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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  December 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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here in boston. disturbing new tails about couple behind california terror attack. what they did in the days leading up to the shooting and where did they get those high powered guns? >> plus, donald trump calls for a ban on muslims coming into america. his controversial comments have people on both sides fired up. >> beautiful monday. but not so for tuesday. this weather system gives us a glancing shot at some showers. >> on just one station, dozens of animals killed in a fire at this shelter. but did they have to die? >> the documents we uncovered say these animals should never have been inside. >> and what landed this local santa on the naughty list? and in the back of a police cruiser? 7 news at 11 starts now. >> tonight on seven, boston stomachs. a dangerous diagnosis that's hard to swallow. >> slightly annoying and frightening.
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because of a bad burrito. inches >> anchor: and breaking tonight, bc now says the number of students who became ill is up to 30. and some of them are players on men's basketball team john cuoco is live in cleveland circle where bc says all of those students ate over the weekend. looks to be a similar place. >> reporter: yeah we now know 30 brvment c students got sick in all of them ate at this chipotle this weekend. >> we're all really nervous about it. chipotle in cleveland circle closed monday evening. crews inside clean thing tall while restaurant chain works with state department of public health investigating a number of boston college students who got sick. my roommate in health services right now having intestinal problems. b clchlt students include several members of basketball team complained gastro intestinal symptoms. bc says one thing they will have in common they ate at this
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>> it's too bad because a great, a great restaurant and it's a very popular spotty. health officials trying to figure out if link to national outbreak at chipotle. so far, 5052 people in nine states have been affected. massachusetts isn't one of them. >> when we heard it was othering, california, washington, such a large outbreak. i mean it's going to come this way no matter what >> i'm probably go to cue around corner next time in a statement chipotle said we do not have any evidence to suggest this incident is related it previous e. coli entwistle. there are no confirmed cases of e. coli connected to chipotle in massachusetts. the dph says they've made no determination of e. coli at this point. still this isn't sitting well with people who go to the cleveland circle chipotle or bc students as they gear up for finals. it's really going to have an add to pressure i think. really stressful time already so not a good added pressure to have. >> and so anyone who's eaten here recently had symptoms
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live in cleveland circle john cuoco, 7 news night team. new details revealed about shooters behind the california terror attack. we're learning more about when both were radicalizedinvestigators say they believe it happened quite some time ago their words. and this 234ely released photo shows the two inside chicago's airport last year. also today, investigators said couple took part in target practice in the days leading up to the attack. couple is accused of a killing 14 people and injuring more than 20 hoarse when they open fire in holiday party in intend last week. f.b.i. says during its investigation it found no evidence of a broader plot. let's go to night team susan tran now, she joins joins us now more. on day employees went back to work for first time since at shooting the f.b.i. says couple behind attack that killed 14 people trained for it. >> tashfeen malik is seen here chicago's airport last summer
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it's her first time in the u.s. >> both subjects were radicalized and have been for quite some time. year and a half later the f.b.i. confirms the pair's target practicing. nbc learned farook was at this southern california shooting range sunday and monday for hours before they wednesday attack that killed 14 and hurt 21. >> i heard some pop, pop, pop sounds. survivors say they were in inland regional center's conference room when doors flew open and they saw gunman. it was constant gunfire. >> 70 people were trapped in an open room with three exits but no way to get escape. >> to stand up in & go for the doors you're in the line of sight. the f.b.i. looking closer a who supplied the two with fire power, they say farook's friend bought two of assault rifles used in the attacks. hows those firearms in rifles in particular got from to them. the pair also stock pile ammunition in detached garage of their rented home. place law enforcement say was
