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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  December 6, 2015 7:30am-8:00am EST

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>> jennifer: president obama addressing the nation in a speech tonight on the san bernadino shooting as we learn more about the two suspects and their ties to terror. >> another terror attack in london, police are on high alert after a stabbing at a train station. >> in connecticut have five bodies stolen from a worcester cemetery wound up inside an apartment. >> patriots are ready to take on the eagles as they fly into the disappointing loss to the broncos last week. >> announcer: this is 7 news today in new england. >> kris: 7:30 is your time. thank you for waking up with
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>> jennifer: i'm jennifer egan. promises to be a warm take. there. maybe that is just the sunshine hitting a little bit of moisture. chris lambert joins us now forecast. >> it was yesterday chris watt getting an a. in his science lesson. we'll give you an a. as well. a little bit of low-level moisture in place. some patchy freezing fog but even a little haze to the sky. 36 this morning but 20s in a lot of the suburbs. visibilities down to two miles in norwood with patchy fog in the area. we have a little moisture at the lowest levels but overall, taking a look at the wider scan here of the radar and satellite. is there is not a lot going on. we do expect the fog to lift. back to mostly sunny sky, if you don't already have them here and into the afternoon. look at the jump up in temperatures starting off frosty again this morning in
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8:00 and 10:00 we'll have a good jump back to the 40es a and eventually to the mid to upper 50s this afternoon. so finish the day off close to 60 degrees in some towns, norwood i think you'll go from the low 20s to near 60 degrees this afternoon. do have a couple of mild days ahead. talk more on the seven-day forecast and when we could see rain ahead. >> kris: president president obama is preparing for historic address on the terror attack in california. the president will speak later to the nation tonight. >> jennifer: he is expected to speak out against this terror attack that may have ties to isis. the mass shooting left 14 people dead and 21 jr.ed. >> kris: we're learning more about the attacker's past and their ties to isis. >> jennifer: this comes as isis is applauding the terror attack in california. victoria warren has the very latest. >> reporter: in this
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los angeles, neighbors say farouk and malik appeared to live an ordinary life but in their home there were signs they were' plotting and planning a terror attack. >> several down in a conference room. >> reporter: the militant group isis called the couple mart errs and followers but u.s. government sources say there is no evidence the attack was directed by a militant group. malik pledged allegiance to massacre. she spent time in the punjab provence and went to university which was a hot bed for extremist recruiting. malik had two brothers and two sisters and spent time in saudi arabia but her family says there were' no signs she was involved with radical islam ick group but u.s. officials to right to husband. >> i think tashfeen malik
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clean candidate to be her co-hort in terrorism. often times with duos we have a primary actor who manipulates a more vulnerable subverse yant person. >> reporter: coming to the u.s. last year on a fiance visa malik married farook. a college graduate with a good paying job as a restaurant inspector in san bernadino. friends say there was no way he was the master mind. >> this is something political because this brother, he couldn't have done this. >> reporter: the shooters' home where they raised a 6-month-old daughter was a bomb making factory. packed with explosives, ammunition and tools to build i. e. d.'s. killed by police in a shoot-out their deadly plot ending in the hands of an e. r. doctor. >> this is something i'll neff forget. never be able to fully conserve how those patients families were affected. >> reporter: the 14 dead
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and daughters. shannon johnson died a hero, when gunfire ran out he gave his life to safe dennize from the hospital. johnson shielded her saying she words, i got you. tonight her life, a tribute to his, in a massacre where there are still so many questions. >> jennifer: overnight the f.b.i. investigating a home authorities believe there is a connection to the san bernadino shooting. they say the home belongs to a friend of the suspected shooters farook. the f.b.i. says they believe the they have purchased some of the weapons used to kill 14 people and injuring 21 others. >> kris: police arrested one man in london last night after using a stun gunn to take him down. investigators are treating this as a terror incidence. the man was yelling about
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into custody. >> when he came out in handcuffs what did you hear him say? >> this is the syria, he said this is for syria and while he is walking up the ramp as soon as he got to the top he said this is for syria. >> kris: one victim has serious injuries. the other two suffered minor injuries. a connecticut man is in custody accused of stealing five bodies in a cemetery in worcester. police in hartford, connecticut making this disturbing discovery, and investigators say the suspect had an unusual reason for taking these bodies. kelli o'hara reports from worcester with the chilling details. >> >> that crazy. >> this is sick, that is truly twisted. >> reporter: a man behind bars accused of robbing grapes at the home cemetery stealing remains of five people. >> it makes me think of frankenstein. >> reporter: investigators
