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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  December 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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answers, a young father shot and killed, now police are searching for a suspect. >> it felt like the middle of october today and while some colder air drops in for tomorrow, is it the winter weather we're all waiting for? >> plus the patriots ready to mess with texas, how tv 12 plans to get the team back on track tomorrow night. >> and its days are numbered, why an annual calendar in connecticut is causing serious controversy. >> 7 news at 11:00 starts now. police are investigating a deadly drive in stoughton, after a local racing legend is hit and killed while trying to cross the street. tonight that driver is facing serious charges. >> john is live for us in stoughton with more from the victim's wife. >> reporter: the victim's wife says her husband was just parked right here, he was trying to cross the street to their christmas tree lot over here, happene. >> he took my life from me. that's my life hexer was my
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i thank god i have good friends and i have my good family, because i'll never make it through without them. >> reporter: a wife in tears after losing her husband on friday. >> they took my husband away from me. a father, a grandfather, a brother, he's gone, i can't get him back now. >> reporter: linda braidy says her 71-year-old husband joe was walking to their christmas tree lot that night. >> he's been doing christmas it. he died doing what he loved. >> report according to the district attorney's office he was hit by michael burns who had been delivering pizzas nearby. authorities say burns was on drugs while behind the wheel. brady was med flighted to the hospital but didn't survive. burns is now facing a charge of operating under the influence of drugs causing death. >> why would a company hire somebody to deliver pizzas and their here on drugs, why would you do that? >> reporter: joe braved is a neb of nascar and the new england racers hall of fame, a legendary
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his wife, though, she remembers her husband as a gentle man with a big heart. >> the man is a peach, he's very very smart, but they took him from me and now i don't have him. >> burns will be in court monday morning. also from the night team, an overnight shooting in a on the neighborhood takes a deadly turn, and now the victim's family is speaking out while police to search for a suspect. kelly is in brockton with the latest. >> reporter: family says someone saw something last might and they want their loved one's killer turned in. >> my heart goes out to his family and his son and everybody that's in here suffering right now that lost him, it's not right, it's not right. >> reporter: family and friend devastated over the loss of a young man, a father whose life was taken too soon.
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his son. >> reporter: he died after being shot to death on the street. instead of someone calling 911, the city's shot spotter technology detected the gunshots and sent hoaferses to haverhill street where they found andrews dying. he was rushed to the hospital but died a short time later. >> he was not even shot in the front, they shot him in the back. >> for somebody to take your life like that, you do not deserve to leave like that. >> reporter: they want whom ever saw this murder to tell police what happened so andrew's killer will be caught. >> you just took a very good person, you took a very good person from us. i cannot believe you would do that. >> reporter: anyone with any information about in crime is asked to call police asap. in brockton, kelly o'hara. the night team now turning to the forecast. boston hitting the 60s in december, and now the warm
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is winter. 10 days until the seasons change. will the weather be changing before then? >> it's a possibility, nick. there are some hints in the models that we could even see maybe some of those first flakes that we need as we get into next weekend. we'll cover that in more detail once we get past this. our highs for today climbing into the low 60's, that's almost 10 degrees above normal for this time of year. current temperatures in the 50s for boston, worcester. 48 bedford. the cloud cover will continue to keep those temperatures fairly mild tonight. you can also see some of the scattered light showers that are moving through southern new hampshire through jaffrey and into keene. we could see that overnight tonight, and also into tomorrow. but it's not significant, it's just a sprinkle or a bit of drizzle. 37 in those cooler spots, maybe upper 30s. but most of us closer to 40 overnight tonight. then tomorrow some cooler air dropping in from the north, but still above normal. so how long does this hold,
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forecast in a bit. thanks. tv 12 and the patriots hoping to prevent a lone star letdown tomorrow. one player could be the key to winding up in the win column. rob gronkowski injured his knee two weeks ago against the broncos, but the pats tight end was back on the practice field and even made the trip to texas. trey is here with a preview of that big game. what can you tell us? >> reporter: new england finally starting to get some ammunition back after being decimated by injuries. as of tonight "the boston globe" reporting rob gronkowski is expected to play after making the flight down with his teammates, giving tom brady a major boost as the pats hope to avoid losing three straight games for the first time in 13 years. >> i wish we'd have these guys out, everyone, different guys are dealing with different things, it's part of football, you still have to be mentally tough toover come whatever. >> reporter: friday offering a glimmer of hope for brady
