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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  December 9, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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force from officers on northeastern campus. police officers on campus will now be armed with semiautomatic weapons. >> some are calling this controversial. kelli o'hara is live in boston with more on this. >> yes, good evening. about a third of the campus police officers here in northeastern will be carrying the high-powered rifles and that's caused quite the debate here on campus. in a world where mass shootings are becoming more common, from last week's attacks where 14 people were killed in an office christmas party to the paris terrorist attacks that claimed nearly 150 lives. >> i'm a little nervous about it. i don't think we should militarize our school police. >> i'm in the middle about that. >> but not everyone is happy. >> i get worried about local police like that carrying those rifles. they need a lot of training and certainly i think it's a tough -- begins a slippery slope. >> reporter: the university has
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wive will have semiautomatic weapons. northeastern has said safety of their students and staff is their top priority, however, the move creating some controversy on campus. >> there are other ways to using semiautomatic weapons that are meant to kill people. it feels scary. >> i think if it was boston police i would feel more comfortable about it. i don't know. >> trained professionals just to keep on a college campus, keep students and teachers safe. >> now, one agency, who is definitely not happy, boston police, they say their own police officers do not carry semiautomatic weapons, and they say them or their community parkers were not asked or even included in this decision. kelli o'hara, 7news. now to the latest in the danvers teacher murder trial, testimony concludes in the trial
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have laid out an insanity defense but prosecutors say he knew what he was doing when he allegedly murdered colleen ritzer. >> 53 witnesses later and this jury is about to get this case with a very important decision to make. phillip chism, is he guilty of murder in the first degree or guilty, not guilty by reason of insanity? that's what they have to decide. >> shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth ... >> reporter: taking the stand for the prosecution, psychologist dr. robert kensher offered a clear opinion when it came to phillip chic expum whether or not he was mentally ill two years ago when he murdered his math teacher colleen ritzer at danvers high. >> my opinion is that on the date of the alleged offense, mr. chism was not suffering from a mental disease or defect. >> reporter: prosecutors walking jurors back through surveillance video when the then 14-year-old can be seen following ritzer
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minutes later wheeling her body in a recycling barrel out of the building before dumping into the woods behind the school. >> obscuring his identity and making sure that there were not people in the hall that would observe him leave would be consistent that he appreciated the wrongfulness of his conduct. >> reporter: the defense has also said he accused killer did it but maintain that chism was insane at the time and tempted to raise doubt with the prosecution's final witness. >> teenagers are constantly in the process of developing, correct? >> i would agree with that. >> and they are removing -- a moving target for professionals attempting to diagnose them, correct? that's true. >> i have nothing further. >> as it stands tonight, lawyers will be getting in here first thing in the morning to meet with a judge to wrangle over courtroom. the jury will be there. but they do return to the courtroom on friday morning, listening to closing arguments
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and then the deliberations will get underway. we're live in salem tonight, steve cooper, 7news. a brockton teen is accused of stealing nearly $10,000 from her cash register at target. 18-year-old isa mendez pleaded not guilty to pocketing money from the register at the stoughton target where she was hired as a seasonal employee. police say she would charge customers full price but take half of that money for herself. mendez was released and will be back in court next month. a brookline apartment building up in flames. the heavy fire began this
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contained to the top floor of the three-story building. none of the people inside were hurt but one firefighter was flames. >> there was one firefighter injured, shoulder injury. we're hoping it's minor but he's at the hospital now. there were six people home at the time, they were all evacuated safely. we had a great job by the firefighters aggressive interior attack. working to determine the cause of the fire. checking other news across country now.
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into the woods. an ohio driver said she swerveed to avoid a deer and somehow her car ended up in a tree. a tow truck was able to get it down. the driver was flown to the hospital with a leg injury. building in atlanta. police say an ambulance driver fell asleep at the wheel, ran a red light and slammed into a bus. the bus then flew into the building. officials say the bus driver is in critical condition and at least 10 others were sent to the hospital. the ambulance driver was cited for running a red light. shoplifting suspects hitting a baby stroller with their car. you can see the car here backing up right into a security guard and a baby strollen. police have arrested a 24-year-old and a juvenile on charges of theft and reckless engagement. thankfully nobody was hurt in this accident. is. >> a pregnant woman says she was kicked, punched and stabbed during a bar brawl. >> reporter: surveillance video
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in a pennsylvania nightclub. witnesses say the women were fighting about facebook posts. one of the women, who is five months pregnant, leans into yell in the face of the other who punches her and the scene is violent. both women are kicked in the stomach. >> that's my childth and not even here yet to defend itself. >> i got bruised on my side. i got stitches in my shoulder, >> reporter: the pregnant woman also staffed. the club's manager says she did not stab during the incident. >> if she was stabbed, there would have been blood on the floor, there would have been blood on the security. neither. >> reporter: the manager also says the video shows that the expectant mother refused to stop fighting pointing to the video where she was being held back by security. the other woman is charged in the attack on the mother and unborn baby. the mother was taken to the hospital after the fight and says her baby is going to be okay. ahead on 7news. seven healthy puppies are not
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the. iys are a medical marvel.
