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tv   Today  NBC  December 8, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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bacon sandwich, with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up. america runs on dunkin'. applause. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our countries' representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. [ applause ] >>he republican front-runner gets a standing ovation at a rally in south carolina after unveiling his controversial new plan. >> they have no respect for human life, so we have to do something. >> this morning, republicans of every stripe quick to condemn him, using words like ridiculous and unhinged, but what effect,
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the race? radicalized, we're learning more about the mott i was of the husband and wife behind the shootings in san bernardino. hours spent at this fun range day before the attack and this morning we'll hear from a survivor who was inside the conference room when the shooters opened fire. wild chase, deadly shootout, dramatic video of police pursuing a suspect through the streets of seattle for nearly an hour. the driver crashing into cars, shooting at officers before being killed by police in a hail of gunfire. an investigation now under way. and new trouble. 30 college students sickened after eating at same chipotle restaurant in boston. health officials now racing to see if that e. coli scare is spreading today, tuesday, december 8th. 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from
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and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on a busy tuesday morning. >> over the course of the presidential campaign, we've gotten used to donald trump saying controversial things. the reaction to these comments though came fast and furious. >> used to him doubling down and standing his ground and that's what he's doing this morning after proposing this total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states, his words, in the wake of recent terror attacks. it's an idea that drew applause at his rally last night, but immediate condemnation from critics, many within his own party. we'll talk about the political fallout of all of this in just a moment but we'll start with nbc national correspondent peter alexander. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. the reaction from trump's opponents really was both swift and overwhelming. muslim-american citizens currently abroad will be banned from coming home for now, a trump spokeswoman told one reporter mr. trump says everyone. the man who wants to wall off america's borders is now
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american boundary. donald trump on a retired aircraft carrier and his latest aerial assault calling for a ban on all muslims entering the u.s., not just refugees, may be his most outrageous yet. met with a standing ovation from his supporters. >> damaged j. trump is calling for a total and complete shoulddown of muslims entering the united states until our countries' representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. we have no choice. >> reporter: the republican front-runner repeatedly painting a dark picture of islam. >> you can have more world trade centers. it's going to get worse and worse, folks. we have to look at mosques and we have to respect mosques, but, yes, we have to look at mosques. we have no choice. we have to see what's happening because something is happening in there, man, there's anger.
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to report those vacations and quickly. don't worry about profiling. i promise i will defend you from profiling. i promise. >> reporter: trump's most provocative comments yet coming less than 24 hours after president obama appealed to americans not to single out muslims. >> it's our responsibility to reject proposals that muslim-americans should be treated differently. >> reporter: trump's republican rivals were quick to blast his comments. jeb bush on twitter calling trump unhinged and chris christie on the air. >> this is the kind of thing that people say when they have nokes appearance and don't know what they're talking about. >> reporter: and ben carson insisting everyone visiting our country should register and be monitored during their stay as is done in many countries, regardless of their religion. hillary clinton tweeted this is reprehensible, prejudice and divisive. dump, you don't get it. this makes us less safe. even former vice president dick cheney weighing in. >> i think this whole notion
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muslims and ban a whole religion and goes against everything we stand for and believe in. >> reporter: trump's overall rhetoric is forcing opponents to toughen up their own rhetoric, ted cruz hinting at nuclear war against isis. >> we will carpet bomb them into oblivion. i don't know if sand can throw in the dark, but we're going to find out. >> reporter: and with a new poll showing trump extending his double-digit lead in iowa his supporters remain unphased. a veteran telling people a real don't let anyone come in, ship them all back, referring to muslims. another supporting adding i'm very impressed that trump is bold enough to come out and do that. back to you, matt and savannah. >> peter alexander, thank you. >> steve kornacki is msnbc host and political correspondent and msnbc political analyst nicolle wallace severed as white house communications director for president george w. bush. hi, guys, good morning to both of you. set aside the fact that it's probably illegal and
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has made a campaign out of moments like this saying things that sound out rageous to some and controversial to others, but even for trump has he gone too far this far? >> i think he's become the caricature of the character from "the american president" running on the idea telling us who is to be afraid of and who is to blame. i think experience has become a bad word in this campaign. it's almost something to hide from the voters. chris christie head the nail on the head where he said this is where a lack of experience can be, i don't know if he used the word dangerous, that was the point. if you don't have experience you propose things that are not only illogical and illegal but they become un-american. >> let's talk about this. here's another case where you have trump being condemned this time pretty much every corner of the republican party so it's not just the so-called establishment. seems to be just about everybody, but isn't that fuel to the fire for his supporters? i mean, i have this sense that when they hear that he must be
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>> must be telling the truth. >> must be saying the right thing. >> with trump it's not just the outrageous comment, it's the reaction to the comments, from the media, the democrats and members of his own party and what he's tapping into is something there a long time, a mistrust of so-called elites but that mistrust has never been higher than it is right now, trace it to the wall streete meltdown and jobless recovery and all these conditions and tapping into the sense that the elites are too politically correct to tell you the sglut it's also a greater sense of fear in this country right now. six days after 9/11 then president george w. bush stood flanked by muslim-americans and said the face of terror is not the true faith of islam, it's not what islam is all about. islam is peace, so how did we get from there to here? >> i worked on that event. i remember you covered it. you know, that was -- those are the things that george bush knew he wanted to convey immediately
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let's explain to the american people who the enemy is. the ensemi-terrorism. the enemy is radicalized islamic extremists. there's been a void on both side of the aisle of the people willing to articulate the danger to the country. it's not 19.5 billion muslims in terrorists. dick cheney made a statement consistent with george w. bush's statements in between but we supporters and his supporters will grow after this moment, will feel no one is telling them the truth and no one is saying what's tabs them. >> let me pick up on that and ask steve. there are trump supporters, his poll might grow. he saw a poll had him at 36% and another poll not in first place in iowa. voters? are these people telling voters yeah, i'm for him, he's my guy. will they show up and vote and isn't that the issue?
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one of the mistakes we make saying it's the republican base. the difference in those polls that you're finding there is he is tapping into something that goes beyond the republican base and so the polls that are measuring a broader pool of potential voters are picking up more support for donald trump. so, yes, it's a question will people who don't vote in republican primaries and turn up and vote for him but right now he's tapping into something broader than just the republican base. >> all right. steve kornacki and nicolle wallace, thanks, guys, appreciate it. >> now to the investigation into the shootings in san bernardino. we're learning a lot about the gunmen's movements in the days leading up to attacks and survivors are coming forward and sharing chilling accounts of what happened. we've got it all covered and we start in san bernardino with nbc correspondent miguel almaguer. good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. weno now know in great detail what happened. some 70 county employees ambushed by a colleague who many considered a friend, this as
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both shooters overseas and here at home. two days before the mass shooting investigators say syed rizwan farook spent hours at this the gun range honing his skills for the massacre that would leave 14 dead and 21 wounded, a terror plot executed by farook and his wife tashfeen malik, both seen entering the u.s. here last year. the fbi now says the terrorists had been radicalized for, quote, some time. >> and the question we're trying to get at is how did that happen and by whom and where did that happen, and i will tell you right now we don't know those answers at this point. >> reporter:ed with the feds following their trails malik's begins in pakistan where she was born and farook was raised in california. today, investigators are looking into a report of an incident several weeks before the attack, someone matching his description caused a disturbance trying to enter a 21-story l.a. high rise. >> why didn't you tell the authorities. >> reporter: this morning neither his father or his mother are talking.
