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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  December 2, 2015 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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people who were hurt. some, this was a rather dramatic moment here. people actually being -- had been loaded up into a civilian pickup truck and taken, apparently, across that parking lot to safety and they are being led led to away to the triage area, to determine the extent of their injuries and get them the proper equipment. we're hitting the top the hour. it's 4:00 eastern time. it's 1:00 in the west right now. if you are just joining us, we're covering a mass shooting at the state disability office in san bernardino, california. undetermined number of people hit, undetermined number of shooters. police still trying to secure the area. s.w.a.t. teams going room to room inside the buildings inside that office complex or campus if you will, looking for shooters, victims, and securing against any kind of devices that may be there. a number of people safely
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others injured. taken to triage areas a few blocks away where they were then transferred to hospitals, some in ambulances, some by helicopter. we have lost our aerial shots for now because authorities have asked -- requested that news helicopters move away from the complied. they are obviously cognizant of anything that might betray the tactics or what the s.w.a.t. teams are actually doing right now inside the buildings as they try to secure the situation. in the bottom of your screen, you see knbc reporting as many as 3 day. we have some fatalities. nbc's miguel almagear joins us on the phone right now. >> reporter: there are several police helicopters on the air. they have told our affiliate to back their helicopter away.
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i can tell you officers here on the ground, even several blocks away are heavily armed. they have rifles, shotguns, and they are trying to keep the public back as far as they can. there are several ambulances here on scene so clearly this is still a very active scene here lester as police are trying to coordinate their response from here. >> and what about people who are trying to get to the scene? i can only imagine if you've been watching tv or you know someone that works in this building, your desire would be to check on your loved one. have you seen people coming here? >> reporter: certainly, lester. there are dozens and dozens of people at the edge of the street, as close as they can get, at least through police. waiting for any type of information. it's unclear if these are possible parents or family members of the victims, potential victims or know people who work inside this building, the area is lined here with pedestrians who are clearing looking and anticipating more here. >> we want to go to tom costello in washington.
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what's going on. members of congress, leadership have responded. what about federal law enforcement? to what extent do we know they might be getting involved here? >> fbi and atf is all right -- already on the scene and responding. the assistant director of the field office is personally responding. to pick up on the conversation you were having earlier about mass shootings in this country, when you were talking to clint van zandt, "the washington post" pointing out that this would be believe it or not the second mass shooting today alone. there was another one earlier today in savannah, georgia, in which one person was killed and three people were injured, and we have count of about 375 people killed so far this year in mass shooting incidents in this country alone. and by the way, today is the 18th anniversary of that high
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kentucky, and in that particular case, a 14-year-old killed three suspects, injured five. he went to prison. he's now 32 years old. >> tom costello. let's go back to the scene. miguel, you have more news? >> reporter: we know that the s.w.a.t. team had been here for some time. there's also a heavy presence from the bomb squad. technicians in three different high speed. they are certainly trying to get to the crime scene here. we had heard reports that it's left some type of explosive devices in the building. police certainly taking that very seriously as those officers now move in. >> that jibes with what we heard a while ago. they are looking for secondary devices, i'm not sure his terminology, if he's referring they had found other devices, but nonetheless they have got to look for anything suspicious and that is standard protocol in
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we are all, of course, anxious to hear about injured, about casualties, about whether the shooter or shooters are in custody, but those answers will come slowly as was pointed out. it's all right now about the safety of those who are working this scene and anyone -- any innocent person who may still be in there. and so we will watch this unfold. the helicopters have been asked -- i believe this is tape you're looking at. the helicopter has been asked to move back to allow the police to do what they do and to do their tactic kal maneuvers as they search room to room, floor to floor, inside that facility. if you were with us very early in the coverage, the initial reports we were getting from police, one to three suspects. some of the radio traffic seemed to indicate multiple suspects. we don't know that to be the case. we have to assume this came from people, witnesses who were
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to what they heard or what they surmised from what they heard, but police have to go on every possibility, including the worst possibility that there was more than one shooter and that they are still inside that facility, and there goes the caution we're seeing and the methodical nature to how they respond. san bernardino police there along with county sheriff and other law enforcement agencies have responded here. some members of s.w.a.t. teams, we're told, coming in on their time off, their day off to join we saw some of them go by in one of those armored bear cat vehicles much like we saw play out only a few days ago in colorado springs at the shooting there. this is a situation that these departments have practiced and have planned for and they are carrying it out, unfortunately, under these horrible circumstances. in terms of casualties, again, knbc reporting at least 20 injured, at least 3 dead.
