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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  December 2, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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investigators are still arrivin on scene. we have heard over 100 police officers here at this location alone. so we haven't seen many officers scrambling out of this area, but we do know at this hour, there is certainly a manhunt going on all across this region. >> i'm sure it's very tense there. we had seen earlier a lot of people who had been rescued from inside, who had been evacuated. have they been taken from the area now? >> reporter: it appears to have been. there are three local hospitals that are relatively close to this area. we have heard the sirens leaving this area. some of our network correspondents and producers that are fanned out across this region are reporting in. family members are arriving there. they are seeing activity. they are seeing police cars arriving at those locations, so this does seem to be -- even though it's been a few hours since this incident, a very fluid situation. as a matter of fact, just behind me now, moving in the direction off screen here, we saw three balances just pull out of this area, so it's still very active here.
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chief noted those casualty figures are what they have now and they are subject to change. thanks very much. i want to go to our los angeles bureau. andrew blanksteen is an nbc news investigative producer. i know you've been working the phones and your sources. what are you hearing? >> i think one of the key things i'm hearing, especially as we look across the five-county area, because we have suspects that are being sought, is the information about who these people are. the question about whether to go public or keep it close to the vest is always a tough call for law enforcement. and as the hours pass, sometimes police hold that back. but you want the public involved to try to get some of these folks. there just hasn't been a lot of information on that account. >> are you getting any sense that police believe there's a continuing danger here? >> you know, i get it from folks that are kind of outside the immediate san bernardino area.
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information that people want. and as every hour passes, we do get in a situation where people can change vehicles, they can get further away, and that concerns a lot of law enforcement in the area. >> and we heard that this was kind of an all hands on deck response from law enforcement. is this something that law enforcement in southern california kind of practiced as much like fire agencies do? >> there's a practice, and then there's a practicality. a couple years ago with the christopher dorner case, the ex-lapd officer who committed two murders and then shot law enforcement officers while he was on the run across the area. that was kind of ten days that kind of gripped the area, where law enforcement was actively searching for him. and so it ended up in -- the shootout in the mountains. so obviously, as time goes on, they're concerned that where are these suspects?
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lots of conflicting information. we saw that in the l.a.x. shooting also in 2013, where there were initial reports of multiple suspects. it ended up that there was one suspect. the amount of information, especially now that you throw social media into that, they have to check out leads, but sometimes that might change direction in a way that they don't want. >> all right. very much. we'll be checking back with you. we're rounding the bottom of the hour now. if you're just joining us, and perhaps you've read the tweets or heard news alerts about this and you're just getting settled in, let's bring you quickly up to speed. about 11:00 this morning pacific time at a regional center for develop men developmental disabilities, as many as three gunmen burst into a building into a room and opened fire. the latest casualty numbers we
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people injured, being treated at hospitals right now. the three gunmen, if it was as many as three, are presumed to escape, although s.w.a.t. teams have been securing room by room, the rooms in this facility. the shooters presumed to have escaped, possibly in a black suv that is now the subject of an intense hunt in southern california. this all taking place about an hour and a half drive east of los angeles. the entire region right now on alert. there's the bolo, be on the suv. there's the number that authorities have given out for anyone that may have information about the shootings. the police chief in a news conference a while ago acknowledged they do have active leads in the hunt, and here's what he told us a bit earlier. >> we have no information at this point to indicate that this is terrorist-related in the traditional sense that people may be thinking. obviously at minimum, we have a domestic terrorist type situation that occurred here.