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with enough parts to make 19 pipe bombs. investigators want to know farook's mom knew about couple's plan. since she lived with them and took care of their six month daughter. mother stayed to herself, i think she stayed upstairs and so she would have been separate and not really knowing knowing much farook sister silent a she left a custody hearing his father also had no comment told an italian magazine his son became obsessed israel and shared he had ole to create an islamic state. we also learned a year before the rampage farook coworkers went through active shooter training in the very same conference room where he and his wife opened fire. but it is not clear if farook was in that training session. >> live in newsroom susan tran, 7 news night team. other news tonight gop front runner donald trump making some controversial comments about muslims trump is calling for ban on muslim coming into country. ryan schulteis is here with more
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are reacting. adim his proposal met ennews achl local leaders quickly coming out against this ban. tonight, donald trump read announcement that set off shock waves when he sent it out this afternoon. donald trump is calling for a total and complete shut down of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> he's talking not just about refugees but tourists business visitors all muslims including american citizens. we can't let people kill us. they want to kill us they want to destroy us. we can't let it happen minutes after announcement governor charlie baker red it for himself and clearly upset. >> i can't believe that i'm reading this which is basically directly in contrast and in conflict with most of the most
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it uncan hold most dear. local muslim leaders disgusted by trump's plan. it's actually playing right into the hands of isis. isis is calling for division, they are calling for a cultural and religious war. so when donald trump says certain groups will not be allowed into this country it goes against our values as americans and it's un-american. his republican rival tweeting oh donald trump is unheininged but trump has no plans to stop. >> they have no respect for human life. >> late tonight trump said ban would no apply to people already living in the country. in control room, ryan schulteis. seven knew now turning to the weather. clouds are rolling in, might be a bit of a chill in air tomorrow. and we could see some rain. let's check it all out with chief meteorologist pete bouchard. drop from 50s back into the 40s. closer to normal for tomorrow, kim. the clouds are here, the showers are trying to get here. right now, the still far off. but our best chance for getting
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we might see some showers get up to randolph and canton. and brockton as well. but it's in the morning. in afternoon it starts to pull away. and we're left with more clouds. our temperatures tomorrow start off in the upper 30s and mid 30s. then go for mid 40s. that's about it. so not much cooling tonight. and by tomorrow evening we're following back into upper 30s. we remain cloudy. sun is a premium over next couple of days not whole lot of it details ahead. >> following some breaking news right now. firefighters battling flames in sturbridge tonight. lighting up the night sky. this is building on river road. police are blocking traffic into that area. and right now we don't have any word on injuries. >> now a story you will see on just one station we're learning disturb disturbing new details a burned down more a week a dozens of dogs and cats were killed in that fire. and officials say the building should have never been inside in the first place.
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and they had a town meeting to talk about this. what did they say? >> they certainly did adam. really big bold move made that the meeting. this all comes after 7 news uncover pretty disturbing documents about this animal shelter. >> that's why i'm calling for us to temporarily suspend the licenses. a vote by packs stone board selectman halts business sweet pea animal shelter until further notice it comes a 7 news exclusively revealed animal shelter which was ravaged by fire last month had been on the state's radar. we have learned inspector from state's agricultural department had visited the property just days before 12 disposition 30 cats were killed in the flames. and found the facility not suitable for animals. >> it was horrendous. there were animals that were crowded. it was horrible. those conditions should not have existed 7 knew obtained inspection reports spank last two years. they document several unannounced visits by inspectors
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crowded within humane conditions. specifically noting dogs and kennels too smallor them to turn around and cats in cages in same room with dogs. but perhaps most notable, this report dated july 2014, where inspector call conditions at the shelter a fire hazard. shelter's manager tells 7 news there were no official facility. >> upsetting. i have gone through any of this, this is first i've known i was told unofficial visits when they were here. and they were suggestions they wanted to work with us on. >> requested we put in fire extinguishers and, smoke detectors which we did. sitting in this meeting wearing sweet pea strong t-shirts workers and supporter wanted to at least keep open kennel services with were not affect by fire. but town said no.
