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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  December 1, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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boston marathon bombing case headed back to federal court, why the convicted bomber's attorney are asking the judge for new trial. and breaking news overseas. a massachusetts marine found guilty of murder in the philippines. denver. now we get word on when rob grownkowski could be suiting up again for the pats. good morning, everyone. i'm jadiann thompson. first day of december. i'm christa delcamp. looks like you won't need the rain gear heading out now. maybe take it along for later. have you later on. when do you expect the rain to get here. >> a few sprinkles early this afternoon, a few scattered showers later this afternoon.
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fading behind clouds. cold, 20s and 30s. boston 39. you notice bedford 27. nashua, 25. colder air wedged into the nooks england. this is weather system here. it's been drying to move into the region. it's running into drier air. that's why i think it's first. just a few sprinkles. mid-to-late afternoon. then steadier showers on the way for backside of evening commute and then more so during the evening hour. it's not an overwhelming system. there's scattered showers and periods of rain later on tonight. again some sprinkles midday then as we work into the afternoon hours that chance of rain goes up. chilly raw afternoon. temps 38 to 45. thank you so much. let's get a check of the roads with new traffic reporter. good morning, daniel. >> good morning. it's been slow all morning long from 128 to boflt we're still
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let's go to the maps. we had an accident in westin. now we have new accident on 128 southbound on waltham causing about 10-minute delays. the expressway you're still slow from the split into boston still crawling all there as you can see. 93 southbound from 128 into boston. summerville. boston as well. let's look at the drive time as you head tout door this morning. ride. half hour on the pike from 128 into boston. 93 southbound 128 to zacem bridge ride as well. we will start things off with an update on some breaking news we've been passing along this morning from cambridge. it's also about a police alert for cambridge public schools after an anonymous e-mail surfaced saying a bomb was school.
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assessed the schools there's no threat and schools are open this morning. but they also have added security in place. we'll keep you posted. also happening today the case of boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev is headed back to a federal court. in just about an hour from now attorneys will start making their case for a new trial. here's 7 jennifer eagan outside jen? >> this will be the first time dzhokhar tsarnaev's lawyers will be back at the federal courthouse since june when tsarnaevs sentenced to death. tsarnaev himself will not be here. it's imprisoned at super max in colorado. his lawyers will make the argument to the same judge who presided over his trial. they are asking for new trial because of recent supreme court ruling which they say applies to 15 of the charges tsarnaev was convicted of. the supreme court struck down part of a law that called for stricter penalties when a gun or bomb was used in a crime. tsarnaev's lawyers are expected to argue the supreme court ruling calls into question
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conviction they say effected his sentencing therefore tsarnaevs lawyer believe there should be a new trial. the hearing is set for 10:00 this morning. live in south boston. jennifer eagan. 7news "today in new england." more breaking news from overseas. marine from new beford had been found guilty of homicide. he was convicted in the philippines. he will serve up to 12 years in prison for killing jennifer loud transgunneder women in a hotel room last year. he met loud at bar october of last year. the two went to hotel room where pemberton strangled her to death after finding out she's really a man. pemberton admitted to choking but said he tried to revive her. it caused protest and calls for
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yesterday the prosecution called their last witness, 7's victoria warren has more on the prosecutions final day. thises a sexually motivated crime. >> prosecutors give a motive in murder trial against dan investor's team philip chism accused of ravening and killing his management teacher. the prosecution rested then the defense immediately asked the judge to dismiss a rape charge. there argument based on the medical examiner's testimony that colleen was likely already dead when her body was dumped in the woods. prosecutors say what happened in the woods is linked to what happened in the school bathroom. he was looking for a place to finish what he had started. now the defense gets its turn saying chism is not guilty by reason of insanity. prosecutors tried to set up a
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his friend and fellow management teacher to the stand. they walked through this surveillance video minute before the murder. part of school spirit day and gia said colleen was smiling, and at ease. >> what did colleen say to you classroom? >> she said i don't know why he's here. >> the judge will rule today whether or not to toss out the second rape charge. tomorrow jurors will visit the murder scene. the school is actually dismissing students early to accommodate the trial. in salem, victoria warren, 7news "today in new england." we have details on the weapons stolen from armory in worcester last month. dorchester women is now behind bar in connection with the crime. ashley bigsby had picture of her
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and assault rifle. initially officials say she told agents she knew nothing about the robbery. the fbi is offering a 15,000 reward for the six guns that are still missing. and frightening robbery early this morning in man manchester, new hampshire. an unknown man walked to the window and started pouring lighter fluid on it. they threatened to light the booth on fire if they didn't give the cash. the robber got away with undisclosed amount of money. one of new england most notorious murder cases. eddie o'brien was just 15 when convicted of killing his best friend's mother 20 years ago. he was sentenced to life in prison without parole. he hasn't spoken publicly in nearly two decades until now. 7 investigative reporter cheryl fiandaca has the interview you will see on just one station? >> did you kill her? >> absolutely not.
