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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  November 21, 2015 6:00am-6:59am EST

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the town, the home we love. on november 28th, shop small. investigators searching for answers after a little girl was found on the side of the road. and mali after men storm and open fire. one american from massachusetts among those killed. those that share a border with france places a the city on lockdown. why chris christie's plane had to turn back even before taking off. good morning, it is saturday, it is just after 6:00, thank you for making us a part of your day. i'm kris anderson.
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so much more on today in new england. firstlet take a looks look outside. it's a bit of a chilly start, but clear. notice, it's cool outside, compared to yesterday at this time. still lingering mild air relatively speaking across the cape the temperatures into the 40s, look at the numbers, 15-30 degrees colder this morning versus what we saw yesterday morning. yesterday morning we started very mild in the 50s to near 60 degrees. wind direction back out of the northwest. not much of a wind, 5-10 miles per hour. we do have partly cloudy skies, two batches of clouds, a nice day ahead of us, a seasonal day ahead of us with temperatures close to 50 degrees this afternoon. we will cloud things up tonight. we do have a risk for a few passing showers tomorrow, but that won't bother us fenway park, kickoff, 44 degrees at the kickoff, should reach the upper
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thirties by the -- thirties by the end of the day, got a few showers, that is the quiet forecast, more next week of the talk about that coming up. breaking overnight a fire damages a building in high park, happened right on river street early this morning. the red cross is helping four adults and two children who are in the build being at this time. still no word on what caused the fire or if anyone was hurt. now to the top story. a little girl taken from her home, found hours later miles away thrown on the side of the road. that little girl is alive but still in the hospital as police continue to investigate. and 7's tim caputo had a chance to talk to the couple who found the little girl and called police. >> reporter: in the middle of the night someone nached the snatched the little girl from her home. at 7:00 a.m., police received a call from the mother. police sealed off.
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>> i could see from my window the police cars coming up the street. i went to cross the street to get my newspaper and i found out that is a 2-year-old girl was missing from little on av. >> reporter: the tolledder was found naked and a on the road of raleigh. >> i thought i saw a little baby on the side of the road. he thought i was crazy and he said could it be a doll and i turned around. >> reporter: her around. >> her head was down and she was shivering, i took my coat and put her on her, and brought her into the car. she told them her name but the 2-year-old didn't say much else. >> she had a big contusion on her head, just a big red mark, and it looked like somebody had chopped her hair off. >> reporter: she also had
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cigarette burns on her body. the 2-year-old 2-year-old was tang to the hospital as the investigators converged the area where she was found to find out who would do this to a toddler. they focused on a 21-year-old baby-sitter who was fired bit family. that baby sitter is being questioned by police, she cooperating with investigate. as you can imagine neighbors in that quiet communey are disturbed and shocked by this crime. and we have the latest from where that little girl was found. >> reporter: when close to 30 investigators, troopers and undercover officers resended on raleigh road, people living a locket heavily wooded street that is usually quiet knew something was up. bob was up for a morris when he saw a couple stap on the stop their car on
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the side of the road. he thought they were lost. >> they were looking around and he they were there for a while. >> reporter: it didn't take long that the missing toddler from ona pile of leaves in their neck of the woods. >> somebody found the little girl. they thought it was a doll at first she was so small. >> reporter: canines were brought in, as they went from door to door to get camera footage and enter rue interview neighbors. the calm has phalen by the way side t it's very disturbing to see it in your neighborhood. we have learned an american woman killed in the terror attacks at a hotel in ma lirks is from li isfrom massachusetts. her family is angered and upset that she was killed in the attacks.
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after paris another terrorist attack this one in mali targeting the radisson blue hotel in the capital. an al-qaeda group is claiming responsibility, not isis. an american who was killed was born in mass. statement. we. >> we are devastated by the loss of our wonderful daughter, who was doing the work she loves. we ask that you respect our privacy. >> reporter: three gunmen armed with grenades and assault rifles holding more than a dozen hostages including a dozen americans. they released that they were muslim by reciting a declaration, those that couldn't were killed. those jihadist killed anything that was moving said one of the hotel staff. upstairs hotel guests barricaded themselves in their room.
