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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  November 23, 2015 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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off new gland and this whale happens to be stuck in a mud flat as you can see there. a team from the new england aquarium is on the way there right now to see if they can help at all. but again, the tide is moving in so that's good news. we do have a crew on the way and we'll bring you more details . >> anchor: also breaking this afternoon, a new hampshire couple is charged with mis misleading investigators looking found in bridgewater earlier this month. the couple has arrested last friday night. the d.a.'s office says they admitted to being with the admitted to being with the victim earlier in the day on november 3 but lied to police about their whereabouts later on on. the victim a 29-year-old woman from new jersey was found wrapped in a rug and burned next to some train tracks in bridgewater. also here at 4:00, a former baby-sitter held without . she is abused of kidnapping a two-year-old in hamilton. it led it a massive search on friday morning. the child was found alive on the side of the road. >> anchor: today we are getting our first look at that baby sitter and learning more about the charges against her.
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7's dan hausle has more from newburyport. former baby sitter abigail hannah led before a judge by court officers holding each arm. her defense says she has serious psychologist agrees . in my opinion she is not . >> reporter: hannah stands accused kidnapping the toddler who disappeared from her morning. a couple found her 8 miles away and said she was maked with her head shaved, cuts and cigarette burns. the commonwealth has filed a motion to detain miss hannah without bail . >> reporter: the court psychologist has hannah has a history of suicide attempts and medical are we lapses. the 21-year-old allegedly sat on the floor saying nothing and only shaking her head. a far cry from the pretty seemingly happy young woman pictured on first book. she is experiencing multiple psychotic symptoms including auditory hal use nation nations and instructing her not to seek with me . >> reporter: hannah's person an supporters had nothing to say say.
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they release a state earlier that said we are so thankful lyndon is improving will also continue to care for abbie whom we love very much. little lyndon is back from the hospital. her family retreating to their hamilton home and asking for privacy. in a statement the family says we have suffered a horrific ordeal. we are grateful to have our daughter back as parents we need to be able to restore a sense of calm, comfort and normalcy for the well-being of our children. hannah was sent to the worcester recovery center for mental evaluation. she is expected it back in court on december 1 for what is said continue a dangerousness hearing hearing. live in newburyport, dan hausle, 7 news. the forecast. the cold seeping in into boston. the temperatures dropping off for tonight's game in foxboro too. fans will be feeling the chill at gillette but how low will it go. pete bouchard is here with the answer. pete? >> reporter: plan on parkas, gloves, hats the whole bit. our temperature today only 42 degrees. normally we're about 49 this
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worcester just making it above freezing currently falling through the 30's steadily, not sharply but we're around freezing right now in the city. 38 in boston and 39 in plymouth. 38 is a proxy for that temperature out near foxboro right now. clouds rolling eastbound. some of these may get in by late tonight and first thing tomorrow morning but the game tonight is cold. flat and simple. cold and 29. northwest breeze about 12 miles per hour at most but six to 12 generally. not a strong wind but it will bring these temperatures or headache it feel like they are in the lower 20's all through the game so just plan on that. overnight tonight we fall through those third ease and into the 20's and by morning low 20's, even some teens, a few clouds start to get into the picture by then. we'll talk more about a forecast that is warmer rather than cold colder in the long term and that includes part of the holiday weekend. stay tuned. >> anchor: to a developing story out of belgium. people in brussels are on lock down with fear. a terror suspect from the paris
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attack is believed to be hiding in that country and he could be strapped with explosives. now officials calling that attack imminent and they are not taking any chances beefing up security around that entire country. there adam williams is at the breaking news desk with . >> reporter: this is the third state day the belgium capitol is on a security lock down. the terror alert in brussels remains at the highest level right now. police and soldiers patrolling the streets of that city, the subway system, schools, many shops are closed as officials there try to keep people out of public places. very tense and scary for them right now. officials are looking for the key suspect in the paris attacks attacks. investigators believe he is on the run somewhere in the brussels area and hey have an explosive suicide belt with him. many people in the city say that they are trying to stay inside as much as possible. we are trying to go out just in the morning and do the shopping in the morning and after that, after the night a
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aprivileges we just stay at home home. >> anchor: authorities say since sunday 21 people have been arrested in different raids. bellium's prime minister says schools in the subway system will start to reopen soon. at our breaking news des be, . >> reporter: in the fight against isis president obama took a harsher tone while speak at malaysia on sunday . they are a bunch of killers with good social media. the most powerful tool we have to fight isil is to say that we're not afraid. >> anchor: the president went on it say the world will not accept terrorist assaults on civilians as the new norm and will continue to fight against isis . >> anchor: also on 7, new evidence comes to lie in the phillip chisolm trial. jurors take a look at what the teen did in the hours after his high school teacher was murdered murdered. the teen is accused in that murder and today the jury saw surveillance video of chisolm using the victim's credit cards.
