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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  December 4, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> anchor: nice being with us on a friday. there is still another hour of 7 news stayed ahead. i am aadam williams . >> anchor: i'm kim khazei. 7 news at 5:30 starts now. we're following several breaking stories. first, police arrest a man accused of planting a suspicious device in boston. >> anchor: also bragging, disturbing new details about the
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we're learning more about a suspect's connection to isis . >> anchor: a chilly look at the mother's final moments seconds before she was stabbed and left dead on the streets in worcester worcester. >> anchor: following two breaking store he's here at 5:30 5:30. first, police arrest a man accused of leaving a suspicious device in boston's financial distribute. he is charged with planting a hoax device near a homeland security vehicle. that device causing tense moments this morning. the bomb squad eventually detonated that package . >> anchor: we're also following breaking news in the california terror case. the f.b.i. now calling that shooting an act of terror. the mass shooting in san bernadino killed 14 people and injured more than a dozen others others. investigators say one of the suspects killed pledged her allegiance to isis or facebook of adam williams is here with the very latest. >> anchor: facebook is company cooperating with federal investigators with this information. the social media site says tashfeen malik posted her praise of isis just before she and her
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on his co-workers. officials say malik posted the pledge under a different name and the attack may have been inspired by isis. that shooting left 14 people dead, more than 20 others injured it. happened wednesday morning at the end land regional center in san bernadino, california. along with social media a pair of destroyed cell phones recovered in a trash can near the home are providing critical clues to investigators right now now. and we've learn that the suspect suspect's garage had been converted into a bomb making lab complete with explosive powders and igniters too. law enforcement believed the couple was self-radicalized but they are investigating people they have spoken to in the days and weeks leading up to the attack. live in our newsroom, i am adam williams, 7 news . >> anchor: also on 7 the murder trial of a danvers teacher continues today. today the jury heard from a psychiatrist who evaluated phillip chisolm after the murder. >> anchor: he is accused of racing and murdering his teacher colleen ritzer. steve cooper live now in salem with the very latest on this. steve?
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day for the defense as they continue to build their case hop hopping to convince at least one medical of the jury that their client phillip chisolm was in insame when he murdered his math teacher. >> anchor: my opinion is that he thought he was a ninja >> anchor: richard dudley called from the defense and the jury is ordered to disregard the ninja comment. he testified phillip chisolm was mentally ill when he murdered . it's my opinion he suffers from what in dsm 4 was called a psychotic disorder nos and dsm five is called unspecified schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorder . >> anchor: and now 16-year-old defendant had no reaction as prosecutors began a blistering cross-examination of the expert witness who is being paid $300 an hour. and you would agree with me nothing this that mental health
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psychoses? i would agree with you that there was nothing reported in the screening tool . in fact, if anything the only thing a screening tool showed a sign of is depression. is thatcorrect? i believe so. >> anchor: prosecutors suggested dr. dudley who began evaluating chisolm two years after the savage murder and had questions about the teen's movements the morning of the murder. when he brought not just the red sweatshirt he was wear wearing but a sweatshirt with a hood to cover his head to school that morning he was experiencing psychoses? that's correct . was he experiences psychoes psychoesus when he did well on a test? yes. >> reporter: so testimony resumes on monday morning, the cross-examination of dr. dudley will continue. we're told that the jury could be getting the case as early as the middle of next week beginning their deliberations. live in salem tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: parents and student at middle schools across cambridge on high alert as
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it's the fourth time in the last week or so that some kind of threat has been e-mailed to cambridge schools and universities. in a statement the cool department said they are taking this threat very seriously proceeding with utmost caution and informing the public. parents are upset but say they can't keep their kids out of . what happened in paris and then what happened in california so it's a lot of stuff going on so i don't know. you just have to be safe and wave your kids . >> anchor: police say officers will be in all school buildings until the end of all after . >> anchor: new details on a deadly attack in worcester. investigators hoping this video can help provide a new clue in the case. surveillance cameras capturing the moments just before a woman was stabbed. we've learned the victim was a singer who went to the berklee college of music now her sisters are calling for justice. john coco explains. these are the final moments before she was attacked, stabbed and left to die on the side of murray avenue in worcester
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in this video you can see the 31 31-year-old walking with two people a nearby lick store caught it all on their security cameras. this ealso recorded the brutal attack but for obvious reasons we aren't showing you that. hill was rushed to the hospital where she died. her family heartbroken. she was so much more beautiful than this and she was better than this. and nobody deserves this. police haven't confirmed exactly what happened but this man who says his friend saw it all go down believes it started as an argument over social security card . next thing you know they started fighting and i guess the girl got stabbed . the mother of three was a singer who attended berklee and suffered from mental illness. she was a sweet person. she definitely deserved way more out of life than what she was given . >> reporter: police hope the video can help lead officers to the killers and ease a family's pain . it's really hard time for all of us right now because she didn't deserve this.
