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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  December 3, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> stepped up security at cambridge schools. police identified two shotters who they said killed 14 spree. from manslaughter to murder. oscar pistachio convicted again in the death of his girl friend. >> good bd to you. thanks for joining us. i'm nancy chen. i'm jadiann thompson. first let's get a check of your forecast with jeremy reiner. off out there. >> sunshine back to new england as the storm system from the last couple of days beginning to move away. that moving process is going to result in a windy day. temps right now h the upper 40.
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but i think as we work into the afternoon later this morning in this afternoon this will be your issue. it's the wind already 10 to 20 miles per hour gusting over 25. here's your wind time line. you notice midafternoon occasionally gusting to 30 miles per hour. and that will become a chilly wind later on this afternoon. then as we work toward overnight tonight the wind fades away. a mix of clouds and sunshine. windy and cool. mid 40s to start the afternoon. during the evening commute. thank you. earlier today. >> definitely still slow out there. there the 93 which has been slow southbound. we have new accident up in wilmington on 93 southbound. and the back up is 495. we have delays there. elsewhere you are stop and go still crawling from 128 into boston on route 93. though. let's go south of town to
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brain tree split into boston. pike. you start to crawl on the pike in frame ingham then slow drive into boston as well. let's take a look at drive time if you get ready to head tout door this morning. expressway the split to tunnel 267-minute ride. hour. zacem bridge. so far the t is on time. back to you guys. more on breaking news in southern california. this man this man and wife are i.d.'d as those who opened fire. they raided this home believed to be where the suspect lived. robots were sent in to search for possible explosives. in the aftermath 14 people were killed. 17 more injured. and hundreds ran for their lives terrify by the latest act of violence. this morning there are still many unanswered question. the biggest one being what was the motive. in the mean time we see
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when the gunfire started. nick emmons begins our team coverage spchlt we learn more about the couple involved here. family members say they had a baby daughter together and now investigators are focusing on why they went on this deadly rampage. the fear inside the building captured on cell phone camera. do. as the investigation continues police and federal agent share new information about the killing spree. >> there had to be some degree of planning that goes into this. i don't think they just ran home put on the clothes and grabbed gun and came back on spur of the moment thing. there's still three active scene. 14 people were killed. 17 injured.
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the road where were killed during a shootout with police. where investigator continue to search for anything that may help them understand how and why it happened. we don't have the motive at this point. until we know the motive or have a clear something clear evidentiary based on that motive i don't want to weigh in on that right now. we haven't ruled out terrorism. farouk worked as health inspector for five years. at holiday gather whenning hen left u.s.eddenly. then according to police returned with his wife both armed with semiautomatic rifles and pistols and opened fire. family members are searching for answers in the tragedy. i have no idea. i have no idea why would he do that. why would he do that. i'm in shock myself. shock and grief that continue
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there were also explosive devices found inside the room where the party was being held. police say they were wared to be detonated by a remote control that was discovered in the couple's suv. live in the control room, 7news "today in new england." husband of women shot in attack said his wife is doing remarkably well this morning. she's shot three times. he's now describe image what she saw moments after the attack. she could not see oh is shooter because everybody ducked down. she was crawled herself into the bathroom then she realized she was pleading. my son told me that his friend called him they saw her on television inside there. we become very emotional and thanked god she survived with this kind situation. >> the man goes on to sigh he
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the united states. not knowing if their loved one were alive. they heard another coworker screaming there's a shooting, there's a shooting. there's a shooting. oh, my god, she got shot. >> worker in san bernadino hid in closet and locked their office doors fearing for their safety after the shooter opened fire. family members with loved one inside felt hopeless. their cell phone if lucky were the only way to know if their loved ones were alive. >> shooting at my work. people shot. in the office waiting for cops >> this model jr. and father found out their daughter was inside from a text message. the s.w.a.t. team is on site
