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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  November 27, 2015 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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police aresking everyone inside businesses and homes to shelter in place and bring you the latest. >> new at 4:30, a man turning himself in after a cruel crime is caught on camera in norwood. the man is accused of stealing a jar from a convenience jar from a store. >> kimberly has the details. kimberly what happened? >> reporter: liz, the video you just showed, turns out a mother saw it on tv and recognized the person in it was her son. police say she convinced him to come clean. a thanksgiving theft caught clearly by a store surveillance camera. you can see the man's fingers lift a jimmy fund canister from the counter and hide it in between his elbow and chest. >> the way he did it on thanksgiving, it is like the worst day to do it. it is horrible to do it anyway, but on thanksgiving is worse. >> reporter: he was manning the cash register at his dad's norwood convenience store on thursday morning. he said he rang out a customer who shopped there before and
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then turned his back briefly. about an hour later he noticed the major they collected money to fund research for children's cancer was gone. >> it is a good cause. it is sad. >> reporter: local shopper joanne avery takes it very personally. >> i am a cancer patient. and so i have a passion for people that collect money to causes like that. >> reporter: they say he is a fully employed nurse. he turned himself into police today with a little urging. >> apparently his mother saw his picture on tv and she saw him and told him about it and that it was the right thing to do to turn himself in. >> he said it was a stupid thing to do. he doesn't really though why he did it. doesn't really know why he did it. >> reporter: the can had a mere $84 in it. at an arraignment in court today they ordered that he would beheld on $500 cash bail
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wood convenience store. kimberly bookman, 7 news. police are looking for an accused shoplifter there. they say the woman seen in the surveillance video stole coffee and jeans from a store. the crime allegedly happened several weeks ago. anyone with information on who this woman might be is asked to call police. >> a wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against casey kasem's widow. she was charged with neglect leading to the death. three of his children and his brother are seeking $250,000 in the lawsuit. a jury will decide if gene kasom has to pay the damages. paul walker is sue porch over the -- porche in the crash that killed his son. he said the car lacked safety features that could have saved his son's life. walker's daughter filed a similar lawsuit and they say speed caused the crash. they think a massive fire at a restaurant in arizona might have been arson.
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check out the video. a large fire broke out in the bathroom at the restaurant. then another fire broke out two hours later. investigators still don't know if the two fires are related. they were headed for a galaxy far, far away, but the "star wars" toys were across oklahoma. they crashed while taking a curve a little too quickly. part of the truck dangled over the edge of the road. >> and a north carolina hospital is making a father's wish come true by hosting his daughter's wedding. he is terminally ill and can't leave his hospital bed, so the staff organized a ceremony so he could participate. >> make you feel my love >> inside carolina's medical center, an unforgettable moment in the icu. >> god saw it was not good foreman to live alone, and so he created woman. >> he was bed ridden and battling an incurable lung
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disease was at his daughter kayla's side for her wedding. >> kayla, do you so promise? >> i do. >> hospital staff all came together to help organize the ceremony filled with joy, tears and emotion that doctors say up lifted this patient. >> you can see the gentleman was happy. he was smiling and he shared a moment that all of us can relate to what he may be experiencing and can sympathize with what he is going through. >> i pronounce you husband and wife. >> the bride said for her it meant everything having her dad there to give her away. >> it is real important. daddy said we should get married next month on the 25th because it is a good day i guess because he likes christmas. we made it today and it was -- i'm glad he was there and alert and/or gented. >> -- and oriented. >> he said he is not giving up, but he wanted to do this to make sure he fulfilled one of his goals in life. his daughter is ready making plans outside these walls to do it all over again. >> he will hopefully be there
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for the next wedding i plan on having so he can actually walk me down the aisle. >> and we are told kirby had a smile on his face throughout his daughter's entire ceremony. this guy was scuba diving off nova scotia when he found a beer bottle. this dates back to the 1800's. the bottle will still full and the beer was in there and there was a cork in tact. the diver used the markings on the bottom of the bottle to trace it back to 1890. i think you can see it right there. while tempting experts do not recommend drinking antique brew. it is a good story nonetheless. a potential miracle is church. during a holy communion there a host, the small wafers was dropped to the ground. a priest tried to dissolve the wafer in water which takes seconds, but the water appeared to be bleeding -- the
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water for three days. people called it a miracle and the diocese won't go that far, but checking into it. a man turned a crisis to find a new kidney for his wife. that's when a stranger saw the post and decided to act on it. >> nina said she wasn't comfortable at first with her husband posting a craigslist ad to find her a kidney donor. >> until a private person and i didn't like the idea to put out the story. and i also didn't want people to feel bad for me. >> she felt helpless that nina went into kidney failure more than a year ago due to an autoimmune illness. he figured a post on craigslist was worth a shot. somehow that post popped up when glen was searching for construction supplies. >> out of no where there was an ad that said looking for brave person. not that i thought i was a brave person, but i was wondering what they were looking for.
