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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  November 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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as we hear a chilling firsthand acunt from a commando who helped save lives in that terror attack. >> adam: parents on edge after officials uncover a high school hit list. police investigating a hate crime at harvard after someone targets african-american professors at the law school. >> kim: take a look at this. a crane turns into a home wrecker in new hampshire. >> adam: and a shopper slammed by a stranger. what sparked this surprise attack? >> announcer: 7 news at 11:00 starts now. >> adam: rain clouds moving in and getting ready to pour it on tonight. we're expecting rain and some wicked winds to move in. >> kim: all right. how bad will this be? let's get some answers. here's chief meteorologist pete bouchard. >> pete: some rain left over by morning, but it won't be terrible. i'm expecting wet weather at that point. the most intense rain is moving down route 2 and the pike. you can see it here. but most of that is running to the north. the area of intense rain will be passing through between 3:00 and about 5:00 a.m.
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and in that rain, we might get some pretty strong wind gusts. we've been seeing the rain through gardner and royalston. a couple of pumses running -- pulses running through. not as much elsewhere. as it moves east, it narrows a little bi. at least we get a soaking out of this in many spots. a rumble of thunder can't be ruled out either. and then a quick exit at 8:00. look. you can see out there in worcester not much of anything going on. in boston it's quieting down. we still have rain on the south shore and out through cape cod, too. the sunshine, the clearing and the mild temperatures as we get back close to 60 degrees for the one-day stand and things cool off heading into the weekend. we'll have more on that ahead. >> adam: major developments tonight in the terror in paris. the terrorists known as the ringleader who planned the attacks is dead. his body was riddled with bullets after an early morning raid outside of a paris suburb earlier this week, despite his death, still a high level for threat. the night team's brandon gunnoe in our newsroom with more details.
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security experts are concerned more isis fighters could be in paris, certainly in europe. in fact, the terrorist group's latest threat of violence is toward rome. the ringleader of the paris attacks abdelhamid abaaoud is dead after an intense seven-hour shootout with police, his body was so badly riddled riddled with bullets, he was identified through fingerprints. >> it's a good thing they found him. >> reporter: abaaoud's cousin blew herself up during the shootout. a neighbor recorded the whole thing. [yelling] now for the first time we hear from the leader of the french commandos who told nbc how they stormed the concert hall where the most brutal killing took place. >> we took position at the end of the theatre and then we discover like -- >> reporter: you can see by the one of the shields used they were immediately under fire and
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>> first one blew himself with an explosive jacket. a second one tried to do the same, he gets shot by the two first fbi officers. >> they were both wearing went off? >> yes. blood everywhere. >> reporter: they rescued people in some other rooms. bullets start today fly through a cafe, shattering glass, the video from daily shows people running for cover, one woman shot in the wrist makes it behind the counter. outside a terrorist can be seen taking aim at the head of a jammed. >> we can't say today this is ending. we think we're just in the middle of the storm. >> reporter: people in europe are overwhelmed trying to track the 5,000 people who have been to syria, associated with isis and return. compare that to the u.s., where the number of americans to do the same is in the teens. >> we are not aware of any paris-type attack. >> reporter: the ability of isis fighters to go back and
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so easily has some worried there could be more abaaoud's coming. >> how many so called other masterminds are in france and europe? >> i don't know. but the number is probably quite large. >> reporter: abaaoud was one of 10,000 names on france's watch list, but french leaders say watching them is easier said than done. in the newsroom, brandon gunnoe, 7 news 19. >> all right. brandon, be sure to stay with 7 news for the very latest on the terror in paris. we're going to be bringing you upcats on-- updates online at, on air and on your smartphone mobile app. >> kim: also from the night team, a community is in mourning tonight after a teenager from terror in israel. night team's jonathan hall is in sharon a real heartbreaker of a john? >> reporter: hey, kim. five people killed today in terror attacks in israel and the teenager from sharon just among
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trying to get back to it delivering food for cinderella soldiers. >> he's the sweetest, warmest heart. >> reporter: he went to israel to study his religion in a gap year yes yeshiva before college. >> they're devastated. they miss their son. the entire country of israel is mourning with them. they got calls from leadership of israel. and we all mourn together. >> reporter: a terrorist armed with a gun opened fire on a van schwartz was sitting in at an intersection near the west bank. police say schwartz and two other men were killed. >> this young man could have built something great. the people who killed him want only death and destruction. >> reporter: he graduated from the jewish school in brookline. school leaders expressed profound sadness. an elementary school teacher from sharon tells us while older
