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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  December 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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a day of horror and heartbreak. tonight searching for answers in the california shooting. authorities say two shooters are dead tonight, killed in a gun battle with police in san bernardino, california and they're questioning a third possible suspect. police say the man and woman killed were behind the mass shooting today that took the lives of 14 people and hurt more than a dozen others. >> investigators say they do not have a clear motive but tonight the s.w.a.t. team raided this home where one of the suspects lived and there's been ongoing concern throughout the evening and night about explosives inside. >> there's the dark suv that police say they escaped in earlier. their windows and doors shot out after a wild exchange with police. we saw the s.w.a.t. team move in fearing a bomb in there as well. >> this started when the
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social services facility in san bernardino bernardino. 17 others were injured as hundreds ran for cover to escape the gunfire. >> we have night team coverage including the latest on the suspects, the tense standoff and the firsthand accounts of chaos. let's get more on the fbi raid happening as we speak. >> kim, you know what? i can tell you at this hour nbc news is identifying one of the attackers as syed farook, an american citizen. at this hour the fbi has surrounded his home. an armored police vehicle took out the front door to get inside. the s.w.a.t. team is being very careful. officials are concerned that the home could be booby trapped. fbi investigators raced to the house a few hours ago. listen closely to hear their warning to anyone inside the house. >> come to the front door. it's the fbi. >> it was a tip that led the fbi to this home.
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about the suspect. environment al ! environmental and health specialists, and one left upset. that's something investors are looking into tonight. we've also just learned that the l.a. council on american islamic relations is condemning the attack. they're expected to talk soon, and a family member of one of the suspects is expected to be there. live in the newsroom, kimberly bookman, 7 news night team. >> southern california is on edge tonight. we know two suspects are dead. new details are still pouring in, though. let's get to tim in the newsroom with the latest. investigators. the suspects are either dead or currently in custody. at this point police have not announced a motive in the deadliest mass shooting in the u.s. in three years. two suspects, a man and woman, were killed in a shoot-out with police. they through pipe-bombs during the chase. officers were cautious when they suv. >> they were dressed in kind of
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is the best way to term it. they were both armed with assault rifles. they were both armed with handguns. >> san bernardino police say a third person was detained and they're trying to figure out if there are more attackers on the run. a tip led police to the suspects four hours after gunmen opened fire inside the regional center where they were hosting a holiday banquet. 14 were killed and 17 were injures. those trapped inside questioned questioned -- frightened family members. >> we're all locked in offices on the floor. please pray for us. so as a parent, as a father, you know, that's kind of like the worst thing you can have come across your phone. >> reporter: witnesses say three people wearing masks and tactical gear opened fire using assault rifles. >> she saw a guy dressed in all black with a mask and a big gun. she didn't describe anything
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and they were shooting at the first floor. >> they set up triage areas in the parking lot, so many injures some were driven out of danger in a pickup truck. after getting inside the building they found one explosive device left behind. president obama was briefed about the shooting and again referenced the need for stricter gun laws. >> obviously, our hearts go out to the victims and families. the one thing we do know is that we have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in the world. there's some steps we could take not to eliminate every one of these mass shootings but to improve the odds that they don't happen as frequently. common sense gun safety laws, stronger background checks. >> reporter: this is the deadliest mass shooting since sandy hook. they don't know a motive but with two suspects dead and one questioned it's a matter of time
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>> one of the big questions that comes up repeatedly is is this terrorism? i'm not willing to say that we know that for sure. we're definitely making some movements that it is a possibility. we are making some adjustments to the investigation. it is a possibility, but we don't know that yet. >> two assault rifles and handguns have been recovered in this investigation. still a very active scene this evening. the atf tonight says crews found a second explosive device at the shooting scene. live in the newsroom. >> people that live in the neighborhood where the shoot-out probing out say it sounded like a war zone. whether it was over, there was a massive manhunt. s.w.a.t. team members and police officers swarming that neighborhood going door to door responsible. ryan is here with more on that. >> there were terrifying moments in that area. police swarmed the neighborhood
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was on the run. we can see people running right now from our live picture. >> police race around an entire neighborhood on lockdown as police try to figure out if there were more suspects in the mass shootings. >> officers are now relocating and calling for backup. >> officers in full tactical gear swarmed the area on foot, often carted around in a heavily armored vehicle. >> we heard the sirens coming, and the next thing we know they stopped on the next block and gunfire erupted. >> neighbors shaken by what they saw and heard. >> it went on for five to ten minutes shooting constantly. there was a few explosions and it quieted down and then it e erupted again. it was unbelievable. we were ducking down over here and couldn't believe it. it sounded like a war going on. >> s.w.a.t. teams went home by home with guns drawn searching every building. >> we locked down the
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shelter in place and searched the neighborhood extensively. a couple of minutes ago we got word it was wrapped up. no additional folks have been contacted or seen there. we feel that area is safe and we can lift that shelter in place order there. >> that situation in the tonight. when shots first rang out at the inland center, people were taking cover. those who could make it out walked up as you saw there walked out with their hands up until they were in the clear. we heard some terrifying firsthand accounts from people close to the mass shooting. we continue the night team coverage with what witnesses are saying. >> a terrifying time inside. many didn't know what was going on. others that did say they were trying to stay alive. everyone describing a chaotic and terrifying situation. >> horrific. scary, nervous. i just want to see my kids. >> workers inside the inland regional center in san bern
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when a gunman opens fire. >> i heard another co-worker screaming there's a shooting. she got shot! >> many hid in closets or locked the office doors fearing for their safety. this woman hid inside a closet for 30 minutes. >> we had our texts. >> others went about their daily routines when shots rang out. >> it was a normal day, and the next thing you know we hear this big boom and it kept on going and going. it was bad. >> it sounded like a gun range. shots went off like crazy, a lot of shots. >> once families were finally able to meet up with their loved ones, there were a lot of hugs and tears. relief for those who made it out alive but grief for those who didn't. >> fortunately she made it out fine. unfortunately, others didn't. my thoughts are with their families.
