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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  November 19, 2015 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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news that long time camp counselor ezra schwartz was murdered in a terrorist attack in israel today. ezra was heading back from volunterring handing out food to soldiers. we offer our deepest condolences. we'll bring you the latest information here as we continue to get it. in the news room, adam williams, 7 news. police in seekonk. no one was hurt. we'll have more as the story develops. now to the latest on house. jeb bush officially filing his paperwork to concord today. >> it's one of the many stops the presidential candidate made today. live. reporter: as jeb bush campaigned around the state today, he criticized president obama's handling of the war on isis and talked about what he would do
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differently if he were commander-in-chief. jeb bush making it official, filing his papers for the new hampshire primary. nomination. reporter: still confident despite his continued poor showing in the polls. bush toured a company in voters. he slammed president obama's strategy for defeating isis and said if he were president, he would put more boots on the ground to do it. >> you would have to have more ground troops. you can't do it alone. it would have to be done in unison. reporter: bush says he's supportive of the syrian refugees but says we should pause before letting them in the u.s. >> in the law it is a requirement as you go through the screening process that religion is an element to it. reporter: does that mean you would preference to christian refugees. >> everybody should go through the same screening process.
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persecuted christian syria, whose family members have been beheaded because of their faith, they are not islamic terrorists. reporter: bush also responded to taunts from the republican front runner donald trump during a rally in worcester last night. >> jeb bush recently -- it's over. i don't want to waste a lot of time on him because it's offer. reporter: basically he says your campaign is over. >> we'll see. let's check in february. reporter: now jeb bush admits that he recently had a few sessions with a speech coach later this evening he will have a town hall at this senior center. from londoner derry, new hampshire, byron barnett, 7 news. mayor walsh is joining public safety officials at a gun violence summit. the group talked about gun safety, security and illegal guns.
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policy experts spoke to the local leaders providing information about advocacy and law enforcement's best practices aimed at combating gun violence. >> we're going to continue this work as a region to make new england strong. >> the city leaders plan to formalize a group, bringing them altogether to combat violence in the region. a man in rhode island is arrested and charged with killing his pregnant girlfriend. he set fire to that apartment. they say smith had been dating the woman for about ten months. police don't have a clear motive for that murder. the victim's family says the relationship was strained from the beginning. >> one witness even described it as volatile. of course we didn't have the tell-tale signs that you usually see in these cases where restraining orders are in effect or multiple calls for domestic related matters to the residents, none of those, if you call them red flags, were there in this particular case.
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>> it's unclear if the victim's baby was smith's. british crews had to rescue passengers from the coast of argentina near the falkland islands. use used helicopters and tugboats to get everyone out safely. more than 300 people were on board at the time. authorities are investigating a deadly helicopter crash in california. the pilot was trying to land the plane at a local airport when he lost control and crashed into the ground. two people were killed. the airport has been closed. a black lives matter minnesota. you can see those demonstrators throwing officers. it happened after police poured pepper spray over the crowd. the protest took place after an unarmed black man was gunned down by police over the weekend. caught on camera, a runaway bus barreling through the streets of
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san francisco. look at this. the driver said he was trying to stop the bus before the breaks just didn't work. 20 people were hurt. five are still in the hospital. surveillance video has been released of a former nfl player caught shoplifting in an department store. he put under wear and expensive cologne in his bag. also today a new york city firefighter is being called a hero after a dramatic rescue in new york city last night. the 18 year veteran belonged to the same fire house as his father and grandfather. he's being hail aid hero again for saving a newborn baby. reporter: as firefighters return to a street in new york city, one of their colleagues described the dramatic rescue that saved a baby boy tuesday night. >> it's just what we do. it's what we're trained to do and glad that it worked out.