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home with a couple and their baby where the fbi now says they stockpiled 19 potential pipe bombs. the attack well plarngsd nned, but was it well known? >> we want to find out everybody who participated in the pre-planning, if there was anybody else. >> reporter: as the fbi pushes forward with its investigation, it is difficult to look past the bloodshed. >> the doors flew open, and the gunmen game into trudy and raymond porter were in the conference room when their colleague syed rizwan farook opened fire on their friend. >> it seemed endless. it the just never seemed to stop. it was just -- it was constant gunfire. >> reporter: survivors say farook showed no mercy, and now those inside the room may never have closure. those witnesses inside the conference room say they only saw one shooter, but others did see a second shooter, farook's wife.
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was only broken by the sounds of silence, that the suspects reloading. they say they don't know why either of the shooters stopped firing, and they don't know this morning why they are still alive. savannah. >> all right, miguel almaguer. let's turn to shawn henry, former assistant director to the fbi. good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. >> strikes me that the fbi has been so careful in the first few days of the investigation and not try to go too far out on a limb and yesterday we heard the l.a. special agent in charge saying these two were radicalized for some time, reading between the lines. do you think that suggests they have a lot more evidence than we know about? >> yeah, savannah, in my experience they found something very specific, whether through the exploitedation of the media, perhaps during their search warrant, when they executed on the house, they found some documentation. we know they have interviewed hundreds of people and perhaps they have spoken to somebody who has provided specific information indicating they have been radicalized.
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bowdich and the fbi saying they know something very specific. savannah? >> and shawn, they are not coming up with any evidence that suggests anything in terms of planning or coordination of this attack or inspiration came from abroad or overseas. they are talking it seems about self-radicalization. how do you protect against something like that? >> the self-radicalization issue is such a challenge, people are in their homes and bedroom and online and communicating. they are certainly not walking around telling mooem people about it. but yet one of the things we heard from the president the other day and from the peabody is about the community. the muslim community coming up and providing some countermessaging so when you're hearing radicalization providing alternatives to those susceptible to it but also community coming forward when they see something. were hear about farook's father who is saying farook had embrace the the isis ideology yet he never came forward, and we're
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being at a gun range and some of the other activities. is there somebody who saw something? you've got to the come forward and do that. the fbi does not have the resources to be everywhere at every time, yet those in the community who see something have to come forward and make sure authorities are aware of activity that appears to be violent behavior. matt? >> shaurngs i know politics is not your like of work and let me ask you a question about donald trump's new plan of banning all muslims that enter this country. as a national security matter do you think that raises an issue -- we had senator lindsey graham saying it poses a danger to u.s. troops. others say it's a national security threat because it's a recruiting device for isis. do you put any stock in that? >> i think that donald trump's rhetoric does nothing but inflame people here. community. they are a peaceful people, and they are against -- the people that i've talked to. i've worked with the muslim community when i was with the fbi. the people that i've talked to
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this islamic radical behavior. it's abhorrent to them. we need to embrace the community. again, they have got the opportunity to come forward because they are close toast people who are engaged in violent behavior against the united states. savannah. >> shawn henry, thank you very much. we turn to other news and, unfortunately, this is also related to a terror attack. the california band that was on stage during last month's attack at bataclan theater in paris made a return last night where they appeared alongside u2. >> these are our brothers and fellow troubadours. they were rocked off their stage three weeks ago, and we would like to offer them ours tonight. would you welcome the eagles of death metal. [ cheers and applause ] >> the eagles of death metal joined u2 for an emotional rendition of patty smith's "people have the power. "it's the first time the band has performed since the attacks which they escaped under very harrowing circumstances.
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jesse hughes offered his heartfelt thanks and appreciation to u2. and in other news, there is a new health scare linked to chipotle restaurants to tell you about, and natalie is following this for us. good morning. >> good morning, guys, that's right. a group of boston college symptoms experiencing symptoms after eating at same chipotle near the bc campus. now investigators are trying to figure out if the there's a e. coli scare in oregon and washington state. in morning school officials are confirming that about 30 boston college student, including members of the men's basketball teams, became sick after eating at chipotle mexican grill. the students reported to the campus health center with gastrointestinal symptoms, officials saying the common factor. they all ate neither chipotle near campus. the restaurant has been closed temporarily. >> slightly annoying and frightening. >> it comes amid a nationwide e. coli outbreak first identified in portland, oregon,
7:17 am
chipotle voluntarily closed all 43 of its restaurant in that area out of an abundance of caution. federal health investigators say the outbreak has now expanded to at least six states with 47 of the 52 people suffering from e. coli reporting they ate at the chain. late monday chipotle released a statement saying in part we do not have any evidence to suggest that this incident is related to the previous e. coli incident. there are no confirmed cases of e. coli connected to chipotle in massachusetts. residents say they hope the outbreak does not permanently affect the popular eatery. >> i ate here two weeks ago and i hope it's nothing endemic to this chain or the restaurant in generaled. >> massachusetts department of health has been notified and is working to determine exactly what caused those students to become ill. we'll keep you posted. >> thank you, natalie. some major developments overnight in south africa. convicted killer oscar pistorius back home this morning after a
7:18 am
the former olympian is now back under house arrest but will be allowed to leave the house for a few hours each day with written permission. last week a south african court convicted pistorius of murdering girlfriend reeva steenkamp in 2013, overturning a lower court's conviction of a lesser came of culpable homicide. pistorius faces at least 15 years in jail. now to that wild police chase in seattle we showed you at top of the show. it ended in a deadly shootout. 12 police officers are now on paid leave as the department there is investigating. dashcam video of sunday's incident was just released and here it is. multiple officers chased a carjacking suspect at high speeds down busy city streets. at one point the cars raced down a one-way street in the wrong direction and later the suspect fired shots at officers. that dramatic chase came to an end when the suspect slammed into a pair of police cars and an suv. a short time later the suspect
7:19 am
his air bag inflated. that's when police opened fire and killed the 35-year-old driver. three officers were injured in various collisions with the suspect and the police union is calling that shooting justified, but as we said the department investigating. turning on to different news now. what some are calling the biggest endorsement deal in history, at least in nike's history, the shoe and apparel giant signed cleveland cavaliers superstar lebron james to a lifetime deal. a nike spokesperson would not confirm how much nike paid but a source close to the deal says it's bigger than the ten-year $300 million offer given to kevin durant last summer. nike says it looks to carry on its business with james throughout his playing career and beyond. that would be a lifetime. >> a long time. >> sneaker commercials when he's 90. >> you're going to love these things. they are fantastic! >> it's the swoosh.
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>> talking about this in the pacific northwest. we'll continue. in fact, take a look at video. look at mud coming down. road. mud slides will be a big problem in the pacific northwest. the flooding will continue real right on into the weekend, and we are going to see big problems, and why? because this river of air. this atmospheric river traveling at 200 miles per hour coming in and bringing these storms in so we've got more heavy rain pushing into seattle and the puget sound area. we've got high wind warning and wind advisories and winter storm watches and avalanches for parts of i'd home. can you see this coming in. flooding rain and gusty winds and it continues. wednesday, more storms moving inland and another break before the next storm comes in on thursday and we are going to be look at a lot of heavy rain. in fact, a flood threat for the olympics and western washington. 8 to 12 inches more rain. the one good thing snow, a ton of it falling in the sierra.