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when he was charged with killing his best friend's mother. >> is the defendant guilty or >> guilty. >> convicted and sentenced to life in prison without parole o'brien has always maintained his innocence but hasn't spoken until now. you're adamant you didn't kill >> very adamant if you look at truth. what's the truth? anything. >> that's all his lawyers working on appeal will let him say about the case refusing to let him discuss the evidence or talk about the women he was convicted of killing. >> janet downing was murdered 1995. the single mom stabbed more than 90 times. her teenager son whos o'brien's friend found her body. o'brien a former alter boy and the grandson of city long-time police chief lived across the street from the downing he
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doubted his story he had been mugged the same night as the murder. >> eddie o'brien. in court pros security said he has cuts on hand and dna evidence placed him at the crime scene. i asked him why he never took the stand to defend himself? >>ist under the imprigs i would testify and i would tell my story. >> why didn't you? >> well, it was last day of trial i was told don't worry they didn't prove their case you won't have to testify. and here i am. >> here is the correctional center maximum security prison. at 6' 6 heights 35-year-old man now who has spent more than half his life in prison. >> i consider myself lucky. i had good guys who took me under their wings and showed me the ropes and how to do time and live in here.
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this isn't reality. reality is where my family and friends are. big change in the legal system could effect his case. u.s. supreme court ruling it unconstitutional to sentence a juvenile to life without parole. the ruling could now make o'brien eligible for parole. but o'brien said that doesn't change anything for him. i feel like i would never meet requirements of being granted parole. i would never go in front of the boarded a admit to something i didn't do. instead he wants to be exonerated. and so for the first time in 15 years a new team of lawyers is working on an appeal. >> my past isn't pretty. i've been in prison for 20 years. and if you try to remember that it effects your future. i don't think about my past. i try not to. and like i said i've live one day at a time. i don't look too far ahead. but i am hopeful. i will tell you that. family declined request for
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guilty and should remain in prison for the rest of his life. in the newsroom, i'm cheryl fiandaca. we also have news on the fight against isis today. the pentagon may serve more u.s. troops to syria. senior defense official telling "u.s.a today" that the pentagon will consider deploying more special ops troops if the pilot project there shows signs of progress. the pentagon announced 50 commandos will with sent to northern syria to advice forces fighting isis. at the same time the white house named a new isis advisor only focus will be on fighting the terror group. he previously served as senior director of the national security council and during a news conference in paris this morning president obama said he's confident the u.s. is on the winning side in the fight against isis. >>president obama: i'm confidence that we can continue building momentum and adding resources to our effort to degrade and ultimately destroy
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the disresult plot against america and our allies. president obama urging turkey and russia to set aside tension. and to focus on defeating isis together. new this morning one of hillary clintons top aides pushed her to visit more countries when she served as secretary of state. that's according to e-mail released monday as part of the latest round of messages taken from clinton's private server. her press aid set goal of 110 countries. clinton often notes on the campaign trail she visited 112 countries while in the state department. republicans claim she tried to boost that number for future political gains. all of the democratic women of the senate rallied at an event for hillary clinton accept for one elizabeth warren. 13 of the 14women met for fund-raiser in washington, d.c. last night. but warren did not join them. she signed a letter urging clinton to run in 2013 but hasn't endorsed her yet.
