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tv   Today  NBC  December 8, 2015 2:07am-3:00am EST

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from nbc news, this is "today "today", with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> oh, what a way to start a fun day monday, december 7th. ain't too cool by lunch money lewis. i wonder if that's his real name. >> it is his real name!
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guess who's back, he can't get enough of us. if you can't get enough of him, you're in luck. he's starring in a brand-new comedy with tina fey and amy poehler. >> i didn't think he could look any better than he did the last time he was here, but the leather jacket, okay. >> this is good for cooking. they just hose me down afterwards >> i just noticed something, you're wearing leather, and are' you're going to whip up some food. >> that's tacky. >> and joan collins played on dynasty for years, now she's cleaning out her dynasty closet and wants you to own some of her tv jewelry and clothes. >> you may have missed there is a new kardashian to keep up
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>> we also have rich wilkerson. plus, you've seen us with ambush makeovers, today we're going behind the scenes at a mother/daughter duo, they are a design dream come true. >> happy hanukkah! >> we have a cocktail to celebrate. this is called the blue dreidle. it's from a mixologist. the ingredients are vodka, blue caracao. i don't know the stuff. i'm not a big drinker. >> oh, please. >> lime juice and blueberries. all right. >> james, would you like to try this? >> is that colored water? >> no. it's the real thing. >> do they really drink this early or? >> you can confirm right now. you tell us. >> take a baby sip. it's strong. >> blueberry. >> oh, you ate one of the blueberries. >> i'm sorry!
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>> we wanted to show jackie henry, she sent a picture of bailey rose. what do you think? >> it's not tequila and soda. >> is that your drink? tequila and soda? >> yeah. no lime, no lemon, tastes just >> okay. >> i had a sweet week. excuse me, jim. >> go ahead. >> i went home. i try to get home as often as i can to see my mom and especially since i've fallen in love with my niece's little boy. his name is aaron, but i call him sheky. so we went to annapolis, my mother came and my sister and just, it's just -- >> okay, that's baby. >> i'm insane about him. i'm sorry. i am insane about him. and he is a little comedian in the catskills, so i call him sheky. and he just brings great joy. how was your weekend? >> spent it totally relaxing,
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went to the hamptons. i got hooked, though, on something. it's my favorite thing. i can't believe i didn't know about it. ray donovan? nobody told me! first of all, he is, like now i'm like a drug addict. i've already seen seven or eight episodes. >> you used to be like this with "the affair." i like to get in, and now i'm in. i'm literally thinking about the day being over. i'm like, at 3:15, i can't wait to watch a couple more. >> you have to walk your dog! >> whatever. it's also my favorite thing, ray donovan. >> i know, you haven't stopped talking about it since 7:00 this morning. and what's angelina jolie's dad's name? >> john voigt. >> and liz schreiber, until you
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>> she was having hot flashes before watching ray donovan. now she's out of control. do you mind if we bring you back to life, real life? i read a book over the weekend, i was three quarters of the way through and had to tweet about it. it'sed it's called the "pousch that the power that changed the world. my good gifts book last year, all the profits went to salvation army. 24 more pages. it's available now to order. joy philbin's going to be here tomorrow. there's a picture of joy and reg
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go to good gifts >> the grammys were just nominated. they were announced. you know who the big, the person who was nominated the most was? a guy named rap superstar, kendrick lamar. he scored 11 phenomenon nominations. if you don't know who he is, he sings on a song by taylor swift. take a listen. oh, it's so sad to think about >> i'm happy for him. >> okay, okay. taylor swift came in second with seven nominations. >> right, james? yeah, thank you. >> her song "blank space" was nominated as record of the year. >> it's about cocaine.