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great news for the snow pack. to the car that just survived hours of reconditioning... sorry, we know that was a bit... invasive. but, if we didn't hoist you up in the air and poke around a little, we wouldn't be carmax. we expect a lot from our cars and we need to make sure that you'll make the grade. you have to admit, you're looking awfully nice. oh just relax. it's gonna be a long time before anybody peeks at your undercarriage again. >> jeremy: good morning. for the day mainly cloudy skies. a little light rain shower activity south coast as well as the cape and the islands. metro boston south shore, a passing sprinkle possible. but i think it stays dry, and it will be dry worcester hills as well as southern new hampshire. cool and raw. temperatures 41 to 46. the northerly breeze makes it feel even cooler this afternoon, in the lower 40s.
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normal, but it's been so warm lately, it's 43. feels quite chilly. upper 40s tomorrow and mild for the end of the week >> that's your latest weather. savannah. >> all right, al. thanks. a lot of questions being raised now. how do people like the san bernardino shooters become radicalized in the first place in the new tactics being used by terror groups and what can be done to stop them. plus the holiday hazard in your home, a live demonstration. how quickly your christmas tree can catch fire if you're not caring for it problemly, ly pholiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my stop & shop. evy coconuhas a drm. toome out its she. tohow all e worlds trueinner bety. anthen, inn ironicwist,
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get the perfect gift for everyone and share wonder on christmas day. walmart. >> this is 7news now. >> jadiann: good morning, everyone. it is 7:26 on this taco tuesday. jeremy, how is the weather
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>> jeremy: pretty good. a lot of clouds, though, and much cooler than yesterday. upper 30s right now metro boston. a northerly wind will make it day long. cloudy skies. showers on the cape and the islands. sprinkles possible metro boston. temps this afternoon low 40s. >> jadiann: thank you, j.r. breaking overnight, the norfolk district attorney is investigating a burned body in milton. it was found under a bridge on blue hill avenue near the mattapan line. the state fire marshal is also investigating. the d.a. says it's too early to know anything about that victim. the chipotle in brighton is shut down after an outbreak left about 30 boston college students basketball players. they all had eating at the restaurant in cleveland circle this past weekend. health fireworks are looking into whether there is a link to the national ee -- e. coli outbreak at chipotle. have a great morning, everyone.
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37:30 now on a tuesday morning. it's the 8th of december, 2015. tree in the background. nice people in the foreground. we'll get out to say hi to them in just a little while. >> is this like retro "today" show music. >> back when i first started. >> back when they had records. >> good georgia i like it. >> they are. let's take a look at the stories making headlines today. critics lining up against donald trump's controversial call to bar all muslims from entering the u.s. in the wake of recent terror attacks. jeb bush tweeting donald trump
7:31 am
trump pitched his proposal in a news release and drew applause when he reiterated it last night saying he knows it's probably not politically correct but, quote, i don't care. >> more information on the investigation leading to the terror attacks in spendio. syed rizwan farook and tashfeen malik visited a gun range days before the shooting. it's unclear when the couple became radicalized but it had been going on for some time. >> record rainfall in oregon and more on the way. in portland it's led to flooding, triggered landslides and caused the city's sewer system to overflow in a nearby river. now to a major concern tied to the san bernardino shootings. how are people like the couple behind that attack radicalized? nbc's joe fryer has been looking into that side of the story. joe, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt.
7:32 am
now believes this couple been radicalized for quite some time and it's unclear how that happened and experts say when it comes to radicalization not everyone follows the same path. as investigators piece together what led to the deadly shooting, they still can't say if tashfeen malik radicalized her husband syed farook. >> we're trying to get how did that happen and where did that happen. >> reporter: and experts say they do it for a variety of reasons. >> want to have a sense of belonging, be bigger than themselves. others if for religious reasons or what seem to be religious reasons and others go to thrill-seeking. >> reporter: the program at george washington university studied 71 people arrested in america for isis-related charges over the aft four years and their profiles ran the gamut, some rich and some poor, the
7:33 am
age age was 26 and in a third of cases they were 21 or younger and like farook the vast majority were u.s. citizens and they followed what's believed to be isis supporters on social media. many groomed by recruiters over weeks and months. >> they share comedic jokes and vin side jokes on those types of things. everyone kind of knows each other. if you're bringing in a view that you're against that. they essentially block you and kick you out of that circle. >> reporter: and recruiteders are very good at figuring out someone's vulnerabilities. >> if they feel that they can appeal to your sense of adventure, they will try that. if they know that through this grooming process that you have a sortied past, for example, you had a past with drugs or crime, they will engage in what they call a redemption narrative. >> reporter: but time and time again experts told us radicalization does not necessarily lead to terrorism. >> people who hold radical ideas and express radical viewpoints
7:34 am
people who engage in violence often do not have any adherence to any radical ideology. >> reporter: bottom line, despite years of research, experts say there is no consistent profile for who gets radicalized and why. they see people from a variety of races, from big towns and small towns and even teenage girls. matt and savannah. >> joe fryer on the story. joe, thank you very much. a turn and let's talk about that weather, al. >> it's december 7th, 1th. >> 8th. >> thank you very much. >> it's warm. >> mid-december, give or take. guess what. it feels like march out there. the jet stream is way up to the north and it's going to stay up there so we're going to see temperatures that are way above normal. kansas city by thursday 56 and little rock 69. washington, d.c. a high of 59 degrees. now, later in the week the cooling will begin out west but here in the eastern third of the country the heat will continue to build.
7:35 am
degrees and 62 in cleveland and new york city 5. look at this, atlanta, saturday, 72 and mobile will see a high of 77 degrees on december >> jeremy: good morning. for the day mainly cloudy skies. a little light rain shower activity south coast as well as the cape and the islands. metro boston south shore, a passing sprinkle possible. but i think it stays dry, and it will be dry worcester hills as well as southern new hampshire. cool and raw. temperatures 41 to 46. the northerly breeze makes it feel even cooler this afternoon, in the lower 40s. which these numbers are close to normal, but it's been so warm lately, it's 43. feels quite chilly. >> this would be fantastic skating weather. >> sure would. >> we're going to do it. >> matt constantly talking about skating on the old rink. >> guess what, science has finally solved the mystery. who has a better sense of direction, men or women? don't say anything.
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>> you really want to say something. >> we'll talk about that in "trending." >> decorating dangers. we'll show you how fast your christmas tree can ignite if
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to unattended candles and dry christmas trees. nbc's tom costello is live in fairfax, virginia with a live demonstration for us. it's an eye-opener. tom, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we've had a christmas tree that's allowed to dry out as if the pokes who live here haven't been watering the tree properly and in a minute the guys from fairfax county rescue will light it on fire because the stakes here could not be higher. it happens dozens of times a day in december alone. house fires, a candle left unattended, a dried out christmas tree. at consumer products safety commission laboratory the tree on the left was watered daily and the tree on the right no water for weeks. within seconds the dried out tree explodes like dried kindling and within 90 seconds what firefighters call a flashover, the entire room consumed by fire. christmas tree fires cause some 200 house fires each year. ten people are killed and hundreds injured.