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they did, as if they were on a mission. >> jarrod burguan, the police chief there in san bernardino, california. and he has been joined by the fbi along with the atf, the fbi also saying they don't know if this is terrorism in the way that many of us tend to define it. but certainly that is at the top of the investigation as they try to figure out a motive, and thereby figure out if there is further danger, an imminent danger from these individuals who may have been a part of this. the early reports were that one of the individuals or all of them may have been in body armor, or tactical gear. but as the chief noted, these were people who were prepared as if they were on a mission. i think that speaks to the sense that they knew where they were going and what they wanted to do. so these are some of the earlier pictures of the wounded who were being taken out of the line of
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get first aid, and then shuttled off to various hospitals. again, 14 injured. there is no listing of conditions right now. only the number of people all believed to be adults who were taken to various hospitals there in southern california. the region very much on alert in the san bernardino area. we're told that hospitals, other government buildings, city hall, courts, that sort of thing are essentially under lockdown, or under a heightened security as they try to figure out if there's an ongoing threat, and whether this can potentially be targeted at government. now. but a pretty impressive task force of law enforcement now on the scene trying to figure out who these individuals might have been and what they wanted and what triggered this apparently planned and assault on this facility. this is a place apparently a lot
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county workers, other agencies under the umbrella of the developmental disabilities board there in california, we're told that sometimes there are clients. people who are afflicted with developmental disabilities can be on site. we don't have a breakdown of who may be dead or injured. we were also told there were a number of people who were not evacuated, but they were sheltered in other buildings on that complex. police knew where they were, preferred them to stay there while they continued to work other parts of the facility, trying to find the suspects themselves. the sheriff again saying no i.d., no motive on the individuals. and we saw one of the local schools nearby that was in lockdown, although we're getting would be let out. we're not sure whether that will happen and how long that
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but this is some of the crowd we believe from the center itself. people who came out may not have been in the direct area of the shooting, but many of them heard the shots. not sure exactly what was going on, what they were hearing, but instructed to get out. and escorted across the street to safety. police vehicles, helicopters responding. they've asked news media and other helicopters to leave the their work. you know, protecting their tactical movements as they go through that building. they are still largely acting as if there is a threat, but it seemed clear from the news conference that they believe the shooter or shooters are able to escape. whether all of them are inside the facility or whether some
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be also have to do with them not wanting helicopters over the scene. we're not positive on that. there you see. up to three shooters. clint van zandt joins us right now. we were talking about how they prepared as if they were on a mission, and what you can read into that. we tend to see these domestic terrorism things as someone who has a very specific grudge, and generally one person with a specific grudge. rarely, outside of international terrorism do we see a number of individuals. what stands out here to you? >> i think you're right, lester. the challenge is, many times, we'll have one person. whether it be an individual with mental health condition, or whether he or she was terminated from a job. whatever it may be, that's where we see these so called lone wolves, because it's very hard
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to adopt your cause. and especially in this case, to go out and commit mass murder line. when we see something like that, it's usually individuals that are -- that have some type of long-term relationship. we've seen brothers and significant others that would work something like this together. but just to go out and pick two other people that you know and say hey, you know, i'm going to commit mass murder today, i need your help. of course, the vast majority of people are going to say no. that's the challenge for law enforcement, is what mission, what motive would inspire not one, not two, but perhaps three people to come together, assemble the uniforms, the weapons, the vehicles, to come up with a targeting information, if, in fact, it was directed at a specific group in this conference center, and then go in and commit this act and still
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perhaps to up to three different locations. that's the frustration for law enforcement right now. >> yeah. the threat that maybe they have split apart, clint. let me bring in our justice correspondent pete williams in our washington newsroom. you've been working the phones and your sources. what are you hearing, pete? >> obviously the most important thing now is to try to figure out who these people were. they're following a number of leads right now. some of which they don't want made public. let me tell you some of the other things that they are doing. they're scouring the area for surveillance video, from cameras near the scene. they'll be looking for any glimpse of what they believe was the getaway car, this dark suv. they'll look for a video that might show it either arriving or leaving the scene, and they'll hope that they can maybe get a license plate number off or a better description of the vehicle. they're obviously interviewing the people who were inside the building, trying to develop a better description of what the gunmen looked like, and any other clues that the witnesses could provide them.
