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tv   Today  NBC  November 27, 2015 2:38am-3:31am EST

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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: thank you, all, so much for being with us tonight. i want to take a moment to say some of the things i am thankful for. i want to thank our incredible crew for not just being here this evening but being here throughout the year. they take such good care of us. give it up for the crew, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] i'm thankful for my staff. i'm thankful for my writing staff. nothing is better than going into work every day and laughing. and they truly do make me do that every single day. i want to thank my family for being here. i'm so happy to have them here. [ cheers and applause ] i want to thank the 8g band for being here as always. i want -- i'm very thankful for my incredible wife who is not here right now, but i'm especially more than anything i'm incredibly thankful about the fact that we are going to have our first baby. my wife is expecting. [ cheers and applause ] and obviously hopefully you can
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tell tonight i come from a family where we care about each other very much and it was -- when i told my parents, it was very emotional for me to tell them that i was having a child. and one of the things i'm worried about is that i won't be able to be as good of a parent to me as -- to my child as they were to me. i said to my father in this emotional moment i just hope i can be as good of a dad as you were to me and you said? >> probably not. [ laughter and applause ] >> seth: probably not. still the king. so i love you, alexi. thank you all for watching the show. i love you, alexi's family as well. love the ashe family. happy thanksgiving, everybody! >> happy thanksgiving.
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>> carson: hey gang, i'm carson daly. thank you so much for tuning in. it's "last call." tonight we're at the hotel cafe . tonigth, houndmouth's gonna perform from the el ray. "master of none"'s lena waithe gets our spotlight treatment. but first, rachel bloom is the writer, creator, and star of the season's most original new show. of course i'm talking about the musical comedy series called "crazy ex- girlfriend." let's go to rockwell table and stage for more. >> i like playing with sexuality and playing with expectations and my co- creator aline says in every video i do there's always killer moment. if you were jerking off to this video, you're not anymore. case in point, in the "you can touch my boobies" video, you know, it's a sexy video, my boobs are out because it's in -- a 12-year-old boy imagining, and
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then in the middle of it, golda meir comes in, and scolds the boy. so if you were jerking off to this video, good luck, because golda meir is now calling you a rapist. hi, i'm rachel bloom, and i'm on "crazy ex-girlfriend" on the cw. west covina california west covina california >> musical theater is an american art form. and i think that with comedy especially, music and musical comedy, it's one of the best and most efficient joke-delivery devices. i study musical theater in school, and the thing that i noticed was a lot of the musical comedies that were out there were very, like, cutesy humor or like, feeling really dated. i was craving much more comedy songs that were like funny in an edgy, modern way, and between seeing mel brooks' stuff and then the south park guys -- i
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to go more towards taking modern comedy sensibility and using musicals to tell those stories. to be clear i didn't move here for josh i just needed a change 'cause to move here for josh now that'd be strange but don't get me wrong if he asked for a date i would totally be like "that sounds great!" >> the reason we call the show "crazy ex-girlfriend" is, from the beginning we wanted to take a term that is often labeled on women, and also a term that women label themselves, and deconstruct it. love, when you're heavily infatuated, it's your biology. it's nature wanting you to reproduce. and the way that love affects your brain, it's similar to like being on cocaine. and she gets hooked on this drug that is love. you know what's funny? i've never done cocaine. and i think i'm a little scared, 'cause i think i would like -- love it. one time i did an acting exercise for a show that i was in about drugs, where i pretended to have done cocaine, and i think by the end of it, it was like i'd done cocaine. very quickly after graduating
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college i remember having a conversation with my friend where he aid "what is your dream?" an i said "pie in the sky, have a musical television show." but i don't know -- [ laughter ] -- who's gonna make that. i knew i wanted to be my own kind of one woman sketch group, so i pitched a show to the upright citizens brigade theater, and i thought, "oh well i should start making youtube videos." and i'd written a song -- can i curse on here? oh, i can. great. [ bleep ] balls. there we go. >> houston, we have a throblem. [ bleep ] me ray bradbury the greatest sci-fi writer in history oh [ bleep ] me [ bleep ] me ray bradbury >> i had written a song called "[ bleep ] me, ray bradbury," and the thing that i love about ray bradbury's writing is that he takes these sci- fi/fantasy concepts that seem very clinical and uses them to explore human interaction and human emotion and how people deal with each