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>> plan to rebuild already raised more than $130,000. but right now the future is uncertain. in paxton kimberly bookman, 7 news night team a local man called to court accused of a causing a scare in city with hoax device. prosecutor say the he left a suspicious suitcase near homeland secured suv in boston last week. oh my gosh. holy crap. bomb squad blew up as precaution and no explosive in bag. he is being held on $50,000 bail. >> investigators are looking for a public's help as they try to solve 4-year-old murder misery in andover. jack and jerry magee were found shot to the death four years ago this month. the da released a new time line of events today leading up to the couple's death. they say the day before their daughter found them in their andover home jack magee went to one of his construction sites in reading. he spoke to his son about picking up construction
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adding to mystery police found couple's lexus suv torched in boston north end. and authorities are asking anyone with any detail to call them. >> a connecticut man is facing charges tonight in connection with a grave situation in worcester. appearing in court earlier prosecutor say he broke into a worcester cemetery and stole several dead bodies. prosecutors allege he took the remains back to his connecticut home several months ago. medina says he was using them for religious healing purposes. he's been charged with breaking and entering. also tonight, new developments in the deflategate scandal. tom brady and the players union now filing paperwork in response to the nfl's appeal of his deflategate penalty. sports director joe amorosino with eddy tails on that now. >> nfl pa going through a legal process more legal jargon, more restating of tom brady's deflategate case. nothing has changedand nothing can change until well after the season. >> deflategate the last thing on
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back to back losses for first time in over three years. the nfl pa firing back on brady's behalf though. issuing a skew-page response to the league's deflategate appeal. >> lead attorney jeffery kessler and company intent on proving judge richard bur man was correct in overturning commissioner roger goodell 4 game suspension of patriots quarterback. saying "no player in nfl history has ever received a suspension for football tampering. or failing to cooperate with a league investigation." the appeal also state nfl repeatedly provides notice that first offenses will result in fines. specific fine amounts have been collectively bargained with the nfl pa. but goodell ignored collectively bargain penalty in affirmed brady unprecedented suspension for an alleged equipment violation. the appeal contains many of the same arguments already heard in court and concludes that "judicial deference to
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equivalent to a rubber stamp. courts must vacate awards are arbitrator deif is essence the cbs to declining to discuss applicable collectively bargain penaltied in favor of his own brand of industrial justice." more great reading you know handed over to us with those court documents. all good time going through deflategate docs. a nfl has until december twoirs reply appeal hearing set for march 30th in new york an about a month after super bowl. reporting live joe amorosino, 7 news. it's nice joe can do all reading on. up next a red suit definitely does not make you santa. this guy in santa suit cuffed and an in custody. brars. we will hear from pats as they look to bounce back after losing
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coming up next on 7 news at 11. tomorrow, does contend legacy you know about, but a new book on the tragic life of rosemary kennedy, the hidden sister's plight. how it changed way the world sees people with disabilities.
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this local santa lighting himself on naughty list after he was arrested in manchester new hampshire. police say they busted him trying to steal an of all agency baby stroller it happened during holiday race. a lot of people were dressed as santa. night team kelly oh had race in manchester with how police were able to catch this guy they believe is a bad santa. >> oh, absolutely. well, they caught him with that baby stroller. police tell him tell us and they've charged him with theft.
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list. >> they are robbing santa claus. really bad. bad santa. >> really bad. like that's horrible. no that's not santa it's alan he's on naughty list this year in manchester. he's accused of a stealing a woman's baby stroller at the saturday. not take. >> dude, what's up with that? that's jacked. he was dressed up in his red coat and the stocking cap in downtown manchester in annual race and christmas parade police say he tock off with carriage belonging to family of 5. family called police who quickly caught up alan and arrested this santa imposter. it's sad. not good for kids to see. >> if a kid sees santa try to steal baby carriage like they are going to think oh my god santa's bad. supposed to be one good guys.