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tiny room of people freaking out. once family were able to meet with their loved one there was a lot of hugs and tears. relief for those who made it out didn't. fine. unfortunately others didn't. families. >> adding to all the confusion during the shooting an official with the center at the fire alarm went off and people started to evacuate but then the order came to stay in place. make sure you stay with 7news on-air and online for update. if we get new information about the shooters the victim or the investigation we will send outbreaking news alerts on as well as the 7news mobile and tablet apps. we are posting updates on face book. appeals court has convicted oscar pistorius of murder. pistorius never offered an
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shooting his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. the victim's mother talked on "today show" this morning. i want respect for my daughter's life. the conviction of murder. this result of investigation and the justice system. and i feel so proud now that she has some respect and she las nt lost her life for nothing. pistorius fateses 15 years in prison. we follow breaking news from cambridge. threats of violence have three schoolsen alert. police take the threat seriously. they are adding security. victoria warren live with more on what they are doingest they've been out here all morning. in fact all night the school were locked and secured 10:0030 p.m. last fight. before any student were allowed in they brought in bomb sniffing dogs. you can see live right now the pledge are here. they will be here all day long
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chances. >> bomb sniffing dogs search cambridge public schools before the sun came up. student and parent greeted with he i will police presence after an e-mail threatening the someone was going to shoot up the school. i received the message today. maybe the school is closed. week. tuesday an anonymous e-mail threatened to bomb a school. home. i think they need to go to school. >> is it scary to be a kid in school. parent unsure if they should have closed the school. it's a tough decision. it's probably just a hoax but you never know. politician say they will be on alert all day. parent holding their children a little bit tighter before they say good-bye. i'm definitely like hey where is my hug. i have trust in my police officers and they will keep the kids safe.
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e-mail threat on tuesday is connected to the e-mail threat yesterday all of that is part of ongoing investigation. live in cambridge. victoria warren. 7news "today in new england. police search for a killer after death. they believe more than one person may be involved in her death. nicole oliverio is at the police department with the latest on the investigation. officer say the women was left to die on the sidewalk. they have some surveillance video. it's too grainy. but what they know at least more than one person was with the victim when she was stabbed and killed. a family looking for answer after their sister 31-year-old was stabbed and killed on worcester street. >> she's so much more beautiful than this. and better than this.
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this man said his friend saw the whole thing. hill arguing with someone over social security card. they were arguing over a card. the next thing they started fighting. they found her lying on the sidewalk left to die. officers have surveillance video showing the attack and say they are looking for two people. hill's family said the mother of three was the singer who attended berkeley. and suffered from mental illness. >> she was a sweet person. she deserved way more out of life than what she was given. >> it's a hard time for all of us right now. she accident deserve this. police still searching for those suspect this morning. they also say they are trying to find witnesses just as badly. anyone who may have seen or heard anything is asked to call police. nicole oliverio. 7news "today in new england." today lawyers will be discussing
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the case. yesterday juror traveled by bus to danvers high school that's where prosecutors say the teen-ager murdered his math teacher in 2013. before leaving the courtroom his defense team called a psychiatrist to testify. he said he evaluated chillsim when the teen refused to leaf jail cell. police found the body of colleen ritzer behind danvers high school. prosecutors say he killed her in bathroom and then dragged her body outside using recycling ben bin. the time is 9:12. tom brady talking about the hit that sidelined gronc. cloud and sun for the afternoon. increasing winds. forecast coming up next. time for your fantasy fixer.
