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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  December 12, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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great controls could be to blame. investigators focusing on what a red liner driver did that may have caused a train to run off. uber riders attacking a driver. donald trump comments on muslims are drawing backlash, out. the at a patriots are getting us back on track as to losses and field. december 12th, thank you for waking up with us. i'm kris anderson. we will have the details of
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straight ahead here on new england. let get over to the chris lambert with a check of the forecast. are you sure it's december 12th. taking a look at the temperatures 51 in boston. the average temperature is 30 degrees, you're 26 degrees above that. and take a look at the visibilities. the visibility is good. there's been a little bit of patchy fog, but not as widespread nor as dense as the early one yesterday morning. other than thin, high-level clouds that are in the mix in. upper 50s to near 60 degrees. clouding up overnight tonight, that will push out of the changes that come here. we're close to 60 today, cooler and cloudier tomorrow, still above the average, but much cooler than we have been over the last few days, we will be stuck in the upper 40s to near
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chances on the seven-day forecast. more on that coming up. the latest this morning on the run away red line train, investigators focusing in on the train's driver. sources tell 7 news that he tied a cord to hold the controls while he stepped outside of the train, but that cord didn't hold and that train took off while he was off board. and investigators have learned what he did so far. >> reporter: irresponsible actions from a operator is what is being blamed for the run off train. the operator had a cord tied around the throttle and he stepped off the train to override the signal and the train left without him. >> i said at the time that the investigation had been ongoing but i was left to believe that the throttle was tampered with. the investigate has to be completed.
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supposed to lock bore both brakes, and then step off. >> we are no longer allowing a use of the a bypass procedure, unless a second mvp official is physically present. >> reporter: this is a look at the cab, much on the run away train. the throttle is one that rotates, it only works if you push it down first. that is until you tie a cord to keep it down. >> any action from the operator that restricted the ability to get into the brake position, would be a prohibited act that would be subject to termination. >> reporter: david vasquez of canton broke protocol by not engaging the hand brake break hand break. >> this appears to be a single incident where a individual made multiple error. >> reporter: vasquez did one
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called for help once the train left the station. the dot administrators don't believe vasquez behavior is widespread among operators. and vasquez a 27 year operator believes he is being thrown under the bus. >> i can't believe this guy for dog something smng. the equipment is old, and they always try to blame the operator. a korean soldier who went missing 65 years ago will finally be laid to rest. they used dna testing to walton. his funeral service is scheduled for 10:00 this morning. a lynn man has been arrested and charged with murder in connection with a triple shooting that happened on thursday night. residents describe that scene as chaotic when they heard shots
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escaped. michael de leon was picked up by detectives at quincy. they found christie johnson a mother of three, and chris pte ari had been shot in the face, and another man was also shot. he is expected to survive. also on 7. >> you hit me the face? >> no, no. >> wild moments, an uber mad passenger caught on camera attacking an you uber driver in boston. and he didn't stop once he got out of that vehicle. we are had the opportunity to talk with that driver and he has more on what happened during this wild drive. >> you can hear and see this attack. the uber driver able to catch phone video.
