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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  November 27, 2015 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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breaking news in a chaotic scene in colorado springs. police officers shot and an active shooter on the loose. >> and a conductor on the commuter rail in the cross fire as he is shot outside fenway park. >> and black friday bonanza. shoppers in massachusetts take to the stores. >> a gorgeous fall day with temperatures in the mid60s. don't get too used to it. a big cool down on the way. >> this is 7 news at 4:00.
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>> start with breaking news here first at 4:00. police are on the scene of a shooting at a strip mall in colorado springs, colorado. >> and we know three police officers have been injured. we go now live to the newsroom with the details. >> this is still a very active situation out there in colorado springs. just moments ago police said they do not know exactly where the shooter is. you guys mentioned three officers were hurt, but at this point police are not elaborating on the extent of their injuries. an unknown number of people were hurt. it happened near a planned parenthood near colorado springs, and it is not clear if that organization was specifically targeted by the gunman. police are asking people in that immediate area to stay away. they are also asking people in nearby businesses and homes to shelter in place. police are still trying to track down the gunmen. >> the information we received is that it was a long gun. we don't know what type or what capacity or anything at
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this point. >> and because it is an active investigation officer said they are still trying to figure out if this was one or two shooters. they initially believed it was one. we will stay on top of this breaking story. live at the news desk, 7 news. also breaking utility poles collapsing and causing a major traffic jam building. police are closing down part of washington street and they are expected to stay that way for hours. the whole thing may have started when a transformer exploded when blown over by strong winds. they are working on restoring power to the area right now. police say thankfully no one was hurt, but they are hearing reports that some of the wires fell on top of one vehicle. they are causing some damage. police are urging drivers to find another way around. we first broke this story on our app. get the latest breaking news on-line and on twitter and on our facebook inning pa. facebook page. shopping security malls across massachusetts prepare
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adding extra security as thousands of shoppers lined up today. >> thousands of people trying to get their hands on the hot deals. we go now live as police step up security. jennifer? >> reporter: liz, as soon as you drive into the mall you can see this police command post. police have stepped up security as well as other departments. there is not a specific threat to the mall, but there are changes from years past. >> the lines are long and ridiculous, but the sales are pretty good. >> shoppers searching for deals at the rent and premium outlets this black friday may have noticed extra security. >> specifically from last year it has been increased security. >> there is an observation tower and command post. those have been here in years past. but the police added explosive detecting k-9 units when shoppers hit the stores at midnight. police say there are officers here trained to recognize suspicious behavior and they
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now have long rifles. >> because of the attacks we stepped it up. the warnings from the state department it prompted us to adapt. >> there are plain clothed officers around. >> like other malls this is considered a soft target. thousands are hunting for deals and some tour groups. >> we are not like a stadium. we can't screen every person coming in with the metal detected. we let vehicles into the parking lots and so we are more vulnerable. >> security is on the minds of shoppers more than ever. >> it is different this year with the terrorism. >> it doesn't matter where you go whether it is new york city or outlets. if you see something that seems out of place say something. >> even with the thousands of shoppers police say there haven't been any major incidents. the security is paid for by
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the mall. 7 news. now more details underway after a conductor on a commuter rail was killed on thursday morning. it happened outside fenway park and police say the victim was caught in the cross fire. now his father is speaking to 7 news with a plea to the public. latest on the search. john? >> the victim's father is overcome with emotions after his son was killed here yesterday. today would have been his birthday. >> my son died. i don't know why. >> the father of jeff was torn apart on friday morning after his oldest child was killed on thanksgiving. >> i never sleep. i cry every day because my son, my best friend. >> police say he was shot
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erupted on who's on first outside fenway park. >> every indication was the victim had nothing to do with what was playing out on the street. that's what bothers me more than anything. >> he he was a commuter rail conductor beloved to his family and co-workers. >> brother, sister, anybody. >> this is my good side. >> the police commissioner says who's on first has been trouble in the past. this father's heartbreak adds to the unfortunate list. >> my best friend. >> police say three other men were shot here yesterday. two are well known to police. live in boston, 7 news. medford police are searching for suspects after three break ins this week. police say the suspects were seen from a business around
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they are not sure if the same people were involved in all three break ins. if you have any information call police. police arrested a man in and and -- andover. the man from a home and crossed the street breaking into a second home. the suspect told officers he was on drugs and had a cut on his back. but police think it may have been from when he broke into the first home. now turning to the weather. another beautiful friday in boston as we look live outside. it is making for comfortable conditions, but it can't last forever. when can you expect a return of the chilly temperatures and the winter-like weather. temps. i saw a mail delivery person in shorts. i was in a t-shirt working in the yard. incredible. >> incredible. 10 to 15 to 20 dries -- 10 to 15 to 20 degrees. mid60s for a lot of spots. and even as the sun is going
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norwood 62 and 61 in boston. we did kick in that breeze coming out of the northwest -- excuse me the southwest ushering in that mild air that we saw today. also the cloud cover that is increasing for us. it will keep the temperatures fairly mild overnight. for most of the night it is stuck in the 50s. that cold air is not far off. you can see some snow in canada and this is our front. it will drop in from the north and the west overnight tonight and into tomorrow. i was calling it a ninja front because it just slices the temperatures in half as it is making its way in. that will change the wind direction for us tomorrow as well and also taking on a few showers for us. rain showers though, we are not worried about any snow here. colder temperatures to follow, but that's once the dry air makes its way in. a quick look at the temperatures overnight. 46 to 51 and that's only the colder spots. closer to 50 for most of us. tomorrow watching out for a little wet weather. 46 to 52.