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younger ones weren't told much. >> we stopped for a moment to say a prayer for his health and well being. but after that teachers just had to put on a brave face and the get through the day. >> reporter: schwartz was full of life with a ready smile and he had close friends. we spoke to a man who spent time with ezra at a teen leadership program. >> he had an incredible heart. really great guy. and i wish i could have known him longer. he had a lot of potential to be a really amazing person. >> reporter: the family wants the funeral plans to be private. the rabbi says he will do that funeral, go ahead with it after ezra makes his final floit i. flight home to boston. we're live tonight in sharon, jonathan hall, 7 news 19. also tonight, pictures of black law professors were found vandalized. investigators want to know if the campus was hit by a hate crime. the night team's ryan schulteis live in cambridge with more tonight. ryan? >> reporter: adam, it's still
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answers. but wait until you see those pictures tonight. police say this is a hate crime. the pictures of six african-american harvard law professors had black electrical tape placed over their faces. none of the white professors had anything done to their pictures. >> for the intensal dismissiveness of black professors on this campus to black out their faces as if they're worthless. >> reporter: the vandalism the hall. the black tape discovered by students and staff this morning. everyone. right now. >> reporter: after the discovery, campus police were called and they opened an investigation. meeting. >> it's an overt act of racism. >> reporter: the meeting was packed an the larger issue of racism came up. >> i think some students with the black lives matter movement from previous years and up until now have really just tried to
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called for how do we get more black professors on campus. >> reporter: the notes are filled with kind messages that hope to erase the hate. focus now is tracking down whoever did this. once they are caught, they'll likely be charged with a hate crime. ryan schulteis, 7 news 19. >> adam: new at 11:00, the body of bella bond has been released to her biological father for burial. she was found on deer island over the summer. it took investigators months to identify her, bella's mother and the mother's boyfriended are now charged in the little girl's death. bella's father was living in disappeared. he told us he plans to hold a funeral for her. >> kim: a crane toppling on to a home in new hampshire tonight. investigators say a tree removal company was working near the house in merrimack. accident. he had to go to the hospital, but everyone in the home did make it out safely. >> adam: in providence tonight former mayor and convicted felon had to be rushed to the
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hospital. he passed out during the unveiling of his official portrait at providence city hall. he's now out of the hospital and recovering. >> kim: parents of students at seekonk high school are on edge tonight. officials there revealed they found a hit list made by at least two students. night team's tim caputo is in seekonk to tell us more. >> reporter: and, kim, at this point it was only the threat of violence. police say no students or teachers are in harm's way. parents tonight commending the police department for acting so quickly. an apparent hit list discovered at seekonk high school. >> as a parent, you worry. >> reporter: parents were at the school thursday night for parent-teacher conferences and were informed about the list, but weren't given many details. >> honestly it's probably nothing. but, yeah, of course, you have to take it seriously. and make sure that they're taking the right steps to improve things. >> reporter: two students created a list of names of people they intended to hurt or kill. officers identified the students
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say if anyone was arrested. seekonk police say the parents of students on the list were told about it first. >> i was already notified before the email. that's all i'm going to say. >> reporter: parents we spoke with with don't seem too concerned the students would have carrieded out the threats but glad school leaders and officers stepped in. >> when you hear they're coming out in the open really quick from mrs. bosco and the chief, you get the feeling it's being taken care of and not taken lightly. >> reporter: again no one has any arrests made or if any arrests have been made. police still investigating this matter and at this point the district attorney's office is also assisting in the investigation. we're live tonight in seekonk, tim caputo, 7 news 19. a former army reservist is under arrest tonight. investigators say he's connected to the theft of several high-powered military weapons from an armory in worcester. the night team's susan tran live in worcester with more. susan? >> reporter: and adam, this is
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a man who is charged with child rape and now he's accused of firearms. and federal investigators say he stole them all from right here at this armory. federal investigators say james morales parked his car as you can see in the surveillance picture, then broke a kitchen window to get into the army reserve center in worcester. they say he iced a power -- they say he used a power saw to cut through the vault. four days after the break-in, the 34-year-old former reservist from cambridge finally arrested in this new york parking lot, 125 miles away. >> can't get into the technique he actually used at this point in time. we were successful last night and work and collaborated with our new york office to put >> reporter. back in may, he was in a cambridge courtroom on charges of child rape. he was fitted with a g.p.s. bracelet. investigators say that monitoring device had him at the facility the night the guns were
