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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  December 3, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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this details about the evidence found at the scene and disturbing similarities to the boston marathon bombing. before nightteam coverage. >> a chilling look at a mothers final moments. the seconds before she was stabbed and left for dead on the street in worcester. a local woman locked up accused of cleaning out an elderly man she was hired to help. 7 news at 11:00 starts now. tonight on 7: a couple on a killing spree. and a trifying connects to for or. disturbing new detail other california shooting. >> kim: this was the scene, after the california shooting. people coming together, hundreds of them, just to remember. and the city of san bernardino, did hold a vigil for the fourteen killed on wednesday. and right now still no motive,
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those answers they continue to go through the home of the suspects right now. >> adam: a not of theories but the key question is unanswered. what prompted them to go on a killing spree. syed farook used social media connected with tremist who's were monitored by the fbi. >> kim: they walked into a christmas party with a tree and decorations at the social services center and started to fire with automatic weapons. it was chaos and we learned they according to investigators left behind three remote controlled pipe bombs that never went off. we have nightteam coverage of the california shooting. as that horrible scene, we will begin with tim caputo live on the investigation. >> reporter: it is clear this was not a spur of the moment attack. a couple rented an suv in advance of this attack and
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that morning, and they spent week and months acquiring weapons and they learned to build bombs and military grade explosives. a candlelight vigil for a greefr can community searching for answers a day after four ten people were murdered during a work holiday party. syed farook appeared to be radicallized and was this touch with other who's expressed jihadist views. this attack took weeks or monthses to plan. >> we don't know if this is workplace rage or something largeron a combination. >> reporter: police learned the husband and wife team of syed farook and tashfeen malik prepared for much more bloodshed. they were equipped and could have done another attack, and we intercepted them before that happened. >> reporter: on their bodies and in the suv they had 1600 rounds of ammunition and at their home police found another several
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vr itable bomb-making workshop farook worked as a health inspector and left a christmas party and returned sw w his wife and both fired into the crowd. patrick was at the party but in the bathroom when the gunfire erupted. i could see the bullet hole other wall and i told everybody get on the floor. >> reporter: moments of fear and chaos. police ordering everyone to keep their hands up and heads down. hours later a tip led officers to the home and a report the couple fired 76 rounds at police. officers shot back nearly 400 times and killed both suspects and police recovered assault rifles and handguns all legally purchased and official says they discovered a remote control in the suv meant to set of three pipe bombs held together set to go off at the conference center.
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syed farook met malik on line and were married in sawed to grand mosque in mecca. >> i have no idea, why would he do that? i have absolutely no idea. i'm? shock myself. >> reporter: officials are not commenting on the motive and the isn't says this is an fbi investigation. it is possible this was terrorist related. and we don't know. members of a mosque in san bernardino said syed farook would come in and pray three to four times a week there. they say he never appeared angry or disoriented for frustrated, and he stopped showing up there months ago. tim caputo. >> adam: moments after the shooting was filled with chaos. tonight, we are hearing the chilling story of the first officer who arrived on the scene
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ryan schulteis continues our nightteam coverage. >> reporter: everyone was running away from shooters this officer was running toward them. he made in in time to smell the gunpoud are in the air. what he saw would forever haunt him. lieutenant mike madden was mile away when the calm came in, shots fired. he was the first one on scene and ran into the building. clearly obviously deceased outside of the conference room. and i relayed that information to the other responding officers. i was unspeakable. the carnage we were seeing and number of people who were injured and unfortunately already dead. and the pure panic on the face of those individuals that were still in need, and needing to be safe. >> reporter: lieutenant madden said he will never forget what
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people who were obviously injured and in great amounts of pain. and that was evident in the moans and wails that we heard in the room. and it was very loud. and we also have fire sprinklers going off, so that was adding to further chaos. swroo he and other officers worked to get everyone out and kept going deep sbeert building. >> our goal had to be trying to locate the shooters, and deal with them. before we could get furth assistance in for the people in need of medical attention. >> reporter: and now all that the lieutenant can think about is the victims and their families. so many families as we go to the holiday season that will have to deal with the tragedy, that we are left behind by this senseless act of violence. that is tough to deal with. >> reporter: the lieutenant said he is reaching out to other who's were with him to talk about what they saw. he said that is helping him deal
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>> kim: it is not just fourteen people killed, we know the names and ser seeing the faces of the people who lost their lives. pran bran shows us who they were and people they left behind. video real toughs waited in a gym all day for their loved ones who would show up in a bus. by the end of the night more than a dozen people left in the gym and a police officer came in and said there were though more buses left. this is a picture of the exact moment ryan found out his boyfriend had been killed. until that moment he could only hope that daniel kaufman was alive. >> i immediately freaked out and tried to call him and tx him. >> reporter: they had been together for low years and kaufman ran the coffee shop at the center and one of fourteen people killed at the regional center during an office holiday party. and michael wesel, a father of six, coached youth soccer. and a health worker, played