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other. i really find that i can't identify with a lot of pop music. it's catchy, but it's like, "going to the club. dating the guy with the abs in the club." and like, that's not me. that's not any of my friends. so it was also inspired by wanting to make a pop song about how my brand of sexuality works. come with me jeffrey goldstein to a fantasy rip off your stewie griffin shirt and give yourself to me no need to check the lock 'cause your parents are at benihana throw away the sock i know you wanna we're gonna have some fun tonight my boobies don't be shy yeah it's all right my boobies >> you know, when i think about like, the most kind of hormonal and sexual i was, it as when i was like, 11, 12, 13. so i was like, i would love to do a music video that takes place in the mind of an 11, 12, 13-year-old and show what their version of sexuality is. because it's horny, but it's
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also completely a misrepresentation of what sex is, and you also don't know what terms are. and so it became "you can touch my boobies." sex sex sexy sex boner boner uterus fallopian fallopian the pillow in the living room >> i was kind of a weird, depressed tomboy who was into musical theater. i didn't see myself as like, a hot sexy person. but when you're a girl and you start growing boobs, people do start to treat you in a different way. and i do not feel like "the boobie girl." sure, i'm voluptuous. i by no means have a perfect body. i have belly flab. i have cellulite in my ass. and i want to embrace the sexiness, i want to embrace the non-sexiness, and how it -- that's what humanity is. >> carson: that was the multi-talented rachel bloom.
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>> carson: welcome back. "houndmouth" is an indiana band that has found equal parts footing in both roots and rock music to create a one-of-a-kind sound. tonight, you're gonna hear them do their thing from the "el rey" right here in los angeles. take a look. [ cheers and applause ]
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[ cheers ] the red sandstone it fell right smack on top of sedona arabella when john ford said wont you hop on in to the stage coach baby gonna take you for a spin oh oh oh oh hey little hollywood you're gone but you're not forgot you got the cash
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but your credit's no good you flipped the script and you shot the plot and i remember i remember when your neon used to burn so bright and pink a saturday night kinda pink [ cheers ] the blacklist and its hosts it came down so swift and it drove 'em to the coast we're goin' california but we're all out of work i guess that's better than a grave and a hearse oh oh oh oh
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hey little hollywood you're not forgot you got the cash but your credit's no good you flipped the script and you shot the plot and i remember i remember when your neon used burn so bright and pink a saturday night kinda pink the devil's in a rush and his duct tape makes you hush let me cut you a deal i'm a little hung over and i may have to
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steal your soul oh oh hey little hollywood you're gone but you're not forgot you got the cash but your credit's no good you flipped the script and you shot the plot and i remember i remember when your neon used to burn so bright and pink a saturday night kinda pink [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you all very much. >> thank you all so much. >> carson: that was "houndmouth." "little neon limelight," if you're interested, is the name of the new lp. it's fantastic. it is out now. still coming up, "master of
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at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up.
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>> carson: welcome back. lena waithe is a writer, director and producer who's getting a ton of attention for her role opposite aziz ansari in the new comedy series, "master of none." for more, now we'll go to catcher in the rye for tonight's "last call" spotlght. >> i think i-- i like to say this. i think i'm kanye just before "college dropout" came out. meaning people saw him and they were aware of him, and the work he had done behind the scenes. but he hadn't really put any numbers on the board yet. and i remember seeing him do interviews promoting "college dropout" and he was so eager. he was like, "i can't wait for you all to hear this. i can't for you all to see what i'm doing." and he was like, "okay, alright." but it was still a, "let's see."
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let's see if it lives up to all the hype. and i think to me, i'm just waiting to see if i live up to all the hype. my name is lena waithe. i play denise on "master of none" and i'm also a writer and a producer. >> if you're born with a vagina, everybody knows creepy dudes just a part of the deal. >> yeah there are a million things that guys have no clue about that are so annoying. i don't tell anybody about half of it. >> like what? >> okay, so you remember when we went to brunch and we both instagrammed a picture that frittata? >> oh, that frittata was fluffy as hell. >> okay, pull it up. what are your comments? >> um -- i got one from arnold. "yum town, population dev." >> all right. >> "i want to [ bleep ] your face?" >> the cool thing about aziz is and go, "okay so this is how it's gonna be." he's always like, "what's the most honest way attack this scene?" and that really always spoke to me as a writer, as an artist. and the truth is, the character that i got cast as was, i think originally written as supposed to be a white, straight woman.