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>> some of our favorites. record of the year. >> that really has a chance. you are infiltrating every show now with this stuff. kelly clarkson, yes, a real musician got nominations. don't believe me just watch >> kick it. >> meghan trainor was nominated for best new artist. >> very talented girl. and little big town got song of the year and best country album nominations. and james taylor for best pop vocal album which is great. >> do you know how many, there are more than 80 0 80 nominations, 80 categories. weekend. he was so fun because he was
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take a look. this is called "settled." >> anyway, he just giggled. he can't stop laughing throughout. >> that used to be my favorite thing on the carol burnett show when they would laugh so hard at one another's talent. it happens. they're so brill apt iant those guys. >> the dating app. >> it's called settled. >> i think he looks like a good catch, so why can't i meet the right guy? i've tried all the online dating app the like tinder. that's why i joined settle. >> they're guys with characteristics i'm now willing
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>> i joined setl and went on tons of okay dates. he may drive a smart car but he's a manager at petco. we're getting married in april, which is before my sister. >> where there's comedy, there's a lot of truth. >> i thought that was so funny. >> remember when michael bub lay was here. >> i tried to sell you on the song by psy. >> this is a reaction to the video. >> that makes me sad. >> what? >> i don't want to live in this world anymore. >> you talked to him before the show. >> no, i promise we didn't. but if this is what we have to look forward to at the grammys
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i'm out, something's wrong in my life. i'm now only going to make like techno music, and i'm doing a sex tape. >> well, it seems that one person in michael's house is a fan of psy, a couple days later, michael posted a video on instagram of his son watching the music video, take a look. body i got it from my daddy >> he'd rather listen to this than his daddy. >> he doesn't look too into it. >> he talked to e! and has the video. kind of apologizing. >> a lot of people say why do you roll your eyes at hoda's music? i don't like it. everybody's got the right to
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and we all, according to the constitution don't have to like it. >> the constitution says you don't have to like everything. anyway. >> it's very helpful on occasion. it's not every day we get a handsome hollywood star to cook for us. >> he's cookin'. and he's in a new movie. >> and rich wilkerson and jason kennedy coming up too, and the woo family. yeah...just wait 'til we hit ten thousand feet. i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast. they're new liquid gels. and you're coming with me... wait, what?! you realize i have gold status? do i still get the miles? sinus-max liquid gels. to unleash max strength medicine. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. to feel this special... i love it kellogg's special k... ...made with whole grains
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all right. we love to have him here. we have persuaded him to come back, what were you here, like two weeks ago? >> i was on my way out. >> we like it when you come. >> he's here to help us make one of his favorite healthy treats and tell us about his newest project. >> he plays the father of tina fey and amy poehler. take a look. >> why did you tell me that you sold the house? >> because we knew that you'd try to talk us out of it.
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>> you're selling your clock? are you dieing? >> no i'm not dying. i'm just sick of winding it. >> each thing is a puzzle piece in the story of our lives. >> we just don't want clutter anymore. >> then what is this? >> and you're with dianne wiest. >> this started first. this was dianne. who knew i could do comedy, you know? i got submitted the script, and i thought, i love this role. they said oh, we changed our mind, he's not right for it. then i did a josh brolin. >> how did you do that? >> i said i insist on meeting these guys for two minutes. >> oh. >> then i got word, they're in new york. i said okay, i'll be there. so then i flew there on monday. they said thursday we'll meet you down by the staten island ferry. when i left them after the meeting, i said i'm going to do
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and i'm on my pad, which i did. and they swooned, and here i am. here i am. >> that is awesome, by the way. >> because you would think after this much time, you know -- >> you wouldn't have to. that you would be too proud to. good for you! >> i pulled a josh brolin. he did it on no country for old men. they wouldn't see him for months. he did it on american gangster. they said we need an enough "the new yorker." and then he and then he got nominated. >> chia seeds, it was one of the foods of the gods. >> we only know it from the chia pets. >> yeah. but these little things, if you put them in water, they start to swell up. and you add some flaxseeds
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and these are a grain. they won't ruin your -- >> shall i put them in here? >> yeah, let's dump them both in here, and a little red color. >> i don't want a chia pet growing in my gut! >> let's throw a little liquid in there. >> what's that brown stuff? >> let's see if we can paint the ceiling with this thing. >> go, you got it. >> what are we doing? >> not hoda, that's for sure. >> that was good. >> that looks awful. >> this should go in the fridge for two hours and thicken up. >> it will conjoel. >> we didn't put the chopped cherries. >> so they don't get in your -- >> they do. you pick them out for an hour afterwards. >> we've left a few out. but the recipe will be on our website. >> this is coconut fat from the,
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the top of coconut milk. >> what? >> you spin it up. and it's whipped cream. >> hoda, can you eat that? before you eat it. mm. >> what do you think? food of the gods? >> it's healthy, right? >> oh, totally, totally. sugar. >> i bet it won't, because you put it down. >> i didn't actually make this finished one. so that's probably the problem. >> you tell me. you tell me. >> that's good, right? >> yeah. that's how it's supposed to taste, kath. >> put it in the fridge, maybe even overnight. >> his show opens december 18th in theaters. >> don't forget, thursdays. >> you're so hot. >> the gram
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she is an award-winning actress, best-selling author and producer. >> joan collins of course. no one knew how to slap people in a ball gown and jewels better than her character. >> now you can own some of those gems and gowns from joan's personal collection through julian's auctions on december 16th. and welcome dame joan collins. >> you're on twitter? >> yes.