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democratic candidate bernie sander taking time to rest after undergoing elective americana surgery. he had surgery at hospital in washington, d.c. on monday. his campaign said he will be back on the road later this week. and republican rival donald trump and chris christy are both in new hampshire today. christy who recently facing some critisism for not strongly condemning trumps claims that thousands of people celebrated in new jersey after 9/11 took a stronger stand on monday. i said i think even that day if it hadn't happened. i'm sure i would remember it. if you would like me to say another way. i didn't happen. the fact is that people can say anything. but the facts are the facts. and that did not happen in new jersey that day. and hasn't happened since. in response to christy he said the governor should be careful with what he says. >> this just in. pilot error is to blame for
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a report said the pilot's tried to reset a computer onboard the air asia flight and then lost control of the plane when it stalled. the plane was travelling from indonesia to singapore. all 162 people onboard were killed. coming up on this thursy morning. cyber-monday over. we'll tell you what it means to be part of giving tuesday when we come right back. for the day a lot of clouds and tracking some rain showers later today. forecast up next. >> and the patriot's injury concerns continue but there's good news for gronc after he
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>> it's 9:16 on this first day of december and you know we've got a little bit of things to deal with out there.
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some cold temperatures and maybe a little bit of rain in our future. all and all first day of december not half bad. it's okay. definitely no snowflakes. that's for for sure. few rain showers even tomorrow we'll hold on to threat of few showers. it's chilly raw day. temperatures for the next several days no real arctic air in sight. it will go down into the 8th warmest noer on record. temps nearly four degrees above normal last november. last november two degrees below normal. first week or two of december this is what the pattern will look like. we're in el nino winter. the front end looks like this where there's not a lot of ashlthic arctic air to be found in north america. they will tap into air. hard to believe after last winter they look for more snow. eventually we will see snowflakes.
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two weeks here in southern new england. 20s and 30s right now in boston 39. bedford 27. norwood at 32. here is where we have that shower activity this morning. it's been trying to move into new england. high pressure locked down right now. not allowing those showers to advance much. they start to move north and they run into dry air and fall apart. so i think we'll have sprinkle midday and early this afternoon. and then we will see steadier showers later this evening and overnight tonight. your storm time line noon a bunch of clouds. passing sprinkle possible. and then i think we can get through most of the commute dry although there's a band of showers marching through 6:00 or 7:00 thissen evening. then tomorrow a lot of clouds and isolated showers through the day tomorrow few hit and miss showers with one more wave of rain on the way for tomorrow night and very early on thursday as this is weather system that not powerful system. it's drawn out rather large in
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that's why we have the risk of showers this evening. tomorrow, and tomorrow night and then by thursday we start to things wind down. how much rain is on the way over the next couple of day. most town half an inch of rain. in some locations three quarters of an inch of rain. no flooding concerns. chilly, raw day. temps this afternoon 38 to 45. the city at 44. this afternoon dartmouth, 44. north shore temperature low 40s. merrimack valley again these locations typically have hard time getting rid of the chilly air. you'll be in the upper 30s as well as the worcester hills middle and upper 30s. and out on to cape and island few showers on the way for this evening. mid 40s this afternoon. and an isolated shower or two. for thursday clouds windy mid 40s look at the weekend. mostly sunny skies. mild especially on sunday. take a look what's happening today. now that black friday and cyber-monday are over it is
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today is day for americans to give back by volunteering or maybe donating the charity after the long holiday weekend of shopping and finding deals. by the way giving tuesday started back in 2012. it's a really cool idea. it is. i haven't done anything good yet. it's only 9:20. your day start earlier than most. ahead on "today in new england." the mbta facing a big budget gap the change being considered that could help solve the problem. good news for gronc when the tight end may be back on the field as the pats deal with injury after injury. from your day can haunt you advil ivouhe healing u fall asleep and stay asleep our can heal as you rest. . for a healing night's sleep. 's here, the first gummy multivitamin... ...from centrum. a complete, and tasty way to support...
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...immunity... metabolism like never before. ntrum multigummies. mmies in a whole new light. if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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>> patriot learn that gronc shouldn't be out that long. we learn about the injury and when he might be back on the field. nicole oliverio has more. he is hurt. when rob grownkowski went down new england fans went my heart sank. i thought oh, no not again. it's too bad. he's a great player. but the injury not as bad as it looked.
9:22 am
go. great news for tom brady who spoke to jim gray last night. if it's not a significant as it could have possibly looked. big sigh of relief for our possible team. the pats have been losing key offensive player to injury every week for the past month. among those hurt receiver danny amandala could be back by sunday. if there's a chance to play and contribute he will be out there. if any team know how to overcome adversity. we know how to do it. injury are injuries they know how to happen. next man up. gronc won't be able to start this sunday. he may only miss just a couple of weeks. the good news of course it wasn't a season sending injury.