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they got help from two american special forces who were nearby. security forces were able to overtake and kilt gunmen and finally free the hostages. for many it was too late. at least 19 were dead including one american. this may not have been isis, but now activity are playing the flag of jihad. officials in malri have declared a 10 day state emergency in that country. president obama condemning the attacks, and says the u.s. is looking to account for all of the americans in that hotel. the government says that theft one suspect in the attacks in paris may be at large somewhere in that country. there's a serious terror threat in brussels, they are asking people to avoid large groups such as concerts, and train stations. the increase in alert level comes as authorities are still trying to find one the leaders
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in the paris attacks. police believe that this 26-year-old is on the run somewhere in belgium. he is accused of renting hotel rooms where the attacks were allegedly prepared. officials believe he rented three cars that were used in those attacks. also, a french official is announcing that a third body was found after an apartment raid that killed the mastermind behind the alleged terrorist attacks. it's a woman's body but officials are trying to figure out who she was. another woman who they identified as one the dead, didn't blow herself up as previously taught. instead investigators believe someone else detonated that suicide vest. one person is dead after a shooting happened at a busy tea stop. it happened last night at jamaica plain. a second victim is in the hospital this morning. elizabeth is at jp with the late. >> reporter: this parking lot at jamaica plains the scene of a
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deadly shooting. >> i heard six shots, about six, one after another. bang, bang. >> reporter: george ortiz was living nearby was and taking a nap when the sound of gun shots woke him up. >> i said, those are gun shots and i heard someone yelling. >> reporter: it happened at 6:00, several people were outside of a car when someone outside of that car opened fire killing one person and seriously injuring another. it was on the apartment on the ground so we went across the street and seen a young kid 16-year-old laying on the ground in shock. he obviously got shot shot in the stomach. you could see a lot of blood on the stomach. there were people street and told us that another kid on this side of the street was shot in the head. >> reporter: a scary sight george and the people in this community won't soon forget. >> does it make you scared. >> i think i'm some shock myself
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>>elizabeth noreika. chris christie landing safely in boston last night. it was five hours late after a security scare on board his plane. christie's flight from san francisco to logan airport was delayed when a man had to be tang off the plane and then questioned. 7's brandon gunnoe was there when christie got off the plane. >> i didn't see what went on. i didn't have any contact with the guy who was involved. i was sitting far away from him. >> reporter: new jersey governor and republican presidential candidate press christie finally landed in boston after a person was kicked off of his flight in san francisco for taking cell phone pictures of the flight crew. >> i'm proud that my staff observed and let the crew know so all the credit goes to them and not to me. >> reporter: they were taking cell phone picks of the flight crew, one of his aides saw the man's phone and told police they
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with wires sticking out. at the request of united airlines, the passenger was take delayed. >> i did see a lot of commotion, the attendants were going back and forth, and christie himself was in first class. he was two rows behind me. he seemed very calm. happening. >> reporter: christie's campaign released a statement that read in part, at no point did governor christie interact with this passenger, nor did the passanger pose a threat to the governor. >> everybody was safe and landed here and got home, and during the current atmosphere, you can never be too careful, and you know, having the folks we had on board help, that is all that really matters. >> reporter: brandon gunnoe, 7 news today in new england. still head, sending a powerful message what a sir ran sir ran
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live look outside, isn't that beautiful. you see the sun and the city lights starting to come over the horizon. it's typical what you would expect for a november day.