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what did their voices sound like? what were they wearing? that can all be important information. they're looking through social media. they're looking for any indication that the gunmen themselves may have discussed their attack in advance. they're looking for any threatening messages that may have been addressed against that building that was the focus of the attack today in san bernardino. they're looking at their own threat streams that they've had the last hours and days, because local police, fbi, they get these threats all the time of people calling in to say they've heard something is beginning to happen -- going to happen. it's not unusual that they've had threats in the l.a. area. they'll look back at those again. all that's happening now. >> let's listen now to the mayor of san bernardino, he's on knbc. >> our sheriff's department also, they've done a great job of harnessing the resources that they can.
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assisting and aiding. i appreciate all the offers that we've received from the state and county level that have been here on scene, make sure that the area is secure and we're in contact with the other major facilities we have in our community, make sure that they're staying on top and they're keeping their particular facilities safe and secure, so they have done that. we've been in touch with the superintendent of schools, our cal state president, as well as our community college and they are all monitoring the situation, making sure that they take whatever protocols are necessary to make sure that their facilities are maintained and kept safe. >> what do you want the fine people of san bernardino, their constituents to know about what's happening with the response and finding these people? >> well, i can't say too much more about that. that information needs to stay secure. as long as it's an open investigation, we have to rely upon p.d., as well as our sheriff and fbi is here also to
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our community comes together at these times. they have this the past. i'm very grateful and expect thing. we want them to stay away from the area. we want them to know to be cautious and look out for any suspicious activity and report that as it's been indicated earlier to the tip lines so that they'll have all the information to help them to move as quickly as possible at apprehending the suspect. >> i know this has been very hard on you, being the mayor here and trying to resurrect the city that has seen so much other violence and firefighters and police officers asking for help because of the economy. how is it in your eyes now that you're going to have to deal with this huge tragedy, this human tragedy up on that? so much is on your shoulders now. >> i do believe that our council together with the staff that we have will coming to and make the necessary changes to ensure that the community continues on that
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bankruptcy certainly is one of the things that keeps us in the press. we are making progress. i think that that will help to bring the city back into more economic and viable community. certainly this adds a dimension of something we'll have to deal with. san bernardino is very resilient. we will recover from this and we will do the best that we can to make sure that our community continues to stay safe. >> you know, you're going to have to probably leave the scene and face a very difficult scene. i'm sure you're going to be visiting victims' family members. how are you preparing for that? >> well, as any tragedy like this, we rely upon that higher source that gives us that comfort. and i would just encourage those who are going through this to draw upon that faith that they have, that we'll be able to comfort them during this very tragic time, their families are going to be impacted. it's something they'll be
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our thoughts and prayers go out to them. we're certainly mourning with them at this particular time. >> thank you, mary carey davies. yor carey mayor. >> this city is dealing with this horrible loss of life. 14 dead, 14 injured, and the risk that the shooter or shooters are still at large. let's go to nbc's blake mccoy. he is there on the scene in san bernardino. what do you have? >> reporter: we're waiting for another official update from authorities. we have been promised ed d an update on the hour. right now the focus is clearing whoever is left inside that building. of course, the search for those suspects. we're hearing possibly three suspects. that's the assumption they're working off of. i can tell you this entire area around this facility has been blocked off. law enforcement agencies from across the region have come in to assist in blocking off this
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but it's now been more than three hours since this shooting, so if the shooters really did escape in a dark colored suv like authorities believe they did, they could be anywhere at this point. >> all right, blake, thanks very much. we want to go to ron allen of the white house. we have almost come to expect to hear from the president at times like this. he was incidentally being interviewed today and had some comments. what did he say? >> reporter: exactly, lester. i think we may hear from the president later, but at this point, things are so unsettled there, he's monitoring events, being briefed on what's happening out there. but yes, he was doing an interview with cbs news, our colleagues, in the moments after the shooting happened. hear some of what he had to say, not knowing a lot about the detail just yet. >> my hope is that we're able to contain this particular shooting and we don't yet know what the motives of the shooters are. but what we do know is that
