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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  November 18, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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result its of raids and shoot-outs aow they prevented another attack. >> on just one station, andover high school students caught up in a sexting scandal. the harsh punishment they face and how they were caught. >> a local chief's contest under fire. what he was offering officers for making arrests? and a mother's daring decision saved her child's life. who convinced her to toss her baby from a burning building. >> we start with breaking news from paris. new details from the intense deadly raids carried out overnight, hundreds of officers tried to capture the mastermind of the terrorist attacks. right now we know he is still on the run. >> but french police are still calling it a success saying they stopped another attack. >> ryan, this siege lasted seven hours leaving neighbors hiding in their homes. french officials say two people were killed, one woman reportedly blew herself up and they say a police sniper killed a man.
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police say the ringleader of the paris attacks, this man, abdel hamid abaaoud was not one of them. the president asking to extend a state of emergency for another three month to continue the aggressive search for more terrorists. meanwhile in the skies above syria, french and russian airstrikes strong holds continue. one monitoring group says at least 33 terrorists have been killed in the last three days. the french military says it comes to the command centers. a picture of a bomb it says took down a metro jet that crashed in egypt late last month. the photo shows a soda can with what appears to be bomb components made of plastic and metal. more than 220 people were killed when the plane went down. russia is now offering a $50 million reward for information about the attackers spoblg. in the newsroom, dan hausle, 7news. as the raids unfolded we did send out breaking news text alerts, and you can get instant
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or new information on the investigation at as well as our 7news mobile and tablet apps. school leaders in andover sending a message to students related to a sexting scandal on campus. investigators say several students at andover high showed inappropriate photos to their classmates. >> and now they're facing serious consequences. kelly o'hara spoke with the superintendent of andover schools and is here now with what he's saying. >> several teens in serious trouble after sending dirty pics, the school superintendent told us, the situation so serious, he not only had to tell their be parents, but the police. >> they shouldn't have cell phones in school at that age. >> it's really up to the parents i think to take more action and monitor what their children are doing. >> reporter: people reacting to the news of a sexting situation watt andover high, a situation the school took so seriously that even the police were forced to get involved.
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becoming much more common but the students need to be warned about what the implications are if they send a picture out there. it's out there forever. >> reporter: the superintendent says it started last monday. a school resource officer became aware of inappropriate pics circulating the school at the hands of several students. the photos not rising to the level of criminal charges however berman says the photos were inappropriate and the matter was debt with internally. but not before educating their teens about the consequences of their actions. >> before any student -- were any students suspended? >> i can't answer that question discipline. >> you can tell me how many students were involved? i can't talk about that either. >> the superintendent says he's using this moment to really educate the teens in the high school and middle school, as well, to let them know the consequences of their actions and obviously never to do something like this again. in andover tonight, kelly o'hara, 7news. and an apartment building in worcester goes up in flames.
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crews responded to a large fire. this is pleasant street, just after 4:00 in the morning. took a while for firefighters to get things under control. but they were able to help everyone in the building get out safely and fire racing through a house in manchester new hampshire this morning. lots of smoke coming from the roof there. police officer discovering the fire and he and a good samaritan helped get all six people out of there safely so no one was hurt. a woman invlved in a scare in the air was in court today. she was arrested after allegedly trying to open an exit door on a british airways flight yesterday. the polish woman's lawyer says she was just intoxicated. the prosecutor says the woman is a prostitute coming to boston. her lawyer denies that claim saying she's here to visit with friends. the british airways plane left from london on tuesday. flight attendants tried restrain her with handcuffs and plastic seats and when the pleanlded, police boarded to arrest her. now a race for the white house taking center stage in worcester tonight.
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will be in town to drum support. today there's a new poll that shows his lead over his opponents is growing. now with 23% of the support in new hampshire. ben carson has dropped to 13%, in a tie with the surging senator marco rubio. 7's kimberly bookman is live in worcester where trump will speak about 90 minutes from now. >> that's right. we are live inside the dcu center. it's quite a large venue. you can see the chairs go all the way up to the stage and there's stadium seating. we are told that 11,000 people can fit into the stayed dwhrawm trump has given out that many free tickets. this is his third visit here to the bay state and he has quite a fan base. >> reporter: he's not president, but some might say the security surrounding drump's visit to worcester tonight rifles that of his opponents. he has motorcycle and undercover officers as well as an explosive detection k-9 and patrol dog.