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steve cooper has the very latest latest. steve? >> reporter: well, testimony wrapped up early today. in fact, it's now concluded for remainder of the week because of the thanksgiving holiday so jurors here at the courthouse were sent hole earlier this afternoon but more chilling im images captured on surveillance video shown to jurors today. images of what phillip chisolm was up to in the hours after prosecutors say he murdered his math teacher. surveillance video from a danvers movie theater shows a using a credit card to purchase a ticket to the movies hours after prosecutors say he raped, strangled and stabbed his 24 24-year-old math teacher to death inside danvers high back in 2013. it lists the type of credit card and then the name. what is the name? the name is ritzer, colleen. >> reporter: jurors also saw surveillance individual why from a by's in danvers where police say he stole a knife that was later recovered in his backpack
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when he was arrested by police. it's a knife. was your store . may i touch it? absolutely. was your store carrying that product on october 22 of 2013? it was. this is a still from a video of phillip chisolm taking the barrel out of the second floor bathroom . >> reporter: under cross-examination the defense wept through more of those chilling images from security cameras that captured chisolm moments after the murder and removing ritzer's body in a recycling barrel. at times, his face covered with a ski mask, other times it isn't isn't. in a state police chemist would testify what she learned from the bloody clothing collected at the crime scene . i screened them for the presence of blood and tested those for human blood. what were the results of that testing in . those were positive. >> reporter: now because testimony is moving a head of schedule right now because of thanks giving this week, the judge sent the jury home, toll them they don't have to be back
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at the courthouse until a week from today when the testimony resumes and he told those jurors they can expect to begin their deliberations around december 11 11. live in salem, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: a dorchester man fac facing a judge charged in connection to a series of robberies in mattapan and roxbury. police say the suspect lured victims using fake on-line profiles and then robbed them at gown point. robbery. a man is caught on camera walpole. investigators say the suspect threatened a clerk with a syringe and said he would give the clerk aids. police say the man ran off after the clerk pulled out a baseball bat . >> anchor: a hole on route 495 is causing trouble for drivers in haverhill. sky 7 hd was over the scene earlier. two lanes have been closed while crews try to fix that hole. traffic backed up for several miles. there is no word on when that road will be repaired. >> anchor: coming up on 7 news, a real headache for the nfl. concussion controversy swirling again. why coaches call could lead to a real game changer for the league.