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on the field. >> i would like to be back as soon as i can, but doing it safely and smart, and just trying to improve each day. >> just mentally feels good to be back with them, out on the practice field. and any other questions, talk to coach belichick. >> reporter: the other only question is whether gronkowski and edelman will be full speed come playoff time the patriots will not be the only team on the field with a major injury concern. >> i don't think anybody is 100% this time of year. so they'll be out there and playing hard. >> reporter: texans defensive end j.j.watt regarded by many as the best player in football in deal with a broken hand, he commands a ton of attention from the pats. >> he gets a lot of double teams
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>> dynamic, he's a great pass rusher and never gives up on a play, so that helps him out a lot. >> the position he plays, he's is a disruptive a lineman as i've seen in the league. in the same category at l.t. >> mentioning him in the same breath as lawrence taylor, that the ultimate complement. gronkowski going to be a major help, and of course in giving brady another weapon on offense. thanks. you can watch the game right here on 7 nbc sunday night, we get started at 6:30 with our 7 on the sidelines special. then at 7:00 it's football night in america the game kicks off at 8:306789 catch all the news on the late edition of 7 news at 11 right after that game. we're following more news tonight, the female suspect in the terror attack in california reportedly supported violent jihad and posted about it on facebook. immigration officials say they
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against several data bases but they don't routinely check social media as part of their review. nbc news has learned malic and her husband, syed farook, were independently radicalized as early as 2010. meantime divers searched a lake in san bernardino for a third straight day looking for electronic evidence. the suspects may have tried to destroy. they have recovered some small items, but nothing important so far has been found. after two weeks of tough negotiations in paris, delegates at a global conference on climate change approved a historic deal. for the first time nearly 200 nations agreed to reduce greenhouse emissions. the goal is to set the limit to the most devastating effects of climate change many believe including rising sea levels, severe flooding and drought. up next from the night team, call it a sign of the times, some people outraged over this
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and the panthers were on the prowl at the garden, but could the bruins keep their familiar
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a community organization in connecticut taking some heat here after their annual calendar showed a young boy apparently without any clothes on. now people are upset over this calendar controversy, saying the picture is inappropriate. >> and now the chamber of commerce is talking about it. a boy holding a sold sign is
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the men of gl lastonbury chamber, he's surrounded by four other men baring almost everything. >> i wouldn't want my daughter to be in anything of this nature. >> i think with things line that you have to be careful. reporter: the chamber of commerce sells the calendars as a fundraiser, local businesses sponsor a mob and photographers snap men in strategic poses. june 2016 features adam clemens, a local realtor. >> it's a joke, you have to take it light heartedly. >> but it's the cover taking serious heat from the group, family institute of connecticut. the institute blasted the chamber for placing the nearly naked boy and an even mildly suggestive setting as in a calendar of nearly nude men, it says. the chamber president says no one in the review process saw the photo that way and would not have printed it if they had. the chamber says the calendar, which is selling quickly, is supposed to be all in good fun.
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see the humor behind it ext the cuteness. >> the chamber president calls the situation extremely unfortunate and the boy's family says they are upset by how the image is being interpreted. he says the second printing will have a new picture. it's a different kind of calendar controversy for us, winter is just around the corner, according to the calendar, but not according to our forecast. we'll get to get details next. ...the person will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken
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it's a beautiful night, looking out over the city right now, you see the zakim all lit up. i was walking around the park today and you could see the ice skaters in the common. construction that -- construction that kids were having fun. >> unseasonably warm for the past few days. it just feels so nice and i'm glad that we finally have a chance to walk around in december without freezing. >> i saw some tank tops, some shorts out there. i don't mind though. we know it's going to come eventually. >> i also saw some pictures of socks with sandals, so we're all confused, that's not in style any time of year. about three inches of snowfall we had got in boston last year. still waiting on that measurable snowfall across the bay state. highs today we're about 20 degrees above normal.
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and we're still really mild at this point. 48 for bedford. 50 degrees in norwood. 54 in boston, because the cloud cover has moved in to tuck us in for tonight. so that will keep the temperatures fairly mild. you can see the showers that are trying to work in in the merrimack valley and a spot sprinkle or a little bit of drizzle tonight. can't rule that out. tomorrow as well. we could also see a little wet weather, but nothing significant. watch what happens with the temperatures though, as we near the coldest part of the night into early tomorrow morning, we are most of us still in the 40-degree range, and then tomorrow it's a little hard to rebound to those levels where we were at today because cold air trying to move in from the north, plus we have an on shore component. so we're getting some colder air dropping in from the north and northeast tomorrow, also known as a back door cold front. so north of that front, cooler temperatures. south of it though that mild air not far off and in new york city they could be in the mid to upper 60s tomorrow.