7:42 am
of kids are taken to the e.r. with severe burns. >> reporter: this year shriner's hospital for children is trying to get the word out. in annapolis, maryland, last winter four children and their grandparents died when their house caught fire. investigators traced the cost to an electrical fault near christmas tree that had been cut down two months erler. >> after a tree is cut it begins to dry. how quick think dries depends on the type of tree and how it is cut and how often it is watered when it's on display. >> something we saw firsthand in the lab. >> up until just this morning this tree was sitting in water so the needles are full of water and they are bendable. the other tree brittle and try. >> unfortunately, it can dry out in a day or two and become a very serious hazard. >> reporter: water your tree daily and keep it free from a wire source and closely inspect bulbs and wires and never leave
7:43 am
the guys from fairfax county rescue are going to show you how quickly one of these trees can go up, and it really is amazing if the tree is dry how quickly it erupts. 200 house fires every year, 6,500 fires in homes are caused by candles, and it really is literally a 30 second to 90-second flashover type of experience. again, we've got the guys at fairfax county fire rescue who have a hose line right here and are very safe. they can duck out of this very quickly and look at that. really an eye opener to show you what the stakes are. you wouldn't even have time to call 911 and get your kids out of the house if you had an electrical fault or if you had a something light your car on fire. >> you can see the smoke, too.
7:44 am
wow, good reminder. coming up, we'll do "pop start." how do people feel about the name of their new baby? saint. discuss. >> all right. and what you're saying with
7:45 am
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arturito soup! okay, okay. arturito soup! hi! arturito soup? follow me. campbell's new star wars inspired soups. arturito soup! yaaa! made for real, real life. we're lucky enough to be unveiling "time" magazine's person of the year tomorrow here on the show.
7:48 am
sharing some guesses online. >> an incredible conversation, guys. good morning, happening online about "time" mag scene the we expect this every year and while the speculation is running rampant after we revealed "tame's" short list right here on monday in the original room and one of these eight people will be the person of the eight. now, a reminder, "time" chooses the person who for better or worse has had the biggest impact on the world and in our survey we asked you who "time" should pick and our voters voted and here you abu bakr al baghdadi, that's the leader of isis and coming in next, putd put, 25% of the vote and donald trump was third with only 11% of the vote from our viewers. isn't that interesting. so if "time" were to choose the person of the year based on
7:49 am
goes to the caitlyn jenner, donald trump second, vladimir putin and angela merkel fourth and we made our predictions and here's what we decide "time" would do. let me swipe. here we go. wrong swipe. okay. we gave our prediction, and, boom, thank you very much. we all guessed who we believe "time" will select. all of us said donald trump. now, that's who we think "time" will select. looked at ratings, magazine sales, has a lot of buzz but this is who we believe "time" magazine will select. >> i did it based on how much media attention a person has had over the course of the year. >> right. >> and for these megamagazines and let's be honest, even for some television show, that buzz and media attention often results in ratings and magazine sales and like any other
7:50 am
business of moving that magazine. >> i think the effect on the political race, absolutely. >> absolutely.
7:51 am
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. the hottest holiday hostess gifts coming meet the new, 3rd generation nest learning thermostat. it's proven to save energy. and you could get a $100 rebate from your energy company. learn more at ...the person will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken
7:56 am
like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >> this is 7 news now. >> jadiann: good morning, everyone. it is 7:57 right now. let's get over the jeremy and talk about forecast for the day. >> jeremy: jadiann, a lot of clouds. plymouth at 46. bedford at 37. a north wind adding chill to the air. we'll have that all day. the north end holds off this rain. you'll have rain shower activity the cape and the islands. perhaps a few sprinkles metro boston south shore, but essentially a dry shore. seasonal temps with temps this afternoon lower 40s. >> jadiann: thank you, jeremy. the prosecution in the philip chism murder trial is expected to call three medical experts to the stands today. on tuesday a psychiatrist
7:57 am
for listening to the voices in his head that told him to kill colleen ritzer, his math teacher at danvers high school. jurors could get the case by the end of the week. the state fire marshal is investigating a fire in sturbridge that destroyed a commercial building. firefighters from about a dozen other communities were called to river road. tankers were brought in because there are no hydrants in that area. we're back in 25 minutes with another update. hope you're having a great morning. we'll see you soon. the only way to get better is to cllenge yourself, at xfinity. we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life.
7:58 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, deepening mystery. new questions and no answers in the search for the missing brother of reality tv star kristin cavallari. and then cutting edge cancer treatment. in the wake of the news that former president jimmy carter is now cancer-free. many are asking what is immunotherapy and could the revolutionary treatment cure others of the disease? my coat of many colors that my momma made for me >> and it's domi's world. we're just living in it. country legend dolly parton opens up to willie about her ration to rhinestone stories.
7:59 am
i've kept working, had a lot of faith and i just believed that it would happen, and it has. >> today, tuesday, december 8th, 2015. >> good morning. we here from on the "today" show. >> go seahawks! >> good morning, richmond, virginia. >> we just got married. >> merry christmas from kentucky and tennessee! >> it's 8:00 on "today." it's tuesday, december 8th the. it's 2015. it's a beautiful day out here on our plaza. and it is officially not the right weather for this outfit. >> there's a breeze.
8:00 am
here. a fan machine and it's not a good one. >> we'll hold each other down. >> we'll work on that. >> and if you're having a holiday party don't forget to bring a gift for the host or hostess. >> lined up great ideas and even better prices. jill martin has a very special "steals & deals." >> honest, mike, i had to. but, first, let's get a check of the top stories. natalie sin side. hey, nat. >> good morning. once again republican presidential front-runner donald trump is defending his proposal to bar muslims from other countries and not just refugees from entering the united states. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is in washington. peter, good morning. >> reporter: natalie, good morning to you. he's aggressively rejecting all sorts of criticism about this proposal that muslims would not be allowed to the enter the u.s. this morning he insists what he's doing is no different than fdr who he says was highly respected by all, despite the wartime measures that included putting japanese in internment camps. trump says he's not calling for
8:01 am
muslim extremists he says we're now at war. >> paris is no longer the same city it was. they have sections in paris that are radicalized where the police refuse to go there. they are petrified. the police refuse to go in there. >> reporter: he got a standing ovation when he announced his proposals to his supporters in south carolina laughed night of and he said his proposal is only muslim-americans looking to return home from abroad. natalie? >> the fbi says the couple who carried out terror attack in san bernardino, california, been radicalized for quite some time and two days before the shooting gunman syed farook spent hours at a southern california shooting range preparing for the massacre that left 14 dead and 21 wounded. on earlier visits he was joined by his wife at range. officials also revealed that
8:02 am
held an active shooter training drill in the same conference ram where he and his wife opened fire last week. now the late on the disappearance of michael cavallari, the brother of reality star kristin cavallari. michael has been missing for 11 days, and new information this morning is adding to the mystery. these are the last known images of michael cavallari on november 27th at a convenience store in utah gassing up his car. 12 hours later the car was found 100 miles away. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> there's a black car that has ran off the road. >> it was found in a ditch. the motor running and the air bag deployed but no sign of michael. the case is drawing national attention because michael's sister is reality star kristin cavallari, married to chicago bears quarterback jay cutler. on instagram kristin wrote we remain hopeful and posted this picture apparent life she and her brother as children.