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>> anchor: pedal power. jadiann thompson takes on celebrity chef in spin class and you get to see i'd who did it better? >> anchor: at 4:30 an mal malshelter going up in . fire fighters facing a real tragic scene there . >> anchor: military weapons stolen from a worcester armory are found in the bronx. you will be surprised to hear who tracked them do you. that's all coming up right here on 7 news. >> reporter: a new smoking sensation. some say it's like smoking candy. >> reporter: peach, cherry, it's real eaimed at kids . >> reporter: an alternative to cigarettes but is it safer? the cloud over va and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks
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concussion controversy surrounding the nfl i'm play involving a st. louis rams backup quarterback is at the center of the discussion. during that play there the quarterback suffered a severe head injury spot coaches staff decided to leave him in the game game. jay gray has more. the hit was not all that extreme. but the effects seemed obvious and immediate chance the quarterback grabbing his helmet struggling to stand, but staying in the game despite the nfl's self-proclaimed commitment and new program to protect against
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he is slow to get up . >> reporter: with a minute left a team trainer gave the okay for him to stay on the field and a league spotter didn't stop play. but even fans spotted a potential problem posted on social media included a woozy man picked up by line men and stayed in the game of the nobody cares. he is still in the game? how? why do we have a concussion protocol then? following the game the team confirmed he was suffering from a concussion. today in a written statement the nfl announced they are reviewing the incident and prior to this week's game we will reinforce with all involved the need to insure that these injuries are properly identified and address addressed in a manner consistent with our protocols. experts say if there is a question, the player should be benched immediately. it's always best to err on the side of safety and take players out of the game if you think there is a concussion. >> reporter: because doctors staying in could take them out
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jay gray, nbc news. >> anchor: coming up things heating up in the gym when jadiann thompson hits the spin class with a celebrity chef. >> reporter: our forecast is looking pretty good here for the workweek and how short it is, right? warmup late this week, details are ahead . >> anchor: new york city police promising safety of a look at the security for macy's thanksgiving day parade . >> anchor new at 5:00 republican presidential candidate donald trump talking torture and what he would bring back to fight terrorists . >> anchor: we continue to follow breaking news out of kingston. crews racing to get to a beached whale for the past hour. we've seen that water get deeper around the whale and officials say it's more than 25 feet long making whales live here in the waters off of new england, that whale has been stuck on a mud flap. a team from the new england aquarium on the way right to you to see if they can help. the tide moving in, good news hopefully they will be able to rescue that whale. >> anchor: a reminder news is all happening and you can get caught up wherever you are, whenever you want using our ipad
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>> anchor: want to bring you back to breaking news in kingston. sky 7 has some good news to report here. look at. this the whale that was beached there off kingston is now free. this whale was now which issing away which is great news here. the tide did come in and the whale was able to fly away. it was not fly away, sorry, swim away. think away, that would be something. it's a mcy whale according to the new england aquarium. this is great news to report the whale is now swirling. >> anchor: he had been stuck on a mud flap but when the tide started coming in it gave hmm a boost to get him out of there so didn't need the crews to help get him out. he is out there, he is swimming, he is safe, happy maybe, i'm not a mind reader but i imagine he is happy he is not stuck any more . >> anchor: that's a great shot
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right there and i can't believe it's flying away but you get the idea. swimming away. >> anchor: it's monday. pete, good news there and the forecast warming up this week . >> anchor: it is eventually. we'll get into that. i think that was his plan all along just to sun himself on the beach with the tide comes in. it was a sunny day but a cold one to be on beach. that's for sure. highs only in the lower 40's. mid 45 out provincetown and 45 hyannis but 37 in worcester, 38 in orange for highs today. yikes, we should be around 49 for a high in boston. now 37 in winthrop and melrose. we're less to freezing just a few degrees above it in wellesley. tyngsboro just about there, 34, 36 boxford a ground hardening freeze tonight. this is one that will go deep into the group. not a whole lot of frost because dewpoints are so low. the dry sterling at freezing. so is shrewsbury then down to south shore. 38 scituate. 40 west wareham right now. low 40's through the cape and islands. the game tonight as you might expect cold.
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average temperature although as we get later and later into the second half i think that may dip down to 27 or 26 degrees. light northwest wind steady but light, just enough to in my opinion at you but it's not going to be all that nasty in term of wind. wind should settle down in many cases as that high begins to move in. clouds on the move. legislate, there is some lake effect there but a lot of those clouds start to manufacture our way going into later ton and tomorrow they will be with us. big dip in the jet stream allows the cold air to go down into the mid-atlantic so this is a cold snap not just for new england but for a lot of folks in the mid-atlantic and great lakes too but this is temporary. just a little bump in the road. then we rebuild high pressure in here, we warm it up once again, we'll be prone to more cool downs now but it does look like we'll go back and forth. no real pattern establishing here in the next 7 to ten days. warm then cool then warm but