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the worcester's police's real time crime center will also be officers. >> i didn't have a ticket and thought i'm going to come no matter what so i talked to some j down in front and said look at my t-shirt and i said aim gonna be able to get in and they said you'll have no problem getting in. >> reporter: ann mason is one of the 11,000 people expected to fill the dcu center to hear the candidate. with such a large gathering, police say they've had to take into consideration the recent events in paris and the theft of guns from the worcester arm row when putting a security plan into place. ann mason says nothing would stop her from seeing the donald. >> he's strong. he's positive, he's -- he tells it just like it is. there's no denying it. he's transparent is. >> no angry protestors yet, just a lone couple from shrewsbury with a sign and a plea. >> i'm just saying to people, let's be a little bit more civil, let's not talk about
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people in an awful way. >> and this 70 being billed as a rally. it gets underway again at 7:00 and we'll have a full wrap-up for you later this evening. kimberly bookman, 7news. 7news attorneying a close call for a nashua new hampshire family, carbon monoxide often called the silent killer, filling their home. >> firefighters say an 11-year-old girl inside savedded her family. nick emmons has more on how she got everyone out to safety. >> reporter: a family lucky to be alive after an odorless, silent scare in this nashua, new hampshire home. dell back at home today, he was at work when his youngest sister became his biggest hero tuesday night, helping save several family members. >> i'm thankful everyone is okay now. >> just 11 years old, nana said she knew something was wrong when her sister, mom and grandparents felt dizzy and sick so she called her dad who told her to get everyone outside. when firefighters arrived, they discovered the carbon monoxide
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inside the home was at a potentially deadly level. >> the gas valve on this unit has been charred. >> reporter: the cause, a faulty furnace, one that repairman gill rodriguez says was long overdue for an inspection. >> this one hasn't seen any attention for a good 15 years. >> reporter: frosty rooftops signaling the start of the cold season this the scare, a reminder to check up on heating systems. >> remember, co is not detectable. so you could be sleeping and the next thing you know, nobody's waking up. >> now, the family was taken to the hospital just to be checked out but it appears everybody is doing fine. they're staying at a family friend's house for the time being. the fire department says this is a good expample a good reminder that you should go out and get a carbon monoxide detector because they can save lives, and in this particular case, the carbon monoxide detector was not working. in nashua, new hampshire, nick emmons, 7news. an alarming attack on a connecticut mosque.
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police and fbi agents are trying to figure out who fired shots at that mosque just hours after friday's terrorist attacks in paris. the fbi is looking into the possibility that this mosque was targeted as a hate crime. members of the congregation saying they are not going to hide. >> it's obvious that people are misled as to what true islam is, because isis or terrorists don't represent islam. we represent islam. these are just bandit lunatics that have their own political agenda. >> police say no one was inside the mosque during the the shooting. >> campus concerns at a college this maryland. police say a student disappeared and they say he could be armed and dangerous. authorities canceling classes at washington college until further notice. police did issue an arrest warrant for the 19-year-old. they say he went to his home in pennsylvania to get a gun here's a picture of the young man. school officials say they haven't received hid in direct threats and the student's father
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difficult week for him. >> well, facing prison time for setting fire to the cvs. raymond carter pled guilty to arrestsson in age. it caused more than a million dollars in damage. the violence came after protest over freddie gray's death in police custody. wild weather in oregon where drivers face problems with heavy rain and powerful winds on a highway. some cars actually flipped in the storm on tuesday night. more than 20 trees fell over, right on to lanes on the highway, and so authorities had to close a 70-mile stretch, but no injuries reported.
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and in western washington state, two people died after a storm knocked over trees and caused major flooding. hundreds of thousands of people without power and then in the northern part of the state, talking about the state of washington, balloons that the -- at the chinese lantern festival badly damaged in the wind. a mother's brave, split-second decision saves her child's life from this fierce fire in new jersey, trapped in her apartment with flames knocking at her door, the mother decided to trust a police officer and tossed her baby off a came bone right into his hands. >> reporter: as a massive fire to through her apartment, natolia made a decision no mom
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>> i just dropped baby in his hands. you threw your baby? >> yes. just drop it, just drop it, so i was so scared that he will not catch her. >> reporter: the hero catching her 10-month-old daughter, patrolman nate nicoleson. >> he says just trust me, just drop it, just drop it. >> reporter: but she wanted to go back in to save her pets, including her beloved dog seen here during happier times. >> the smoke was behind me, so i just jump and left them. >> heart broken but grateful her little girl is safe.
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concerning contest has abington's police chief under fire. officers say the chief was giving rewards to officers for making arrests.
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as tim caputo shows the chief says he sees nothing wrong with the idea. >> reporter: a southshore police chief says he just wanted to motivate his officers. >> you reward the officers that do the job and to the best of their ability. >> reporter: abington police chief ordered a friendly competition to see which officer could make the most arrests in the month of october and then they would get a week off. but the plan backfired, the union was against it. >> this was an idea that was brought to me by a union member. i fully endorsed it. i thought it was a great idea. >> reporter: some in town wonder ifed a minute officers would have gone out of their way to arrest more people. >> i think it's a very bad thing. if they're looking to arrest more people than they really need to. >> this is a small little town and i think they're just >> reporter: the chief says they have some 400 outstanding warrants. they wouldn't just arrest innocent people. >> you couldn't make up an arrest. certainly if an officer made up problematic and i don't believe that would be an issue here in town.