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no warm breaks here, we are going to have to deal with our normal weather patterns. >> we had a warm break starting the month of november. we can't complain about the season seasonable weather. 29 from bedford to nord, 36 in new bedford and 34 in western, 50 degrees close to that, this afternoon the city of boston. at a at times dimming out the sunshine and clouds working from the west, look at that white and blue showing up, that is snow detroit back to chicago. this system is tough, i know it looks like it's headed eastbound right now, but this is going to take a hard turn to the north and to the east of us, we're not going to get bothered by the snow, however as the wave of low pressure gets peeled off to the north and the east, it will grab moisture from the south for sunday, this will be a chance for showers that we're talking about on sunday. in the morning hours, it's fair
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passing shower or two. taking in the afternoon, north and west boston is mainly dry. best chance of steadier rain in the afternoon tomorrow would be the farthest south and east you go. down through southeastern mass, we will say from plymouth to new bedford, down to the cape and the islands, it passes overnight on sunday into monday morning. air in place. look at this, expected snow totals as we go to the next 24 hours to southern michigan, lower michigan and back into chicago. several inches if not, a swath of 6-10 inches of snow certainly a possibility in locations out there. if you have flight plans heading to detroit out to chicago, do check ahead, we're dealing with that unsettled weather and the snow. 30 for this afternoon, that is it in chicago. 27 in minneapolis. this is the cold air that is going to work in for a couple of days next week. we're not going to be that cold but barely above 40 degrees a
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then the change is coming in, the temperatures do moderate late week. it's going to be a mild stretch by thanksgiving, the next chance of storminess, wednesday, thursday, and friday, and back to the center part of the country. let me take a look at the forecast aside from tomorrow dry through next week. 47-51, a few showers passing tomorrow, best chance of any steadier rain would be down through southeastern mass, and then monday through friday of next week is dry, the temperature on the up as the second half of the thanksgiving, dry with temperatures in the low to mid-50s. >> it looks like a good deal, chris. thank you so much. coming up on today in new england. he lost his wife in the terrorist attacks. now the facebook post that he wrote in her memory is giving other people help for those involved in the terrorist attacks.
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a lanch crowd protests outsidest state house calling on charlie baker to allow syrian refugees into the state. this comes after the governor says he want to know more about
6:21 am
the federal government vetting process, before more syrian refugees will be welcome to massachusetts. this morning a 9-year-old boy is sending a message to president `obama. he lost both of his arms in that country. it comes when they will approve a bill that will stop all syrian refugees from coming into the u.s. byron barnett has his story. >> holding a pen in his mouth, 9-year-old signs a letter he is sending to president obama asking for help for his family and other syrian refugees like him. >> i want the war in syria to stop and i want to see my family again and also for the people who are wounded and who are -- to have an opportunity. >> reporter: ahmad lost both of his arms and three of his siblings in a syrian air strike.
6:22 am
syria with his dad while others remained in a refugee camp in turkey. he hopes that his letter will convince the government to allow other syrian refugees, and his family to the u.s. despite what he has been there, ahmed continues to smile. >> do not bring back my aunt. >> reporter: what does he like most about america. >> the people are so kind, and so lovely. >> reporter: the islamic center is assisting ahmed and helping him raise money for advanced medical care. he is attending school and he has learned some english. >> thank you so much, guys. >> reporter: the political back and forth what to do for the refugees. this 9-year-old is hoping that through his letter his voice will be heard and make a difference n sharon, i'm byron
6:23 am
barnett, 7 news today in new england. ahead at 6:30, teens targeted why they say he were singled out and bullied at a school. it could be to the brooklyn nets, we will explain ahead in sport of the. opening up their hearts and homes, new families here in
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wishes coming true for children across the country including here in massachusetts. one family expected to go home with just two children instead, well, that number doubled, 7's nick emmons was there and has the special story from brockton. >> reporter: a cause to celebrate in brockton. families growing at the commonwealth 13th annual national adoption day festivities. s six years ago the viera family adopted a little girl. she is now 6-year-old. since then they fostered two other children who were sibling not related to the nicole. 8 and 5, and they came to adopt them today but found out that nicole had two siblings of her own who are also up for
6:26 am
adoption, so now they are adopting four children. >> i encourage everybody to do it. there's so many kids who need homes, parental homes, i definitely encourage people to do it. >> thank you to everyone, social workers, everyone, they don't get enough credit. >> reporter: it's been an emotional journey for the viera family. today tears of joy. >> it touches my heart, all of the kids and all the fact that they have. you know, these are tears of joy. >> reporter: right now there are 7,000 children in foster care in massachusetts, most of those children will be reunited with their birth parents, but there's still 600 children looking for adoptive parents. outside of the brockton district courthouse, nick emmons, 7 news. what a special story. next up here on 7 news today in new england. she is back and a big way. adele making her way to late night tv in the u.s. to promote her new album. cold air, a cooler start
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today, seasonal this an, weekend forecast ahead. take a look, a robber on the run after raiding a gun store downtown as their crime is captured on camera. stay with us, 7 news today in new eng if you told us that simply was the most perfect orange juice in the world, gosh, we wouldn't know what to say... except the customer is always right.