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but allison jones, she's an amazing, a famed casting director, said, "well why not see lena this black lesbian girl for this part?" they literally went back and rewrote the seven episodes i'm in, and for them to do it in a very classy way and a very honest way, i think should be applauded. >> who is this? >> i don't know this dude, come on. let's get a drink. in the group, i would argue that my character has her stuff together the most. but she's still trying to figure it out. i think us not having it all figured out is what makes it so relatable and so interesting. being 31, being 32 and getting frustrated with yourself because you don't have it figured out yet. and i would say weird kooky things and aziz would make note of it. and next thing i know, it's in the script. >> i feel like you only really risk starting a brouhaha if you say something bad about black people or gay people. i mean, if paula deen had said, "i don't want to serve indian people," no one would really care. they'd just go back to eating their biscuits. >> yeah, but paula deen didn't get in trouble anyway. i mean she gave some fake ass apology and then went back to making fatty foods. >> i think dev is sort of like, could be aziz's third cousin removed.
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he thinks about weird things. like he sometimes hones in on like the tiniest thing, and it's like why are you-- what? why are you obsessing over that? like, who cares? i think that's what makes him such a great stand up, is that he has these very minute observations that we all have been aware of but never spoke up about. and i think that's what's so awesome about both aziz and dev, is that they kind of point out the little things and make you think about them. >> that guy's a white guy. >> the robot or the indian? >> the indian guy is a white guy. that's fisher stevens. they used brown faced makeup. >> wait, what? >> yeah. they got a real robot and a fake indian. >> i think the things that make us uncomfortable are naturally funny. if you think about somebody not liking another person because of the color of their skin. like, that's hilarious. cause it doesn't make any sense. there's funny to be found in it, because the root of a lot of these things is sort of a lot of misinformation. and a lot of misguidedness. and i think that's what we're sort of laughing at. and i think humor is something that is a good tool to use to
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to get them thinking, i think that's what's always so great about it. >> no, no, i read that he's one sixteenth indian. >> who cares? if you go back far enough, we're all one sixteenth something. i'm probably one sixteenth black. you think they're gonna let me play "blade"? >> i don't know if anything artistic comes easy. we're a tortured people. unfortunately. but, look, writing to me is like playing the piano. i genuinely feel like, oh, you know this feels normal. this feels right, that feels good. and i knew i wanted to be a television writer since i was seven. like i saw a different world, "the mary tyler moore show," "all in the family," "maude." i was so in love with those characters, and who they were, and i knew i was sort of -- i had the presence of mind to know that wasn't who they really were. i knew they were characters that someone else had created. and i was like, okay yeah. that's the path. that's what i want to do. i think they spoke up to me in a way. like i think that was the cool thing about those shows in that time, was that they didn't talk down to me. and unfortunately i think a lot of tv that you see nowadays, they really are kind of are speaking to the lowest common
3:01 am
denominator. look, networks and certain places and studios, they want to make money. that's their goal. they want to have as many eyeballs on their product as possible. and that often comes with having very simple characters, very simple stories. and to me, i'm just sort of drawn to things that are complex. i don't want somebody to just be mindless watching something i've written, 'cause then that means that i didn't do my job. i always wanted to write something that would be timeless, and that would always sort of cause people to sort of want to up their game when they're watching. >> carson: that was lena waithe. "master of none" is available right now on netflix.
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>> carson: that is our show. thanks to all of our guests. thanks to everybody here at the lovely "the hotel cafe ." and now, we're gonna leave you with a little more music over at the el rey once again. give it up for houndmouth. and we'll see you soon on "last call." [ cheers and applause ] say it like you mean it say it like you do she like the way it move say it like you know it say it like you knew she like the way it move
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i got eyes on you you got eyes on me i got eyes on you you got eyes on me say it like you mean it say it like you mean it til you believe that you're an an ace in the hole you ain't been happy for about a year 'cause your expectations are way up here shoot low shoot low oh baby yeah oh baby no way it goes oh baby go
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you gotta lock and load she like the way it goes i got eyes on you you got eyes on me i got eyes on you you got eyes on me say it like you mean it say it like you mean it til you believe til you believe that you're an ace in the hole an ace in the hole you ain't been happy for about a year 'cause your expectations are way up here shoot low shoot low get down mary ann you got caught up here in the dead pan and it's back to bowling green with your short blonde
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well i ain't the music man that you thought i was in the marching band you have eyes like a dame i curse the lord for
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from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb.