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exactly the right word. 9:30 tuesday night, 42-year-old adam and his firefighters rushed to the brown family home. they encountered a house on fire and panicked parents yelling about a newborn trapped in the attic. >> i wound up actually bumping into the crib and i heard the very faint noises. baby was making very faint noises. i reached in. i felt the baby and i just grabbed him and took off. >> when he came out with the baby, i was so happy because i couldn't get to him but i didn't have the equipment to get to him. it was too much smoke. i was inhaling the smoke and i was on fire. reporter: that baby is anita brown's nephew. now the baby is under the care of doctors at a local hospital. >> they are doing okay. they just want to get him to eat and the mom,
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she's doing all right. my sister is right beside her baby and they are doing fine. >> officials are still investigating the cause of the fire but at this point it's not consider suspicious. police in pennsylvania are looking for an arsonist who accidentally let himself on fire. you can see the suspect in the gray sweatshirt running away with his arm on fire. authorities are asking local hospitals to be on the lookout for someone who comes unwith severe burns. police say he is responsible for lighting eleven vehicles on fire at a repair yard and you can see the charred remains of those cars. a school bus slams into a store in pennsylvania. you can see the store was completely wrecked. police say a suspect stole the bus. right now investigators are searching for that suspect. a boy is dropped off at school by a couple of carjackers in virginia. police say the thieves stole a car with an eight-year-old still inside but then they decided to drop that boy off at school before
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abandoning the car several miles away. police in a small town of wisconsin are taking a different approach to stop bullying. earlier this month the town of clover passed an anti-bullying ordinance. parents face a fine if their children has bullied people put multiple time within 90 days. >> it's not the school's responsibility to raise the kids. it's not the police's job to raise the kids. it's the parents' job to raise the kids. >> the police chief says he has not received any complaints of bullying since that town passed the ordinance. a town in mississippi is tired of baggie pants and signs are rolled out saying pull up your pants, no one wants to see your under wear. >> they say it's their freedom and it's true. the forefathers, those
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are not the freedoms they were talking about. >> officials say they won't stop their crackdown. that's a unique approach >> crack down. ahead here on 7 news, an act of kindness going a long way. but one stranger did to help a man. plus a little boy proving you're never too young to help people. how he's trying to make things easier for people as the holiday approaches. the future of fantasy sports in massachusetts. an arrest made in a worcester armory as the
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so it might be a 14 inch circle of plastic. a man came home one night to find someone had replaced his hubcap.
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they pulled a piece of paper by now who he he's calling the hubcap hero. reporter: most would agree having only three hubcaps is one of the ugliest things that happened to our car. until wednesday he found it. >> i think it was at first. i thought it was going to be something bad. >> but it wasn't there on his windshield. >> it starts out, yo dog, i noticed your car only had three hubcaps. my car at one time also had three hubcaps. a pretty small gesture until you hear what happened to him a few months earlier when he moved here from alabama. >> the highway shut down in kentucky because a tractor trailer full of chickens caught on fire. we hit a tornado in texas. did you ever think we made a mistake. >> the gesture still didn't feel small to greg.
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it made my week. >> and bartlett said he paid it forward and bought dinner for one of his co-workers having a bad day. coming up at 4:30 a little boy in alaska embracing the holiday spirit. instead of asking for gifts, the three-year-old boy would rather give. the only major weather system through thanksgiving. then all new at 5:00 we're following the latest in the terror attack in paris as investigators announce a big blow in the fight against isis. plus new concerns back here in the u.s. after isis makes a threat in the western world. forensic experts are called to the stand and it's all coming up new at 5:00. stay with us.
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a bit of a gloomy day outside today and some sprinkles begin to fall. we haven't seen rain at all. >> pete overnight we'll get those downpours, possibly some thunder? >> it's a possibility, a very slight chance of it, ryan, midnight, morning. temperatures due to rise night. a lot of folks aren't even seeing it but we do have a few showers on now. we'll zero in on those and they are exiting off of marshfield. you have a couple of sprinkles back near hudson, new hampshire and some starting to pop up closer to uxbridge and these will float towards mendon and also maybe into looks like
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hopkinton later on. sprinkles, nothing really big but we're watching an area of rain from new york to philadelphia that shows some dark green and potential too in the upper atmosphere. it will grow into downpours in western mass and then the whole pike. this is not directly shooting into new england but it forms along the line of what we call convection or the front and then heads in. so it's a process that has to evolve here and once it does, we get that going, we get a little area of low pressure and then we get the downpours. as we move through time, 3:00, 4:00, these might be enough to wake you up. i think there's going to be a lot of wind with them and also the downpours will come down heavy. see here through the evening, not much of a chance for rain. 6:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m. but then we shoot up 11:00 p.m. and it's 80% and early in the morning if you're up with the birds you'll still have some