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the w hotel on friday. the one man he named as andrew was yelling profanities so he politely told them he couldn't do the ride. >> he was very aggressive. >> reporter: that is when the man punched him. >> reporter: what was going through your mind. >> i was very scared. >> reporter: the passenger knocked his cell phone to the floor, and luckily the other passengers pulled the man away. then you can see him kicking the outside of the car, too. he is afraid but he has to keep driving because he has a family at home. >> i have two kids, you know. i have to pay bills. >> reporter: now he says he justice. >> to me, not to be aggressively. >> reporter: 7 news. also this morning police making an arrest in a deadly stabbing that happened in worcester. they say a 33-year-old man is now in custody charged with murder in connection with that
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this month. the surveillance video that is looking on here shows the victim and two other people just moments before that stabbing took place. sahrise hill was rushed to the hospital minutes before she died. police are still investigating this case. one person is dead following a car crash that happened in norwood, three others were injured in that crash. it happened on thursday night after 8:00. a man was driving under the influence when his sar slammed to another car at intersection ther the accused driver was taken to another hospital and that is friday. harvey levy, accusing other drivers, and now they are investigating the crash. police investigating on the scene last night. you see the vehicle that was there, authorities say the victim was brought to mass general hospital when that victim later died. police are investigating another deadly crash, this one
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drive into a route home, the impact threw the passenger seat and the woman did not survive. three people were inside of the home and they were not injured. investigators are still working crash. the race for the white house taking a bit of a turn. donald trump and ted cruz square off. cruz was heard questioning trump's judgment. this is the first time that the two have traded shot at each other during this campaign. that is not the only fight that erupt in the campaign trail. protesters clashing with security at new york, at a trump event. anger spilling into violence. and donald trump continues to take heat from the muslim ban. and senator ted vuz
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at a private fundraiser cruz was even more pointed. >> ilike donald and them. who am i comfortable of having the finger at the button. that say question of strength but also a question of judgment. in the past month chris' numbers have shot up. >> he has the ability to raise money and i think he has the ability to convey a message. >> reporter: and now trump is itching for a fight with the texas senator. tweeting, it's cruz should not make statement to his supporters. >> i like donald trump, i'm a big fafn donald fan of donald trump. i think he has been very beneficial for our campaign. >> reporter: kruse says cruz says is tweeting, donald trump is
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>> the lizard brain tends to make judgments tweeted carson. things are heating up with 51 days until iowa sources tell nbc news, that they are getting ready for a battle in the convention floor should there be no clear nominee. divers are searching a lake in san bernardino looking for anything of interest. officials say key items were pulled from that lake yesterday. the possible evidence is being examined. it comes after the tips that the terrorist passed by the lake on the day of the attack. divers will continue to work this morning. farook, and malik died in a gun fight with police after bernardino. officials are still trying to figure out why the couple carried out this attack. it was the deadliest attack since 9-11.
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men are syrian nationals and traces of explosives were found in their vehicles. police have not said if the arrest were in connection with the heightened security. they have not released the names of the two men who were arrested. so much more news, including key patriot players back out on the practice field. good to see big 87 and number 11, but will these two familiar faces be ready for game time on sunday. and even a battle with cancer couldn't stop this young survivor from hitting the right
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condition. allergic reactions can occur. r doctor if you or anyone in your house recently received a vaccine. inical study, telara patients saw at least 75% clearer skin rity were rated as cleared or minimal ara helps keep my skin clearer. doctor about stelara . well, it was a welcome sign on the practice field for patriots fans. julian and ron gronkowski back at it on the practice field side by side. they could use them on the field when they are taking on the texans but they be ready to play. we have more on the patriots injuries. >> reporter: julian edleman showing some excitement with the sign of happiness, with the grofng.
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starting to get healthy. gronk less than one month after a foot surgery, is not playing on sunday and is not rushing his return. >> i'm doing it safely and smart smart. >> reporter: ron gronkowski is listed as tentative. >> it's good to be back with my teammate out on the practice field and any other questions, you got to talk to coach bill owe billowe belichick. me and gronk have the high-fiving thing. now julian edleman is ruled out for sunday's game, and gronk is questionable. and he broke his hand in practice, although he says he will play.
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showdown here on nbc 7, with pregame show and it's pregame football in america, and kickoff, and we will have news following the game. still ahead, could it be the end of fantasy sport sites in new york? more on a ruling in new york. a gift wrapping up operation, the force after wrapping paper was ruined, that was until the community stepped in to lend a helping hand. we will tell you about. the mild air dominating the forecast once again today. how long will it last?