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were killed and 17 hurt. the shooting sparked mass families. a lot of them spent hours waiting to hear word from loved happened. the night team's brandon ga notice has more on emotional moments. >> family members are kept away from the scene by police. the only way they knew if their loved ones were safe was a text message. >> it's terrible, it's terrible. i have no words to describe it. >> my sister is in there. she works there. i haven't been able to contact her. >> family members with loved ones inside felt hopeless. their cell phones, if they were lucky, was the only way to know if their loved ones were alive. >> he's in there, him and his brother. if you see this, brian, call me and let me know that you and your brother are okay so i can give word back to the family. everybody is worried about you guys. >> this mother and father found out their daughter was inside from a text saying active shooter on site.
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>> the s.w.a.t. team is on site trying to secure the building. i'm in a tiny room with a bunch of people. we're freaking out. please pray for us. >> she's so scared. she kept saying i'm so scared right now. >> outside the facility everyone was pacing and texting with those still inside. >> they turned off the lights and tried to block the door and lock it so that they couldn't get in if the shooters were around that area. >> shooting at my work. people shot. in the office waiting for cops. she texted, so they're both hiding as we speak. >> even after survivors were safe, all they could do is text loved ones until police escorted them to the area where family members were being held. >> there's relief she's okay. the unknown is still scary. >> here's one moment so many family members were waiting on, hugging their loved ones after seeing them safe for the first sometime since this tragedy began.
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building, and she's safe. >> you just got the call? >> yeah. >> how do you feel right now? >> relived. >> scott murphy with his wife said as a parent it was the worst text come across your phone. his daughter is okay and they were reunited some time later. >> stay with 7 news on air and online for updates. if we get new information about the shooters, the victims or the investigation, we'll send out breaking news alerts on and the mobile and tablet apps. we are posting updates on facebook and twitter. more news tonight. when we come back, some of the day's other news. >> includes the search for suspects behind a brutal crime in worcester that left a mother dead. a teenager is in custody charged with a stabbing. tom brady calling for change. the rules he wants put in place since gronk went down. >> the forecast is drier tomorrow. finally we get the sun b
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america runs on dunkin'. candles and flowers have been left. investigators say they found her body on the side of the road. >> they do believe more than one death. kelly o'hara is in worcester with what we know right now. >> reporter: police are looking for two suspects and for the first time we're now seeing an image of that 31-year-old woman. a mother of three, a woman who had a promising singing career and her family said she actually once had a full scholarship to the berkeley college of music. they say her life was taken way too soon. a candle flickers in the dark. a memorial and a reminder of what happened on this worcester street corner just 24 hours earlier. >> it's a really hard time for
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didn't deserve this. >> she was a sweet person. >> 31-year-old sharice hill was killed and stabbed to death and this man said it was an argument over money. >> they were arguing over a card and the girl got stabbed. >> surveillance camera capture this gruesome crime. it shows a woman running away and then the murder. police say it's dark and grainy and need your help to solve this crime. family still in shock says they caught. >> we hope we find the person that did this to her. >> i can't even believe all this is going on. she was so much more beautiful than this. she was better than this. nobody deserves this. >> reporter: nobody deserves that indeed. now, police believe there were witnesses who may have seen something and are asking anyone to please come forward so they
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and bring this woman's killer to justice. o'hara. the jury in the trial of a local teenager accused of killing his teacher visited the crime scene today. they took the trip to the high school where they say philip chisolm murdered his math teacher in 2013. before leaving the courtroom testify. he identified him when he refused to leave his jail cell three weeks ago. the defense is using his testimony to prove he was insane when he killed the teacher. woods behind the high school. they say he killed her in a bathroom at the school and dragged her body outside using a rye recycle ing bin. the father of bella bond appeared in court today. while he was detained he mentioned her name saying, do
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his arrest is days after his daughter was laid to rest. he came forward saying he was the biological father of bella bond. bond's mother and boyfriend are charged with her death. a teenager faces charges in connection with the stabbing of an everett high school football player. police arrested him at his home this morning. police say he stabbed efrlt high school quarterback marvin in the hand after their friends allegedly got into a fight on halloween. he's charged with assault and battery. the mbta trying to stay on track with preparations for any upcoming snowstorms. governor charlie baker saw the new winter equipment today. he said the state invested about $85 million in preparation for the upcoming winter season. it's part of the efforts to make sure travel problems that storms caused last year won't happen again this year. it's nice to know we're prepared, isn't it? >> we're good to go. >> no snow in the forecast right now, though, pete?