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nicole oliverio, 7news "today in new england." coming up on "today in new england" at 9:30 a car accident in one new england state leads to dangerous situation. what led up to this crash. we also have the results of who did it better. find out who the viewer chose in
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>> it's time to find out about result of this week's "who did
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we headed to regina pizzeria. dillon did it with a little bit larger pizza pie. even though you were faster. here are the results. dillon won it 74% of the vote. that snap jadiann's winning street at two. three wins and two losses. you know what you can get back to winning ways soon. i will try to do. i challenge isiah thomas as we join the blue man group. definitely go timing be fun way to see. >> competitive but really is about the fun. >> let's just keep that in mind. you are not crying about this. i just want to see dillon again because she's great. first time el got to meet her. we all want that. we have much more ahead in the next half hour here at 9:28 i should say. a road rage incident that was caught on camera. what may have sparked this dangerous encounter that took a scary turn. >> cloudy skies.
9:27 am
evening. forecast coming up next. boston marathon bombing trial heads back to federal court today. why the convict bomber's attorneys are agoing for a new
9:28 am
>> back in court the marathon bombing case. police search for person who shot a high school student in rocksbury. online. the women mind bars after certain photo released. we'll have more on that. >> all right welcome back, everyone. happy to have you here with us. jeremy reiner has been talking about a sound of music earlier.
9:29 am
was too in regard to cold air. november warm air. the month of november we say good-bye to that. 20s and 30s boston, 41. norwood, 32. still some left over colder pockets of air. nashua 25. talking about rain showers activity. southern tier of new york hudson riverer valley. slow process to move that up into new england. first part of the day is dry. but you do need the rain gear this afternoon. could be couple of sprinkles around midday today. steadier rain showers backside of the evening commute and more likely through the middle part of this evening. temps in the low-to-mid 40s? take a look what's happening and the headlines the case of boston marathon bomber dzhokhar court. just about half an hour the federal judge set to hear argument as the attorneys request a new trial. jennifer eagan live outside the morning. is jen?
9:30 am
in the law since tsarnaev was convicted. tsarnaev won't be here. he's imprisoned at super max in colorado. his lawyers will make their argument to the same judge, though who presided over his trial. judge george o'toole. they are asking for new trial. the supreme court struck down part of a law that called for tougher penalties when a gun or bombs used in crime. tsarnaev's lawyer expected to argue they called into question the conviction. conviction they say effected his sentencing. his lawyers believe he should receive a new trial. also at this issue here is expected to be the issue of whether or not darcheville should be order to pay rest toougs to its victim. live in south boston. jennifer eagan. # news "today in new england." breaking news right now lance corporal joseph pemberton
9:31 am
the native will serve up to 12 years in prison for killing transgender women. officials say he killed jennifer laud last year in hotel room after founding out she was a man. he admitted to choking the person but said he tried to revive her. her death sparked protest and called for u.s. troops to leave the country. happening now the defense began a case in the fittip chism. chism's grandfather on the stand right now talking about chism's mother having mental illness. earlier a judge denied a request by the defense to have a second rape charge tossed out as well. prosecutors rested after calling the final witness to the stand on monday. right now police are searching for the gunmen who shot a high school student near several schools in rocsbury. 16-year-old shot in the leg on mancom x boulevard monday afternoon. he is boston public schools student.
9:32 am
were placed in safe mode after the shooting. >> we had to be super quiet. everybody on the certain side of the room had to move to the other side of the room. and it was kind of scary. very proud of theed a minute stray straigs as well as the staff. and the teen is expected to be okay. and changes could be coming to the nbta to help close a growing budget deficit. the panel that overseas the t is suggesting getting rid of late night service making changes on the ride which is the t service for disabled passengers. that proposal also calls for vacant positions not to be filled and accepting alcohol to bring in more money. longer term steps possible. fare hikes into next year as well. road rage incident caught on camera. victim started filming after thing got out of hand and driver
9:33 am
elizabeth norecca has the story. i got your license plate. a couple calling a man that confronted them during a violent case of road rage. it escalated quickly. i wasn't something we were prepared for. matthew freeman chased the couple then pulled out this very real looking pellet gun. he went and got the gun. cocked it and put it in his face. i'm going to blow your head off. they first ran into freeman outside this quincy restaurant. they say he become angry when he thought they were making fun of him after making comments about him smoking in the care. they say freeman followed. he was tailgating up. swerving around. honking drove up next to us. flipped us off. cussed us out. then he become confrontational getting out of car even trying to fight. at one point going back to car to get the pellet gun. thanks to personallying nearby the situation quickly stopped.
