stress of the trial would become too much for mr. chism. and that may be what's happening now. >> reporter: prosecutors suggesting chism's actions are all an act. >> it's made clear to him that he is not in charge of this process. and i'm concerned that right now, he thinks he is. >> so jurors were abruptly sent home by the judge. after that morning recess. but they don't know why they were sent home. they just didn't see chism back in the courtroom. they were told to come back here tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock in the morning. but tonight, the trial and the future of this trial is very much up in the air, waiting for the judge to decide what to do next. we're live in salem tonight,
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>> 7 news now turning to major changes for the state department of children and families. today, governor charlie baker announced the first phase of a comprehensive plan to revamp that agency. it's focused on the dcs intake procedures the state putting together a 10 point plan to speed up the screening process by forming screening teens and doing criminal background he can of checks for every member of the household over the age of 15. >> this administration will not stop until the policies and procedures at the department of children and families are aligned with best practices and national standards and make it possible for the people working every day at dcf to fulfill the mission of keeping kids safe. >> changes come after a series of high profile cases. the dcf most recently criticized for handling of complaints for the mother against this little girl bella bond two years old,
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her body found on deer island. bella's mother and the mother's boyfriend are both charged in the little's death. michael mccarthy accused killing the toddler, the mother, rachel bond, accused with accessory after the fact. they both pled not guilty. missing five-year-old jeremiah olive was found, that little boy disappeared while his family was -- at the time to resign. >> well, it's been put to a vote, no you a new state approved. the new hybrid test a computer based assessment program, previously used mcas test with the prk test, where they work test. >> still tonight, sharing his secret. >> charlie sheen opening up about his hiv diagnosis. why he now wants everyone to know.
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>> new clues in a cold case, new information that could help lead to answers in murders that have baffled new hampshire police for 30 years. >> a brutal beating in california, two beauts now under investigation. why some say the punishment, though, isn't enough. >> and then in just one hour, a wild crash at a lowell construction site, how surveillance video could help police fufrg out what went wrong there. >> he's hand it as a man, you know, so we're good, we're praying for him, praying for him, everything should be fine. >> patriot start, nate soldier and his family facing a real serious battle his son diagnosed with cancer, today his teammates giving their support.
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>> it's a hard three letters to absorb, you know. it's a turning point in one's life. >>fine. actor charlie sheen opening up, revealing that he is hiv positive. he says that he was diagnosed four years ago. >> and this a secret that cost him a lot of many to keep a secret. with more of sheen's exclusive interview with matt lauer. >> he says he has spent millions of dollars trying to keep others quiet about his health but now
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>> this is the secret charlie sheen has been keeping. >> i'm here to admit that i am in fact hiv positive. >> the actor talked about his health on the today show this morning. since his diagnosis four years ago, he spent nearly 10 million dtdz to prevent others from. >> are we talking about lawsuits here or shake downs? >> we're talking about shakedowns. >> he doesn't know how he became infected. he's been very vocal about his experience with -- >> despite sheen's past, outside experts hope the announcement helps ease some of the stigma surrounding hiv and aids. >> it doesn't just belong to someone who has a lot of sexual partners or does drugs when they're having sex or is paying people. >> sheen insists he has not missed a single day taking it is hiv medication, called antiretro virals. it keeps its under control without progressing to aids.
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>> with proper treatment, hiv infected people can live full lives. confirm the actor does not have aids. >> next on 7, it's tom brady talking about granting a young fan's wish. we know what he did with the $10 a cancer survivor did to pay it forward. >> tomorrow, before the rain catches up with us, when does that arrive, the timeline coming up. >> at 5:30, a msnbc anchor with a lesson for all women, how to get what you deserve in for the girl scout meeting... for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! p at stop&shop, prices have just dropped on thousands more items.
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>> now, 7 weather with chief meteorologist steve. >> already dipping into the 30s in some of the suburbs, not windy out there. dew point about 29. 45 for a high in boston. it wasn't all that warm. started chilly and the sun not helping a whole lot. the air mass is that cold. 49 in new britain, 43 in worcester for a high temperature. our current readings are about 39 in marshfield and 40 in worcester, 40 in chatham. those temperatures are falling fast. we're obviously already near freezing in orange, going down to 17. let's take off a few more degrees here. 19 in fitchburg, one of the colder nights during the season. a lot of low 20s and mid 20s along the coastline we're going
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brought in dry air with that high pressure system, just because because you live along route 1 and route 3, does not mean you escape the freeze tonight. taunton about 20 degrees. the recovery tomorrow, all right. so it's not terribly significant. but close to 50 degrees in any one spot. like today, on shore breeze out of the east, southeast tomorrow. 47 should be the limit in boston. 46 in marble heed and sandwich about 47 degrees. a lot of rain, we've seen this thing put down some rain and some thunderstorms. this thing being low pressure. over cans kansas and this heads eastbound. the rain, as it comes east, a lot of this will narrow and dry up. not completely decay to the point where we do have showers in the forecast. 49 tomorrow and more like 50 or 54 by the time we get into thursday.
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how about timing out that rain. tomorrow is quiet be just increasing clouds in then after. the showers come to us on thursday in the afternoon. there they are between 3 and 4 into 111 o'clock hour. front slows down a bit. could put a lull on it. slow enough to drag its feet through boston and most of southern new england, all of new england for that matter, a decent soaking here, quarter an inch, half inch, that kind of thing, a few downpours maybe too. back to tonight, 16 to 32, look out for those leonid meet they toryos. the leonids in november. look in constellation of leo. hence the word leonid. light southeast wind. and then the 7 day forecast. into the weekend we go. there might be a quick shower on sunday, with a weather system
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cools off, start off around 44 and only go up 4 degrees. that's a day where the cold air takes lead. definitely below normal for a change but seems to be warming up around thanksgiving. see you at 5:30. >> breaking news over brighton right now. at the scene of an accident involving a car that went into a house. it is dark outside, so it's hard to see. you can see the wrecker pulled up, put the car on a flatbed right now. information from police sources is that one person has been injured after this car goes into a home. not sure if that was the person or somebody in that car or somebody in the house. if you look up to the right side of your clean, i think you ask see where plywood has been put up in the area where the car went through. certainly seem there would be better displayed in daylight but you get the idea here, one person injured of a car goes into a home. when we get more information, we'll be sure to share it with you on 7.
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tom brady finding his lucky charm in awn unexpected place. >> the patriots qb is talking about a special gift from a boy in remission. they recently played on the practice field thanks to the make a wish foundation: now brady is saying the gift from grab yell had a big impact on him as well. >> gabriel gave me $10 to give to people for good need. i'm going to keep it in my locker for good luck this season and then at the end of the year donate it. so it was really a good experience. >> it was part of gabriel's day of kindness. gabe yet ask's people to do nice things for others on that day. >> ahead, a little boy in western mass. getting the opportunity to protect and serve the commonwealth, how he earned an early badge. >> coming up new at 6, the
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at home and do something they haven't done since april when they take on the san jose sharks tonight.
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>> it's always great to see you, ahead. now. >> now at 5:30, new developments in a disturbing murder case, the clues emerging after a 30 year investigation. >> a brutal beating caught on camera, two deputies off the job after attacking a suspect during an arrest. >> a highway horror, a deadly shooting, shutting down a miami freeway for more than eight hours. >> gorgeous day today, tons of sunshine, but a little chilly,
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we'll start warming it up torrow.
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