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he apparently came to get his discharge papers. cambridge police were never notified by probation that morales had left the area. >> we were not notified about the bracelet breach. >> reporter: investigators also say they found blood matching morales inside and outside the gun vault. and eventually with cell phone information, they were able to track morale it's new york. and while they don't know why he stole the guns, they don't believe it's for a terrorist attack. >> no indication or link to terrorism at this point in time. >> reporter: we hope to learn more tomorrow when morales is back in federal court in new york. we're live in worcester tonight, susan tran. 7 news 19. >> the jury seeing evidence from the crime scene as the murder trial of a danvers student continued today no. video cameras allowed in court, but a forensic expert showed the bloody jeans, apparently belonging to phillip chisholm. investigators also found a note
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the words "i hate you all" written on a folded piece of white paper. he's accused of killing colleen ritzer and dragging her body into the woods near the school in 2013. and jurors amtion heard today from a student who was the last to see chisholm and ritzer together. >> adam: defense attorneys for whitey bulger's girlfriend appeared in court today. she's already serving eight years for helping bulger hide from police for years. well today her sister protested outside the courthouse. she says her sister has been behind bars long enough. >> five years is enough for her. that's enough. for what? i mean, what other woman has spent five years in jail because she left with her boyfriend. she hasn't hurt anybody. she hasn't. >> adam: a u.s. attorney says the grand jury is entitled to greig's testimony. greig has now been charged with criminal contempt. >> kim: it will be more than
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subway spokesman jared fogle. he was sentenced on child pornography charges and for having sex with minors. a psychologist said he suffers from ped -- pedophilia. it was august when fogle said he would pay 14 victims $100,000 each. >> adam: now to the latest in the race for the white house. republican candidate jeb bush primary today. he appeared confident, even though his poll numbers are lagging. presidential candidates have until tomorrow to file. the new hampshire primary is set for february. >> kim: up next, it's game on. >> adam: how massachusetts is leading the way to keep fantasy sports going. >> kim: a runaway bus careening out of control and it's all caught on camera. >> adam: also caught on camera, a shopper slugged. what sparked this walmart brawl. >> pete: a few downpours tonight and also rising temperatures sets us up for a pretty nice friday.
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this week's class act in revere. we'll be introducing to you a 7th grade cross country runner. he did a good deed during a recent race. it cost her the race, but she
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>> adam: caught on camera. trouble in a store for a shopper at an ohio walmart. the woman says that she was going back to her spot in line when another customer grabbed her hair and threw her to the ground. you're seeing it right there. a manager eventually escorted the attacker out. now police are hoping someone recognizes her. a tour bus going on a wild ride in san francisco. the runaway bus hit nearly everything in its path. it finally came to a stop when it smashed into a building under construction. 20 people were intrurred in -- injured in the crash. >> kim: we're following more news tonight. massachusetts attorney general
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maura healey joining the fantasy fight. she's not shutting down the sites, but proposing new regulations. they include banning anyone under the age of 21 from playing daily fantasy sports. fantasy sites would not be allowed to advertise on school campuses and professional athletes and anyone connected to pro sports would not be able to enter contests involving their specific sport. >> this is an industry, as so many have already acknowledged, that cries out for transparency and robust consumer protections. this is an important step to protect consumers here in massachusetts, as we continue to evaluate this new industry. >> kim: so the sites like boston-based draft kings and fan duel say they will work with the state on those regulations. >> adam: all right. luckily most people are inside tonight. so if it's raining out, you're all right. will we need an umbrella in the morning, pete? >> pete: first thing, yeah. i think so. after 9:00, 10:00, it starts to fade. 52 in boston right now. funny thing we're waiting for
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the warm air to come in. once the warm air comes in, the wind will ramp up, too. but right now warm air seems to be stuck across connecticut and back into rhode island and out through cape cod. it's tarting to move in there. just over the last couple of hours, it's coming together pretty good. you can see that out on route 2 through gardner all the way to brookline, new hampshire. starting to move into metro west, at least on the 495. wet methuen and wilmington, heavier rain through stow and clinton, mass. look at the line. how distinct is this. it's like a straight line right now. it looks like just outside of needham, right over dover and then down into almost the area. it's marching eastbound. here it comes in stoughton. too. you can see that back through worcester. the rain translates east. there will be a window of a couple of hours where we could get a gust to 30 miles per hour.