9:34 am
there. he got on his phone that's when pocket. hen he got back in the car and tried to drive off. not before they got him in camera landing him in court. i got your license plate and you have a gun. freeman wouldn't talk after making bail but his lawyer said this was no road rage and he insist everyone involved knew its a pellet gun. 7news "today in new england." now to close call for a man in vermont when this post flew the windshield of his car. as he was driving another vehicle cut him off. that's when he drove into the post. luckily he only had a minor hand injury. also this morning a women from connecticut is facing charges after her cool crime caused outrage on social media. she posted a picture of her dog on facebook with duct tape over its mouth captioning with this is what happening when you don't shut up. the post was shared hundred of
9:35 am
stations were flooded with calls. she had recently been living in florida and was arrested in north carolina. now taking aim at historic hunt in the blue hills reservation the deer hunt continues today and state leader say this is necessary to control an out of control deer population at the same time. opponents are calling it extreme. a two-day tear hunt at blue hills reservation had animal right activist fired up. they tooed. protest which signs that said stop the slaughter. this is murder. and animal grave yard. they granted hunting permit for the first time in 100 years. it's more lend ous. the whole thing horrendous. the permit given to 200 hunter in order to control the deer population. they found an average of 85
9:36 am
healthy heard 6 to 24. you can tell we need this here. the hunt will take place today and few days next week while the state feels the population needs to be controlled. some feel differently. >> i wish they could do it different bay. i wish they could take somewhere else. >> i personally don't like the idea of killing living things. as vegetarian i prefer not to kill animal. for any reason. and while the hunt is going on. norfolk district attorney is asking hunter to be on the lookout for the remains of man from an who disappeared last year and is believed to be dead. more news today. the alleged gunmen in the deadly shooting at planned parenthood in colorado appearing in court. 57-year-old robert deere appearing before a judge monday. he was wearing bulletproof vest his hands and feed shackled. she's charged with first-degree murder. prosecutors say he opened fire
9:37 am
three people were killed and nine others were injured. police were in a stand off with him for more than five hours before he finally surroundered. officer garrett swazie melrose native one of the people kill during the shooting rampage. his funeral will be held on friday in colorado. jury selection continues into in the trial of baltimore police officer. 25-year-old william porter is charged with manslaughter and misconduct. prosecutors say that porter ignored, gray's request for medical aid and didn't strap him into his seat belt. gray was 25-year-old african-american man who died of an apparent spinal injury a week after an arrest by baltimore police officers. his death spark violent survey shully charged protest. and total of six officers are currently charged in the case. checking news across the country now.
9:38 am
because of a toy ohher board. the family said jessica said her son only had his hover board for a day when it exploded in his bedroom. he said he had just plugged the board in to charge it right before it exploded. both wheels like a firework. like you lit a firework. i saw spark flying. before i could yell the house is on fire. the middle part of the board just oppose and into flames. horn said she's planning on suing the hover board company. the fire chief said he heard of other hover board fires and is waiting for the results of that investigation. meanwhile i mean caution yourself when you plan your christmas list. i guess the bright side if there is one he wasn't using it at the time. that's unbelievable. you hear story about exploding cell phones as well. fire. situation. just ahead.
9:39 am
giving back after a young boy's x box was stolen when someone broke into his home. and the celtic trying to avoid losing two in a row in florida. first they have to get to buy the heat. highlights coming up in sport. showers on the way for later today and overnight tonight. fo e a crazy busy day? sfx: cell phone chimes with a positive attitude... d tively radiant skin. positively radiant moisturizer... ive naturals soy. no naturally beautiful results
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with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and co there's a whole lot of happy very jar of nutella.
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just think only six more months until summer. >> oh, boy. j.r. long winder. >> one snowflake reported and she's talking about spring and summer. she did live through the snowiest winter in boston's history. we have a ways to go. the overall pattern is mild. even within a mild pattern you can run into a cold day. rain showers on the way for later on this afternoon. here we are december 1st. average fy 46. average low 43. sunset 4:13. not that we will see it. cloudy by the end of the month average high down to 37. average low 34. sunset at that name 4:21.