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>> welcome back. i have to tell you. it's getting more and more difficult to dress appropriately every single day when you go outside. i'm not complaining that the weather is a little bit warmer here than we've seen. will it stick around? >> you know what? the pattern is warm un. we talk about temperature this weekend in the low-to-mid 50s. through the day today. sun and clouds with developing wind. a little bit cooler than this morning. bean town brawler. he's a good guy. and out at brookline noticing the clearing happening. we'll have a mix of clouds and sunshine. there's more clouds back through western new england even some
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new england. afternoon. but i think we'll see a return to at least a few more clouds. upper 40s at the coastline. still holding on to low 50s through the cape and island. as we look back toward the worcester hill, low-to-mid 40s. jaffrey at 40. fitchburg 46. and slowly that cooler air begins to come into new england throughout the afternoon. thanks to a west and northwester i will wind developing with wind between 2010 to 20 miles per hour. occasionally gusting around 25 miles per hour. i think the numbers will go up. more towns will report a gusting win as we go through the day. we'll have that west wind going all afternoon. storm system up to our north. dragging the cool front through southern new england. it will allow for some sunshine
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temps this afternoon 46 to then 39. a little bit unusual to talk about warmer air now than later in the day. but sometimes that happened. especially in the winter time where the cool air that's coming in overwhelming the intensity of the sun. this time of year that sun not as strong obviously as it is june or july. tonight partly cloudy chilly. with the wind fading away. testimonies including your boston common for tree lighting. temperature this evening around 40 degrees. the wind will make it feel like the lower 30s. so layer up and have fun. for tomorrow lots of sunshine. temps tomorrow running middle 40s. there's the weekend forecast. bunch of sunshine saturday and sunday. temperature sunday heading for middle to upper 50s. including tailgating down at gillette for the patriot's game. it's a 4:25 kick. even at that time of day for this time of year upper 40s to around 50 at kick off. i'll take that. >> that's not too bad. >> good football weather there. we have sports news ahead.
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>> welcome to fantasy fixer. we're nearing play off time.
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time about the pats coming off of a loss. we have so many injury. what are we doing this week. >> rob grownkowski is easy pick. chandler is biggest pick up. he played biggest roll to date. tom brady having more trust in him. look for him to have another big role on offense this week. the roster for eagles in disarray period. >> the whole team in disarare. they may be over head. you have to look what the broncos did. they did some great things on the ground. if he is back likely going to be limited. if you them you have a chance to get them back. are they going to break it again for the broncos. really started to open up the offense late in the game. two straight game where he
9:21 am
far from san diego is not a tough place to play. they have one of the worst passing in the league. >> go start your line up. it's been tough going. some injured patriot's hope to be on the field sunday when the team host the eagles. hightower wore a brace on injured left knee and rob grownkowski didn't practice at all. but the hit that injured the tight end is on tom brady's mind. they hope to do something to prevent future injuries. >> i do think they should change some of the rules with those defenseless receivers. i don't think there's anything different than a chop block. everyone had their legs protected on nfl. grownkowski suffered a bone bruise and sprained right knee. he will be evaluated on a week to week basis. the bruins road trip in
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disappointing loss. boston lost a shootout to oilers last night. oiler forward jordan eberl scored the only goal. tomorrow night. philadelphia 76ers rookie has been suspended by the time after getting into a pair of fights in boston. he enned up getting into the fight outside a nightclub last friday. tmz posted video of what police says the second incident. police say 19-year-old will likely face charges. when we return nbc with the new musical production of the ground-breaking broadway show the whiz. we'll have a sneak peek. mbta laying out their winter plans. how they say they can keep
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>> welcome back on this thursday morning. all-star cast coming together for journey to have yellow brick road tonight. the live musical production is revival of the 1978 film and broadway hit the whiz. queen latiffa has the roll. mio taking a spin as the tin man. this is whiz. how could you not be a part of it. it was no brainer. i'm here i'm so excited. we were blown away. to see that same story with characters that looked a little bit more like me just made it that much more poignant for me. and a 19-year-old from new jersey was cast for the roll of dorothy. should be very, very exciting to see. don't forget boston native plays glenda the good witch.
9:24 am
you can watch it tonight at 8:00. then get caught up on top story for night time on 7news at 11:00. i know they do this every year. it's like peter pan last year. it's always so excited to see. fun fact one of the folks much more to come in the next half hour. and that mean a lot of snow. see how the mbta is prep thing year. >> windy and mild right now. cooler this afternoon. forecast for the weekend looking up. up next. >> husband and wife as shooter behind a massacre in california
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sniffing dogs at cambridge schools. following a new e-mail threat. we're live. the search for mowtive continues in a deadly shooting in california. husband and wife named as the shooter. south african olympian convicted again in death of model girlfriend. welcome back. thanks for joining us. 9:30 on the dot. we will get over to jeremy reiner to talk about the weather. at least it's milder now. >> that's correct. right now mix of clouds and sunshine. i think cloud may come in. and early this afternoon. the storm system that's been bothering up for couple of day finally starting to move away. upper 40s left over warm air from overnight. boston at 48. provincetown 52. hyannis, 53. cooler air worcester hills. that's the scene to kind of have the cool air chew away at the mild feel to the air.