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officially is that they have some fatalities. the spokesman declined to offer a number. noting they are still getting a handle on exactly what they are seeing here. you've seen a number of people in these videos on stretchers and some being walk in. they were apparently carried from the scene. we don't know if they had come out of the building on their own. they were scooped up into civilian vehicles or what have you, but clearly this medical triage facility or makeshift facility was set up in the street there and that is where they were initially brought. we believe all of those who were brought there at least to that point have been removed to hospitals, either via helicopter or ambulance and are receiving treatment. what we don't know and frankly what we fear for is what officers may find inside the building. there's only a rough description
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be wearing tactical gear, perhaps ballistic vest. as far as a weapon, it would seem to be something capable of pumping out bullets at a rapid fire. we're watching knbc's coverage out of los angeles. let's dip back in and listen. >> i don't know if she heard gunshots or somebody told her. she immediately went and hid in a back office somewhere with some other people and they hid. >> again, to reiterate what he just said, he got word that his daughter is safe. she was escorted out of the building but she was hiding in there. >> hiding in the back office with a few other people. imagine there being in the workplace doing your job and all of a sudden you are hearing multiple gunshots being fired off. >> yes, absolutely terrifying. we're hearing that the san bernardino board of supervisors is holding an emergency meeting. that will take place actually it's just getting under way. we're told 1:00 today to talk about this shooting and we're also told that san bernardino county plans to issue a
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>> and again, loma linda hospital -- >> we're going to cut away from knbc's coverage right now. we're joined on the phone by olivia bozak. can you hear me okay? >> yes, i can. >> tell us what you know right now. >> so what we know is that this incident really happened around 11:00 today. it's around two hours ago. there's an active shoorth at the -- shooter at the inland regional center. that's a place where they do
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news that there are deaths but i haven't confirmed anything from san bernardino pd. they haven't told us of any casualties there. >> we had heard the 1 to 3 suspects earlier. they are clearing this building. are there indications that the shooters are still there or is this a precaution and the belief is they made their escape? >> they don't know yet. that's why they are still doing their -- the systematic search of the building, once they determine that, i'm sure they will provide another update. she just went on the news right now and she was saying they don't have much to update. it's multiple fatalities. we don't have a number yet and a lot of people are injured. >> we've seen pictures of some of the injured people. do you know if those are people who ran out of the building and were rescued? >> i'm not sure if they were in the building at the time or outside of the building.
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have been in this building at this time? do we have any idea? >> i don't think -- we don't know the number of people because it's three rather large buildings. i don't know about the employee numbers. >> san bernardino pd is obviously the lead law enforcement here because it's in their community. your folks supporting them. are your s.w.a.t. teams on the ground there as well? >> yes, they are. our s.w.a.t. teams as well as multiple nearby agencies and other counties that are coming to help us. >> okay. all right. joining us. if you have more information, we you. >> okay thank you. >> confirming largely what we have heard so far, and as many as three suspects in this. there are multiple victims. there has been a loss of life, but we don't have numbers right now. the s.w.a.t. team is clearing.
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as the choppers have moved pack pointing in the direction of that facility right now where those s.w.a.t. teams are making their way through the buildings and clearing and making sure there's no suspects or any explosive devices or booby traps of any kind. we had a description of one suspect wearing body armor and tactical gear. all of this right now is very murky. the first order of business in these cases is to secure the area and make sure no one else is hurt. so a lot of answers are going to have to wait in terms of numbers of casualties. s.w.a.t. teams not only from san bernardino pd but also the san bernardino sheriff have joined in this operation to work their way around. as you can see, you know, the way that complex is laid out, numerous buildings there, a large parking lot, many of those who evacuated out were brought across to that golf course you saw just a moment ago and the
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intersection that seems to be largely the command post of this operation. people are now being led out. many of these may have been some of those who were evacuated from the building. they are trying to clear their area. at the same time they are trying to stop people from coming there who want to check on loved ones. you know, the nature of these sorts of things has changed in this era of rapid communications and some of the first things we see are tweets reportedly coming from inside these locations, and, of course, the ability to text loved ones and friends, get often very fast word of something like this happening, and we've certainly been monitoring some of those. clint van zandt is with us. clint, as we noted, the helicopters have pulled back. again, in this era of rapid communication, it has to be a real concern from law
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delicate tactical operation like this that the suspect or suspects are keeping a very close on the information as well as to their whereabouts. >> well, they are lester. we've seen too many situations where we've had perhaps hostage or barricade situations where the subject or subjects are inside of the barricaded situation, watching on television, watching the tactical teams move, trying to get into position to come in and make that rescue. right now, there are multiple sources giving out a description of an suv, a black suv that was allegedly seen leaving the area with upwards of three people. as you and i previously discussed, that number is really influx right now. whether people saw three get in, whether they saw one get in, or whether like in the case of the d.c. sniper and everybody saw a wiet van that had nothing to do with the situation, we don't know, but there's enough police