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outside this morning. there. you see the say zakim bridge there. the calendar says december 12th, and the weather feels more it's like october 12th. >> we're a couple of months weather wise and that is just fine after the last winter. if this winter starts a little late, we will take it. 51 degrees in boston, 51 in plymouth, and 41 in bedford. and the snow is itching as to start here i think by next weekend we will get better snow
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new england as cold air moves on in. it will continue to be 5-10 miles per hour. we have had mid-to high-level clouds, the fog not nearly as much of an issue this morning as it was yesterday morning. there's a front off to the west us, a couple of sprinkles along it. i do expect clouds to increase tonight and there may be a sprinkle or two, late tonight and kicking things off tomorrow but overall i do expect mainly dry weather to prevail this weekend. mixture of sun and clouds out there, not a whole lot is going to change, more clouds increasing tonight, and you note the clouds they are tenacious as you go through sunday's forecast and the reason for that, there's a front that dips to the south of us with an on shore wind, moisture in place in front ahead that front. i can't rule a couple of patches of sprinkles out there tomorrow, but predominantly it's a dry air. the winds coming out of the northeast and north of that
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near 50 degrees, to upper 40s to near 50 tomorrow, the mild air pressing back town to pennsylvania, new york city and down into new jersey. today we have the mild weather. it's going to be nice again this afternoon, mid-50s to lower 60s with that wind out of the west at 5-10 miles an hour. tonight clouding up, maybe an isolated sprinkle, and the temperatures still driving mild for that time of year. tomorrow despite starting off in the 40s in the morning will hold in the upper 40s to near 50 in the afternoon. thanks to the northeasterly wind so it will be a cooler day overall with mostly cloudy skies. for monday, watching the energy coming out of rockies, that is going to pull a lost moisture out -- a lot of moisture from the soaking rain, and portions of weather from texas. that system will head off to the great lakes. this is going to be the next best chance of rain in here, with more widespread rain chance, about 6:00 p.m. at midnight on monday night and
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weather working in late thursday into early friday morning. i don't think we will see quite as much rain out that one before colder and drier weather prevails for next weekend. 7 on 7 forecast. monday most of the day in the 40s but we spike 65 to 50 degrees in the evening. kris. presents for those in need getting wrapped up at a local homeless shelter thanks to a little help from the community. the st. francis shelter wraps more than 400 presents for people who come to the shelter, but there was a water leak and it damaged all of the wrapping paper that was being stored in a closet so members of the community stepped up. they donated brand new wrapping paper to replace all the paper that was destroyed. >> what i really think happened today was the goodwill of people was unwrapped and we had an opportunity to really see what christmas is really all about, others.
6:20 am
warms our hearts to see the out pouring of support from our community to help bryant our guests lives. california driver lucky took alive after a metal beam, look at that, goes crashing right through the windshield of his car. plus was it an upset for the ages? highlights for the garden as the undefeated warriors came to town to take on the c's the at the garden. she is marking her one year battle with cancer by playing very sweet music.
6:21 am
some sweet sounds there, a cancer survivor hitting the right notes exactly a year after her battle beganful she loves to play the violin as you can guess by seeing that video. she had to stop playing the violin when doctors discovered a tumor. this show was a boston children's hospital and adam williams has more on this very touching story. . >> reporter: a remarkable performance for 9-year-old sof 9-year-old sophie fellows. her connection with music will always be special.
6:22 am
abruptly stop playing because of a headache. next day she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. she didn't know if she would play depend. the day before her surgery december 11th, 2014. her fellow violinist all of them from vermont gathered together to finish the concert at children's hospital. exactly one year later, they came back and her brain surgeon, pediatric neurosurgeon even accompanied them on the piano. this time sophie was playing as a guest not as a patient. >> i don't feel sick at all. >> reporter: i'm adam williams, 7 news today in new england. sophie's tumor is gone and it was nonmalignant. her parent say she is 90% back to normal as she continues that recovery. great to see that! a bomb squad had to be called in after this explosive
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has officials now on alert. upper 50s and lower 60s, we will do it again today, and temperatures cooler coming up. police are making an arrest after a double murder. details are coming u oh no...
