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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  December 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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>> plus a dturbingiscovery inside a home in connecticut. why police say five bodies were stolen from a worcester cemetery and hidden inside an apartment mild today and another boost in temperatures tomorrow. we're still waiting on winter. the patriots gearing up for a sunday showdown at home, but there are still big questions about who will take the field against the eagles. first breaking news, president obama preparing for a historic address on the terror attack in california. the president will speak to the nation tomorrow night. >> and he is expected to speak out against this terror attack that may have ties to isis, the mass shooting unfolding in a matter of minutes leaving 14 people dead and 21 others hurt. >> tonight we're learning more about the attackers' past and their ties to isis. tomorrow will mark only the third time during his presidency that president obama has spoken
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>> and this all comes as isis is applauding the terror attack in california. the night team's victoria warren is live now in the control room with the details. reporter: it's looking more and more likely this was a case of self radicalization. isis leaders praising the husband and wife terror suspects, but not calling them members of isis. their family members say they never saw any of this coming. in this bedroom community outside los angeles, neighbors say syed farook and tach feehan malik appeared to live an ordinary life. but inside their home there were signs they were plotting and planning a terrorist attack. now the militant group isis praised the attack, calling the couple martyrs and followers, but u.s. government sources say there's no evidence the attack was directed by a militant group. malik was born in pakistan, she pledged allegiance to isis shortly before the massacre.
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in the punjab province in her early years and later went to university there, which was a hot bed for extremist recruiting. malik had two brothers and two sisters and spent time in saudi arabia. but her family says there were no signs that she was involved with radical islamist groups. but some experts say u.s. officials are right to ask if she radicalized her husband. >> i think tashfeen malik selected a you vuller in candidate to be her cohort in terrorism. often with duos we have a primary actor who ma nip us a more vulnerable person. reporter: malik married farook after meeting in saudi arabia. he was born in chicago, a college graduate with a good paying job as a restaurant inspector in san bernardino. friend say there was no way me was the mastermind. >> this is something political, because this brother, he couldn't have done this. reporter: the shooter's home
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daughter was a bomb making factory, packed with explosives, ammunition and tools to build i.e.d.'s. confirmed by police in a shootout, their deadly plot doctor. >> this is something i'll never forget, i'll never be able to fully conceive how those families were affected. reporter: the 14 dead are mothers and fathers, sons and daughters. shannon johnson died a hero. when gunfire rang out he gave his life to save denise. from the hospital she says johnson shielded her, saying three words, i got you. tonight her life a tribute to his in a massacre where there are still so many questions. tensions remain high in san bernardino, overnight police evacuated a u.p.s. facility and called in the bomb squad after workers discovered a package addressed to the couple's home. it turned out to be safe, no threat.
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victoria warren, 7 news night team. while the president prepares to address the nation tomorrow night, the terror attack in california is changing the talking points for candidates on the campaign trail. president obama came as close as eve ever come to using the word radical islamic terror. >> it is entirely possible that these two attackers were radicalized to commit this act of terror. reporter: the president cautions we need to know all the facts. it was panned by republican presidential hopefuls who accused him of backing out of an all out assault on isis. >> we should call it what it is, right, radical, islamic terrorists, that's what it is. this is a war. we're in a war. reporter: his poll numbers rising, donald trump is leading the way, positioning himself as the toughest on terror. >> that -- is not requesting to happen any more.