9:28 am
the wind is already out of the west and northwest between 10 to 20 miles per hour. gusting close to 30 miles per hour for a time this afternoon. temps this afternoon because of this wester i will breeze will start in the 40s then settle back into the 30s by the evening. that wind will fade away overnight tonight. more on breaking news in southern california. now this man and his wife are i.d.'d as the two shooter who opened fair in this social service center in san bernadino. the s.w.a.t. team raided this home believed to be where the suspected lives. robots sent in to search for possible explosives. killed. 17 more injured. and hundreds ran for their lives terrified by this latest act of violence. this morning there's so many unanswered questions. the biggest one being what was the motive. we are now seeing images from inside that building when the gunfire started. nick emmon beginning our team coverage this morning. we're learning more about
9:29 am
family members say they had baby daughter together. and now investigators are focusing on why they went on this deadly rampage. >> the fear inside the building captured on a cell phone camera. try to relax. police ordering everyone to keep their hands up and their heads down. >> i will take the bull elt before you do. that's for sure. police and federal agent share new information about the killing spree. there had to have been some into this. i don't think they ran home. put on the type of tactical clothes came back and came back on spur of the moment thing. there's still three active scenes. the inland regional center where at least 14 people were killed. 17 injured. there's a massive response. our pd and fire department sheriff's department they responded as quick lets as they could. road where suspect were killed
9:30 am
and the home in nearby redlands where investigators continue to search for anything that may help them understand how and why it happened. we don't have the motive at this point. until we know the motive or we have a clear something clear motive. i don't want to weigh in now. >> we have not ruled out terrorism. here's what they do know. he was holiday gathering with dough corker when he left and then according to police he returned with wife both armed with summey automatic rifles and pistols and opened fire. now family members o of the suspect search for answer in the tragedy. why would he do something like this. i'm in shock myself. shock and grief that continues this morning in grip this shattered community. there were also explosive devices.
9:31 am
by a remote control that was discovered in the couples suv. live in the control room. nick emmons, 7news "today in new england." terrifying scene and so many family left waiting helplessly outside the building when this all started. not knowing if their lowed ones were i live. >> and heard another coworker screaming there's a shooting. there's a shooting. there's a shooting. oh, my god she got shot. worker inside the regional center hid in closets and locked their office doors fearing for their safety after the shooter opened fire. >> i sounded like a gun rang. shot going on. family members with loved one inside felt hopeless. >> she worked there. i haven't been able to contact her. their cell phone if they were lucky were the only way to know if their loved ones were alive. >> shooting at my work. people shot. in the office waiting for cops. >> this mother and father found out their daughter was inside
9:32 am
>> the s.w.a.t. team on site trying to secure the building. i'm in tiny room with a bunch of people we're freak freaking out. please pray for us. >> there's relief knowing she's okay. when family were able to meet up with loved one there were a lot of hugs and tears. relief for those who made it out alive but grief for who didn't. fortunately she made it out. other didn't. our thought with the families. adding to the confusion during the shooting an official with the center said the fire alarm initially went out so a lot of people didn't know what the do and they started to evacuate. then that order came to stay in place. this mass shooting bringing to forefront some of the gun statistics in the country. according to congressional research numbers there are more than 300 million guns in the u.s. that's enough for every man. women and child to own one. but of course tens of millions don't own guns. this year alone there's 355 mass
9:33 am
that's an incident with 4 or more victims more than one mass shooting per day and there's been 20 days where there were four or more mass shooting. finally the united states has about 5% of the world's population that accounts for third of the world's mass shooting. in boston police releasing a statement saying they're no specific threat. but officers are keeping a close eye on the situation. massachusetts state officials also weighing in on the tragedy. governor charlie baker tweeting our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families impacted by this horrific tragedy. san bernadino. as this situation remains active mass state police and public safety officials will remain in constant contact with federal partners. state police releasing a statement as well saying trooper across the state routinely operate with heightened
9:34 am
make sure you stay with 7news on air and online for update as we get information about the shooter, victims or the investigation we will send outbreaking new alert on as well. as the 7news mobile and tablet apps. we're posting updates on facebook and twitter. >> also breaking an appeals court in south africa has convicted oscar pistorius of murder. a panel overwhelmed last year's manslaughter conviction saying pistorius never offered an acceptable explanation for shooting his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. he said she thought she was an intruder. facing 15 years in prison. we're following breaking news from cambridge. police are taking extra security precautions this morning. victoria warren live with what exactly they are doing. vicki? this the second threat this week alone to cambridge public schools. and the school are indeed open today. but if you look live behind me there's a police presence in
9:35 am
it will be here all day long because they are not taking any chances. the threat came in via e-mail. threatened someone would shoot up the school and this was again the second time they had a threat on tuesday. there was an e-mail that somebody was going to place a bomb at one of the schools. they brought in canine to search the school. the schooled were locked and secured since 10:30 last night. parents said they were worried about they do know that it's a fine line. they do feel confident the children are safe. all of the people coming and going from the school today in cambridge will have to go through a secured entrance and that's the only way they will be allows to go in. cambridge police say they are continuing their investigation. they do believe the incident on tuesday is related to the incident they are dealing with right now.