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plaza. >> who's that, hoda? >> one d, baby. one direction. >> welcome to our special before and after show. >> i like these. because we do home, makeup, clothing, all those things, we do dramatic before and after transformations. so one of them's going to be about the home with the guys from flipping boston. >> we love them. they're a lot of fun. >> going to show you big changes to your home. if you want a flawless base it's about contouring. >> and lilliana. >> she's here with four lucky fans giving a fashion upgrade. she's going to reveal their before and after. on somebody wrote in and said, look, the person near me in my office whistles all the time randomly. >> yeah. some don't even realize that they're doing it.
3:10 am
answered his query. she's quoting george washington's rules of civility. he said "while in the presence of others sing not to your self in a humming voice or drum with your fingers or your feet." guessing it would have included whistling as well. >> i didn't know he did that book. >> i don't even know what we're talking about. >> george washington! book of civility. >> that can't be. >> you have no idea who george washington is? >> i do. i just glanced up and there it was. george washington wrote a book. all right. i guess. but i mean, sometimes -- look. every now and then things just pop up >> yes, okay. >> then you just go along. >> she just told them to politely ask them not to. please don't do this. here's the trouble. they don't know they're doing it. >> i know. they're just being -- >> rather that than criticize
3:11 am
somebody who's enjoying themself. i was on flaen a plane once. i chew gum like it's nobody's business. >> i don't even realize i'm doing it. i was reading with my ear phones and a lady tapped me and said would you mind not doing that? i felt terrible for the flight. even mentioning it now -- >> you know what's going to make you feel terrible? you just told this story about a month ago on the air. >> i did? >> hoda, you are losing your mind. >> are you sure? >> oh, yeah. we've got the videotape, right, ladies? >> let's play a game. since we have a before and after show. we're going to do a before and after song. we're going to play the cover version and try to figure out -- >> the original version. >> here is our first song.
3:12 am
i can see whomever i can i can eat my pie in a fancy restaurant >> i've never heard that song in my life. maybe billy holiday an original one? don't know this. "since you've been gone." what is it? >> sinead o'connor nothing compares to you? nothing compares to you >> i would have never recognized aretha. >> this is sam smith singing. how will i know how will i know if he really loves me >> i love his version.
3:13 am
>> he's got a great voice. >> i love this game. okay. paul anka sang this cover. we take them to the streets we kill with the skill to survive the eye of the tiger it's the eye of the tiger >> light bulb boom. >> last one. >> here's dolly parton. next time i hope it's raining like a cloud i'm i might call it my makeup i wear with my
3:14 am
face you'll see my smile looks out of face if you look closer it's easy to trace >> that was so exciting. >> smokey robinson. >> it's not the same as a job interview. hunting. you know that comedian scooter mcgruder. he quickly fires off things not to say in a job interview. take a listen. >> what up? >> can we hurry this up? i got another interview to be at. how much do i get paid? what kind of benefits do we get here? you guys don't do credit chicks here. >> why did you leave your last job? >> i was fired. they wanted me to go to sensitivity training. >> why do you want to work here? >> i'm broke. i need easy cash. i'm just trying to get with the receptionist receptionist.
3:15 am
for a job for my unemployment check. you said i need to bring a resume? what is a presume? what is that? >> he nailed that one. that's cute. >> so this mom's had -- >> trying to convince her toddler to eat healthy food. >> she made the food into his favorite cartoon characters. she made mr. potato head out of spinach, lentils, sweet potatoes -- >> olaf from frozen. >> bert and ernie from "sesame street." >> wow! >> similar ba from the lion king. >> lentil, whole wheat wrap and
3:16 am
zucchini. >> vanilla pancakes and fruit. >> that is so adorable. >> check her instagram under jacob's food diary. >> that's so charming. >> that's so time consuming. >> you're going to love this one, too. you're going to flip when you see what these guys can do for your home. >> flipping boston going to show you how to make big improvements
3:17 am
we're kicking off our special before and after show with a couple of guys who know how to turn trash into treasure. >> peter solares and dave seymour. >> they're the stars of "flipping boston" they buy rundown properties renovate them and resell them for profit. how to boost the value of your home. >> are we starting in the kitchen? we heard a rumor?