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sierra clay bourne, a loving sister and nicholas, a loving husband. >> i'm sure he went down fighting and protecting people. >> reporter: his wife said her husband and the gunman knew each other, they were both environmental health inspectors. >> he worked with him and he never had anything bad to say. >> reporter: he lost a hundred pounds after struggling with big dig and recently had a possible kaunsous growth removed. his wife believes he may have been targeted. >> he believed in the jewish tradition and i team my husband was martyred and i'm wondering if they did get into an argument because my husband is very outspoken. >> reporter: 21 people are wounded and many are still in critical condition tonight. brandon gunnoe, 7 news nightteam >> adam: hundreds of mass shootings in the u.s. this year and many are questioning whether
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enough to keep americans safe. it happened again, fewer teen people killed, and just there year 355 mass shootings in the u.s. and this late it massacre firing up the debate over gun control. >> it's three 80 caliber. a guns are selling fast, the days after a mat shooting is big business. >> it increases the cause. we have more people that want to getly sepss and everybody is very well concerned. >> reporter: according to research number there's are more than 300 million guns in the country and gun laws are different from state to state and massachusetts one of the toughest state to get a gun. massachusetts and california both have among the convictest gun laws in the country. >> reporter: in this say the you
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a firearms safety course followed by state and federal background checks and numbers show more people here are doing that. >> they are looking for a hand begun, that they can target shoot with and use for protection if they need it. >> reporter: the senate failed to pass a democratic proposal that would have blocked people on the terror watch list from buying guns. and as we mentioned that latest tragedy sparking debate about gun control. andy hiller with his take tonight in the hiller instinct. >> reporter: who do we think we're fooling? answer: i hope no one. we like to portray america as if it were as sweet as apple pie, but we're pretending. but it is more often about violent death and mass murders and unspeakable crimes. and even our denial has limits. at a certain point the number of dead is overwhelming and that is
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the fact is there have been 355 mass shootings in america this year, more than one a day. no surprise after indicate who already started doing what we usually do, arguing about gun control which never gets us very far and probably never will. because the only way to have significant gun control is to change the second amendment of the constitution. which says: the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. do you believe the constitution will be changed? me neither. and even if it were, that wouldn't keep all the people who were willing to get guns illegally from getting them. that is why if you were even a little shocked or surprised when you heard about the california shootings, foreign news organizations weren't. here's how the british broadcasting corporation described the san bernardino shootings.
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united states of america. >> reporter: i'm sorry to say this but mass shootings are beyond our government's control. our freedom is killing us. i'm andy hiller. that's my instinct. >> reporter: for the latest on the california shootings, stay with us on air and on-line as we get new information about the shooters, the victims and investigation, the motive, and we will send out breaking news alerts on our tablet apps and we will most updates on facebook and twitter. >> adam: the chilling moments before a matter was stabbed to death and left on the street in worcester. john cocoa is in worcester with more on the video and the investigation. >> reporter: we know police also have this video as they try to figure out who killed this woman. these are the final moments before sharies hill was attacked and taebed and left to die on
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worcester. you can see the 31-year-old walking with two people and nearby liquor store caught it on security cameras and roshded the attack, but for obvious reasons we won't show you that. hill was rushed to the hospital are she died. her family was heartbroken. >> she was more beautiful than this. a than no one deserves this. >> reporter: this man who says his friend saw it go down believes it started over an argument over a social security card. the family says the mother of three was sapger who attended berklee and suffered from mental illness. >> she was a sweet person and definitely deserved way more out of life than that she was given. >> reporter: police hope this video can help lead officers to the killers and ease a family's pain.
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>> reporter: so if you have any information on this story you are asked to get this touch with worcester police. john cocoa, 7 news nightteam. >> kim: a man charged this connection what deadly shooting near fenway park. he hid a face from cameras in court today. the prosecutors saydom next carpenter gray got into an argument with another man on thanksgiving morning outside of a bar. and a man was shot and killed a chuter rail conductor hoping to be an engineer, just caught in the crossfire. police do not believe he was involved in anyway. grady has in the been charged with murder but investigators accuse him of running and stashing his gun under a parked car before getting. self to the hospital for treatment of a minor wound. >> adam: a woman fighting for her life after being hit by a car on commonwealth avenue in
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the woman now over at beth israel hospital with life threatening injuries. police say that was in the a hit-and-run. >> kim: a water pain break causing trouble in watertown. the fire department said it left a number of homes without water. right now only cypress street and school street are affected and crews are busy out there working to fix the break. >> adam: cleaning house. >> kim: a local housekeeper accused of stealing from an elderly client. >> pete: sun in the forget and next. >> adam: and pats ready for this
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[ duck quacks, wolf howls and wind whistling ] [ electronic beeping ] but... the new turbodown jacket:
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the pacific northwest. [ wolf howls ] >> adam: a woman facing a judge in arlington, accused of cheen out an elderly man's bank account. she was hired to help him clean his house.