9:36 am
victoria warren 7news "today in new england." a man accused of stabbing is behind bars. we have more information from byron barn wet the details. police say the 16-year-old victim was walking to halloween party with teammates after a football game. they say one of marvin's friend got into an altercation with another group of people on the street including mercia. police say marvin tried to help his friend and that's when he was stopped. during that very brief struggle the victim suffered a las serbation to his hand which severed a tendon near the forefinger area and suffered a very significant stab wound to his back. >> police say it wasn't until
9:37 am
witness came forward with the suspect's name. officers out looiszed that name. composted a photo array. they presented that photo array to the victim who positively identified this defendant as the one who stabbed him that night. he's in everett right now. he's from el salvador. he enrolled last year. and its -- it's spotty attendance to say the least. he didn't i attend school. byron barnett 7news "today in new england." police search for armed robber. they say this video shows men waving a gun he stole that 250 cash and then ran away. police want anyone with information to give them a call. a ceremony will be held tonight to honor the six firefighter killed while battling a warehouse fire. 16 years ago today.
9:38 am
and women were in the building and they started the fire. the franklin street firehouse now stands alternate that location. the moment of violence will be held at 6:13 this evening that's when the first alarm sounded. amusement park in nn went up for action after owner took drastic measure to try and save it. we brought you this story worker at the auction say a third party bought liquid planet waterpark in candia. deal set to close in 30 days. park's original owner chained himself on top of the water slide in an attempt to stop the park from being sold. he said he went into foreclosure and wanted to bring attention to save it. new this morning british fighter jet carried out their first airstrike on syria hours after parliament voted in favor of bombing isis target.
9:39 am
from british authority. full day of testimony in the trial of baltimore police officer charged in the death of freddie gray. jury seated opened statement made and prosecutors called their first witness to the stand on wednesday. it was fellow officer who taught officer william porter he testified that they were taught if someone thought needed medical help they should always call 911. prosecutors say porter did just the oppositing forking gray's request for medical help. 25-year-old died of apparent spinal injury a week after his arrest. his death sparked violence racially charged protest across the city. six are charged in the case. the 25-year-old is now on the road to recovery after being released from the hospital. peter golds shot in the stomach after he stepped into help a women who was being robbed. suspect trying to shoot gold in the head but the gun jammed.
9:40 am
tulane agreed to settlement following massive data breech in 2013. the corporation has agreed to pay more than 39 million dollars to banks that were forced to reimburse customer who lost money. target said nearly 40 million credit cards were compromised in that breech. checking news across the country. more information on deadly crash when we come back. much more to come here. governor baker talking about how mbta will handle the winter weather this year. >> in the buzz taylor swift and jeremy reiner are going to have the latest for us. >> what are we doing? >> what are we doing? >> you both have guitar skills. exactly. >> we'll look at your weekend
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>> i think it's probably clearing out by dow. it would be nice to see the fun. i think the sun and clouds will go back and forth.