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lester, they need to look for something and one of the things they are looking for is that black suv on the chance that it situation. >> you are watching nbc news live coverage of the mass shooting in san bernardino, california. some stations will return to regular programming. for others, nbc news coverage continues. and again this is the scene from san bernardino. up. we can only presume they are there to take some of those who were evacuated to a safer, more secure location. their cars undoubtedly left in the parking lot as they were hurried to safety. this happened about 11:00 this morning pacific time. a gunman or gunmen burst into this facility in san bernardino and opened fire. a number of people hit. authorities do acknowledge there has been a loss of life, a number of people injured, but
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numbers other than what the said. there are at least three bodies and a reporter observing 20 people injured there in that triage center. nbc's tom costello continues to watch along with us. what do you have, tom? >> our justice producer mike issued. lookout. that goes to law enforcement agencies throughout the region. looking for a black suv, possibly a yukon. authorities. a bolo has been issue for a black suv, possibly a yukon in that general vicinity. we do not know how many suspects may be in that vehicle, but that at the moment appears to be what police are looking for and as we mentioned earlier, neighboring l.a. county and the l.a. county counterterrorism unit both now have been stood up and are standing by and looking for this
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generally, when these bolos go out and anybody who has ever listened to a scanner or anybody who has ever worked in a newsroom knows that very often you'll hear an alert go out over the radio in which dispatch will say attention all cars, prepare to copy information on a bolo. be on the look out. in this case, in san bernardino. they would proceed to give that information to all the officers listening on the radio at the same time it's transmitted over the computer terminals in every police car, in modern-day policing today. very often you would have that kind of information transmitted instantly to thousands of law enforcement officers on the streets and they begin aggressively looking for that vehicle. that is the word we're getting from federal authorities. a bolo is issue and they are looking for a black yukon in that general area. in the meantime, i would tell you lester to pick up on our
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concerns over the rising number of mass casualty incidents, one analyst said as more and more notable and tragic events occur, we think we're seeing more marginalized individuals who are seek being inspiration for past attacks. this is the copy cat syndrome they are concerned about. one incident begets another benets another. that seems to be a pattern they or so. >> we have on the phone larry becker. he's a spokesperson for loma linda medical center. can you tell us what you have received in term of casualties to your hospital? >> sure. sure. absolutely. we have received four adults patients so far here at the medical center. we have received word that we should expect three more on the way. we have a lot of people standing by ready to help.
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gunshots wounds? >> i can't confirm -- i don't know what the nature of the wounds are, but all of these people have come from the area. >> i know there's a network of hospitals in that area. do you know how many hospitals are receiving casualties from this event? >> i don't know of other hospitals specifically that are receiving them, but i suspect that there are one or two others fairly close to the area that might be. >> and what does this mean in terms of your hospital? when something like this happens, how does the word motion? >> when we get word on something like this from wherever, from law enforcement or as things start to arrive, we immediately go into an emergency situation here in our er, and we start calling people in, and, you know, we are fully staffed and ready to take care of these people as they arrive. >> of the four adults that you received, do you have conditions
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>> you know, i don't have any condition updates right now. >> i understand. treating your patients is obviously the priority. larry becker, thank you very much. >> that's fine. >> he's with loma linda medical center in southern california. noting they have received four adult patients related to this incident, and they are expecting three more. typically, in a mass casualty situation, there will be other medical facilities receiving patients. we'll try to get a handle on that and let you know as we learn more. this is, again, the pictures, live pictures from the ground near the inland regional center. center. the command post set up a few blocks away. that is an earlier map showing you the scene right there. you can see the sprawling parking lot. a number of buildings involved
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right now by s.w.a.t. teams, their first order of business right now is to secure the scene. we don't know what they have found so far inside that building in terms of any other possible casualties or anything, a suspect or suspects have left behind. i keep saying suspects because the initial reports and we heard a moment ago, they are still looking at the possibility of one to three suspects, and also there was a be on the look out, a bolo alert for a black suv that may be related to this. let's step back into the coverage of knbc now. >> such a tense situation this morning. words of shots fired came at 11:04 this morning and it was an active shooter situation. the word went out. law enforcement responded. you are looking at pictures of people who were inside the inland regional center. this is where it all happened and these were employees and perhaps clients who were being
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morning, and it is a very difficult process. >> let's take you out to the scene live here right now, and that picture there pretty new of a school bus, and from what i understand they are possibly loading folks from inside the building on to that bus, taken to the shell station that megan showed us live from the chopper. over fair oaks avenue in pasadena. a s.w.a.t. situation that she says could be related to what is happening here in san bernardino. folks are being told to stay away from that area, though we don't have specifics there for you. a s.w.a.t. situation happening on fair oaks avenue in pasadena and megan reyes on her way to the scene in news chopper 4. >> she told us about 10 minutes there are different reports about what happened here.
