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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  December 8, 2015 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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>> what's causing a fire to go up in flamely in sturbridge. more than a dozen crews to battle the fire. there are no tankers in that 30. the building that houses construction equipment was a total loss. their main concern was keeping the flames contained. >> based on the amount of fire that was involved at the time, two exposure buildings to the left and right. the building was a lost cause when we arrived, we focused our attention on making sure it didn't get any further. >> and no one was inside when that fire started. >> norfolk district attorney investigating a burned body in milton. found under a bridge near the mattapan line. the state fire marshal also investigating. d.a. says it's too early to know anything about that victim. >> a bad santa is on the naughty list this year. he stole a family's baby
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he was dressed in a red coat and a santa hat. >> if a kid sees santa try to steel a baby carriage like they're going to think, santa is bad. santa. police say pru is in more trouble now because of his criminal history. he also violated a bail order after an arrest last month. >> also on 7, trapped and in trouble. a driver forced to abandon his car as a freight train barrels right towards him. the parent tick people rushing over to try and save him. >> reporter: the clamor of rushing metal from a car screamed by a freight train came by another noise when aaron fletcher heard before us outside of the his downtown warehouse. >> i heard a crash on the railroad tracks it's a familiar sound, i hear it many times. >> >> reporter: that's why his
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>> they pushed him backwards, he did back up. that's when i thought he was going to break free. he backed all the way to here, but he couldn't get over this last step. he couldn't budge, finally the driver backed away seconds before the train careened right into their car. said, the. >> i've been here eight or nine years, i've heard it eight or nine times. most of the other times we are able to call 911 soon enough so they can stop the train. >> reporter: fletcher says they've seen it always overnight and on weekends, it can be easily avoided. >> they're driving too fast, they think they're turning on this street here, instead they turn right here. instead they drive onto the >> reporter: the train's operator told police he saw the car but didn't have enough time hurt. >> flash floods washing away parts of roadways, water so strong even a house was washed away.
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many people to evacuate. california police arrest a suspect for pointing a laser at a helicopter. it happened last month. this laser shows the helicopter using infrared technology to track the suspect down. it can disorient pilots and cause them to lose their vision for several minutes. a sailor stuck at sea right off the coast of oregon. the sailor's boat caught in rough waters there. it shows the helicopter crew coming in to help that sailor. the in addition to choppy waters wind gusts were recorded at 57 miles per hour. >> a simple parking job ends with a car in a collision course in a restaurant. security camera catches the car going right through the front of the restaurant and into a dining room. one person seriously hurt after being pinned underneath the car. >> i see the same car, bus by me, running over everything, the customer too. >> four others, including the
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the rest rants owner hopes to be reopened as soon as possible. >> police believe the driver under the influence of drugs. 8 students on bus, when the school bus veered off the road and flipped onto its side there. two of the students were seriously hurt. >> neighbors in new york rallying against a man they say is renting out his home to throw wild parties and locals say he is advertising on air b and b and other sites as lounge. they say they are bad for the neighborhood. are private. he's not apologizing. listing. other sites. >> a suspected burglar has a deadly encounter with a an al gator in florida. officers there inspected suspicious activities near homes. they never found the system, about you the next day, his family reported him missing,
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floating in the pond with all of the, makings of a gator attack. they found the gator during the recovery, and he was euthanized and the medical examiner found begins. >> a puppy snatched from the home. a boy luring the dog over, grabbing it and taking off. the owners of the dog. weren't sad for long, though, after thor month of that boy saw the surveillance video on the local news. look. >> thank god she's back home. >> little legal lee is back with her loving owner. >> i was worried. i'm glad to have her back. >> she wasn't gone long, but it was long enough for her owner crystal to panic. >> i was so worried about her. >> reporter: sunday morning, about 11:30 the home surveillance cameras show the tiny black poodle mix playing in the backyard. >> i literally let her out for about 10 minutes. >> reporter: and in that short time, lily caught someone else's attention.
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with her through the fence. then. >> as the dog got closer you can see in the video, he reached over the fence and actually stole the puppy out of the backyard. >> reporter: cassandra and her sister spent hours looking for her dog. >> monday afternoon. >> we found your dog and he's on the way back. >> reporter: the boy who picked lily out of her backyard and carried her home. of she says, took good care of her. >> we don't have anything against him. thank you for bringing her back. >> breaking news out of request incidence see, police looking city. a woman was tied up inside her home, her daughter -- we do have a crew on the way. we'll bring you more as we get it. >> coming up next, craigslist controversy, a mother posting an ad to get her daughter a baby.