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jurors at the scene of target seen on video after this crime. a man's open letter to a terror group going viral as he takes to the internet and sends a powerful message to his wife's killer. it's saturday, november 21st, thank you for make us a part of your morning. isle kris anderson. i know it's cold but hopefully the rain will stay away. the seven-day forecast ahead looks good. no travel issues across new england wednesday into thursday. 39 in boston, 29 in bedford, 29 in nord, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves, how about the weekend forecast. a patch and clouds mixed in with the sun, we call it partly sunny on average but we don't have to get any rain or snow today. look at this, up to the midwest, detroit, and up to chicago snowing. this system taking a hard turn
6:31 am
to the north and to the east. we're going to be on a warmer side of it tomorrow. we will drag in scattered showers especially in the morning hours, we do have a steadier rain mainly down to southeastern mass. north and west of boston we will get a dry stretch in the afternoon tomorrow. temperatures seasonal, low to mid-50s tomorrow. we do have a cool down on monday into tuesday before we bounce back up temperature wise, and dry next week. seven-day forecast ahead. we begin now with breaking news this morning, there's been an arrest made in the case of the two-year-old girl who was taken from her home in hamilton early friday morning. 21-year-old top spill is now charged with kidnapping as well as multiple assault charges, police say hanna is the child's former baby-sitter and was recently fired by the family. two-year-old lynden alberts is recovering in morning. she is at boston's children hospital. she was found on the side of the road in raleigh on friday morning.
6:32 am
she was naked with a shaved head. now a story you will see on just one station, students at a local middle school say that they were beaten and left bruised all because of the color of their hair. they say they were targeted because they are red hair. 7 susan tran has the latest from melrose with more of their story. wrap. >> reporter: this episode of south park was no joke for some middle schoolers. >> it's national kick a jing jer day. >> reporter: his red hair is more pronounce in the summer. he spent the day trying to run `away from kids who tried to attack him. >> it's a little bit swollen. >> reporter: it's a mob mentality. >> can't in the cafeteria. >> reporter: like the show and no child with red hair was spared. >> some people had like, they were bleeding, had you know,
6:33 am
>> reporter: by the time mom sydney cons tin owe got to the school for pick up, he was praty beaten. >> i came keep that out of my mind. >> reporter: while the school sent a note home saying kicking someone was a egregious and thoughtless act, cindy says she can't believe the school never called her directly. >> so specifically pick somebody with a certain hair color is the same to me as picking somebody with the same skin color. >> reporter: the bumps and bruises will heal, but what is more concerning for these parents is the pain the kids are not able to show. >> my child is not happy. i don't want my child harmed because some of these things can do long-term damage. >> reporter: susan tran, 7 news today in new england. jurors getting a chance to see more video evidence yesterday in the trial of the teenager accused of killing his teacher in dan verse. it was surveillance video he.
6:34 am
he is seen wearing a masks he rolls a recycling bin out of the women's bathroom at dan verse, high school. that is where he killed his math teacher. that is also how they say he moved her body from the bathroom to the woods behind the school. a state trooper testified that the fingerprints were found on that recycling bin. some took the stand and talked about the accused killer's movement and seemingly unaffected de mean demeanor the day his teacher died. investigators found her body behind the high school covered in leaves. she was his math teacher, and the trial continues on monday. we have new information on the paris terror investigation. officials in turkey say they have taken three people into custody who may be linked to the paris attacks.
6:35 am
at scene where they found and killing the mastermind behind the tacks. a suicide bomber detonated a bomb, and now there's a blast. police are saying the woman killed in that raid was not a suicide bomber as they previously thought, they believe it was actually a man. a man who lost his life in the par -- lost his wife in the paris attacks he is sending a powerful message. he wrote a strongly worded message. now this letter is going viral. 7 adam williams has the store >> reporter: story.>> reporter: 1 facebook post expressed the grief and defiant of a nation. his wife helene was killed. >> she was the fiery brunette in the world. >> reporter: i will not write you gift of my hatred, he wrote. lost.