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information on this story you are asked to get in touch with worcester police. in worcester, john coco, 7 news . >> anchor: a police officer from the university of colorado is laid to rest today. friends and family say a final farewell to garret swayze. he was shot and killed the last weekend's attack at a planned parenthood. the university of colorado, colorado springs campus has created a scholarship in his memory, a native of melrose and leaves behind a wife and two kids. during the incident at the planned parenthood officials say the shooter was armed with an ak 47 type of rifle. three killed, nine others hurt. the shooter gave up and was taken into custody . >> anchor: a new hampshire flight attendant accused of causing some trouble in the skies. joe an snow is being held on bond afteral cases of acts violently and trying to undock lock the plan's door during an international flight. the new hampshire native was arrested and forced to go to mental health face thy to displaying bizarre behavior. mains said they are investigat investigating the recent
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snow had been fired. ahead on 7 news detail on a bomb threat at a new jersey school that landed several fifth graders in some big trouble . then new at 6:00 we'll take you live at fenway to catch up with the red sox's newest ace . >> anchor: we continue to follow breaking news of the police arrest a man accused of leaving a suspicious device in boston's financial distribute. he is charged with planting a hoax devicer in a homeland
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>> anchor: we're learning explosive details bay bomb threat at a new jersey school. police arrested a group of fifth graders accused of calling in a bomb threat to a high school p it looks like it might have been a big hoax but still paints are pretty mad. it was a rumor on the school and ten we found it was real . >> anchor: clifton high school students and staff the intended victim of a bomb plot hatched out by a group of fifth graders i think they were just joking around but school takes it pretty seriously . >> anchor: they most certainly are. police say four boys and one girl from the middle school made a bomb of cinnamon and vinegar and planned to detonate it on a wednesday trip to the high school. the plan fell apart when school administrators came across some details that had been written down on paper .
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mind you, ten years old. not even 17, 18, 19-year-old kids. they were little kids. have you it take care of your kids, you know, be prepared for -- i don't think something like that will happen. good afternoon, this is an important message for all parents and staff from the superintendent . >> anchor: a robo call went out to parent thursday afternoon as well as this tent message saying police questioned students involved, determined no danger. well, first of all, i think they should have contacted them yesterday when they found out. they should have sent e-mails to everyone. we support the principal and how they handled it . >> anchor: police say the device would never have exploded but paint are still frightened for their kids safety . that's our children. our children, our grandchildren and that school. are you for real? and it's no big deal? it is a big deal. especially with what's going on in the world today.
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the students responsible for the bomb threat have been suspended. no charges have been filed against them. winter parades this weekend marblehead christmas walk this weekend, patriots game, temperatures just milder and milder and we get plenty of sunshine. the forecast is coming up . then coming up at 6:00, the latest on a deadly fire in lynn that killed four people. tonight, fire crews continue to
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>> anchor: following breaking news right now. emergency crews are on the scene here in ipswich where a car has crashed in a building of you can see here yellow tape is now blacking the door to that build building. we have no word right now if anyone is hurt. we of course will keep an eye on these pictures from sky 7 hd and bring you any more information as we learn it here. >> reporter: a lot of questions lately everybody wants to know, where is the snow? why haven't we seen any yet? it is only december 4.
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in a package just yet. but put to the this graphic yesterday to show some months, some years rather where we've seen hardly any snow throughout the month of december and then how that turned out for the season total. it looks like last year really that anomaly. what we need to focus on too is neither of these years were el nino years and we are again under a strong el nino pattern so when we look at el nino winters, we get more snow in december but still most of the years, most of the seasons do turn out about average or below average for the entire season. now it only takes about one storm to actually see this much snow or more than that and that can still happen again. it's only december 4. however, we're in this pattern right now where the cold arctic air is locked up north. we need that to meet up with the storm track that is staying to our south and that's just not happening at this point. we really have dry conditions for the weekend insuring the sunshine. the warming trend is on the way
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weather really does continue for us. current temperatures in the mid 40's for most. low 40's for worcester, 41 right now and a nicer day for us because we didn't have the wind. we had yesterday. bit of a president as you can worcester, 12 mile-per-hour winds in boston. out of the west for the most part but we will see those winds continue to calm as we head through the night. and the clouds that have moved in for us, keeping mostly cloudy skies above the bay state right now will keep the temperatures from free falling overnight tonight. so temperatures i think may be staying in the mid 30's for most as long as those clouds stick with us for longer than i think. i think we'll keep them into the morning hours and you see a few of those snow showers are popping up in northern new england. that does not make it into our neighborhood. we have high pressure that's mov moving in for us and that will again insure that we have the dry conditions and the sunshine for us and we'll also help to boost temperature as we're under a southwest flow this weekend.