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back to normal and we'll stay that way for a bit. extended forecast to come in a few minutes. the patriots are plagued by injuries and we all know about it. players city they are up to the challenge. let's go to tre who is live with a preview. >> when the nfl released the schedule some suggested this would be the final time tom brady and peyton manning would meet. manning looks nothing like his hall of fame self. >> we have guys, some of the best that i have ever seen play in vaughn miller and damarcus ware. they are pretty unstoppable. >> ro em ers -- rogers, bapged, battered and bruised. >> tom brady and the offense well aware of the challenge awaiting them at mile high. the bronco defense ranked at the top of almost every statistical category.
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>> they are very aggressive. i don't think there is anything the offense can do to dictate what they do offensively. they just call their defense and they try to, you know, tear your head off. >> with peyton manning sidelined with a today injury osweiller gets his taste of the belichick team. he has one career start under his belt, but the patriots are impressed with the small sample size. >> you can tell he has a good embrace p of what they want to do offensively as far as getting the ball out and to the right guy. you can definitely see that. he looks like he has complete control of the offense. >> and ons -- and he knows he will have to be in control against a tough patriot defense. >> they have a lot of talent on that side of the ball. they have a lot of first and second round picks on that side of the ball. the thing that is special about them is they all play hard. they all play like it is the last play and you can see that on tape.
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>> the broncos are in a tie for second place in the afc. a win for the patriots would make it hard for the road to super bowl 50 to run anywhere else besides right through new england. >> the patriots and broncos face-off on sunday night. we will get you ready for the kickoff with the 7 sideline special followed by football night in america and kickoff at 8:30. >> we are following more news today as we learn more about the latest security scare at the white house. a connecticut man facing serious charges after leaping over a fence. you can see there he was wearing an american flag. it happened as the president and his family celebrated thanksgiving inside. secret service stepping in and putting the white house on lock down and arresting that guy. nancy chen with the latest. >> the secret service investigating as this man identified as joseph caputto jumped the fence with an envelope in his mouth. he was apprehended after taking a few steps.
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but it all unfolded when the first family enjoyed thanksgiving inside. some told the "washington post" that they heard him say all right, let's do this before scaling the nearly eight-foot fence. this footage posted on instagram captures the terrifying moment when the crowd was told to scatter. the white house was placed into lock down mode for more than three hours. the surrounding streets are all blocked off. for ns withs it was unnerve -- for witnesses it was unnerving. >> it was move, move, move. >> this marks the first time someone has jumped over the fence since the thank you spikes were put in -- since the new spikes were nut in place months ago. this comes after they try to rebound after a series of security breeches including a number of frightening fence jumping incidents. last fall there was a breaking point when the man jumped the fence and made it inside the executive mansion. the president wasn't home, but it prompted a change at the top.
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joseph clancey was brought in to help the agency rebuild. the latest incident is a reminder that there are still gaps. >> anytime someone successfully jumps the fence there is a level of danger to the first family. there is no question about that. >> the white house was in lock down for more than three hours, longer than usual because the suspect dropped envelope. in the newsroom, nancy chen, 7 news. still ahead on 7 news, he is saying thank you to the brave firefighters who keep us all safe. what a man is bringing across the state that has the rescue workers smiling this holiday season. >> and a bizarre twist in a cruel crime caught on camera. a local man caught stealing money from the jimmy fund. the surprising reason he eventually turned himself in. >> and a dangerous drive as a man leads police on a hot pursuit heading into the wrong direction.
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a massachusetts man is on a mission. he is hoping to give thanks all year long to firefighters statewide. he is making it his priority to visit fire houses across massachusetts. >> he has made quite the impression too. chris anderson reports. >> steve is a man on a mission. >> my goal is to say thank you somehow to every place in massachusetts.