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6:00 and then we're drying but by 9:00 tomorrow. rainfall amounts will be nothing. in those downpours and especially if you get a rumble of thunder, we'll get close to an inch of rain. you have that southeast wind and as it comes into central mass, it's lifted by the elevation. that is the end result. it can be that much of a difference just in elevation. we sometimes see that in snowstorms too. wind out of the southeast to 30, 35 miles an hour. 50 might be pushing it, but if you get a rumble of thunder, 40 is definitely within reach. our temperatures are warmer down through parts of connecticut and look at this in bridgeport, it's 61 degrees right now. so we're confident our temperatures will shoot up tonight. evening showers, downpours in the 50s. winds increasing out of the southeast and winds turn northwest tomorrow but we're starting so mild that we turn mild tomorrow, close to 60 and then slide on saturday and we continue to slide on sunday some
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shower or even a midday shower. that's not an entirely dry day on sunday but it's not washed out either, just kind of gloomy and inclement. it looks like our temperature will be moderating by wednesday, thursday. i'll see you at 5:00. letie see if the rain is impacting the ride home. here's joe stapleton. reporter: so far the rain drops aren't add it go our heavy volume here. we have the earlier crash down around freeport. we have earlier problems down into the milton area. route 3 southbound the earlier multi-car crash they had is now out of the way. we're still looking at about an hour ride here. this is again route 93 southbound where those headlights are on the expressway. this is the mass pike west-bound dealing with the tough ride as well. we're about an hour and ten minutes from downtown boston out to the natick offramp there at exit 13. pike eastbound dealing
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well heading for route 93. downtown 93 northbound, those brake lights continue heavy right up towards route 60. southbound those headlights continue slow-going foo too to the expressway. joe stapleton, 7 news. at three-year-old the little boy is frustrated with the idea of haves and have notes. his mother said he cried when he found out people were living outside. now the little guy has made it his mission to help the homeless. >> they are not for you. reporter: patrick is only three years old. >> you have a house. reporter: but he has the heart of a giant. you can find proof under his family christmas tree. socks, coats, blankets, hats, but patrick says none of these gifts is for him. >> it's for all the people, they don't have homes and they are very cold.
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reporter: patrick's mom says her son overheard her talking about the homeless population. >> he asked me, momma, did you say there are people who don't have houses. i said yes, sometimes there are people who don't have homes. sow had some questions like where do they sleep at night. reporter: that's when patrick heard some of his community's homeless have to sleep outside and he cried. >> it really hurt his heart to kind of realize there are people who go without. reporter: those tears quickly dried up when patrick learned he could help the homeless. he and his mom made signs and set up boxes around town asking people to donate to their own cause. he's even been spending his own money. >> me and jonathan traded. i gave him my train and he gave me money. reporter: $20 for his beloved
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ones who need it most. patrick's mom says we can all learn a lot from her son's passion project. >> i think the big thing is you don't have to be three to make a difference. reporter: she says just start with what moves your heart. kim khazei, 7 news. he's so vein. carly simon spilled the beans about a very popular song. jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in. it's not about yappin'. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve
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in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. come on in pop pop. happy birthday. i just had a heart attack... and now i have a choice. for her.
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after more than two decades on the air, the soup is coming to an end. >> he will say farewell on december 18th. you're so vain you probably think this song is about you you're so vain after four decades of mystery, we finally snow who carly simon was singing about in her hit. everyone from warren beatty to mick jagger and ex-husband james taylor. she confirmed it is wary beatty but she says only the second verse is about warren.
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she says the other versus are about the other men whose identities have not been confirmed. looks like the song was right all along because warren beatty always thought it was about him. a source says she got the infection from being with estranged husband lamar odom in the hospital. now doctors say she has to stay away from the nba star at least until she gets better. scientists are naming a newly discovered character after lord of the rings. much more to come in the next 30 minutes. >> 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. how a local teen attacked and killed by terrorists in israel. the latest on the major developments in the terror in paris. the alleged master mind killed in a police raid but investigators say there is still a threat. plus a major break in the case after more
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than a dozen weapons are stolen from a worcester armory. the suspect who had ties. fight. major changes coming to popular sports websites here in massachusetts. supporting her sterks not a powerful weather system but enough to drop quite a bit of rain. and an airline lost her luggage. >> paid for my bags, make sure it gets their safety and it doesn't. breaking news at 5:00, a teen from massachusetts killed in a terror attack in israel. he was one of five people killed in a pair of attacks by palestinians. >> just the latest in a recent wave of violence. jonathan hall is live in
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sharon with the breaking
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