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caught behind bars, police making an arrest after two people were shot and killed in revere. it's not something you find everyday, this explosive
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called in and left officials alert. when they are told to shutdown, an appeal has them back in business at least for now. 6:30 this saturday morning, thank you for making us a part of your day. i'm kris anderson. it's going to be a great day weather wise. we want to get right to chris lambert with a check on the forecast. where is the love for december, buddy. 51 degrees, and the average is 43, already running about eight degrees above that. west southwesterly breeze at 10 miles per hour. 53 in hyannis, and 55 across the islands. and cooler across the metro west, and temperatures there well above the freezing mark, in the upper 30s to lower to middle 40s and the fog not as much of an issue this morning as it was yesterday morning. we have had clouds to mix in. overall a mix of sun and clouds, a mild day. if you are grabbing that
6:27 am
the decorations, sunday will be the cooler of the two days, cloudier as well. tomorrow the temperatures in the upper 40s as wind turns back out of the northeast and we do have a chance of rain coming in monday late in the day especially on monday night. we will talk more about the forecast straight ahead. the mbta investigating exactly what happened to that red line train that went several stops without an operator on board. sources tells 7 news the driver tied a cord to hold the controllers while he stepped outside of the train. that cord didn't hold and the train took off without him on board. nobody on the train would hurt, the driver is now on paid administrative leave. a korean veteran is being laid to rest. army sergeant robert akin was declared missing in action. his remains were returned home on tuesday. the defense department says that the body was identified using
6:28 am
at 8:00, a man accused in revere. police tracking down less than 7 hours after the deadly shooting. we have more on what we have learned about this man and how police were able to find him. >> christie johnson with a mother of three. friends say while she was trying to get her life back to track, she was always able to help her old friend, peter petari who lives in this apartment. >> all he was getting was wheels and meals when christie wasn't coming around. >> reporter: but tuesday night shots rang out. >> all of a sudden i heard five loud pops. >> reporter: killing 35-year-old christie, and 65 peter who's friends called pops and leaving christie's former boyfriend fighting for his life. >> it's a mess. it's terrible, it's violence. >> reporter: police investigated and arrested a lynn man on friday afternoon charging him with the two murders. >> it's terrible. i know these people.
6:29 am
christie was a great mom and caring friend, and pops was a kind father of five who loved patriots football and once drove a cab. and they're devastated and scared over this violent crime! you think you are okay in your own home and some crazy lunatic shoots people in the face. >> reporter: susan tran, 7 news today in new england. turning to an explosive discovery in pelham, new hampshire, that is a rocket you are looking at on your screen. it was left at gunshot, the discovery both surprising and scaring people. the bomb squad had to be called in to make sure it wasn't an active rocket. kimberly bookman has more on this pretty wild story. >> reporter: this is the rocket that launched a major police response. it all began after a contractor found what looked like a small missile lodged between two basement walls in a home he was renovating and then decided to drop it off at this pelham, new hampshire gun store.
6:30 am
someone just dropped an item that they would like our offices to look at. the offices did not know what they were going to look at. >> reporter: when police arrived and saw the four foot long, four inches wide object, they snapped pictures and sent them to the nashua bottom squad. at first they thought it resembled a hobby piece, and then we sent them more pictures up close. they said, no, don't touch it. we're down. >> reporter: it was this wick that made authorities wonder if the device was live. the local store x-rayed the gadget. it wasn't active but it was a real rocket. they were able to trace back and, we believe it was u.s. military from years ago from the war. >> reporter: safe in the hand of law enforcement now, police warn anyone else who comes across such an unusual find not to touch it or drop it off, just call authorities. so taking the chance of even moving that and having something whether it explodes or takes
6:31 am
that is not worth it. >> reporter: kimberly bookman 7 news today new england. more news today. draft kings are still in service in new york for now despite yesterday's ruling ordering them to stop. the fan tas fantasy sports sites quickly won. officials have been trying to shut them down saying they're a form of illegal gambling. the sites are able to do work in new york through early january, and that is when they are expected to make a decision. they are investigating the death of an army ranger, and aims bettery of strapper was hurt, and ains bettery was hurt during the live fire exercise. also this morning, and we're going to ask the judge to make sure that this defendant never sees the light of day and we're going to ask him to run
6:32 am
>> reporter: a former oklahoma police officer convicted of rape. he faces life behind bars and in this case an abuse of power. >> the defendant is guilty of the crime of . >> reporter: as the verdict was read, former oklahoma city police officer daniel sobbed. >> guilty of first degree. >> reporter: the jury found him guilty of -- 18 of 36 battery. jenny was one of the 13 women who testified against him. he pulled her over on one night of june of 2014 and sexually assaulted her. she reported it to police, triggering the investigation that led to the arrest. >> he picked the wrong lady to stop that night. >> reporter: he had been using the power of the badge to prey on vulnerable black women, most of them with records.