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temperatures around 50 degrees and we're fogged in right now. the humidity is 100%. a blustery day tomorrow. not worried about fog for the morning ride. cooling down as well at least tomorrow and friday. milder weekend forecast for us. how about the downpours through the meramec valley. let's inspect them. they're heavy right now. the rain is pouring down in in methuen. it's reaching over and it's marching northeast. look out in port doeses smith and newberry and sales burge. that's intense rain and no thunder expected, but it's going to be like, you know, the skies opening up for about 15, 20 minutes and that's it. it's gone. offshore by midnight. there it is. showers down through buzzard's bay exiting as well. tomorrow breaking up some of the clouds. we may have an overcast sky in my spots and best chance.
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boston and 357 and 60 degrees in new bedford and providence. some of this warmth spreads up into southern new hampshire. nashua is longing for it at 43 degrees. dew points went up. the humidity is in the air. this is very undecember-like. because the air is sticky and we push in warmer air over cold land, we have a fog issue right now. visibility is about a third of a mile, three-tenths of a mile. it's better where it was foggier earlier and it should lift thanks to low pressure marching away for tomorrow. that northwest wiendz will whip and gust over 30 miles per hour at times, but it will help to bring the sunshine back. the only thing is there's a batch of cool air coming in behind the weather system, so whatever we have now in terms of 50s or warm-ups, they'll be going away tomorrow. there's the wind. we get to that issue first. gusting 20, 30-plus tomorrow in the afternoon. there you are at 5:30 and still going.
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maine and dropping some snow over northernmost maine. if you're up with the birds you'll notice it. by 8:00, it's long gone. that wind will bring down the chill. it settles in for friday, but it's a one-day stint. i see a warm-up for the weekend. now it's confirmed. there's a lot of sunshine in terms of the weekend, too. there will be a sea breeze on saturday. it may knock us back into the lower 50s or near 50 as the coast. sunday won't be denied warmth. showers and temperatures rise, and then tomorrow falling afternoon. 47 to 55 initially, but by day's end you saw that. low 40s and even some upper 30s all right. there's your weekend in view. 54 and 60. where is the cold, right? well, i don't have any at all. i mean, even overnight. 30s. next week.
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something is off the eastern seaboard. the it's a rainy nor'easter if it comes to us, though. not a white one. >> even i know no snow in the 50s, right? we know that gronk went down in denver over the weekend, and tonight tom brady is talking about it. >> he's making his case for a rule change in the nfl after watching his big tight end get hit on sunday night.
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for the first time in nearly a year, the patriots are trying to regroup after a loose. it helps to have a team like the 4-7 eagles coming to town this sun. getting a few banged-up bodies back in the mix would be great for this team right now. hightower was limited and jamie collins who is getting over his mysterious illness. danny amendola was limited but encouraged whether talking about
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don't think gronky. the play was on brady's mind. >> i think they should change rules with the defenseless receivers. i don't think there's anything different than a chop block. everyone else has her legs protected in the nfl. quarterbacks get their legs protective and defensive linemen do. linebackers get their legs protected. i don't see why a defenseless receiver shouldn't get his legs protected either. maybe that's something to look at in the off-season. some of the boston's best and brightest honored at the garden. they celebrated jerry cheevers, benoit and seymour and roger clemens talking about the new red sox ace david price. >> i think one thing david has going for him, he's been through this town a lot pitching as a visitor. en and he's been in the american league east, so he knows what to
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i wish him the best of health. i think if he's healthy being a power pitcher he should do pretty well. >> jim was a seven-time word champion passed away yesterday. he was the only player to have his name retired dies of complications pneumonia with parkinson's disease. he was 85. inches rangers and islands battling in brooklyn. blue shirts down 1-0 when viktor stalberg goes to work in the front of the net. who needs who turn around when you have skills like that? stalberg stalberg's goal is good for the play of the day. the bruins tied at 1 identify 1 with the oilers. here's jimmy with what's next on "the tonight show."
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that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of
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we're staying on top of california. two suspects dead after a mass shooting in san bernardino. this began after 11:00 their time this morning when gunmen wearing tactical gear and masks opened fire with assault rifles in a social services facility. police do say a third person is in custody right now, though they're not sure whether the person is connected to the crime. tonight the s.w.a.t. team raided a home there believed to be where at least one of the suspects lived, and there is concern about possible explosives in that home. >> this is the suv police say
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get-away earlier. the windows and doors were shot out. the swat .w.a.t. team moved in carefully. in the end at least 14 people were killed today in the shooting, another 17 injured. first responders set up triage areas outside, and investigators are still trying to figure out why. still no clear motive for the attack. we have have much more on the shooting in california on "today in new england" at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. thanks for watching at 11:00. >> "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon is next. catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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