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tonight to mostly clear tomorrow morning and that may be a little too slow for those lows but i think generally speaking we're above the freezing mark in most locations. then tomorrow sunshine, milder temperatures, 47 to 55 for those highs so this is what we're looking at for saturday. low 50's for most, we will see a bit of a sea breeze so i think coastal areas will be the cool coolest, especially cape cod and into sunday look what happens with those temperatures. breaking 60 degrees in some spots, we've got the sunshine, it's warm upstairs, southwest flow, why not? it could happen. then as we head into next week there is a storm system that wants to come in but the bulk of it stays to the southeast of us. might be a ing blow of some light showers and also some breezy conditions but that looks to be it for now. i have put a rain drop on the all that confident. i don't think most of us see it. also pats forecast for us really mild for this time of year. we were watching that game in
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that won't be the case for us this sunday. here is a look at the 7 on 7 all temperatures here either at afternoon or above. >> anchor: chanukah is on sunday and that means 8 nights . we're heading to a pancakes. bri eggers takes a look at what's cooking. everybody just loves hand can't it's a fun holiday . >> reporter: the fun revolves around lighting the menorah and eating a festive meal. this family invited us to their synagogue in newton on wednesday to prepare for the holiday. a staple of the holiday, potato pancakes . this recipe has been passed down throughout the family. edie starts with onions . dice up a half onion here . >> reporter: then puts them in a pan of hot oil . fry them until they are golden .
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grate . you can use a hand grater, you can use a food processor. >> reporter: now put cooked onions in the missioning bowl . give them a nice flavor . >> reporter: add flour, salt, eggs and the great grateed potatoes . let's just get that started mixing . >> reporter: once fully combined bring your oil to high heat . a little trick here is we put the carrot in our oil, the carrot keeps it from turning brown so you don't get that burnt taste . >> reporter: test temperature with a little bit of the mixture mixture. nice and hot. sizzling. >> reporter: you ned a quarter cup for each. once they are brown, give them a flip . we'll give it another minute or so on this side and we're all ready to eat . after they are brown on both sides place on paper towels. you get to absorb little oil, there is a lot there. >> reporter: plate and serve while they are still warm with applesauce .
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better than ever. >> reporter: happy hand can't that's what's cooking i'm bri eggers, 7 news. >> anchor: good evening, everybody. thanks for joining us. . >> anchor: coming up at 6:00 the california shooting. the f.b.i. now classifying the deadly shooting there as an act . also breaking here at home, in boston. and the man accused of leaving it behind is in custody right . four people killed in lynn hen a house goes up in flames. got those stories plus your updated forecast ahead at 6:00 .
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needs... right here. that's banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? >> anchor: time for this week's class act and we've been asking to you e-mail us about a student or group that goes above and beyond . we've gotten so many nominations and today christa delcamp heads to georgetown tore this week's class act. >> reporter: we do a segment every week called class act and we honor students in our community all over the state of massachusetts who are doing amaz amazing things. her name is maggie nelk. i was wondering if she could come to the front of the class. georgetown high maggie melk is going above and beyond to make school. she will walk in the prom's grand march with her friend, . everyone is a it was nice of me of i went to prom last
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soon i don't remember year i want to make someone else's better than mine . >> reporter: maggie and robert par advertise advertise patriot in field hockey will maggie on the field and robert acetyl manager . he picks up the cones, balls, kayying the chairs over. he is a great asset . >> reporter: maggie is captain of the team and makes robert feel included in that too . so the second robert came out to the team, maggie just jumped right up. she is a leader. each time he just smile. they both had anti-bullying shirts on the other day and we took a picture. they've to the . and many see maggie's warmth rubbing off on others. >> reporter: i look up to her. like as a field hockey player especially. she is the best on the team and she always talks about robert every time he comes to like practice . >> reporter: at the start of the school year robert left his teacher know he would like to go to the prom and when maggie caught word of it, she didn't his a . i said i will go with robert. like robert. me and robert are friends. i would love to go with robert. >> reporter: this week a simple act of friendship that was the potential to last a
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for class act, i'm chris christa delcamp, 7 news . >> reporter: there is another 30 minutes of 7 news ahead. . i'm ryan schulteis. 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> reporter: breaking news. . we are now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism . >> reporter: the f.b.i. classifying the deadly shooting in california as an act of terror. new every linking the suspects with potential ties with isis. also breaking, a man behind bars accused of planting a hoax device in the financial distribute. shutting down the area for hours hours. then four people killed on a massive fire in lynn. crews still in the scene search searching for a cause. winter weather still on hold, sunshine for the weekend and a warming trend when we could hit near 60. >> reporter: following two big breaking stories here at 6:00. a suspect in custody in
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boston's financial distribute. a suspicious suitcase causing the bomb squad to move in will willier and tonight that suspect is charged with planning a hoax device. much more on that arrest in just a moment . >> anchor: but first, breaking news out of california this evening. the f.b.i. officially classifying the deadly massacre in san bernadino as an act of terror. and the classification comes after investigators announce that the woman involved tashfeen malik pledge adance to isis on facebook just as the attack had started. in fact it happened before they found those two killers inside the vehicle. investigators are saying all of this is a big indication into the motive behind the deadly massacre took the lives of 14 innocent people and injured 21 others . but now federal officials are trying to determine whether isis police department a role. isis directly not just their influence if you will. here is tim caputo with more . well, guys, the attorneys for the suspects families say the family members saw no signs that this husband and wife duo
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in way.
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