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home in hartford for skeletal remains. he let them into his home where investigators found the missing remains. y he admitted to stealing them but said he had a good reason, he is a religion. >> he is a practicing santeria priest which is a religion that you see. it's rarely seen. the pones or the remains of skeletal remains taken from the cemetery are used in purposes. >> reporter: neighbors shocked by the arrest. >> one of the people, they do brutal stuff like that, but i never seen anything, you know, out of it. >> creepy. >> reporter: kelli o'hara, 7 news today in new england. [inaudible] >> jennifer: police found the burped body of
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on november 3. cruz told investigators he didn't know the woman but phone records suth otherwise. cell phone reports show cruz called the murder suspect several times the day police fund worthner's body. police say bortner's body was in a comfortable with her hands and feet bound by electrical cord. her body was found near mbta train tracks in november. boston police searching for a suspects after a shooting in southie. a heavy police presence on old colony avenue near columbia road. a man was shot and rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. no arrests have been made in this case. currents fire crews battling fierce flames in gloucester on saturday. witnesses say there was an explosion that caused the fire. no one lives in the house. no one was inside at the time. crews think the explosion was proem anne related --
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officials say the location made it difficult to -- >> we don't have hydrants this far up on this street. it has been a very manpower and equipment intensive fire. even though it's a relatively small house due to the location and water supply. >> kris: nobody was hurt during the explosion or fighting the fire. the cause remains under investigation. >> jennifer: we're following more news todays. a controversial cover-up creating tension in chicago. police reports have been released detailing disdiscrepancies in the shooting death much laquan mcdonald. dash cam video shows him walking away from police before being shot 16 times by an officer. the report says mcdonald was trying to get up after falling to the ground. officer van dyke lab charged with murder in this case. protests continuing in chicago on saturday. the rain powe push coalition calling for changes in the police department.
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superintendent has been resigned but protestors think more should be done. >> we want the federal investigation overnight, not a local committee. a real civil rights charge: a real hate crime. a real volatile situation. >> jennifer: chicago's mayor has admitted to the city's problem with police accepts responsibility. >> kris: commuter train and a mini bus colliding. it killed at least 18 people in indonesia's capital. the accident happened at the train intersection in djakarta today. the manipulateu bus drove across the tracks despite a warning signal in place. an investigation into the crash is under way. fire sweeping through on oil rig on the caspian sea. the fire broke out when an underwater gas pipeline was damaged in a heavy storm. oil company officials say the missing workers were in a life boat that fell into
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strong wind and waves hampered the rescue efforts. >> jennifer: a popular band,hey plan to play in paris in a concert that will be broadcast all over the world. >> kris: patriots getting ready to roll after their disappointing loss to the broncos in overtime. >> heading out to gillette very mild tail getting weather but before that, a frosty start this morning, even some patchy freezing fog. we'll talk more on the forecast ahead. >> for this weekes who did it pat dionne lewis and i are getting our feet wet. my sealion may be cranky. >> we try to teach marine
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>> what an absolute beauty of a day yesterday. temperatures warming up to the low to mid 50s, we'll afternoon. but before we get into the mild weather, we do have thick frost. a little bit of freezing fog in places and we've that patchy freezing fog in some of the water crop lets hitting the cold ground, had a little bit of patchy ice so careful first step out the door if you've had fog in your area. no arctic air in sight. we're talking about temperatures well below seasonal levels. i don't see that over the next 7, 8, 9 takes ahead of us, lower 20s to mid 20s in a lot of the suburbs. this is where we've had patchy freezing fog where wind are dead calm and we've had a lot of the low level moisture cool and condense the patchy fog. the wind in boston is 13 miles an hour, 12 miles an hour, most of us seeing a breeze out of the southwest
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so once you get the breeze going these visibilities will jump up. nothing dense right now. we do have visibility down to two miles in norwood. you can almost see the clear sky above the haze that we have down here although we do have some thicker cloud cover skirting the islands getting close to chatham and locally dense fog through the berkshires but i expect more sunshine. quiet weather settling in across new england for the next couple of days. this disturbance across iowa continues to head dew east. this is important because it's going to ignite an ocean storm and the track of it continuing that eastward progression is important because that will keep that tuesday storm pretty much out to sea. i think it's too far to the south and east to bring much only clouds and a northeasterly breeze. a cooler day overall on tuesday. outside shot at a passing shower but couching this as a dry day here and once the system exists far enough off to the east of us we're dry