9:43 am
december back in 1996. coldest day month of december in '33 and 17 below zero. in fact that was really cold winter if you take it forward to february of 1934, this past february was just about as cold in february of 1934. normally boston picks up 9 inches of snow. december. none the forecast. 20s and 30s and 40s. bedford 27. if it were jub 1st, it would be easy. this time of year those warm front really struggle to move the cold air out of new england. that will be the case today even though not concerned ability freezing rain, snow or sleet. we'll have some rain drops afternoon. but it will be slow process to them come out of the 30s and eventually the 40s.
9:44 am
out of the 30s today. i don't think you make it out of the 40s tomorrow. milder boston, south shore tomorrow. still a lot of clouds through the day tomorrow. your first rain drops today some sprinkles early this afternoon. and then we'll see a few more showers late this afternoon. we'll have burst of rain is overnight tonight. we get rid of it tomorrow. lingering shower tomorrow. then there's one more pulse of rain coming through southern new england with a caboose of system tomorrow night and then that will move out of here as we work toward thursday. thursday the day that features a lot of clouds. blustery conditions. skies. for the weekend warming trend. police officers in memphis giving back after a boy's x box weekend. with the holiday season under way they knew they wanted to help him out. and now the young boy reaction to their gift is going viral.
9:45 am
often encounter while on the job. 11-year-old campbell is proof that it's not all bad. officers replaced the x box stolen sunday during a burglary at family's home. >> when we asked the child if he would get a new xbox for christmas my mom doesn't have that money. and all the money she makes goes to pay the bills. >> officers from the police station talked about the gesture. which went viral sunday thanks to this facebook video. >> this house was burglarized. he was more concerned about his mother than the stolen x box which is what impressed them is most. >> just to be able to alleviate some of his stress just for that day and help their family in
9:46 am
overwhelming feeling. something won 11-year-old found out firsthand. games. extra controller. he's all set up to go there. sweetest boy. love that. next in sports pat's injury concern continue. we have good new for gronc after carted off the field sunday night. >> in the bus batman and super man are squaring off.
9:47 am
9:48 am
rob grownkowski recovering from painful knee strain and injury that appeared far worse on sunday. he's expected to miss one week according to an nfl source who self-limiting. when the pain subsides he can play and should be back at 100% time for play off. music to his ears. he is working overtime this week preparing for the eagles with out his top weapons on offense. i will study as hard as i can as hard as i ever have to give our guys the best chance that they can. especially guys with that have limited playing experience with. and by the time next sunday comes, hopefully i will have a lot of confidence in everything we're doing. he's not the only patriot who
9:49 am
dante hightower leaving with a sprained mcl and injury that will likely keep him out of action for a few weeks. knocking down a jay over whitesides long outstretched arm. kept 9-2 run. celtics up by one in the fourth. one-point game. using the screen knocking down a long two. the celtics win it 105-95. red sox reaching an agreement with chris young multiyear deal pending physical young hit 14 home runs for the yankees last season. that's sports. i'm joe amorosino, have a great day. up next in "the buzz" remember gangham style. i don't know if you want the see this. but we will show it to you. we will have a sneak peek when we come back.
9:50 am
>> we're back with the buzz. korean pop star is back. this is his newest single. that's his first one since 2012. 2 and a half billion views. it was a catchy tune. new batman verses summerman. super man taking off the case of ben affleck's batman. batman verses super man is coming up in theaters i believe in march.
9:51 am
be released tomorrow. march 25. grammy award winner pink adding a new tight toll her name. she's a unicef ambassador she will spread goal to end world hunger. she visited haiti to get a firsthand look what unicef is doing there. >> adele is smashing records. selling 3.8 million copy in the first week. 25 the first album since they started tracking record sales. beat out taylor swift for the highest selling item. everybody lows adele. i don't know one person who said they don't lie adele. someone said that to me on twitter. >> you found the one person. i was wondering if weather would do the weather and gangham style. everyone has a price. we can come to terms later. boston, 42.
9:52 am
some colder air through the merrimack valley. temperature upper 20s now. sprinkles early this afternoon. a few showers later this afternoon. and honest and off rain overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow. enjoy "today show" coming up. thanks for watching.
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