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program that's hoping to figure out a way to prevent hereditary diseases like cancer. >> meet the word's first litter of puppies born through in vetro fertilization. cornel's dr. alexander tvis beams like a proud father when recalling the day the seven pups were born. >> very nerve-racking until you heard the first crys and saw them wriggling around and it was really great. >> reporter: a home scientists had been trying to get to for 40 years. that's because without getting too heavy into the science behind the birds and bees of dogs, reproduction as much more complicated in canines than it is in other mammals. the technology opens the door to ways of preventing hereditary breeds. >> in vetro fertilization itself can't help prevent disease but what it does is gives us a way to generate embryos and so we can use new tongs to hopefully go in and fix certain genes that cause those diseases. >> reporter: instead of treating genetic diseases these doctors
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prevent them but first the >> sit. >> they're so cute. the ivf technology might also help endangered species. scientists can freeze samples from rare breeds and reintroduce them into the gene pool. a little bit cooler over the last couple of days. temperatures back into the 40s. but that seasonable weather does not last long. we're warming up as early as tomorrow. seven-day forecast is ahead. and coming up at 6:00, a real life case of mean girls, a fight between a boy takes a dangerous turn between high
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how about a hang hotel. three capsules over a valley in peru allow guests to sleep literally hanging off a cliff. they're anchored to the side of the valley walls which gives guests the chance to sleep in midair hanging over a 1300 foot drop. no thank you. >> kind of looks like a spaceship. did you ever watch the movie ewoks and battle for indoor? no. that's not on my list right now it's an older flick but the spaceships kind of look like
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>> i'm afraid of heights, just watching that kind of makes me queezy, a little vertigo going on. chris, how about you? a little light-headed? yeah, exactly. >> i know the feeling. i feel like now looking five, 10 stories down you get that feeling. if we had to stay in that, hope for a foggy day, can't see much out there. 44 degrees in the city of boston. winds out of the south at 10 miles per hour. although, i know a lot of you would enjoy the nice views out there if you can take the
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visibility is not all that bad. expecting it to be mainly quiet this evening and overnight some of the visibility will get reduced thanks to some patchy fog developing. 54 buffalo, new york. 52 down in new york city. this is the warmer their will get back into new england as early as tomorrow. so the cool seasonable weather not lasting all that long. it wasn't true arctic air or anything like that but we were back to seasonal levels the last couple of afternoons. that's not gonna last long. a little bit more moisture and low cloudiness south of us. something that may work in overnight, a little bit of patchy drizzle. this line of light showers back across the ohio/pennsylvania border, that's going to slide through tomorrow morning, as well. can't rule out a little bit of patchy drizzle, if not a couple of the lighter showers tomorrow morning. predawn through about 8:00, 9:00 in the morning.
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a .10 of an inch or less of rain. so not a lot of water out there, and then during the midday hours into the afternoon, we are dry, we'll even get back to partial sunshine and no problem cruising into the 50s temperature-wise tomorrow afternoon. friday, could have a little bit of low cloudiness to start the day, a couple of showers down across the cape but back to a mix of sun and clouds in the afternoon. temperatures bouncing up close to 60 again on friday afternoon. so nocht of a rain chance over the next several days. i'd say the highest chance for widespread light patchy drizzle and some shower activity would be tomorrow morning. 30% for the cape on friday. the rest of us dry, saturday dry. if there's a front close by on sunday, we could catch an isolated sprinkle or shower but much of sunday is dry as well. so the numbers not moving all that much.