6:36 am
these words incident instantly shared around the world. >> why the letter touched because we want to be hopeful to the world. >> reporter: a letter that was written the day he identified her body. i saw her this morning, he wrote, she was just as beautiful, when i saw her on friday night, just as beautiful as when i fell in love 12 years ago. he is like any father trying to comfort his 17-month-old son. we are just two, my son and me, he wrote, but we are stronger an all the armies in the world. for his whole life, this little boy will threaten you by being happy and free. he has a message for all of us, live life don't let them win. >> go play, and listen to music and drink some beer, we have -- so let him go and play. >> reporter: tonight in paris people are strolling the streets, shopping, drinking wine
6:37 am
back life to the city of lights. i'm adam williams, 7 news today in new england. following more news today convicted spy jonathan pollard is a free man. the 61-year-old who served 30 years in a north carolina federal prison was released on friday morning. back in 1987, pollard pled guilty to providing top secret classified information to israel. the espionage case has complicated u.s. and israel relations for three decades. we have the video for you. it shows three people literally drive right into that gun shop. they got away with 16 weapons in just 30 seconds. the robbers took mostly pistols but were able to get their hands on semiautomatic weapons as well. police are still searching for the suspects and are worried, obviously, where these guns are going to end up. >> the person here is stealing a good morning and not using it for criminal use, then they
6:38 am
certainly are selling it to or giving it to someone else who act. the suspects are still out there. police are offering a 6,000 6,000 toon arrest. a california zoo still searching for a red panda escaped from its enclosure. look like. yesterday the staff conducted a head count of red pandas and noticed that there was only three. 16-month-old masala is missing. the zoo is extremely concerned for the panda's safety. coming up on today in new england. soon new hampshire seght miers stay up late. we will tell you about that. of tracking a few showers on sunday, and the weather in the ahead. we're following breaking news this morning, an arrest made in the case of this two-year-old girl who was taken from the girl in hamilton.
6:39 am
21-year-old abigail hanna is charged with multiple kidnapping as well as assault charges. hanna was recently fired by that family. lynden albert is recovering at the children's hospital. we will be right back.
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here! good saturday morning, a colder start compared to yesterday morning and by a longshot here.
6:42 am
to middle 30s, widespread across the city of boston. we had a mild start yesterday no question about that. this is more seasonal but it's 15-13 degrees colder than the stuff we had yesterday morning. back to the averages at least for today. take a look at satellite and radar composite, not much going on in the radar part of things, we do have a patches, to work in with the sunshine. partly sunny and seasonal overall. back through toronto, back to detroit and chicago. it's snowing in fact, some portions of iowa and back to illinois, a good 8, 10, 12 inches of snow from the snowstorm that is moving through the portions of midwest. i know it almost looks like it's heading due east toward new england but this storm is going to take a hard turn to the north and to the eve east here. we are going to have a warmer side of things, taking a look at the forecast, we can see the snow going back into ontario and
6:43 am
what we're watching for tomorrow is a little bit of moisture, lit today ask tonight, and this will provide us with the opportunity of scattered showers in the morning. north and west of boston, i think tomorrow afternoon is mainly dry. if we do get a steadier band of rain to sneak on in tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night, it's predominantly across southeastern mass, down to the cape and the islands there, and any cause to have early on monday will fade way and yield a cooler pattern on monday and tuesday, temperatures hard pressed to get above 40 degrees, the reason for that is the colder air mass that is in the midwest will work in to new england by early next week. it doesn't last all week. as we kick the cooler air back to the north of and to the west of us, they do moderate the trend. we are talking about temperatures well into the 50s on thanksgiving itself. the stormy track, the stormy pattern will remain back to the center of the country.
6:44 am
to chicago, minneapolis or denver wednesday into thursday, and maybe issues that way, storming that is across the east coast. the east coast looks dry, especially across new england wednesday and thursday. 47 to 51 this afternoon, partly sunny skies, seasonal day, mostly cloudy tonight. wind becoming east southeast. tomorrow a phi showers out there, and the cape and the island taking northwest of boston in the afternoon we start drying out. and look at this, 29 degrees at kickoff monday night football at gillette. it looks like a cool one there, the coldest day monday and tuesday. kris. fans won't be able to stream adele's new album. 25 was released on friday and the new york times reported that the singer decided not to release the album to her website. they are trying to prevent illegal downloads. it became first song to sell 1 million downloads a week
6:45 am
you heard it, i'm sure. and adele is expected to be on saturday night live tonight as the musical guest matthew mcconaughey is your host. tv host seth myers will have a late night job as a father. myers and his wife alexi ash are expecting their first child together. the two got married at martha's vineyard. the source told them the couple is very excited to be upcoming parent, congratulations to the myers. may has uncraild macy's has unveiled the christmas window. the story revealed a charlie brown-peanuts themed display. automated characters moved around, festive scenes as children of all ages watched the show. a new york city tradition, macy's window reveal is a sign that the holiday season is quickly approaching. gosh, thanksgiving next week. it really is a blue christmas in memphis, tennessee.