8:03 am
missing he had a bizarre run-in with the law in the town of dana point, california, not far from where he lived. according to a police report, a woman told deputies she and michael had a verbal dispute and now several weeks after the incident he was outside her door with a shotgun. the report says at about the same time michael notified dispatch he had a shotgun and hall. police intercepted him there and could smell alcohol on his brother. he was arrested for making criminal threats. the police report says michael denied doing anything or saying anything to the woman. he was not formally charged, and he was released on bail. authorities say michael's disappearance is being investigated as a missing persons case, but at this point nothing is being ruled out. >> and michael cavallari's laptop and cell phone were also found in his abandoned car. police have also been examining them for possible clues. a school bus driver sunday
8:04 am
monday near boulder, colorado. five of the students on board seriously. state police said bus veered off the right side of the road and then flipped over when the driver tried to maneuver back on to the highway. the driver was charged with suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs. a driver and his passenger are lucky to be alive after a train crash was caught on tape. their car got stuck on the tracks in orlando, florida. when they couldn't move, it they just got out and got out just as that train plowed right into it. the train operator says he saw the car but apparently didn't have enough time to stop. a special moment at vatican this morning as pope francis greeted his predecessor pope emeritus ben ticket xvi. francis was elected in 2013 after benedict stepped down. pope francis was leading a ceremony to open the bronze holy door at st. peter's, marking a special jubilee year for the church. good to see that there. you're up to date and now let's turn it over to matt.
8:05 am
let's talk about a revolution in cancer treatment credited with erasing former president jimmy carter's advanced melanoma. he underwent what's known as immunotherapy which has fewer hash side effects than traditional chemotherapy. nbc medical contributor dr. natalie azar is here with five things you need to know about the treatment natalie, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. >> let start with the most basic, what is immunotherapy? >> in its basic form it's a kind of cancer therapy that employs your body's own immune system to fight off cancer cells. very different than traditional chemo which tends to wipe out a lot of things, including cancer cells. this is very directed therapy. specific. >> okay. >> it blocks the checkpoints on cells. what does that mean? >> okay. so really, really, real basically, a little lesson in your immune system. we have in our bodies these things called t-cells that are naturally supposed to go out and try to kill the cells that cells. some cancers, like some
8:06 am
part things on their surface and it blocks the t-cells so it can't kill it. what happens with these therapies, it's called a monoclonal antibody, comes in and blocks the interaction. the t-cell can do its job and do its to be. >> former president carter had advanced melanoma. >> let's talk about who is a good candidate and who is not and also called biologic. >> also called boy logic and it's for advanced melanoma and non-stem cell lung cancer and ironically in the news there was a phase one trial on multiple myeloma and getting breakthrough status for colorectal cancer and 30 different kinds of cancers in clinical trials for immunotherapies like this. >> when i hear that the former president's cancer was erased, i say, wow, that was highly successful. how successful is it generally? >> it is. it is considered to be highly successful and it does depend on the stage of the cancer at the
8:07 am
it's important, too, and that's been in the press that his cancer gone. right now it is undetectable and because of the cancer of the cancer he was diagnosed it's possible that he'll have a tumor recurrence and he'll be getting continued thanks, but in terms of response rates and early survival rates, it looks quite promising. >> and when you compare this to other forms of therapy like chemotherapy, how does the cost compare? >> the costs are exorbitant unfortunately for all biologic therapies because it's an infusion, intravenous infusion you have to get every few weeks so there's usually a facility fee that's involved. i would like to point out though that the cost, even though it might be $150,000 per year, that's not all out of pocket for the patients. that's also infusion center. merck, the maker of this particular drug, does have patient assistance. for the indicated cancers that it's approved for, most commercial insurances will certainly reimburse a lot if not most of that. >> i would imagine a lot of
8:08 am
>> absolutely. >> dr. natalie asax thanks very much. >> thanks, matt. up next on "trending," move over jolly st. nick y.santa is getting a makeover. i don't like the makeover. we'll tell but that. plus, what led jon stewart to return to "daily show" for the first time since his departure. and hello, dolly. country legend dolly parton growing up in a small cabin with 11 brothers and systems and how it shaped the star she came. the snow is starting to fall... and all the decorations
8:09 am
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i love you all together now all together now all together now all together now let's trend, group. >> u.s. postal service may have just found a way to save snail mail from meeting its demise. and the solution. e-mail. the postal service is rolling
8:12 am
here's how it works. if you sign up online, you receive an e-mail every morning with an image of the snail mail you will have delivered to your home later that day. >> why? >> service is free. >> exactly. >> right now only available in certain parts of the country and the postal service assures us your mail will not be open. that's not part of the informed delivery service. >> i don't understand it. why do you need a picture of a left you're going to get later in the day >> i guess it's because if you're not getting the thing you are waiting for, just don't go to the mailbox. >> if you're expecting a package, then you know when it's coming, finally here. >> that's just one more thing in your e-mail. i have 70,000 unread e-mails >> you have thousands. >> this adds just to the junk. i don't like it. >> you have to sign up for it. >> they are taking a picture of all your mail all the time. >> separately. >> i think ups always does this, tracking. >> that's what you said, tracking. how about this. last week we settled the debate and this is an important debate,
8:13 am
ikea fun tour, men or women, who sfwhim. >> it turns out women are better reading the instructions and men are bert as assembling the furniture. >> and in other fake news. >> and this morning an even more important question finally laid to rest which gender has a better sense of direction, tamron? >> it's a load question. >> it is a loaded question. >> there's no win. >> men. >> natalie says men. >> i'm not engaging. >> oh, you did in the makeup room. >> don't worry about that. you fought me vehemently on this >> i said i had an excellent sense of direction. >> and actually she does. >> i think men. >> okay. >> but we don't take directions. >> according to researchers in norway which makes it true, it's men. . study included a whopping 42 people. do you really need more than two, and apparently men outperformed women in navigational tasks, solving 50% more of the challenges but here's the kicker. >> yes. >> they compared men to women in
8:14 am
outperformed the women and then they gave some of the women a little bit of testosterone and they did bert. >> and they grew beards. >> but the difference is when we get lost we don't ask for directions. >> no. >> never happening. >> the burn line wasn't that the stud he 42 people. >> that is the study. >> and let's face it, it's norway. you can't get lost. nothing there. >> i went skating at the rink and she asked for directions three times. >> by the way, why are you going to skate just to bring up a sore subject. >> all know what santa claus looks like, tubby, red suit, beard. and we think of "the miracle on 34th street" santa, joel, bink pink cheeks. >> hand look at the new santa in his leather santa and part of a marketing campaign at yorkdale mall in canada.