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make americans safer, and that we should come together in a bipartisan basis at every level of government to make these rare as opposed to normal. we should never think that this is something that just happens in the ordinary course of events because it doesn't happen with the same frequency in other countries. >> reporter: the president very concerned about what he says is a pattern. san bernardino, colorado, oregon, south carolina. these mass shootings. the president has been trying to push for what he calls common sense gun safety legislation, but he's been thwarted by the congress. he also said in that interview that it's incumbent on state and local governments to step forward and do something. just yesterday, he was in paris attending a global summit on climate change. he was asked about the situation at the planned parenthood facility and he compared how much effort is put into combatting terrorism and how little, as he sees it, is put
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the united states, which he insists claims many more lives in america. so that parallel -- again, we don't know if we're going to hear from the president this evening. i'm sure that they're waiting for events to unfold. it's still unclear exactly what happened there, whether this was terrorism, domestic terrorism, international terrorism, or a mass shooting of some sort involving some domestic issue. who knows what at this point tragically. the president monitoring events, trying to keep tabs on what's going on, and we may hear from him later on. >> all right, ron, thanks very much. as we wait to hear from police there in san bernardino with another promised update, we want to let you know that house speaker paul ryan at the lighting of the capitol christmas tree made some comments about the events in california a short time ago. let's listen to that. >> before i begin, i just want to say that we are all thinking about the current and ongoing
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and i would like to have a brief moment of silence now for those who are affected. please keep the victims and their families in your prayers right now. >> congressman paul ryan just a short time ago at the scheduled lighting of the capitol christmas tree, calling for that moment of silence there as washington and the rest of the country frankly waits to find out exactly how and what happened at that developmental disabilities center in san bernardino today. we know that 14 people are dead, 14 people injured there. but we know little else about the motivation of the shooter, or as it turns out possibly shooters. as many as three people, the police chief telling us were
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on a mission, seem to be well-prepared for this shooting attack. there are the grim numbers. the police chief did note that those numbers could change as they get a better handle on the situation there. they have been making their way through those buildings, clearing them, doing secondary searches, making sure there were no devices left behind of an explosive nature. the usual things you would expect on the heels of this. many of the people from those buildings safely evacuated, taken now away from the scene in school buses. but perhaps 100 or more police remain on the scene there, even as other locations are being either locked down or under heavier locations, government places, courts and city halls, and hospitals noted as well, places that are being carefully watched right now. as to what they know about the shooters in that last update, police being tight-lipped noting
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but stopping at that, and saying that. but that at least offers a glimmer of hope that they know who they're looking for or at least have a trail that they can follow. they have put a be on the lookout bulletin for a dark-colored suv. there's the description, just a black suv, possibly a yukon. they put this phone number up. 1-866-346-7632 is the number people can call with information. now, whether one left in that vehicle or three may have been involved and split up, that remains a possibility as well. you can imagine the chaotic rush to the scene for police, and the possibility of someone not making their escape during that, that may very well be what happened here. much of southern california right now on alert, on the lookout for potentially three shooters who were involved in this.
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correspondent continues to follow in washington, d.c. what do you have, pete? >> the most important thing now is to try to find that suv. they've got lots of officers in the area, looking for anything that matches that description, pulling them over. that remains the focus right now to try to find out if they can get a glimpse, to find some stop it. even if it's empty, that would be valuable information. that would be a huge break to try to trace it back, look for fingerprint evidence, were any weapons left behind, all that kind of thing. so that's the main focus right now, lester. >> all right, pete. in terms of -- we heard the police and the fbi discuss the possibility is this terrorism, domestic or otherwise. what does that trigger right now in washington, d.c., where i think like everywhere else, everyone's been on a heightened sense of anxiety since paris?