3:18 am
>> let's do the kitchen. >> yuk. >> befores always shock me. not good. >> what do you do to this thing? >> even if you took everything off the counters. >> it would help. >> 1970s. these things on the top of the windows scream 1970s. >> what do you do? what's the imagine snick magic? do them again. >> these are new cabinets. >> the cabinets here about 3500 bucks. >> granite about $1,000. >> five grand for a small kitchen. >> looks like you lost some counter space. and you lost some cabinet space. >> we changed the layout. you can't see it in the picture but you couldn't function correctly because the stove was up against you. we made it straight. added a pan triso all the space we lost we put it right back in there. >> you put in the new floors. >> a lot of water damage there. >> if you can't afford the full monty. >> paint these cabinets, change the counter top, change the
3:19 am
sink, the faucet. >> the hardware. >> you know what's big now? the push closers. you can attach those to the drawers so they go shhhh. >> my mom has those. >> let's move on to the living room, shall we? >> the pink groom. >> it was my happy place. >> we had to put him in there for timeouts. >> that's what we did to it. remember the chair rail we did last time we were here together? >> yes. >> wainscoting. hardwood floors and paint. >> how much value did you add to this house? >> i would say thousands of dollars. >> how many does it cost from carpet to hardwood. >> 7 to $12 depending on what the floor is. >> nine times out of ten i've got. >> hardwood floors.
3:20 am
sands it, polishes. >> wallpaper. it's a turnoff to people. >> it's got to go. >> can i let you in on a little seek caret? >> go. >> this is my house before. >> let's see it. >> hello! >> is that seriously your house? i like the move. >> every time i go in my kitchen i do that move. >> he tells you every day and says thanks for designing me. >> that's beautiful. >> isn't that nice? >> pendant lighting here makes a big difference. so obviously it just changes everything. the island was there but there was nothing above there. so some cool pendant lighting, a bigger island. see the overhang so you can sit down here. and colors. it just newt neutralized everything. >> speaking of colors. >> i'm in. >> where are we going? over here? >> be careful. >> what are you doing? >> back up. >> talk them through. >> the first thing we're going to do ideally prime this wall
3:21 am
with a primer. he's priming it with the same paint right now. >> what are we trying to do? >> we're doing a suede finish. it looks like real suede. want some color on the wall, primer on the wall. the first coat just so you know looks horrible. when you do the first coat don't go oh, my god! it looks horrible. the second coat is when you start putting in the magic. >> okay. >> i'm good at this. >> excellent. >> you guys got to jump in. someone's got to try this. >> kathie. >> second coat you start doing this. >> i'm out. >> just right on top? >> crisscross right on top. >> you don't want to make it wet. just keep on drying it. the more you dry it? >> that really does look cool. >> what's cool about this when you put the lights on it it almost looks like museum type quality. hang some pictures on there, get some depth out of the paint. >> that's fun. >> look at kathie lee go!
3:22 am
>> all right, guys. thank you so much. >> if you want a slimmer looking nose and more defined lips. >> contouring. >> we'll show you after this. here's a little healthy advice. eat well, live well, and take of what makes you, you. right down to your skin with aveeno aveeno daily moisturizing lotion with the goodness of active naturals oat and 5 vital nutrients for healthier looking skin in just one day. healthy skin equals beautiful skin. and for shower softness, add the body wash, too! naturally beautiful results liquid that lasts for twelve hours? liquid. its advanced formula releases powerful medicine that acts fast while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours. try delsym . i take pictures of sunrises, but with my back pain i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to
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the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back.
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it's the beauty technique once reserved for runways and red carpets. but contouring has gone mainstream thanks to social media. >> we've seen celebrities like kim kardashian and christie tegen. >> revealing the secrets is
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beauty expert and founder of [ inaudible ].
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