8:15 am
the model says he's just a modern stand-in for real santa. and if we're going to tell tales about what happened in the makeup room you need to know what matt said. >> clean it up. he said this is ridiculous. don't mess with santa. was that the quote? >> more or less. >> gets them on tv and good promotion. >> the most interesting santa in the world. >> exactly. like the doss if equis guy, stay thirsty, my friend. >> perfect. and now to a new baby name sending social media into a frenzy and gwyneth paltrow gets robbed. >> let's start with the baby name. first to kim and kanye's baby. their new son has finally been named, and on the website jim announced the birth of the child and the name is saint west. saint weighing in at 8 pounds, 1 ounce. still no picture of little baby saint, but the announcement of
8:16 am
people went crazy oint net. ellen tweeting no word yet on what he's patron saint of, but my bet sin sta gram. >> nice. >> but, you know, in seriousness, had a complicated birth and the name saint is a reflection of the difficult time that she had conceiving. >> a nice thought. >> now we can't make fun of the name. >> we can still do it. >> why would you. >> we still love her. she doesn't mind. she eats queen of instagram. >> we'll see. next to gwyneth paltrow and her luxury store in new york the scenes of a high-stakes robbery. police say three men forced their men into the goop pop-up shop on saturday and made off with more than $173,000 worth of merchandise. all of this while other shoppers were in the story. pretty scary. staffers spotted the thieves and called police and got away before police arrived. so far no arrests have been made hand no comment from gwyneth
8:17 am
one of the host christmas gifts, a barbie doll in the likeness of director ava duvernay. went on sale at 1:00 p.m. eastern time and this one was sold out and the doll which retailed at $65, you guessed it, now on ebay for as much as $350. >> love how she's in a director's chair. >> that's cool. >> on its website amazon doesn't know when the doll will be back in stock and ava on the twitter page said the proceeds will go to one of her charities. >> great. >> fantastic. >> now get your powerful hands on one. matt, do you know? >> okay to adjust barbie but don't mess with santa. all right. >> powerful friend is what i was saying? >> finally, "the daily show"
8:18 am
middle of his monologue when a guest stopped by. in the animal kingdom iguanas are king, but question is do they have -- i'm sorry, sir. are you lost? >> no, it's me, trevor. it's me. papa? are you going take the show back. oh, marriages heard about this in american tv. are you taking the show back. >> no, no, trust me. trust me, a thousand times no. >> jon stewart returning to "daily show" since he left over the summer and came back to make a few jokes and also to advocate for the 9/11 first responder. that's your popsart and look at picture of jon, he looked like the santa, the sexy santa. >> the red jacket santa we just shoemptd there you have it. >> looks good with a beard. >> still has a way to go to match letterman though.
8:19 am
>> tamron, thank you >> jeremy: good morning. for the day mainly cloudy skies. a little light rain shower activity south coast as well as the cape and the islands. metro boston south shore, a passing sprinkle possible. but i think it stays dry, and it will be dry worcester hills as well as southern new hampshire. cool and raw. temperatures 41 to 46. the northerly breeze makes it feel even cooler this afternoon, in the lower 40s. which these numbers are close to normal, but it's been so warm lately, it's 43. feels quite chilly. >> and that is your late weather. matt? >> thank you very much. we're launching a new series called "women of silicon valley." >> and natalie with a look at a push for more diversity in the tech world. >> by 2020 there will be 1.4 million engineering jobs available in the u.s., but only 20% are expected to be filled, and women will make up less than half of that group.
8:20 am
surprise that people are starting to demand change. >> tracy zhou is a softway engineer at pinterest and also a leading voice in a growing movement calling for change in silicon valley. >> this is something that was brewing for a long time, going through school and having a lot of internships at various tech companies. hi known there weren't that many women in engineering. >> in 2013 the then 26-year-old programmer wrote 'a blog post that went viral. it was as call to action, asking tech companies to be transparent about the number of women in engineering roles. >> everything we do, going to launch a new product or feature, we measure it. we run tests and experiment with everything. everything is entirely numbers driven but there were no numbers on women in engineering or diversity at all in our tech companies. >> as you wrote in that blog, every company has some way of hiding or muddling data on women actually in engineering roles. >> yeah. i talked to people at different
8:21 am
oh, yeah, we have lots of women in engineering/other roles that are close to engineering. like that's fine, but let's talk about what the numbers actually are. >> since chow's post, almost 250 companies have contributed to the database. while industry giants like google, facebook and apple have released their own diversity report, acknowledging the need for change. the number of women holding leadership and technical jobs still hovers around 20%. >> were you at all worried about the reaction that you might have even here at pinterest that maybe you wouldn't have the support that you necessarily ended up getting? >> when i brought the draft of my blog post around and asked people what they thought everyone was uniformly very supportive and signed off immediately. >> i would say tracy's initiative really did push us to be more on top of our game in terms of hiring and diversity. >> in july pinterest went on record with their diversity goal.
8:22 am
hopes to hire 30% female and 8% underrepresented ethnic backgrounds into full-time engineering jobs. >> do you see pinterest as sort of leading the way here in snowfally in this effort? >> i phile feel like we're just getting started and really proud that we're doing this and prout that our team is making so much progress, but if we're the leader i think there's something bigger going on than pin tlaest needs to be talked about. >> chiao grew up in a familiar life engineers and took a computer sign class in science to test it out. >> very easy to get intimidated by all the men around and feel out of place because i didn't see other people who looked like me. . she kept going and fell in love with it >> you see the problem in silicon valley as two-fold. >> part of it is in the education system, not enough girls interested in math and science and once you do get to industry the environment is not always as friendly as it could be for people from different
8:23 am
>> organizations geared towards young girls, like this academy that teach women how to code and hashtags like change the ratio and i look like an engineer are all part of the chorus for change. >> i'm really happy to see that there's more women speaking up about their experiences here and it makes it a lot easier for younger women to look up and see people that they could be like in a few years. >> she such an impressive young lady as you saw there and is real leading the change in silicon valley for more diversity in hiring so we'll have a lot more from the women behind the movement. we have them on our website as well as >> a great example. >> tomorrow we'll catch up with facebook's sheryl sandberg. >> tamron, to you. >> up to 79% off for the host of your holiday party.
8:24 am
>> this is 7 news now. >> jadiann: good morn,, everyone. it's 8:27. a beautiful shot of the skyline, but not going the warm up much. >> jeremy: it's not. 40 in town now. plymouth at 46. northerly winds making it feel even cooler. we have rain, narragansett bay, buzzards bay and on the cape and the islands. the city of boston, there may be a sprik l or two. that would be about it. temps this afternoon low 40s. >> jadiann: thank you, jeremy. developing this morning, the norfolk district attorney is investigating a burned body in milton. it was found under a bridge on blue hill avenue near the mattapan line. the state fire marshal is also investigating. the d.a. says it's too early to know anything about that victim. the chipotle in brighton is shut
8:25 am
about 30 boston college students sick, including several basketball players. they all had eaten at the restaurant in cleveland circle in the past week. over the weekend health officials are looking into whether there is a link to the national e. coli outbreak at chipotle. tom brady and the nfl players' union filing paperwork in response to the league's appeal in the deflated football scandal. brady's lawyer says judge richard berman was correct in overturning brady's four-game suspension because no player had ever been suspended for tampering with a game ball. "today in new england" returns at 9:00.