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>> when he realized it was for a kid intoe it hit home. his first wife jessica had kidney failure. she waited two years for a transplant. she received a kidney and pancreas from a cadaver, but her body rejected the organs and she died in 2011. >> well he felt my pain and my struggles. our family struggles. >> i definitely think it was a sign. >> dplen is a match and surgery is scheduled for december 1st. glen and nina hope their story encourage more people to become organ donors. nancy chen, 7 news. and an officer's goodwill helping out a mother in need. an officer pulled over this woman in texas, but then he noticed the toddler's carseat in the back was sort of run down. instead of writing the ticket he decided to buy her a new carseat. >> i looked at him and i couldn't justified putting my daughter tht carseat. how could i let them drive off like that with no other help. >> the officer has a
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16-month-old daughter at home. caught on camera tmz releasing the video of a basketball star throwing punches on the street. the fight is involving the topic and was caught on camera outside a bar in boston. it all happened after the 76ers lost to the celtics on wednesday night. so we will show it again. the cell phone video is showing philadelphia's okilfore and he reportedly yelled at him about the team's lack of success. the 6-11 player was there later and talked about it for the first time and said he made the wrong choice. >> we are still dealing with the league and with the team, but we are still going through the whole process of trying to figure out what we are going to do. >> boston police are not planning to investigate the incident. the player has not been
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and expected to play tonight. still ahead on 7 news at 4:30, the fate of syrian refugees in the u.s. is still up in the air. and many other countries are reaching a breaking point. now we are getting a firsthand look at the crisis overseas. >> and a wounded veteran on the move. how students in florida helped one man become more independent. >> searching for a suspect. a man gunned down outside a popular bar near fenway park. his father is now speaking to 7 news. >> and a dangerous drive as police are on a hot pursuit
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as the debate in massachusetts continues over the fate of syrian refugees after the terrorists in paris we are getting a first land look at the migrant crisis overseas.
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charlie baker is taking a tough stance in massachusetts. >> and many wondering where they can all go. she met refugees who fled syria and she tells us their story. >> why did you come here? >> to be safe with my family. i put myself in risk. >> reporter: in a shelter on a small greek island we meet a syrian refugee. he's asked us not to show his face out of fear for his family. >> it is not good. it is more bad. >> reporter: he walked across the border to turkey and got on a raft trying to escape a place he says is no longer home. >> we are afraid. if we go to the park, the public park, maybe bombs, maybe sniper, we don't know. you are not safe. if you are going to your home maybe you die. >> he said he paid thousands of dollars to a smuggler who
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got him into dwrees leaving with the clothes on his body. his family still in syria and desperate to find work so he can pay to have them join him. ing. >> the united nations estimates four million people have left syria since 2011. that's when the rebel fighters in the syrian government clashed starting a civil war. the crisis opened safe havens for isis and isis sim sympathizers. in the wake of the paris terrorist attacks word that they are posing with refugees causes concern. >> he is leery about welcoming them to massachusetts. >> it is a series of complicated plays. what i am looking for is some guidance from the feds and the safety and security of the people of massachusetts is my highest priority. >> back in grease and it is a tragic scene. bodies washing up on shore and women and children and families forced to sleep in
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the island over run by refugees. >> we have had over 4,000 refugees passing through this year. >> that's intense? >> that's a strain on resources. >> a local nonprofit group is trying to steer housing and funding for the migrants who frankly just pull up here on shore right on their boats. they say until greece or rather europe addresses the problem, this is something that is just going to continue. kelly o'hara, 7 news. coming up on 7 news, a gift for "star wars" fans, the new trailer ahead of the film's release. >> it has been a very mild and even warm day for many of us, but big changes are on the way overnight. and showers for tomorrow. we'll run through the time line coming up. >> and then at 5:00, a security scare, a connecticut man leaps the white house fence while the first family is inside. >> plus, shopping security police across the bay say stepping things up as shoppers head out into the black friday rush. jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war
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with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect
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looking at the downtown crossing and this year's christmas tree is above the department store. a lot of people around and looks like they have some entertainment out there and all of those people are walking about and carrying the bags. you have kids out there. i think they are waiting for the tree to light up and it looks like a great night to be out there. >> i know isn't it so strange too that it is one of the warmer days? we are getting into the christmas activities too. but being full of turkey and it being warm outside, that's a recipe for something. >> just passing out. >> and it looks like we can enjoy this for now, but not much longer. >> that's the truth. back to normal and how cold is normal? we haven't had a lot of normal throughout the month of november . into the mid60s in many spots. new hampshire down to new
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bedford, 63 for a high. 64 for boston and still at 64 right now. we are not on this list for top five. i don't think we are going to finish in the top five. top 10 definitely has been a warm month. back to thunderstorm for us and that comes along with some showers, scattered showers, and we are expecting more rain next week. and it is much needed rain. it has not only been mild, but month. the current temperatures in the low 60s still throughout the 495 corridor. 58 in worcester. and these temperatures are not going to free fall of still getting the ploy out of the southwest that is pushing in the milder air. it is bringing a breeze in as well, but not as gusty as it was this afternoon. plus the cloud cover is with us. i mentioned last night that it is like tucking in understand the covers at night. that keeps your body heat under the covers. same works for the cloud cover.