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for racial profiling, and bringing back water boarding, a torture. trump taking it a step further terrorists. the heated rhetoric not exclusive to the frontrunner. >> wee seeing the evil of rad cam terrorism here at home, murdering innocent americans. >> this is the world we now live in, where someone, and the guy, the man was born in the united states, he was a u.s. citizen. reporter: republican voters say they are afraid. and as of now, the man most say they want protecting them is donald trump. >> you're not going to be scared any more. they're going to be scared, you're not going to be scared. reporter: democratic candidates are reacting to the attack in a different way, they say the u.s. needs to focus on stopping isis from spreading their message online, rather than waging an all out war abroad. we're following breaking news fromover seas, three people have been stabbed aat a train
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police arrested one man after using a stun gun to take him down. investigators say they are treating this as a terrorist incident. witnesses say the man was yelling about syria before he was taken into custody. >> when he came out in hand cuffs, what did you hear him say? >> this is for syria, he said this is for syria. and then soon as he got to the top, he said again this is for syria. >> one victim has serious injuries, the other two suffered minor injuries. also from the night team, a connecticut man is in custody accused of stealing five bodies from a cemetery in worcester. police in hartford, connecticut making the disturbing discovery and investigators say the suspect had an unusual reason for taking the remains. kelli o'hara has details and this is pretty prison are. what is had he saying the reason
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>> religion, he says it saul in the name of religion, the 32-year-old told police that when they went to his door and he let them in and even admitted they say for robbing this graveyard. >> that's crazy. who would do such a thing? let the dead rest. >> that's sick, that's truly twisted. reporter: a hartford, connecticut man behind bars accused of robbing graves at the hope cemetery, stealing the remains of five people. >> makes me think of frankenstein. reporter: investigators tell us they got the call on friday to check out a home for skeletal remains, when police arrived he let them in to his home where investigators found those missing remains. hartford police say medina admitted to sealing them but said he had a good reason, his religion. >> he's a practicing centuria priest, which is a religion in some latino communities, it's rarely seen actually, the bones or the remains of the skeletal
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are used in this religion more medicinal purposes. reporter: neighbors shocked by the arrest. >> oh my god, what are they going to do, i've never seen anything out of the ordinary. >> kind of creepy. reporter: police tell us that in the santoria religion the older the bones, the better, so all the bones are at least a century old. new tonight, boston police searching for suspects after a shooting in southie. a heavy police presence on odd colony avenue, and a man was shot and rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. police still searching for suspects. a dangerous drive on the highway leads to a major crash in westwood. police say the driver lost control of the car, slamming into the median on route 128. two people have been taken to the hospital and right now the cause of that crash is under
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still ahead, a sign of the season. bar tenders at a popular quincy restaurant serving up sober rides. >> and a not so sign of the season, milder temperatures tomorrow, where we could be flirting with 60s. the forecast next. plus it's super bowl saturday, the big high school teams across the state squaring
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a popular quincy restaurant giving back and keeping customers safe this holiday season. bartenders serving up some cocktails with a twist. they come with sober rides. >> it's a pretty good idea here. it all part of a plan to keep drunk driver office the road. jennifer eagan explains. reporter: one local restaurant serving up a safe ride home to
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too much to drink. >> just find one of the staff and we will call a cab or uber. reporter: and they'll pick up the cost, too. alba in quincy, all december the unioner or taxi is on them. >> we want to make sure the customers can enjoy, have a good time with friend and family and we want to bring them home safe. records drunk driving is a serious problem in norfolk county, one person a week dies in a car accident and the district attorney says 60 to 70% involve someone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. >> i think people should enjoy themselves and business should flush ir, but we want people to get home safe. >> the district attorney's office encourages other bars and restaurants to take part in the program. >> we're trying to encourage some of the other establishments to take a cup that we had printed up that says designated driver and give you a free coke or water or soft drink.
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extra step to get customers home and say they are doing it through new year's eve. >> i think there's been a lot of people with their own designated drivers now, but if they don it sure is a great option. >> please, come to us, ask any member of our staff and we want to do it. a symbol of the season returned to its rightful place in haverhill. a church bringing in the holiday season after a disturbing crime last year. the church unveiling a newly constructed nativity scene tonight. they spent almost a year rebuilding it after it was vandalized last year. it was a disturbing case. police say one woman stole one of the figures and put a pig's head in its place, on christmas day last year. church goers say the new nativity scene has helped them get over what happened. >> it's beautiful, it touching because it's something that it's brand-new, a new tradition for the church and the parishioners