6:33 am
threatening submit. they used the gps to collaborate the stories. it was the greatest abuse of authority that i have witnessed. ` >> he chose those victims because he knew through experience that they were less likely to report it. >> reporter: the accusers range in age from 17 to 57. the defense questioned their vebility credibility, arguing that he was an honest club. the case had not gotten more national attention. the prosecutor hopes the verdict now sends a message to every citizen. >> i don't care what they look like. what god they worship where where, they go to church, or how much money they make, we stand up for people in this community. >> reporter: he could be in jail for the rest of his life. caught on camera in the czech republican, when a
6:34 am
crashes into this trailer truck. rips the trailer right off. the truck driver ignored the crossing flashing red lights, and swiped the trailer right off the truck but did not hit the cab. the truck driver suffered minor injuries, everyone on board that train was okay. and a california driver lucky to be alive, the man was driving on an expressway in san jose when this long metal tray loader flew off of a nearby truck, and went right through the car's front windshield. the driver suffered of a few scrapes, and he was able to do okay. very, very lucky. hidden values valuables belonging to vikings on earth. an english man using a melt aldetector stumbled upon a hoard of coins, silver and jewelry back in october. experts believe the valuables were buried back when vikings were trying to expand across great britain.
6:35 am
some light on england's long history. celtics trying to put a stop to the warriors undefeated ways this season, but was stef curry too much to handle. this went into a few frames. they stop after these two familiar faces were back on the practice field this week. and in just a bit, we will show you this tasty treat. doesn't that look yummy. it's a holiday spin on your whoopi pie. it's coming up on what is cooking. on monday isaiah thomas and
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all the medicines you take ave any medical conditions. free for one year for eligible patients. so talk to your doctor, and for deta good morning, to you all, and sports we great greatness, tiger woods, all players who changed their respective games. the warriors rewriting the nba record book. fueled by steph curry. he was in serious jeopardy last night in boston. the reigning mvp playing without his friend but it's the celtics putting on the show at 4th. isaiah thomas knocking down the 3.
6:39 am
alive, and curry too much to contain. taking a 103-101 lead. but back comes thomas getting to, tying it at 103. this one heading over time, kelly, and huge game off the bench for brad stevens. hitting the layup, we're tied at 110, actually heading for a second over time in the extra frame. jake crowder the steal. up ahead, evan turner getting to the bucket, celtics within one, next time down the floor, though, draymon green. getting to the warriors up three and the magic running up from there. the celtics give the warriors everything they can handle, but the warriors improve 24-0 inside another win, another high-five down in foxborough, this time it's ron gronkowski, and edle
6:40 am
for week 14, and gronk is also questionable for the game against houston. that is it for sports, have a great day. still ahead on today in new england. we are whipping up a holiday treat, that you may want to take up the classic whopy pie. 50 to leer 60s this afternoon, cooler, second half of the weekend take a look at numbers ahead. praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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if you are just waking up, this is what things are look being like outside. a live look at the say sai sake zak im bridge. and these are temperatures we would expect to find back in october. the city of boston the average low of 30, we're at 51 right now in boston. 46 in bedford, 39 in nord, and a little bit of a breeze this morning. not too over powering 5-10 miles an hour, just enough of a breeze
6:42 am
the fog not much an issue. patchy fog in worcester, new hampshire and as well as at the airport reporting visibility at three miles but not as widespread or as dense as yesterday morning. submit to high-level clouds, and most prevalent, and a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day, another enjoyable afternoon with temperatures mid-50s to lower 60s across the board. tomorrow. it will be a cloudier day, i don't think we will see a lot of sun out there tomorrow. with the east, northeasterly breeze temperatures on the cooler side as well. we are going from near 50 this morning in the city of boston, into the upper 50s to near 60 this afternoon, and then you look at numbers tonight. there's not a whole lot of change, we're going to stay mild out there just like we were last evening and early this morning. temperatures dropping into the 40s, we're close to the freezing mark, but despite starting off on the mild side for the time of year tomorrow morning, what happens as we go from the morning to the afternoon. not a whole lot of change temperature wise.