8:26 am
already know the feeling of feet so silky smooth that you can't help but touch them. discover the latest innovation the new amope pedi perfect with diamond crystals and extra - coarse roller head. effortlessly and
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soft feet in an instant. feel it yourself! with amope pedi perfect with diamond crystals. save now at amope love every step. >> there's our elf in the toy drive. maya rudolph is back, and her nose is a little red. there you go. starring in a brand new movie
8:28 am
we'll be talking with her about that in a couple of minutes. she's doing well. >> i love it. >> by the way, before we go forward, should we do a little "today" show business. today is a blessed day, the birthday of our senior producer in our control room. >> co-executive producer. >> he's been promoted? >> that's right. >> happy birthday, matt. >> also ahead, we'll catch up with the queen of country music, dolly. >> love her. >> can't get enough of her. >> and your mom told you never to go to someone's house empty-handed. >> right. >> this morning on a special holidays "steals & deals" and what to get your holiday hostess up to 79% off. >> pigs in a blank. >> i love it. >> and maya rudolph starring alongside her old friends and cast mates amy poehler and tina fey in the new movie "sisters." how are you? >> i'm good. how are you? >> you got the offer to do this
8:29 am
>> text message. >> the kids are calling it text maime. >> text message. >> matt, you just turned 80. >>the kids are going to call it cool. >> oh, let's just answer the question. >> i was just text mailing and no tina asked me would you please come be in our movie and play a lady named brinda and brinda spelled with an "i" and i knew trouble was afoot. >> i read in an e-message that person. >> i think everyone is a good person at heart, but i think there was a lot of leftover high school baggage between the girls so she has a very big chip on her shoulder, but i think she learns how to figure it out eventually. >> i hereby smoke signal that -- is in any brinda in you? >> that's a good question. no, no.
8:30 am
>> you with quite the scene-stealer. so much chemistry when they put the three of you together. tell me what it's like to shoot a move together. >> it's so much fun. we know each other so well in this way so while we were all doing stuff, our friend paula who wrote it was putting things on post-its to say and jason the director would fly them in and knew another joke was coming. it was like giddy. like so fun. >> thank you, by the way, i do know what "post-s it are, appreciate that. thank you, maya. >> thank you. >> call me or just text mail. >> maya, thanks. "sisters" from our sister condition universal opens december 18th. >> thanks, maya, for making. texting possible. love it. >> al, a check of the weather. >> and done some calculations on my abacus. >> he will never live this down. >> the weather we've got, let's
8:31 am
you can see we've got wet weather in the pacific northwest, heavy rains, wind and avalanche warnings and port land getting its wettest day in december ever. lots of sunshine on the east coast and some wet weather down through florida and look for sunshine on into tomorrow and snow moves on into the cascades and the sierras as well. heavy rain and wind in the pacific northwest and east coast looking good. temperatures starting to rise a bit, and that rise will continue right on into friday. that's what's >> jeremy: good morning. for the day mainly cloudy skies. a little light rain shower activity south coast as well as the cape and the islands. metro boston south shore, a passing sprinkle possible. but i think it stays dry, and it will be dry worcester hills as well as southern new hampshire. cool and raw. temperatures 41 to 46. the northerly breeze makes it feel even cooler this afternoon, in the lower 40s. which these numbers are close to normal, but it's been so warm late, it's 43.
8:32 am
>> and that is your latest weather. savannah. >> all right, al, thank you so much. this morning on today's hassle-free holiday and special edition of "steals & deals," gifts for holiday gatherings. jill martin is here with the hottest holiday hostess gifts. i'm out of breath. you've got some really good ones. >> this is one of my favorites because i feel like there's something for everyone and it will be to you at home in time for the holidays. >> okay. >> doorbell is ringing. i just got a text mail from matt. i wonder if he's on his way. >> hello. >> thank you for coming over. >> it's beautiful. >> don't you jump in on the jokes, all right? >> i didn't even understand that last joke so i'm going to move forward. this deck panel glass trees. >> have a fun party. >> 125 is the retail.
8:33 am
wrapping and you can see all the different, i love you to the moon and back, really something for every personality. >> what's the deal? >> retail 125 and the deal is 34.95. that's good. 72% off. >> i've already picked a couple of favorites. >> yeah, me, too. >> over here. >> someone's at the door. >> come on in, natalie. >> look who is here. >> no party until i'm here. what do you have? >> i little faux furry thing for you. faux fur pure fiber throw blank >> nice. >> comes in the box, retail 130 and available in four colors. ready to gift, again in the box. thank you for coming. >> you're welcome. >> the retail 130 and the deal $39, 70% off. >> that's a little different. not everybody thinks to do that. >> and it really does spice up any room and really does make a room pop and different. cozy and comfy. >> gosh, wish that -- there it is. >> oh, it's al. >> hello. >> hi, al.
8:34 am
>> jill, why don't you tell us what i brought. >> this is a deal and company luxury candle. the retail $85. there's two options here. the 15-ounce and the 18-ounce. the 15-ounce has the scalloping. >> and the three wicks. >> so beautiful. >> this has two wicks. >> but that's the 18-ounce and that hats two wicks, but they are both the same price which the retail is $85, and you see they come in this beautiful box. >> love. >> so they are ready to gift. this is actually my gift of the season. sold at saks and neiman marcus. >> different fragrances. >> all different fragrances. >> and while i tell you about that. >> who is at the door? oh, it's tamron and you know she will bring something fashionable. hopefully. >> come on down. >> got the gift. >> yes. it looks lovely, what is it, jill?
8:35 am
the love necklace, lena walled, it's sterling silver gold and rose gold and the retail is 190. the deal is 39.99. >> cute. >> 79% off. >> that is very cute. >> so if you're traveling with somebody, just nice to give love in any language. >> and jill, you are the hostess with the mostest i'm gifting you this next gift. is. >> tell us about it. >> anything that includes pigs in a blankets i'm on dore and don't tell joy. this is the omaha steaks package. the retail is 175.93. going to rattle off what we're eating, 12 chicken mini margaritas, 0 all beef metals, eight beef sliders and 8 potatoes and 12 pigs in a blanket and 30 risotto bites and 8 sour cream coffee cakes. >> that's also my christmas list for santa this year, incidentally.
8:36 am
this table. >> that's awesome. >> 72% off, so you could actually bring the meal to your host which would be perfect. >> pigs in a blank. >> how does it come? >> frozen. >> yeah. >> will you stop. >> one slip of the tongue. >> he'll never let it go. >> a little extra time. >> no, we're done. >> these are really good. >> they are really good. >> i want to apologize for talking with my mouth full. joke is about. show? i only heard one line. your segments. >> i hate to jump in on a joke when you don't know it. >> well, it's just matt made a very rare -- >> slip of the tongue, i called it text mail as opposed to text messaging. >> this happens at your holiday table. >> the good thing is i'm sure i twitter thing. >> while i'm ice skating.