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none of it really could with a big storm system. just fronts passing by. tomorrow's high temperatures in the lower 40's, even 39 at chilly temperature in worcester, 44 in plymouth and about 45 in west barnstable. so tonight, clear start then clouds late. 16 to 28 with a light northwest wind. tomorrow not much of a rebound despite the fact that a southwest win is around. i know i have said southwest winds are warming winds but not always. this might be one of those cases cases. 38 to 44 not really tapping into the warmth. that doesn't happen until we get into friday. there is your 7 day forecast with a semimild thanksgiving. i mean, it's not like 60 like black friday but it's definitely milder than it will be over the next two days. we might have some rain late friday night and saturday morning very early. but i think i'm going to keep that off the 7 day. better chance for wet weather going into monday as temperatures moderate a little bit. i will see you at 4:30 . >> anchor: time now for 7's fast track traffic. here is joe staple ton with a check of the roads . >> anchor: thanks very much, liz beth. getting a look right now around
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495 northbound near the ward hill connector in haverhill. we have a crash in that spot. left-hand lane blocked off, traffic backed up pretty heavily here. we also have a huge problem literally along route 495 southbound. large hole opened up. two left hand lanes blocked off on route 495 southbound. also in haverhill, this time up by route 13 so a lot happening on that corner of route 495 heading for route 93 here in downtown boston, lots of company as well. southbound those headlights continue heavy right down to the zakim bridge and tail lights stay slow there too along route 93 northbound. right up pretty much to route 1 125 in andover getting by a crash in that area. route 1 northbound and southbound already seeing some traffic down near the stadium in foxboro but no breakdowns are crashes at least so far. then getting a look to at our pike east and westbound by bu and near the pru tunnel a few delays as well but no breakdowns or major problems ahead. i'm joe staple ton, 7 news . >> anchor: it is monday which means it's time for who did it better? >> anchor: today jadiann thompson is hitting the gym to
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she is facing off against the popular celebrity chef so pay attention because you are going to decide who did it better. >> reporter: she is used to bringing the heat in the kitchen and today we're finding out if this celebrity chef can make us feel the burn. you are owner of sweet cheek and tiger mama opening in december so you are not sleeping at all right now . not sleeping. we'll throw in a spin class . >> reporter: the challenge? teach a condensed spin class at equinox in boston . i am concerned you are a closet spinner and you do this all the time. you are a pro . no, no, no. i am afraid of falling off this bike of my goal is to just stay on the bike. >> reporter: let's get on the bike and see what we can do. tiffany, blood, sweat and biscuits. that's right. we're here to work off the biscuits. breathe up two three. back down. big breaths. >> reporter: i feel like i am in a real legitimate spin class right now. think about a girl with a
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dream and a ripped sweatshirt and barbecue restaurant, all right? what a feeling! >> reporter: on a scale from one to ten, how is she doing so far? a ten . >> reporter: you are her coach. i know . up, down. up, down. >> reporter: let's get it going. what i will have you do, show me your favorite spin move, all right? everybody go, go, go. you have to yell like she yells. go, go, go, go. back two, forward two. i got you, i'm racing you. this side? sprint it out.
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this side as heavy as you can go go. whoever gives up first loses. all the winners get her biscuits biscuits. three, two, one, go. how much you got, you guys? never >> reporter: good job. guys, are you feeling it? guys, bring it down. hands in the air just like you don't care. care.. this spin class is about feeling good. feeling like you got something out of your time. >> anchor: very intense work out right there. if have you been to the restaurant sweet cheeks you know you need a work out like that after. it's delicious but full of calories there, that's for sure . >> anchor: a good core work out from all the wooting going on there . >> anchor: now it's up to you to decide who did it better. head to our web site and vote. we'll have all of the results tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. >> anchor: coming up net, tragedy in paxton. an animal shelter goes new flames with dozens of animals trapped inside. >> anchor: p coming together to
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a teen from sharon killed over overseas a local college planning to remember a beloved friend . >> anchor: coming up, weapons stolen from a military base in worcester found in the bronx. the f.b.i. providing an update on the case . getting ready for the game, the pats getting second to takes
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>> anchor: we are staying on top of breaking news at 4:30. sky 7 hd on what was a beached whale in kingston. this all happening right now off gray's beach in kingston . >> anchor: the good news though now the tide came in and that whale is now free. this was an image from earlier today but now we saw him more recently swimming around and he was able to get free. officials say that the whale is more than 25 feet long, they live in the weights off of new england. they are no texas ranger to the area but there you can see that he got stuck on a mud flap earlier and a team from the new england aquarium headed that way but it looks like they weren't needed because that whale was able to get free on its own as that tide came in and the water start started to build around him. he was able to swim away .
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>> anchor: we have pictures


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