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>> according to reports earlier this year, an officer filed a lawsuit against the police chief claiming he put a quota system in place encouraging officers to handed out more tickets. that is a claim the police chief has denied. in acton, tim caputo, 7news. coming up, another award for tom brady to put on his mantel. what did he do so great this time? field. >> i'm not sure. our forecast is looking a little bit milder after the second day in a row of below-normal temperatures. we're headed back into the 50s and will watch the rain move in. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't
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just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms.
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people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather. he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system that keeps in place a rigged economy. bernie's campaign is funded by over a million contributions -- people like you, who see the middle class disappearing and want a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders,
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gq is announcing tom brady as
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gq celebrates 20 years of that award saying quote tom brady is the greatest quarterback of all time, period. in it he avoid its deflate gate talk and says there's zero chance he'd run for elected office like governor of massachusetts. all right. he practice at 16. lunenburg at 16. one of the coldest readings of the season so far. millis at 20. 23 in braintree. stoneham at 26 degrees. doesn't seem all that cold but it was the coldest of the season. today's temperatures came back, close to 50 degrees. low 50s out through norwood, 46 worcester. 47 in boston with a sea breeze along the coastline. although, plymouth did all right at 51. rain heads in tomorrow afternoon. it trickles in first in worcester, has some sprinkles
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in after about 5:00 or 6:00 up to 1 inch of rain is possible as temperatures warm up a little bit tomorrow and more so into friday. temperatures are cooling off in fox ford and hamstead, 40 in shrewsbury, flicks men den and down through the southshore it's 43 through scituate and 40 already in west chapman. you look at this and think how are you gonna get an inch of rain out of this? it's a tall area of rain, just long. and it is a thin ribbon right now. i'm optimistic there will be a low pressure that forms inside this ring that enhance it is, grows it and slows down the front. that's key. you slow this thing down and you can get a good soaking out of it. in the meantime a big area of low pressure in the air, eventual western ontario, cranks up, flings that front through. low or no low that fors on there.
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is and speeds up. so shoots out of here friday and brightens our afternoon too so breezy tomorrow. there's a cover wind in it that we could see some pretty decent wind gusts around 1:00, 2:00 in the morning on thursday night, early, early friday morning with some gusts up to 40 miles per hour when that low starts to form. it's a weird thing mierld on friday, just for a spell before we cool it off this weekend, too. the timeline on your showers, 2:00, just sprinkles and what's happening is the wind is increasing out of the southeast and then it will start to rain.
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and then the steady heavy moderate rain, downpours, even as we go through 11:00, midnight, one, 2:00 in the morning. skies clear out after the morning showers. early morning. not as cold, clouding over tonight, 35 to 43. those temperatures actually dip and then rise slowly toward morning. cloudy and breezy. afternoon showers tomorrow, 53 to 57. that southeast breeze, 7 on 7 forecast, getting into the weekend we go, and i'm not really waiting for the -- well, i guess i am early on sunday. i'm keeping it in the 50s, although 40s on saturday. does not look like the code comes in until you wait for that front to pass, and that's sunday morning. and it looks code early next week. quiet, too next week for traveling and maybe a slight warm-up by thursday. see you in a bit. >> next on 7news at 5:30, olympic legend michael phelps helping to bring another possible olympian into the world. and a very good evening, everybody. i'm adam williams, we are following several breaking
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stories coming up next at 6:00. raids in france targeting the mastermind of the terrorist attacks in paris. two suspects killed, seven arrested. we'll have the latest. plus the islamic state releasing a photo of the bomb it says was used to bring down a russian plane in egypt, killing more than 200 people. and an unsolved mystery in dighton tonight.
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passion on his olympic genes. >> announcing on instant tbram the couple is expecting a boy. they're just over 12 weeks pregnant and already have a tiny speedo. they got engaged in february and have been dating on and off for the last eight years. congratulations to them. >> a little speedo, that's cute. another 30 minutes of news straight ahead. >> 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. ed heartbreak for former patriot and boston college quarterback doug flutie. both of his parents passing away within an hour of each other today. raids in france target the mastermind of the terror in paris. suspects killed, others arrested, plus, isis leaders say this is the bomb that brought down a russian airliner, a disturbing discovery, a woman's body found in a local neighborhood. >> a lot of sun, but those days are pretty much over for now. rain starts to move our way, how much and when.
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video and making official. >> i'm very thankful for having fans like you guys. >> reporter: big papi ready to retire and call it a career. we begin with breaking news in the war on terror. there are two big developments tonight. raids in france targeting the suspected mastermind of the attacks in paris in which two suspects were killed and eight arrested. >> and the islamic state releasing a photo of the bomb it says was used to bring down a russian plane in egypt in response to russia's air campaign against isis in syria. paris. it remains unclear tonight if the mastermind was killed. >> officials believe he was inside an apartment that authorities targeted. investigators believe the terrorists were planning another attack. dan hausle is here with details now on this explosive confrontation. >> right now it looks like they did not catch the mastermind of
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the terrorist attacks but may have accomplished something


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