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reported seeing a black yukon leaving the scene here. we're not able to confirm ha with san bernardino police. at this point they are not confirming any details for us. other than to tell us this is an active shooter situation and asking people to stay away from the scene. they are asking family members to respond to the hernandez center at 222 north lugunda avenue. we don't know at this point what is going on in pasadena, although the early word is it is believed to be connected to this active shooter situation in inten. very -- san bernardino. very unusual. obviously, you can't help but think about the instances that have been happening globally when we talk about the terror events in paris and everyone on heightened alert because of -- >> we've been listening briefly to coverage on knbc in los
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bernardino, this mass shooting, and you heard them mentioning a situation that may be taking place in pasadena, california, involving a s.w.a.t. operation that may -- may be related to this. pasadena about a little over an hour's drive from san bernardino. it's there in the los angeles area. we don't know the connection right now, but as you heard knbc is reporting that. we will follow that. they have got someone en route there and we'll hear from them very shortly. whether these dots are connected long. the latest reports we're getting now from san bernardino itself, a police spokesperson telling our sister network cnbc, the attackers just went in the doors and began shooting and noted what -- that there's at least 100 officers on the scene there who have -- many of them have
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buildings themselves doing this methodical clearing operation. we don't know what they have found in terms of casualties inside. we know there are reports of at least 20 people who were injured. we heard from the hospital in the area that has received four adult patients and expects three mors. presumably, other hospitals will be receiving casualties as well. authorities have confirmed there are deaths. we don't know how many. let's go back to knbc. >> i can't really tell you. i only heard shots. i didn't see anything. >> what have you heard? >> just gunfire. >> and that there from someone shortly after the shooting, that sound being shot rolled by our photographer there on the scene, alex vasquez. didn't see a gunman, heard multiple shots. obviously still trying to process that -- what happened. she's being ushered out of that building. >> we're getting a little more
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in pasadena. nbc 4 reporter gadi schwartz tells us there's a perimeter being set up at the waterman discount mall which is near schools. we know this is fair oaks avenue. and we're getting word that this could be related to the s.w.a.t. -- the active shooter situation taking place here in san bernardino at the inland regional center. >> we're also getting word that there are u.s. marshalls being dispatched to the scene as well. the waterman discount mall, north waterman avenue, east olive street to the north and ninth street there to the south. it's near roberts elementary school which is to the south as well as sierra high school. >> a lot of schools in that area. >> so, again, that there a second scene, we're getting that information there from our nbc 4 reporter.
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we'll get to her shortly. >> lester holt back in new york as we continue to cover this unfolding situation in southern california. the shooting at 11:00 a.m. pacific time at a developmental disabilities office complex in san bernardino and now as you heard we're getting reports of about an hour away in pasadena, reports of a s.w.a.t. operation, the waterman discount mall has been -- a perimeter has been set up around it. we're not clear what the link, if any, is. stay with us as we try to work our way through this. but in the meantime, sean henry, joins us here in new york. sean, put your federal cap on right now. if you are watching this play out in san bernardino, you are hearing same reports of something may be playing out at or near a mall an hour away. what's happening at the federal level? >> on the heels of what we've
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in paris and belgium, certainly concerns this may be terroristed-related. we have heard about the thoughts and concerns that isis may be looking to create multiple shootings. this is too early to make that determination right now. law enforcement is concerned about that. there are a couple of things happening on the ground right now. when you talk about s.w.a.t. officers at the mall area, there may have been a call for some type of event there. in abundance of caution, they may have scrambled folks there. at the site where we saw the shooting today where they got people shot and killed, they are still looking to see if there are any other subjects in that area. they are looking to collect intelligence on witnesses on the ground, they are looking to do something that might help them to identify who these subjects are. >> sean, let me just interrupt you for a second. i want to quickly update. we're hearing from our station in los angeles, that the situation in pasadena is not related.
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we'll find out more about that in a minute. that's important. continuing your thought, the initial report, one to three suspects. when you hear multiple suspects, does that not take this out of the category of the kind of shootings, mass shootings we've dealt with primarily in this country? >> i think when we've seen some of the mass shootings we've seen recently domestically that when we see theaters or schools, we've looked at people who have been mentally ill, people who have been struggling, somebody who might have had a personal vendetta. when you talk about multiple shooters, it certainly conjures up the thought this was something planned and organized. it's not spur of the moment. these are people who had a very definitive mission. historically in the past, when we've seen multiple shooters in incidents, we've seen bank robberies and those sorts of things. that doesn't appear fob the case here. police are going to be concerned. federal authorities, they are going to look at terrorism first because that's where you default to unfortunately in this day and age and they will work with the


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