8:37 am
ben's garden and the pure fiber throws, and candles from d.l. & company and the leona walled next lake and the hostess assortment from omaha steaks. head to "steals & deals" and the page is at >> we go. >> coming up next, dolly parton on her journey from the beginning to mountains in between but, first, this is
8:38 am
the big stress is paying four hundred dollars a month in medical and drug costs for aidan. for other families it's higher deductibles, premiums and co-pays that keep adding up. that's why we've got to crack down on price gouging, cap out-of-pocket costs, and fast track approval of less expensive generic drugs. because we've got to get health care costs under control for lynn's family and for yours. i'm hillary clinton and i
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we're back at 1:42. dolly parton is a legend in country music. >> focusing on a new part her life and a new movie here on nbc "coat of many colors." willie had a time to spend time with the legend recently. >> always a good thing spending time with dolly parton and her song of the same name, "coat of many colors "kwnd and dolly says
8:40 am
rich as i could be and her upbringing helped her become up the biggest stars on the planet and we caught up with her at dollywood at her resort not far from where she grew up in the smokey mountains. >> great to be back. when i was sitting here two years ago this is,was a pile of dirt. >> and had little drawings and everything in front of it. dreams come true my coast many colors >> dolly parton's dreams have decades. island in the stream >> as a hit singer, songwriter and actress and entrepreneur. she calls it a ration to whinestones journey. >> you grew up somewhere over there in a little cabin with your 11 brothers and sisters and your mom and your dad. can you believe that we're sitting now in the dolly parton suite at your resort that is in dollywood, your theme park. >> there's a lot of me, me, me there, isn't it? you know, i've been very bless the. i've been blessed with great
8:41 am
come true but it's an odd sensation to see your name. dolly parton parkway ander time i drive up that street, it warps my mind, i'm on dolly parton walkway but it's a good life. god's blessed me with good people and had a lot of faith and just believed it would happen and it has. >> boy, has t.dolly has sold more than 1,700 million albums and traveled the world, but she's never far from the humble roots that are the subject of her new movie. >> the it's miss dolly parton, rising star of the grand ole opry. >> "coat of many colors" is set in 1955. young actress olivia lind plays young dole and jen every nettles and rick schroeder play her parents. tell me about your mom, such an important part of this move, "coat of many colors." what kind of laid was she? >> nye mom as was one of those
8:42 am
anything, make it sound good, cook anything and make it taste good and sew anything even though it was out of rags and make it look pretty good. she would pray with you. she would say don't you say we're poor. a lot of people in worse shape than us. we ain't poor. got love >> why did you want to make a movie about that? >> i wanted to do something. nothing on tv about families so i hope to bring families together so they can sit and maybe watch a show like this so it's more about celebrating the people that made me who and what i am but really celebrates my whole family. in my coat of many colors to momma made for me >> i've said to you before i think "coat of many colors" is your most beautiful song and other songs i might croak toe or request you sing at a concert but in a quiet moment i think that's your moment beautiful song and a wonderful idea to
8:43 am
>> and i hope people enjoy it. it will mean a lot to me and my family and i really hope that all families can enjoy it. made just for me >> we're going to have a lot later this week. see dolly parton's "coat of many colors" thursday night at 9:00, nbc. it's so fun to go down there to the place where she grew up, not far, a mile or so away in a cabin with no plumbing, with dirt floors, 11 siblings and now to see her sitting in her own theme parks one of the most famous people in the world. she's awesome. >> jealous. >> i love her. >> up next, a new effort to help babies in need. we'll tell you about that, but, first on a tuesday morning this
8:44 am
wow, that is good delicious introducing milkwise original with 46% fewer calories, 33% less sugar, and 50% more calcium than 2% milk it's great taste and better nutrition new milkwise
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we're back now. 8:48 with nbc news investigates.
8:46 am
innocent victims of america's opiate endem ebb. nearly 30,000 babies are born physically dependant on drugs each year in this country. >> in 2003 a federal law was put in place to protect them, but our investigation with reuters found that most states, 41, ignore it and children are dying as a result. some dedicated and compassionate health professionals in west virginia are trying to change it. here's nbc's chief nbc correspondent cynthia mcfadden. >> katie gooding 26 years old and mother of two may look like the girl next door but she's also the new face of heroin addiction in america. last year six months pregnant and the trying to stay sober she relapsd back into heroin. her baby kennedy was born premature and hooked on drugs. >> i felt like i was a terrible mother for putting her through that. >> born at cabell huntington hospital in west virginia they
8:47 am
just for babies going through withdrawal. >> 14% of all babies delivered at our hospital in the year 2014 were exposed to drugs. it's an astronomical number. >> reporter: they are the most innocent victims our country's opiate epidemic. it's hard to watch, but for too long we have looked away. >> it can be frustrating because you do everything and they are still uncomfortable. >> reporter: so recently they created lily's place to wean the babies off drugs and help monitor and educate their mothers. they offered katie gooding entry to lily's place if she signed kennedy over to state cut dishes at least temporarily. if she and kennedy successfully completed the program katie would get her daughter back. >> it was hard. it was really hard to deal with. i cried for a long time. >> hi. >> hi. >> reporter: it's a tough love approach that lacey fraser wishes she had gone through four years ago when her daughter jaycee was born.
8:48 am
the morning, i think she's way inside me and it takes me a little bit to realize it's my blanket balled up, it's not her and where i'm at and she's gone. >> reporter: jaycee died as 6 months old. prosecutors said that her mother mistakenly gave her methadone prison. jaycee's life may have been saved if south carolina had followed a 12-year-old federal law that requires states to her after they are sent home. did anyone ever come and see you when you got out of hospital is. >> no, ma'am. >> reporter: was there a safe baby plan when you left the hospital? >> just have a nice life. >> reporter: despite federal law, reuters and nbc identified 110 cases in the last five years where babies whose mothers used drugs during pregnancy died preventible deaths after being
8:49 am
the federal legislation was passed 20 years ago and yet here we see and in effectively it's being enforced. >> we have an epidemic and the system is failing us as every level and it doesn't need to be that way. >> reporter: west virginia is proving that. the west virginia system works. kate sebak on her feet and has regained custody of kennedy who is now a healthy 1-year-old. as for why the federal law is not being enforced, neither the secretary or health and human services or the white house drug czar would agree to an interview. guys, back to you? >> all right. cynthia mcfadden, thank you. hard to watch. >> yeah, very hard. >> but important to watch. >> drawing attention to it. we're back in a moment.
8:50 am
8:54. great time to say hi to willard scott and get a check of some birthdays. hey, willard. >> new york, what a nice place what, a nice up to. nice people, new york. let's see who our birthday buddies are today. hey, sweet marie peters, one of the beautiful women in shulerville, new york, happy birthday. 100 years old. loves notre dame. watches them on tv and listens on radio. clara speller from winder, north
8:51 am
100 years old today, and she loves puzzles, lovers them, crazy about them. arland meade from bartow, florida. 100 years old and is a gold medal winner in the senior olympics. how about that. michael sandlock from cos cobb, connecticut, one of the oldest living major league baseball players. that's it. new york's got it. >> thank you very much. >> coming up, john cena is co-hosting with us so we'll have fun with john. give back. you buy the gift and you give back to charity. >> and also best mail order food gifts we here. the pigs in a blanket were really good. back in a moment, but first on tuesday morning, a check of your
8:52 am
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after students get sick. donald trump calling on o stop those coming into america. people on both sides are fired up. look at the life of hidden sister. how rosemary kennedy kept such a low profile that made such a bill impact. it's day one of the winter meeting. the red sox making some moves. find out who is on and who is off of if team. the day more like you would find in december. cool and raw temperatures, 30s and 40s. >> all right. all that and much more.
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