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>> ahead at a, anger and outrage, trump's comments stirred up on the campaign trail. local lawmakers weighing in. >> and a hot pursuit for see i can't tell tell, a driver leads police on a wild chase. all of that and much more. straight ahead. >> tonight. >> it's not a bar where everybody knows your name. but it is a bah are that everybody knows. we're at molly's pub on the set of chicago's fire. and we're going to serve you up a behind the scenes look of this hit show.
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>> goods our story, that led a georgia woman in big trouble. it was a baby ad for her 14-year-old daughter. she went online and posted that ad. >> detectives say that was just
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craigslist controversy. >> in my experience, this is extremely unusual. >> sheriff wayne piper says he started looking into it once they got a tip from someone in the community when they saw the ad. it led them to 47-year-old lorraine williams. officers learned she was allegedly soliciting babies because her 14-year-old daughter wanted one. >> it's gotten sad, actually, through the investigation to find that it's simply a 14-year-old girl that wants a baby and a mother, rather than guiding and helping raise her 14-year-old daughter, decide to help her find a baby. >> the ad is simply titled, home for your newborn baby. the baby box is designed to provide a loving home -- in all caps, a disabled child may not be placed in box. instead offering to guide those parents to other locations.
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the 14-year-old had a crib, with formula, baby formula, diapers, baby gifts, they were ready for a baby. >> that woman is charged with illegal advertising. and she's now in jail. her daughter is facing the same charge but was not taken into custody. >> all right. here's our forecast. it has a lot of clouds in it. the temperatures, though, continue to warm. late week especially. >> ahead at 5, the fbi still piecing together the terror attack in california, what investigators are saying about that attack. >> then a brave dog jumping into action in jamaica plain, how this hometown hero diverted a potential disaster. >> boston college more students getting sick after eating at a chipotle. that when we get back. and the city health officials still investigating. the latest coming up next. >> tomorrow, a state vehicle rammed her ride. and gave her a crash course in red tape. >> i had to personally file with the commonwealth myself.
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>> a homeless man feeling a mile high after winning the lottery. >> friends at the colorado homeless shelter where he stayed, say it couldn't have happened to a better person. homeless for more than six years, michael has been in and out of alcohol treatment. the 60-year-old became colorado's latest lottery winner be cashing in on a 500,000 dollar scratch ticket. >> it's such a great story and inspired so many people because out of all of the people, especially in aspen colorado, who can win half a million, it couldn't happen to a better person than a person who uses the aspen homeless shelter, that's for sure. >> in addition to buying a home, he plans to pay a visit to his daughter who he hasn't seen in -- >> congratulations to him.
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those holiday movies, you see on lifetime. seeing one of his daughters. that's nice, isn't it. >> yeah, it certainly is. >> pete, let's talk about the weather. a cool day today, about you not going to last long. >> tomorrow a coolish one, normal, i should say. and bounce back into the 50s just like that with a switch of wind direction and change in air masses. 42 right now in boston. dew point, 34, northeast breeze occasionally gusty at 15 miles per hour. the clouds will have the upper hand here. mostly cloudy, partly cloudy. not seeing that beautiful streak of weather from sunday, or rather saturday through monday, or just completely blue. mostly dry forecast. there's a sprinkled chance on thursday. other than that, nothing really to bother us in the warmer weather will come back to us late week, too. as you'll see not a lot of cold to tap into. although, it is raw. and we did hear about some flakes from our weather spotter out in lunenburg today.
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around the last couple of hours. 38 in bedford. and 36 in worcester. your cold pocket just to the west. not like we are warm here in boston at 42 or plymouth at 44 or 44 in hyannis. as far as our arctic air is concerned. our temperature similar to what we're seeing in moose sunni. yellow peg at 9 are degrees, that's way above normal up there in the northwest territory. the cold air is right around the north pole. santa has it and keeping it for himself so far. does not look like it will release in the lower 48. so the trend is your friend, as we say in weather. and that means we'll continue to be mild. 6 great hes above normal so far this month. average high is 44. average low is 31. stays mild through mid december. i'm here to say that we're jeopardizing a white christmas. we could -- you could always get an inch of snow on the ground. but as far as having staying power, no, i think it would come
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we didn't have a lot of cold reserves to keep it around. this cold system will give a lot of wind for us. we did get moderate rain on nantucket and then that pulled away. just on the edge of that baby. now, clouds all over the place tomorrow. but we may see some sunshine. this model showing it along the coastline. not promising it at a that. we do have some cloud cover that can drift underneath an aversion anywhere it wants to go. it may favor central and western mass. at this point. we can go overcast for a while in boston. unique about this is is we may start off with bright weather but that aversion is sitting there above us and the clouds can sit under neath us and spread out. that may be the case tomorrow. 44 for a high in boston. bedford at 44 tomorrow. and then on thursday, bounce back, winds out of the south, southeast. middle 50s. even 50 in worcester tonight. partial clearing today, 36 to
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tomorrow 442 to 46. the 7 on 7 forecast. into the weekend we go. i just said 31 for overnight loaf. grant his these are averages, seven-day forecast is an average, but at no point do i go well below freezing. some mornings we're in the 40s and even near 50 degrees. see you next half hour. >> here's joe stapleton with a update. and residual car fire; is that right. >> that's right. before route 95 in canton. this car fuelly engulfed in flames. traffic still bogged down that right travel lane closure, all the way back into the waltham area trying to get by this. seeing some of that back up on our maps waltham area, down to route 95. the south expressway, dealing with delays right down into braintree.