6:46 am
was illuminated by hundreds of blue christmas lights. the annual lighting ceremony on friday night. the presley family original christmas decor carrying on the tennessee holiday tradition. a lot of fun there. the celtics are far from the nba's worst but last night they got a glimpse into the future. we will tell you about that. more sports patriots, are down key weapons but they're still not without this guy. tv12 will be suited for monday night football and may be all they need to take down the bills.
6:47 am
terry brsh what a spr you knowhat elses a rprise? ingl and how canit yoout of nhe i know. had c' mon t' s si antalk abo and did u know tt on threpeople wl get shgl (all) that' why i' remindinpe if you h chickenpo then thehingles s is aeady inse (all) oooh who' s d chicke scoot over and lookhat nast can p up any and the in can evenorse thait loo talk to
6:48 am
good morning, rex ryan's mouth may put him at a bit of a vulnerable spot in timesful no one in the nfl wants to beat the patriots as much as rex. to take town the pats he has to knock off brady off of his game. that is something no one has been able to do in the last 12 months. the bills may have a quarterback who can go blow to blow with brady. tie rod taylor, and counted for 13 total touchdowns in 7 games, two of those on the ground,
6:49 am
their bigottest threat on monday. >> i have 18 on film -- i have seen him on film. you see him throwing the ball deep so everyone has to be sound for most part. if everyone's all kinds in the field. if they can be in the into the. >> he can run and scramble and take off. it's a huge problem. we got to go out there and try to mask it a little bit. >> celtics hosting the nets, at the gard enlast enlast night. jared airmailing, and thomas and crowder were going for the finish of the crowder going for a season high 19 in the game moved to the second quarter. back to isaiah thomas and a loss in the general, thomas with the three, part of the 134 runs, 642 at the break. move the second back, boston touring it, and kicking it down
6:50 am
he connects, 21 for bradley, boston shooting a season best, 58 percent en route to a 120 to 95 win. notre dame hosting boston college tonight at fenway, and the irish home team, the shadow of the green monster since 1968. that is it for sports, have a
6:51 am
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naturally beautiful results
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believe it or not, thanksgiving is less than a week way, if you are not cooking the main course, turkey in most cases, here a treat you can bring, it's a custard tart by boglu over in boston. drew eggerts get to taste this what is cooking. for a different take on your thanksgiving dessert, try this tart made of b remarks arbalu in boston. it's one of the most popular desserts that they are placed in the buffet. >> we are going to take our whole milk and put that on the stove to heat it up. >> reporter: now mix flower and sugar. >> give that a little whisk. >> add whole eggs and mix well. >> now pour in the hot milk. >> add a little bit at a time so you don't want to burn the egg. >> reporter: while it's cooking keep whisking until thick.
6:54 am
>> that is the pastry cream. >> reporter: now mix the dough, add unmelted butter and sugar, add one egg and egg yolk. while that is blending add the ingredients. add to the blender along with regular flour. >> you want to blend this pretty well actually. now it's ready. >> reporter: take out the dough and reg fridge rate -- refrigerate for six hours, and with a rolling pin roll over the top. now fill with the custard. >> it should be nice and dense like this. >> reporter: top the dough. >> you give it a little press. >> reporter: roll over the side. >> it makes it nice and easy to get that clean edge. >> reporter: brush with egg and score with a fork, bake for 40 minutes. >> there we go.
6:55 am
serve with whipped cream, and wa voila, a great dessert for dinner. that looks for breakfast or any meal. can you whip one of those real fast. >> it looks like that would take a few minutes. easy to do. need to save room for dessert after thanksgiving dinner. 47 to 51 outside of this afternoon, tomorrow the two showers in here, i think most of them for the morning hours, and in the afternoon if we get any steadier rain it will be far down southeastern mass, cool next week but quiet the rest of the week. thank you so much, and thank you for spending the morning with us. the "today" show is back, and we
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