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fact, they may climb up a few degrees by daybreak tomorrow. a good launching pad. into the 50s for the afternoon once we get some breaks of sun how about the weekend. mild air once again. the midwest. western half of canada and back the country. this storm, the area of low and west of us, but trailing it us plenty of moisture in the next widespread chance of night before it ends early look at the weekend forecast. decorations or picking out a mild. widespread rain. middle part of next week. >> thanks, chris. the holiday season is a time giving and that's exactly what a california police chief and his they used their christmas money to buy a car for a homeless family. >> and this bold act of kindness is now getting a whole lot of attention. >> i've done this career for quite a while now and it sounds cliche but i started it and remain in this career field to handle those moments when you can actually help somebody out. >> reporter: days ago, aaron easton found a way to do that, he spotted a post on the internet from a homeless family. >> live in the area about 2 1/2, three years, can't get a step ahead, get a job, the economy's shot and now the car is shot. >> reporter: a good samaritan offered to sell a car currently getting fished to the family for a great price. the problem was they didn't have money and easton read about that on facebook. >> when i saw this opportunity, i wanted to help this family out. >> reporter: the chief sat his three children down and asked they were okay with him buying the car for the homeless family, using their christmas money. >> to their credit, all three of my kids said yeah, absolutely, without hesitation. let's help the family out. >> reporter: the family couldn't believe it. >> it brings tears to my eyes when i think about it, even. my wife, when we first met, cried on his shoulder and the
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>> a guardian angel whose kindness is as generous as it was unexpected. >> my kids are my life, aaron helped me provide for my kids. that's just it. my kids are everything. >> reporter: the chief even invited the family's two girls to walk in a christmas parade last week. >> he got them in to the parade and they walked with the police department. they were ecstatic about it. and they've always wanted to be in a parade and got their wish. >> and little did they know the chief also got his wish. his daily goal to show kindness in honor of his compassionate wife whom he lost just months ago. the. >> i think it was good for my children and it's a selfless act to help other people out. >> the chief and the rest of his department also adopt several families around the holidays each year buying trees, meals, and even presents.
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behind the scenes, we're fired up to show you how they turn up the heat. >> and good evening, everybody. i'm kim khazei. >> we're following breaking news coming up next at 6:00. major league baseball suggesting a new way to keep fans safe at fenway. you'll remember a woman was seriously injured by a flying bat. we're live with a plan for protection. also, a man in court charged in a violent home invasion involving a pregnant woman in quincy. and a possible motive and our political editor has a warning about donald trump in tonight's hiller instinct. those stories and much more straight ahead on 7news at 6:00.
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we are taking you behind the scenes of one of nbc's hottest shows. >> chris anderson visited the set of chicago fire. before you sit down with the stars and a look at how they gear up for the intense scenes. we're at molly's pub on the set of chicago fire and we are going to serve you up a behind-the-scenes look at this hit show. >> lgt the show that started it all. >> hey, chief.
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continues to sizzle. its red-hot success leading to two nbc spin-offs. but it all began with engine 51. >> we're doing our best to honor the profession with honest stories. >> reporter: honest stories and heart-stopping action. i spent time on location with the actors in chicago. >> there's no cgi on our show but there are some special effect secrets. >> this car is already in rough shape but wait till you see what we're about to do for it. >> we use propane and in this car we have had rigged with two proceed bane bars. a smoke opinion and smoker that's coming up under the hood. >> steve is the show's fire and safety expert and was a real firefighter in chicago for 36 years. the propane bars in the car have a pilot light attached and are connected to a fuel tank,
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grill works but on a much larger scale. creating spectacular flames like these... and because those flames are real, the actors had to spend type at the chicago fire training academy to learn how to respond and react like real firefighters. i've said it and i've explained it and nobody questions it. if it's a corridor rundown, you know you will be safe. >> reporter: and safety is the key. >> in chicago, chris anderson, 7news. >> it sure is cool to get a behind-the-scenes look at -- >> see it close together, yeah, amazing. good news for chicago fire fans, the series has officially been renewed for next season. >> and a big three-show crossover coming together. a lot of people will want to see that. >> of course, and there is another 30 minutes of 7news
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>> 7news at 6:00 starts right 6:00. chaos in chicago. protestors storming city hall. resign. also breaking. more remains missing from a cemetery in worcester than first thought. then big change is coming to then-way park after a woman was seriously injured with a flying bat. >> mid-40s out there this afternoon but temperatures warming into the 50s if not close to 60 by the end of the week, the forecast ahead. >> and we're on boston common. >> it made me teary eyed to see good things in the world going on. >> reporter: good samaritans leaving warm clothes on trees for people in need. >> protestors flooding chicago city hall and the streets of the city.
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they demand the mayor step down. mayor rahm emanual was apologizing for the police shooting of an unarmed teenager when all these people stormed into city hall. >> officers are now trying to temper those emotions. elizabeth noreika is at our breaking news desk with more. >> the mayor of chicago was making a speech to the city council several groups of protestors joined chanting and calling for the mayor's resignation. these protest protesting about police brutality. >> i take responsibility for what happened. because it happened on my watch. and if we're going to fix it, i want to understand it's my responsible with you -- responsibility with you. but if we're also going to begin the healing process, the first step in that journey is my step. and i'm sorry.
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