2:28 am
ollins dbe. >> you have an amazing collection of these items. why did you want to -- >> part with them. >> you think i can get into this? >> yes, i think you could. >> this is a dress that was considered to be quite shocking. >> wow. >> oh, yeah, you had the cleavage thing happening long before. >> before they ever did it. before beyonce, and it's gorgeous. look at these amazing crystals. it was designed by a fantast designer, from spain. anwore it to do a little premiere, and it created quite a buzz. >> i bet it did. >> because people didn't show days. >> not everybody had cleavage they should show. and you had a very nice pair, very nice. >> well, we try. and i found all this in storage, a lot of this has been in
2:29 am
i finished dynasty. >> what was the designer's name? >> this was nolan miller. he designed this for mow, and e me. and it has a jacket. >> cleavage there, too. >> yes. val en entino red, which always goes well. and i wore it in private life too. >> oh, did you? >> yes, i think i snitched it, actually. >> it doesn't have the broad, broad, broad shoulder pads that nolan was so famous for then. >> this was later on. it was in one of the last shows because i had the long hair. >> check out the jewels on this table. >> aren't they amazing? this is a ring that is copied, it's a copy, of course, and elizabeth taylor saw it and said i know it's not real, but i love it.
2:30 am
and this beautiful necklace, this is copies that jackie kennedy onassis wore made by kenneth j. lane. i wore this so many times. it's absolutely beautiful, and it looks so real. >> we're going to have to go. but this outfit and this outfit. go to julian's, and it's december -- what date?
2:31 am
in case you haven't heard, it's fun day monday, and we're back with today's buzz. >> a wrap up of all the celebrity buzz you may have missed over the weekend. here with us is nina . >> it was nice to turn on the tv and see u2 performing in paris.
2:32 am
cancel their concert they took the stage in a really huge concert. we have them performing here. >> they weren't at the same venue, right? >> no, they were at a different arena, but reviews were saying this might have been one of the best concerts they've ever given. they dedicated the night to the paris victims and victims to terrorist attacks all around the world. they had a big monitor with the names of the victims from paris scrolling down, bono dropped himself in a freedom flag. and there's another concert tonight taped for an hbo special. >> and then what else do we have? >> you probably i haven't heard kim kardashian west gave birth to her baby boy on saturday. she took to twitter and her app to say that she and her new son
2:33 am
y and healthy. here's the thing. no name has been announced. >> they look at it and see what name fits. >> the internet has dubbed them east and west. kim said no can do, but she may have named her son robert, given him the name of her late dad. >> they are a tight family. >> khloe kardashian visited the hospital to say that these hospital walls are a little familiar, referencing lamar odom. >> one a tragedy and another a great joy. >> simon cowell got scary news. >> i got to say, he, his girlfriend and their son who's not even 2 years old were all sleeping when the house was burglarized. their west london home was broke
2:34 am
jewels, simon's passport, managed to leave the house, and a neighborhood security guard caught wind what was going on, chased down the burglar, was able to recover simon's passport and a couple other items. thank god he's okay. he made light of it on the x factor saying that everything's okay. my guard dogs aren't the best in the world. >> we're surprised this happens to someone so well-known. everybody knows who lives where. but remember when sandra bullock. >> yeah. >> if they have the greatest security, who does. >> remember the guy who got into the queen's bedroom? >> but if you missed simon, he will be on "america's got talent" this summer. >> morgan freeman was taking off in mississippi in a private plane. >> he was taking off from memphis to texas where he was
2:35 am
show "the story of god" when his plane had to make an emergency landing. everyone is okay. morgan gave a statement saying that he and the pilot were totally fine. you know, the plane, of course, had a couple scratches. >> you would think. that's scary. >> remember the time we were flying and the door blew right open. >> you hear so many stories about fatal plane crashes. he really has a lot to be thankful for. >> he plays god a few times. >> yeah, i know. >> thank you, nina. >> the man who married kim and kanye spreads his faith to the masses. >> and the mother/daughter duo. phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me...
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he is a fourth generation pastor who broke out on his own to preach his way. >> brother' we're talking about the pastor who united kim kardashian and kanye west in matrimony. >> now this couple stars in oxygen's new story called "rich in faith." and if that's not keeping him busy enough, rich has written "sand castle king". and he's here with the executive producer of this show. >> just call me ep. >> and i love the name of your production company. you and me or you and i.
2:38 am
i'm doing that with giuliana rancic. >> i thought that might be you and your new wife. >> i could steal it from her, but we'll see how she feels. this is so exciting. thanks for having us on. >> it's a natural. i mean, you guys are young, hip, different from the typical reality stars that we usually, faith is a huge component. >> our goal in the show is to bring some light into some dark spaces. oftentimes we think of reality tv. it's reduced to flipping tables over and a whole lot of dau ma rama. our goal is how to bring light into dark spaces. >> what did you think about reality? that means cameras and >> it was a new experience for sure. and learned a lot in the process, but we just really hope that this is an encouragement to people. our life and ministry is not just on sundays but seven days a
2:39 am
and we believe our faith impacts everything from our marriage to our family. >> you're both preachers, right? >> she's the better preacher. i can't let her preach too much job. she's amazing. >> you have to have conflict in a reality show to make people tune in. so what types of conflicts will we see? >> number one, everybody in their personal life has some type of drama. >> everybody has a mother-in-law. >> but hers -- >> is the best. >> for us, what it really was was this year weigh started a brand-new church in the downtown miami area. and oftentimes people don't understand what it takes to do that. right now we've been meeting for the past 13 weeks. it's all volunteers. they start at 7:00 in the morning and don't leave until 9:00. it's about the journey of stepping out. people think church is something that just happens on sunday.