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thursday, we'll have a close call with a frontal system swinging on through but then i think we're back to dry saturday. severed we don't see a whole lot of rain on it. 54, a couple of locations close to 60 degrees this afternoon. cool tonight. frosty start in the suburbs tomorrow morning once again but we'll jump back up to the mid to upper 50s, it does cool back to seasonal levels, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, back to the 50s by friday and saturday. >> jennifer: patriots gearing up for today's showdown at home. the eagles are flying in gillette. the pats are looking to clip their wings. >> kris: patriots looking to rebound after that tough loss in denver. some of the teams is recovering from some of the injuries. new england is set to avoid back-to-back defeats for the
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t.b. 12 is 40-8, 11-0 in last such games. eagles better be ready for brady at his best. >> i think we all want to get back out there because, it has been a long time since we lost a meaningful game and it's just, it -- it just sucks. every week presents different challenges. you as a player you have to start every week with a fresh slate and try to go out and get, put everything you can no it. 100% of your energy and emotion. and you go out and try to do it again. >> kris: eagles enter sunday's game 4-7. disappointing year for philly and philly a game back of washington and new york in the division. shows how the division is not so tough. >> jennifer: for fans and players, they have a beautiful day credit. that is the positive. great day for football. >> jennifer: coming up today a sign of the season, bartenders at a popular quincy restaurant serving up
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>> kris: ushering in the holiday season, local leaders expect to be in for
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>> kris: a popular quincy restaurant giving back and keeping customers safe this holiday season. bartenders serving up some cocktails with a twist. they come with sober rides. >> jennifer: part of a plan to keep drunk drivers off the road. one local restaurant serving up a safe ride home to customers who think they've had too much to drink. >> just find one with our staff and we'll call a cab and call uber. >> reporter: they'll pick up the cost. at alba in december all december the uber or taxi is on them.
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like they enjoy, have a good time with friends and family home safe. >> reporter: drunk drive something a serious problem here in norfolk county. car accident and the district attorney says 60-70% involve someone who alcohol or drugs. >> people should enjoy themselves and business should flor ush but we want people to gets home safe. >> reporter: the district attorney encourages others they're running. >> we're trying to encourage the restaurants to give you a free coke or water or soft drink. >> reporter: at alba they're taking the extra step to get customers home. they'll do it through one of the busiest days of the year. new years eve. >> i think a lot of people come with their designated drivers now if they don't it's a great option. >> please come to us. ask any member of our staff.
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>> jennifer: the u.s. c. d.c.reports that almost 30 people in the u.s. die from alcohol related accidents each day. >> kris: there is a sign of the season returning to its rightful place in haverhill. a church bringing in the holiday season after a disturbing crime. church you will veiled a newly corrected nassiffity scene. they spend a year rebuilding it after it was vandalized. a woman put a pig's head in its place on christmas day. itself new natistity helped -- nativity helped them get over the event. >> it's touching because it's something that we're starting something brand new, a new tradition for the church and for all the parishioners, something to go forward with. >> kris: the church says it'll be more protective around those figurines this year. >> jennifer: happening today in boston city officials expected to be onhand to a kickoff at the start of hanukkah.
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year's ceremony. mayor walsh is expected to be onhand to help light the menorah. the lighting will be at 4:30 outside of macy's in downtown crossing. u.s. navy band will perform at the event. the menorah will join the christmas tree that completes a festive downtown area. the tree wend up on friday. >> kris: next up a world renowned band welcoming a very special guest on stage tonight for a concert in paris. as the event gets ready to be prosecute -- broadcast to grdma is shappy toe here foyour verfirst chstmas. i ar youre quitehe exper ataking pele up the mning.
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>> jennifer: a highly anticipated concert will finally take place in paris. a big audience is expected to turn out for u2. the irish rock band changed the date of the concert following the terror attacks in paris. it will be broadcast on h.b.o.monday night. the band will share the stage with eagles of death metal. the american band whose live performance the terrorists was the site of one of the terror attacks. >> kris: locally you need to check a check of your -- get a check your forecast. >> jennifer: a warm day. >> we need patience out there. a little about the of passing freezing fog. heavy frost on the ground but it'll thaw out quickly over the next self hours. numbers well into the 50s if not a couple of towns close to 60 this afternoon.
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foxboro, kick off temperatures back to the low 50s, we'll drop to the 40s during the game. beautiful tail gating weather out there. temperatures slide off the table quickly so the drive home from the game, temperatures back to about 40, guys. >> jennifer: thank you, that's going to do it for us, for now i'm jennifer egan. >> kris: i'm kris anderson. the "today" show is up. we'll show you back for manufacture no jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president:
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with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of


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