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>> christmas, jolly, smiles. happy. >> not what? >> no the that for sure. >> now getting him in even bigger trouble with law apparently cited some bail conditions of a previous arrest earlier this month. and because of his criminal history police tell us here they've now upgraded his charges to felony. in manchester new hampshire tonight kelli o'hara 7 news night team. >> following more news tonight in dog sense of smell saving day for family in jamaica plain. the family says their dog was whining they took her outside and then soon realized they were smelling gas. firefighters later discovered the smell was caused by an electrical shortage. and the family says her nose prevented a major fire. she doesn't fuss she doesn't shift around or anything. this morning she was just constantly whining. so something was up with her. and we're pretty glad about that. building managers say that will take time to fix that electrical
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sure all the way around. yeah, yay. they did say she's getting extra good. >> well deserved. yes we love our animals. all right pete, talking a little december. >> it is string of beautiful days coming to close tomorrow, kim as we increase the clouds and bring in chance for showers. 57 today same waltham danvers 56. stoneham was 56. 54 in auburn. beautiful weather. cool down is coming two-day cool down which brings us back to normal. very little rain in forecast warmer late week 50s down but not out. 43 right now in waltham. 46 in winthrop right now. and 44 in randolph. lexington is 40. our temperatures did dip into the 30s. but they recovered a little bit thanks to the cloud cover coming in cloud act thing like a blanket tyngsboro 38. straight in sterling into south shore, more 40s. and our temperatures falling back into the 30s. mostly some 40s may hold on through cape along coastline
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so no at snowy system not big system one that will bring us a little bit of wet weather so what right? kind of stirs up forecast breaks this pa fern. last three days very little wind. above normal temperatures and tons of sun in a time period where we see a lot of clouds. this is our cloudiest part of the year. and we've been just throwing that against the wall here. and outside it's not been a bad stretch at all. sprinkles in boston to good providence. showers bridgewater plymouth and chatham. our temperatures tomorrow in the lower 40s and mid 40s. that will be kind of limiting factor i think. i'm not seeing 50s at all. and even at or warmest 4647. again, that's closer to a normal. normal high 44. 46 on wednesday. that particular day may have lot of clouds as well. then thursday maybe a sprinkle. but that's not stopping the train. it's continuing to climb all the way up into friday where we reach those upper 50s once again. the latest first snow, this is
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maps like you know we don't see snow in the forecast. maybe a brown christmas kind of a thing. well latest it has gone in boston january 13th. year 2000. worcester december 24th. 1923. so we're on pace to at least challenge those. forecast. cloudy skies, 30 to 40. light and variable wind. and then tomorrow much cooler cloudy, a few showers southeast. 43 to 48. northeast breeze will be cooler and then a little bit of sunshine on wednesday. that's an iffy day some might come away mostly cloudy. clouds could get trapped under an inverse as we call it. maybe a sprinkle thursday. we'll hold up on that drop and looks like some clouds for friday and saturday too. nothing really to disturb this milder than normal pattern. see you tomorrow. all right just keeps posted. yu brew ins at the garden tonight. on the road. they are doing all right. you're right on adam. dead-on.
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joe amorosino. if you think watching patriots embarrassing loss to eagles was bad imagine being a player force to watch game film today with bill belichick providing the commentary. that task is now complete and pats players say they've flushed to houston. >> last night was a time to be down oh disappointed. but today you know we have to be ready to move on. and you know, that's the way this league is. when you win, things are going well. you can't get too excited. you lose and things aren't going too well. we all know we can play better. so i mean you just have to really take criticism. you know, take it with a grain of salt get better. and we all know we can be better. patriots and texans kick it off next sunday. right here on 7 nbc. we will get you ready with our seven on the sidelines pregame show beginning 6:30 bruins back on garden ice tonight after
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of their previous eight games. their road record of 9-2 and-best in eastern conference if they can just get their home record up above 500 they would be in great shape. b and predator tied at one check oh passing on power play. eight seconds into main spooner. game was tied a 2. 5 minutes ago victor races to the loose puck and beats him. bruins fall 3-2 snapping their 8-game point streak. celtics wrapping 5 game road trip visiting anthony davis and the pelicans. celtics closing out the first half strong so i a thomas will drill three to cap off 13-2 run. celtics up 53-44 at half time. another big run extending that lead to third quarter. jared passes up three kicks it over to avery bradley. part of a 15-2 spurt. celtics led by as many as 22.
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16 points on 8 of 21 shooting. they roll 111-93 going 3 and 2 on their road trip. dave dombrowski getting down to business on day 1 baseball winter meetings treyed lefty wade miley for set up man carson smith who had two-3 one e r a 92 strikes out ins 70 pinning pitched last season sox get a brac rotation starter. >> play of the day, brought to you by capital one. minnesota hoking clippers kevin garnett turning back the clock and throwing down over blake griffin. our play of the day. baseball winter meeting run through thursday. so it is possible dave dombrowski may trade away another starter from last year's
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that is our time ton this monday night. as always we appreciate you spending time with us. jimmy's up next. i'm adam williams i'm kim khazei. 7 news continues at 5:00 a.m. good nig catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. after 12:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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