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of good news, 93 northbound on the right-hand side of the screen, those brake lights and taillights, moving easy easier. safely off the roadway for us, the earlier break down. on the pike westbound, aboutta 58 minute ride from downtown out to natick. joe stapleton, 7 news. >> breaking news, the department of public health, are confirming the presence of nor row virus at the cleveland circle chipotle. at many as 80 students from boston college are now sick. they say they all ate at that chipotle. more at 6:00. >> new study, examiner cease in your 20s can save your life down the road. >> it's important for millennials to get off the couch and start moving, they experts say. >> if you don't work out regularly in your 20s, it's
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>> once you hit your 30s -- for nearly 5,000 volunteers between 18 to 30 years old on a treadmill and push them into their maximum exertion to test their endurance. they were followed with annual checkups over the next 25 years. the results are in. the less time on the treadmill their 20s, their risk increased 21 percent. one of the most effective way for people in their 20s to stay motive vafted to work out is to join a group and keep each other accountable. >> they tend to stay, because it's a group, a team environment. so they stay longer. they don't just drop the resolutions. >> bates believes what you put in your body is important as how you work it. >> 20s age group, they tend to eat out a lot. cutback a little bit of that. you can afford a gym membership. some training, some helpful wintertime coming around so even better time to join a gym. >> if a injury membership is too expensive.
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outs at home. >> they should perform 150 minutes of aerobic activity every single week. >> coming up, singing in style, back stage on the voice, as contest assistants gear up for a big night of competition.
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>>(pause.) on the voice tonight, the voice reveals which four of the singers making next week finale. >> today, the behind the scene makes the artists look as good >> patiently >> the show might be called the voice but the singers look gets plenty of attention. contestants contestants. >> erin is the costume designer. >> we don't know what they'll be singing until wednesday, sometimes until friday. >> she's one of many who work with thousands of items. to help the artist develop an individual style along with their vocals. >> taking a lane and letting it grow and develop.
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i keep on pushing the envelope just a little bit with them. >>. >> reporter: >> we go to department stores, retail shops, consignment shops, thrift stores. we scour the internet. >> reporter: often they put special touches on what they find. >> these were just a simple cowboy boot and then added these topaz color stoneses. >> it's to ensure the contest assistants hit the right notes. >> it feels like we're giving them something. >> in both sight and sound. >> and tonight we have a jam packed line up for 7 nbc. the voice are finals at 8:00, all new chicago at 9, and then chicago fire at 10. and then all of the day's news right here at 7 at 11. a lot of work to get everybody looking good on the voice. >> it would be nice if we had
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maybe not in the cowboy boots. if you're feeling a little spungy, i suppose. much more to come in the next 30 minutes. i'm elizabeth sore rake ca. >> and i'm brian, 7 news now at. >> more students sick after eating chipotle, and new information about what may be causing the sickness. >> also tonight, donald trump causing controversy. >> i think that's ridiculous and i would never support a policy like that. >> governor charlie baker among many others responding to trump's proposal to ban muslims. >> new information about the san bernardino shooter's plot to i will can. the fbi now following a trail of money. >> a deputies police officers off the job in seattle after a wild chase turns into a deadly shootout. >> storm at sea but now just a up. >> next, a dog saves the day for a family in jamaica plain after smelling trouble. >> 7 news at 5 starts now.
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alarming outbreak at aological chipotle. boston college says as many as 80 students now sick. bc officials say all of those students ate at the chipotle at cleveland circle. >> the city health inspector says they now know what made them sick. live with the breaking details. >> reporter: moments ago, the boston health department what got people so sick here is the nor row virus, it's not only students but people from around the city as well. it's more important knowing it's the nor row virus, they're going to clean the is surface, you can furiously. this as the number of the students sickened has doubled. >> through the locked door, we can see workers cleaning and chipotle. but it's too late for the boston college student sickened after eating at the restaurant. the college says the number of 6 students has jumped from 30 to 80. >> horrible stomach pains, can't
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