2:40 am
every day of the week. they're going through real struggles and challenges. >> and the two of you have been friends since? >> i grew up with rich and it wasn't a case of they married kim and kanye and we wanted to get a show. we had somebody show up and say i have stage four cancer, what do i do? it's heavy-duty stuff and they handle it like pros. that's why we teamed up. and i wanted julianna to help guide them through. >> how did you meet kim and kanye? >> they came to church a few years ago. i was on staff with my dad at trinity church. and kanye came to one of the services. we became friends. we still are great friends and talk often. we were at their engagement, and it was a natural progression to say hey, would you be part of
2:41 am
for us, it was a huge honor to get to be there. >> it's >> we wish you luck. it premieres wednesday at 9 central on oxygen. >> exactly. now the family who stitches together sticks together. >> a mother/daughter design team behind some of our favorite
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i take pictures of sunrises, but with my back pain i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back.
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as you've probably heard us mention, one of the designers hoda and i love to wear on the show is called clara sun wu.
2:44 am
>> so we sent our girl, liliana vasquez to find out exactly who she is. >> she is a mother/daughter team. i went to meet the women behind the label. >> the top is clara sun wu. >> you've seen it on ambush, and kathie lee. and on hoda. >> here you are in your clara sun wu. >> and on celebrities. the design is made by two women who are sewn together not only by fashion but by family. >> this is where we design. we live half our lives, maybe half our lives. >> 40 years ago, roseanne's mom and dad clara and sunny sun wu came to the united states from korea.
2:45 am
>> what was your first job in fashion? >> i went to a little factory. i don't know how to sew. little by little i learned a lot of things. >> times were tough. so clara used her new-found skills to make ends meet. >> i did men's clothes, kids' clothes. >> daughter roseanne learned the craft along the way. >> both of us were not designers from design skill. we learned from having to do it from home. >> their clothing made a big statement. >> people are asking what are you wearing? where did you get that? can you get that for me? >> at one point i said i think we should come out with our own collection. >> in 1997 they launched a collection that was an instant hit for women of all ages. >> we are a little bit conservative but want a little
2:46 am
and that is why we design the way we do. >> do you have a favorite collection that you've made so far? >> wide-leg palasso pachbts. >> another favorite is one clara created 20 years ago. >> it's open shoulder. everybody in the office has named it the hoda top. >> their styles are fashion forward, but behind the scenes, they do things the old-school way. >> i have not seen a flat, actual hand sketch in a long time. people do it on the computer now. >> we basically sketch everything out on paper. >> and we do all the measurements on paper. >> so what's their trade secret? >> i think it's comfort. i think it's fit and comfort. once you put it on, it feels like you can really do anything.
2:47 am
>> today they design 200 pieces each season and you can find their label in over 3,000 boutique specialty stores. rose ann credits her success to lessons her parents taught her. >> they were always working, working really hard. the way i grew up, i think it made me the way i am. you have to go through hardship, and it teaches you so many things. and it makes me very grateful for everything i have today. >> it really does sound like the american dream. >> we have such a beautiful family, a great working relationship. it is a dream. to work with your mom every day, i think that's a dream in itself. >> yay! >> oh. ,. . i'm already crying. >> congratulations to you. >> thank you so much. >> in addition to how beautiful the clothes are, they make everyone look thin! >> it is so true. >> and the best traveling clothes ever. you roll them um and hang them
2:48 am
>> and your testimonials are everyone's testimonials, because it's true. >> that was a great piece. >> thank you so much. >> congratulations. >> look where we are. >> and we'll be back with more in a moment. >> this is "today", on nbc. >> yay!
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well, you know why the bells are ringing again. >> why? >> it's time for our 22nd annual toy drive.
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some toys. >> and she's brought some amazing toys. >> we're awfully grad ly ly glad you're here. >> for over 60 years, greico products has brought things to help parents and children. we are donating over $1 million in car seats. >> that is exciting! gift. what are your names? >> emma? how sweet. >> we want to thank you. thank you so much. it means a lot. >> you have until december 22nd to give back through our toy drive. you can give at the plaza or
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