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the colder air is looming to the northwest and that's what makes it in for us. dropping in from the northwest overnight tonight. and it is really significant. it is working through the midwest and you can see what a tight temperature gradient we are looking at and that's what is happening as we sleep tonight and into tomorrow willed coulder air behind it, but also dryer air. so this is why we are not expecting any snow showers with this. there is just rain showers. it could slow down holiday traffic tomorrow. so the forecast is mild overnight and then as we get into tomorrow while we still could be around 50 for the city of boston at 7:00 a.m., the temperatures keep falling as the day goes on. looking through the time line for showers, clouds are with us throughout the night and scattered showers are turning on in the wee hours of the morning and then the showers are picky and choosey. this particular forecast model is really over doing it.
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expecting. around a 10th of an inch or less. more significant rainfall into next week. mostly cloudy and temperatures are falling overnight, but still in the upper 40s. you can see the numbers and how they don't change. we can see the temperatures drop as we make it through the day. you could almost switch these numbers around for our low tomorrow and high tomorrow in the low 40s. here is a look at the seven on seven forecast. a wet day and milder temperatures as we make it into wednesday of next week. see you at 5:00. seems like with all of the people out there shopping today there could be traffic to deal with later. first let's talk about where we are here, joe. >> thanks, adam. getting a look at our situation near the mall in fact, finding a place to park will be tough and then getting here may be a problem as well. this is route 37 washington street and braomtree. we have the downed power lines earlier in the day and the roads shutdown and traffic detoured. watch out for that delay. route 37 or washington street near hancock street is getting around the closure.
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making your way southbound a lot of companies are still down near more see boulevard. morissey boulevard. we can see it stays heavy in this spot and then jams up in braomtree heading for route 3 and route 128. arriving in downtown boston moving along pretty well. 93 is cruising along nicely in both directions. on the left happened side it is in great shape. joe stapleton, 7 news. a veteran is on the move in florida. he is paralyzed, but can now get around on his own just by moving his face. >> it is all thanks to a new wheelchair designed by the university of central florida. >> you still have a life after. you can still have a life. >> applause for charlie merit and technology that let him scoot around campus. the marine veteran was so badly injured he can't use his hands to operate his wheelchair. they just developed a way to run wheelchairs that use
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muscles to tell the sensors. >> chewing gum is out of the question. >> because biting down makes you forge straight ahead. he has the device all ready that lets him separate his chair, but this new model is only a few hundred dollars less than half the price of other types. it is also about independence and attitude. >> if i want to go to aisle 3 and she's on aisle 2 i can do that. it gives you that independence and that freedom to feel normal. look at me now. i'm on tv and famous. you wouldn't know me if i wasn't in an accident. >> the students were beaming as they saw the technology really, would. >> we do believe that this is something that can be a inept solution for someone one day. >> and speaking of solutions the same team created an arm. he has had help for over a year now. >> it only took five minutes
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topping the buzz, good news for adele fans. the british singer is going on tour.
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right now she will only be touring in europe. it will be adele's first tour in four years. her first show will be in northern ireland in february. anne hathaway is expecting. two sources confirm the 33-year-old oscar winner is pregnant. this will be the first child for the actress and her husband. one source told e that hathaway is in her second try master and feeling great. >> there's been an awakening. >> the latest trailer for the new car wars film is diving into the -- new "star wars" film is diving into the dark side. there is an army of storm troopers. "star wars" "the force awakens" hits theaters which is not too far away. how are you feeling today? >> i am a little full. i feel like a stuffed turkey.
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>> i almost wore sweat pants to work, but with these full body shots. >> just ask them to workup. much more to come in the next 90 minutes. >> 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> breaking news at 5:00, tragedy near a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. three police officers wounded. the latest on the search for a gunman. also breaking three utility poles snap. the concern thousand is travel trouble. the concern now is travel trouble. >> warm temperatures and then a big cool down and showers expected for the weekend. >> officials reviewing security after a man from connecticut jumps a fence at the white house. and a dangerous drive caught on camera. a man leading police on a hot pursuit in the wrong direction. >> 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> first at 5:00, breaking news and police are caught in a gun fight in colorado springs as they search for a suspected it shooter who opened fire at a planned
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parenthood clinic in a strip mall.
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