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40s for most,es points boston to the north. and then for southeastern mass and worcester, into the low 50s again tomorrow. so still above normal, but cooler than today. watching this storm system here near texas and boo the plains states, this has been really significant, severe thunderstorm warnings, they've even seen some tornadoes. that will be a rain maker for us as we work into monday, still on the warm side of this system. so no snow for us, just some rain late in the day on monday overnight monday into tuesday and we can't rule out the potential for rumbles of thunder as well. looks like a half inch to an inch for most. as we work into overnight monday. for the bulk of that wet weather. then we wait until thursday to see more wet weather. but again it's rain, not snow,es in temperatures all across the board even though they're all over the place they are above normal, putting into perspective for you. so where is the cold air, it's off to our west. but as we get that dip in the jet stream, traveling to the east coast, for next weekend,
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we will feel the chill much more seasonable for next saturday, you can see that high of 40 degrees, 29 for a low. just as it should be for this time of year. have a great night. >> the patriots may be down after dropping two straight, but they are certainly not out and could be expecting a major player back on offense. we've got the details coming up
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coming to you live from houston where the patriots look to get things back on track against bill o'brien and the texans. the pats have not lost three straight games since all the way back in 2002. they can ill afford to do so this weekend. and may be getting a major player back to make sure that does not happen. saturday's injury report is out, rob gronkowski questionable, which is 50-50, but he did make the trip down with the team. and per a boston globe report is expected to play sunday night. not so much in terms of good news for dante hightower, still dealing with the effects of an mcl sprain he suffered in denver. as for tom brady, thankfully he's not on the injury report. but if he was he'd likely be labeled as moody, especially after back to back defeats. will he take some of that anger
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the numbers would indicate yes. brady 4-1 in the regular season against the texans, that one loss back in 2009 in week 17 when brady rested and was relieved by brian hoyer, the guy currently starting for the texans at quarterback. pats need to show a major sense of urgency here this weekend, but don't expect any drastic changes when it comes to the team blueprint. >> i just think what the process is because i think we've done a good job preparing, we've just got to execute better. we have to do a better beyond -- a better beyond playing. and hopefully that results in wins. i any there's reasons for that and things we can do better and hopefully this is the week for it. >> patriots and texans kicking it off sunday night here on 7 nbc and we get you ready for the game with our pregame show at 6:30.
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continues on 7 news and sports extra,. that's coming up tomorrow night on sports extra. so that will do it for us here live in houston. alex corddry back in boston with more on a busy day in sports. thanks, trey. last night the celtics almost pulling off the upset against the undefeated warriors. a double overtime thriller at the garden, and coming off an emotional logs a win tonight on the road might be even more impressive. brad stevens and company visiting the hornets, a team that's won nine of eleven and are just one game behind the cavs for the top spot in the conference. another barn burner for boston, tied up at 86. kendall walker knocks down the three and hornets up three. but back come the celtics, running the floor, isaiah thomas the beautiful give and go with avery bradley, c's back on top
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celtics win it 98-93. their 10th straight win in back to back games on the road. tonight milwaukee handing golden state their first loss of the season. 108-95 the final. warriors now 24-1. 28 straight season victories will go down as the second longest streak in league history. the bruins brush off their biggest win of the year, their first win against montreal since 2014. today matinee hockey at the garden and the b's continue their hot sway. boston hosting florida, and the bruins will play nine of the next eleven games at home and getting off to the right start at the garden, midway through the first, ryan spooner redirects it in, 1-0b's. luongo wanted the high stick, but it's a good goal for spooner. second period check out the passing on the power play.
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bergeron, his second of the day makes it a 2-0 lead. the panthers get one back, but brad underand makes sure there simpson any drama at the garden, and bruins win. here's claude julien on spooner's big game. >> when ryan is on his game and he's skating and he gets involved he can be a guy in that line that really drives that line more or less, he can be the the leader on that line. >> i think i went like 13 games with a goal, five on five, something like that, which is not good. i'm not sure what's considered to be good, but i know that wasn't good enough. so i definitely need to score a lot more. and shoot the puck more. >> derek henry becomes just the second alabama player to win the
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