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she swindled him out of over a hundred thousand. >> she surrendered her passport. >> reporter: she made higher appearance in cambridge district court today. a caused of taking nearly a hundred 2 from an early determine man whose home she cleaned. the prosecutors say she was amused by her arrest last night. >> she seemed to have no resh of the severity of the charges against her. >> reporter: she arrived from albania three years ago than and befriended this man in a cafe in arlington. >> she was giving me stories all along about how poor shy was, and she needed money. >> reporter: his wife tide six years ago and he says he lived alone, and he paid her $50 enthusiastic a year on pick up around his house five days a week. i trustedmer when i shouldn't have. >> reporter: she told him she
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wrote personal checks for $20,000 and he said she said she had terminal brain cancer and needed $30,000 for surgery. through her attorney she denied scheming hodgkins but still he fave her money for the operation that was supposed to happen last friday. found out late she never had cancer or an operation. they pocketed it the $30,000 and put it in a pang bank account and took off with her boyfriend from miami. >> kim: her attorney says he knew what he was doing and he's just angry shee took a trip with her fiancee. pete bouchard now with the weather. >> pete: highs today, do you remember these numbers? 59 in plymouth, two or three in the morning, still counts for
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boston made it to 52, they fell quickly at dawn and they drugled through the afternoon. and now cooling off, 40 in melrose, and 39 in randolph. and we are 83 in lowell and and in sterling, 37 in auburn and shrewsbury and scituate at 40. and through cape cod in the mid40s, winds are holding, too, with gusts occasionally reaching-to-5, and there is boston wind gusts, when is it not windy in the city. these will back off through the course of the night and low pressure pulls away. yes we had snow in northern maine and northern vermont and new hampshire and it did accumulate, and there is that, i mean it is mild december so far and pattern is still looking mild but cold must have for snowfalls.
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mass over the next couple of days, a couple of clouds and seasonable means. highs in the 40s and this front will try to bring down colder air. but that's not happening. ed extended forecast in to day forecast. i want to show you this because it is rarely if not ever i see a 90% in the shading of road, probability of more warmth. normal high is 41-43, and 8-04 days out and canses of it being warmer than normal are 90%-plus. what does that mean? when you don't have a lot of snow in december, does that mean roar winter will be tame? that was not the case last year at all. but if you take the case of most decembers, the season totals
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so, i there throw that out, too. i'm not saying it will be below normal. mostly clear, winds eases 28-37 and tomorrow 44-48. mostly sunny. and i backed off from the cloud issue next week. a tame forecast, very mild over the weekend, 54 and 62, yikes. next week we mellow out in the 50s and watch the clouds go by and check out the sun. >> kim: thank you, pete. mellow and sun. >> adam: eagles flying in on the horizon. >> joe: bill belichick has a way of convincing his layers the next team is the most dangerous team in the thifl. he has his hands full right now because the eagles are awful. next in 7 sports.
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and now time for 7 sports with joe amorosino. >> joe: he is stinky with praise when its comes to his own players but ask bill belichick about the opponent and he will turn them into a hall of famer. he's even finding way to make the eagles look like the 85
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not an easy task. they are surrendering nearly there 85 a game. and they allowed the second most toch passes in all of football. there is plenty of bad eagle defense on tape put you wouldn't know it in foxboro. >> the crazy thing about it, we vice president seen none of these first down passes. pill doesn't show all that. we see the turnovers, guys making plays and defensive line, to the quarterback and all of that. we are seeing the segues that are happening. i feel like they are undefeated. we have never seen the bad plays and we have seen the positive things they did. to make sure we study what everything is showing to us, so they can not beat us like they beat other teams. >> reporter: a former patriots receiver, deion branch on hand for the watch at nordstrum a
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history of the super bowl and the super bowl 39 mvp said in tom brady called him tomorrow, heed be ready. >> i can play this sunday. look at me man. i than swroy watching the guys play the game, man, as a fan. that is my appreciation level i have for this organization that head coach, coach belichick is by far the best head coach that ever coached football. >> joe: dougy hamilton calls calgary home now and he gets set to face his former team for the first time tomorrow night he admits it will be strange. every since it was drafted it was my vision, dream to be a bruin for life, and definitely weird when that happens and when
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change thinking. i'm happy with my whole career, and my time in boston and my time in calgary now, so far. so i'm happy with everything. >> reporter: celtics and kings, out in mexico city tonight. right now celtics are up 60-45 in the third. that's sports. and here's jimmy with quha is next on the tonight show.
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