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it's also at that time that temperatures should spike. we should run right up to 60 degrees and be right there by morning. so our wettest time is now until about 3:00 a.m. and starts to drop a little bit by 6:00 a.m. and then by 9:00 a.m., we're dry. so early morning commuters looks like we'll have the best chance for seeing rain. that being between 4:00 and 5:00. but after about 7:00, it get better and better and better. if you can delay it, it's even better. now rainfall amounts close to an inch. although i'm a little bit more optimistic at seeing that out through in -- in addition -- nashua and fitchburg. kind of just reflects some of the wind. the wind is just off the surface, just above skyscraper level and waits for the continues to rise, too. look at the 63. a lot of 60s through jersey, greater new york. that comes up with that front and with this weather system and
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tomorrow. 60 degrees it's up to you for lunch. isn't it always. the front is offshore. and the front is taking with it the clouds. but not really hitting us with cold air until we get into the weekend. we have to wait for this guy to pass through with a morning shower and then the cold rushes in. that's sunday. 50 degrees. monday you feel it. 471. normal high temperature about 50 and a breeze, too. downpours and wind possible with periods of rain tonight. early rain and then clearing. mild tomorrow. 57 to 62. winds turning northwest. we step back a little bit on saturday. 53. cooler at the coast. maybe 40s with the on shore wind and then sunday 50. and then it's quiet next week. yeah, travel looks good. thanksgiving looks good. a slow warm-up. we'll see you tomorrow. >> kim: all right. thank you, pete. it was show time tonight at the wang theatre in boston for a special presentation of elf the musical. >> adam: kim and i got to kick off 7 news night in support of a great cause.
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donate to project bread. see kim showing the leaflet where you can make your donation. very nice job. in all seriousness, we've been able to help project breaded provide for the 640,000 people in massachusetts struggling to put food on the table. and not just any food, a big emphasis on nutrition. >> kim: we love this. this helps people right here, like our neighbors. it's great. next we'll be doing holiday helping. joe, what are you making this year? >> we can't give that away just yet. i'll tease them a little as we get closer. terrify -- we have to tease the bruins. a big step in the right direction. they set the tone early.
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>> announcer: and now time for 7 sports with joe amorosino. >> the bruins entered the night with the worst home record in the atlantic division and keeping some sad company near the bottom of the stands, they needed a win tonight against the minnesota wild and thanks to a loui eriksson hat trick, they got one.
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the swede coming in with six goals on the season. he'd pad that total in a big way tonight. game tied at up with, eriksson centering the pass, kim -- kicks off the skate. later in the period, bruins power play still rolling. patrice bergeron digs off the loose puck. eriksson there to tip it in. 3-1 bruins. the wild would get back into it, though. jordan schrader is there to redirect the pass. and the bees led it, but it was cut to one. and here we go. eriksson's night. he was unstoppable. third period, converts with david krejy leading the bruins to the win. all right. the way he talks about the patriots, rex ryan sounds like a jilted ex than a guy who has beaten bill belichick four times in 14 career match-ups. >> you know how i feel about him
11:25 pm
and things like that. but i'm always dumb tired of saying, you know, he's the best. yeah, no kidding. and anybody who says he's not is full of whatever. with that being said, i'm going to say he's not very good. [laughter] >> stopping rob gronkowski is a defenses. but sometimes it's the guys in the striped shirts who do it for them. don't expect him to switch his game up, though. >> no. i ain't doing anything wrong. >> do you feel that? do you feel that way? >> yeah. he ain't changing my style. >> how frustrating has that been for you? >> we're playing well as an offense. it's not that frustrating when i get the penalty and someone else makes a play on third and long. that definitely helps out right there. >> college hoops. b.c. hosting central connecticut state.
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eagles went on an 18-3 run late in the first half and cruise the rest of the way, eli carter leading the way with a team-high 18 points. b.c. blows out the blue devils 82-57. and the blue jays' josh donaldson beating out mike trout for the award. that's sports. >> kim: all right. joe, thank you. here's jimmy with what's coming up next on "the tonight show." >> you guys spike lee is here tonight. plus, we have rachel and music from r. kelly. justin bieber. it's a great show.
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with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees, lattes, and macchiatos. enjoy every sip of the new snickerdoodle macchiato. >> adam: that's our time on this thursday. as always, we thank you for being with us. and jimmy fallon comes up next. i'm adam williams. >> kim: i'm kim khazei. get the latest on the weather in the morning. remember the umbrella. but we'll be here at 5:00 a.m. with today in new england. of course, the other crew will. >> adam: right. right. unless you're coming back. >> kim: i don't i don't think so.
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