6:43 am
in the city of boston. a few lower 50s south of the city. the wind direction making all the difference and we have clouds around and the wind coming off the water and ocean temperature is running at 49 degrees. you better believe that we're going to have temperatures close to the ocean temperature there. 49 in the city of boston. watching the energy in the southern rockies starting to die down toward mexico, going to ignite a storm, and soaking rain, down through texas, arkansas, and louisiana. this storm system will track off to the northeast. anytime you have an area of low pressure, to the west us, it's a warm track of us. look at how far away, that snow is 6, 700 miles away, way up there in southern canada. that area of low pressure moves to the northwest of us, but we will deal with the front that is attached to that area of low pressure. looking like on monday we're stuck most of the day on the cooler side with patchy drizzle and patchy showers out there. late in the day, and at night,
6:44 am
through, that is when we get a best chance of gusty showers up there monday night and temperatures will spike monday, and we will spend most of the day in the 40s and then we jump off to about 55 to 60 degrees, late in the evening. tuesday, wednesday, dry, a couple of more showers, likely thursday afternoon, and thursday night and perhaps into early friday morning. otherwise, the temperatures, a lot of 40s and 50s across the board. we will take that, chris, thank you very much. the parties people together where you can take dishes, and the decadent desserts, and dessert is what we are focusing with a treat that should be a hit at any party. and brie eggerts is joining us where she whips up whoopi pie. >> reporter: nothing screams holidays more than peppermint and that is why these whoopi pies are sure to bring the whoopi to the party.
6:45 am
mother mint bark was my grandmother's favorite candy. >> she loves to make her holiday favorite. >> what we do first is we put in the shortening. with the shorten, we're going to add the sugar, and beat it. >> in goes one egg. >> nice one handed cracking. >> my last name isn't eggerts for nothing? >> getting a little excited. >> i want cookies now. >> some the milk with the a touch of lemon juice. >> we regular do to add a little bit at a time. >> it's anybody's guess who you these treats got the name. >> every time you got one, you yell whoopi. >> flour, cocoa and salt. >> move your hands around. >> once mixed gradually add to the wet ingredients and mix some more. mix baking soda with warm water
6:46 am
until the dough is better to bake. >> done. sheet. and christina likes to use an ice cream scoop to make perfect rounds. attitude 30 go degrees -- at 350 degrees, a few minutes later, you have cookies. she uses the crushed candy cane, and the part you don't want to skip is the crushed candy cane at the edges. and they're finished. >> they look great. i think they look awesome. >> whoopi! that is what is cooking. i'm brieeth ert. bring those to any holiday party. they're going to be a hit. up next on the buzz, find
6:47 am
topping the buzz will ferrell taking to the streets of new york, spreading some christmas cheer. he teamed up with the comedian and surprising people with random questions. >> what is a better christmas movie elf or scrooge. >> elf. >> scrooge. >> elf. >> some people loved the impromptu game, and others were terrified by the comedians running loose in the city this their onesies pajamas. let's move on to the star wars. the cast traveling to japan before the movie launches internationally.
6:48 am
of the star wars series. director j.j. abrams said he got the name of the one of the new plants in the series from an area of tokyo he once visited. the force a wakes launches next friday the 18th. a lot of people headed there for the premier. willard scott signing off after 65 years. scott announced his retirement yesterday. scott spent more than 35 years with the "today" show which will air a tribute to the 81-year-old on tuesday. speaking of the weather,let get one last check of the forecast with chris lambert. looking mild, temperatures close to 60 this afternoon, back in the upper 40s, tomorrow no more clouds on sunday. next chance of rain on monday and monday night. that is going to do it for
6:49 am
we this holiday, it's we are a family, brought here through destiny. we are a family. it's time to savor. time to bake. it's time to enjoy with family. from the first toast, to the last dessert. we are a family. happy holidays... ...from all of us. people are working harder than ever, but the everyday cost of perscriptions, child care, or even just buying groceries can be a stretch for too many families. hillary's plan: raise the minimum wage, get equal pay for women, cut taxes for the middle class,
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to share profits with employees instead of just rewarding ceos. those at the top are doing just fine. it's your family that needs a raise. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. my name is 127 willow lane. and i've had some work done. in '62 they put in a conversation pit. brilliant. in '74 they got shag carpet. that poor dog. rico?! then they expanded my backside. so when the nest learning thermostat showed up, i thought "hmmm." but nest is different. keeps 'em comfy. and saves energy automatically. like that! i'm like a whole new house! nest.
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