9:44 am
rain to contend with today like the last couple of day. typically when you have moderate to strong el nino you get off to slow start. i found five moderately strong el ninos and four out of the five had warm decembers. last december was very warm. it wasn't really el nino winter. mild early on. you know what happened mid-to-late january. that will be the case probably through the middle of the month. maybe even up toward christmas week. that may be another green christmas across southern necessarily e. we will cold and snow. probably weighted more toward the backside than the front side of winter.
9:45 am
storm system in this sense that it was too warm for snow or ice. now close to 50 on cape and island. boston, 46. we were at 51 early this morning. we'll have westerly wind between 10 and 20. it will gust between 25 and 30 miles per hour. for the remainder of the day. it's a day that feature a lot of clouds and sunshine. a windy and cool day again right now the numbers mid 40s. and i think we will hang out there up until about 2:00 or 3:00. then they will start to drop back into the upper 30s and low 40s. dartmouths 47. north of town merrimack valley in the middle 40s. out into the hills upper 30s. and this afternoon.
9:46 am
the may had knock region. hour. wind will fade away thissening. chilly conditions. 31 to 36. for tomorrow lots of sunshine. seasonal tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow mid 40s near twist on saturday. sunday looks great. lots of sunshine. temps on sunday mid 50s >> i doesn't feel like winter at this point. for commuters >> that's right. season. here it is. they say windeder happen. but we know you still need to get there. the mbta said it's on track with preparation for any upcoming snowstorms. governor charlie baker took a trip to see some of the winter equip. he said the state invested 85 million to prepare for the season. t has purchased snowplows
9:47 am
of other equipment. the governor said he believes prepared. that just means you will really get a road awakening. >> carma will get me for that one. the buzz is next. chris brand troubling past now catching up with him. why one country said no thanks to his tour. check out ben affleck he's coming back to big screen as batman. batman.
9:48 am
e a crazy busy day? sfx: cell phone chimes attitude... d tively radiant skin. positively radiant moisturizer... ive naturals no naturally beautiful results . >> topping the buzz this morning. new trailer for highly
9:49 am
superman movie. >> i think i would have to go with batman. ben affleck starring as batman in that film. >> you can see some new clips in this trailer wonder woman also making an appearance. taylor swift taking a vacation as her 1989 world tour comes to an end. she will take the entire band and tour of 125 people with her to the great bare injurier reef. these time thank nowior their hard work over the past year. >> instagram releasing a list of
9:50 am
new data calculated how often fan mention name. taylor swift had two strongs make the cut. adele new release of course was spotted number 2. and british songwriter found his way on to list at number 9. a double whammy for chris brown. he was scheduled to be a guest star on the daily show. at this point brown's australian tour has also been cancelled. officials there say they were likely to decline his visa application after his conviction of getting physical with pop star rhianna. >> this pop singer has cancelled all of her december concert dates. she bought ticket through shows will be refunded. her representatives said she not able to travel at this time. always tough for people. final check of weather when we return.
9:51 am
and it looks great this weekend.
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it's been her fight for twenty years. something is wrong with our healthcare system and it needs to be fixed. then, it was about health reform and getting eight million kids covered. now, it's about stopping republicans from repealing obamacare, and taking on insurance companies to bring down drug prices. i'm not going to let any family be deprived of healthcare. i'm not going to let the
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and throw it away. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> we've boot few more minutes to talk about the weather for the day. >> it does look good out there. jr. mix of clouds and sunshine. boston right now at 47, beverly 47 as well. bedford 45. what will happen from this point forward we'll have the cloud in the sun going back and forth. lit windy day. already wind gusting between 20 and close to 30 miles per hour. remainder of the day. it will be the wind. middle 40s for the milled part of the day. then what will happen with the wind it will start to cooler air 4:00. the number will head into 30s. windchills this afternoon with the wind in the 30s. 7 on 7 forecast less wind tomorrow and a lot of sun. weekend feature sun. nice and mild.
9:54 am
mid-to-upper 50s. 56 degrees in december. there's more of "today show" straight ahead. thanks for joining us. i'm nancy chin. i'm jadiann thompson. hope to see you in the
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