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lester. number one is, as strictly law enforcement, if the decision is made that it's domestic terrorism, the fbi automatically takes the lead. the fact that the lead is still the local authorities tells you that no conclusion is made about that. and then, of course, obviously, if it is considered domestic terrorism, the nationwide alert will go out telling the police that this has happened and they should be extra vigilant to things like that in their area. i will say this. nobody that i've talked to knows who these people are or has even a clue who they are. so there's no confidence that they know what the motive was. having said that, everybody i've talked to back here says it doesn't seem like terrorism. it doesn't seem to have any of the hallmarks. the target would seem an odd one. there was no statement, no yelling of any phrases like
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attacks like the ones in paris. terrorism. they can't say it wasn't, but everybody i've talked to, all the intelligence agencies, law enforcement agencies back here that are following this say there's no reason to think that it is. >> and if the reports are true that these individuals were equipped with body armor, and the least police saying they were prepared for what they were going to do, that leads to the escape. motive, does that help? >> i don't know that it does. and the other thing is so often people wear body armor in these active shooter situations without really thinking of what the end game is. so these people obviously did. another thing to think about that the authority ies will look at is, you have to remember how unusual this is. it's unusual in so many different respects. a, more than one gunman in an active shooter situation.
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two, they got in and out so quickly. the thought is they must have been familiar with that building. that implies that they had been in there before. so they're going to look and talk to people, have you seen people that look like this in that building in the last couple of weeks? did they look familiar to you? is there any reason to think that they might have been in there -- is there any reason to think at least some of them at some point -- because they seemed to get in and out so quickly and not just wandering around. so that can be a piece of information as well. >> i would think there would have to be in terms of questioning people who were there, if there had been any ongoing disputes, or disgruntled people. >> right. who's got a grudge? >> that's the kind of things that would produce leads very quickly, i would think. >> yes. undoubtedly, it's clear that there are leads that they're running down based on that. how productive they'll be, who knows. they'll be chasing a lot of leads here.
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bad guys. >> all right, pete. let's go to blake mccoy. he's on the scene in san bernardino. do you get the situation that they're standing down now, at least from the active shooter type alert? >> reporter: we do get that feeling. we're about two blocks away from the regional center right now. we just saw four more school buses brooigt ught down there. that would indicate they're not on high alert like they were several hours ago, lester. >> are members of the public there or any of the evacuees, or is it now pretty much first responders and press. >> reporter: they prech clear tty much cleared everyone out. people are still on lockdown. other businesses, they are still on lockdown at this point. >> and i thought i understood the police chief to say he would be getting hourly updates. do we expect another one soon? >> reporter: we should be expecting one in about three
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of course, they have their hands full searching for possibly three shooters who got away in a black suv. that time, three minutes from now, may shift a little bit if they're in the middle of something. >> all right, blake, thanks. pete, what's the fib role here bi role right now? are they observing or part of the active investigation? >> they'll be very much an active part of the investigation. the way these things work, is the fbi and the atf will take their direction from the local authorities. they're there to help at this point. they're not in charge. there's a lot of things they can do. and they have a lot of things they have experience in. one of the things that has to happen here, we've got basically two parallel investigations right now. one is outside that building, trying to find these people before they can shoot anyone else, get them arrested, and bring them to justice. secondly, valuable evidence is inside that building. so there has to be evidence technicians that get to the scene, and they have to now
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that's one thing that the fbi and the atf are very good at. they have experienced evidence response technicians, so that can be a big role for them in this and that can take a lot of the pressure off of the local police who can be freed up to do something else. secondly, any time they get a name or a possibility or a rumor or something that has to be checked out, the fbi and atf can help run down those people, try to find them, interview them, so that's the kind of things that they can do to help. >> you also mentioned -- and this has become such an important part of so many investigations. surveillance video. it seems ubiquitous. >> remember, it was the key piece of evidence that led to the arrest of the boston bombing brothers. it shows you how key it can be. right now, rather than building a criminal case, is to get people off the streets and find


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