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forward with. >> the church says there will be more protection around the scene this year. we're seeing a lot of holiday decorations, but not necessarily feeling like the holidays are just around the corner. we'll get to that forecast coming up, flirting with 60 tomorrow. jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our
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mild temperatures for us today, about five to seven degrees above normal for this time of year, into the low 50's. but the current temperatures, this feels a little more like december, into the upper 20's in the bushes, 41 in boston, 33 in beverly. we do have some patchy fog and even patchy dense fog in some areas, with the clear skies and
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that is to be expected. so reduced visibility, that is the case. in norwood visit down to two miles. less than a pile in beverly. if you're travels do take you north this evening into southern new hampshire perhaps, then take it easy on the roads, because is there a possibility with that moisture, cold temperatures, we could get some black ice forming on the roadways. so please keep that in mine. mostly clear overnight tonight, 27 to 37. closer to the city of boston. and then tomorrow how about we boost the temperatures up even more than today. a light southwest breeze is going to help with that mixing, we've got warm air upstairs, we've got to bring it down to the surface and if we do that we could brick the 60-degree mark in a couple spots and i think that there is the potential for that. high pressure giving us dry conditions for tomorrow, that ensures that we keep the sunshine around. and even into monday, mild temperatures, sunshine sticking around with us, it isn't until tuesday, the clouds increase, we could see a glancing blow with
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kind of flirts with us here. we could see some coastal showers and also some winds. but that looks to be very slight chance. about a 20% chance of that. i plan for a breezy day and that on shore flow bringing bringing the temperatures closer to normal for the middle of the week. but then if you're missing the mild temperatures, how about ooft boost in temperatures as we get into next weekend. our mild pattern staying in place for now, so that means the wait for winter continues. enjoy your saturday night. up next in sports, the eagles are hurting in year three under chip kelly, 4-7 coming off a blowout loss for the lions, bell belichick doing all he can to make sure he has his players' aattention sunday. the highlights and even the low
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the minx boot: tested tough in the pacific northwest.
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after signing a then record 31 million-dollar per year contract, david price may be the richest athlete in boston, but he is far from the most polarizing. that honor goes to tom brady who will be earning his paycheck if the pats keep winning in light of major injuries. new england down some weapons but still with the likely advantage on offense against an
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380 yards per game. if you think bell belichick mentioned this to his offense, think again. >> the crazy thing about it, we haven't seen none of them touchdown passes on film. bill don't show all that, we just been seeing all them causing turnovers. we haven't seen all the take aways. reporter: full coverage on sports extra tomorrow night. celtics five-game road trip rolling on in san antonio. boston three games over .500 for the first time in two and a half years. looking to snap an eight-game slide against the spurs. celtics down by as many as 17. mounting a comeback in the
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isaiah thomas with the layup, 103-100. now a two-point game, under 10 seconds left, thomas kicking it out to bradley in the corner, but the three a no go. celtics fall 108-105. the bruins visiting the site of their last standity cup clincher in vancouver, brad marchand scores less than three minutes in. bruins skating to a lead after one. it's currently 3-0 in the second. the nl may own game days at gillette stadium, but today preps from around the state getting the chance to go out on top, with six high school state champions being crowned on super saturday in foxborough. tonight, the raiders strike first. 48 yards and it's 7-0 central catholic out in front. right before the half, hawks go
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perfect pitch and catch. 49 yards. xaverian rolling to their second straight title 44-14. in d2 reading taking on nashoba. 6-0 reading on the first play. way. the one handed grab taking it 64 yards to the house. fourth quarter, deandre getting in the from two yards out. too much from nashoba. 72 yards and the touchdown. nashoba capping off a perfect season, 27-13 taking home the title. in division three, a rematch of
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melrose and dartmouth. the runningback under center, airing it out to nyland. he's the quarterback, 87 yards. 13-6 melrose on top. dartmouth roaring back. chris martin with a pair of fourth quarter touchdowns. the dartmouth indians going back to back, getting the win 26-21. in d4, holliston trying to go back to back, taking on chicopee. panthers up 14-0, jack barrett connecting with tucker in the end zone for the touchdown, 20-0 hold holliston. fourth quarter, holliston winning a second straight championship, 27-8 your final. in division five, a shootout between east bridgewater and northbridge, 777 total yards of offense between the two. late fourth quarter, jake wood taking the handoff and getting
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northbridge taking a 36-34 lead. same score, final chance for east bridgewater, hail maritime, northbridge winning it 36-34. bouncing back from last year's loss to abington. final game in d6, mashpee taking on st. bernard's all about deshawn deas. getting to the outside, then cutting back, he's going to go 58 yards for the touchdown, falcons taking a 16-8 lead. diaz adding more fourth quarter scores. he goes for 239 yards and four touchdowns, mashpee winning 28-6. second tight in four years.
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mccaffrey going for 461 yards of total offense. fifth most in college football history. harvard taking on fourth ranked kansas, crimson falling 75-69. that's sports.
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