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>> he is stoping by home base. usually steve and his mother are the ones bringing gifts. this time was different. >> this helmet is just for you, buddy. since you always bring us stuff and take care of us, we want to take care of you. this is your helmet. that's for you, buddy. you are good to go. >> last year steve was struck by the outpouring of support of two firefighters who died fighting a fire. he feared the attention would fade. >> he said to me, watch, in two weeks no one will remember. i'm gonna remember. >> he decided to send something hotful to his five local fire houses. >> i thought what could be delivered easily? i figured pizza and everyone likes pizza. >> since then he and his mother have branched out and visited nearly every fire station in the northeast part of the state. sometimes bringing home homemade macaroni and other
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times baked goods. always with a copy of the firefighters' prayer. >> i feel honored. i feel like i was meant to do this. >> steve was born with cerebral palsy. when he was just three years old, steve asked his mother a tough question. >> he looked up at me with tears in his eyes and said mommy why can't i walk? why can't i be like other kids? >> she answered as best she could. >> well, steve, it is because god has a very special job to get done down here, and he needed somebody he could depend on so he decided that he would send you. >> and in thanking firefighters for their service, steve has found his mission. >> he's humble about it. that's the coolest part. never heard him complain once since we've known him. >> there are many more stations to thank. >> i have the majority of massachusetts to get done if people would like to help me. i would appreciate it very
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>> chris anderson, 7 news. >> gorgeous temperatures for us today. breaking records in some spots. heading into tomorrow things will look a lot different. >> and a bar fight in boston and an nba star speaking out after he takes his anger off the court and into the streets. what set off this confrontation? that's all caught on camera. >> and following breaking news, police are on the scene of a shooting outside a planned parenthood in colorado springs. shot. we will stay on top of the story and bring you the latest as we get it. you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle the fate of
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should not delay in leading a to take out isis with their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: vo: right to rise usa for the content of
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections.
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my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message. join us for real change. now, seven weather with bree. >> what a day for us. december 1st is a couple days away and we are still at 61 degrees in boston. a little breezy though. maybe you noticed that as you were
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from time to time. peak wind gusts are gusting. highs today mid60s. a new record was set in hartford, connecticut. 67, not even close in the city 72. we made it up to 60 power. but it was enjoyable outside. maybe you were taking the leftovers for a picnic in the park. the wind direction is still out of the southwest. we're still getting the mild air pumping in for the next couple hours before the front rolls through. and the cloud cover will keep the temperatures from really falling too quickly. we are still sitting at 61 in boston and bedford and 58 for worcester. it will be a good night to take the dog for a night. one of those nights i wish i could take him for a walk. here are the clouds moving in and this is ahead of the cold front. cold air is not too far off. we could even see snowfall. we are not expecting snow with
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scattered showers to us on again, off again throughout the day tomorrow. i said this before. i call it a ninja cold front. you can call it a cold-zilla, whatever you want to call it. a cold front with a tight temperature gradient. 35 in chicago. this is the cold air that's dropping in from the north and the west as we make it through the overnight hours. and into tomorrow, it is really colder air, but it is also just taking us back to normal for this time of year. you have to remember those temperatures for us today in the mid60s were 10, 15, 20 time of year. watch what happens with the temperature trend. by midnight we are still in the 50s in most locations. dropping into the upper 40s daybreak and then through the day tomorrow the temperatures keep falling. 2:00 p.m. mid40s and by 10:00, 11:00 tomorrow night we are into the midto upper 30s. that will be a far cry from our temperatures today. get ready for that to set in. make sure the jacket is on stand by even though you
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didn't need it today. quick look at the time line for showers. here they come. scattered showers and this particular forecast model is over doing it a touch i think, but it looks like a 10th of an in of for most. on again-off again showers are really picky and choosey for where they set up and how long they last. it won't be very long they stick around with us. here is a look at the seven on seven forecast. cool temperatures in the 40s until the middle of next week when we are also expecting more wet weather. see you in a bit. >> time now for the fast track traffic. >> hi, elizabeth. we are checking on the southbound side of the expressway down around freeport and near the off-ramp. dealing with a delay here stretching back toward columbia road. after that spot it is easing nicely. right around 128 a lot of green. northbound through the burlington and stoneham area. not moving too badly into milton. heading toward the downtown
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centers. spot. it is still quiet as well. jeff stapleton, 7 news. all right, coming up next at 7:00, a suspect turning himself in after he is caught children. >> and an act of goodwill. a police officer pulls a woman over, but it is what he did next that is getting a whole lot of attention. >> and black friday bonanza. the rush is on across mass as people step up security. police step up security for the start of the holiday shopping season. we'll tell about you that and
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this is 7 news at 4:30. >> we are following breaking news right now. police are searching for a shooter in colorado springs, colorado. a gunman opened fire near a planned parenthood late this morning, and police just confirmed that a gunman is still firing at officers on the scene. right thousand they can't find him. at least three officers are injured. there is no word yet on their conditions. officials say an unknown number of people are also hurt.
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police aresking everyone


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